Chase Bliss Audio Spectre Review – Best Analog Through Zero Flanger Pedal?

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On January 16, 2016
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Chase Bliss Audio stands in a unique place among boutique guitar pedal companies. While there are a few other outlier builders that are doing some pretty exciting things, the innovative vision and expertise with which Mr. Joel Korte executes his one-of-a-kind creations puts this brand in a class of its own. In terms of unique sonic character, build quality, range of sounds, and features, Chase Bliss Audio pedals are inspirational instruments unlike anything the boutique pedal industry had seen until they arrived.

Chase Bliss Audio have also demonstrated in the short period of time they’ve been around that they strive to create the best possible product available regardless of the cost or difficulty of the undertaking. No effect type is too challenging not to tackle. And if an existing product can be made better, they’ll do it.

So along comes the Chase Bliss Audio Spectre, an analog through-zero flanger that nods to the classic FoxRox Electronics Paradox TZFz while venturing into new sonic territory. This is Chase Bliss Audio’s boldest release to date as quality analog through-zero flanger pedals are few and far between. And in the difficulty arena, analog TZ flangers are one of the hardest effects to pull off well.

I’m in a unique position to write this review as I’ve had extensive experience with Chase Bliss Audio’s previously released pedals including the Warped Vinyl MKII, Wombtone MKII, and Gravitas. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the Spectre to size up how it compares to these other offerings while taking notes on how the brand’s releases are evolving. But the main point in my Spectre review is to assess how well the pedal stands on its own and whether or not it accomplishes the ultimate mission of becoming the best analog through zero flanger pedal available.



  • Ramp knob can be set to control any of the 5 parameters (Zero, Regen, Rate, Width, Shift) individually or simultaneously via dip switches on the back of the pedal. Controls the ramp time in which this takes place.
  • Mix (Ramp) knob functions as a wet/dry mix knob for the flanging effect when no Ramp dip-switches are in use.
  • Zero knob sets the manual delay time on the flange effect. The “zero point” is somewhere between 1 o’clock & 3 o’clock.
  • Regen knob increases the intensity of the flange effect, even to the point of self-oscillation.
  • Rate knob controls the rate of the flange effect. Can be overridden by the tap tempo switch.
  • 1 – 2 – 3 (3 – 6 – 8) toggle switch sets the tap division for tap tempo. A dip switch on the back accesses the “3 – 6 – 8” divisions.


  • Depth knob controls how wide the flange can go. Crank it clockwise for crazy, deep flange tones.
  • Shift control knob sets the center point of the modulation. Set it counterclockwise to make the wave ramp up quickly and down gradually. Set it clockwise to make the wave ramp up gradually and down quickly. Set it at noon for a perfectly symmetrical wave.
  • Left Wave Shape toggle switch sets the first half of the wave modulation. Left for sine, middle for triangle, right for square.
  • Right Wave Shape toggle switch sets the second half of the wave modulation. Left for square, middle for triangle, right for sine.

Dip Switches

  • Zero, Regen, Rate, Width, and Shift dip switches on the left side simply turn that parameter on or off for ramping or expression pedal capability.
  • Zero, Regen, Rate, Width, and Shift dip switches on the right side control whether the parameters rise or fall in ramp mode. This also affects the direction of movement with an expression pedal.
  • Bounce dip switch makes parameters go back and forth (i.e. modulate) or ramp and hold.
  • Polarity dip switch changes between positive & negative flanging. Positive flanging has a more “musical” sweep, and has a deep tone with plenty of lowend. Negative flanging is seen as having a more “hollow” and intense sound.
  • MoByp dip switch activates momentary bypass, activating pedal only when Bypass footswitch is pressed in.
  • Tap Control dip switch allows tap tempo to modulate Ramp rate (r) or phaser Rate (p). Bounce needs to be on to modulate Ramp speed.
  • Tap Division dip switch selects from “1, 2, 4” tap divisions (1) to “3, 6, 8” tap divisions (3).
  • Sweep dip switch selects where Ramp sweeps. In “t” (top) the ramping (or expression control) will occur between the current Ramp knob position and the max position (fully clockwise). In “b” (bottom) the range is set between the current knob position and the minimum position (fully counterclockwise).


  • All-analog signal path.
  • Bypass footswitch activates or bypasses the effect via true relay bypass. Can by changed to a momentary bypass via a dip switch in the back of the pedal.
  • Tap Tempo footswitch sets the tap tempo and always honors the last two stomps.
  • Preset toggle switch recalls presets. Middle position reflects current knob positions, right position recalls right preset, and left position recalls left preset.
  • Exp input jack allows expression pedal or CV control of parameters selected via dip switches on back of pedal. When no parameters are set to Ramp, it manually controls the phaser sweep.
  • Tap/MIDI input jack can be used for tap input or output with a regular ¼” instrument cable.
  • Powered by 9-volt battery or 9VDC power adapter (consumes ~50mA).

The Spectre follows in the familiar foot-steps of its forebears, coming in the instantly recognizable Chase Bliss Audio compact enclosure that houses its array of 6 knobs, 4 flip-switches, 2 foot-switches, and 16 top-mounted dip-switches. Mono Input & Output jacks, dedicated EXP/CV & TAP/MIDI jacks, and a power input jack round out the outside parameter control and I/O functionality. This set-up offers a range of parameter control and depth that eclipses any non-Chase Bliss Audio mono modulation pedal or just about any analog guitar pedal from any brand for that matter.

Chase-Bliss-Audio-Spectre-Review-Best-Analog-Through-Zero-Flanger-Pedal-03While the early production Warped Vinyl MKII, Wombtone MKII, & Gravitas had an adhesive sticker that displayed the dip-switch parameter functions, all current Chase Bliss Audio pedals including the Spectre now have this information screen-printed on the pedal. No stickers to worry about peeling off. It’s nice that CBA are always making these little improvements.

Upon opening the Spectre’s enclosure you’re greeted to one of the most densely packed pedals you’ll ever see. Chase Bliss Audio pedals are known for their efficient housing of components, and the Spectre is filled to the brim with transistors, resistors, 3207D chips, and more across both of its PCB’s, the analog board’s components being through-hole mounted & hand-populated. You’ll also notice several trimpots, but these aren’t for end-user adjustment. Part of the complexity of building the Spectres lies in carefully calibrating the pedal. Resist the temptation to fiddle around with these.

You’ll also notice something missing inside if you’ve ever peeked inside another CBA pedal. The Spectre is the first Chase Bliss Audio pedal to forgo the option of using a 9-volt battery for power. There’s simply no room inside for a battery! You’ll need a professional pedal power supply for this one, but since most guitarists use power supplies anyway, that shouldn’t be a concern for most people.

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Sound & Performance:

I consider this pedal a return to form for Chase Bliss Audio. Not that they’ve ever ventured off course, but for me, the Spectre recalls that feeling I got when playing the original Warped Vinyl for the first time. While the Wombtone & Gravitas do phasing and tremolo exceptionally well and benefit from Chase Bliss Audio’s unique ModuShape & Ramping functionality, the Warped Vinyl stole the spotlight for many guitarists due to its sonic originality. The Spectre, like the Warped Vinyl, also has a vibe and mojo that are completely unique to this pedal. I’ll be covering these unique characteristics as we dig in as they’re intricately associated with how various parameters function in use.

One thing to mention up front. The Spectre has a somewhat higher learning curve than previous Chase Bliss Audio pedals. As with other CBA pedals you can get away with finding great sounds by avoiding the dip-switches and just experimenting with the surface knobs & switches, but a basic understanding of the Spectre’s controls and how they interact will help you utilize the pedal to its fullest potential.

I’m Your Spectre, I’m Your Zero

Chase-Bliss-Audio-Spectre-Review-Best-Analog-Through-Zero-Flanger-Pedal-04First, the Spectre’s Zero & Width knobs are the 2 most important parameters to come to grips with. These 2 knobs adjust the delay times of the Spectre’s 2 bucket-brigade analog delay lines. The Zero knob sets the 1st delay line to a static delay time and ranges from about 0.5ms (all the way counter-clockwise) to about 2.5ms (fully clockwise). The Width knob starts at a static 2ms delay (fully counter-clockwise) and sets the max delay time that the LFO will modulate to, up to about 10ms when dimed. So when the Spectre’s LFO modulates the Width’s delay line against the Zero’s static delay time, the flanging (or chorus/vibrato) sounds will occur.

So where’s the elusive “zero point”? The Spectre is a “through-zero” flanger after all. In short, it’s generally around 1-2 o’clock on the Zero knob’s sweep. Notice that the minimum value on the Width knob, 2ms, falls within the range of the Zero knob’s 0.5ms-2.5ms delay time. The through-zero flanging sounds occur when both delay lines sync up and pass through the 2ms threshold.

Finding the precise “zero point” is easy. Make sure the Polarity dip-switch is “up” (or “OFF”, which is Negative Polarity), and turn the Width knob all the way counter-clockwise. Cranking the Mix helps, too. Regen can be set wherever, but you may want to leave it at minimum when starting out. Now start turning the Zero knob up past noon. You’ll hear a phased filtering sound until your signal sudden drops in volume and becomes nearly inaudible. You’ve found it! You’ve reached the “zero point”! So now what?

Through Zero And Back Again

So if the Zero knob is set to the “zero point” and you raise up the Width knob, say, to about noon, you’ll hear the flanger flanging. I’d recommend keeping the ModuShape switches at “Sine” as you’re learning, and keep Shift at noon, also. And be sure to take a moment to marvel how all this huge flanging happens within only a few milliseconds of delay modulation. From here, you can experiment with the Regen knob to hear how intense the flange gets as you push it up to more extreme values.

One of the coolest aspects of the Spectre is that it can go through-zero twice as the LFO modulates the Width. Here’s how it works…

Let’s say Zero is still set to the “zero point” at 1-2 o’clock which is about 2ms of delay. And Width is at noon which is in the ballpark of around 6ms. So the LFO is modulating Width from its static minimum delay of 2ms to about 6ms. Now if you increase the Zero knob to maximum, you’ll raise its static delay point from about 2ms to a full 2.5ms. This means that the “zero point” is now 2.5ms as this is the delay time at which the 2 delay lines pass over each other and cancel out. If you set the Width to somewhere between 9 o’clock to noon, you’ll hear the flanging effect pass through the zero point twice as it ascends and descends through the LFO sweep. The Spectre’s through zero flanging effects are gorgeous to beyond, and the sounds of passing through zero twice create even more inspiring possibilities.

The pedal really opens up as you understand what’s happening conceptually, so it helps to try to wrap your head about what I have attempted to explain so far.

You also may have heard that the Spectre makes “whale songs”. It does. The ethereal whale gods await your sonic communion. (Hint: crank the Regen knob!) I also found some cool “tremolo flanger” effects, too, as well as chugging, mechanical flanger tones. I could keep trying to explain with words the kinds of unbelievably cool sounds this pedal makes, but it’s really best left for you to explore. Over time your perspective will change from just turning knobs until something sounds cool to actually knowing how to find the kinds of sounds you’re looking for. The Spectre is a pedal that rewards patience and persistence, as you’ll always be able to find strange and unique sounds every time you play it. Just remember to save presets of the interesting sounds you create.

If you have the urge to dial in some less extreme sounds, the Spectre also does some great analog chorus and vibrato effects as well. To start, turn the Zero & Regen all the way down (counter-clockwise), and you can adjust the depth of the pitch vibrato with the Width knob. Keep the Mix around noon for a 50%/50% chorus blend, or turn it fully clockwise for a vibrato sound. The Spectre has it’s own pleasing color for an interesting variation of the kinds of sounds we’ve heard from the Warped Vinyl MKII. While analog chorus and flange effects are both rooted in bucket-brigade chip technology, each of these pedals have different root sounds and unique sonic qualities. Also, while the Warped Vinyl MKII has its dedicated Tone knob, the Spectre’s chorus & vibrato can be spiced up by adding in the Regen to feed the signal back into itself. This sounds epic on clean tones.


Chase-Bliss-Audio-Spectre-Review-Best-Analog-Through-Zero-Flanger-Pedal-02This has been a staple of Chase Bliss Audio pedals released so far, and it’s still the best analog LFO wave-shaping solution I’ve seen on a pedal. The Shift parameter is especially useful when going for flange effects that pass through the zero point twice as it can help you contour the rhythm of the movement. Be sure to experiment with the various sine, triangle, and square LFO combinations as well as this will add interest to the Spectre’s sounds. Try using a square wave on one side with a lop-sided Shift setting for weird flange sweeps that snap back to the opposite LFO position like a rubber band.


Once you understand how to get a basic flange sound dialed in, the Ramping can really take it to interesting new places. Try taking just one parameter like Zero, Width, or Regen and set it to Ramp via one of the dedicated dip-switches on the top side of the pedal. Be sure to flip the Bounce dip-switch “On” as well so that the Ramped parameters will modulate back and forth on their own at the rate set by the Ramp knob. Try setting the Sweep to “Top” for even more fun. This gets crazy pretty quickly. Again, just remember to save your sounds!


If you’re using a MIDI effects switcher, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of preset selection. There are 122 total slots that presets can be saved to/recalled from (2 are manually accessible via the Preset flip-switch between the foot-switches). In addition you can do other handy things like activate/bypass the pedal or control parameters via MIDI CC messages if you’re really adventurous. I’m a huge advocate for using a software sequencer like Ableton Live to automate pedals with custom programmed parameter changes. Spectre is game for any of that stuff. Just get an Empress Effects Midibox to unlock the potential.

Surpassed Ex-Spect-atations?

Chase Bliss Audio is becoming one of the most hyped pedal builders around, but frankly, they’re one of the few builders that always backs it up. Each pedal they’ve released so far has been spectacular (no pun intended) and a huge success. The Spectre continues Chase Bliss Audio’s trend of releasing top shelf guitar pedals of incomparable quality and further secures their reputation as one of the most bold and innovative builders of today. But with the growing expectations of the guitar playing community looming large, it’s pleasantly surprising to see Chase Bliss Audio sticking to their vision and releasing the pedals they want to create as opposed to trying to meet outside demands of everyone with an opinion of what their products should be.

While the Spectre sounds amazing in every context I’ve played it in, there are a few areas where I’d like to offer some healthy constructive criticism. First, I found the lack of an output Volume knob a little troublesome. While the output is generally pretty even and close enough to unity-ish gain when the Mix knob is set low and up to around 50%, pushing it higher for fully wet flanging or vibrato results in a mild volume increase that should be taken into consideration during use. Also, I really wish the Mix had been Ramp-able as I’d love to modulate from the Wet to Dry signals as well as using expression pedal control to do. (Fortunately, the Mix is MIDI controllable, so there’s always that option for real-time Mix blend adjustment.) And at first I was disappointed when I tried out the Momentary mode. I was hoping for a customized mode that would allow the pedal add a smooth through-zero swoosh. Some pedals do this, but here it kicks in the effect wherever it’s currently sweeping through the LFO like with other Chase Bliss Audio modulation pedals. But this grew on me here with the Spectre as it lets you apply an abrupt moment of flange which is still very cool in its own right. It’s rad, just not what I was hoping for. Also, the dry side of the Mix isn’t pristinely clean and unaffected by any means; it has a warm analog color of its own, so take this into consideration when pairing with distortion or fuzz as it’ll alter the character of dirty sounds more noticeably. This can actually be another cool thing if you dial in your dirt around the Spectre.

I sympathize with the few tradeoffs that were made. The available parameters and the ones that are Ramp-able provide the most functionality that can be squeezed out of the form factor Chase Bliss Audio have used so far. The colored dry audio signal gives its character. And a customized through-zero Momentary mode would only work if the dry signal was pristinely dry, thus changing the character of the Spectre’s great tone. Not to mention this would be a programming headache for lone designer/engineer/programmer, Mr. Joel Korte, who dreams up and somehow executes these complex guitar pedal designs.

But none of my minor concerns warrant a drastic change in this design, meaning I hope Chase Bliss Audio doesn’t release a Spectre MKII any time soon. But this pedal sparked my imagination to wonder what they’d be able to do with a larger enclosure. It occurred to me that I’d really like to see a version in a larger form-factor with a pristine dry signal, an additional Volume knob, and Ramp-able Mix. A “Super Spectre” would be amazing if CBA ever creates slightly larger guitar pedals and feels the motivation to execute such a beast. In the meantime, this will most likely be the only analog flanger you’ll ever need. the Spectre is a monster of a flanger pedal and well worth getting acquainted with.

Let’s see the final result.



The Chase Bliss Audio Spectre is the most ambitious and inspiring pedal yet from this company and arguably one of the best analog flanger pedals you’ll ever hear. The unrelenting passion that went into fine-tuning the Spectre is evident from the moment you plug it in as the sounds it produces never cease to amaze. While a bit deeper and more complex than other CBA pedals, due to the intricacy of its through-zero operation, guitarists who explore what the Spectre has to offer will be rewarded with stellar flanging, chorus, and vibrato tones. Chase Bliss Audio continues to push analog pedal design to its limits, and the Spectre is yet another great example of a pursuit of excellence that pedal builders rarely strive for.

That concludes our Chase Bliss Audio Spectre review. Thanks for reading.


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  10. Wow, I just love the versatility of this pedal, It sounds incredible! Even the pedal itself looks fantastic. And the box., look a place to keep all my picks LOL

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    GREAT pedal!!!

  49. This is just about the only flange pedal I could imagine using. It’s just so different and seems incredibly versatile. I’d love to get my hands (feet?) on one!

  50. I saw an interview with the man behind Chase Bliss and was simply blown away with his perseverance and what he has overcome in life. I would gladly place any of his killer fx into my pedalboard, and absolutely intend to.

    This flange and the upcoming Tonal Recall would be BEAST

  51. Nice review!!! Spectre is a must-have pedal as all pedals from Chase Bliss Audio. Joel is really impressive making this great little boxes :)

  52. Chase Bliss Audio does it again with this one!
    Dip switches and so many parameters, that too all analog!
    The only drawback to it is the lack of a 9 V Battery slot, but apart from that, there is no negatives at all.
    4.5 is completely well deserved.

  53. Just amazing, just dripping, this control will go to my head, not sure how this will effect my psyche, most likely shatter it, it already has cracks in it. I need to be shattered.

  54. We bought our son his first guitar a year ago on his 16th birthday. He had been wanting an electric guitar so we finally pulled the trigger. He has not put it down since. We plan on getting him a Dirty Little Secret for his upcoming 17th birthday. I’d love to surprise him with the Spectre too and see how far his creativity takes him! We obsess over the demo videos and it would friggin rock to see my kid make one of his own!

  55. Chase Bliss just continues to put out amazing products. This is by far the coolest flanger I have heard. I can’t wait to see what Chase Bliss puts out next.

  56. Great review, very in-depth. What an amazing Flanger, I’m still amazed by the Wombtone Phaser. I love the decked out feature set. For some effects less is more but for mod pedals, IMHO the more parameters the better. I love the rhythmic timing options and, as a bass player Id love to experiment with it to find sounds that can help bring sounds that pulse with the groove. Heard the isolated bass track for Bowie’s Hereos and it makes me want to use a flanger again on bass!

  57. I need one more flanger. Have one in my procession but only on reverb, one in the Bitquest but this can make so more… I have to have a dedicated flanger pedal!

  58. I think my GAS has been pushed to 11 after reading this review. I’ve already outgrown one pedalboard. Now I can already see how I’ll be up to three…

  59. I don’t use flanger at all currently, but I feel like I would if I won this! There are wayyyyy too many controls for it to be impossible to find a good sound.

  60. For years I’ve been wanting a classic TZF Flanger and this looks like the proper pedal that can handle all the ramp ups and waveforms to cover classic flanging sounds! Plus the footprint is more manageable then previous designs !

    I give up on this pedal!

    Bill Strange

  61. Thanks for the in-depth review. Seems there are a few notable Flangers on the market that are seriously pushing the envelope (no pun intended, but it fits!).

  62. An amazingly versatile pedal, which can really simplify one’s rig, while giving it a complexity of sound generally achievable with several different pedals. Daddy like!

  63. A a through-zero flanger with so many tone-shaping options? Where do I start?! It certainly deserves more than my butchery of Unchained. But after listening to the Spectre on YouTube and reading about its capabilities on respected chat sites, two themes immediately became crystal clear: 1) I must hear and tinker with the Spectre for myself ASAP at my local guitar shop, and 2) having on my ‘board a pedal with so many tone-tweaking treats will very likely change for the better the way I think about and make music.

  64. I would absolutely love to have the Spectre!!! I would mainly use it on my board with my Mesa Boogie RoadKing and have it to thicken up my rhythm work along side my chorus and delay pedals

  65. I would love to see this thing in my rig for our praise and worship team! There is just something nice about using a flanger to get that astral sound with a good reverb!

  66. With its thoughtful and in depth reviews, is easily the best instrument related site I’ve come across. As an avid reader of their site, I always appreciate that they never half ass any of their work, unlike other sites where you’re lucky to see a full paragraph as their write up or “review.”
    The effort and detail that goes into this website is unparalleled. It’s the first place I look for pedal information, and I know I can rely on their reviews and articles. It’s also my go to when I want to hear what a pedal sounds like, as they give a longer, more I depth tutorial than the actual pedal manufacturers. I’ve made decisions on more than one purchase based on their reviews and videos, they let me know who and what I can trust!
    I don’t own a flanger, but the Chase Bliss Audio Spectre looks amazing! If they say this is one of the, if not the best flanger ever made, then it must be! They really show the love and care Chase Bliss put into this pedal!

  67. Chase Bliss has been raising the bar with every new pedal release. The Spectre is no different. The tonal offerings and attention to detail will continue to set Joel and CB apart from their peers. Cheers to that!

  68. I own 2 Chase Bliss pedals already. The Warped Vinyl mkii and gravitas. They are incredible. I’m not big on flanger but I need to try this one!

  69. How eerie and ghostly sounding!! I Could definitely use this in some Black Angels type songs. this pedal=MOOD!!! its almost a happyless sounding pedal, haunting but at the same time soft and lush! love it!


  70. I have never ever seen the use for a flanger for my particular playing, but after reading this review and watching videos of it in use, I think I’ve found my new favorite, and I would love to get my hands on this.

  71. I had a flanger long ago and even compose some things that without flanger sound empty. I would like to have something like this first class flanger pedal.

  72. How can you resist a pedal that shares a name with a James Bond supervillian? A flanger was actually my first pedal back in the day. I have a feeling I could find 1000 more uses for this one!

  73. As I’ve been learning to play it’s been fun also learning about the sounds and tones that can be achieved thru the use of pedals like the flangger.

  74. I just bought the Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl MkII and love it! Excellent build quality, awesome tone and infinite tweakability. I don’t have a need for a flanger but have preordered their Tonal Recall pedal. Great company! Awesome review!

  75. I know chorus is getting really popular again with the renewed interest in post-punk so this would be cool to break away from that sound and create an entirely original modulation tone with.

  76. I’m not much of a flanger guy but hearing demos of this makes me want to get in the game. CBA knows what’s up when it comes to pedals, that’s for sure.

  77. Ya, chase bliss is making, in my opinion and experience, some of the best and most versatile pedals of every kind. I’d like to add the spectre to my Arsenal!

  78. I just bought the Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl MkII. It’s an exceptionally built pedal, sound incredible and is infinitely tweakable. I love it! I don’t really need a flanger but will be buying their new delay that’ll be released soon. Great products and a great company!

  79. Analog flanging really does make the digital flangers I’ve used sound thin and synthetic. Also capable of some very lovely chorusing (and a lot more alien time modulation sounds)! Very cool!

  80. Whirrlllllaaaawwaaaaahhhhhaaaaawhirrrllllalaawwaaaahhhhh.

    What a lovely sounds. A sonic jet plane hijacking, gobbling, and returning tone from a distance. Love it!

  81. So, another in-depth review – I like it. On the pedal: I’m the happy owner of a Warped Vinyl MK1 and it seems with this flanger Chase Bliss have reached that level of tone shaping again. Can’t wait to try it out especially combined with the WV.

  82. That is a fine review – well-written and full of information. I look forward to going through it again … and again … no kidding about the learning curve! And that is a surprise, about the volume. Regardless, I think the Spectre would be my favourite flanger ever … if only I could find one … beautiful, dreamy, fantastic, probably even important work!

  83. Joel makes the best pedals! His analog/digital philosophy is flawless. The new two are amazing, this and the Tonal Recall.

  84. Awesome review! I’ve always been intrigued by chase bliss audio’s stuff. I’ve never been a huge fan of flangers, but the awesome thing about their pedals is how much they allow you to tweak and alter the sound and that’s definitely what I would use it for. To get new and different sounds.

  85. blows my mind that CBA is able to cram so many ideas into such a small pedal. I love CBA because all of his pedals promote what I believe pedals are all about – experimentation. The CBA Spectre is the ultimate toy.

  86. Chase Bliss does great work. Some of their pedals are more control than I need, but I really want a Spectre. Thanks for the great, in-depth review!

  87. Loved the review and I love Chase Bliss. I have both the Gravitas and Warped Vinyl and love the unique sounds, the Spectre looks just as cool!

  88. I just put one of his gravitas pedals on my board.
    Getting kind of obsessed. I can’t wait to get this one and more from chase bliss.

  89. Would love to check this pedal out to look for something unique and different in worship music! Also saw jefferey Kunde of Jesus culture music is currently checking one out. Would be cool to see what sounds he comes up with on future records!

  90. What an informative review! This looks like an excellent guitar pedal that would be a kick-ass one to own.. I hope I am the winner of this cool guitar pedal!

  91. Ah, the flanger. So many memories…. some good, some…. bleh. You were overused so much of the time during the 90’s after Cobain came on the scene. At least in my circles. But now, 20 years later, I’m finding I need you in my life. I see what we could be together now that a bit of maturity has entangled itself within us both. And when you put on the dress that Spectre has given you, I find myself needing you more desperately. Will you come to me freely through this “contest”. Shall I be your champion? Or will I be forced to purchase you like so many of your sisters before?

  92. What can I say…I like the color :-)
    My girlfriend won’t see me agian if I win this…… to take a vacantion to get to know all those possiblilities….and I love it ;-)

    “regen” means “rain” in Dutch, like that too

  93. Simply put, this is the most versatile flanger I have ever seen or even heard of. Of course, with this versatility comes with a learning curve, but I am absolutely positive its worth getting past every time I listen to the pedal. Make no mistake, the pedal is 100% analogue, so it’s absolute capable of producing Gilmour, Van Halen, and other tones with ease as only the storage of presets is MIDI. I’m in desperate of flanger that can take the place of that could take the place of the noisey Electric Mistress.

  94. I’m a tweaker, so pedals like this make my day. This sounds like an amazing experience and I’d love to get one to see where we can go together.

  95. Holy Ghost! This is by far the best sounding flange I’ve heard. Listened with earbuds and I was getting the brain-tingles from how warm and smooth it sounded. Seems a bit intimidating but would definitely be worth mastering for this perfect tone. Sounds like an analogue ghost gurgling haunting melodies in the darkened depths.

  96. This pedal has its own niche I feel. Although it covers all the classic flanger effects we know and love, the added attention that has been given means more creative ideas to explore. It doesn’t take much to take a particular setting and generate an idea for a song. The exciting thing in this regard for me then, is the opportunity to make THAT setting a game changer that other then get inspired by. Pretty cool. Old School meets the future soundscapes waiting to be created.

    These comprehensive reviews are excellent. Loved the Vibe one as well.

  97. Chase Bliss Audio effects are top-tier, sonically transformative analogue monstrosities that have a phenomenal range of sounds within a relatively small package! I would be be quite honored to receive the Spectre Flanger. Good luck everyone!

  98. This pedal sounds great. Thanks for all the great reviews on analog pedals. I have bought the Vapor Trail & Pharoah Supreme based on yer reviews & other research. Keep up the great work. In the market for chorus , overdrive , flange pedals. This would be a great addition to my growing board.

  99. My favourite type of effect… JAM PACKED with features, and I generally don’t use batteries anyway.
    … Hope I stand a ghost of a chance with the giveaway.

  100. I was never big on flangers in general until I saw the Knobs demo of the Spectre, which completely changed my attitude regarding them. it’s been a fun month learning about through-zero flanging and shattering a bias that existed for no good reason. It’s hard to not covet any Chase Bliss pedal, but especially one as inventive as the Spectre. Having owned the Warped Vinyl MKII for about a month now, and with a Gravitas on the way, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no choice but to follow Joel’s creations, wherever they may lead. They’re that good.

  101. I am craving for this pedal. I own a Gravitas and I’d say is the best analogue trem out there. From what I see and hear from the videos I’ve seen, the Spectre will cober all my flanging/chorusing needs. And at this foorprint on my pedalboard, it would be tempting to set aside my massive Electric Mistress Deluxe.

  102. For me, the modushape factor is really what sets this brand of flange apart from most of the generic stuff you hear out there. To me that alone is worth the price of admission. My favorite part of the demo is from the 2:30 to the 3:15 mark (sampling producers – take notice), it’s a nice little chord change first of all but also shows just a little bit of the weirdo-aspect of this pedal. As far as the review goes, I like the thorough approach that you guys take, it’s a lot of info but also gives context to the brand and the pedal themselves. I didn’t know the modushape was Chase Bliss’s thing. lol …also i think it’s funny that the pedal is jam packed with so much stuff that there’s no room for a battery in the enclosure – is this pedal mega heavy ?

  103. This is by far the most audacious pedal of any sort that I’ve ever come across. The lushness of tones available and the degree of control shown in the demo video are outstanding. I’m totally into this. It’s moved into my top 5 must own pedals.

  104. Great demo and review as always. I really enjoyed reading the review. I really want to try all of the chase bliss audio pedals. Hopefully, I’ll buy one soon. Cheers

  105. joel is such a great guy, i can’t wait for the tonal recall coming this year and to see what else he is working on for the next project. I just wish these were a little bit less expensive, though i know that they are simply killer on both performance and build

  106. one time a friend of mine thought he heard the best sounding flanger he has ever heard. he turned his head to look, and was killed by an airplane.

  107. Some unreal sounds to be found within this beauty!
    Chase Bliss Audio are without doubt the most innovative and exciting pedal builders out there right now!

  108. It would be a dream to play songs as verdaders guitarrristas Professionals , thank you for the sorteazo because it is the dream of any guitarist to have a pedal like this. Thank you very much Greetings

  109. I can’t wait adding this to my arsenal…. I love knobs, switches, love to tweak to the slightest detail of my sound! Esp i love analog (bucket brigade) in my signal path!

  110. Interesting pedal. I rarely use flange, but I find it an interesting effect. I just don’t have the money to buy that rather than something I would regularly use, like a fuzz or a delay. I’d love to experiment with it, though!
    Good luck to all who entered the contest.

  111. My wife would Chase my Ass outta the house if I won that thing since I would be a lost Spectre to her! Please don’t let that deter y’all from chosing me.

  112. The Spectre sounds far more complex than my old boss BF2(not boutique,but a classic starting point flanger) and adds a lot of versatility/options.Love those purple knobs!

  113. wow I couldn’t agree more about the review. This pedal definitely sits within the same league as the Warped Vinyl when it comes to originality in sound. Would really love to hear how it sounds on my board!!

  114. Looking to get a good modulation/delay pedal to be added to my signal chain since I’m just getting started in ambient guitar. That pedal seems to bring many great tones and I would love to have it on my board :)

  115. I don’t have a flanger, but have always wanted one. Chase Bliss Audio Spectre would be the one to have! I love their pedals!

  116. Color me pleasantly surprised to see Chase Bliss dive into the flanger game. This has to be the most feature-packed flanging device of all-time.

  117. Hi

    Very stunning pedal! Looks extremely like a new kinda tech gear with all those dip. Switches! Very cool,
    Must be loads of fun!
    Hope to win!!!

  118. Hi

    Very stunning pedal! Looks extremely like a new kinda tech gear with all those dpi switches,
    Must be loads of fun!
    Hope to win!!!

  119. Really love the chase bliss line. The man is a genius and I don’t throw that around lightly. Can’t wait to try the Tonal Bliss. Fingers crossed that I win this beautiful flanger.

  120. Looks like a great pedal. Wide, versatile array of flange effects on board here. That would work great to add some thickness and sparkle. I currently play electric guitar in a band that is centered around vocals, acoustic guitar, and keyboards. This could help me add flavor to the sparse electric sounds I pepper in.

  121. Absolutely insane pedal. The possibilities are endless! For me, a person who loves spending time tweaking pedals, having this on my board would be a dream!

  122. I stopped using flangers a while ago, but hearing this thing and what it can do blew me away – Ive two H9s which cover a massive range of sounds brilliantly, and still this box takes it to a new level and has me wanting to use flangers again but in ways I never thought. Awesome.

  123. This is far and away the best flange pedal I have heard since the EVH MXR Flanger. Add to it the amount of control on the Spectre is insane. Best of all, they managed to fit it all in a “normal” single pedal space. The purple knobs would feel right at home next to the Suhr Riot Reloaded on my board.

  124. Another great creation from Joel. All of the Chase Bliss pedals are amazing. Can’t wait to hear more demos of the Tonal Recall too.

  125. I have an old Ibanez flanger that I’ve had since the 90’s. It’s the only one I’ve ever owned. This pedal takes that effect, and takes it to a completely different level. It’s just beautiful.

  126. What an incredibly great sounding pedal! So authentic sounding too! Looks amazing, sounds amazing! Would be an excellent add on to my pedal board!!

  127. Wow, sounds amaaaazing.
    Wondering if one can replicate vintage flange like a mistress…

    Oh well, give me one and I’ll let you know

  128. Yikes! I need this thing so badly! Amazing piece of gear. Please send one to South Africa. Chase Bliss Gear is incredible!

  129. there is no store dealing brands like chase bliss and other small boutique companies’ products in Greece making it extremely hard for us here to shed this much dough on something we haven’t been in the same space with. The reviews and demos are all phenomenal for most all Chase Bliss products this one here included. Maybe these companies should team up and tour countries with demo and tryout sessions so we can feel sounder when investing the $400 As far as the Spectre goes, it makes me want to study signal processing because i never liked flangers until mr Korte unlocked them for me.

  130. Thats one long review you did there. Thank you very much!

    Chase Bliss does a awesome job with there pedals. I would love do win this one. And I would love to own the Warped Vinyl, too. Great stuff, so inspiring.

  131. Chase Bliss stretching the boundaries of effects pedal capabilities yet again.
    They really are on top of their game.
    I’d love to add this amazing through zero flanger to my board!!

  132. A remarkable pedal and a very in depth review. If you owned one of these I’m thinking it would be a while till you saw the outside world again.

  133. I had a flanger long ago, and has been composing great things with it. I would like to have it again. Especially one like this – with so many options, greeat sound and build quality.

  134. Options are insane as always, the whales are calling!

    Pedal aside this review is actually pretty great and explained a few things I hadn’t heard before. In depth, good job.

  135. I need spectre in my life and on my board! It would sure look awesome next to my original warped vinyl, not to mention sound incredible! An experimenters dream.

  136. Looks like a great pedal ! Looks solid and I heard the demo and it sounded fantastic ! Can not wait to try this awesome pedal !

  137. Great review, spot on. In a time where the pedal market is flooded by pt2399 reverb-delay pedals, Chase Bliss takes the Flanger (a pedal no one dared to tinkle with, indeed a bold move) and reinvents it. I think with this build he is raising the bar for pedalbuilders. I mean, this guy can probably make a chorus sound sexy.
    Builder has a beautiful story, and from what I’ve seen, beautiful pedals. Can’t wait to play it.

  138. Pure Awesome!!!
    Modulation can be such an expressive tool and this flanger design goes where few before have dared.
    So many options!!! So much functionality!!!

  139. You’ll probably think I’m kidding, but I literally just drooled watching that demo. Literally. I felt something weird and cold on my lip and thought “what the hell is that?”. It was drool, that’s what.

  140. Chase Bliss has accomplished what few other pedals makers can boast- they’ve come up with a completely original (and almost signature) sound. The fact that they include MIDI pushes them to the elite tier of innovative companies.

  141. Really enjoy the flanger effects used on 80s songs by The Psychedelic Furs and The Police, among others. Sure the CB nails them as well as many more.

  142. I use an old boss flanger and I also use my Moog phaser pedal set to flange but this chase bliss flanger sounds much more specific for different sounds. I would want to own it.

  143. I am a flanger maniac and this might just be the best one out there! That’s no small claim considering my experience with the Starlight DLX and the Orbit.

  144. I am a flanger maniac and this one might be the very best one out there! That’s no small feat considering my experience with the Starlight DLX and the Orbit.

  145. My oh my this thing sounds awesome! And looks the part too. I have a D Seed delay at the end of my pedal board to give me some mega post rock sounds but think this might push it over the edge. Had a very basic flanger before I used to play Kyuss – Thumb but it got stolen :(
    I want this. Like, seriously!

  146. I have an old school Ibanez flanger that I’ve had since the 90s, it’s the only one I’ve ever owned. This pedal takes that effect to a completely different level. It just sounds beautiful.

  147. Man, this thing seems such such solid quality, not to mention a beauty. Flange is one the effects I don’t currently have on my board, but sure would like to!

  148. Chase Bliss is such a wonderful company. always raising the bar, going to the next level. congrats on another great creation.

  149. I have a Boss flanger right now and use it fairly often, this pedal would be a major boost in tone and sounds awesome in the video.

  150. Best flanger on the planet. I would use this to generate whale calls and befriend a bunch of whales and similar sea creatures. Then we would start a surf rock band called The Ocean Spectre. Every track would feature this pedal.

  151. Everything Joel has come up with so far has been a game changer for that genre of effect. The spectre is no exception! I never really thought of owning a flanger until I heard this pedal. I’m really digging on the crazy whale-like self oscillation!!

  152. Fantastic demo as always!
    Joel has done it again.
    I would’ve never thought I would have wanted a flange pedal, but this is something else.
    In my opinion, Mr. Korte is the best and most unique builder on this over-saturated market.
    These pedals WILL be classics.

  153. That’s a really great pedal, so rad! Really versatile, sounds awesome, another amazing pedal from Chase Audio Bliss, i hope to own one of these very soon!

  154. Man they just keep spitting out the awesome pedals there at chase bliss. There’s also a really touching backstory to the company’s name worth checking out!

  155. So first things first, I have a warped vinyl from Chase Bliss. I was hesitant to spend the money but after hearing such good things and realizing that the money goes to some great people who have their hearts and minds totally immersed in their products, I bought it.
    The quality is unbelievable. The capability is incredible, it’s quiet, it sounds beautiful and I use it more than I thought.
    I made up my mind that I’ll have to have a Spectre and a Tonal Recall as well.
    The review you guys put up is concise and informative as always but I was already sold!

  156. Not only does this seem like an incredible guitar effect but I would love to use it to process my synths, drums and vocals in the studio. Some seriously deep sound design potential here!

  157. The whole Chase Bliss line is so clever. The adjustable shape is such a great concept that it’s worth getting the pedal alone!

  158. This seems to be the most versatile flange on the market and one of the best sounding ones too. Chase Bliss is killing the mod pedals

  159. This pedal is insane. Chase Bliss just keeps putting out amazing pedals one after another. I would love for it to join my Wombtone!

  160. This seems to be the most versatile flange on the market and one of the best sounding ones too. Chase Bliss is killing the mod pedals

  161. I wonder what it would be like, owning my first CBA pedal. Even so more if it’d be a TZF Flander, an effect i totally adore!

  162. I can’t afford a pedal like this right know due to college suckling the life and money out of me, but this thing looks beautiful, and sounds even better.

  163. I’m not typically a flanger guy but Joel at Chase Bliss has made me one. Thank you for the review. I love the depth and time you put into this. The pedal is worth it!

  164. Wow. Just wow.
    I want a through-zero flanger badly, and the number of variables this thing has is INSANE. Now i only want this flanger.

  165. Want. So much want. I think chase bliss is putting out some of the most high quality and well thought out pedals on the market.

  166. The colors are great, the effects are great — Chase Audio Bliss has outdone itself making this cool pedal, as it has all of the bells and whistles to bring out the creativity of electric guitarists and let their imagination soar! I hope i win this gem of a guitar pedal!

  167. This has experiment written all over it!! I would feel like a mad scientist! MU HA HA HA! Dialing in all kinds of new and fun sounds!!

  168. This guy is really putting out the most innovative pedals on the market. It’s like having a breadboard right in front of you. The midi implementation is so cool, especially if you have more than 1 of his pedals on your board.
    This is a giveaway I really want to win.

  169. I’m very picky when it comes to flangers. Most sound on the nasty side. However, the Chase Bliss Audio Spectre is a whole different story. It’s subtle yet powerful with a rich arsenal of sonic possibilities. I’d love to get to play with one of these one day!

  170. This is a totally wild sounding Flanger! Chase Bliss always manages to come up with crazy spins on pedals, and this one keeps that idea alive and well. Definitely want to put one of these on my board!

  171. Drooling over this pedal. I have a Gravitas and Warped Vinyl mkii already, but I think this one may take the cake. It can do chorus and vibrato as well as a wicked flange. I have two more spots on my Empress MIDIBox. This review basically states I need this pedal.

  172. Major functional Flanger plus. Extreme Adjustments for getting the sound you’re looking for. Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking of some interesting ways I could use it in recording, at church and also with my Schecter VI. Pretty Good I’d say!

  173. Great sounds and I love the wooden box! Another excellent video, I also love the text review, excellent comments on the challenges of adhering to the smallish form factor. Very insightful. Thanks!

  174. Love the midi implementation on the chase bliss effects, it opens up a lot of versatility for those of us using them with synths and drum machines.

  175. Hey there Gabriel/Best Guitar Effects:

    Holy OMG! What a great review for a superbly crafted pedal! This is a great introduction to a company that I have been curious about for some time now. I do not have any Chass Bliss products at the moment, but I am also in the market for a flanger pedal, so when I saw this review…I was completely sold on it!

    Big pluses for me are: analog signal path, dip switches, through-zero (twice!), and expression pedal input.

    Thanks for what I consider to be an extensive and thoroughly in-depth review!


  176. Hey man,

    Thanks a lot for the review, I have been following Chase for a while now and he makes the most amazing pedals in my opinion. The Spectre is no different, the idea of the dipswitches and controlling the pedal digitally while keeping the effect itself analog is amazing. I would love to have one

    Daan Bossink

  177. Another hella dope design from Joel. Thanks for pushing circuit design beyond convention. I’m working on my collection of Chase Bliss pedals, hopefully the giveaway helps me out!

  178. Unmatched analog versatility not even using any of that SMT garbage. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to make some jet sounds with it!

  179. Spectre is such a musical pedal. I’ve talked to Joel a few times, and he is an all-around great guy. I would love his whole line up to be honest, but the Spectre would be a great start!