This article is not a review of the elusive and mysterious Ayahuasca pedal from Abracadabra Audio. It’s more of a backstory of how this pedal came to be.


What Is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a fuzz pedal. And it’s a tremolo pedal. You can use the fuzz independently or together with the tremolo. If you cut down the pedal’s Input knob a bit, you can sort of clean up the sound to use the tremolo semi-independently as well, but it’s still quite lo-fi sounding and dirty. The pedal can also produce ring-mod-like oscillation at high Rate speeds and vibe-like sounds when the tremolo is set to Harmonic mode.

Ayahuasca is an acquired taste which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s a small dose of Ayahuasca to whet your palate courtesy of Knobs:



And here’s a longer clip that shows a few of the unique sounds this pedal can produce:



Ayahuasca’s tremolo isn’t super clean like the Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas. Speaking of Gravitas, maybe that’s where we should begin Ayahuasca’s origin story…

Mr. Joel Korte at Chase Bliss Audio once made me a special Gravitas pedal that had a choppier square wave and very fast Rate speeds. The talented Mr. Jack Nelson over at Dropping Acid Pedal Etching contributed a beautiful acid-etched enclosure to make the pedal extra special.


The original “Ayahuasca” modded Gravitas


This one-off Gravitas variant (similar to other choppy modded versions specially made for some Chase Bliss Audio customers but with faster Rate speeds) was essentially a blueprint for the tremolo sound heard in the Ayahuasca pedal made for Abracadabra Audio.


Ayahuasca’s Tremolo

The key difference of the tremolo in Ayahuasca vs Gravitas is that the Ayahuasca’s circuit uses 2 NOS vactrols in tandem for an ultra choppy analog tremolo sound when the waveform is set to Square. The idea was to make the trem as choppy as possible while retaining a 100% analog signal path, a hallmark of Chase Bliss Audio pedal designs.

The vactrol based Ayahuasca can produce a very aggressive square wave tremolo that excels at chopping up a distorted guitar signal. That inspiration led to a fuzz circuit being added to the pedal. After all, while the Gravitas is known for its pristine clean sound and subtle vintage warmth, Ayahuasca is inspired by the jungle, an often dangerous and harsh environment that warrants an equally precarious sound.


Ayahuasca’s Fuzz

Here’s a brief backstory on Ayahuasca’s fuzz circuit that was leaked on Reddit:

“The short version of the long story of its fuzz circuit origins goes something like this: We’re all familiar with the late 60’s fuzzes, particularly the Fuzz Face. A guy named Cláudio César Dias Baptista made a Fuzz Face inspired pedal for his brother Sergio of the Brazilian band Os Mutantes. It was called the Regulus VIII aka the “Mutantes Fuzz” and became a signature part of the band’s sound. Another builder re-interpreted that circuit and added a Big Muff Pi style tone stack that was heavily modified. Then a certain modern builder re-interpreted that circuit, further modifying it and pushing it to its usable limits and beyond to create what can be found in Ayahuasca. A main focus was to create a very wide range of usability from a 3-knob fuzz. The more I play it, the more I feel we succeeded in doing so.”

So who was the builder that re-interpreted the Regulus VIII fuzz?

It was the late Mr. Chris Bradford of El Músico Loco. The Wee Beaver Fuzz was his interpretation, and it’s one of my all-time favorite fuzz pedals. While that pedal made it onto my pedalboard on a few occasions, I often felt it was a bit limiting in that the fuzz was always full-on with the only option to cut the input gain being to reduce your guitar’s onboard volume control. This works pretty well if you like controlling your fuzz from your guitar, but I generally like being able to establish my gain level from the pedal first and adjust further from the guitar as desired. Also, when stacking a fuzz pedal with other overdrive and distortion pedals, it helps to have full control over the amount of saturation coming from the fuzz in the chain. Sadly, I was never able to discuss possible improvements with Chris as he passed away unexpectedly.

Mr. Joel Korte is the modern builder who re-interpreted the circuit from a pedal that Chris personally gave to me. Ayahuasca’s fuzz isn’t really a clone as Joel ended up putting his own unique spin on the whole thing. The input gain could also now be adjusted from its own knob for a wider range of fuzz saturation. Joel & I listened to a few circuit variations and decided on an iteration we were both happy with.

The former pedal’s unique tone control was also further modified. The tone-stack in Ayahuasca is quite possibly the most special thing about the pedal’s fuzz circuit, and we opted to label the tone knob “Color” in reference to the wide palette of textures available from this single knob.


The Art of Ayahuasca

So we had an insane Gravitas inspired tremolo that could get crazy fast and extremely choppy, and we had one of the best fuzz pedal sounds I’ve ever heard. We just needed the all-important art component to bring Ayahuasca to life. One person was up to the task: Hannah M. Haugberg.

Hannah is one of the most widely known pedal-painting artists. She’s painted somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 pedals during her time working with ZVex Effects. That’s not to mention commissions for other builders.

Hannah painted the first 3 batches of Ayahuasca pedals. She and other artists may paint more to come.


Ayahuasca Batch History

Here’s a brief batch history of the Ayahuasca pedals released so far.


Ayahuasca “Jungle” (serials #1-10)
Painted by: Hannah M. Haugberg

This was the first hand painted limited batch with art inspired by the Amazon jungle.


Ayahuasca “Shipibo” (serials #11-20)
Painted by: Hannah M. Haugberg

This was the second hand painted limited batch with a design inspired by the visionary art of Shipibo women.


Ayahuasca “Cielo” (serials #21-30)
Painted by: Hannah M. Haugberg

This was the third hand painted limited batch with art inspired by the jungle and the cielo ayahuasca vine also known as “sky ayahuasca”.


Ayahuasca Prototypes & Other Pedals

Some other Ayahuasca pedals exist. Here are a few of the noteworthy pedals.


Ayahuasca “Jungle” Prototype

This pedal (also seen at the top of this page) was the 1st Ayahuasca enclosure painted by Hannah M. Haugberg. It has different labeling as final parameter names had yet to be decided upon. Interestingly, this pedal was brought by SWIM to a medicine woman to form a conduit with the spirit of Ayahuasca and receive blessings for the project… whatever that means. SWIM says it went well.


Ayahuasca “Jungle” #00000

This pedal was painted by Hannah M. Haugberg. It features the final parameter labeling and was made specially for Knobs. It was also photographed for product imagery seen on Abracadabra Audio.


Ayahuasca “Jungle”, “Shipibo”, & “Cielo” (Unnumbered)

One extra unnumbered pedal was commissioned with each of the first 3 batches. They were painted by Hannah M. Haugberg and were originally made for archival purposes. It was later decided to give these pedals away so that they might be played instead of sitting in boxes. A giveaway for these pedals was held at BestGuitarEffects.com in celebration of the site’s 4-year anniversary.

(This section may be updated with relevant information regarding future Ayahuasca batches.)


So that pretty much sums up the Ayahuasca story so far minus the weird synchronicity stuff that no one really wants to know. Speaking of weird stuff, what the heck is Abracadabra Audio? And what’s happening next over there?


The Future of Abracadabra Audio

Here’s some news and candid info. There might be some more limited batches of Ayahuasca appearing soon. The best way to stay informed is to get on Abracadabra Audio’s mailing list. There’s usually an email sign up box at the bottom of the site.

As for other new AA pedals, some things have been said between industry people and some ideas have been shared. I may continue being involved, but it’s not entirely up to me how AA progresses if it does continue to exist. If there’s something interesting you’d like to see from AA, reach out via the site’s contact page and share your idea(s).


Going Forth

Participating in the Ayahuasca project has been super amazing. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have had a part in helping manifest this unique pedal.

Thanks to Joel Korte & Chase Bliss Audio, Hannah M. Haugberg, Knobs, Andy Dolan, Jack Nelson, Chris Bradford, Abracadabra Audio, anyone who likes this pedal as much as I do, the readers of Best Guitar Effects, and everyone who’s doing the Great Work and making awesome things happen.



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  172. Dan Lawrence says:

    One of these would definitely change my practicing pattern.

  173. Sensory works of art; period.

  174. Interesting

  175. Ian Lary says:

    This pedal looks awesome. Seems to sum up the tone I have been chasing by using a handful of pedals, all in one box.

  176. Wow nothing like it crazy! Gorgeous! I Can see the possibilities

  177. Man… one day… hopefully…

  178. want to get trippy in the jungle with this thing

  179. Everything about this pedal is so fucking cool. The sound, the art, it’s origin story. It sounds amazing and I am in the market for both a fuzz and a tremolo; I wish they mass produced these!

  180. jonathan says:

    is this the polar opposite of a sensory deprivation chamber?

  181. The art alone is enough to drive my demand. Take my money!

  182. Like real psychedelics I would be much happier being under the influence of this pedal.

  183. Philemon henze says:

    Lovely design! Would Love to try that fuzz

  184. God these are pretty :):):)

  185. Hello to my next pedal!

  186. Taylor Watterson says:

    Man this pedal is sick! I really hope i can get this one!

  187. Does this turn your music into a trippy cartoon? One can only hope!

  188. seth varney says:

    I’m afraid my face will melt if I play one of these

  189. I need this pedal for the love of Glob and all things Holy! It sounds amazing!!!

  190. Miguel Oliveira says:

    Seriously good demo, great pedals, great tone. Wish i could have one

  191. Artem Zaytsev says:

    WHOA! Love the sound and the artwork.

  192. This is the weirdest pedal I’ve ever met, it has to have deep consequences over the music you make…

  193. Peyton Benton says:

    This pedal is strange but in the best possible way ever! Very interesting, you’ve definitely got my attention.

  194. Awesome information! I remember being so intrigued by the initial email they sent about the pedal, so seeing the history of its evolution is super fascinating. Thanks for sharing this!

  195. Jack Wigg says:

    These are the coolest looking pedals I’ve ever seen. Also they sound amazing. Would make an amazing addition to my pedalboard; I love getting crazy sounds out of my guitar.

  196. Christopher Robbins says:

    This is awesome! That knobs demo has me seriously stoked, I always want to buy one but they sell out so quick! Hopefully this giveaway can remedy that ;)

  197. heath pliler says:

    I’d be ecstatic about any one of these

  198. Jonathon Robinson says:

    I could see having a lot of fun with these pedals. They look absolutely amazing as well.

  199. I’m in :)

  200. Wow, what cool pedals! Hope to win! BGE is the BEST!

  201. Pretty fantastic looking pedal. Would love to see if it sounds as good as it looks!

  202. Jack Feerick says:

    Man, that’s a sound with some hair on it. Me likey.

  203. Luke Jackman says:

    I would really like to pair the Ayahuasca with my eurorack modular synth to see what kind of sounds I can make come out of it.

  204. Nice!! Great job!

  205. George B says:

    Certainly look good enough to eat.

  206. Zachary Carpenter says:

    This is so weird I’m getting obsessed. New first tremolo?

  207. Martin Hoffert says:

    Besides the great sounds that come from this incredible pedal it has beautiful graphics. A win win for sure. Thanks for the info and the chance to win one!

  208. i’d do that in a forest full of chimps

  209. Ezra Rodriguez says:

    I’ve known about this pedal since the first 10 came out, although i missed out on that batch, i knew i had to get my hands on one of these pedals! Joel is a genuis when it comes to creating unique, fun, and overall great pedals that i could play with forever. Very inteesting hearing how the pedal came to be, and also keeping up with theories and stories on who’s behind abracadabra audio. Can’t wait to put this thing on my pedalboard!

  210. Javier Neri says:

    I need this DMT shot for my amp!

  211. Alexandru Lacatusu says:

    I love the design and the sound it’s incredible. I want to spend an entire life on that sound.

  212. Dave Ulrich says:

    The knobs demo was insane, would love to grab one of these!

  213. Ted Tilbrook says:

    Insane! Love the parameters and limitless options, makes this thing one of the creative wonders of the world.

  214. Tom dembinski says:

    Seems a quite cool pedal with some interesting tones definitely worth a deeper dive – Great art work too

  215. Tom Dembinski says:

    Would like to explore more sounds with this – I’m sure demo scratches the surface (with some interesting tones)

  216. Ingrid Ruddick says:

    Would love to try one of them, they look amazing

  217. I’d like to take this trip in the Peruvian jungle, scream into the darkness all night

  218. They sounds just just awesome!

  219. Raul Navarro says:

    Nice and psicodelic pedals. Great sound

  220. Chris Muir says:

    I think I love everything about this pedal.

  221. Garett Reding says:

    What absolutely cool looking pedals! I am not a guitar player, I am actually a keys player and mostly play a Rhodes Mark 1 electric piano. I have a pedal board that I have hand picked pedals that accent well with an electric piano, and a solid tremolo is an absolute must, and a fuzz is just that much tastier! Having both in one pedal in a rad enclosure though? Priceless!

  222. Bleu Quick says:

    These look beautiful, and I’m sure they sound even better!

  223. Appropriately named pedal, verry trippy sound, I’d probably use it without the fuzz but seems like a fun pedal indeed.

  224. Stefan Karlsson says:

    I have and love both the Chase Bliss Brothers and Gravitas – would be wonderful to have a flavour of each in a single pedal – which I guess is kind of the point of the Ayahuasca.

  225. Bas Onck says:

    These look absolutely amazing!

  226. Michael Perkins says:

    Do not own a tremolo, so would be a welcome addiition
    Glad to see you back after the long Hiatus!

  227. Jefferson de Geus says:

    Crazy sound


  229. Wow you could just get lost in these pedals nice sounds and art

  230. one of those will be mine, thanks for playing everyone

  231. Nick Buckley says:

    Wow! Very “Saucer Full Of Secrets”! Sounds like countless days of experimental fun with these pedals would barely scratch the surface! And best looking pedals I’ve seen anywhere – love the designs!

  232. Sherman Loper says:

    These sound fun, definately see use for it on my board. Thanks for the review!

  233. Jimmy Svensson says:

    Ayahuasca looks like an exciting pedal. Would love to try it out on some synths. The designs are mind boggling.

  234. Francisco says:

    Niiiiice looking pedal, aesthetically very original. Great wacky fuzz+tremolo combo. Definitely worth having.

  235. Love Regulus VIII sound and hard chop trem so i really want one of these guys!

  236. WOOOTTT!

    This thing gonna take me to the moon and back!!!

  237. Douglas Ives says:

    THESE LOOK AMAZING. AND THEY SOUND EVEN BETTER. I am a massive fan of all the analogue heart digital control style pedals emerging recently.

  238. Very unique and interesting design

  239. nils olsson says:

    would make look better as well …

  240. Jason Fowler says:

    Not only does this thing sound crazy in the best way possible, every incarnation of the artwork is phenomenal.

  241. Cory Jeffer says:

    Ahhh!!!! Love that they’re handpainted!

  242. reed johnson says:

    This has to be the most interesting pedal i have seen in a long time.

  243. I’ve always wanted a Regulus VIII clone and to have it in this package would be amazing…

  244. Crazy design!!

  245. Wicked peds!!!

  246. Andrew Bondy says:

    I need help with the pronunciation.

  247. Pedro Perez says:

    Bloody awesome design!!!

  248. fuzz and trem mmm good

  249. Michael Hanson says:

    I always see Gabriel Tanaka’s pedal reviews and I cant help but think he has the greatest job on the face of the Earth! I can’t wait to try the ayahuasca pedal.

  250. Wow!! What a unique sound — as a guitar player, producer, and insatiable tone nerd, I’m always looking to add new colors to my sonic palette. I’ll have to give the Ayahuasca a closer look!

  251. alessio says:

    I hope I’ll win

  252. Sam Thomas says:

    Always wanted to explore the tone jungle, this looks like the pedal for it!

  253. This might be the first tremolo that I’ve seen which has the right combo of courage in power, a well-matched fuzz that would normally need a separate unit, all the control one could ever need, and beautiful art that leaves no uncertainty about the spirit of pedal. Some amazing explorations in sound are going to come from this.

  254. If I had this pedal, I would use it to rerecord the entirety of Smell the Glove

  255. Louis Kiley says:

    this is the craziest pedal ever made

  256. Luca Moqi says:

    This is the strangest pedal I’ve ever heard/seen and I love it.

  257. These pedals are a forced to be reckoned with! Hoping to pick one up myself!

  258. Never been a fan of trem pedals, but this pedal has my attention. The tones are immense!

  259. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  260. I’ve never wanted a pedal this badly. Nice work! I’ve been listening to the knobs demo on a regular basis since it was posted.

  261. Joel Korte pushing the innovation forward.

  262. This pedal is incredible! I’ve been listening to the knobs demo on a regular basis since it was posted. I need one.

  263. I’ve had strange dreams where I SWEAR AA’s Ayahuasca is behind the crazy backdrops of noise creeping it all out. I would love to try one of these out with my fretless jazz bass. I have a humch it would be great friends with my Ct5 by MTLASM.
    If you guys have have any trouble picking a winner, maaaayne just pick me ☺️

  264. Killer sounding trem!

  265. Rosendo Jiménez says:

    These pedals are fucking awesome

  266. Awwww yeah!!!!

  267. Tommy Kavounidis says:

    Ever since I first heard about I couldn’t stop thinking about what the name actually means and how amazing it sounds!

  268. Zach Zook says:

    FINALLY. HUGE CBA fan so I’m stoked to finally know who is behind this sweet pedal!

  269. marc-antoine says:

    What is that space ship is doing in my rig ???

  270. I am a huge fan of pedals that give you so much control over their sound – particularly with ramping. This type of pedal isn’t usually for those who are looking to recreate, as much as those who are looking to create. Half of the fun in figuring out what cool sounds it has in store for you.

  271. Joshua Biehler says:

    The amount of different tones you can get out of this pedal is mind-boggling – and in such a small form factor?!?!? TAKE MY MONEY!

  272. Oleksandr P. says:

    Cool and very interesting!

  273. luis almendros says:

    great looking pedals. I´d like to test one.

  274. this pedal sounds like moving in all directions. What I need!

  275. David Rodrick says:

    Can I please have a pedal? Pretty please? I had a tonal recall, and it was my favorite pedal ever, but someone stole it from me…

  276. John Lawrie says:

    I’ve seen cheeky snippets of this pedal floating around the internet for a bit, but it’s great to finally see what it’s all about (I thought someone was about to get sued for stealing Joel’s design aesthetic if I’m honest). Always a big fan of weird fuzzes!

  277. alberto says:

    So different, I like them.

  278. Laurent de c says:

    Nice ! love it

  279. Very very funny and original design.

  280. Cliff Shelton says:

    These pedals look and sound amazing. My son and I are basically learning together; I got my guitars over the years, but never really did much to them or learned to play very well. Now that he’s a teen and finally excited about it, I’m looking to get new gear. These would be amazing to have! Can’t wait to see and hear them in person. Great job!

  281. Jose Manuel Pulgarin Ventura says:

    Great sound! Thanks for the chance.

  282. Finally some light shed into the deep mysteries of the jungle!

    The fact that the pedal could not be ordered/delivered to outside of the US has been the ultimate barrier that forced me to keep my GAS at ease. But this is another issue, this is the chance I was waiting for!!

    Finger crossed, and good vibes

  283. Peter Cattaneo says:

    What a beautiful child.

  284. Nerijus says:

    Amazing stuff

  285. Joel Gray says:

    Cool ass pedal. Need me one like that

  286. Trey Klemczewski says:

    Woah that demo video gets me excited about this. It sounds amazing.

  287. Trey Klemczewski says:

    Woah that demo video gets me excited about this. It sounds amazing

  288. Slawomir says:

    Beautiful painting and exciting opportunity. Thank you.

  289. Beautiful concept and execution, would be so grateful and honored to have this on my board.

  290. Wow! The Artwork on these look amazing. I’d love to have one of of my own and be able to hear it for myself!
    We don’t get them here in India… So please give it to me!

  291. Gabriel Miller says:

    Seems like the quest for the fuzz+ is always on. I think listening to Yr living all over me, i was always struck by how much a fuzz when truly f*cked with, like J. using a Wah with literal abandon, could open up sonically. This seems like another pedal that can take you to that territory and beyond – would love to get my hands on one and prove it!

  292. Rob Miller says:

    This is the Pepsi Kona of guitar pedals. The stuff dreams are made of. I entered the contest and hope I can add this to the win column (and pedalboard), much similar to the way Megaman added “Leaf Shield” to his arsenal in the NES game after beating robot boss Wood Man.

  293. Ayahuasca’s Fuzzzzzzzzz pretty

  294. Ayahuasca – cool pedals.

  295. George Berry says:

    Space. I need space. I need this space in my life. I want fuzzy spaciousness. I need the Ayahuasca. It can complete my space. No more gaps, space filled. Ahhhh, space.

  296. Matt D. says:

    Gabriel and crew,
    Thank you for this contest. I’ve felt a bit like Indiana Jones trying to find this mythical legend of a pedal, so it’s incredible you are giving one away. Joel & Chase Bliss Audio, Hannah M. Haugberg, Knobs, Andy Dolan, Jack Nelson, Chris Bradford, and Abracadabra Audio have done something truly special in the industry. Not only collaboratively creating something empheral and timeless through bending circuits, paint, and sound, but inspiring us all to innovate and be better musicians! Thanks to all involved here-it would definitely be great to win this one!!

  297. Will Swann says:

    Amazing sounding pedals! I’m clean/sober and can’t experience true ayahuasca, but would love to experience the path through sound.

  298. These look miNt

  299. Jonathan says:

    I would love to do some weird shit with this pedal!

  300. Love those fuzzy sounds. Love the spastic trem.

  301. Those Ayahuasca machines are glorious.

  302. I never win anything, pretty cool pedals, though

  303. I thought only Chase Bliss Audio put zillions of knobs on their stuff…

  304. Tanner Slice says:

    One of these would go great with my Tonal Recall, Brothers and Gravitas! I stack tremolos a lot and I bet this guy would go really well with it’s original CBA cousin :) It’s got a fantastic sound!

  305. Jon Moy says:

    Tremendous-Fuzz sounds like it could be real funky. Play some Chic with it. Digging the the art! Totally one of a kind. I would sport it proudly.

  306. I think this would a real creative spark to any day’s musical adventures

  307. Ben Burr says:

    Incredibly innovative! I’ve never come across any pedal like this. It can go from sounding like an apocalyptic future where robots rule the world to a serene space exploration mission. Very versatile and gorgeous finish.

  308. Sebastian Rozo says:

    Ready to go on a trip to inside the mind with this thing

  309. Awsome!

  310. Chris Faricy says:

    I have recently Discovered the mystical & spiritual properties of the Ayahuasca plant. If I win, I hope to re-live my Journey into the Musical realm. Thanks for following your hidden mystical wisdom by Picking MY Entry.

  311. Chuck Hanning says:

    Sounds cool! Like to try one!

  312. If I win this pedal, when I go to Peru for my annual spirit quest I will bring the pedal with me and have it blessed by a shaman.

  313. Very cool pedal

  314. Curazy colours

  315. Always looking for new twists and turns to take with my Ax, and this sounds like a rollercoaster full!!!

  316. Wow Nice graphics

  317. Wow Nice graphics

  318. Ay caramba!

  319. Marcos santianes says:

    Oh yeahh,thank you

  320. Preciosos la verdad, con mucho estilo, me encantaría probarlos

  321. Looks sick

  322. Manuel J. Gallardo Montadas says:

    Maravillosos pedales los del sorteo, espero conseguir alguno.

  323. Antonio says:

    Verdaderas obras de arte contemporáneo

  324. Alfredo Fernandez says:

    Diseño espectacular. Gracias por la oportunidad de poder ganar alguno de ellos en el sorteo

  325. Very creative weapons…they inspire my mind to create new music.

  326. Micah Benjamin Berlow says:

    It honestly seems to me that this is what the pedal craze has led up to, an amazing pedal that sounds great and is versatile and looks beautiful to boot!

  327. This pedal is definitely capable of some trippy sounds. I would love to get my hands on one.

  328. lewis hahn says:

    Reminds me of the tea. Unique and killer sound, never heard anything like it.

  329. Vince Dingman says:

    After looking around for more videos of the Ayahuasca and hearing what it is capable of (as well as the facts of the Ayahuasca drink itself), I can definitely say that it has brought me so much creative inspiration. I want AA to stick around as long as possible to push new ideas forward!

  330. I love CBA and greatly appreciate Joel’s philosophy of no compromise on both audio quality and parameter control. Special run pedals like this are both exciting and mysterious. I think it really gives people something that they feel is uniquely theirs, which can be a powerful source of inspiration. To be inspired by a pedal is all one can really ask for, and Chase Bliss pedals excel at it!

  331. The Ayahuasca… what a little menace to have around!!

  332. Mathias says:

    They both look and sound cool. I’ll never be able to pronounce Ayahuasca, but I’d love to own one!

  333. Well color me impressed! Pretty epic ideas, from past fuzz builders; and inspiration for future circuit nerds. I believe that collaboration in a craft is essential to developing new ideas, and innovation. Y’all have obviously accomplished that! Keep on keepin’ the AA idea alive! It could yield some really interesting stomp boxes.

  334. Well color me impressed! Pretty epic ideas, from past fuzz builders; and inspiration for future circuit nerds. I believe that collaboration in a craft is essential to developing new ideas, and innovation. Y’all have obviously accomplished that! Keep on keepin’ the AA idea alive! It could yield some really interesting boxes.

  335. Michael Best says:

    Pretty dang unique idea! Would love to try it on synths or as a studio insert too!

  336. Iqmal Hafeez says:

    Digital Brain, Analog Heart. Enough for this time. Fuzz Trem is crazy shit.

  337. Paul Kyllo says:

    I love the in depth reviews from best guitar effects. I’m currently shopping for a killer tremolo pedal and the Ayahuasca sounds like it would be a good choice. Thanks for keeping me up to date on all the latest gear.

  338. John Seetoo says:

    Fuzz and Tremolo – interesting combination – something to give Z. Vex a run for the money.

  339. Scott Carncross says:

    Ahhh! It’s so beautiful. In sights and sounds.

  340. Easy to notice the passion of the artist. Interesting fuzz tones

  341. Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff says:

    Dig it, seems more like an extension of the instrument than just an effect

  342. Whoooaaahhh! You can almost smell it!

  343. Very good article! Os Mutantes! Makes sense. Big fan of Chase Bliss, I’m three deep Into Joel’s beautiful designs now … and I’ve listened to Gravitas demos over and over and over again, always wishing it was a bit faster, with a harder edge. Then this beautiful thing came into being … it would be wonderful if this pedal was in regular production (and even better if you could order one from outside the US) but … maybe it’s for the best … no …. it’s not … I can’t say that … I really would like to have one … !

  344. Steven Chell says:

    As soon as I read about this pedal I was away to experiment with my own fuzz and tremolo pedals, and try using them in new ways. It’s amazing that you don’t even need to own this pedal in order to be inspired by it, great achievement!

  345. Carlton Harris says:

    The pedal looks like a lot of possibilities

  346. Bill Richmond says:

    They sound great and look cool too. What more could you ask for?

  347. Justin Wilson says:

    I thought for a moment they were Chase Bliss knockoffs! What an interesting story and I love the artwork on these!

  348. N.R. Gray says:

    Inspiring to see people dedicated to opening the potential of sound in a format as modular, and accessible like pedals.

    Abracadabra Audio is going to give other pedal companies a run for their money.

  349. Nice designs too!

  350. A gnarly pedal. George Clinton and the rest of Funkadelic would be proud

  351. Andrew Estes says:

    I love the sound of a fuzz running into a choppy tremolo. Super cool to see a pedal that does both effects spectacularly.

  352. Couldn’t pronounce it right if my life depended on it but I still want it.

  353. What makes you think we don’t want to know about the synchronicity stuff? Sounds fun! Almost as fun as harmonically smashing, mixing, and chopping the ether sounds..

  354. gustavo says:

    Sound REALLY COOL! i want some ayahuasca in my life

  355. Dwight Swanner says:

    I would love to have this on my pedal board!!

  356. Tuval Pollack says:

    Probably the coolest looking pedal I’ve seen recently, can’t wait to hear more of it!

  357. RxLaMont says:

    WOW, look at the paint job on that pedal! Me likey.

  358. Ryan Raub says:

    Looks and sounds awesome!
    Can’t wait to win one!
    Keep it up, love the artwork.

  359. Daniel West says:

    I think it’s awesome Chase Bliss are able to branch out like this. When they first released the Warped Vinyl three years ago, it was just this weird and wonderful vibrato that took the scene by storm. Now they’re cranking out great designs every six months. Keep at it, Chase and co.

  360. Bruno Afonso says:

    Wow what a cool pedal in every way, really like the xamanic take from the people behind it, makes it even more special. Let’s see if the ayahuasca spirit would like me to have it

  361. These look and sound rad!

  362. Arik Lemon says:

    Help me find unity of being through the sounds of the medicine

  363. Beshmonger says:

    What a cool looking trippy pedal! Finding the “right” fuzz is so difficult, hopefully this one nails. Then I’ll report back saying how killer it is after I win!

  364. Billy Croce says:

    I can’t afford a real Peruvian Ayahuasca therapy experience, plus the military might not be fond of it, so this would be a much better alternative NAMASTE

  365. I’m aching for a good tremolo and this thing is a BEAST. Also the art is beautiful.

  366. Everything about this pedal is insane!

  367. With such a fascinating story I really would like to play it myself!

  368. sean ferkul says:

    Killer pedal

  369. That looks like a really interesting pedal, I hope I win

  370. I would love to win this pedal, looks like it has some great recording application!

  371. The art really gives these a special feel too, on top of the customized tweaks done to the insides. I would love to get my hands on them and see what they can do.

  372. “The Edge…There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. The others-the living-are those who pushed their control as far as they felt they could handle it, and then pulled back, or slowed down, or did whatever they had to when it came time to choose between Now and Later. But the edge is still Out there.”

  373. Thomas DiSanto says:

    Great name for a pedal, and great tones to boot! Gotta have me one of these!

  374. Jason Collette says:

    Seems original and capable, can’t wait to try it out!!

  375. Steven Chell says:

    I found the idea behind this pedal and the demo really inspiring. Even without one to hand, I was still away to play and experiment with my own fuzz and tremelo in new ways. Thanks for making a pedal that’s able to inspire people without them ever having to even touch it.

  376. Justin Ringeisen says:

    This is a really cool and interesting pedal, very curious of all the tones that can be crafted.

  377. Tim White says:

    Interesting concept.

  378. Josh Gaon says:

    Need these pedals in my life so I can melt my own face with that fuzzzzz. Those tones are mean and waves. Top notch artwork as well!

  379. Jan Ilgner says:

    Just look at it…you don’t even have to turn it on… Just the look of it makes you and your pedal board sound better immediately.
    And then you hit that knob, and suddenly your whole life changes.

  380. Matt sanford says:

    Incredible. I’ve been super interested in this amazing collaboration piece since it first came out. What a cool confluence of artists to come together to make something so truly unique. This is such an exciting giveaway for the fourth birthday! I’m very into it. I’ve yet to actually try ayahuasca, but maybe this could be a step in the right direction…

  381. Lewis Watt says:

    I think it sounds like ayahuasca! That’d be paradoxical-sounding I imagine; simultaneously demented and beautiful.

    Sounds like the sort of magic you’d need an Amazonian shaman for.

    If I took the back off to look inside would a swarm of colourful butterflies fly out?

    Or would it be a swarm of hornets?

  382. Juanfer says:

    Amazing artwork!

  383. Bad Ass! Fantastic work on the color spectrum for this pedal! I would love to give this a shot and see what it could do for me! Keep up the great work folks! Thanks for a shot at this great piece of art and function! Have a great weekend all….Cheers!

  384. steuart liebig says:

    hoooolllly crap. what a cool pedal.


  385. John Petteford says:

    That fuzz is what I need. I would have hours of fun with it. What a great concept

  386. The artwork isn’t really my cup of tea.
    The tones though, wow…

  387. Sounds amazing, great pedal, would love to have this on my pedalboard! :)

  388. THE pedal! Just perfect.

  389. John Varney says:

    Great pedals!

  390. Christopher Ringhofer says:

    Heard the demos and was blown away. It would be so nice to win these beauties!

  391. Wade Gardner says:

    I have a Hendrix Fuzzface and a Big Muff Pi but it would be great to have a killer real estate friendlyfuzz!

  392. Joseph R says:

    So much you can do w this beast

  393. Jesse Weiss says:

    This thing sounds itchy in the best way…and scratchy too for that matter!

  394. Sean Bohannon says:


  395. Dirk Koltermann says:

    Beautyful…. i really would like to get my Hands on one of your Pedals ;)

  396. Holy heck, these pedals are gorgeous! I love the fact that you can use the fuzz and tremelo independantly. I’ve been looking for a tremelo pedal to use on an upcoming recording, and this one seems really cool for that, especially the harmonics-thingies-sounds.

    The fuzz sounds great too, a bit like the carcosa-fuzz i already have. I would really love to try this one.

    Oh, and congratulations to you guys on the 4 years :)

  397. Adam hoch says:

    These actually look interesting. I would not kick them out of bed in the morning.

  398. Lorenzo Assogna says:

    Amazing design, cool stuff!

  399. John Niespodzianski says:

    Cool pedal!

  400. Nunzio Annunziata says:

    This pedals look like pure art creations.
    This is like having the best looking pedals on the market right in front of you.
    And.. surely, last but not least: the most important thing, I’d say.. THEY SOUND FANTASTIC.

    Hoping to have one soon.


  401. What a great way to start a new board build. good looks, great tones, Yes Please!!

  402. Andrew ranford says:

    Wow super cool pedals!
    Would love to have even just 1!!

  403. John gannon says:

    Great vibe from that fuzz pedal hoping to own one soon!

  404. Edoardo Del Principe says:

    What a beautiful pedals! Also they sounds really unique, definitely I love them.

  405. Michael Termini says:

    So glad to know the story after all this time. Thanks- Mike

  406. Alessandro Milani says:

    Simply opened to for every kind of experimentation and craziness!

  407. David Ribe says:

    Great work all of you, and the results speak for themselves!

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  418. I always wanted to do the ritual but time, resources, commitments forbid me to do so. THIS fantastic AA pedal may very well be the gateway to higher consciousness. Thank you BGE, AA, and all the shamans involved in this project for bringing this awesome pedal to life!

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    Love the artwork

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    Oh wait, it's an Abrakadabra pedal.
    So… cool pedal.. Whatevs

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  501. Kobediah Miller says:


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  520. What I find immense about a unique effect device is when it conjures up immediate images and feelings. It forces you to play differently, but retain the mentioned predecessors. Does the effect work you or so you work it? Regardless. I felt like I was on a boat in the middle of a storm and could barely see forward while the horizon was slowly becoming clearer. Such a fuzzy lo-fi ambience. The artwork is very noticeable which works well for function(visibility) and of course fashion. I can only imagine the near endless possibilities and soundscapes. Huge tip of the cap for turning my ears to something new.

  521. Eugene Kim says:

    I trust anything from Chase Bliss.

  522. Simon Weeks says:

    Great website – use it a lot to help with my pedal collection!

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  525. Devin Applegate says:

    Whoa. Listening to (and looking at) these pedals is like slipping into a time-warp into the groovy 70’s while sippin’ on punch that was prepped by Timothy Leary’s witch-doctor. Awesome and trippy sounding!

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  532. Dustin Boyd says:

    My daughter and I have already decided to get a Gravitas for our setup, but then we watched a video of the Ayahuasca……and man, it’s awesome. Evil twin. We’re still getting the Gravitas, but we agree that the Ayahuasca would be a welcome addition.

  533. Fernando says:

    Awesome tone and design

  534. Antonio Maggiore says:

    I’m really looking forward to this. Chase Bliss is on the cutting edge with their pedals and they will soon be the number one pedal company. My wife is Peruvian and I’ve been to the Amazon Jungle. I haven’t tried the Ayahuasca experience but this would be one great way to experience it!

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    Sign me up. Like the art.

  536. Dalton Sjogren says:

    That’s some tasty distortion!!

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    What a unique sound to combine fuzz and tremolo in one compact pedal. Both the fuzz and tremolo are clearly articulated.

    And the paint job is really awesome. :)

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  539. fingers crossed!!

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    This thing sounds amazing

  541. Christian Bjørn Olsson says:

    That really looks like one heck of a cool pedal!
    I love the idea of far out sounding pedals with analog paths. This pedal sound is both wild and mesmerizing, I like the mix of fuzz and tremolo. Sporting a tremolo in a pedal like this sort of emphasizes the rough chopping effect that a fuzz pedal already has. And kudos to Hannah for making these pedals shine on the outside too!
    I love experimenting with weird sounds and it would be a blessing to win a pedal like one of these beauties..!

  542. I have to say that for me this is a pedalboard must.
    A touch of tremelo on a fuzz is always an upgrade
    and under the hands of these guys it goes some extra miles…
    I usually have a tremelo after my fuzz, but i cant reach those
    crunchy deep sounds.
    sounds inspiring!

  543. Anything by these Chase Bliss guys has been amazing. This sounds like it’ll be also. Can’t wait to try it in person for mysel.f

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    Looks similar to Chase Bliss.
    I wonder if they’re related…

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  553. Loving this.

    Great tremolo, great fuzz. Really interesting combo when you put them together (some insane sounds).

    Interested to know who has one of these on their rig, and what applications they use them for?


    Anyway – cheers for another thorough (and accurate) review.

    Keep fighting the good fight dudes!


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  577. John Kendricken says:


  578. Michael U says:

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    I’ve owned the Chase Bliss Tonal Recall and Brothers pedals and they’re nothing short of incredible. I’m sure the Ayahuasca is every bit as amazing as Mr. Korte’s other crazy inventions. Just wish it was easier to get my hands on one!

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  589. Denise Sitton says:

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    This has got to be one of the more interesting current fuzz pedals on the market and definitely seems like it’d be fun to mess with some guitars and synths with.

  607. These are the sounds in my brain that I usually have to work too hard to get. Thank you for smashing all this signal wonkery into one box. Now I just have to get my hands on one.

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  614. Amazing series! As a long time ayahuasca subscriber, I am eager to hear more from these amazing pedals! Great work my friends!

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  616. Such a mutant pedal. I love it!

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    Very strange fuzz but weirdly harmonic, awsome!!! Love the artwork. It would definatly stand out on anyone’s board.

  619. Perry Nichols says:

    Playing through these pedals seems like a great way to boost my levels of DMT!

    Now for the hunt!

  620. Love it so please send me one quickly so I may enchant the universe with its mighty sounds.

  621. I wish i had one for our SofaJams session! It is an amazing pedal, but it is hard to get one

  622. Samuel King says:


  623. hello! great quality product! Proud to be a future user :)

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  626. Nice combination. Love the design!

  627. I love the weirdness of this pedal and the creative potential

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  629. Chris Murphy says:

    Dope. Loved everything Korte has done so far. Such a unique builder.

  630. Looks great, sounds amazing!

  631. Kenneth Patrick says:

    I like it. Its gnarly and fuzzy which just makes everything better. Artwork is rad too.

  632. Brett Taylor says:

    Not every day my email tells me I could win ayahuasca. Those are some of the coolest paint jobs I’ve ever seen.

  633. Carlo Vidal says:

    Love the crazy colors and tones !!!

  634. Jason Kartz says:

    Psychedelic! So many sonic possibilities!

  635. This sounds insane, I hope I win one so I can play with it!

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    Seems like a very intriguing and usable pedal.

  637. Always looking for more pedals! Great overview!

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    everything about this pedal is beautiful to me. even if i don’t win i will probably eventually buy one. thanks!

  639. Unkle Gunky says:

    I’ll be hallucinating while playing with this pedal!!

  640. Alex Moran says:

    Tasty art work. Paired with good quality, this is a winner!

  641. Tyler Hale says:

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    Those pedals look and sound awesome!

  643. Scott Feinstein says:

    This pedal seems like it would be so much to play around with as it seems almost limitless in the sounds you could make. I do not have a tremolo pedal so I have never even thought of experimenting with fuzz and tremolo together. But watching and listening to the video now has me intrigued to want to experiment with this pedal.

  644. Really mindblowing design and sound. Great!

  645. Adar Alfandari says:

    Now that sounds like a unique pedal, and the graphics amazing!

  646. Jonathan Ory says:

    Whoa. Amazing story.
    Great sounds. I’d love to be a part of this.

  647. David Grimaldi says:

    Looks cool!

  648. Anadenanthera root and harmala seeds crush and boil
    Get ready

    I really do want this pedal though
    so pretty and psychedelic and awesome

  649. This sounds amazing!!!

  650. Jaron Ward says:

    Fuzz and tremolo? I dig it.

  651. I need this….

  652. So excited this has come to light !!!

  653. Alfredo says:

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  654. I like the tremelo

  655. Instantaneously*

  656. Travis Brown says:

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  657. Sounds cool!

  658. Sounds like something that could create uniqueness instantiating

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    These are incredible pedals!

  661. Manfred Ganswindt says:

    I love the jungle design. Great!

  662. Bryce Hamels says:

    Zoinks! These sound great Scoob!

  663. Richard Foulkes says:

    This pedal is such a cool marriage of fuzz and tremolo. Works really harmoniously.

  664. Christopher says:

    I’ve been interested in fuzz/tremolo combos like the Janus before, but the flexibility of the Chase Bliss controls make this very intriguing.

  665. Nathan Asfour says:

    That is an awesome pedal. Throw crazy cool art in the mix and you’ve got a winner! I’m a sucker for fuzz, so thanks for the chance!

  666. Dennis Gaines says:

    Such a crazy effect. I love it!

  667. Amazing out there sounds. Like the transmisser and the loomer people doing something different is so great. You guys at bestguitareffects are the best. I wish I could afford every pedal you recommend as you’ve never steered me wrong (yet ).

  668. Michael Seals says:

    Great stuff. I love how musical the pedal is.

  669. Dean Datre says:


  670. That looks pleasingly weird and sounds great.

  671. Portia Maidment says:


  672. Michael Tjo says:

    This pedal makes me feel like I am actually On Ayahuasca

  673. Trevor Jones says:

    Love the grittiness of this box!

  674. Jose G Nava says:

    Never heard of you guys. Cant wait to try your stuff soon!

  675. Ronan Marie says:

    awesome artwork !! Soo good !!

  676. chris buscemi says:

    looks fantastic!

  677. Dustin Lothspeich says:

    I need!! Ahhhh

  678. Michael Berndt says:

    Man, these look rad! Can’t wait to win one!!

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    Everything Chase Bliss makes is amazing. I would love to win this and expand my mind! :)

  680. Kevin Fanning says:

    would be great to win

  681. Ian Scheffer says:

    I can only imagine the weird noises you could crank out of this gorgeous pedal!

  682. John Twomey says:

    If they sound as good as they look…

  683. Roberto Burgos says:


  684. Cool pedal and perfect timing, was just looking for a vibo-verb type pedal. Curious to hear it, going to check it on youtube now. Groovy paint jobs also.

  685. Nick D. says:

    This looks so fun!

  686. Caesar G says:

    Great pedals!

  687. Ramón Granado says:

    Thank you!!!!

  688. An astounding story behind this amazing pedal.


    … and tap-tempo to boot?

    I’m utterly FlabberGASted!

  689. This is a long shot, as I am, admittedly, a previous contest winner, but I daresay I would make use of this pedal on future Ghostbound recordings.

  690. roger wilkinson says:

    i guess the psychedelic paint jobs are cool and fun.( i am an old hippie.) However, i will buy a good effect even if it comes in a generic aluminum box.

  691. Rad pedals!

  692. Evgenii Kurbatov says:

    never will win =(

  693. Ayahuasca sound awesome.

  694. Dalton Gahafer says:

    I need one!

  695. Fred St Clair says:

    I have never heard of this company before. Now I have GAS again…. Must spend more money.

  696. Jonathan M says:

    I love pedals like these that look and sound unique! I really hope I win!

  697. Mike Hilliker says:

    Curious to see how one of these sounds.

  698. Looks heady

  699. Karl Flinter says:

    If they sound as good as they look it’s a winner.

  700. Roy Goodenough says:

    Truth is I could use these dark idols for good.

  701. Curtis McDevitt says:

    I love this pedal so much

  702. Arlo Dequito says:

    Sounds great. I want one!

  703. Joao Franco says:


  704. Matthew Hostetler says:

    At first I thought these were outrageously overpriced, but I now feel that I’d sell them at pretty much the same price. Totally worth it.

  705. Yann Louazel says:

    Amazing demo ! This pedal sounds great and the paint job is fantastic.

  706. Bryan Lopez says:

    Looks incredible! I’ve got To check one out!!

  707. Stanford Guillory says:

    Beautiful pedals!

  708. This is trippy stuff. Fuzzy-abstract-nowhere, love it.

  709. Zachary Seelye says:

    Seems like a really flexible and usable Fuzz in its own right, so adding in the trem is just icing. Super cool!

  710. Ed Auran says:

    Very cool sounding pedal, with beautiful artwork. Would be fun to play around with.

  711. Looks good to me….

  712. That video was so cool. I could just listen to the audio in that video all day. I would make beautiful sounds with this pedal <3

  713. Chase Bliss kills it AGAIN. Damn <3

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    That sounds like a cool pedal combo, they look wicked too.
    I wouldn’t mind having one thanks! Ha

  715. Plug into this pedal and you have the means to touch people’s heart’s

  716. Erle Townsend says:

    Wow, that’s outrageous. My wife would never understand.

    I must have one.

  717. Impressive sounds rendered by Knobs. I can hear many possibilities in benefitting how I play and how I want atmospheres to become an integral part in my acoustic guitar playing.

  718. David Krauss says:

    Great looking pedals with interesting effects. I hope I win!

  719. Mark Nason says:

    Although the sounds in the demo video above (from Knobs) doesn’t light my fire, the art of the pedal and the options looks like it would be a great inspirational tool for finding new and unique sounds.

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    Well done! Hope I get to play with one!

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  730. Jacopo Comandini says:

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    Oh man! This pedal has such a cool story. Awesome to see unique designs like this.

  734. I got positively giddy when I saw you’re giving away three of these! I stumbled across the Ayahuasca pedal a month ago and was totally enamored. Almost purchased it off a gentleman locally.

    It’s gorgeous, and overwhelmingly impressive as Chase Bliss pedals are, and brutally trippy. Ayahuasca opens doors. I need this fuzzy tremolo goodness so bad.

    The artwork reminds me of the murals inside pulquerias of Mexico City. God, I love it.

  735. Good lord, this thing is glorious. It’s pretty much the exact sound I’ve always wanted — like Os Mutantes playing “Bat Macumba” in a centrifuge. The perfect pedal.

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    Looks very cool–I’d love to have one.

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  738. tanner morgan says:


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    Is this gonna be like those ceremonies I’ve participated in? Sacred tobacco and road-man included or are those added accessories? Should I sweat lodge prior? So many questions!

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    This is sweet

  752. Sage Fuentes says:

    This pedal has been on my radar as just about one of the coolest fuzzy noise manglers in existence. I’ve never even seen onr in person and this saddens me as I would love to add this to my board and see what it does to my synth generation pedals.

  753. Oscar Cardel says:

    As always, Chase Bliss Audio innovatingmore than any other pedal company, imo. High quality with adavanced functions. Just great.

  754. This’d be an awesome replacement for my dearly missed Gravitas!

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    Sounds like some cool pedals. Looking forward to trying them out (the only place would unfortunately be GuitarCenter)

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  762. This pedal is simply HUGE!! It would be an awesome entry in my pedalboard! (See link below)

  763. Some pedals are instruments in their own right, this is one.

    Very impressive.

  764. Beautiful art on a groovy sounding pedal. Dig the fuzzy tremolo!

  765. Roger W. says:

    If this pedal sounds half as good as it looks…WINNER!!

  766. I like pedals that do their own thing.

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    Incredible concept for a pedal! Very excited about this!

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    This pedal would definitely be a crazy addition to my board – I gotta get it!

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  783. signed up for this contest and it turns out I was already subscribed or followed everything already.
    I got a chance to play a friends. this is the wildest fuzz I’ve ever heard.
    I can definitely see droning some repetitive thumping pattern over and over taking you to a realm where only blue light beings exist.

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    Rad! I had Joel mod my Gravitas as well to get a choppier square wave. It makes a killer tremolo that much better!

  789. Claudio Gonzalez says:

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    The design is amazing! I listened (and watched of course) the video and I fell in love with that effect!

  816. Daniel Dempsey says:

    I’m really happy Joel has worked on this kind of dual effect. Ive always admired that dual trem/fuzz tone, and with the tweakability of digital/analog goodness, I’d be able yo go from Zeppelins Down By The Seaside to the Smiths How Soon Is Now with a flick of the favorite switch. Thanks Joel, you’re gonna go down in music history.

  817. William says:

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  831. Jonathan Lovell says:

    I just listened to the ayahausca pedal demo, trippy and cutting edge. The evolving housing artwork is incredible.Nice article by the way Gabriel, thanks. I’m going to dig into more of Abaracadabra’s builds. I’d love to plug in and see what happens.

  832. Micah Chobaniuk says:

    I would have SOOO MUCH FUN with one of these .

  833. My life would be complete with one of these bad boys.

  834. David Sutherland says:

    These Look Awesome!

  835. HOLY SH#T!!!!

  836. Byron Wilmoth says:

    There should be a DMT/pineal overload switch on these pedals that elicit something terrible!!

  837. Richard glass says:

    What do you get when you kiss a cat? Fleas and fur and maybe a hair ball

  838. Very cool to get the full story on this very interesting pedal! Thanks for sharing

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    i’ve always been looking for a pedal weirder than me, i think at last i have found it.

  840. It looks and sounds amazing!

  841. Dan Blossom says:

    Not so sure this will work given I was never sent an email conformation link
    Don’t usually sign up for give aways but anything to do with Chase Bliss and Knobs videos is easily worth going through the hoops. Awesome is Awesome

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  847. This is one of the neatest things on the market right now. The amount of collaboration going into this little box is incredible. I will have one of these boxes on day!

  848. Casey Schroeder says:

    Really enjoying the videos on the Youtube channel and would absolutely love to run this pedal on my live pedalboard.

    Thank you for the giveaway contest!

  849. nicholas chenosky says:

    More Freakishness Please.
    These mad modulators need to be what we expect from new crazy pedals in this world.

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  851. I’ve never wanted a pedal this badly… oh my god…

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    Man everything about this is the coolest thing ever. It sounds like optimus prime’s brain being overloaded with pure unadulterated “whoah”. I can only imagine my life being better with one of these

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    What a fascinating story. Neat pedal.

  854. #pairswellwithacid :)

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  866. Would buy in a heartbeat.

  867. Guillem V says:

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  868. Blake Kibby says:

    The Shipibo one looks pretty cool. And it sounds freaky as all get out. My board is lacking in freaky.

  869. Guillermo Molli says:

    All three designs are beautiful, but my favorite is “Cielo”

  870. That sound haunts me–that earthy but warped zone that it does like nothing else. I think the Ayahuasca could be my spirit animal, but I’ve never had the money to grab one in the few moments they’ve come up for sale. I’m hoping a standard finish version happens if I don’t win one.

  871. It’s a rather elusive pedal that I could see having plenty of fun with.

  872. Paul Goolsby says:

    I love the pedal designs

  873. Jason Eshelman says:

    Chase Bliss crams so much goodness into a regular sized pedal. Truly amazing. The art on these is great too.

  874. It’s fun, within an elusive industry, to have something that really does feel like a secret that you’ve stumbled into. Keep up the good work and keep making magic, Chase Bliss :)

  875. Blake Bowling says:

    This is so fun sounding!!! Such sonic goodness!! I wantttttt

  876. That fuzz sounds sick! I definitely need one of these on my board!

  877. hazmanaz says:

    super wild pedal

  878. David Outten says:

    Discovering this pedal through a secret link on email and then scouring the Internet for any information I could find probably the most fun part about not owning this pedal. I long for a day where I can put this on my paddleboard and create the crazy sounds I know it is capable of!

  879. Gareth Williams says:

    Awesome – entered!

  880. Kickass! Love Fuzz and tremolo together!

  881. Dig it. Would love to add another unique sound to my board!

  882. Corinne says:

    I frick frackin love this holy shamboozle! At certain times it even sounds like fabric ripping? Is that just me? Either way I do NOT care, I love it, need it on my board.

  883. Christopher Trull says:

    os mutantes fuzz! that alone piques my interest…and it can do a million other things, too…

  884. This really is a crazy and unique pedal. And I love the backstory as well!
    I hope I can win one.

  885. Paul Pennington says:

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  886. If they sound as good as they look…give me one (or two…or tree)!!

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  889. Jacob Thomas says:

    That’s really an amazing backstory. I love it when pedal builders go into detail about their projects.

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    This thing is totally rad, is love to get my hands on one and just mess around for days!

  891. wicked wicked jungle is massive

  892. I want this so bad

  893. Sean Baker says:

    The grail of fuzz things. I need it to communicate with the cats in my neighbors house.

  894. Mark Anderson says:

    This pedal is so beautiful but can sound so disgusting! in a good way of course. Great story, I’ve been curious to hear more about this pedal since it came out.

  895. Jared herron says:

    That thing sounds nasty and fantastic!

  896. Marshall Conn says:

    I remember watching the Knobs video for the Ayahuasca and being blown away by the sounds that I was hearing. Getting to know how this came into being was a treat! I’d love to noodle with this thing.

  897. Simon Denivry says:

    I own a Wombtone phaser…it can go nuts!
    What could this Ayahuasca magic do within my rig ? I’d love to figure out!

  898. Neale Aziz says:

    Cool article. Great to finally get some insight into the company.

  899. Travis H says:

    Let me get that trippy, please!

  900. Trenton Tidwell says:

    This thing sounds intense, dark saturated ambience with movement. Sign me up

  901. Adam Flottmeyer says:

    This is the best name for a pedal I’ve ever come across.

  902. Adam C Hartley says:

    So, this pedal seems insane. I definitely would love to try one out. I wonder if Joel still has one he’d let me try since I’ll be seeing him in person in 3 weeks. Hey JOEL??? LET ME TRY!!! :)

    Anyway, it sounds killer, looks killer, and seems fun. Hate the limited bit, but love it at the same time. haha.

    Great write up here!

  903. Matt Vickers says:

    Fuzzolo? Tremoluzz? Truzzolo? A mind expanding vehicle to another plain of consciousness? All those things and more! I want one of these so much! Chase Bliss Audio has knocked it out the park yet again!

  904. These pedals come straight from a witches cauldron. They are concentrated stardust, packed together into sandcastles by John Lennon at the beach. Anyone who has one of these on their pedal board, will attain nirvana instantly. If you have all three, a black hole will appear. As a tone wizard myself it would truly tickle me to win this, but I can only hope that whoever does is responsible with the duty they will be given. Play on dudes.

  905. Roger Johnson says:

    Nothing beats a trippy experience in the jungle. Or is it a trippy jungle experience in a pedal? A trippy pedal that sounds like the jungle? Whatever it is, it sounds delicious

  906. Aaron Vigliotti says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these sick pedals!

  907. Dan Crowe says:

    Awesome write up!

  908. I would love to win the Ayahusca! Not only does it look amazing! But it sounds amazing too!!! I’ve been pining over a Chase Bliss pedal for a while! I need one! :)

  909. Jesse Emery says:

    Tremolo and fuzz is one of my favorite combinations. I would love to have one of these, even if only for the incredible artwork.

  910. Jimmy A says:

    Absolutely stunning!! Love to get my hands on one and really dig into it!!!

  911. I hope I can win the Ayahusca. I would love to own this great pedal.!!

  912. Samuel McMillen says:

    Why was the ultra choppy tremolo and high speed not a feature of the gravitas in the first place?

  913. Sick pedal art

  914. Jason Andreasen says:

    I’m blown away by how much this pedal can do. The sound is amazing. Oh, and the hand painted graphics just add to an already awesome pedal. I can’t wait to see what Abracadabra Audio puts out next.

  915. Would look good on my board! I’ve used all the other chase bliss pedals over the years so I guess I need to try this one!

  916. Ethan Boyle says:

    Cool duo of effects. Also knobs can sell me on just about anything.

  917. Very cool to read the backstory on this pedal.

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  919. bernard says:

    looks absolutely killer!!

  920. Matevž says:

    When I heard about Chase Bliss Audio distortion, this is what I had in mind – Weird fuzz with modulation and ramping. Want one.

  921. Cody Rathman says:

    Wow, not only is the design top-notch (love the graphics and the layout) but the pedal sounds amazing!

  922. Daniel Linares says:

    My jaw dropped the first time I heard what this pedal could do. I’m slowly working my way in to the world of guitar effects and I know for a fact this thing kicks ass.

  923. I want this pedal so much.
    Much love from Japan!

  924. Steven Razey says:

    This thing is rad

  925. Brandon Greer says:

    Very cool. Really dig the font on the acid etched version.

  926. Awesome, I’m just glad to hear the story about these. It’s always been kind of mysterious. These have one of the best fuzz circuits I’ve ever heard.

  927. Frank Jarusinsky says:

    I’ve always wanted an Ayahuasca pedal. I’m in desperate need of a Tremolo and a killer fuzz won’t hurt lol. Beautiful looking pedal and great job all around from everyone!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

  928. Chris hoff says:

    I got my band name from an ayahuasca ceremony. This pedal would be a perfect compliment!

  929. Tyler Woodward says:



  930. steven head says:

    Fingers crossed for the Shipibo one. Glad to see more of this pedal being made.

  931. Gilang Buana says:

    If i could put my breakfast through this pedal,i would

  932. raw dynamics and ripping fuzz- my two faves

  933. I remember seeing a demo of this a while back. This would be really fun to play with!

  934. Man this thing is gnarly.

  935. Aleksander says:

    Woah. One of the best pedal artworks I have seen. And name of the Granny on it speaks to me :) would love to try out one of them, to see if it’s as psychedelic as I expect. I bet Funkadelic style licks would sound awesome with this.

  936. Grayson says:

    Yeeeeesh this is cool. So many new musical ideas coming to mind. Gotsta have

  937. Kyle Tippin says:


    I hear it makes you poop your pants.

  938. Eli Caterer says:

    We are all one.

  939. Would love to try these out in person!

  940. Mike ferriter says:

    This pedal is drugs

  941. Les cooper says:

    Too cool!

  942. Luc Villandre says:

    Great looks, great sounds!

  943. Ruben Pena says:

    I had no idea so many artists contributed to this project. I only have one question. What do the dip switches do!?

  944. Chris miles says:

    I love the sound this thing gets, all over just plain evil. Wouldn’t mind putting it on my board. That’d be pretty cool…

  945. This is fantastic! I have loved this pedal ever since the teaser on the Knobs demo page!! It sounds so evil and wonderful

  946. James Rachansky says:

    Trip trip trippy! Lovin the chase bliss lineup! Want!

  947. Zac medeiros says:

    If these pedal sounds as good as they look they must be awesome!
    Killer artwork!

  948. Anthony Majewski says:

    Cool pedal, would love to add to my setup!

  949. Ron Podovich says:

    This pedal looks amazing from the artwork to the sound!

  950. Drew Harper says:

    I didn’t think Chasebliss Audio could make anything cooler… I was wrong. Thank God. Now I just want to run my whole pedal board into one of these.

  951. Amazing!!!!!! Fuzz and tremolo together at last!! Incredible graphics!!

  952. waaaaaattt

  953. Tobias Leth says:

    One of the most interesting pedals on the market right now.
    Would love to get my hands (and feet) on one!

  954. Chris Parker says:

    The perfect audio and visual splash for any board….

  955. I need this pedal in my life :-)

  956. I can’t buy this pedal here in Brazil. Import for us ia too expensive. I belive I will win one of this awesome gears!!!

  957. Riggs taylor says:

    Really want to get my hands on this- it can only sound great for both guitar AND synth.

  958. Adrian Nava says:

    Cool name!!

  959. Jamaul redmond says:

    Amazing pedal imagine this with the infinite jets.

  960. I always thought this pedal was just some kind of tease or joke.

  961. David Ramírez says:

    This thing is just amazing. I love the Gravitas and I love this too

  962. Not only the coolest dang sounding pedal but one of the most rad looking too. Brilliant!!

  963. Hot dang that’s cool!

  964. Sounds amazing. I spent a week in the Amazon. Some of my fellow travelers took ayahuasca with a shaman. It was an intense experience even for an outsider in the situation.

  965. Brandon Billings says:

    this pedal is wild. I would love to add one to my arsenal!

  966. The contest brought me here, but these pedals look really cool. I haven’t seen a lot of pedals that are this colorful, and I think it’s a really cool look for these pedals.

  967. These things look intense.

  968. With one of these AYAHUASCA effects, be sure that ABRACADABRA ! It will transform me into an ELECTRIC CHUPACABRA !

  969. Guilherme Cardoso Ribeiro says:

    This pedal is awesome

  970. Sounds like demonic hellspawn put into pedal form…I love it.

  971. Sounds sweet! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!
    The necessary tool I need to take our listeners on a shamanic journey!!!

  972. Elijah bjornson says:

    I want

  973. Love Chase Bliss pedals! They inspire my playing

  974. Matthew D says:

    These things are incredible. I hope they become a regular product.

  975. Elliott says:

    This pedal sounds like the tremolo fuzz I’ve always wanted. I picked up a walrus audio Janus fuzz/tremolo but it seems more inclined to shoe-gazy or grunge type sound, trem doesn’t go that fast. To get a more exaggerated sound out of it for a recording I found I could push the toggle stick up and apply pressure and get a faster trem but can never get the raw, improvisational tone out of it I desire. I <3 Ayahuasca

  976. Heck, this is really lovely. Putting that one on the shopping list.

  977. Elliott says:

    I’m obsessed with Os Mutantes, always loved that fuzz tone on “A Minha Menina” and tried to replicate it on my own pedal board. It was really interesting to hear that it was from a custom pedal never knew that.

  978. Chase Bliss is my favorite pedal company! I would love to try one of these out!

  979. Wow :)

  980. Beautiful sounds!

  981. Mike Freed says:

    These pedals are all aural works of art. You’d almost have to put on a table and use your hands to control so that you don’t step on it. I’d never thought of a fuzz and tremolo in one, but the tonal options on this guy look incredible.

  982. Matt Buglio says:

    Chase bliss makes such cool stuff. I just picked up a warped vinyl and the dipswitches up top make it so versatile or downright crazy. I can only imagine how good that would be on a fuzz with some choppy tremolo going on.

  983. Jim berndtson says:

    This site is rad

  984. Jim berndtson says:

    This site is rad

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  993. This pedal art is actually some of the most amazing I have ever seen.

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  1069. The artwork rocks! Chase Bliss are producing loveable pedals one by one… I’d buy their whole collection if I was just a little richer..

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    This peda just shows how awesome not just the companies involved are but why I love the effects community. I build and tinker and mod things myself but this pedal was just build from inspiration. It just shows how great companies are these days. They borrow from and even help each other make their own designs better or different. Anytime I’ve emailed Joel asking for advice he took the time to write a lengthy email with his opinion and he didn’t even know me. It’s not about egos or ridiculousness. Everyone realizes the circuits are similar and helps each other. To have the artist from zvex painting enclosures just makes my point even more. You can see the zvex style hand lettering and immediately recognize it. But once again these no ego. Just collaboration. And that’s what this whole thing is about. Killer pedal with great options. Pushing the limits of what goes together and never being afraid to try something new. Keep it up.

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