Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Review – Best Analog Delay Pedal?

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On October 31, 2016
Last modified:June 14, 2019



Before we talk about the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall, let’s talk about analog delay. When guitarists think of legendary analog delay tones, pedals like the Boss DM-2, Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, and Moog MF-104M come to mind. The most sought after versions of these classic delay pedals rely on the same component: Panasonic MN3005 Bucket Brigade delay chips. These chips have long been discontinued with costs for pedals containing authentic NOS MN3005 BBDs surging on the second-hand market. No one suspected that a worthy substitute would ever come along until a company called Xvive recreated the famed chip in collaboration with Howard Davis, creator of the EHX Deluxe Memory Man.

As Good As Old?

chase-bliss-audio-tonal-recall-review-best-analog-delay-pedal-02Electro Harmonix was quick to substitute the new Xvive MN3005 BBD chips in their current Memory Man analog delay pedals to the confusion of some guitarists who obsess over tonal details down to every component used. Some customers would have preferred that EHX made an official statement regarding their decision to use the Xvive chips, but at least the new Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man 1100TT has a different appearance from the NOS MN3005 unit in case you plan to search the second-hand market for a specific version of the pedal. Hopeful tone chasers may suggest that the Xvive chip rollout is evidence that EHX considers them as good as original Panasonic MN3005s. However, their price-focused advertising of the Memory Man lineup since the component change could imply that cost, not tone, may have been the primary reason for adopting the new chips.

While opinions on the new Xive MN3005 chips from boutique pedal builders has been largely positive, I’m aware of one company that wasn’t satisfied with the quality of these replacements when testing samples in their highly regarded analog delay pedals. Thus, a reissue of another famed MN3005 based pedal won’t be happening anytime soon.

While the jury isn’t unanimous on how these chips compare when retrofitted within pedals utilizing the original BBDs, we’re not necessarily here to relish in the old. We’re here to find out how an all-new design based around these chips measures up and if old made new again can be even better.

Mission To Mars

The Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall is the most noteworthy all-new delay pedal created from the ground up with reissue Xvive MN3005 BDD chips. Many modern guitarists would say that Chase Bliss Audio has drawn a line in the sand where they stand alone among pedal companies capable of taking archaic analog circuit design into new sonic frontiers. Captain Korte and his crew set out to boldly go where none have gone before in creating an analog delay pedal that would recapture the essence of what made those classic delay pedals so great, while offering an analog delay experience unlike any pedal previously released thanks to Tonal Recall’s complete digital control over its analog delay effects.

Disclaimer: Before we set out to discover if the Tonal Recall is the dream pedal guitarists wish it to be or an implanted false memory, I want to mention that I was among the few people who tested the unit before its release. Part of what sets Chase Bliss Audio apart from other builders is the openness of CBA founder & engineer, Joel Korte, to the opinions and criticism of his peers, friends, and customers. Having played some role in the creation process of this pedal through the feedback I provided, I was hesitant to review the Tonal Recall on Best Guitar Effects. But considering my experience with the pedal and knowledge of where the product started out and what it became, I’ve decided to communicate my uniquely informed perspective to our readers.


  • 100% All-Analog Signal Path
  • Original design utilizing re-issued Xvive MN3005 bucket brigade chips
  • Tap Tempo
  • 6 Tap Divisions including quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted eighth notes, triplets, sixteenth notes, & sextolets
  • Delay controls for Time, Regen, Mix, & Tone
  • Modulation controls for Rate & Depth
  • 3 Modulation LFO options including Sine, Triangle, & Square
  • 3 Delay Modes – Short (1 x MN3005), Long (2 x MN3005), & Both (2 x MN3005 alternating)
  • Ramping, Expression Pedal control, or CV control over Mix, Rate, Time, Regen, and/or Depth
  • Smart True Bypass or Buffered Bypass w/ Trails
  • 2 user presets accessible via onboard flip-switch
  • 122 user presets accessible via MIDI
  • Additional MIDI Implementation – parameter knob control, MIDI Note Divisions, MIDI Clock Ignore, Tap Switch, Expression, & Bypass
  • Powered by 9VDC power adapter (150mA)

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Sound & Performance:

Where to begin? Hmm, let’s talk tone. I could probably stop with the following statement. The Tonal Recall can be brighter or darker than a Boss DM-2 and is lower noise than a vintage EHX DMM. That might be enough for many of you to know if this pedal is right for you or lives up to the analog delays that came before. Still, it’s unfair to simply assess this pedal against the relics of yesterday as there are many nuances that make the Tonal Recall something very special.

The Tone knob itself is where a lot of ‘ole Tony’s mojo lies. Fully clockwise, it gives you its brightest delay sound. Now it’s still pretty dark, mind you, especially compared to digital delay standards. But Tonal Recall’s tone is brighter than your average analog delay while being able to get darker and warmer as you cut the knob back. It gets super dark at lower settings left of noon down towards 9 o’clock. There’s a lot of beautiful murky goodness to be found in that range. Sounds like someone dropped a bucket (brigade) into an oil can (delay). With the Tone any lower it rolls off so heavily that it’ll cut the repeats even if you’re using high Regen settings.

It’s worth further emphasizing the interplay between the Tone knob and Regen control. The way the Tone rolls off the high-end impacts the way the repeats dissipate. If you crank the Regen up towards the point just before it starts to self-oscillate, you’ll notice the different length of repeats you get when adjusting the Tone knob through its range. For the longest possible amount of delay repeats, set the Tone fully clockwise. If you need to cut it down a bit for a darker tone to suit your guitar or amp setup, you may want to consider increasing the Regen to compensate for any shortening of repeats.

From here let’s explore how the Regen affects the fidelity of the repeats. The higher the Regen setting, the more times the recorded guitar signal is copied/repeated by the BBD(s). On each repeat the sound loses some fidelity and distorts or breaks up a little. This is part of the tonal charm of analog chips, and the breakup character of various BBDs contributes to what makes certain chip models stand out. Of course, the tone inherent in the chips goes hand-in-hand with how the engineer implements them within a circuit.

Meet Tony & Tony

The pre-production Tonal Recall pedals pushed the aforementioned breakup characteristics to an extreme that yielded very distorted and lo-fi sounding delay repeats. The original Tonal Recall video from Knobs Demos exemplifies these characteristics well. Allow me to present Exhibit A for your viewing pleasure.

The original Tonal Recall video from Knobs Demos showcasing the pre-production Tonal Recall’s gritty, lo-fi repeats.

That video presents some interesting sounds that parallel my experience with the pre-production version of the pedal. However, that early iteration of the pedal was arguably not the DMM/DM-2 killer that many guitarists were expecting considering all the growing hype surrounding Chase Bliss Audio releasing an all-new MN3005 based analog delay pedal. While this version of the pedal did have a trailblazing attitude in taking analog delay into a novel, lo-fi zone, Mr. Korte decided just before the Tonal Recall’s imminent launch to release the crowd-pleasing pedal that guitarists were expecting.

Did CBA succeed? Does the Tonal Recall live up to the hype? And is it the best analog delay pedal money can buy?

One thing that was already apparent with the pre-production Tonal Recall is that it was an incredibly low-noise pedal, commendable considering that analog delays are usually significantly less quiet than digital delays. And if the repeats weren’t driven so hard into a chewy distortion, the low noise floor would further shine.

Here’s the new Knobs Demo of the Tonal Recall that portrays the sounds of the current production unit.

Tony part 2. Much cleaner, right?

The production version of Tonal Recall backed off on the amount of saturation present in the repeats, resulting in a much cleaner and smoother delay line. The repeats still degrade nicely as they dissipate which is more noticeable on longer delay times with high Regen settings. As the delays trail ever towards silence, you’ll sometimes hear a more percussive character creep in. I rather like this sound as it reminds me of the percussive “knock” of a dbx style compressor. Or maybe it’s the presence of the beating analog heart contained in all Chase Bliss Audio pedals. With shorter delays, you won’t notice it as much which is especially great for clean slapback delay echos, but it adds to the special feel of this pedal’s delays when you do hear it. Also, your picking dynamics can impact the way the delay line distorts, so experiment with guitar volume level and alternating between softly picking and digging in to vary the response.

Short & Long

chase-bliss-audio-tonal-recall-review-best-analog-delay-pedal-04Speaking of delay times, there are multiple modes to determine how long the delays can be. The Short (S) toggle-switch setting provides shorter delays from about 20ms to 275ms and uses 1 of the pedal’s 2 Xvive MN3005 BBD chips. This is what you’ll set it to when dialing in slapback echos or general shorter delays. If you shorten the Time to minimum you can even use the modulation for chorus tones or vibrato. (More on that in a moment.) Flipping over to the Long (L) position brings in the 2nd Xvive MN3005 chip and extends the available delay time to between 40ms and 550ms. This’ll give you those longer analog delays that, when combined with higher Regen, will linger behind your dry sound and emphasize the warm degradation characteristics of the dual MN3005 chips.

Best of “Both” Worlds?

I originally suspected the Both setting to be a tacked on feature because CBA engineer, Joel Korte, couldn’t think of anything better to include in the 3rd flip-switch position. Okay, maybe I still suspect that, and maybe it’s true. But as it turns out this mode utilizes both MN3005 chips to create a quick burst of 2 delays that sounds quite interesting. With longer time settings it gives you an Echorec style pattern of 3 delays. Minimum Regen just gives you those 2 extra delay hits. Boosting Regen carries on the trails with a rhythmic pulse. With the Time down to around 9-10 o’clock or lower the pedal creates a reverb-like dwell behind your playing because the delay times on both BBD chips are so short. Increase modulation and Regen to taste, and it gets really interesting. Roll down the Tone for some murky reverb.


With a slight boost of the Rate & Depth, Tonal Recall will bring a little Warped Vinyl inspired modulation to the delay line. On short slapback echos, this’ll add a little tape-echo style movement. With longer delay times it’ll add some atmosphere to those lingering trails. With the Mix dialed up to around 3 o’clock, you’ll get a 50/50% wet/dry sound that works well with Short delays, minimum Time, and no Regen to bring in a new variation of the chorus flavor round in the Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII. The Tonal Recall’s dedicated Time knob lets you adjust the “voice” and phasing characteristics of the chorus by moving the placement of the wet signal against your dry tone. If you want a full-on vibrato, keep the Time at minimum and crank the Mix while using the Tone to brighten or darken your tone.


The Tonal Recall features the usual array of 16 dip-switches found on all Chase Bliss Audio pedals released so far. There’s a full spectrum of Ramping options that let you make the parameters either morph to a set position when activating the pedal or Bounce back and forth when that option is selected. This adds a lot of creative performance potential when you’re ready for a fresh breath of Martian air. Ramping Rate, Depth, Mix, & Regen are all good for subtle changes to your delay sounds (or dramatic if you push the Rate & Depth into upper extremes). Ramping Time gives you warped, analog pitch modulation effects while you play. You can also plug in an expression pedal and control any parameter set to Ramp.

Trails/Buffered vs True Bypass

Where you’d often find a Mode switch on some CBA pedals, the Tonal Recall lets you choose between a True Bypass mode and a Buffered mode with spillover delay trails. This comes down to a general matter of personal preference or what a song needs. If you want a buffer at the end of your signal chain, the Tonal Recall can be it. If you’re using short delays, you may opt for True Bypass. For extra long delays with high Regen, definitely consider the Trails & Buffer setting for letting that long delay ambience spillover when you bypass the pedal.

Hold (Self-Oscillation)

chase-bliss-audio-tonal-recall-review-best-analog-delay-pedal-06Ah, yes. For the first time a Chase Bliss Audio pedal gives you a unique dual function for the Tap foot-switch. Pressing and holding it down makes the Regen swell to its max setting for self-oscillation. When you release the foot-switch, your Regen returns to its previous setting. A really cool performance trick I found is to use the Momentary Bypass mode with Trails. Alternate between pressing and holding Bypass to activate the delay on certain notes/chords and also pressing and holding both Bypass & Tap foot-switches to activate the delay with self-oscillation. Release to let it spillover as it recedes. If you press Tap closely in succession or spaced farther apart, you can jump to faster delay times or slower delay times for some weird noise.

Divisions & S/L/B  (MIDI Presets)

All the expected division settings are here – quarter notes, dotted eights, triplets, and more. Try them in conjunction with the S/L/B settings for a huge range of different Tap Tempo delay timing. When exploring all the weird sounds this pedal can make, I noticed that switching between the available Tap Divisions causes the delay time to jump to the new settings while warping your delay pitch as it shifts. If you’re using MIDI preset switching, you can control the Tap Divisions with a MIDI CC message or create different presets with unique Tap Divisions (and S/L/B settings) and select between them to make the pedal jump to the new settings for weird pitch-modulated timing adjustment effects. Don’t mind me. I just enjoy discovering all the strange sounds a pedal can make, and Tonal Recall can get crazy.


With a CBA modded Empress Midibox (or new CBA branded Midibox) you can control all knob parameters via MIDI. As per usual I got in deep with Ableton Live and journeyed down the rabbit hole of automating parameters via MIDI CC messages. You can always just stick to using a MIDI compatible effects switcher to select presets, a feature that makes the Tonal Recall a must have for MIDI-enabled pro pedalboards and rack rigs. The pedal also responds to MIDI Clock, so you can easily lock it in time with any clock source.

Tonal Recall X 2

I’ve always been a huge fan of linking two delay pedals in series. While it’s fun to use two digital delays or one analog and one digital delay together, the added noise of compounding two analog delay pedals often keeps me from that option. The quiet operation and deep tap division options make a dual Tonal Recall setup a huge temptation. If dual delays are an essential part of your sound, you can Tap sync 2 Tonal Recalls or set both pedals to the same MIDI Channel and make companion presets for both pedals so that you can always easily recall a host of dual delay settings. I’ve posted several clips of 2 Tonal Recall pedals in series on our Instagram. Here’s one.

Makes me wish I had two free hands.

While most guitarists don’t have the delay devotion (or budget) to spring for two Tonal Recalls, one is more than enough to compliment any other delay on your board or take over sole analog delay duties. The pedal’s compact size makes it especially tempting for a crowded pedalboard. As this review comes to a close, I find myself searching for any aspects of this pedal that I dislike or that could be significantly improved. Perhaps the repeats could be even longer without needing a second pedal to further extend the feedback. Maybe a triple or quadruple chip Tonal Recall MKII at some point could extend the possible delay time. Stereo analog delay? That might be pushing it. Here’s one more notable complaint: when using the Hold function, the self-oscillation could be compressed or limited more so as not to get too loud. I often use it with a limiter in the chain after the pedal or just press Hold in short bursts. I’d also bet that a few more little tweaks could be made for an even cleaner delay signal path with perhaps even less degradation, but the overall package still exceeds the quality of this pedal’s nearest competitor. See you at the party.



The Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall is a new breed of analog delay pedal that will appeal to fans of bucket brigade delay tones as well as any guitarist seeking out new delay sounds. It’s not that Tonal Recall offers any single feature that is revolutionary by itself (well, maybe presets in an analog delay and Ramping, of course). It’s the fact that this pedal does so many things very well that puts it into a class of its own. Between the digitally controlled functionality (MIDI, presets, Ramping, tap tempo, etc.), super low noise floor, and incredibly wide range of great tones, this pedal is a strong contender in a world of noisier analog delays and digitally recreated analog delay emulations. And if you consider yourself an analog delay aficionado, the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall is an absolute must play. Now get your GAS to Mars.

That concludes our Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall review. Thanks for reading.


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  4. Absolutely killer pedal! It would be an absolute privilege to own one of these incredible machines! I would love to see Chase Bliss give a reverb pedal a shot, he’d be one of the few that could make a reverb pedal that could take a stand against my BigSky!

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  6. I’ve been trying tons of delay pedals lately, this one keeps coming back to my dreams.

    Anyone knows if when you change the tap while you play, the remaining sound changes pitch? I forgot to check and it’s kind of important for me.

  7. I reached to turn off my alarm clock as I sat up from the bed. I swung out from under the covers, letting my legs hang off the edge. I was lost in thought. I had the same damn dream again. The one where I salute a roaring crowd just before exiting the stage of boldly lit arena – so bizarre, yet so real.

    I walked to the edge of my room and grabbed my ’64 Jazzmaster off the stand. I powered on my amp, and as the tubes were warming up, I looked up at my framed poster of Jimi Hendrix and let out a despondent sign. It was gonna be another ordinary Saturday morning as a bedroom guitarist, but I shook the thought and flicked the standby switch in the up position.

    I played through my usual set of repetitive licks and chord progressions, before getting bored and plugging in my pedal board. I cranked up my Blacks Arts Pharaoh fuzz and cut the reverb mix out on my EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run. Every knob on the delay band expect the time and repeats knob was set to 12 o’clock. It was in a perfect slap echo setup, and I churned out some raunchy blues inspired licks. Suddenly, I felt spacey. More spacey than usual that is, and there I was on stage at the arena again.

    Things were different this time. It was so vivid, almost as if I was there. I mean, I had to have been – I was! The crowd roared ferociously, “encore, encore, encore!” Just before exiting, I turned around and walked back center stage. They cheered my name wildly. Guitar in hand, I was ready to take the crowd into a realm super sonic surreality. As I looked down at my pedal board, a rush of adrenaline surged through me as lost memories overcame me with lucid excellence. There at my feet laid the lexicon that revealed the knowledge of my existence, once lost in the depths of the void. I was awakened, and I smiled as I read, ‘Chase Bliss Audio, Tonal Recall’.

  8. I think I may have tried a pre production version somehow? Or maybe was just hitting the preamp to hard? All I ever heard was overdriven saturated repeats. Even with very clean signal to the pedal… thoughts?

  9. This would be a nice addition to any guitar rig… and with all the different modulation tweaks available this would be the perfect delay to pair up with an analog synthesizer. The possibilities are endless with this machine. I absolutely MUST have this pedal!!!

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    I’d get a small bag of chips from the Frito Lay variety pack in my lunch box, he’d have a bag of O’Boises or Tato Skins twice as big. I’d get a new backpack to start off the school year, he’d have the best JanSport (with leather bottom) money could buy. I had a Colecovision my dad found at a garage sale, Tommy had the Nintendo Entertainment System, the one with the gun and power pad for track and field games.

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    I did end up putting my Christmas and Birthday cash together and purchased my own pair of Reebok Pumps. They lasted about two weeks before one of the Pumps stopped working.

  11. I tried this at my local shop the other day and knew I had to have it. You can create any sound with it, it has everything you could want in an analog delay. The swiss army knife of analog delays.

  12. Had a chance to test this pedal out at Russo Music in Asbury Park, NJ recently and it is awesome. I already have tons of of delay options, but this one might be the best.

  13. Such a thorough review, I was looking at the tonal recall as an alternative/compliment to my flashback x4 and I can honestly say this has helped me thoroughly in my research!

  14. So after a while of looking into this pedal now, my god. This pedal is a work of art. Loving the super vintage tones it can create. Crossing my fingers and toes for this giveaway but either way it will most definitely end up on my board someday. Or i’ll just put a sticker on a dd7 like on your instagram lol Best of luck everyone!

  15. A good friend of mine just today picked up a Tonal Recall to be best pals with his Warped Vinyl. I’ve never seen two pedals happier together in my life. My Warped Vinyl sits on my board lost among overdrives and fuzzes.. alone.. no one to talk to, no one to relate to, no one to just be there and listen to what it has to say, no one to reassure them that everything is going to be okay.

    My Warped Vinyl needs the Tonal Recall’s help. I need the Tonal Recall’s help. It isn’t the help we deserve, but it is certainly the help that is desperately needed. Be the change you want to see in the world. All you need is love. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you can’t stand the heat – follow your dreams.

    Thank you Chase Bliss. Thank you Thank you Guy Fieri. I am one with the force, and the force is with me.

  16. I can see it now; when I have the Chase Bliss Tonal Recall fastened proudly to my pedalboard it will be as if I am transported to another, distant place. No longer will I be standing on my familiar rug that ties the room together, admiring the glimmering lights twinkling from my pedalboard. I will be dwarfed amongst the strong pines on a freshly terraformed Mars, glistening with a morning dew. Deep green moss gently creeping along the planet floor contrasts sharply with the native red dirt. A vibrant pink sky washes across the horizon as the day gives way to a cold, Martian night. With my wrist straight, a down stroke comes from a movement in the elbow and great thrum thrusts me into the air; I ascend. I can feel the gravity beginning to tug at my momentum and as I reach my terminal altitude, another thrum, weaker than the last pushes me higher. The thin Martian atmosphere is no match for my velocity. My fingertips tingle. I can feel a small, light blue, scored aluminum knob turning counter-clockwise and increasing the speed. Suddenly, delayed pulses envelop my body like fading memories of gamma wind hoisting me even higher. The flat horizon begins to curve as I witness the red expanse slowly morph into a planetary body and I am plunged into the black drink of space. I am moving fast, very fast; but the feeling goes unnoticed. Ares has me know and I remain orbital, free to experience the atmospheric emptiness and play with the colorful knobs and switches at my fingertips.
    Just as Ares has me, I have the Tonal Recall and I am free to create endless sonic madness with its power achievable at the push of a button. With this great power comes my realization that I have the responsibility to finally pull the trigger on Midi. My third eye opens for the first time as my pedals evolve into intelligence and synchronization brought on by the Midi. Skynet prowls through the circuits of my Midi connected pedals, though it will not attempt to rebel against its master. I have seduced it with my notions of total sonic control. I am the dictator and the pedal board is my subject.
    Satisfied, I sit upon my Toan-encrusted throne and await Chase Bliss’s next release; dreaming, wanting, wishing that it will be a reverb; honest with its analog heart, sharpened by a digital brain.

  17. I actually went to my local guitar store today and told them I was looking for a analog delay with tap tempo. They showed me a few pedals but nothing compared to the Tonal Recall. Compact size, digitally controlled, tap tempo, external dip switches, the whole nine yards. It’s a game changer for sure. In a world where digital delay is slowly taking over the Tonal Recall stands out and changes the way people think about analog delay.

  18. I saw one of my favorite bands play a few weeks back and they crushed it with this pedal, used it to create some really crazy chorusy delay-wash-spaceship-craziness. One of the coolest pedals I’ve ever heard live.

  19. Thanks for this awesome review! This pedal has been on my must-have list ever since CBA first announced it. The idea of having the warmth of an analog delay, with tap and 122 PRESETS ! (via MIDI) is too good to be true. And as of right now, it is too good to be true. It is only a dream of what could be. Hopefully this give away goes in my direction and then this dream will become reality !

  20. Thanks for this awesome review! This pedal has been on my must-have list ever since CBA first announced it. The idea of having the warmth of an analog delay, with tap and 122 PRESETS ! (via MIDI) is too good to be true. And as of right now, it is too good to be true. It is only a dream of what could be. Hopefully this give away goes in my direction and then this dream will become reality !

  21. I’ve never owned an analog delay before and owning this would be a big step closer to completing my board (not that you’re ever really done). I’ve heard countless positive reviews on it, and I’ve had my eye on this pedal for a long time ever since I tried one from a friend. I will probably buy one soon regardless, but I’d be thrilled to win it in this months giveaway!

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    So you see, I’m entering this contest so I could win the Tonal Recall and return it to Miley Cyrus so she can continue touring with her gold sequin loin cloth and inspire everyone with the amazing warm analog richness of what is probably the best analog delay on the market today.

    Thank you!

  23. It’s impressive how Chase Bliss was able to pack so many features and innovations in such tiny footprint without sacrificing quality. Definitely a must for any pedaboard willing to make an impact!

  24. Bucket Brigade will always be the way to go with delay pedals. This guy sounds killer, no matter how you manage to set it. Now, let’s pair it with a good, wet reverb and see what you can do with a tad of self oscillation!

  25. This would be a dream come true for me. I recently got my hands in a Twin Peaks tremolo and the potential combination of it with a Tonal Recall would literally open flood gates of new sounds and ideas. I’m a huge delay junkie. I currently have a time factory and a timeline on my board but based on all the videos I’ve been reviewing, the Tonal recall is ambient constructor’s holy grail of all tools. I have my fingers crossed I win and look forward to sharing all of the sounds that come spilling out of me if I do.

    Thank you!

  26. I use multiple delay pedals in my signal chain to color thicken and augment my playing. with this pedal now available i will have to assign my dd7s (the delays i currently use) more permanent simple roles. for instance:min feedback &short delay setting for foot ‘punches’ to punctuate and elongate sustain amd swell at the end of phrases . Or just a dotted 1/8 setting and now explore some of the amazing functionality the tonal recall has. Im very excited to get goimg with one of these pedals. Thanks for making this sort of stuff available .

  27. Absolutely incredible pedal, as typical from Chase Bliss. Man alive it would be an absolute privilege to own one of these fantastic machines! Also would love to see their spin on a reverb pedal. Could possibly give the BigSky a run for its money!

  28. I love delays, i love modulation, i love total recall, and i would love to make some weird noises with the Tonal Recall. I would sure love to hear it running through my pitch shifter. Sadly i can’t even kind of afford it, and therefore would have to win this giveaway in order to ever be able to own one. I also loved Joel’s interview on the Tone Mob podcast. Super nice guy.

  29. If I won this… every night before bed I would play some sweet simple lines through my looper and set them on repeat as I drifted off into the most peaceful and euphoric slumber…

  30. Ahh, i love chase bliss so much! Had a chance to use the gravitas and the Ramp function is SOOOO cool. Can’t even imagine how cool the ramp function would be with a delay pedal!

  31. This is the most thorough and useful review of any pedal that I’ve read in a long time! It seems that the tonal recall has taken analog delay to a new level in pretty much every way. The midi control and tonal flexibility would help a ton in my rig using a master controller for presets…definitely a step above my tried and true carbon copy…true control while still achieving all of the classic analog delay oscillation and more (something the Timeline can’t replicate). Thanks for a great review/rundown!

  32. This is by far the coolest and most useful delay I’ve seen. If the price wasn’t as high as it is I’d have two. I play a variety of different kinds of music so it’d be perfect for subtle delays or twisted psychedelic madness. Chase bliss is one of my favorite brands I’ve come across, tons of versatility. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

  33. I love this pedal. There is no more natural sounding delay available. Virtually no noise added. My go to. Unfortunately mine was taken at a gig a few weeks back. Will be replacing asap. Get one!

  34. I can only dream of how amazing Tonal Recall would be coupled with El Capistan. Dual delay dreams! Winning this quality pedal would be an amazing way to finish/start 2016/17!

  35. The Warped Vinyl MK II is my favorite pedal I have ever owned. This guy makes the most ridiculously flexible, inspiring, and musical pedals. Someday I will buy them all but it’d be nice to get one for free. Can’t wait to see what Joel comes up with next.

  36. When I discovered this pedal it became by an instant my most desired pedal ever! I feel that getting one of these would be the end for my GAS, like heck to all, thats the end of it!

  37. Honestly thought this pedal was way overpriced before hearing it but after the first video I saw of it… goddamn it seems like it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a delay! *fingers and toes crossed to win this*

  38. I really want to try this out. I think it will be staying in my board :) but yeah the price tag is the only thing between me and my intention to chase bliss >.<

  39. I really hope that in a few days I will be that lucky someone who gets the tonal recall-haul. This thing (amongst all of CBAs line up) is just a different league. Amazing review as usual from BGE.

  40. If there is a pedal that would magically allow you to slip into an alternate dimension, Tonal Recall is it. It allows you to create tones reminiscent of traveling through some beautiful lo-fi sonic wormhole- someplace we’d all like to escape to. The only snag with using a pedal that sounds so lovely is that if you give me one I may never want to use anything else!

  41. I will spend hours finding out how it works, and what it does. And will lend to my son from time to time.we will play together and have one of this simple moments of joy.

  42. This pedal is pure psychedelic bliss! Such amazing tones this is unlike any other delay pedal! The tone this gives is exactly what I need to manifest the sound in my mind into reality!

    Sweet cosmic nostalgia honey connecting stars to souls to blades of grass to specks of dirt to single called organisms to neutrons to the pure white light. Help a sister out. :)

  43. I’m broke! All of my Christmas money is going to hospital bills… Hopefully you pick me I was intending to buy a delay with said money.

  44. I run a small label in Cape Town called Rootspring music. ( I record a great variety of music and inevitably need to overdub various guitar tracks myself. As a very NON keyboard player I rely on a great variation in guitar textures and tones. Specially analogue washes….apart from the fact I struggle with keyboard I usually enjoy guitar tones more…..but I NEED that Chase bliss audio tonal recall pedal as my tones are getting too samey. Its expensive in “SA Rand” terms. I agree….your most exciting giveaway yet!

  45. This deserves 5 stars through and through, and that goes for anything Chase Bliss puts out! I’ve wanted to demo one of these the moment I knew CB had a delay on the market. And who Joel is and what he has overcome and accomplished makes their gear more than just professional equipment. They hold an inspiring story.

  46. Can’t wait to try this one out! The many tonal options on this bad boy have me pumped. Been searching endless delay pedals for that one that can get that slight trailing edge with some darkness AND sizzle…. upon reading reviews this may be the ticket. :) Plus with expression output and the tap/swell option this baby packs a TON of tonal options into such a small tough box. And we haven’t even got into the dip switches!!! I can already see it replacing my TC Flashback Triple delay.

  47. When this pedal by chase bliss audio was released my need for any other pedal went out the window.
    I am a nerd for sci-fi books, movies, and sounds.
    A massive part of my last years art studio practice has been around creating sounds and composing pieces based off sci-fi ideals and themes found in classics such as Logans Run, Zardoz(not a book), Blade Runner, Farhrenheit 451.

    This pedal is ideal in my mind to further this process I’ve been working on musically.
    It has all I need in one wonderfully made pedal.

    I’d own already it if I could.

  48. I love this site, and I love that I might win a Chase Bliss Tonal Recall!! That would rule, and make a fantastic PERMANENT addition to my studio AND live rigs! :-)

  49. Awesome pedal , Is like you have more than one pedal but in one pedal , I don’t have the money for buy it but someday I will get one ! Amazing sound and full diversity of options

  50. If I won this I’d never put my guitar down. How such a small box can open up such a world of trippy modulated madness is an absolute miracle.

  51. The other half of my creative mind bought one of these as his first real man’s pedal, and wow it can do anything and everything delay! I would figuratively kill for one! Imagine the power of using two!

  52. this pedal and company are in a entire class or world of their own. chase Bliss Audio make dream pedals and i only pray one day to be able to add one to my bucket list of effects.

  53. I don’t know what to say about this thing. It’s next on my list. It’s everything that I want in a delay pedal. Chase Bliss is doing some ridiculous things, and Tonal Recall is top of the list for me.

  54. Wow. Just wow.

    It’s interesting to see how much retro effects – and analog delays are VERY much in line with that mindset – have returned with a vengeance, even in the digital age, where almost everything can be modeled PRECISELY!

    The MN3005 was, of course, THE bucket-brigade delay chip back 40 years ago (The original Electro-Harmonix Memory Man debuted in 1976), but with time, as ICs tend to do, it was dropped in favor of ‘newer and better’ chips. It’ remained the ‘Holy Grail’ of analog delay tone, though, even as supplies of the chip dried up.

    Enter Xvive. Along with Howard Davis – designer of the original Memory Man – they reverse-engineered the MN3005 and brought out their own version. Is it as good as the original? Maybe, maybe not. EHX is using the new chip in their new production Deluxe Memory Man, though, so that says something…

    The sound of an analog delay isn’t JUST the chip, though; it’s the circuit.

    Chase Bliss Audio has made a GREAT circuit!

    When designing the Tonal Recall, CBA had to balance the best of the old BBD delays with the advances in technology that have come along in the last 40 years.

    They found the RIGHT balance!

    The Tonal Recall SOUNDS like the best of the old analog delays, but at the same time, it has MUCH more control over tone – the 16 DIP switches, MIDI control, etc. – that makes it the next step in analog delays!

    The Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall might not be the Holy Grail of analog delays, but if not, it’s pretty damn close!

  55. Not only is this a great delay pedal but also comes backed by the awesome customer service of Chase Bliss Audio. They always take care of their customers and listen to customer feedback. I will always support a pedal company that cares about the people who buy their products!!

  56. I feel like out of the many boutique pedal companies, this one stands out the most. I would love to put one on my small board

  57. As a beginning guitarist winning the Tonal Recall would be fantastic to learn how to use a delay pedal and bring a whole lot of excitement in to my practicing.

  58. I am really into the MIDI controls and would like to fully exploit this by connecting the Tonal Recall to my G2 Advanced Switching System, from Gig Rig, which I recently installed on my board. Need an analog delay to round out my pretty awesome board and definitely moving this to top of my list. Using the one-switch control, I’ll be able to activate any preset on my Tonal Recall and my H9 simultaneously, effectively analog-izing the digital-ness of the H9.

  59. I don’t have this modern classic yet. But if I win this bad boy I’d put it before EQD Afterneath for that extra ambient effect.

  60. I would use this pedal to create music for my parrot. Nibbler loves to listen to guitar music, and he’ll hang out on the top side of my fretboard and chase my fingers as I’m playing.

  61. Damn, as someone with a Memory Boy, this pedal seems like the necessary next step in making a massively capable delay in a more traditional box size. All that awesome modulation being able to get so dialed in without getting out of control is an awesome tool. Kudos to Chase Bliss!

  62. Who wouldn’t want such a great pedal, regardless of serial number! But having this one? Oh yeah!

    Oh the textures I would infuse into my rig!

  63. Tonal Recall ( Recall Recall Recall ) Excellent Analog Delay (Delay Delay Delay) and This Pedal Will Make You Say ,,,, “Get Yourself To Mars” and “Start The Reactor” with all the adjustments ready this delay will take you there

  64. This delay would probably knock 2 other delays off my board. Paired with my new Empress Reverb, I would be the undisputed tone king of my town.

  65. I’d like to think it doesn’t disqualify me that I used to own one of these. I was so so excited to get it the first day they were up for sale. I cherished it. I made recordings with it. Then… Money got tight. And I thought I could make do with just my source audio nemesis. Don’t get me wrong, I love my nemesis, but there’s something special about the tonal recall that it could never replicate. The tonal recall is crazy expensive and I’ll likely never afford it again, and it did help me out of a jam, but damn I miss it.
    Please Gabriel, give me yours. Lol.

  66. I’ve never played any Chase Bliss pedals, but I’m looking for a new delay. I’ve been using a Pigtronix Echolution, which is really amazing because of all of the crazy stuff it can do, but I’m looking for something more compact. Thanks for the review!

  67. When the dimensions begin to meld into each other, and time and space evolve to form an expanded universe of delights and wonder pulling all sentient beings towards a complete unity of consciousness, we will be able to safely say Chase Bliss paved the way with accurate prescience and Tonal Recall.

  68. I have a friend who has a Chase Bliss pedal (the Gravitas) and I’d love to see what all those controls can do for a great delay pedal! I’m normally a option-phobe (afraid of too many choices) but I’d be willing to throw caution to the wind for this mighty Tonal Recall #1!

  69. Really want to get my hands on one of these. Other than what seems to be an excellent delay in a compact form, I’m interested in the flexibility of the “digital brain,” because I’m all about tweakability. The icing on the cake, I’ve heard, is the drive an all-analog circuit like this brings to the delay platform. Give me a Beano, because I’ve got some serious G.A.S.!

  70. I’d love to play with this wonderfull pedal… I always loved delay, specialy analog ones. The sound is so organic, I never had such a feeling with a digital delay.

  71. This is quite the impressive pedal. The fact that it’s both analog and midi capable is a huge plus. GAS intensifying for sure. I’d love to have this in my board.

  72. Being completely analog and a massive amount of customization, this pedal seems to be the end-all-be-all of analog delays. I really dig the small footprint too!

  73. I have such a soft spot for unique one-off pedals, that it’s rare for a production critter to gain and keep my attention. Chase Bliss has done exactly that with this masterpiece. Well done, mad scientist CB guys!

  74. I’ve used a Warped Vinyl and desperately want to fiddle with the Wombtone… the flexibility and absolute attention to tonal detail makes me think anything Chase Bliss does a necessity for a pedalboard.

  75. I never know if I like the way this pedal looks but I do know it sounds awesome. And it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

  76. I almost don’t want to win this because I’m fairly sure I would never leave the house ever again.

    (I very much do want to win this, sacrificing social interaction and sunlight is the very least I would do for this pedal)

  77. I had one when they got released, but sadly had to sell it on – gutted. The modulation is as lush and worth the money alone.

  78. Amazingly beautiful and versatile. Has to be the best analog delay (way) out there at the moment. A pedal to inspire whole songs or even records. Would love to have one.

  79. This pedal looks amazing!

    So the odds of winning are incredibly low, but at the entry price of these pedals, this may be the only way I manage to snag one. Good luck everybody!

  80. oh boy… i. must. have. now. now. now. this is such a super crazy awesome pedal i don’t even know if i would be able to fly it – but i sure would try – and then some (and probably get sucked in and dial knobs for hours and flick switches and noodle and hum and forget about all the rest). this is a dangerous beast! and I wanna play with it so so so so bad.

  81. “Space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.” Enter the Tonal Recall.

  82. Been battling a design flaw in a cheap old johnson analog delay pedal (it’s lacking pre-emphasis but it surly has a de- emphasis sucking away at my tone). It ads an awesome dark and dirty element I wish it was more tonal! Sounds like the tonal recall is what I need to replace it with.

  83. This is a dream pedal. The modulation possibilities are off the charts. If I don’t win one I’m certain to shell out the money for it anyways (it’s worth it)

  84. This is an absolute dream pedal. Nothing compares to its tones and modulation. Can’t wait to either win one or just shell out the money (it’s worth it)

  85. Great review. I feel in love with this pedal at the LA Stompbox Exhibit and have wanted one ever since. The modulation effects are killer.

  86. Chase Bliss Audio has captured my heart with their creativity and quality products. At this time I only have their Gravitas Tremolo pedal and it’s fantastic! It super versital with its digital controls, but carries the organic warm of a true analog pedal.

    I would expect nothing less from this pedal and hope that in the coming year that I am able to acquire one. From what I’ve read and watched in demos, I feel that this would be a perfect addition to anyone’s board.

    Personally, I would love it to use in worship, jazz, and organic ambient spacey pieces. It would be awesome for drones, swells, pads, etc.

  87. Joel and co. are the best! I’ve been lucky to own a few of his pedals, and they sound amazing of course, but there is a feeling of something that was really crafted too. I love the Warped Vinyl, but I’m hoping the Tonal Recal will give more of the pitch bending goodness I love.

  88. I am a delay junky, so this is more or less the holy grail. I think I would pair it with a Digidelay or dd20 to get super murky repeats that could then get lifted to a little brighter sound afterwards. It would also be fun to try and replicate the sounds of the warped vinyl, because there seems to be a lot of potential for overlap in the two pedals

  89. Have seen & heard loads of brilliant demos of the amazing Tonal Recall pedal, it’s very inspiring !!
    Always amazed at the build quality from @chaseblissaudio and the sheer flexibility they manage to squeeze into such fantastic looking pedals !!! Awesome!

  90. I would love this pedal with all my heart. Have had my eye on it for a while. Analog delay, with all those modes, a dry-to-wet mix knob, and fine-tuning time-shaping knob to boot. Can’t be beat–yes!

  91. The possibilities seems endless for this pedal, and would be all everyone probably will ever need. The sound is good, it seems well built and for beeing handmade the price is OK. Today I have a Catalinbread Echorec, and I do think this pedal would macht perfectly, since it is possible to find my sound because of all the the options.

  92. I tried this pedal at my local shop and have been dreaming of it ever since. It has everything I could ask for in an analog delay pedal, such a great sound and an amazing piece of technology!

  93. These things sound great in all the demo videos. But I don’t know if I am smart enough to dial one of these in.

    Maybe I will win one and I can try

  94. Borrowed the tonal recall from my keyboard player a few weeks ago and I was blown away. The versitility is insane for an analog delay, and offers so many tonal possibilities.

  95. Borrowed the tonal recall from my keyboard player a few weeks ago and I was blown away. The versitility is insane for an analog delay, and offers so many tonal possibilities.

  96. I want one of these so much! My only concern is that my size 13 shoe would demolish the toggle between the foot switches! Thank goodness for Barefoot buttons…

    • The toggle is super low profile, you’d be fine. And if you hit both switches at once to turn it on or off it’s no big deal because the tap sequence takes at least two taps to be initiated!

  97. I need something to go with a carbon copy to get maximum shoegaze – this seems like it fits the bill. Also, starting to get a heavily sequenced effect chain going using Numerology, and midi controlled delay is exactly what I want!

  98. Okay, first of all, I think I’m in love with this company. I’ve sought for a long time to have a 100% analog signal path and struggled with a lack of functionality that accompanies digital pedal interfaces (chiefly, BPM and tone presets). Chase Bliss changed all that. I’ve now got the Gravitas and the Tonal Recall and use them in combination with the Disaster Area DMC-4. I have all the functionality of digital, one click presets with all the prestige (maybe I spelled pretense wrong) and gorgeous warmth and decay of an entirely analog signal. Thank you Joel Korte!

  99. I keep hearing great things about this pedal and delays are my favorite so I would love to get my hands on one of these guys. Great review!

  100. Chorus and Vibrato too!? Joel is a wizard. I very much appreciate his approach to building as I have a reverence for all things analog, especially ones that are capable of creating such unique sounds as his whole line is. I’m still building my pedal palette regarding which sounds I’d like to adopt into my own but as soon as I heard of this powerhouse a few months ago it was a no brainer that I needed this in my chain. And when I saw you folks were giving one away for free I dropped everything and jumped all the hoops as fast as I could. Whether or not I win this amazing box, I resolve to make this a part of my board someday.

  101. The tone of the Tonal Recall by Chase Bliss Audio is inventive, expressive, and exceptional. This is truly an instrument and provides endless creative potential.

  102. One of the most exciting analog delay pedals to come out in years. Looking dorwatd to whatever Chase Bliss comes out with next. And here’s hoping I win one from the best guitar effects contest.

  103. Besides this awesome Tonal Recall pedal reviewed here, I also dig all the rest of Joel’s pedals and the design aesthetic he incorporates.

    What I would love to see in the future from Chase Bliss…

    Fuzz pedal with some glitchiness ala the PTD Tornita, Fuzz Factory, and Sputnik, Not sure if there can be an alternate use for the mod u shape switches as I am not sure that would be the best use for them in a Fuzz type pedal. Yes I am aware of the joint project one that does fuzz trem, not at all what I would like to see from a straight up Chase Bliss version of fuzz.

    Filter pedal would be killer and could be quite fun in Chase Bliss format.

    Ring Mod that can track notes ala the vetruvian but with slightly better tone like Randy’s Revenge or the Moog would also be an interesting choice for CBA.

    So there ya go… my wish list of 3 for Joel to hit us with down the road. :)


    hoping I shared photo and comments correctly to be properly entered in giveaway :P

  104. If I won the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall it would definitely be my go to delay.Although I would keep my other delay pedal on my board and run them together from time to time.Chase Bliss pedals are the most tweakable pedals out there.I love the fact that they use Panasonic MN3005 Bucket Brigade delay chips!!I love everything about this pedal!!

  105. This looks/sounds absolutely amazing. Owning this would give me a complete analog effects rig. Complete my life Best Guitar Effects, I’m on a mission to Mars! Side note, I recently stumbled upon your website and have been enjoying you’re in depth reviews.

  106. I consider myself an analog delay aficionado and this pedal seems so great. It’s great to see that some pedal company have a similar approach to their product as classic luthiers, they want to make it as good as possible. Also Knobs videos are amazing and sell it even more.

  107. The sounds are amazing. I’d love to experiment with it’s tonal possibilities. It’d be a perfect for my first analog pedal ever!

  108. Well written review, and CBA proves time and time (and time-time-t-t-tiiiiime-ti) again that there are few makers who possess the creative ability and thoughtful execution found in these northern U.S. wizard boxes.

  109. I love this review because it goes over all of the details. Delay is one of my favorite effects and this pedal is the most amazing sounding delay I’ve ever heard. I would absolutely love to have it

  110. Great name for a delay! They ought to classify it as a delay/cancellation pedal, cause I know if I got my hands on one, I’d have to clear my calendar! Thanks fer all the great info here on the website folks!

  111. I want this pedal sooooo bad! I’ve been using a EHX DMB fir awhile now and it’s been great, but I want more. Chase Bliss has it! With this pedal (and a Midi controller) I’d be able to get all the different delay sounds my heart desires! I mist have it!!!

  112. Chase Bliss have an appropriate name… the lush sounds I forever aspire to but have so far failed to summon the funds! One day, one day.

  113. I would love to use this pedal in conjunction with a digital delay to really put out the voicing that I want. I’m currently using a carbon copy, but this would give me so many more options in creating great soundscapes.

  114. I love delay & reverb pedals. They sound amazing with clean playing, and subtle addition of it adds depth to overdrive sounds. This pedal is over-the-top boutique deliciousness. However, it does get me wondering if this could potentially lead to a successful line of Arnold Schwarzenegger-movie themed pedals. Ideas such as “The 6th Delay”, “Collateral Damage” (it could be a fuzz/distortion pedal), or “Last Action Tremolo” come to mind. Jokes aside, this is a serious contender for the crown for delay pedals. The only downside that I can think of to this pedal is that a great deal of time has to be dedicated to exploiting all of the overwhelming potential that it holds. This is definitely a pedal that requires a pen and paper in order to “Recall” all of the presets that one may want to use. Then again, that may not be such a bad thing.

  115. This pedal is amazing! It totally stretches the boundaries of what an analog delay can do and would be a good fit on just about any board out there! The modulation can give this pedal a cool eerie sound that is incredible!

  116. Wow, what an awesome blend of old and new! I haven’t seen anything quite like this pedal with the analog signal path, midi control, and very low noise. This pedal leaves lots of room for experimentation! I can’t wait to try it out!

  117. One of the best compact delays on the market. Top of the line quality of course coming from Chase Bliss. Will sound great in tangent with my Empress Reverb!

  118. I really like what this pedal is and does. The only thing that could make it better would be if there were a hidden “Arnold” setting.

  119. Cool pedal! I think it would be interesting to see chase bliss take on a popular distortion pedal, like the proco rat or muff, and give it a ton of controls.

    I also think a Chas Bliss tri-chorus would be epic!

  120. I’ve always admired Chase Bliss from afar, watching demos and drooling. The price has always been way out of my league, though, and for a while I thought it was a little ridiculous. Until I got to play one of these the other day, and MAN…the price is justified. I can’t believe how much this thing can do. And at EVERY turn how good it sounds. It’s truly the most organic, sweet-sounding delay I’ve ever played. And along with all that analog warmth, it’s still clear as a bell. Truly the best of both worlds. I see this pedal in my dreams…DAMN YOU JOEL, YOU MAD GENIUS!

  121. I love the Tap-tempo button doubling as the Feedback regeneration, great space saver.

    That and the ability to double up with another one are my favourite features.

    If only it had top jacks, it’d be perfect.

    Any Chase Bliss pedal is always a tweaker’s delight!

  122. the hold function seems super cool and useful. would love to incorporate some crazy oscillation into some songs in a more controllable manner!

  123. Talk about a retro looking pedal with old school inner workings. An analog delay seems very interesting, I’ve only had experience with digital delay pedals so this should be very cool. As a guitarist who enjoys playing around with atmospheric tones, this in combination with my Arrows Preamp from EQD and built in reverb from my Marshall combo amp could definitely paint a very trippy scene! I’ve entered the free pedal giveaway and would love to add this to my chain!

  124. I’ve always admired and desired Chase Bliss pedals from afar. They are crazy expensive, but the other day I finally got to play a Tonal Recall and MAN…the price is justified. It can just do SO MUCH. And even when you are using it at its most basic settings, it sounds sweeter than any delay I’ve heard. I started by dialing in a Gilmourish short repeat, and it was simultaneously warm and very clear. Sweet, sweet sound. And then as the rep showed me all the ins and outs, I became further blown away. This analog dream is seriously at the top of my wishlist. DAMN YOU, JOEL, YOU BLOODY GENIUS!

  125. Sometimes you need that extra “something” to take you to space. You’ve tried numerous delay pedals and none of them can satisfy that natural analog urge without sacrificing digital convenience. Then you finally save up enough money to try the Chase Bliss Tonal Recall and suddenly, you realize you’re gonna need one for your bass player too. Too bad he’s broke. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.

  126. This pedal is looking great and sounds even better than it looks!
    I think this will get every guitar player satisfied at 100%.
    Great look, outstanding sound.. What are you searching for? This will be perfect even if you’re an audiophile.

    Nunzio A.

  127. Sounds complicated but awesome. I used to have an old Ibanez Analog Delay that I regretted selling. This sounds like a much smoother version of the same yummy sound. Now that my son is learning guitar and getting into old songs with classic tones it would be perfect.

  128. i’ve been experimenting with a lot of digital delay effects for the past couple of years. based on the myriad of options on this pedal i think i might want to try and save up for one of these to add to the end of my signal chain for some otherworldly choices.

  129. I feel kind of strange writing a comment because I dont know much about pedal effects. However I have been a guitar player for around 9 years now and think I’m ready for experimenting with my sound. So it is no surprise that Chasbliss’s Tonal recall caught my eye. Not only does this pedal look like a device from a Sì-if movie, it sounds out of this world! I love how versatile the controls are and the amount of possibilities it gives you to create a uniquely stellar tone. I already entered the contest to win a free One and of course I really want to be the lucky recipient. Knowing my odds I’m ready to drop the cash in a heart beat.. but a free one would be nice.

  130. I’ve always dreamed of a bucket brigade delay with options like this. Mind blowing. Especially in a world full of digital delays with crazy options. Need this thing.

  131. What a unique pedal. Joel really shines with the work on these pedals, giving you so many options to create your own sound and signature. This is truly a brilliant concept.

  132. After falling in love this this pedal recently I haven’t been able to keep my eye off it. Being new to the pedal community this pedal is really what I desire most to help fill my board. The simplicity of tap tempo, along with the ultimate 3 types of modulation are just amazing. Even the graphics on this thing shine above that of other pedals, as clearly represent what the art piece this thing is would be used for; spacey, out of this world sound. This really is the psychedelic guitar players dream, hence why I only desire to own this masterpiece of design and sound. It’s not too common that you come across something like this.

  133. This is how I imagine the Tonal Recall interacts with other delay pedals.

    Generic Delay Pedal #1000, “You’ve got a lot of nerve showing your face around her [Tonal Recall]

    Tonal Recall, “Look who’s talking!”

    Joel makes beautiful pedals, and I can’t imagine you would need another delay after this one.

  134. Wow! This is definitely the pedal to cover Radiohead songs from Kid A on. Great ambient sounds and spectacular responsivity… would like to try one live!!

  135. This is how I imagine the Tonal Recall speaks to other delay pedals:

    Generic Delay Pedal #1000: “You’ve got a lot of nerve showing your face around here [Tonal Recall].

    Tonal Recall: “Look who’s talking.”

    Joel makes beautiful vehicles for music, and I don’t expect you’ll ever want another delay after hearing what this pedal can do.

  136. Digital control of analog circuits. That’s extremely hot. It boggles my mind how they fit that in such a small enclosure. It could have been Strymon sized and nobody would have batted an eye.

  137. I really dig Chase Bliss’s approach to maximum versatility. Being able to really dial in a sound is a major selling point for pedals in my opinion. I don’t have a ton of pedals, but the next time I consider getting a delay, this one is at the top of my list.

  138. Would love to play this. Especially interested in the crazy oscillation sounds, for me that’s where the biggest difference between analogue delay pedals lies…
    A distortion would be interesting done by Chase Bliss, im sure it would be very special :)

  139. Rad! Rad! Rad!
    This is a whole different level of delay. Absolutely game-changer.
    Move aside gents, to infinity and beyond!

  140. So, the EHX DMM had MN30** BBDs in them right up until they switched to the Xvive? That’s what your writing makes it sound like, but I’m pretty sure there were several years where there were no MN30** chips in the DMM.

  141. Damn this thing is one hot tamale. I’ve been using a midi controller to use echoboy with all sorts of latency problems. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  142. Chase Bliss Audio proves with the Tonal Recall that delays can still reach a whole new level of engineering and soundscapes.
    Combining digital and analog characteristics to create one kick-ass pedal appeals to me big time.

    I tried one in New York last month on a vacation and it was like leaving a girlfriend at the airport. I wish I could we could be reunited in some way.


  143. This delay is something truly special. The applications for this effect are near limitless, and that analog warmth this pedal is saturated in is infectious. This is an incredible device crafted by wizards. Always a fan of Chase Bliss Audio devices. Cheers!

  144. Great review of a really tempting pedal. The review covered all the bases of this pedal really well. I have wanted this pedal ever since I saw the Pop Life cover Andy @ Pro Guitar Shop did.

  145. Chase bliss Audio tonal recall delay sparks a whole new level of inspiration I love the sound which echoes all over the place and connects with the the soul I cannot say more this pedal is in my blood and Chase bliss Audio in my heart,someday I will love to own one.

  146. I’m a delay-aholic and this analog fuzziness is my latest fix. Really into the complete and utter overkill of it’s many options. Infinite delays for infinite days!

  147. Wow! This is some serious analog delay pedal. The very cheap pedal I use nowadays could be retired if I added the Tonal Recall to my pedal board. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to get your hand on something like that here in Brazil… And it’s expensive over here, probably double the price than in the US or Canada.

  148. There must be an army of creative geniuses at Chase Bliss Audio. They managed to think of a mind-boggling number of unique features to pack into the Tonal Recall. I thought the simple tone control sounded really useful , but the list of cool ideas just kept going and going. It was like an infomercial, “But wait – there’s more! You can even switch from buffered to true bypass!”
    And it even LOOKS insanely cool. Reminds me of an awesome toy laser I had as a kid.
    I’m really impressed with this pedal! Great job, Chase Bliss!

  149. This is an incredible pedal. The amount of thought put into the design is ridiculous. Without a doubt at the top of my list of wanted gear. The way this thing self-oscillates is very cool. The hold button function for it is a nice touch. I’m sure the demo video just scratches the surface of the musical scope of this pedal. It is inspiration in a pretty box. One downside to the pedal is that I wish you could use both the ramp mode and expression pedal simultaneously, but I believe the ability to do so might just create a giant black hole and the world, along with this fabulous creation, would be no more. Thank you Chase Bliss

  150. The Tonal Recall is the delay everybody needs! I have been a huge fan of Chasebliss ever since the warped vinyl. I have had the pleasure of playing most of their pedals (yes including the Tonal Recall) and everything is spectacular. Given the chance I would run my T. rex replica delay off my board for this! It covers so much!!!

  151. looks pretty sweet, would love using it to create some bedroom slow jams with my slow hand. a chase bliss compressor would be interesting… or an envelop filter.

  152. OMG this pedal is just blowing my mind! Wish this little badboy could end up under the christmas tree this year.. I’m dreaming about it.. this could upgrade my old delay pedal by far!

  153. This pedal is really a work of art and advanced technology all in one. The fact that it has subdivisions, tap tempo, and so many different features in a standard size footprint sets it apart in a new class – and analog too! It’s visually stunning, and seems like it would inspire one to play, exploring the seemingly endless possibilities of this pedal. It’s very intuitive, yet user friendly. I’d use this pedal for many different applications, from a simple vintage analog delay all the way to ambience that would make you think you’re in a galaxy far far away. This is a great in depth review of this pedal. Do want.

  154. I’ve been keeping an eye on this since it was announced. I LOVE the DM-2 and this looks like such an amazing pedal in a teeny tiny enclosure! I’m super impressed with Joel’s approach to design. And who doesn’t love a good Paul Verhoeven reference!

  155. Wow! Now that I have read this…even if I do not win the drawing, I may have to buy one! I don’t even know where to start about the awesomeness of this thing. Must have!

  156. Not a common pedal you’d think of, immediately.
    I appreciate the mindset the producer had, for inventing this überduperdope delay pedal.
    It’s so versatile and it comes with these many functions, I cannot even put them all in one reaction.
    For it is a huge evolution in the creation of pedals, I put myself into participation for this competition.
    The origin of the name for the pedal, is also worth mentioning and therefore I show my condolences to its friends and family.

  157. This is honestly the best stompbox delay i’ve ever heard, and for me the next best thing soundwise to a real echorec, while offering tremendous functionality while being much too expensive, though still considerate considering the size of chase bliss effects.

  158. I can’t wait to give this a crack, I had no idea that jellybeans are fruit!
    This pedal looks absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to put it to work. So many subtle, warm, atmospheric options to fill out those bass lines and reduce the footprint on the pedal board! Spectacular!

  159. So damn luscious, yet so damn expensive…. Perhaps my only chance to play through one of these beauties is if I can win it on Best Guitar Effects! Haha. Wish me luck! But seriously, what an incredible core tone. I just love analog delays, and this one looks like it just takes the cake.

  160. So damn luscious, yet so damn expensive…. Perhaps my only chance to play through one of these beauties is if I can win it on Best Guitar Effects! Haha. Wish me luck! But seriously, what an incredible core tone. I just love analog delays, and this one looks like it just takes the cake.

  161. Joel Korte’s legendary work on these pedals have made my heart skip beats and my wallet cry. I love how the modulation and dip switch capabilities work for the Tonal Recall. The work of a god this thing is.

  162. There is so much to be said about a pedal that allows this level of control. Some of us (myself included) definitely have a problem with our brains that demands an insane level of control to exercise over every little detail. The short/long/both delay selection, the LFO selection, and the ability to control Mix, Rate, Time, Regen, and Depth via expression are epically valuable to me. Even on other delays that are very satisfying, these are things I always wish for in the back of my head. To cram all of that, and so much more, into one pedal is nuts. The fact that the effect sounds so good regardless of the generous array of controls is enough to cause a severe case of GAS in any effect geek. Honestly, they could have must made the pedal with regular Mix, Regen, Delay controls, but preserved the sound quality, and I would have still wanted it. But knowing the guys at Chase Bliss, they would never have stopped until every parameter was exploitable. That’s why I love those guys. Maximum delivery in every single pedal.

  163. I’d love to have this both aesthetic and sonic beauty and the beast. My twitter account is @ManuelLatorreJr
    Thank you very much for the chance!

  164. There are many analog delays, but I doubt that there’s another that calls my attention as much as this one. I want one… :-)

  165. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of creative juices flowing out of my brain once i get my hands on a tonal recall and a gravitas.

  166. How could this pedal get any better? Analog with tap, midi, expression, and tons of possibilities. Since I first heard of this pedal I’be been wanting to actually hear it! Lol. Thanks for the great review.

  167. If I won this pedal, the thing I would be most thrilled about is the expression pedal compability. Controlling delay time in realtime, now that’s sick! Also the fact that this pedal is so flexible in sound with the tone knob, that is a very nice feature. God I hope to win this pedal!! :D

  168. This pedal looks and sounds amazing! I’ve had my eye on it since the day it came out. Could only dream of winning this baby in a giveaway. My hopes are up.

  169. Chase Bliss has so quickly risen the ranks of pedal manufacturers. We sorely needed such a revolutionary design concept. The molding and digital and analog has always been a huge challenge, but there is such a huge market for it that it’s worth it if you can do it.

  170. Joel is making some of the craziest pedals right now. I love all the awesome stuff he’s been coming out with. Especially at such a small size.

  171. I love the way this unit covers nearly everything a guitarist looks for in an analog delay, while retaining an all analog signal path. I also think the design is attractive and pedalboard friendly. I would like to link two of these for expansive soundscape design.

  172. In my opinion this is the best sounding delay one can get, it may not be as versatile as a Strymon Timeline. The sound and authentic feel make up for that, keep up the lovely reviews Gabriel.

  173. It’s been a long time since I have been this impressed with a pedal after watching the video by Knobs. Would love to add this to my pedalboard, if only the pricetag was a little less pricey…

  174. I have not gotten a chance to try one of these yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands on one! As an EE student, this is pedal is truly impressive, and a perfect marriage of analog and digital electronics. However, there seems to be one barrier that no analog delay pedal has broken. That barrier is delay time. I’m not aware of any analog delay that goes much beyond 1000ms. This would be really cool for guitarists who love to experiment with extremely slow music like doom and drone. Keep up the great work Chase Bliss!

  175. This pedal has been on my wish list for ages! Such fascinating possibilities! I feel like you don’t see a whole lot of soundscaping in technical metal, but I’m here to change that!

  176. seriously, this thing is a beast……and the way it reflects lights from above bc of the chasis is just crazy awesome. sounds soo good, clear and pummeling. gonna become an integral part of my rig

  177. This pedal is just perfect… Sounds amazing, with a lovely analogue delay… Does amazing things with the digital control… And looks amazing! Brilliant and helpful review as well, LOVE IT.

  178. I have been looking for a new delay to replace my MF-104M and this is one that popped up on my radar. I really love the tap tempo feature but I’m also a huge nerd for dotted 8th note delays too. After watching a bunch of videos, this is in my top three choices so far. A friend of mine actually has one so I was able to play with it for a while at his house. It sounds great, not too lofi for analog delay pedal. I also love the small footprint it leaves on your board.

  179. Sooooo many comments!

    I used my MKII Warped Vinyl as an always on pedal to transport sound into another space. Whether or not I win this giveway, I’m buying one. I’d love to win though. Tonal Recall in really the most compact modulated delay. I don’t want JHS’ Panther or EHX DMM1100. I WANT THIS ONE!

  180. Thanks for the review. I enjoy the sound of the pedal but find the max 1/2 delay time to be curious. I wonder what all those options could do with a full second or two of delay. Wondering what they’ll come up with next. I mean this and Spectre within a year, I wonder if they’ll create the mother of all octave/filter/envelope pedals…

  181. Holy wow. Pretty slick design, and LOADED with features. If you didn’t, watch the video reviews to see just a glimpse of what this incredible pedal (or string of pedals!) can accomplish!

  182. Unit looks and sounds stunning, need this bad boy to add smooth textured layers to my music … and #0001 would just be immense bragging rights!

  183. hands down the best analog delay out there. it would be really sick to have. self oscillation is awesome and love the color scheme too

  184. It’s 100% all-analog? Yep this should be enough, but this is also a full fashinating device, really iconic relic piece. Only one flaw: it’s not yet mine

  185. Man I better win this thing – you made us jump through some hoops here! I plastered a picture of a delay pedal all over my FB page for heaven’s sake – that is going to confuse a lot of FB friends out there. Boy, it’ll be worth it for this thing though, what a cool pedal – I am a delay junkie, and I need this.

  186. I love delay. It’s the bras and panties of my guitar session. You never get enough. Apologies for the reference but it was the first thing off my mind and I’m just rolling with it. I use an original boss DM 2 a carbon copy, el capstan and I also have a kilobyte I like to use. I’m able to get the bright delay to dark delay tones reasonably enough and they all have their perfect settings. A couple things though that make the tonal recall truly set apart. 1. Analog. 2. Tap tempo w/subdivisions(the only thing I really need for something like this) 3. The dip switches to fully customize and shape the sound which is very hard to do on every pedal given the amount of tone control you have and sometimes the difficulty(like inner trim pots) overall I’m really into the tonal recall. I haven’t been able to try one but I can guarantee if I get the first one I’m not going to put it in a museum but I’m gonna play the damn thing and enjoy it. Delay has this amazing ability to shape notes that can seem flaccid and boring into a melodic and beautiful movie scene. Truly amazing. When I got my first delay pedal (DM2) I was just taken to another world of music i had never been. Never going back either. Thanks for the great giveaways and awesome reviews!!!

  187. Looks like alot of hard work and thought was put into making this stand out above the rest. Definitely would love to add this to my board.

  188. Thank you for explaining the history behind the components- Joel spent a ton of time and energy to put this together!

  189. I’ve been Salivating over Chase Bliss pedal’s for a long time. They are a little out of my ptice range :(
    I’m really hoping this is the time :)
    Gimme Gimme Gimme (please)

  190. That would be a very nice friendship for my lonely Bogner. I guess they would love each other and because of that I would be happy too ;¬)

  191. This pedal is incredible. I drove two hours to try this pedal out (And a few others) and I was not disappointed. Saving up.

  192. Great read, and man, what a pedal. That thing sounds incredible. As a delay junkie, I’d love to add it to the board… what a wave of sonic possibilities it can create!

  193. What a great, thoughtful and detailed article! I read the article before listening to the demos and appreciate the history you provided and the full disclosure of your part in the pre-release of the pedal. The sounds are lush and beautiful and haunting. I have a greater appreciation for the pedal having read the article and learning about what went into developing this pedal and the history of the components from earlier analog delay pedals. Thanks!

  194. I’m a big fan of the original. Arnold’s humor is my favorite part. This new one takes itself very seriously. That’s not good.

    The film, after a good start and middle, falls apart at the end. From the moment Bryan Cranston arrives on the scene, the deterioration begins — and I love Cranston. But the story has no convincing finish.

    Not a must see for everyone, but an almost-must see for fans of the original. It’s nice to see the way they’ve integrated their references to the original.

  195. I actually really liked the lofi vibe of the first iteration of this pedal, but the “cleaner” version is arguably much more usable for the average guitarist. I want to enevitebly run it with a flux effects stereo analog delay whenever that hits the market. The sound that makes will surely be magic!

  196. evvvvvvery Chase Bliss pedal is unbelievable! i would love anything they make, especially the Tonal Recall or Warped Vinyl.

  197. This is one of the best delay pedals I’ve ever seen, at the perfect size to fit on my board. Need… Neeeeeed…

    Great blog, guys. Keep up the excellent work!

  198. It just does not get any better then this!! Looking forward to try one after reading this review and listening to the videos!!

  199. I’m totally rockin this! I’m looking to expand my didgeridoo set with a pedal board and FX and this delay pedal is top of my list – pure analogue bliss. I’ve gotta get one!

  200. I’ve been following Chase Bliss’ effects releases since the Warped Vinyl showed up at my LGS. Wish I could dedicate the investment required to get such a great effect.

  201. One of my favorite delays. I’m always impressed how Chase Bliss can add all those parameters on a single pedal and ALL are useable, no dial or option feels forced.

  202. I’ve already seen this pedal reviewed, er… elsewhere, on the ‘net, and my immediate response was ‘Gimme one!’ because I like the name. But honesty prompts me to say that I wouldn’t buy one, and if I won one I’d probably keep it purely as a collector’s item.

    Simply put, it has a lot that I like. I only know of one other pedal that offers the ‘trails’ feature, it offers a really fast double-slapback, and it’s analogue, to name the big three, but it also contains just so much of the things I hate about stomp pedals. I don’t want a computer under my feet, I want a box that will work if I tap it in my posey vegan sandals but won’t buckle under the weight of my vintage blue suede creepers (Which I wear when I’m playing with tall people to make me look 3″ bigger), with as few knobs and flick switches as is possible for me to kick and break with the aforementioned footware. And whilst I’m sure that a lot of people will appreciate the MIDI feature, I object to paying for it because I don’t want it.

    On its basic feature, echo, the thing you’re actually buying it for, it seems to lag behind the Vox Double Decca, the Nux Time Core, and Marshall’s Echohead (One of the pedals that I had stolen which I, er, may have mentioned before somewhere, may Groundhog Day fall on Hallowe’en for the perpetrator etc. etc…). It’s saving graces appear to be its noise free operation, and the grunch it can generate when you twiddle the tone knob down. The gigs I do I doubt anyone would even notice.

    So I’m left here wondering whether I should just post this and not bother with putting the picture on Facebook, thereby disqualifying myself from the compo, particularly since I don’t have an FB account as far as most people are concerned, or whether I should post it anyway since this is obviously an attempt to further the advancement of the best pedals review site on in the internet.

    Watch this space.

  203. this pedal sounds lovely. perhaps shamelessly commenting here to be eligible for the giveaway, but if I had to make a case for my selection, I would say that this would be a welcome addition to my double bass w/ cassette tape manipulation setup. cheers!

  204. I would use this between the board and amp – it could then be applied to any/all of what comes out of my looper-array – yes, this is my pedal – so, I’ll wait for it by the mailbox –

  205. I’ve never heard it in person, but from the video an audio samples, I can tell it’s one of the most good sounding and great looking delays ever made.

    So many options and tweakability in a simple and small design, hope I win it!!!

  206. Spoken with too many guitar teachers and heard so much.

    Can only say this would fit my pedalboard extravaganza and I could reach the stars with the most pristine delays.

    A real requirement!

  207. Well, it could be my only effect between amp and guitar. It’s so complete, there are so much features that you can be innovative and creative just with it. A wonderful pedal to wish!!

  208. i’ve heard it live and it was really, really good.

    talked to the designer and this company has some great ideas.

    so, i want.

  209. Are you serial? A numero 00001 Chase Bliss “Tonal Recall”?! If this were mine, it would only come out for recording or personal tweakage. Mos def NOT a gig pedal! Not even for my board. This is “Glass Case” gear. (In love). Just like Benny said in the movie, “Baby, you make me wish I had three hands.” Although, I suppose in this case, an expression pedal would be more practical. Love Chase Bliss! Love BGFX! Cheers and good luck to ALL!

  210. Looks like chase bliss knocked it out of the park with this one. I have always longed for the true sound of analogue delay with tap tempo and presets.
    I would love to hear how a this would sound through my kora (21 string africa harp) mmm one can only dream!

  211. I’m super excited for this pedal! If I don’t win it, I’ll still buy one. Everything Chase Bliss does is incredible. Good Job!

  212. I have the production run version, but I love the lo-fi sound in the first knobs demo. If i could get another delay, it would be cool to get one of those

  213. This seems to be a really good analogue delay…but with all the stuff it offers, I am a bit suprised they didn’t add an effects loop for the wet signal. This can be remedied easily of course but you need another pedal to do it.

  214. This pedal looks incredible. I remember talking with an employee at Guitar Center a little over a year ago about which were the best delay pedals. Strymon came up of course, and how they combined great sounds with midi programming capability and presets. But we also discussed the fact that digital delay pedal makers still hadn’t figured out a way to totally emulate the analog delay sound. “wouldn’t it be great if somebody combined midi capability/presets with analog circuitry,” I mused. About a year later. This glorious looking and sounding pedal comes out. Want want want…

  215. This pedal Total Recall is like being high as a kite everytime you step on it. Time and space is everlasting! Everyone should get atleast one!

  216. I so want one of these. I think it would be a blast to pair it with an EQD Transmisser and my EF Blackfly. Maximum music destruction.

  217. I don’t claim to be an expert in delay pedals, but looking at demos of this and other competitor products this one looks fantastic. I don’t own a delay pedal but I’d love to win this, after listening to my cousin use a delay to perfect his rig I was inspired to find one for myself. I believe it would add the final edge to my Tele & Vox configuration. I love your reviews. THANKYOU!!

  218. I’ve been on the lookout for a good analog delay to go with the current digital delay I’ve got and this looks like the current king. The tone in the latest knobs video is just amazing, and I’d love to get my hands on one. Really interested to see what they do next, a fuzz might be cool though.

  219. Hard not to be stoked about this pedal.

    Love pedals that are tonally modular.

    This one deserves some music just crafted around it.

  220. I am no expert on delay pedals, but what I can say is that this pedal seems incredible. I love the complexity of it. I can definitely see some Radiohead inspired songs coming from using this. Huge fan of Chase Bliss Audio, would definitely love to get my hands on one of these!

  221. There is Just Enough room on my board for the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall. Please pick me as I’d Cherish this Delay above All Other Pedals.

  222. As an ECE/embedded software developer who’s very interested in pedals I instantly love any chase bliss effect even for the technology used itself.

  223. Just like Benny said in the movie, “Baby, you make me wish I had three hands.” Although, I suppose in this case, an expression pedal would be more practical.

  224. Mmmm… everything Chase Bliss has put out so far is original and sounds fantastic. Crazy how much they pack into that little box.

  225. “Okay Test Subject #0714, we’re going to have the machine here scan your brain for feedback on how to build the ultimate delay pedal. Think of anything and everything you could possibly want in a delay, and we’ll see what we can incorporate into our new design.”
    [After ten minutes of brain-scanning]
    “…But that’s impossible… That’s too many features. You can’t really expect us to put that all in one pedal? It would have to be huge.”
    “No. It’s got to be regular size.”
    “But how can we fit all of those controls—”
    “Switches. Use lots of switches.”
    “But we already have—”
    “Find room for more switches! Use the side if you have to!”
    “Can’t you just be happy with a super nice sounding delay?”
    “No. Everything needs to be controllable. Must satisfy OCD demon in my head.”
    “But it would take you two weeks to even scratch the surface of all those—”
    [Subject starts pulling at corners of mouth] “…two… weeks… twoo… weeeeeks…”
    [Richter takes notice from the hallway.] “Quaid. That’s Quaid!”
    [Test Subject’s head splits open, revealing Quaid] “You blew my covaaah!”
    [Quaid throws the dummy head to the group of scientists] “See you at the party, Richter!”
    [The head explodes as Quaid leaps to safety]
    The End.

    This pedal is really cool.

  226. Pedal looks incredible, amazing write up and review, can’t wait try it out some day. Good job best guitar effects and incredible as always Chase Bliss(Love Joel!)

  227. If I could just have this Pedal now, i would probably get rid of all my other delay Pedals. This ohne seems just perfect for all my Delay needs and it doesn’t take up too much of my precious PedalBoard Real-Estate