Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas Review – Best Analog Tremolo Pedal?

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After reinventing analog chorus, vibrato, and phaser effects with the Warped Vinyl and Wombtone (and newly released Warped Vinyl MKII & Wombtone MKII), Chase Bliss Audio have now tackled the prototypical modulation effect with the Gravitas Analog Tremolo. All the familiar Chase Bliss Audio control flair is here: ModuShape, 6 surface knobs, 3 parameter flip-switches, 1 preset flip-switch, 2 foot-switches, and 16(!) dip-switches mounted to the top side of the pedal. Before we delve into what all this does, it should be obvious that this pedal offers quite a bit more functionality than your old in-amp tremolo. To those of you suffering from knob-o-phobia, a plethora of classic and cutting edge tremolo sounds are available from the Gravitas even if you just stick to using a few of its surface controls. But more on all that in a moment. Here’s a full feature rundown before we dive into our Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas review to see if it’s the best analog tremolo pedal around.


  • All-analog signal path.
  • Ramp control knob can be set to control any of the 5 parameters (Volume, Tone, Rate, Depth, Sway) individually or simultaneously via dip switches on the back of the pedal. Controls the ramp time in which this takes place.
  • Drive (Ramp) control knob controls the input gain of avery clean, beautiful, and transparent boost when no Ramp dip-switches are in use.
  • Volume control knob sets the output level of the effect. This is a little different than the other Chase Bliss Audio pedal volume knobs. It should be pretty much dimed, with the level set with the Drive control. The main purpose of having this knob is so that you can set up a second tremolo (via Ramping), and then adjust the depth of it.
  • Tone control knob is a wide ranging tone shaping tool. When set to noon, the pedal is transparent. Clockwise for a brighter sound and counterclockwise for a smoother, mellow, dark sound. This circuit is also the basis for the harmonic tremolo as that effect is achieved by modulating between high and low pass filters.
  • Rate control knob controls the rate of the tremolo effect – can get super fast. Can be overridden by the tap tempo switch.
  • 1 – 2 – 4 (3 – 6 – 8/S – B – H) toggle switch sets the tap division for tap tempo. A dip switch on the back accesses the “3 – 6 – 8” divisions. Another dip-switch allows this switch to select between Standard, Both, and Harmonic tremolo modes.


  • Depth control knob sets the depth of the tremolo effect. Crank if for modulation going all the way to silence.
  • Sway control knob sets the center point of the modulation. Set it counterclockwise to make the wave ramp up quickly and down gradually. Set it clockwise to make the wave ramp up gradually and down quickly. Set it at noon for a perfectly symmetrical wave.
  • Left Wave Shape toggle switch sets the first half of the wave modulation. Left for sine, middle for triangle, right for square.
  • Right Wave Shape toggle switch sets the second half of the wave modulation. Left for square, middle for triangle, right for sine.
  • Bypass foot-switch activates or bypasses the effect via true relay bypass. Can by changed to a momentary bypass via a dip switch in the back of the pedal.
  • Tap Tempo foot-switch sets the tap tempo and always honors the last two stomps.
  • Preset toggle switch recalls presets. Middle position reflects current knob positions, right position recalls right preset, and left position recalls left preset.
  • Exp/CV input jack allows expression pedal or CV control of parameters selected via dip switches on back of pedal. When no parameters are set to Ramp, it manually controls the Waveform.
  • Tap/MIDI input jack can be used for tap input or output with a regular ¼” instrument cable. It may also be used to interface with the pedal via an Empress Effects Midibox.
  • Powered by 9-volt battery or 9VDC power adapter. Can also be run at 18-volts for more headroom and output.

Chase-Bliss-Audio-Gravitas-Review-Best-Analog-Tremolo-Pedal-03Dip Switches:

  • Volume, Tone, Rate, Depth, and Sway dip switches on the left side simply turn that parameter on or off for ramping or expression pedal capability.
  • Volume, Tone, Rate, Depth, and Sway dip switches on the right side control whether the parameters rise or fall in ramp mode. This also affects the direction of movement with an expression pedal.
  • Bounce dip switch makes parameters go back and forth (i.e. modulate) or ramp and hold.
  • Mode dip switch allows left flip-switch to select tap divisions or tremolo mode.
  • MoToByp dip switch activates momentary bypass, activating pedal only when Bypass foot-switch is pressed in.
  • Tap Control dip switch allows tap tempo to modulate Ramp rate (r) or tremolo Rate (p). Bounce needs to be on to modulate Ramp speed.
  • Tap Division dip switch selects from “1, 2, 4” tap divisions (1) or “3, 6, 8” tap divisions (3).
  • Sweep dip switch selects where Ramp sweeps. In “t” (top) the ramping (or expression control) will occur between the current Ramp knob position and the max position (fully clockwise). In “b” (bottom) the range is set between the current knob position and the minimum position (fully counterclockwise).

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Sound & Performance:

I’m going to cover the functionality of this pedal gradually. We’ll start with the traditional sounds it offers and the simplest aspects of its controls and slowly delve into the more complex stuff.

Classic Tremolo Reinvented

This is where the Gravitas excels, or should I say, shows its gravitas. Throbbing volume modulation oozes out of this pedal with classic and new sounds being very easy to dial in. There are 3 tremolo modes available: Standard, Harmonic, & Both. Standard mode is the classic style tremolo effect, and thanks to ModuShape (see below), you can achieve a smooth volume pulse or unconventionally offset and jagged warbles. Harmonic mode allows the LFO to modulate the Tone of your signal for a subtle and unique tremolo-style filtering effect.

The “Both” setting is where things get really interesting. The Gravitas’ combination of Standard tremolo mode with the unique Harmonic mode is a most welcome twist on tremolo design as it provides a dynamic tone adjustment as the volume swells for a blooming effect in the upper frequencies. You can use the Tone knob to choose just how bright the tremolo gets at its peak. The effect is subtle yet beautiful; while I thought it might be an interesting novelty, it quickly became my preferred mode.


This has become a staple of the Chase Bliss Audio pedals released so far (see Warped Vinyl MKII & Wombtone MKII) and is a brilliant and simple way to set the LFO waveform for modulation effects. For a quick “classic” tremolo sound, simply set the Depth and Sway to noon and flip the 2 ModuShape toggle-switches to Sine (facing away from each other). From there you can adjust the Depth to taste. Pulling the flip-switches to their middle positions brings in a slightly sharper Triangle waveform, a great classic trem variation when used with lower Depth settings. Setting the switches inward to Square produces a hard trem effect that gets pretty choppy when maxing out the Depth. While it isn’t the most machine-like, gated chop I’ve heard in a tremolo (most likely due to the particular nature of this pedal’s analog design), it’s still more than adequate for producing those jagged stuttering trem effects, especially when used in a mix with other instrumentation. Also, using the various waveform halves in combination and exploring the Sway knob settings (which lop-sides the waveform) will yield some inspiring, unorthodox sounds.

Drive/Volume & 18-Volt Operation

An interesting thing about the Gravitas is its Drive/Volume knob arrangement. The Drive knob controls a clean boost gain stage located before your signal is fed into the tremolo effect. The overall output is set post-tremolo with the Volume knob. Chase Bliss Audio advises in the Gravitas manual to dime the Volume knob and use the Drive for setting your output level. As stated in the manual, “the main purpose of having this [Volume] knob is so that you can set up a second tremolo, and then adjust the depth of it.” You can use the Ramp function to modulate the Volume, thus achieving 2 separate tremolos. (You could also run 2 Gravitas pedals in series for synchronized, rhythmic tremolo sounds via MIDI Clock. I tried it. Fun stuff.)

In the Gravitas manual Chase Bliss Audio also mentions under the “Drive (Ramp)” section how using the pedal with 18v can result in “more headroom and output”. Since it specifically mentioned this in relation to the Drive knob, I spent some time comparing running the pedal on 9-volts (via battery) and 18-volts (via power supply). With the Drive knob rolled all the way down, the difference is negligible. The voltage difference doesn’t really affect how the Volume knob performs. But as you increase the Drive it becomes apparent that the different voltage does have more of an impact on the overall output and high-end presence of your sound. This leads me to prefer using the Gravitas at 18-volts with the Drive knob at higher settings. I’ll then use the Volume knob for setting the output (contrary to the manual’s recommendation) as the benefits of 18-volts are most noticeable to my ears with higher Drive settings. At this point you could also roll the Depth all the way down and use the Gravitas as a hi-fi, 18-volt clean boost with complementary Tone control.

It’s important to understand that the Drive essentially pushes a “hotter” signal into the tremolo when used at high levels. It doesn’t quite get dirty on it’s own, but if you want your overall sound to be as clean as possible, try dialing it down a bit. Also, while I personally prefer the 18-volt sound of the pedal, the Gravitas still sounds great at 9-volts. 18-volts will be mainly worth considering if you just really want to extra headroom or if you really need that little extra volume output (which is useful if you use extreme Rate settings as they tend to reduce the overall output level, typical of all tremolo pedals).


This is where things get even more interesting. Another Chase Bliss Audio hallmark, the Ramping functionality lets you modulate parameters by setting them to “ramp” via dip-switches for each of the 5 parameters (not including Drive). With the Warped Vinyl MKII & Wombtone MKII, I find myself getting pretty wacky with the myriad ramping possibilities, but with the Gravitas I find more restrained ramping to be most effective. For example, simply modulating the Volume by setting it to Ramp and “Bounce” up and down produces a double-tremolo effect. (The left preset showcases this.) I also like to set the Tone control to a long “Ramp and hold” with Both mode (Standard & Harmonic) so that it gradually increases to the brighter sound set via the Tone knob. You could also have it Bounce back and forth for a little tonal variation behind your tremolo. And it’s fun to get a little funky with the Rate & Depth to go from a dry and slow to wet and fast tremolo.

MIDI Implementation

The Gravitas lets you save 2 flip-switch selectable presets to access from the surface. If you want to go deeper, you can save and recall 122 additional presets via MIDI. This is a godsend if you want to use this pedal in a MIDI rig and select your presets via MIDI. You can also control the knob parameters via CC messages. There’s even a CC for changing the Tap Division. I was able to program some Tap Division automation in Ableton Live for some pseudo-Goatkeeper style pattern tremolo effects. Also, as I mentioned previously when running 2 Gravitas pedals in series, MIDI Clock can help keep the pedals in sync. I used the Molten Voltage Tempode to keep both pedals in time. You could theoretically create and recall presets on 2 pedals to reproduce whatever crazy tremolo patterns you come up with.

Chase-Bliss-Audio-Gravitas-Review-Best-Analog-Tremolo-Pedal-04A few notes about the size of this pedal and its practicality in use. It never ceases to amaze me how much Chase Bliss Audio can stuff into a reasonably standard sized pedal enclosure. (Notice how even the foot-switches are mounted at an angle inside to allow just a little more room for the PCB.) Looking from the the outside, it may appear concerning to have the Tap Tempo foot-switch so close to the Bypass foot-switch, but in use this isn’t too much of an issue. You’ll have to use the right edge of your shoe to tap in the tremolo to the beat, but then a hearty stomp on either just the right foot-switch or the general foot-switch area will activate it. If you’re using the Rate knob to set the tempo, you don’t need to worry about accidentally pressing the Tap foot-switch when activating the pedal as a single press won’t change the tempo. Still, for maximum utility, the Gravitas performs brilliantly with MIDI and is how I’d most recommend using this pedal in your guitar rig.

Chase Bliss Audio have pretty much covered the analog modulation essentials as this point with the Gravitas rounding out their pedal lineup. While my personal tastes usually lean towards super aggressive, choppy tremolo effects, for classic analog tremolo tones (in mono) this pedal is tough to beat. As I spent more time with it, it really won me over, mainly thanks to the innovative Harmonic mode which gives this pedal a unique sonic edge over other basic tremolo guitar pedals. And the Gravitas is an especially great compliment to the Warped Vinyl MKII for capturing an old timey, vintage vibe. Speaking of vibes, a Uni-Vibe style of pedal would be perhaps the only other modulation pedal I can think of that I’d like to see next from Chase Bliss Audio, but it’ll really be interesting when this company finally releases a delay pedal or ventures into the realm of fuzz or distortion.

The Gravitas is another winner from Chase Bliss Audio. Let’s see the final result.



The Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas is one of the most beautiful sounding analog tremolo pedals I’ve had the pleasure of playing. The pedal’s combination of Standard tremolo and Harmonic mode produce some of the most inspiring and unique tremolo sounds around. As a classic tremolo the Gravitas excels, but the extra subtleties really make this pedal something special. And if you like having a ton of presets, MIDI control, and perfectly synced tremolo via tap tempo or MIDI Clock with your classic tremolo sounds, the Gravitas should be the next pedal on your must-buy list. In terms of a mono-only analog tremolo, this is the best one there is.

That concludes our Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas review. Thanks for reading.


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    South Africa

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    But in all honesty, I’ve listened to a few videos on youtube and I’ve seen none compare to the Gravitas, i’m thoroughly impressed with the quality for sounds and diversity this pedal can do (from what i’ve seen).
    It’s the dream pedal i’d love to have to see what sounds I can make and shape in my own music.
    On my board I don’t want to waste time getting a simple pedal, I’m only interested in pedals I can get a diverse range from, this is definitely one of those i’d love to buy eventually.

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  70. Andy Fettig says:

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    Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-oom-oom-oom
    Oom-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow
    Ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow
    Papa-a-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow
    Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow
    Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow
    Ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow
    Papa-ooma-mow-mow, ooma-mow-mow
    Well, don’t you know about the bird
    Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word
    A-well-a, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word
    Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow
    Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow
    Papa-ooma-mow-mow, papa-ooma-mow-mow……….
    ………………..never rinse.
    just repeat.

  89. Great sounds,

  90. I just got the Wombtone MKII Acid Etched version and it is unbelievable. This pedal is next on my list and I would love to see what Joel could do with a delay pedal. Unreal mind and creativity!

  91. sebastian przybylski says:

    i feel this guys pain. those look like some painful builds! but hes clearly doing some epic stuff here. this pedal would keep me busy for a year trying to figure it all out. i dont have anything with this many features. my head has less controls! id be thrilled for anyone of his works, but this one is what i gravitated towards. i hope the best for this guy. these are some serious works of art

  92. IThis thing is sweet. I would love to see the Chase Bliss take on a delay pedal.

  93. other makers are getting skunked! it’s clear that chase bliss is leaps and bounds ahead of what had been considered feasible in such a small box.

    makes me really curious for what years down the line is going to look like with him!

  94. Ooo excellent tremolo Gravitas.

  95. Tyler Sherrod says:


  96. Love the options on these pedals

  97. Chase Bliss seems to have come out of nowhere with nothing but cool original pedal designs.

  98. GORGEOUS, lush and shimmery!

  99. This tremolo sounds amazing. Would still be nice if a tremolo did triplets. I wonder what the electronics behind it is that they always subdivide by halves.

  100. Lucas Schmuecker says:

    I have been saerching for a Tremolo pedal which is a) versatile and b) killer sounding. And I think the Chase Bliss is the first to really cover my needs. How awesome it would be to win this Beauty!! As always you guys did a great review :)

  101. Incredible tremolo, and a great review! I’d love to add one to my collection!

  102. Amazing, gotta have that Gravitas (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

  103. Yair Hollander says:

    Just what I need. Thank you for this giveaway. I would love to win this.

  104. Andrew Sales says:

    I honestly don’t like entering free giveaways because it’s almost always a waste of time but when I do, I really want the particular item being given as a prize. That being said…I really like the Gravitas and it’s worth more than a follow, sign up and a comment. Here’s hoping!

  105. Jose Collazo says:

    I love everything chase bliss has made, he’s truly a genius and a gem in the pedal business. I love tremolo and the gravitas takes my tremolo love to new heights.

  106. All three pedals are amazing. Hope to try everyone of them out. Thanks for the great reviews.

  107. Jeffrey deal Cruz says:

    Amazing tremolo pedal in a small enclosure with superb sound, a must on your pedalboard.

  108. This is the end all be all of trem pedals. Such awesomeness!!! This seriously is one of the most impressive Tremelo pedals I’ve ever heard!

  109. This is the end all be all of trem pedals. Such smooth awesomeness!!!

  110. Cody Burrell says:


  111. Tons of tone! Tons of trem! The options are almost paralyzing!

  112. The suspense! Man I want this pedal. Great review!

  113. That’s a lot of tremolo in a little box. Chase Bliss keeps dropping head turning pedals. The kind of builder whose stuff you want to keep getting – all of it!

  114. I’ve been looking for a new trem and have been gravitating toward this….

  115. What I love about all the Chase Bliss products is the ability to go from a normal setting to an out-of-your-mind whacky bones setting… And There is a place for that. Most of the time normal is what people need. For me, I need to leave Earth and grab a sound that no one is doing. It helps me with my process, going outside the box like that. Tremolo is an un-avoidable effect in music. Classic to contemporary. I don’t have a tremolo pedal on my live board because I can’t seem find my personal sweet spot with my bands set list of songs. Watching the demo videos of the Gravitas I already know where I want to flick the dip switches to add life and flavor to numerous amount of lead riffs. Even the clean rhythms, there is so much freedom to create something new and original, and that’s what I live for. Getting the gravitas into a live setting is one thing but being able to take it into the studio would be a dream. Best of luck to everyone and cheers!

  116. Jack Metcalf says:

    I absolutely love the sounds this pedal is capable of. Would love it to play some old 50’s hits and add some spice to my own tunes. Would love to see Chase Bliss make a Tubescreamer clone with a built in clean boost.

  117. This is such a great sounding effect, really wish I can win it!!

  118. So many options!

  119. Come with me magical pedal, take my hand and sweep me away to beautiful music land

  120. I just spent a fun 30 minutes at my local guitar store trying out the Gravitas with a Tele through a Marshall combo. What a delight – This box does so many things and does them all beautifully – from your standard trem to brownface vibrato-ish stuff to a whole world of wacky things – limited only by your imagination. The build quality is superb and the sound is oh so sweet. Its not a cheap pedal but for fans of tremolo pedals, this is as good as it gets. It is on my serious wants list now.

  121. Thinking bout this pedal now. Chase bliss def knows their stuff

  122. ANTONIO TORRES says:

    Looooooove love love Chase Bliss Audio, i got the Wombetone and is an amazing little in size but big in sound pedal. And reading your review on the Gravitas makes me want to get one so bad!!!!!

  123. Nice review! As if I needed to add another pedal to my wish list…

  124. Looks awesome, can’t wait to try one.

  125. Geekest tremolo ever. The sound in your head in a pedal.

  126. mmmm looks good

  127. Maxxwell Harkins says:

    Very tight and versatile trem. Really want.

  128. andreacollaro says:


  129. Maritza Rivera says:

    This sounds great. It would make a great addition to any board, including mine! Love this. Great clean tone!

  130. Rafael Lázaro says:

    I have a MK I Warped Vynil…I just wanna those lien of pedals so bad…so bad

  131. This Tremolo Looks and Sounds Amazing !!!!!!!!! i hope i get a chance to win this in your giveaway !!!! right now im using a Visual Sound Chopper Tremolo that a friend let me borrow for some original song recordings and its ok just not a stereo pedal ,, Thanks Guys at ” ” KEEP ON ROCKING and ROLLING ((((( hope im entered into this giveaway )))))

  132. This thing looks positively bananas.

  133. So many options! Would love to see their take on delay and/or OD.

  134. Looks awesome – should sound great with bass as well! Especially for synth modulation.

  135. This pedal is amazing. You can really hear the analog warmth. The tap is also a huge benefit.

  136. I can’t wait to try this out with an expression pedal. The possibilities are endless.

  137. Samuel Drew-Rumoro says:


  138. David Claborn says:

    This sounds beautiful! Gimme!!

  139. Dariusz Brodowski says:

    To be frank I wouldn’t know what to do with phaser and vibrato. It’s not my cup of tea. Everything I need is somebody to love and this tremolo :)

  140. beautiful!

  141. Bruno Bonaventure says:

    Great quality with an outside-the-box frame-of-mind makes for a very musically inspiring pedal!. As a producer/keyboardist my only wish would be stereo operation, or at least stereo outs. What’s next. A fuzz/filter? A seq/reverse/verb?

  142. Bertell Ferguson says:

    Never had the need for more than just a very basic termolo pedal, but this could obviously warp into new nontraditional sounds that could bring tons of inspiration!

  143. I want it, I need it!

  144. Maranda Tez says:

    This has to be one of the best sounding tremolo pedals out there.

  145. John Schuster says:

    Oh my word do I want one of these puppies! Sorry Fulltone, my heart is set on another trem pedal!

  146. Without a doubt, this is the best, most versitile analog tremolo on the market. It’s brilliant how he uses digital modeling to form the tremolo however you please while preserving the analog signal. Tap tempo is always a necessity on any rhythm based effect, especially delay and tremolo, being able to MIDI sync it just opens up the possibilities. This pedal is so much more than just a tremolo, it’s virtually another instrument. I could get lost for weeks with this pedal.

  147. Well written review! I love the sound of this pedal, especially when using two of them! I also found it very interesting that you’ve opened it up to look at the insides, I hope you didn’t break it! :)

  148. Ricardo higareda says:

    Great review once again. I really wish that this pedal was in stereo or had the option to be in stereo. It sounds great. When it came out, I was drooling over this. I hope they come out with flanger or delay next. A time based pedal would also be awesome, where you can have delay and Echo and morph between the two.

  149. Ricardo higareda says:

    I really wish that this pedal was in stereo or had the option to be in stereo. It sounds great. When it came out, I was drooling over this. I hope they come out with flanger or delay next. A time based pedal would also be awesome, where you can have delay and Echo and morph between the two.

  150. you have got to love trem. just a little will pulse and swirl making you drift. fatten the flavours and tone of your tone. love it love it love it.

  151. I need this

  152. Bartosz Wilk says:

    Really inspiring pedal. I’d love to have one.

  153. Very cool.

  154. cool

  155. Looks so sick.

  156. If this was stereo it would actually be perfect?

  157. Been looking for the perfect tremolo for years now. I think it’s finally here!

  158. Rixt Kroes says:

    this pedal would be the final addition to my dream setup! Way to great.

  159. Arran Day says:

    I’d love to layer this with reverb and octave fuzz.
    Create all of the filthy tones.

  160. Cody Budd says:

    so excited!

  161. Cody Budd says:


  162. Aw geez rick

  163. James Watts says:

    I would love to give this bad boy a try!!!

  164. Trond Josef Størkersen says:

    Chase bliss audio does it again! Amazing tremolo pedal! I want one.

  165. Hi,

    here is my comment. The pedal sounds very promising but I can’t say anything about it as I don’t own it yet. …So please let me win one and I’ll write a full review!! ; ) Thanks!!!

  166. it seems like a great effect soild and full of options as always i look for a bass demol soon lol

  167. Like this pedal

  168. Cleamon Jones says:

    The earth shakes when you step on this pedal!

  169. i need this pedal in my life!

  170. need this pedal in my life

  171. Ocean waves, controlled by the tide, controlled by gravity. It all makes sense.

  172. I very much… gravitate… to this pedal.

  173. I would absolutely love to get my hands on this pedal, or any Chase Bliss box, for that matter. In all honesty, I am intimidated by the learning curve and virtually limitless potential surrounding these pedals. Though it’s not on par with the Warped Vinyl, I do have a decent optical chorus I’m happy with, and I’m not the biggest phazor phan in the world, so Gravitas is where it’s at for me. All the youtubes I’ve watched on this pedal leave me with my mouth agape.

  174. stein vermeiren says:

    multifunction personified

  175. I wanna have this :-)

  176. David Morgan says:

    Combine with the Warped Vinyl for maximum wig out.

  177. Matteo Bonera says:

    I love the esthetic of these awesome sounding pedals!

  178. Michael Canela II says:

    I really want this pedal

  179. Tim Baker says:


  180. Remington Stallard says:

    This pedal sounds freaking good. I would love to use it with a MIDI controller and make tons of ramping, momentary, choppy, pattern-like presets. Tremolo is easily one of my favorite effects, and Chase Bliss Audio is changing the pedal game.

  181. Erick Humai says:

    This pedal is so GRAZI MASSAFERA!

  182. This thing is sick.

    Chase Bliss – please do a delay…it blows my mind to think of what you guys would do and the control I would have.

  183. Bruce Rainier says:

    Great sounding pedal. Like the variety of types of Tremolo. Tremolo is one of the go to fx for me always on my board.

  184. sebastian przybylski says:

    this guy must be a ninja! ive never seen so much packed intp a 125b! (assuming its 125b?) iid love to figure that thing out! the rubix cube of sound

  185. David Krauss says:

    I’m interested to try this pedal for it’s harmonics.

  186. Michael Kocheran says:

    SO MANY CONTROLS. Wow. I bet this pedal sounds awesome.

  187. I need more Gavitas in my playing

  188. This looks like such a well thought out pedal! Very impressed.

  189. Definitely some I would pick.

  190. Dan Kucera says:

    Great pedal

  191. Bertram Dhellemmes says:


  192. Peter Andreev says:

    I need this.

  193. I have had the opportunity to give one of these away myself – and have realized it is the best analog tremolo and needs to be on tour, on my board!

  194. Chris Aguilar says:

    Sway and tap tempo on this awesome tremolo pedal. I don’t have a trem pedal and this is the one for me.

  195. Philippe Elskens says:


  196. Carl Martin says:

    Wow, that has tremolos that haven’t even been invented yet!

  197. Philippe Elskens says:


  198. Philippe Elskens says:

    Love this pedal!

  199. David Fisher says:

    Out of all of their effects, this one has to be my favorite. It just sounds marvelous man. Thanks guys!

  200. Crimson and Clover, nice control, the rate pot seems to be set in the sweet zone. Again nice clean tone.

  201. Brad Carroll says:

    The tonal ramping feature is incredible! The quality of the more standard types of tremolo make it a no brainer.

  202. dang dude

  203. That is definite an amazing Analog Tremolo Pedal! I want it!

  204. Bill Siepierski says:

    So many variables.

  205. Olivier Homps says:

    Impressive trem. I like.

  206. Tulio Andrade says:

    That’s perfect!

  207. Tulio Andrade says:

    That’s perfect!

  208. Anikeev Vladimir says:

    This tremolo sound amazing, very warm vibes. I like it!

  209. Billy Brandão says:

    This review of Gravitas just make me have second thoughts about what should be my next “Chess Bliss Audio” pedal…

  210. Rich Pike says:

    Such an amazing tremolo pedal. The Cadillac of tremolos. I don’t want this, I need this.

  211. Nice pedal I hope to win ;)

  212. It looks sweeeeet!!! and probably sounds even better!!!

  213. Jang-Woo Park says:

    Awesome pedal!

  214. Jakub Kozieł says:

    Nice ;)


  216. Blaise McFarland says:

    Loving it in different shapes.

  217. So many possibilities! Don’t know where to start!! Would be awesome to try this pedal out in my home made studio!

  218. Wile mixing,recording, producing tracks and bands y do re amping for the most part
    i will love to try this pedal on diverse material and crate some exiting tremolo fx
    the possibilities could be endless! vocals keyboards strings cellos you name it i will try it

  219. well done! great review, excellentl! thanks!

  220. Steven Razey says:

    Everything this guy makes is amazing.

  221. I like the tap tempo.

  222. Staggering amount of options….damn.

  223. Damn, that is good!!!!

  224. Markus klein says:

    I don’t even own a trem, need this one

  225. Just one word. Amazing… What are the features that it does not have. I think I’ll get tired if I start to write them. I just wish that I could have one like that in giveaway cuz they don’t sell it in my country. it’ll be amazing. I just love it.

  226. This pedal looks amazing! Love the modshop functions too. Looking forward to hearing it with a cello.

  227. Dan Hobby says:

    Awesome pedal. Would be great to use this for my nintendo 64 soudtrack cover project I’m working on.

  228. Really like the sound of a double tremolo effect. Definitely one for the list!

  229. Joel Korte is has created some wonderfully inspirational machines!
    I’d love to get my hands on one of them.

  230. what an ethereal and gorgeous-sounding machine. was almost sold on the EHX Super Pulsar but decided to watch a video of this guy. the sway and harmonic trem sounds are incredible and otherworldly, and it’s fairly clear to me now that i MUST have one of these (would pair nicely with my Warped Vinyl MK I, i’m sure).

  231. Beautiful and very smooth peddle, great for some deep jazz.

  232. Awesome pedal, sway and tap tempo?! Such an awesome little musical potato!

  233. Big step up on the TR-2 I have. Can’t wait to get it!

  234. Dan Meyers says:

    Great review and awesome pedal!

  235. Ben Galinsky says:


  236. Good lord!

  237. I have the Warped Vinyl mkI. What an amazing pedal! I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!

  238. João Brol says:

    What an incredible pedal! Tested one last week and was amazed by the quality, was never really into tremolo pedals, but the Audio Gravitas just blew my mind! I definitely recommend to anyone that’s looking for a top-notch tremolo pedal

  239. Ryan Parke says:

    Mmmmmmmmm, knobs!!!

  240. Thomas Dück says:

    Wow, there are so many possibilities here. I have to say that some years ago I would never go for a tremolo pedal, but nowadays I know how freaking awesome those things can be! Need one of those in my pedal set.

  241. lukas axelsson says:

    I would probably be pretty lost in the beginning sitting there tweaking all those knobs and flipping all those switches but after a while I’m sure I would find very cool sounds. I play bass but I know that a pedal of this quality would handle the lower frequencies really well.

  242. David Dockery says:

    Tremolo pedals are an often overlooked but really versatile thing to have in your sound. I’d love one of these.

  243. Very very cool pedal. I’ve never been super interested in tremolos but the amount of things this pedal can do makes me want to sit and play with it for a few hours. As always the analog signal path controlled by digital is truly incredible. Great website and great review, keep it up.

  244. excellent features

  245. Jason Sanders says:

    Truly pedals are art. Would love to try it.

  246. Sam Buisman says:

    Sweet tremolo pedal. Definitely gets the job done. I loved the choppy, abrupt tone you got paired with that fuzz pedal. I can also appreciate how the pedal has multiple power options, be it 9 volts or 18 volts, if a player doesn’t have access to a 18v power supply.

    By the way, have you checked out the mini crybaby wah yet? I’ve heard good things about it, but I’ve always been a little skeptical of those mini pedals. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  247. Fantastic !

  248. Jim Lipscomb says:

    Tap Trem. Such a nice basis for a great pedal.

  249. Killer review and Killer pedal!

  250. just awesome!

  251. skylar leaf says:

    This tremolo looks great! It has so many options for sound and I’m sure the analog aspect sounds really good. Would love to try this pedal and get away from my shitty Boss tremolo

  252. I’ve only tried the tremolo effect on many multi effects because buying a standalone could be expensive. I’m doing a project with a friend and we’re aiming for the silverlake sound. This should be perfect for experimenting. To win it would be sweet because nothing comes out of my pocket.

  253. Joshua Warner says:

    This thing puts the pedal to the metal!! :D

  254. Cristian Tejero says:

    Best tremolo ever made!!

  255. versatility and tweakability are undervalued sometimes.

  256. Amazing sounds I could use that pedal lol

  257. Cristian Tejero says:

    sound amazing, best tremolo ever!! :)

  258. James Knowles says:

    So many options! haha

  259. I love the ramping function on this pedal. I would love one of these so much!

  260. Another home run pedal by Chase Bliss.

  261. Very cool and one of the most versatile tremolo pedals out there. Like Gravitas a lot!

  262. Christophe R. Cote says:

    WOW. So many functions. This is the perfect tremolo!

  263. Roberto Morales says:

    I tried this thing in a store and I was amazed.
    I don’t usually use trem but I’m sure that this effect would be this all over my songs if I had this amazing pedal. Why? Because it’s not just a tremolo, it’s the Gravitas by Chase Bliss Audio!

  264. Roberto Morales says:

    I don’t usually use trem but I’m sure that this effect would be this all over my songs if I had this amazing pedal. Why? Because it’s not just a tremolo, it’s the Gravitas by Chase Bliss Audio!

  265. j thomas says:

    Knobs knobs knobs, Chase Bliss seems like the knob tweaker’s dream.

  266. Damn that’s a versatile trem

  267. Luke Hudson says:

    I’m usually not a big fan of tremolo effects, but this one did give me some ideas for how I could make it work. I wasn’t as impressed with this pedal as I was with the others made by Chase Bliss, but it’s still a great sounding pedal nonetheless.

  268. Danna Rodelas says:

    Neaaat! I definitely need that.

  269. Dávid Gulyás says:

    The best trem! just give me one!

  270. Albin Johansson says:

    This sounds sweet! Amazing how Chasebliss has made a relatively simple effect like tremolo so expansive and unique. Love this one!

  271. Marco Paolini says:

    Just the one I wanted!

  272. Jack Cameron says:

    This would be awesome on bass. Can’t wait to try one!

  273. Sweet Lord!! What a sound, the feeling of the tone… what i could do with it? create a music festival with my neighbors every night in my apartment… all night long!!! The next big thing that Chase Bliss Audio can do? Suprise me!!!

  274. Tyler Sherrod says:


  275. This is so amazing! I got to get one!

  276. I could finally play “Gimme Shelter” properly, among many other things, with this pedal. Amazing.

  277. Jon Wymore says:

    Wow couldn’t think they could top the wombtone but this is close.
    Definitely suggestion for next pedal for Joel would be a delay or reverb. Even though market is flooded his take on things with customization might be pretty cool to see how modulation could work in with delay or reverb.
    Also wouldn’t mind to see stereo out on some pedals as option or upgrade or something.

  278. I love this pedal definitely one of my faves

  279. Tremolo!

  280. Great build, sounds awesome.

  281. ill never be able to afford one but man that thing looks amazing

  282. Bruno Afonso says:

    My god my god my god my god my god ohhh my my

  283. Sounds fantastic.

  284. Stuart Morton says:

    I love tremolo. Love the deep swamp warble. Would love to have this.

  285. I’d love to try out some bi-amping using a tape echo set to put the modulated pulse through a different signal path.

    I love the thought of being able to automatically do clean note/distored note/clean note/etc or whatever (although there is probably something out there that can already do this and I’m just to lazy to research it!)

  286. Matthew Lowe says:

    Such a sweet sounding tremolo! So smooth, so many options!

  287. Arttu Rantakärkkä says:

    I can’t think of a more versatile tremolo.

  288. I was looking to replace my old PN-2 and this would definitely be a top contender.
    Sadly, it’s out of my price range…
    Totally worth it if you do have the cash, though.

  289. Ard Kok says:

    What an amazing pedal! Having watched the ‘Knobs’ review of this pedal I was sold from the first few seconds of the review. Good to see that BGE features it in all its glory. I’m semi-finalizing (since truly finalizing is probably never going to happen) my pedal board this summer and the Gravitas is the most beautiful trem I have seen on the market. Winning this would extasize me to infinity.

    Cheers from holland

  290. nice, would like to try one on bass. :)

  291. Michael Prentice says:


  292. Daniel Garcia says:

    read and bucketlisted! awesome review

  293. wow this does look like some next level tremolo

  294. It’s THE TREMOLO !!

  295. Christian Merizalde says:


  296. I love this thing!!

  297. Very nice review. Looks like a fantastic pedal!

  298. Andres A says:

    Awesome pedal. Great review as usual!

  299. Could not believe the amount of sounds that this can make. Thought it might be a little too much, but I was completely wrong. One of the best pedals out

  300. Mathew Thomas says:

    Such a quality pedal, and super unique.

  301. David Fisher says:

    That pedal is just too cool man! Joel really is a genius, he fits so much into such a small enclosure, remarkable. Versatility at it’s very finest. Excellente revue des Gravitas par Chase Bliss Audio!!

  302. Clint C says:

    Very nice review. Looks fantastic!

  303. Andreas O says:

    Sounds really good, many options and tweaking possbilities. Great review!

  304. Andreas O says:

    Sounds really good, many options and tweaking possibilities. Great review!

  305. Seth Krimsky says:

    Great review, as always. Amazing pedal!

  306. Wow, really sharp. Thanks!

  307. Great review, as usual.

  308. this pedal is a good pedal

  309. Tulio Andrade says:

    Great pedal. Just want one.

  310. Tulio Andrade says:

    Great pedal. Just want one.

  311. Iñigo Pagazaurtundua says:

    This pedal is perfect!!! If i would have to choose one of the Chase Bliss pedals…this would be it!!! So much options, perfect sound, presets… I want it!!!

    By the way, nice double-pedal review!

  312. Vinícius Santos says:

    I want this pedal

  313. Peter Homoki says:

    I need this black

  314. I would love to win this

  315. This one raises the bench-mark for tremolo pedals. Worth every penny

  316. Mike McQuain says:

    Besides Phase, Tremolo is probably the effect I use most (other than some type of overdrive). Would love to try this pedal out.

  317. Without a doubt the most comprehensive tremolo pedal I’ve seen. Very nice round sound and many variations on the amplitude. In short-would love to have one!

  318. Jeannie says:

    Thumbs up.

  319. Kevin Fanning says:

    Maybe this one

  320. Eric Thibaut says:

    Chase Bliss does it again! This might be the most advanced tremolo pedal out there!

  321. mmmmmmmmmm NEED!

  322. Coolness!

  323. This is the most amazing tremelo pedal out there, bar none. For features, tweakability and above all, sound quality!

  324. sounds great !!

  325. not happy with my amps tremolo, this one looks sweet

  326. What a pedal

  327. Everybody has to have a little tremolo in their life. The Gravitas ought to nicely shake things up in my rig.

  328. Joel really knows how to make some good stuff. I need this in my life.

  329. My Strymon Flint has helped me fall in love with tremolo, and this is the first pedal I’d consider switching away for. Thanks for the in-depth review and love note to an overlooked pedal category!

  330. great pedal and review

  331. The harmonic trem option is what is selling it for me.

  332. Seems to be a very versatile tremolo pedal!

  333. Would love to add this one on my pedalboard

  334. Jeremiah says:

    So much want. Seriously can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Will complement my rig quite nicely.

  335. oh, i need this on my board.

  336. Jefferson Weber says:

    Looks awesome!! and That Wombtone too:)

  337. Matthew says:

    That’s some tasty tremolo.

  338. Angel Tejon Garzon says:

    This pedal must be a “killer” one for my home studio !

  339. pietas. dignitas. virtus.

  340. Don Gooch says:

    I really look forward to the versatility of this pedal

  341. Brent Mason says:

    This would be a great addition to my pedal board as I only use the tremolo on my amp.

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  349. Its hard to tell from the video demo for this pedal just how slow, dark, and moody this trem pedal can get, but with the features Chase Bliss always packs in there is little chance of any real disappointment. I don’t know what they will tackle next but I look forward to it, though my wallet fears it. (Is there a reverb/echo in the future?)

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  356. James Maxey says:


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  358. Andrew Estes says:

    I really like how the Gravitas can do any tremolo sound anyone could ever want and do it all well. This is definitely the most versatile analog tremolo that I’ve seen.

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  365. Christopher Kim says:

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  369. Robin Bailey says:

    This would look great along side the other two Chase Bliss pedals that I’m going to win!

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  383. Heavy Man

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  423. This tied with the goatkeeper for best tremolo ever

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    Gratitude Joel, even if i don’t get one in the meantime the world is a better place with chase bliss (bio)machines – because they do seem to have a life of their own!

    I would love to have this in my vocal pedal board! Running a condenser mic through a radial engineering voco-loco, and a chain of chase bliss gravitas and warped vinyl mkII sounding in a AER compact60! Sonic dream time in unheard soundscapes!

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  445. sorry for doubleposting. just delete one :)

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