Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII Review – Best Analog Vibrato/Chorus Pedal?

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Last modified:October 8, 2016



As we said in the beginning of our original Warped Vinyl review, “the Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl might just be the most ambitious analog pedal ever designed.” It’s a pedal that defied what guitarists thought an analog stompbox was capable of. It packed in more features and controllable parameters than had ever been seen in an analog pedal of its size, and most importantly, the Warped Vinyl sounded absolutely beautiful. Without a doubt the Warped Vinyl was an instant classic. Now the Warped Vinyl MKII is here, and as we’ve already sung the praises of the original Warped Vinyl and the genius of Chase Bliss Audio, this review of the Warped Vinyl MKII will focus primarily on the differences between the two pedals and assess any improvements and/or disadvantages between the two. You can visit our original Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl review for an in-depth analysis of the MKI as most of what we said still applies to this pedal. Here’s a quick rundown of the initial spec changes that have been made.

Warped Vinyl MKI vs Warped Vinyl MKII


The Warped Vinyl MKII has several noteworthy improvements over its predecessor. These include:

Dedicated Tone control for the wet vibrato voice

Reduced noise

Slightly wider vibrato pitch range

Greatly expanded MIDI control including CC control of all knob functions.

Users can now select MIDI Channels 1-16. (MKI was preset to MIDI Channel 5).

122 user preset slots savable/selectable via MIDI. MKI had only 2 presets.

Dip-switches now mounted on the top side.

MKII So Soon?

It wasn’t Chase Bliss Audio’s intention to render the Warped Vinyl obsolete by releasing the MKII. It’s just a matter of striving ever further towards perfection. While some companies factor in planned obsolescence in their development plan, Chase Bliss Audio just found ways that their product could be improved and brought these changes to market as soon as possible. The original Warped Vinyl was already ahead of the curve in terms of sounds and features. The Warped Vinyl MKII may just put other chorus/vibrato pedals further behind in the dust. Here’s a list of the Warped Vinyl MKII’s other features before we dive into our Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII review.


  • All-analog signal path.
  • Ramp control knob can be set to control any of the 5 parameters (Volume, Mix, RPM, Depth, Warp) individually or simultaneously via dip switches on the back of the pedal. Controls the ramp time in which this takes place.
  • Tone (Ramp) control knob dials in the tone of the wet vibrato voice when no Ramp dip-switches are in use. All the way clockwise is transparent and shimmery, and all the way counter-clockwise is dark and murky.
  • Volume control knob sets the level of the effect.
  • Mix control knob can be set from 100% wet, to 100% dry, or anything in-between.
  • RPM control knob sets the rate of the vibrato. Can be overridden by the tap tempo switch.
  • 1 – 2 – 3 (3 – 6 – 8) toggle switch sets the tap division for tap tempo. A dip switch on the back accesses the “3 – 6 – 8” divisions.


  • Depth control knob sets how wide the vibrato goes. Crank it clockwise for insane, pitch-bending modulation.
  • Warp control knob sets the center point of the modulation. Set it counterclockwise to make the wave ramp up quickly and down gradually. Set it clockwise to make the wave ramp up gradually and down quickly. Set it at noon for a perfectly symmetrical wave.
  • Left Wave Shape toggle switch sets the first half of the wave modulation. Left for sine, middle for triangle, right for square.
  • Right Wave Shape toggle switch sets the second half of the wave modulation. Left for square, middle for triangle, right for sine.
  • Bypass footswitch activates or bypasses the effect via true relay bypass. Can by changed to a momentary bypass via a dip switch in the back of the pedal.
  • Tap Tempo footswitch sets the tap tempo and always honors the last two stomps.
  • Preset toggle switch recalls presets. Middle position reflects current knob positions, right position recalls right preset, and left position recalls left preset.
  • Exp input jack allows expression pedal control of parameters selected via dip switches on back of pedal.
  • Tap input jack can be used for tap input or output with a regular ¼” instrument cable.
  • Powered by 9-volt battery or 9VDC power adapter (consumes ~25mA).

Dip Switches:

  • Volume, Mix, RPM, Depth, and Warp dip switches on the left side simply turn that parameter on or off for ramping or expression pedal capability.
  • Volume, Mix, RPM, Depth, and Warp dip switches on the right side control whether the parameters rise or fall in ramp mode. This also affects the direction of movement with an expression pedal.
  • Bounce dip switch makes parameters go back and forth (i.e. modulate) or ramp and hold.
  • Lo-Fi dip switch makes signal noisier with some fidelity loss for authentic warped vinyl record sound effects.
  • MoByp dip switch activates momentary bypass, activating pedal only when Bypass footswitch is pressed in.
  • Tap Control dip switch allows tap tempo to modulate RPM rate (v) or Ramp speed (r). Bounce needs to be on to modulate Ramp speed.
  • Tap Division dip switch selects from “1, 2, 4” tap divisions (1) to “3, 6, 8” tap divisions (3).
  • Sweep dip switch selects where Ramp sweeps. In “t” (top) the ramping (or expression control) will occur between the current Ramp knob position and the max position (fully clockwise). In “b” (bottom) the range is set between the current knob position and the minimum position (fully counterclockwise).

Visit Chase Bliss Audio for more info about the Warped Vinyl MKII.

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See the lowest price on eBay.

Sound & Performance:

How do you improve on something that’s near perfect? The original Warped Vinyl was designed to emulate the wobbly, swampy, lo-fi sounds of an old record player, and it did a remarkable job capturing that vibe. But at its core the Warped Vinyl MKII is an analog chorus/vibrato pedal and fits into general use as such. In this review I’m going to touch on some of the Warped Vinyl MKII’s features in detail and discuss how this pedal compares to the MKI.


The sound and vibe of the original Warped Vinyl, while wonderful to many guitarist’s ears, is still perhaps an acquired taste. The dry voice does have an almost hi-fi quality thanks to the premium components Chase Bliss Audio employs in their builds, but the wet vibrato voice is altogether different. It has a dark, mellow, heavily high-passed analog tone that gives the original Warped Vinyl its signature sound. The downside to some guitarists is that this limits the pedal’s utility to chorus/vibrato effects with that specific lo-fi tonality. While Chase Bliss Audio was offering switchable mods to customers wanting a brighter chorus/vibrato effect, the MKII solves this issue altogether while offering a greater range of sounds than the mods provided. The Warped Vinyl MKII’s Tone knob is a most welcome improvement as it opens the pedal’s range of tones to compete with any clean analog chorus/vibrato sound, easily besting most that come to mind. And if you dial in the Tone knob somewhere between 9-11 o’clock, you’ll find a dark sound that’s reminiscent of the original Warped Vinyl. That means you still have MKI tones with brighter and even darker options. Very nice. While the MKI was easily the best lo-fi chorus/vibrato pedal around, the MKII now rivals any similar tones you could put it up against, while still exceeding any other analog chorus/vibrato pedal in terms of its sheer depth of control.


When putting the MKII next to the MKI it’s instantly apparent that the MKII is significantly quieter than the MKI. While the noise was part of the original Warped Vinyl’s charm, it’s relegated to “optional” on the MKII. Yes, the Lo-Fi dip-switch is still intact on the MKII. But whereas the MKI got even noisier when you activated the Lo-Fi dip-switch, the MKII goes from clean and quiet to about as noisy as the original Warped Vinyl when engaging Lo-Fi mode. This means, yes, there is a single thing missing from the MKII: the extra noisy Lo-Fi mode from the MKI. But while a very small number of MKI users may miss the extra hiss and noise, now any guitarist seeking a beautifully clean chorus/vibrato can fall in love with the pristine sounds of the MKII while still having access to comparable MKI style Lo-Fi noise if they desire. Most guitarists will find this tradeoff well worth the exchange and well worth the cost of admission.

Vibrato Range

After A/Bing the Warped Vinyl MKI & MKII repeatedly I find that the Depth and RPM range of both pedals sounds nearly identical. On extreme Depth settings you may notice a slightly extended pitch on the MKII. (This is demonstrated in the Warped Vinyl MKII review video above.) While it’s natural to notice some very slight differences in same versions of a pedal due to minor variations in analog components, for all intents and purposes, the pedals’ other parameter controls seem to have the same range of sound and effect with one other exception: the MKI in my tests seemed to have slightly more Volume output on similar settings. For example, if the MKI’s Volume was set to noon, I’d have to set the MKII closer to around 1 o’clock to match the output. Again, this is a minor issue and probably due to slight tolerances in the analog components used. I don’t think either pedal was intended to have more or less volume range, and both still have plenty of boost on tap if you need it.

Chase-Bliss-Audio-Warped-Vinyl-MKII-Best-Analog-Chorus-Vibrato-Pedal-04Top Mounted Dip-Switches

Okay, now this is a pretty big deal. It was already brilliant that Chase Bliss Audio had its array of 16 dip-swtiches poking through the bottom plate so that you didn’t have to unscrew the backplate every time you wanted to change settings. But let’s face it, there was still the issue of having to flip the pedal over every time you wanted to try a new dip-switch setting, very problematic if you’ve already mounted the Warped Vinyl to your pedalboard. The MKII solves this issue by having the dip-switches exposed through the top side of the pedal. Of course, the dip-switches are still tiny and may require a little screwdriver or pointy object to move, but this is still a much better location than the bottom. And there’s a sticker that indicates all their functions, so if you really need to change something on the fly, you can do so. (That sticker might be prone to peeling though. Here’s hoping the info can be screen printed on the pedal at some point.) The parameter label is also upside down, so you can read it clearly when looking over the pedal from above.

Chase-Bliss-Audio-Warped-Vinyl-MKII-Best-Analog-Chorus-Vibrato-Pedal-05It’s worth touching on another aspect of the Warped Vinyl MKII that less technically inclined guitarists show know. Even if you never touch the 16 dip-switches, the Warped Vinyl MKII provides more than enough control via its surface controls to make this the only analog chorus/vibrato pedal you should probably be looking to buy. If you’re not using the Ramp functions, the you’ll only need the “tone” aspect of the Tone (Ramp) knob anyway. And regarding the closeness of the foot-switches, if you’ve already set your vibrato rate via the RPM knob, don’t worry if you accidentally step on the Tap foot-switch when activating the pedal. Just give a hefty stomp over the whole foot-switch area to activate or bypass the pedal. A single stray stomp on the Tap foot-switch won’t change the tempo. In a pedal where both foot-switches activate different sounds, the closeness could be an issue but not as much when one is assigned to a tap tempo function.

MIDI Presets

Okay, this is where the the Warped Vinyl MKII starts to get especially interesting for tech-savvy guitarists. While it was neat that the MKI had the little flip-switch for Live mode and recalling 2 onboard presets, the MKII retains that while adding 122 MIDI savable/recallable presets. For professional guitarists who use a MIDI effects switcher/router this is a real convenience as you can now access a multitude of chorus/vibrato sounds with ease. Anyone who invests in a premium grade pedal such as this will want to get the most out of it and stretch the creative potential. The huge amount of presets helps, especially on an analog pedal. Oh and, all knob, flip-switch, dip-switch, and tempo settings can be saved and recalled via presets. Very, very awesome.

16 MIDI Channels

If you’re new to MIDI just know that there are 16 possible channels on which a device can send or receive MIDI messages. The original Warped Vinyl was preset to receive messages on MIDI Channel 5 (as is the MKII). But what if you want to use 2 Warped Vinyls with MIDI? What if you want to assign the Warped Vinyl to a different channel? What if another device is already using channel 5? No worries. Power up the MKII while holding both foot-switches. Then let go. Send a program change from the MIDI channel you want to set the MKII to and, voilà, your Warped Vinyl MKII is now set to a different MIDI channel. For MIDI users, this is very welcome news. And yes, there’s more…

Advanced MIDI Parameter Control

This is my personal favorite new feature of the Warped Vinyl MKII. Chase Bliss Audio added extra MIDI control allowing CC (continuous controller) messages to take control of the parameter knobs in real-time. You can also control the expression sweep and Tap functions via CC messages. I’ve already been using Ableton Live to sync the Warped Vinyl MKII to MIDI Clock and trigger clips that change parameters with manually programmed effect automation. If the Ramp and ModuShape flexibility somehow isn’t enough deep enough for you, MIDI CC control offers a whole new world of creative possibilities. You can even choose different Note Divisions to change the rate while keeping it locked in time with MIDI Clock. And yes, you can still activate/bypass the pedal via MIDI CC #102 as before.

It’s important to note that to use the MIDI functionality, you’ll need either an Empress Effects Midibox or an adapter from Disaster Area Designs. A dedicated MIDI jack wouldn’t have fit into the Warped Vinyl MKII’s small enclosure, so the ¼” Tap jack does double duty here. Guitarists who just plug in and stomp won’t miss the MIDI functions, but pro MIDI guitar rigs will find the extra adapter well worth picking up.

All of these changes and improvements represent Chase Bliss Audio’s different kind of design philosophy in comparison to many of the other pedal builders out there. While the Warped Vinyl was only out for a barely over a year, Chase Bliss Audio received plenty of positive feedback and input from customers and industry peers. They knew a better product was in reach, and they released it as soon as possible to the benefit of guitarists who asked for these extra features. At this point I can think of very little that might improve this stellar pedal. Perhaps if the output had a TRS stereo option, that would be nice for some setups. I’d personally love to hear this lush chorus in stereo. Other than that, Chase Bliss Audio have made a product that’s difficult to argue against as the best analog chorus/vibrato pedal available… and possibly ever made.

For more in-depth review coverage about the Warped Vinyl’s Ramp functions see our original Warped Vinyl review. And be sure to watch the Warped Vinyl MKII review video above for side-by-side tone/feature comparisons and sound examples.

Chase Bliss Audio has made one of the best guitar pedals released in recent years even better. Let’s see the final result.



The Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII is still one of the best analog chorus/vibrato pedals ever created. This pedal outclasses nearly every other analog chorus/vibrato pedal that springs to mind when it comes to range of sounds, features, and overall tonal quality. The creative potential this pedal offers is unmatched, and yes, it even tops the original Warped Vinyl. If the dark, Lo-Fi only sounds of its predecessor kept you from buying the MKI, there’s no excuse now as the MKII can be cleaner, quieter, and more shimmery and lush while still capturing MKI-style tones when you want them. The expanded MIDI control and 122 presets also make the MKII ideal for adding to MIDI guitar rigs. I highly doubt a better analog chorus/vibrato will come along again unless Chase Bliss Audio releases a Warped Vinyl MKIII.

That concludes our Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII review. Thanks for reading.


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    Definitely could see some creative uses for this bad boy on the board. Warped Vinyl is truly the best name for describing the sounds this pedal can make. I wish more pedal makers would start thinking outside the box, and start developing more things like this. Winning this would make my year!

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  21. Mitchell Misyk says:

    At the end of the day, could anybody actually choose between these pedals? Chase Bliss audio is making some of the coolest pedals ever! Simple as that.

  22. Joshua holt says:

    Hey guys, this is one of the most complex pedals I have played with on the market, and I love it!! I own a gravitas and can do so much with it! I’m looking for a chorus that hits the spot and saw the giveaway on Instagram. I think chase bliss audio needs to make their own version of the empress paraeq! With a dual in and out so the pedal is both first and last in your chain, using the same tech that allows different presets and the gravitas you could use it as a tone filter at the beginning of your chain and a last tone corrector at the end! This would come in handy to me!!! I would buy it for 500 if they could make it

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    I bought the Gravitas a couple days ago and wow, also great tone! With very similar feature set, its very familiar setup. The workmanship and attention to detail is also top notch. The Warped Vinyl MkII is next on my radar and also can’t wait to see what Joel comes up with next!

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    This pedal really has a beautiful noiseless sound and the chorus is subtle unlike many simple chorus sounds that tend to be a little too harsh in a way sometimes. I would love to own such an expressive pedal on my board!

  87. The ramp knob and the tap divisions choice impact on the sound is just wonderful. Just so many options available! Any guitarist having one of these on his or her record or on live performances would probably be helping to bring a new wave of guitar sound into the mix. The world needs more original effect pedals with great tone and not bad replicas of earlier famous effects. Nice review!

  88. Man, this thing is crazy! Tone is rad, but would hurt my head fooling around with and learning the settings. That’s a good kind of hurt, though.

  89. I’m normally not a huge fan of chorus pedals, but this sounds absolutely fantastic and is definitely something I’d consider incorporating in my pedal board.

  90. niklas Mard says:

    Finally my dreams of making my guitar sound like a seasick cruise passenger from the 30s has been realized! Thanks Chase Bliss Audio!

  91. Such an incredibly cool pedal, chase bliss is quality manufacturer and with all those dip switches I’m ready to get lost.

    You guys never fail to go into depth on these reviews

  92. This pedal is well worth it’s price. The sounds you can create really leave behind the rest choruses I’ve tried. You need this. I need this.

  93. Steven Razey says:

    Sounds really cool. I like how he took consumer feedback into consideration of the mk II. Giving the people what they want

  94. Evangelos Sakkas says:

    I love this pedal. I see it on other people’s board on the internet. I want to be those people. I am ready.

  95. Love the dip switches. how do they get so much into one pedalboard friendly box? simply amazing.

  96. i want to know what love is…….i want Best Guitar Effects to shoooowwww meeeeeeee………

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  98. This thing is crazy. I love the white.

  99. I’ve always wanted a warped vinyl but could never afford it. Chase Bliss Audio seems like one of the more prestigious and dare I say “classy” effects on the market today. As much as I would love to slap this pedal on a shelf and watch it increase in value, I think I would have to make room on the board for it. I don’t understand how he does it, but somehow Captain Korte manages to create the best sounding effects and fit them inside a 1590B enclosure… With exterior dip switches! AMAZING! I’d be happy with any of these three gifts of God, but I feel like the warped vinyl is the crème de la crème of Chase Bliss Audio.

  100. Amazing vibrato/chorus, gotta have it.

  101. Love all the options in these pedals

  102. Would definitely be stoked to add a Chase Bliss to my board… or 3! Would prob use these in the studio tho since they’re all serial #5. Pedals, like guitars, are meant to be played and these have almost a lifetime of tweakability.

  103. Would love to get my hands on this for a project I am working on.

  104. Å fyy faen i hælvete, not gonna kiss ass, but its an awesome piece, and i do want it, and if i get it im gonna be thankfull and be a better person, and think of all of those other people who dont have pedals, or guitars, or internet

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  106. Whoah, and I thought the first one was crazy.

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    Wow that’s a pretty sick pedal. Such versatile and awesome sounding chorus/vibrato. I need it very badly! Would be killer to win this this… As always, good Review!

  108. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧☆*

  109. I wish these were more readily available in my country…. Would love to win it!

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    Thank you for this giveaway. I would absolutely love to win this pedal. It sounds amazing. Just what I need.

  111. Excellent and in depth review. Looking forward to getting my hands on one.

  112. Man, this is an amazing pedal. It would fit greatly in my pedalboard.

  113. Cody Burrell says:

    The warbles are beautiful this time of year.

  114. I grabbed one of the first 50 of the original Warped Vinyl. It was one of those pedals you get from an indie builder that completely blows you away. From the look and feel to the quality of the build to the options, the sound quality – I just knew great things were going to come out of this guy’s head and small company. And they have, faster than I expected! His stuff is so good that I will keep my WV MK1 when I get a MK2, it’s just too good to get rid of.

  115. This would be fun to record with!

  116. By the beard of Zeus!

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    Joel Korte should add flanger pedal to the line.
    But if he wants to do something different: I would like to get a ultra tweakable octave divider.

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  134. (((( i hope im entered ))) This Pedal Looks and Sounds Amazing !!!!!!!!! i hope i get a chance to win this in your giveaway !!!! right now im using a Rocktron Deep Blue that a friend let me borrow for some original song recordings and its ok just kinda big for a chorus pedal ,, Thanks Guys at ” ” KEEP ON ROCKING and ROLLING

  135. Never would have considered MIDI for a chorus pedal. Now I’m not sure I can live without it.

  136. It’s so good to be true…

  137. Looks awesome – should sound great with bass as well.

  138. Samuel Drew-Rumoro says:

    So pretty

  139. i really would love to win the Warped Vinyl MKII because i already got the MK I and i had a long conversation with the inventor & builder himself about a stereo version. He asked me for the reasons for a stereo version and i think i had some thoughts on it i could share. With the win of a MK II i could realize this stereo version which for me would be so great as i could use them then for the stereo output of synths or to send complete subgroups or mixes through. IT WOULD BE FAN_TAS_TIC *** Cheers from Berlin, Chris

  140. Andrew Kell says:

    This has so many options i could spend forever playing with this thing 0.0

  141. Another awesome in depth review, this pedal is a must buy

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  143. Beautiful sounding vibrato pedal. This may be the only feasible competitor for an old VB-2, and so much more!

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    I can hear how this would add serious dynamics to my Moog Sub 37!

  145. Ohhh man, this is my dream pedal.

  146. This is so killer. What a creative powerhouse.

  147. Lucas Benkenstein says:

    I would like to try one of this, but I am concerned about so many switches and options, I may end up spending too much time setting it up than playing.

  148. Great review for a great pedal, I can only dream of what I can do with this pedal. I’ll have to save for a long time to buy it.

  149. Sylvan Zylstra says:

    I’ve been looking around for a good modulation pedal for a while, I’ve tried a few but none have been able to really satisfy me. I’ve had my eye on the Warped Vinyl for quite a while, I really like the grittiness and the feeling it gives you like you’re listening to something from very long ago. A tone that traveled a century through time to be heard by you now. I really like the versatility offered by the pedal as well. I’m the sort of player who really likes tuning in unique and fitting sounds to create very cinematic effects in the songs I write. I could use this for a very warbled opening line that sets the stage in an old film. I can see it working well for a jazzy lead line, make it sound like ghosts are coming out of the speakers. I want to see what chase bliss does with reverb next, I could see a reverb pedal in the same vain as being phenomenal.

  150. Great review and absolutely agree. Chase bliss is probably the most creative new company out there. It’s kinda insane the quality and level of creativity coming from them.

  151. Ricardo higareda says:

    Great review once again. I, agree, that this pedal would be awesome in stereo. I think that the dip switches are a genius idea. I hope they make a fuzz and/ or delay soon.

  152. Want one bad. Really wish chase bliss would do a smart stereo pan tremolo. Almost every guitar rig starts mono and somehow must get into stereo, often after some great mono effects. Panning at a tempo synced to (or divided/multiplied by) the mod tempo of prior effects can give them a stereo feel. I know im not the only one who wants a pan tremolo with tempo tap outs!!!

  153. holy smoke. talk about raise the bar. this thing is a beast

  154. I’m not even sure I’m creative enough for this pedal’s capabilities.

  155. cool!

  156. I like having fine control of my effects, and the “Warped Vinyl MKII” looks like it will foot the bill!

  157. Bartosz Wilk says:

    Stunning. That incredible sound and so many features in one box. I’d love to try it in person.

  158. This pedal looks amazing! I’m lusting hard for this.

  159. Something about this company’s stuff- induces lust.

  160. Sexiest pedal ever!

  161. Kevin L. Gibbs says:

    I would use one of these for that real smokey, dreamy tone that gives fluid space to your guitar!

  162. Jake Zavaglia says:

    please let me win this im so poor

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  164. The MIDI functionality on this looks amazing… I’m salivating…

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    I see many options there, which means many different tones to look for. Cool

  169. D R Morse says:

    This pedal looks amazing! These Chase Bliss pedals look perfect for getting that vintage, heavy 70’s tone that I crave!

  170. Dennis Dumas says:

    Whaaa! Everywhere soldout here in Europe, and sadly no reseller here in the Netherlands, so hopefully I can get my hands on the Warped Vinyl MKII somewhere/somehow else!
    It looks really great, and all the video stuff about it promisses more than I can imagine.

  171. Wow. Simply amazing :)

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    this pedal is absolutely insane, and I mean that in a good way. probably one of the most tweakable modulation pedals I’ve ever seen/heard. very, very cool.

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  185. This pedal is very sexual

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  188. So many possibilities in one pedal…I love it!

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    Lots of knobs means lots of tweaking fun to be had.

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  197. I’ve had a lot of pedals but these are the holy grail. Attention to detail and tun ability beyond comparison. Best in the biz!

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  199. Michael Kocheran says:

    Wow. SO much flexibility!

  200. Woww !! I would love to have it for the cover; ) besides the immense possibilities that gives the guitarrra . Thank you very much , fingers crossed !! :)

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  202. I sold my other vibrato pedal to get this!

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  204. I love the look of these pedals, I am such a sucker for dials and switches.

  205. i would love to seek out new tones with the warped vinyl

  206. A lot of the stuff I write is based around a low-fi / tremolo vibe! please can I win anything ah, well ok maybe not anything.

  207. Peter Andreev says:

    Incredibly unique pedal! I want it.

  208. Dan Kucera says:

    Great pedal!

  209. Chase Bliss Audio is the top pedal producer. I want this on my board – and proudly endorse!

  210. You had me on the clean chorus tones, then the vibrato. Wow…

  211. Mark Imhof says:

    I have just the place for it on my new board!

  212. David Fisher says:

    Such an overlooked pedal, it sounds so sweet and it is so versatile. Many pedals claim versatility, but few prove it like the Chase Bliss Audio pedals. I love the new updates to these MKII versions too, very cool. Thanks guys!

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  214. Carl Martin says:

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    Gracias !!!

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    sounds fantastic! I would use it for slight to extreme colour on some leads and on clean rythyms. these guys are coming up with some really usable pedals!

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    Of the 3 you’re giving away the Warped Vinyl MKII is my choice.

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    That’s a very detailed review, congrats!
    I have a wombtone and I’ve been considering getting one of those Warped Vynils as well and you just made my decision clear!
    (Although it would be even nicer to get one on your giveaway!!)

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    Analog modulation with such versatility in that small package. Quite impressive.

  235. Jakub Kozieł says:


  236. Carlos A. says:

    Big fan of analog based stuff, although I own very cool digital based stuff too but still… all the CBA pedals… they just sound like nothing else… very inspiring creative tools… beautiful stuff really. I love it!

    PS: Joel, if you’re reading this: Any plans for stereo versions of these or other stereo pedals from CBA in the future? Besides guitars & bass, I’d love to be able to use them with my stereo synths too :p

  237. Simon Lambert says:

    Just Bought the Pharaoh supreme thanks to your advises! Cant wait to try this one, probably the best modular analog pedal i’ve ever heard!

    Whould be awesome to win it ;).

  238. Nick Meyer says:

    It hardly seems possible to pack so many features into one MXR style box. I want this pedal!

  239. Tavan Kulpa says:

    I would love to experiment with this pedal! Possibly run vocals or synths through it and come up with unique sounds and mic it through an amp. Playing guitar through this would also he very fun!

  240. Blaise McFarland says:

    Awesome variations for shapes.

  241. Blaise McFarland says:

    Awesome Vibrato/Midi

  242. Blaise McFarland says:

    Awesome Vibrato/Midi

  243. I really like the attention to detail in the Warped Vinyl Mk2 pedal’s new appearance and how Chase Bliss Audio have listened to feedback from customers to include the various upgrades such as:
    The dipswitches being moved to the side for ease of access
    The ramp nob controlling tone and the ability to introduce higher frequencies
    Quieter pedal – with option to include LoFi
    Increased range in pitch bending with the depth nob
    Expanded midi pre-set ability

    I would use one in conjunction with a long reverb to create washes of sound to fill out emptier parts in pieces and to warp and stretch the notes to add interest

    Personally I would like Chase Bliss Audio to create either a reverb or delay pedal but exploring other types of reverb and delay that aren’t featured on other pedals. I also believe Chase Bliss Audio could make a great bit crusher pedal after seen the flexibility provided by the parameters in their pedals!

  244. Edwin Knollseisen says:

    ok, it’s time to throw away my old chorus

  245. Kristian Enkerud Lien says:

    Absolutely ridiculous what you can do with this pedal! The analog sound is so beautiful.

  246. well done! great review, of what appears to be an amazing pedal! thanks!

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    It’s ao awsome the owner took reviews into consideration to improve his work.

  248. Peter Homoki says:

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  251. The only thing that would be more awesome is stereo outs.

  252. You know why I’m here.

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    Great reviews great videos and great tone and sound I need these

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    I need this pedal, it has all the sounds in my head and I need to get those sounds out!! I need this and the phaser so the sounds in my head dont drive me mad.

  255. Warped Vinyl MKII

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  257. Markus klein says:

    It would look so good on my board

  258. Just so sexy, lush tones and warbles so many applications and configurations, I do want to play with one of these very much yes please, retro futuristic now. Wow!

  259. Thanks and Good luck to everyone ;)

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    I would make awesome pads and experiment with all the different tones this pedal can create.

  261. Andrea Bernardino says:

    I want one so badly!! This pedal brings your guitar tone to another world.

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    I want this in my life

  263. Awesome having a pedal with that much controllability (if that is a word). Love to add this to my board.

  264. Joel Korte is has created some wonderfully inspirational machines!
    I’d love to get my hands on one of them. Especially this one.

  265. as a WV MKI user, i can’t comment directly on this version of the pedal. but what i CAN say without ANY doubt in my mind is that the WV is a thing of incredible beauty and wonderment. i’ve been playing and experimenting with it continuously for almost a year now and it is absolutely worth every penny.

  266. looks groovy!

  267. Can’t wait to get it! Would love to see how it sounds paired with modulated delays!

  268. Ugh, this thing altered me. I watched Chase Bliss’ ‘how/why to midi’ video and promptly had what I assume to be the inevitable Midi epiphany/seizure all guitarists should experience. Needless to say I’ll be pumping up my rig with Midi controllable pedals and the Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl Mk II WILL be a part of it all. Thank you for drawing this to my attention, BestGuitarEffects!

  269. We explore a lot of vintage and global sounds. We imagine what unique and unusual music sounds like when found on a distant radio channel. Think shortwave or old AM radio. So in some of our music we strive to bring our global music sound through effects that give it this distant and mysterious quality.

    When we first saw this pedal we thought it could really help us accomplish that sound. When combined with some of the grit from our Strymon Timeline, we hope it could give us an even more unique character to the sound.

    So this one is 100% on our dream list for a pedal to help create more of a signature sound.

  270. Dan Meyers says:

    Great review and awesome pedal!

  271. Caleb Martin says:

    Looks and sound like a great pedal!

  272. Ben Galinsky says:

    Chase Bliss will bankrupt me some day…

  273. This pedal started speaking to me, and ive definitely started listening to what it has to say. If I win this give away I can hear that lush, swirling, toneful voice talk all day. I have to say that it sounds way better than my warped Pink Floyd vinyls.

  274. Wonderfull pedal. I want for my colection

  275. Gorgeous pedal.
    Now it’s got a chorus on it too! Excellent upgrade for the mkii
    This one I really like :)

  276. Super dope pedal. Would fit the niche I need filled, maybe a little too well. Please hand over the good my good friends at

  277. Aldo Rodriguez says:

    This pedal seems pretty amazing. It would most definitely compliment my board.

  278. Ryan Parke says:

    I really want one.

  279. Omar Aranda says:

    I want this pedal, I really dig the Dip switch feature !!!

  280. lukas axelsson says:

    One of the coolest pedals I know. Very unique and very special. This would be a very nice touch to my sound and I just know that it would be one of my go-to pedals and that I would use it a lot. I’m not going to lie I really, really hope that I win this pedal. / Lukas

  281. Omar Aranda says:

    The warped vynil mkII os the pedal I world like to win, really sig the 16 dip switch feature!!!

  282. I love how this pedal sounds! The warbly goodness results in such ambient/spacey vibes that would mesh perfectly with the music I make. I use guitar and synthesizers to achieve a dark, experimental, yet groovy sound which the Warped Vinyl would sound amazing mixed in…hope I win it!

  283. I want to run my whole damn mix through this thing just to see what happens!

  284. David Dockery says:

    I’d love to get one of these! I own no pedals and this’d be a good start :)

  285. Love all of the Chase Bliss stuff because they offer such high quality sound and versatility. It was really hard to pick one. Been looking for a good chorus and a tremolo, but I think a more basic tremolo would suit me and would get more use out of the many chorus/vibrato options available in the beautiful Warped Vinyl Mk II. Good luck everybody and thanks Best Guitar Effects!

  286. Absolutely gorgeous pedal. I love the warmth of it.

  287. Dylan Starczak says:

    Sounds incredible, everything that Chase Bliss do excites me and makes me want to create music more than any piece of gear has. The first time I heard the warped vinyl I was completely mesmerised and instantly sent it to all of my guitar friends, everybody was as equally impressed as I. True innovators of the guitar pedal world. Living in Australia the price is very steep, but hopefully one day I’ll get to have one in my hands and spend hours/days/weeks/years experimenting with all the things possible. Great review as well, keep it up.

  288. Lucas Barbosa says:

    Great review. I’d certainly love one of this in my gear!

  289. D paterson says:

    Oh man I’d love one of these. I’ve been trying for years to recreate these kind of half-melted dirty vinyl effects with software, but a) this goes way beyond what any plugin can currently do and b) the thought of being able to stick the guitar through this and play *live … what I love about it is it’s going way beyond the merely nostalgic, but still using those old predigital nostalgic associations we have with warp and wow and lofi to create something very singular and even experimental, so it sounds both new and really ancient … This is like sticking Boards of Canada in a stompbox. Yay!

  290. tweakers pradise

  291. Jason Sanders says:

    Truly these pedals are art. Would love to try it.

  292. Hope I win!

  293. Chris Aguilar says:

    I need this chorus/vibrato pedal! It’s the best ever!

  294. Sam Buisman says:

    Looks and sounds absolutely sweet! Analog modulation at its finest! This is hands down the most versatile chorus-vibe pedal I have ever seen. I love tweaking the knobs and messing with my pedal settings, so the Warped Vinyl MK II pedal seems just right for me.

    By the way, you should review the Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz MKII from Way Huge electronics. I own the thing and I love it, would love to hear what you have to say about it.

  295. JB SALÉ says:

    Amazing creation !

  296. Really cool seeing a vibrato together with the chorus. Removes the need for two pedals :)

  297. Clint McDuffie says:

    For everything this pedal does, it the be the first on my list whenever I put a chorus pedal on my board.

  298. This sounds awesome! Would love to pair this on top of my drives

  299. Skylar Leaf says:

    All these modulation pedals have so many options for settings, would be hard not to find a cool sound.

  300. OOH! ARGH!

  301. Joshua Warner says:

    I would love to use this with my electric cello! :-)

  302. Sounds like the real thing!

  303. Alejandro Rivera says:

    Merging the very best of two worlds! Awesome!

  304. Great pedal and i love the sounds that come out it just amazing !!!

  305. Holy moly… The idea of putting the dip switches where you can actually use them is blowing my mind. This looks like a crazy versatile pedal for any pedal board, and the lo-fi character is perfect for the 70’s flavoured heavy rock sound that I’m trying to recreate! So glad I found this site while looking for fuzz pedal comparisons.

  306. Love the dark vibrato sound demo, great sounding pedal.

  307. Pedro Oquita says:

    This pedal is kinda expensive, so, please, let the poor rock on!
    Im pretty sure that this dude would make my SX Jaguar style sound
    like and SG standard.

    Peace and pedals!

  308. Nathan Huesmann says:

    My buddy just let me play this pedal and I am in love!!!

  309. Roberto Morales says:

    This thing is gorgeous!! It’s been a while since I know from this pedal and I’ve been wanting it so bad since then. I’m saving for it in case I don’t win the giveaway, haha, I know it’s worth every penny. I’m planing on having a pedalboard full of Chase Bliss pedals, I can’t wait for them to release a dirt pedal or a delay :D

  310. j thomas says:

    Knobs knobs knobs, Chase Bliss seems like the knob tweaker’s dream.

  311. Aesome pedal, keen to receive my contest prize ;)

  312. Luke Hudson says:

    I love the wacky sounds you can get out of this little pedal. I wish more people would experiment with these kind of effects in songs to see the real potential of where they could go.

  313. Jon Wymore says:

    Only suggestion would be to add stereo outs for some of these pedals other than that top of the line stuff!

  314. Danna Rodelas says:

    Nice and interesting pedal. I would love to have one of those!

  315. Dávid Gulyás says:

    Just NEED this pedal!

  316. Juanito says:

    Can’t wait to win this contest!!!!

  317. Albin Johansson says:

    This pedal looks awesome! Love the “vintagey” vibe that you can get with it. Would be interesting to see how it reacts to other pedals! Would really love this one!

  318. Jack Cameron says:

    I need to get this pedal. So awesome.

  319. It sounds beautiful…
    *drools from corner of mouth*

  320. And they say that this is the mp3 generation… totally wrong! Vinyl RULES!!! What i could do with this pedal? create a music festival with my neighbors every night in my apartment… all night long!!! The next big thing that Chase Bliss Audio can do? Suprise me!!!

  321. Daan Romein says:

    James Bond in a box, who wouldn’t want that on a pedal board?!

  322. Tyler Sherrod says:


  323. This is such an amazing sounding chorus! And It does vibrato too!!

  324. Oh my god looks fantastic. I want to win this :)

  325. I’d love to have this pedal for weird, ambient sounds. I’d also love for Chase Bliss to make a stereo reverb pedal.

  326. Mark Emmerton says:

    Like the tweakability :)

  327. Zach Rizer says:

    Would be a privilege to own any Chase Bliss stuff!

  328. I’d love to give this pedal a shot in person.

  329. Probably the best effect by Chase Bliss Audio.

  330. Jon Wymore says:

    Woah, that is some cool stuff. Joel made some great improvements to this pedal. Wouldn’t mind winning one for sure! At first didn’t dig the new look, since vinyl makes you think of black but it’s growing on me.

  331. Paul Choe says:

    lol I loved this pedals!
    wonderful sounds!

  332. Chris Aguilar says:

    This is the pedal I’ve been waiting for and will buy as soon as I sell a couple of my other pedals. I can’t wait!

  333. I agree, this may be the best. I’ve seen demos and it looks amazing

  334. Pat Cupo says:

    This pedal creates the sound I’ve been trying to replicate for years in digital audio workstations but just couldn’t dail it in. Thank you Chase Bliss Audio!

  335. This pedal seems to be as elusive as Yeti farts. Having scoured the internet i can find only 3 available; 2 of which are sold by suppliers who won’t ship to my country and the 3rd is sold by a company who has, presumably, worked out that the pedal is as elusive as Yeti farts and will only part with it in exchange for an enormous wad of cash, the larger of my two testicles, and a stuffed badger.
    The main difficulty has been tracking down a stuffed badger…
    This pedal sounds amazing.

    • Hi It’s Ruary again. I managed to track down the stuffed badger and am now the very proud and happy owner of the Warped Vinyl MKII. In the unlikely event of me winning the pedal, please choose someone else instead. I have entered the competition for the Wombtone and Gravitas: see you in those comments!

  336. Camilo Ruiz says:

    Really like the upgrades on the dip switching and i hear some difference for the better in some voicing that i like, really fine tuning the sound. liked it!

  337. man that looks awesome. i would give away my firstborn child for a chance to own one of these.

  338. Bruno Afonso says:

    My god my god my god my god my god ohhh my my

  339. Arttu Rantakärkkä says:

    Sounds awesome!

  340. Sounds pretty awesome! I hope I win this!! :D

  341. Wow, these guys sure know how to pack an insane amount of features in a small enclosure.
    I wonder what they’d come up with if they made a bigger pedal…

  342. Daniel Garcia says:

    eye and ear catcher!

  343. Christian Merizalde says:

    Sexy tone!

  344. Annabelle says:

    I really do hope Chase Bliss get around to making a Leslie sim sometime. They have the power!!

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  346. Absolutely wonderful sounds!

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    Great review. This pedal looks amazing!

  348. Beeeeeautiful!

  349. I love it, it’s probably even more useful than my Iron Ether Polytope

  350. Peter Kerr says:

    The mk2 warped vinyl is the pedal I hope to win being a fan of chorus for years, the tone and range this unit delivers is crazy…..

  351. I love this pedal!

  352. Peter Homoki says:


  353. Albert Casan says:

    I really want it!!
    My precious!!

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  355. Albert Casan says:

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  356. Albert Casan says:

    I want it …. my precious!!!

  357. Albert Casan says:

    This looks really cool!!
    I would love to get one of these!!

  358. Mike McQuain says:

    Very interesting effect. I’d love to try it out.

  359. I’m on my way to find the best chorus pedal to join my pedal/stompbox team, and five-stars pedal like this pedal would be perfect.

  360. My band uses a lot of dark / spooky texture and the broken sounding tones this can achieve is going to be a huge boost…not to mention, the surfy / 50s lounge vibrato. All the Chase Bliss pedals are sicko.

  361. Kevin Fanning says:

    I’d like to win this one

  362. Kevin Fanning says:

    sure would like to win this

  363. Kevin Fanning says:

    sure like to win this

  364. solomon steele says:

    scoop scoop

  365. Stephen says:

    This basically seems to be the ultimate analog chorus/vibrato. I would very much like to have one on my board.

  366. Francis says:

    Perfect sounds

  367. This Pedal is EPIC.. We bring the Heavy with the 8 string as well as play straight up clean.. I so want this pedal for transition on tour.. I DIG IT…!!!!!

  368. Nice demo, seems like an awesome pedal :)

  369. I want this pedal so badly. So awesome. Does Chase Bliss Audio except kidneys as a down payment?

  370. Great review and awesome pedal

  371. Jeremy Baker says:

    I would use the hell out of this pedal. I would probably tie it in with my solos when I channel my inner Gilmore. Please choose me.

  372. Joel’s a pedal genius!

  373. Gotta love that analog tones!

  374. Danny Smith says:

    Such an incredible pedal

  375. Rad pedal & want!

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    This pedal is amazing. I wonder how warped I could get with this and Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky together?

  377. I would play incredibly soft slow creepy riffs through my loop pedal then slow it down by half speed, then run it back through the warped vinyl. Thats what I would do.

  378. AndyDeath says:

    Great review! Would love to get my paws on one! Think it’d super suit new band I’ve just put together! Oh…

  379. They have done such a small in closure. It’s impressive given the features.

  380. Fernando Almela says:

    Warped Vinyl MKII. I would marry with him!

  381. I’m a control freak, so this is awesome

  382. Giovanni Frau says:

    Most versital and best sounding pedal out there. I would love to win this pedal :)

  383. it’s always fun to see an effect that’s can be configured in so many ways! Keep it up Chase Bliss.

  384. Brent Mason says:

    Sounds like a great pedal, I would love to try it out sometimes.

  385. I’d use it to play dream pop for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssss.

  386. I would use this pedal to play Radiohead’s “Thinking About You” and “Hotel Illness” by the Black Crowes. Chase Bliss Audio puts out an amazing product with many options to choose from to get the sound you want (and create new ones too). Would love to win this pedal. CBA could make a flanger or overdrive pedal, that would be awesome.

  387. James Gallagher says:

    As an admitted pedal junky and techno geek I have to get my hands on one of these!

  388. David Dalby says:

    Looks exciting!

  389. These guys are smashing it at the moment. Some ultra creative sounds at your feet. Enjoyed the depth of the review. Would love to hear chase bliss audio tackle some rotary effects paired with a fuzz.

  390. griffun01 says:

    Really inspired pedal making……….some true geniuses at work

  391. A. Evans says:

    Can definitely get some Andy Summers sounds from this.

  392. Matt King says:

    These guys are making some great pedals! Can’t wait to try one out.

  393. James Maxey says:


  394. Rodger R. says:

    I see why you gave it 5 stars. Very ethereal, dreamy sound. Awesome!

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  396. David Hadel says:

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    Love the Warped Vinyl MKII. Can’t wait ti try it.

  399. I want one of every pedal CBA makes, the sound of their pedals is just flawless. I wouldn’t even be able to choose between them if I had to! Its like choosing a Pokemon at the beginning of the game, they are just all too awesome!

  400. I want one of every pedal CBA makes, the sound of their pedals is just unparalleled by any other company in my opinion.

  401. I’m not sure honestly. The features look great, I just wonder how much of that sound is accualy useable.

  402. gotta get me some of that :)

  403. Awesome!

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    I recently started working with pedals and leaving multi effects behind. I’d love to get this one into my collection!

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  406. Amazing pedal, amazing design, revolutionary!

  407. This pedal is sex. CBA knows what they’re doing, that’s for sure!

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  409. Blaise McFarland says:

    Awesome! Would love to have one!

  410. Chris Faricy says:

    I am after insane, pitch-bending modulation. This pedal Delivers! Gimme, Gimme, Please B-)

  411. Wow! Nice vibrato and chorus! Better than MKI!

  412. Matthew Halvatzis says:

    The MkII sounds incredibly rich. I can only imagine what I could do with one.

  413. Jeffrey K Andersen says:

    I owned the mark 1 for about a month and I loved it and I played with it a ton and barely scratched the surface. Due to a family emergency i had to sell. Cause we needed the cash. I’ve been trying to get one back ever since. This is a must have. I love this pedal.

  414. I’m a pedal junkiee and these all have a happy home awaiting.

  415. My father-in-law has one of these and I just got to try it out the other day. It’s downright intimidating considering the amount of options/ possibilities. That being said, once it’s dialed in to a sweet spot or two, it sounds incredible. I love the presets option– such a nice feature. Great review, Gabriel!

  416. Sublime

  417. Dennis Gaines says:

    This thing looking AMAZING! WOW

  418. This sounds BADASS!

    Can’t wait to here(WIN) it, YEAH!

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  420. luis neiva says:

    real boutique pedal, not the usual pseudo boutique crap

  421. This pedal sounds so nice, i want one !

  422. Gabe Tonestoy says:

    As a rule, I’ve never played a chorus/vibrato pedal that I truly liked. But this one doesn’t sound much like any of the chorus pedals that I’ve played in the past, so color me intrigued! I’d love to win one of these pedals and find out if it’s perhaps the first chorus/vibrato to find a home on my board.

  423. Wow I love this. Gets me excited for a company when they are afraid to revise a current great product when they know they can do it better! I’d love to win one!

  424. Carmichael castanos says:

    Get the best out of that 2 in 1!

  425. Michael Porter says:

    I want this for my son’s next show

  426. Miguel Soares says:

    The Chase has rendered Sonic Bliss and a wild spectrum of Creative possibilities with this one of a kind alchemical machine!
    The beauty of its looks, the charm of its sounds, the haunting desire to have one to play with…
    Gratitude Joel, even if i don’t get one in the meantime the world is a better place with chase bliss (bio)machines – because they do seem to have a life of their own!

  427. Wow, can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

  428. eric scherer says:

    best sounding pedal in years

  429. Matthew mills says:


  430. Joel is a genius, and a gentleman.

  431. Chase bliss just keeps getting better!

  432. Michael Gianan says:

    Awesome stuff from Chase bliss

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    Definitely the best of the bunch, even though all the Chase Bliss pedals are amazing.

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  438. Siiiick.

  439. All i can say is wow.

  440. Finally! A chorus pedal that doesn’t sound horribly dated!

  441. Can’t wait to experiment with this. Chase Bliss seem so passionate about what they do

  442. Patrick Redford says:

    Some companies pedals like Moog’s moogerfoogers do magic thinks to your sound, Chase Bliss stuff is right up there with the best.

  443. Jordan Wagner says:

    Great review would love to try.

  444. ok, this is what i would like please.

  445. This thing sounds incredible. Chorus/vibrato has such a cool sound It would be so rad to win

  446. GoldFoilTele says:

    I can’t wait to try one of these things, the possibilities quite literally seem endless! Joel over at Chase Bliss has truly outdone himself.

  447. Jeannie Freedlund says:

    I really like this.

  448. Brett Paschen says:

    I love the Warped Vinyl.It has far more tone options than any other chorus/vibrato pedal around.It is a tone tweakers dream come true,as are all of the Chase Bliss pedals.

  449. Josiah Woods says:

    Excited to try it!

  450. I was recording all of my guitar parts to analog tape, then pressing them to vinyl, then heating the vinyl and warping it, then recording the warped tracks in order to get these sounds. Now that this pedal exists, I’m going to save a fortune!

  451. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pedal as versatile as the mkII.

  452. timdonderevo says:

    I’ve been a using the ‘garbled tape’ chorus on a POD XT to add that gritty verisimilitude to my guitar sounds – a sort of unpredictable vintage authenticity that sounds like I’m an expressive genius in a vintage studio. However, that POD patch is pretty limited, and I haven’t found any other pedal that comes close, until this beauty showed up!

    What an original and brilliant pedal. I absolutely love the tweakablility – finally Chase Bliss are putting the power in consumer’s hands (or feet in this case) and letting us configure stompboxes how we want to. If I don’t win one of these I’m going to be writing Santa.

  453. beautiful

  454. A truly unique pedal. I would love to experiment with this. The guys over at Chase Bliss seem really talented and passionate about what they are doing a well.

  455. William says:

    Chase Bliss really have broken totally new ground here with their pedals, designs, and functions. I haven’t really ever come across a pedal so tweakable or overwhelming, but it’s a great kind of overwhelming, sort of like having a swiss army knife of nothing but great, usable features.

    For me, I’ve been super interested in both iterations of the Warped Vinyl because of several options it could give me. I’ve been working on nailing down some pieces for a concept album I’ve been working on for six years now. While I’ve got the musical part mostly tweaked and set in stone, the Warped Vinyl demos inspired me to use it to complete the tonal aspect of that particular piece of music. Essentially, I want to either run a guitar and piano (keys) through the Warped Vinyl with gradual decay, using the depth, warp, and RPM to create a lo-fi, glitched out performance using settings similar to 2min23 in the demo above OR run the finished multi-track through the Warped Vinyl to gradually mash and degrade the sound to emulate a dying, dusty record player thrown through a last touch of some room-esque reverb. Perhaps even toss in a little Timeline vinyl crackle for good measure. ;-)

    That’s my master plan. Maybe y’all don’t want to hear it, so sorry if I wasted your time blabbering. The other function I’m super interested to try out with this pedal is the ramping functionality. I could really see that going well with a live performance; the ability to throw things just enough out of control and be able to bring it back under control seems like something I’d really experiment with a lot, particularly in live settings with my combinations of delay/verb/drone pedals.

    One last idea this pedal gave me was to run it in front of my SS/BS F*ck Overdrive. Since that pedal already plays so extremely well when run behind reverb, I’d love to also try running the Warped Vinyl in front of it to see how it plays with the crackle mode and my various secret formula settings/combos.

    I’m really interested in this pedal because it truly is a groundbreaking feat of tech in this industry; it’s useful, new, and very much a good kind of overwhelming. I definitely don’t see me running out of ideas with this pedal, which is all the more reason why I’m interested in getting it and incorporating it into my written music and how I approach writing/playing for new material.

  456. Bill Siepierski says:

    Mind warping

  457. I love the tones and the midi preset capabilities. Would love to add this to my setup.

  458. Just saw it yesterday and I am still under great impression. it seems like it can respond to sounds going on in my head! And an analog effect that I can put into my arsenal and blend it into something nice:) look forward to it:)

  459. This would fill a blank spot on my pedal board…sweetness.

  460. Marc Burgess says:

    A distinctive and enticing pedal with it’s own unique sound based on the subtle modulations derived from warped vinyl records. It gives an atmospheric, rhythmic warble to your guitar sound that does not overpower the original sound clarity on most settings. That said if you want it, this thing is capable of reaching outer stratospheric warp factor 9!

  461. Scott salmon says:

    Incredible pedals! So great to see such new ideas!

  462. Killian Canavan says:

    This pedal is simply extraordinary!

  463. A gorgeous pedal with a ridiculous amount of potential to make different sounds. Definitely something to have for ambient tones and allows you to expand on your creativity

  464. Nice looking pedal!!

  465. This thing sounds insane! I don’t think anyone could ever find all the usable sounds in it, but it would be fun trying.

  466. Seems like such a cool pedal!

  467. Bertram Ladner says:

    This pedal is in the top of my dream pedal list. I could probably spend a life time getting though all the possibilities!

  468. AHHHH

  469. Those dip switches on top are pushing the mkII into perfection.

  470. Jagravi Rao says:

    Quite an interesting pedal. Love the large number of control options, need to really test this.

  471. This amp looks dope. Would love to use it!

  472. same as all their other pedals — crazy tons of control options

  473. Nick Hansen says:

    This looks and sounds so cool. Would love to play with one.

  474. Daan Bossink says:

    Love the chorus effect on this one, it just sounds so amazing

  475. Hell yeah I would use this on my pedalboard for gigs for sure!

  476. Mª Victoria Gómez says:

    Sound great, I love it!

  477. This is so unique!

  478. Andrea Ragusa says:

    Amazing pedal.
    The best Chours/Vibrato (for live and studio session both).

  479. Awesome pedal! Perfect tone with a lot of possibilities. Nice review!

  480. this seems so rad. all the wacky seasickness you could ever want and more subtle things too

  481. i am stunned for what i hear! such a great pedal!wish i could have one!

  482. Sick pedal.

  483. Conor MacDowell says:

    Awesome sounding pedal, very original concept too!

  484. Graeme Wilson says:

    Get one, they are fantastic for adding a little magic to a recording.

  485. Fred St Clair says:

    I can’t believe all that is packed in such a small space.

  486. There is no other chorus pedal I am excited to try (and hopefully acquire). Chase Bliss definitely seems totally customer focused because this is exactly what I have been waiting to find!

  487. What an extraordinary machine!

  488. So much packed into these pedals. Amazing

  489. Derek Reicks says:


  490. Sick pedal! Would love to have one!

  491. Woot nice !

  492. James Balehowsky says:

    The warped vinyl mk ii looks and sound like such a cool pedal. If I won this pedal i would use it on everything. I would use it with a drum machine, vocals, guitar, bass, violin and so much more. I love how thick and warm sounding it is and how the features or endless. I really wanna try recording an album and putting the warped vinyl mk ii on the whole recording so it has that old record sound too the whole album. I think this pedal would sound super killer on vocals and really give them a psychedelic sound. I Really want this pedal!!! It’s what missing on my board and in my recording studio.

  493. James Balehowsky says:

    The warped vinyl ml ii looks and sound like such a cool pedal. If I won this pedal i would use it on everything. I use it on a drum machine, vocals, guitar, bass, violin and so much more. I love how thick and warm sounding it is and how the features or endless. I really wanna try recording an album and putting the warped vinyl mk ii on the whole recording so it has that old record sound too the whole album. I think this pedal would sound super killer on vocals and really give them a psychedelic sound. I Really want this pedal!!! It’s what missing on my board and in my recording studio.

  494. Gabriel Rosenfarb says:

    After playing one of these last year I have thought about it ever since. It’s beautiful tones haunt my dreams! The new version looks and sounds amazing. I would love to win it!

  495. Jake Gamble says:

    Sounds great! LOVE IT!

  496. dave grimes says:

    boards of canada all the way!

  497. Nick Phillips says:

    Would be great to replace all my vibe/chorus pedals with just this ONE!

  498. Miikka Laitinen says:

    Just got the Gravitas and the Warped Vinyl feels really tempting… Chase Bliss Audio is truly one of the very best pedal manufacturers.

  499. I would love to get this pedal.

  500. Hope Mayo says:

    Been searching for a chorus!

  501. I love making my guitar sound lofi, and the use of the modushape and the dark tone of the WV would make this incredibly easy and great sounding.

  502. Brad Johnson says:

    This thing is insane. I can’t believe the options on this guy!

  503. Gable price says:

    Man… I want one of these so bad!

  504. wooow, looks great !!

  505. Razvan Lazea-Postelnicu says:

    Industry standard

  506. John Bleeker says:

    I’d really love to use this guy behind some reverb and delay just to see how complex you could make 1 ambient line sound. The modushape system is probably the most innovative thing I’ve seen from a pedal ever.

  507. Dustin Rhodes says:

    Oh, what I’d give for the Warped Vinyl pedal! Possibly one of the greatest choruses ever! The added vibrato is a big plus considering it’s not something I use all the time and don’t want to spend the extra for a separate pedal, having this option as well just adds more icing on the cake!

  508. Dustin Rhodes says:

    Oh, what I’d give for the Warped Vinyl pedal! Possibly one of the greatest choruses ever! The added vibrato is a big plus condering it’s not something I use all the time and don’t want to spend the extra for a separate pedal, having this option as well just adds more icing on the cake!

  509. Seth Hale says:

    Sounds awesome!

  510. Quintin Pace says:

    This pedal looks so sick!

  511. Andreas Skeidsvoll says:

    Ah, I would really love to try this pedal one day…

  512. Boy, I would marry this pedal.
    We would be happy, have little sounds all around the house (and repeat our joy with some loving Space Echo sounds), try different flavours and rip the neighbours’ ears through the night <3

  513. Ben Bowman says:

    Sounds great, and would look even better next to my Wombtone!

  514. Want this!!!!

  515. Shannon says:

    Sounds fantastic!

  516. I don’t have anything like this on my board. You’ve convinced me. This would be amazing!

  517. Mathieu says:

    Any feedback on the reliability, with so many knobs and switches…

  518. Need it!

  519. Warped Vinyl is a actual classic pedal of this era…..I serious need this pedal … this before my krimson drive overdrive and carbon copy will sound awesome in my rig. I hope have the chance to win this beauty of electronic art.

  520. This looks like sheer genius. I would love to try it or better win it.

  521. Bálint says:

    this pedal is cool!

  522. Clement says:

    Great review

  523. Mr Korte knows what tone hunters are after. Chase Bliss audio is a company to keep an eye (and ear) on!

  524. VERY COOL!!!! ;)

  525. I like to much this pedal, I want to try out

  526. These Mk II pedals are amazing!

  527. luis pava says:

    a spectacular great sound to win

  528. Trevor Owen says:

    Love is such a beautiful thing

  529. Tulio Andrade says:

    Got to put my hands on it!

  530. Damon Campagna says:

    The ultimate chorus!!! I NEED!

  531. FRANCO GALLARDI says:


  532. Julian Nuss says:

    Pretty cool pedal. Would love to own one.

  533. Iñigo Pagazaurtundua says:

    Awesome pedal. Never fond of pedals with so many options, but you can’t go wrong with this one…

  534. this pedal is awesome!

  535. Nils Brandsma says:

    This sound perfect for gooey ambience. I like my vibratos dark though, maybe I’ll check out the mk1 when everyone trades theirs up :)

  536. As a lover of traditional chorus sounds (think jazz cleans, tape effects, warped records, etc.) and the idea of pushing these sounds far past their limits, I’d love to get my hands on one of these. From what I’ve heard of the warped vinyl, it doesn’t seem to have any bad sounds where most pedals with this kind of versatility would have at least a few settings that just don’t work. Very tasteful all around.

  537. Talk about mind-blown!
    This pedal is taking it next level!

  538. Justin McMahon says:

    So much gooey goodness!

  539. Oliver Lack says:

    This looks like one of the most versatile analogue vibrato/chorus pedals I have ever seen. I love the way they have incorporated the top mounted dip-switches into the top side of the pedal rather then the bottom. Even in the video review you can hear the that there is a difference in the upgraded tone knob in the mkii. It would make it a lot easier for experimentation and finding new sounds. I can’t imagine the amazing number of sounds you would be able to get out of this. Not only that but the pedal looks amazing too! The knobs and text they have used on the pedal give it a special look. This pedal has taken it to a new level of creativity.

  540. What a versatile pedal… almost intimidating. Want this a little more than the Wombtone for sure.

  541. Need this one, amazing pedal.

  542. Marty Virtue says:

    Looks like a really cool pedal.

  543. Man this pedal looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to try one! No stores around here carry them… :-(

  544. Nathan Mumford says:

    I think the best contest would be one of each…By far the most intricate pedals and I cannot wait to see the Gravitas!

  545. would love to try this out!! looks/ sounds awesome!

  546. Such a great pedal! I can’t wait to try one!

  547. Awesome, in depth review! Keep it up.

  548. if I won one of these I would cry tears of warped joy

  549. Ronald Olszewski says:

    Gorgeous sounds! What a unique pedal, love it!

  550. Harold Carl says:

    What amazing versatility! Great wave forms and sounds. Love to have one!

  551. Kirsten says:

    A nice edition to any board. There is a lot packed in that pedal!

  552. Kirsten says:

    There is a lot packed in that pedal!

  553. Thank you for this! Extremely in depth, well written analysis that will for sure help out people intimidated by chase bliss pedals. His work is mind blowing.

  554. Nice! Awesome that the circuit is improved, quiet, and with all the MIDI options! I’ve been looking at a standalone chorus pedal….

  555. I would love to replace my anp based chours with this baby :) !!!

  556. Gary Plaus says:

    They sound like interesting boxes. Would love to try them sometime.

  557. Tasty

  558. There’s nothing quite like the sound of an analog chorus and this one so many features. Very exciting (and quiet).

  559. I’m into it! Please Please Me!

  560. Steve h says:

    All that I could ask for!

  561. Can’t wait to try one on my synths too

  562. Gerallt Ruggiero says:

    Bloody fantastic pedal!

  563. Great tone – check,
    Wide range – check,
    Lots of knobs and switches for a pedal junkie – check.

    This is definitely on my short list.

  564. William Penn says:

    Terrific sound shaping capability. Knob tweakers dream.

  565. What an impressive pedal. I’m loving those twisted tones. Thanks for the great review!

  566. Darren Hamilton says:

    So many ways of changes of sounds with many ranges, depths and rates of speeds.

  567. Felipe Devicaro says:

    This thing sounds incredible!

  568. I want it!

  569. I have no effects :( please help lol!!!!!

  570. gorgeous pedal. warmm and lushhh. would love to try it out on my setup!

  571. So much packed into one package! Fine-tune-ability!

  572. Carl Martin says:

    Gorgeous sounding pedal!

  573. Alexandre Bernardo says:

    That’s. Amazing. Gotta get it!!!

  574. christian miller says:

    I would do nothing but play endless open notes into this!

  575. So many knobs and switches…I’m drooling.

  576. I would literally eat my own face for one of these.

  577. James Brodie says:

    Jaw dropping. Sounds amazing and looks like it has more tech than the moon landing eagle.
    Want this.

  578. J Tidal says:


  579. Excellent review, your work is appreciated!

  580. Awesome, I need one!

  581. Awesome pedal!

  582. What a musical, odd pedal. I would love to make use of it.

  583. Marshal Tofte says:

    Love the momentary options.

  584. I’ve been looking for chorus pedal and was thinking about getting the MXR analog one, but this looks better.

  585. Sounds great and would allow me to take my big Polychorus off my board, freeing up more space for more pedals :)

  586. Im just here so I won’t get fined

  587. Carlos Loor says:

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    I heard this pedal on youtube a while ago and wanted one so bad
    This is sick. So many options and ability to get creative!!

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    Would love to have this on my bass pedal board! Sick design!

  590. Sounds awesome!

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  598. Excited to try out one of these Chasebliss pedals someday!

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    This pedal is just awesome!!!

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    What an amazing sound, plus the amount of features in one pedal, puts this on my wish list.

  604. I was never really a big fan of chorus/vibrato effects, until I heard the warped vinyl, such a lush, warm sounding pedal…. And the Gravitas, good lawd! Both a couple of the best sounding pedals I’ve heard. If I don’t win one, I’m def getting both!

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    Praying to the effects gods..

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    Great review some of these pedals are a bit over he top to many options that dont realy do much .These are very diffrent very responsive and probably more importantly they are very smooth and sound very nice on the ear none of the ringing or mush a lot of other pedals seem to have lately.

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    It’s pedals like these that are considered game changers. Having one would definitely allow me to expand my sound

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  617. Mark Pleasants says:

    Sounds Awesome!

  618. MK2, knobs, knobs switches. and then there is that sound! I would love to win it. Please..

  619. Chorus and Vibrato are a big part of my guitar sound currently. This looks like it can really add some sonic capabilities that I don’t have. Tap tempo on a vibrato/chorus pedal is a pretty unique thing I have not seen on other modulation pedals

  620. Ben Folkrod says:

    The versatility and variety of applications this pedal has to offer feels infinite! Both live and in studio! The MIDI control and possibilities with a DAW like Ableton alone are impressive features let alone the top-mounted switches and plethora of knobs and switches on the front! Chase Bliss Audio has crafted a remarkable pedal.

  621. Lorenzo Martinotti says:

    I’m italian and there are no chase bliss audio pedals here.
    I need these awesome pedals !!

  622. Thomas Dück says:

    Wow, I remember I was amazed when I saw the review of the Warped Vinyl MKI pedal. And now… I’m astonished. This pedal takes you to dimensions one could never know existed. If I’m selected to get it, would it be shipped to Brazil? (I hope so)

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  633. Read the review and was amazed at the amount of control available.Then watched the video and found that it sounds like two or three pedals working as one.I’ ve used a Boss VB-2 pedal for decades and love it dearly,but the versatility of the Warped Vinyl MK II takes it to another level.

  634. trent m says:

    It’s a minor miracle how many knobs and switches they packed into this thing in the first place, but to make it sound this amazing too?! Mmmmm… yes please.

  635. Seems like a great pedal, so much functionality crammed into that box, chase bliss audio are really great. Ive been looking for a chorus pedal for a while, and this seems pretty great. Only problem for me is the price…

  636. Michael Best says:

    Love the flexibility of these pedals. I can see this as being such a fantastic studio tool. One of my favourite things to do is to use guitar effects as outboard style processors in my productions. I’d love to run some soft synths through the Warped Vinyl for lush, warm results.

  637. Azrael Long says:


    I can just imagine having this and making my sound just perfect with this…

  638. bill snow says:

    Awesome write-up, makes you want to add to your pedalboard ASAP!

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    It’s really cool to see a review of a mark 1 next to a mark 2! Most reviews compare two very separate pedals, usually from different companies. This pedal is fantastic pedal. Both the mark 1 and 2 sound great, but I love all the added features on the mark 2.

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    Just having these three effects would make a very awesome pedalboard.

  641. Amazing pedal! Couldn’t imagine that there was any room for improvement over the previous one

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    Generic comment to enter sweepstake competition.

  643. Michael Nobles says:

    Awesome! I’ve been out of the effects pedals tinkering-game for a while, but now I have a second wind and have been searching for the “next big thing”. The Warped Vinyl MKII sounds like it’s from outer space, or another dimension! I would love to win this and just experiment to my heart’s content just to see what amazing things could come from it! Thanks guys!

  644. WANT!

  645. Nicolás says:

    Owowowowow! this pedal sounds great!
    I’ ve been a fan of Chase Bliss Audio since I saw your review of the Warped Vinyl mkI!
    And the 3 effects that they make are between my fav ones (phaser, tremolo and chorus/vibrato).
    Crossing my fingers to be one of the lucky winners !!!

    Thanks for the review & giveaways!!

  646. Aleksei says:

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    Awe, what`s not to love about this pedal. From gentle warp of a slightly buck;led piece of 70`s vinyl to the seductive outer space wibble .You know this pedal is just inviting you to the land of open strings ringing behind an ascending fifth,

  651. Hermes Torres says:

    Maybe this time i will win :)

  652. Alejandro Rivera says:

    Absolutely sick approach! NO ONE ever has attempted to offer this level of quality in analog sound/digital control. Awesome!

  653. Not to bash any other lo-fi pedals, but this sounds better than any I’ve owned so far. I would be curious about a Hexe except they’re so rare. Would love to get my hands on one of these soon!

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    Looks and sounds sweet.

  655. With all that adjustability you could spend a month just really getting to know that thing. I never thought I would say that about a chorus. Beautiful!

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    First time I heard a demo of one of these the sound gave me ideas but I’m yet to be able to afford one :'(

  658. NewAgeBlue says:

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    Great pedal and awesome review.

  666. Looks like one of the most creative modulation pedals I’ve seen that doesn’t get completely ridiculous (a la EQD Rainbow Machine) and remains usable.
    Would be interesting if there was some way to control the parameter an expression pedal affects.

  667. id love this pedal!

  668. William Penn says:

    Great sounding pedal! Having the toggle on the outside may have been a pain to rework but I’m sure the users appreciate the easy access.

  669. Andy J. says:

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    That is way too much for an analog pedal. Should be watching out for Bliss Audio in the future. They have certainly up the ante with this one, and this means more flexibility for guitarists.

  677. I would set this in my custom pedalboard, and be happy. Right now …i am gigging ,and to use my chorus I have to switch manually through my amp to get my chorus effect. It is dorky and annoying so I would put this warped vinyl to good use !

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  680. Nutshell says:


  681. Jason Waks says:

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  683. Kieran Hogue says:

    This is definitely the next pedal on my must have list! I just bought the gravitas the other day, and when I can get my hands on this one I can’t wait to sync them up and make some crazy sounds!

  684. I wonder how long I’ll obsessively listen to demos of this pedal before finally buying it (or winning it via your contest)….

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  691. Best pedal of this type all around, I have been wanting one of these for the longest time hands down!
    if the video doesn’t make you drool, nothing will!

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    A must have, imo. Amazing sounds and extremely flexible controls.

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  695. Evgenii Kurbatov says:

    Have never seen such complicated pedal in so friendly enclosure. Fantasy sound up to insanity makes me want to try it. I won’t buy it for sure but only because I’m a ordinary guy who plays guitar from time to time but this pedal is made for the unconventional guitarists – for someone “new hendrix”. Want to listen some sumples with fuzz in front of Warped Vinyl.

  696. Bruno Afonso says:

    this is what I look for in effects.. the infinite possibilities, choices you can make that will alter the sound coming out of the speakers in order to evoke different emotions, sensations. Chase Bliss is excelling at this, it’s just perfect for musicians like me that would like to temper with the sound in every possible way.. Damn it would be nice to win this :)

  697. Yes please!

  698. Nice!

  699. holy moley! loving the use of the dip switches at the top! how handy!

  700. Mark Walsh says:

    What a great competition you are running, most people can only dream of owing effects like this, but thanks to Best Guitar Effects some lucky winners will have one!! Best of Luck everyone.

  701. Would love to try one of these

  702. Collin Birkett says:

    These pedals seem to be sine if the most well thought out pedals on the market. And seem to be pedals for the ultimate knob and parameter tweeker. I’m really excited to see what else this company produces in the years to come. Things like modulated delay, ultimate chorus and super tweakable overdrives come to mind.

  703. Adam Gates says:

    I’ve been on an exhaustive search for a warped record sound. I’ve tried the Diamond Vibrato, Boss VB-2, Bigfoot Magnavibe, Zvex Instant Lofi Loop Junkie, Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus, Mid-fi Pitch Pirate, Strymon Mobius, and then countless other “full wet” choruses and vibrato pedals. The Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl is the king of all I have tried. Any shortcomings were addressed in the MKII. Best quality and effort in any new pedal company. More companies need to be like Chase Bliss, fa sho.

  704. Robert Abernathy says:

    great review – much better website too – the Warped Vinyl is amazing in such a small enclosure – thanks for the opportunity!

  705. Ashtin Arner says:


  706. its my dream to have
    one of your pedals :)

  707. Mitangelo says:

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  708. Abel Joseph says:

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  709. Jacob A says:

    I tried the first edition of the Warped Vinyl and was blown away. Never had I thought I would be so hooked to a chorus pedal. Sadly never got my hands in one, this one could sure be welcomed on my board! :D

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  711. Such a great pedal! Love the flexibility and control options.

  712. DR Claborn says:

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  714. That’s an extremely well thought out chorus/vibrato pedal. Finally a chorus that sounds, not only usable, but indispensable. Brilliant work!

  715. Stephane Dery says:

    It would be so amazing to play with this pedal in person, hours of tweaking settings lost in a sea if beautiful chorus

  716. Remington Stallard says:

    Chase Bliss Audio is one of, if not the, most innovative pedal company around. All of Joel’s pedals are amazing, and I would love to have all of them. I use a MIDI controller, and I’m very interested to use Chase Bliss pedal with it.

  717. Remington Stallard says:

    Chase Bliss Audio is one of, if not the, most innovative pedal company around. All of Joel’s pedals are amazing, and I would love to have all of them. I use a MIDI controller, and I’m very interested to use Chase Bliss pedal with it.

  718. I need to understand this pedal.

  719. cocaine wonder says:

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  720. Patrick says:

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  721. Wow, great review! You are the best!

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  723. Juanfer says:


  724. Eliseo G C says:

    one of the best analog chorus i had the pleasure of play

  725. Heck yeah! I’d love to win a Warped Vinyl MKII! There’s some crazy, crazy sounds stuffed into that thing!

  726. Stephen P says:

    This is such an awesome pedal. Love that they made the switches more accessible and the color is awesome.

  727. Matt Baker says:

    I defs want one of these – have ever since I first saw them!

  728. I love these chase bliss pedals. Would love to add this to my board. Got a space next to my wombtone…

  729. Robin Bailey says:

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  730. Jan Čapek says:

    Whoa, great review and what a pedal… Glad to see builders still pushing the boundaries :)

  731. Stephen Donkin says:

    Sounds awesome, hopefully some more stock makes it to the UK!

  732. Kevin L. Gibbs says:

    WoW! That’s a thorough review for sure! I would definitely have to have a month or so of just playing around with it to even start working it into the set up!

  733. Fantastic pedal, I love the versatility it provides, and who doesn’t love a good old vinyl sound

  734. Josh Reineke says:

    I commented earlier but my original comment disappeared? This pedal looks absolutely amazing – I had looked at the MKI, but as cool as it sounded, it couldn’t really do traditional chorus time sounds as well as other pedals. That has changed, along with the expanded MIDI options, making this a must have. The MKII is at the top of my list of things to acquire.

  735. David dickerson says:

    Beautiful sounding pedal, I’d love to win it ;)

  736. Such a thorough review, I would love to try this pedal.

  737. Graham Odds says:

    This looks like the kind of pedal you can lose yourself in for weeks and probably not create any unsaucy sounds. I shall have to get my hands and ears onto one of these.

  738. Javi Metal says:

    I want it!

  739. Josh Reineke says:

    This pedal is at the very top of my list of things to acquire. Such an amazing pedal, and with the new version, it will also double as the chorus pedal I was going to purchase to replace the modulation on my modeling pedal. And MIDI controllable to boot – I was looking at a Distaster Area Smart Clock to supplement my DPC-5, and that will send MIDI commands to the Warped Vinyl MKII. Gods of randomness, pick me!

  740. Probably the coolest pedal I’ve ever heard. Joel has genius.

  741. Lee Baker says:

    So much innovation in such a small box!!! Pick me!!

  742. This is the pedal I want the most out of every pedal out in pedal land. I think my board would be completed. Such an innovative stompbox!

  743. Jason Quackenbush says:

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  744. Max Monsein says:

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  745. dlop2070 says:

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  750. Michael J. says:

    I would like this pedal…for free.

  751. I would totally use one of these for vocals on my project!

  752. This thing is just packed with control. I would love to mess with one of these bad boys. Definitely a piece of quality equipment!

  753. I wish I had never heard the demos since I can’t talk myself out of buying one. Still, totally fair for what it does.

  754. The rhythmic possibilities with this pedal seem endless! I have owned several vibe and tremolo type pedals, but this takes it to the next level. I could lock myself in a room with this pedal for a month and never get bored.

  755. Vincent Jost says:

    I only could try the warped vinyl MKI and it’s already amazing. It takes a little time to understand the whole ramping business but it sure creates, once understood, some very unusual possibilities. How warped the sound can get is really amazing and inspiring to compose very laidback tunes, Mac Demarco style for example. I always get amazed by how creative you can get when you play with inspiring gears like this, even if what you create can sometimes work also even on an acoustic guitar. You still needed the special sound to hear something was building up.
    I’m curious to hear how the MKII sounds and I can’t wait to have a chance to try any other pedal from Chase Bliss, they look truly amazing. Which effect is gonna be reinvented next???

  756. addison says:

    Some of the sounds this thing makes are incredible. I would love to own of of these.

  757. Rodney Easter Jr. says:

    Amazing pedal! Love the updated dip switches! Sounds amazing with bass.

  758. Manuel J. Gallardo Montadas says:

    Se que fabricáis buenos pedales, y me gustaría tener uno de ellos, espero ser uno de los afortunados.

  759. This looks awesome; would love to see how it sounds!

  760. Ryan Roehrich says:

    Looks great!

  761. Always looking for great, warm, warbly modulation pedals. Seems like Chase Bliss knows how to infiltrate a parameter-tweaker’s dream and bring them to life. Definitely want to mess with those dip switches! =D
    Great video too!

  762. This pedal is why we were born with two kidneys. So we could sell one to get this pedal.

    Utterly amazed at the sound quality, range of features and variety of sounds. The MKII looks even better than the original, which is an incredible feat in it’s own right.

  763. I have the mark I and have already gotten some great sounds that I used live and in recording sessions. I’ve used the chorus. Vibratto, and even the volume bounce dips for a trem univibe type of effect. The MKI is awesome but the MKII hits on the few things that would have been on my nice to have list. Especially tone control. So now I may ha e to pick up the MKII when I get the chance. Although MKI gives me way more usable sounds than any other Chorus I’ve tried and sounds better. This ones a keeper.

  764. Dan Sidoli says:

    Very cool sounds!

  765. I love what he has done with this revision. Smart move to relocate dip switches.

  766. Tom bailey says:

    Would love warp some people’s minds with this animal! :)

  767. All the dips. Dipdipdip.

  768. An all analog signal path, MIDI functionality, and top mounted dip switches? Truly a mixture of art and engineering with this pedal. Would love to get one for my own!

  769. WurbleWurbleWurbleWurbleWurlll

  770. Conner Johnson says:

    I have wanted one of these so bad for so long! I hope I win, but if not I hope it goes to a good home. Simply amazing unit.

  771. Ross Carter says:

    This looks sweet!

  772. Razvan Lazea-Postelnicu says:

    A modern staple.

  773. Salvador says:

    Very impressed with the technology in this pedal. Analog sound with digital control is where it’s at. Would love this for my free jazz rig.

  774. Brian Bush says:

    I have the original. I love this pedal.

  775. Walter Raponi says:

    I Want it so much!

  776. Love be the mki but the mkii wowee..

    And let’s face it, those who use midi like us need this so much more!

  777. This looks amazing!

  778. geoff s. says:

    Gorgeous, dreamy lo fi sounds… almost impossible to believe such a variety of effects comes from one (relatively) little box.

  779. Adam Ziel says:

    can’t believe you’re giving this away, has been my dream pedal since the mk1

  780. John Edge says:

    This pedal is amazing!

  781. Erick chicas says:

    Killer pedal the guys from chase audio are really going all out! I’d really love to have this pedal :)

  782. this time i’m going to win, i just know it!!! because i’ve never wanted to win a pedal more than i do this one

  783. Charlie says:

    These have to be the best built and most well thought out guitar pedals on the market! Can’t wait to try them all!

  784. Maurijn Wieringa says:

    Bad ass.

  785. I ordered one directly from Joel, but the mail got lost or stolen :(
    Can’t afford another one now, and I was waiting for ages to get mine..
    Lets see, maybe I am lucky here. Good luck for all you guys anyway!

  786. Pete Aimaro says:

    Such great craftsmanship in his pedals. Its a truly unique sound, unlike anything else i’ve heard! Would love to see what he could do with a wah pedal…

  787. I don’t have a chorus or vibrato pedal. I would love to play this one!

  788. Hawtness. Can’t wait to pick up one of these.

  789. I haven’t had the pleasure, yet, but I’m hoping to try one of these bad boys soon…and likely be set in terms of modulation effects!

  790. Jordan Satterfield says:

    This thing is stunning. I feel like Chase Bliss makes the most in-depth pedals that anyone is making right now. That new white color is gorgeous too.

  791. I need to win this so I can stop using my DR 880 for these types of effects

  792. Been dreaming of owning one of these – fingers crossed…

  793. Severin Sorel says:

    Wow Please be mine. I saw Chase Bliss pedals at my local store they are small for all those knobs.

  794. Goooood lawd! This thing is amazing. I’m a total sucker for this thing’s tone (just like I am for tape echo/delay and reverb). Unlike anything I’ve heard or seen and love how it can recreate so many different vintage tones. Like an old radio or record spinning.

    Love to pair this thing with my Space reverb and create some kind of far off, crazy out of whack space radio tones. Something that swoops in after a really loud part to a song and all the volume is killed just to leave this thing paired with my reverb. Damn amazing! Love to get my hands on one of these.

  795. Emily Lukasewski says:

    Sounds amazing!

  796. Love the knobs on this pedal!

  797. Elskens says:

    What a versatility!

  798. Philippe says:

    Wow, love this pedal!

  799. Right on!

  800. Patrick Hay says:

    Wow. Functionality-to-size ratio on this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, analog or digital. Just knocked several other pedals off my wish list.

  801. Carlos M. Gómez-Escalonilla says:

    An amazing pedal.

  802. Joel Korte is my hero!

  803. Adrian De Leon says:

    I liked. Great review.

  804. Dustin Rhodes says:

    I am so impressed and would love to have one of these! The Chase Bliss “Warped Vinyl” sounds amazing. With such warm tone and so many options to dial in, this could possibly be the best chorus/vibrato on the market. Fantastic sounding pedal.

  805. Patrick says:

    Truly amazing gear!

  806. nice review, would love to try one on bass.

  807. Josh Docksteader says:

    This thing is awesome. gonna be “back to the future” in my house. Lovin’ me some chorus & vibrato effects!!

  808. Bruno Laucirica says:

    Great pedal, the amount of sounds you can get out of this is close to endless!

  809. Mike J. says:

    Looks like all the flexibility anyone could want.

  810. Looks like as much flexibility as anyone could desire.

  811. The Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII sounds great

  812. After watching at the review, definitely I want this Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII

  813. Elian Rodriguez says:


  814. This is the kind of pedal we need in the world. Stuff to push the limits, pack in versatility, and let the players scour every corner for the unique possibilities it offers – ideas even the maker never imagined/intended.

  815. Peter Homoki says:

    very nice pedal

  816. Joey Owen says:

    Love it, and the new white version looks great!

  817. Jose Tojo says:

    I like it!

  818. Wow, I want it now!!

  819. Alex Marshall says:

    At first glance this pedal’s many controls put me off as being too fiddly to get my head around. Then hearing it in action made me want to! Care has to be taken to use the effects and parameters tastefully (or not) but the versatility of this pedal can create fantastic tones. Coming at it from another perspective, it’s a paired down, stompbox-sized multi-effects doing modulation brilliantly, rather than a convoluted single effects pedal. Would love to mess around with one!

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    Midi control madness puts this over the edge:
    Now no longer just want Warped Vinyl Mk2, but need it like oxygen!

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    Hint hint

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    The amount of tonal control is almost overwhelming. This would be replacing the small chorus on my board so fast. So much attention to detail in this pedal’s tone and ability.

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    Joel is the most innovative pedal builder today. They give you almost infinite control and amazing sounds.

  844. New and improved! Can’t wait to stick one of these into my midi rig!

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    I want it!

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    I have watched every demo Joel and users put out since its inception, over and over and over… I feel as if I already have one! Alas, like a phantom limb, I look down at my pedal board, stooping to tweak its knobs, toggles and dip switches, and realize that where I imagined a “Warped Vinyl” to be, was just an empty space with a cardboard placard, simply stating, “Chase Bliss”.

    And so, as I have saved my pennies over the past couple of years to fill this valuable plot of real estate, life had demanded of me my savings and it has been an upward battle since to gain ground on acquiring the last piece of puzzle that will complete the circuit… “Warped Vinyl”

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    I really love the sounds that can be had from the Warped Vinyl. There’s really nothing else like it on the market. The improvements they’ve added to it in MKII are really smart and well done. Especially the top-mounted DIP switches. Chase Bliss is killing it.

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    Can warm up any overly digital sounding audio. Can melt your guitars sings into swampy abyss. Can give you classic vibrato tones from the 50s 60s. Love this thing!

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  902. Logan Amon says:

    My bandmate has the original WV and it’s a beautiful pedal. Insanely versatile, excited to see that they’ve amped it up even more.

  903. Olivier says:

    The Warped Vinyl caught my attention when checking the NAMM reviews a few months ago. This pedal seems very unique !

  904. I would love to win this

  905. James Kearnan says:

    The most innovative pedals that have come out in a while. Apart from allowing more control over various parameters than most modulation pedals, each chase bliss pedal has their own particular charm to them. I have the wombtone, and I love its warm and cozy character. I’d absolutely love to get the warped vinyl, in contrast to the wombtone it has a sort of dark flavour and strange sort of feel to it. These are simply the best pedals for people who love experimenting, I cant wait for a delay or reverb.

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  907. It would be nice to have it.
    hopeing to be the one :)

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    Finally a giveaway! My mouth has been watering since i started following this guys work. Hes such a genuine dude and he makes genuine shit. I love the tap tempo everything on all of his pedals, thats something i feel is so necessary on modulation pedals. The exp. Control is wicked too. The coolest thing about this guy and his pedals is that he/they are innovators of the whole pedal game, he combines the analog module with a the ability to control it with a digital module, which not only this smart and also the future, but it shows great understanding of this culture and well, style. Glad to see a giveaway because im am way to poor to buy one. Its nice to even have a chance at it.

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  922. Brad C. says:

    These are the most innovative analog pedals on the market IMO. The guys mind must just drive him crazy with a billion ideas, fortunately for us players, he puts all billion features on his pedals!

  923. David B says:

    As it was mentioned it’s absolutely the best modulation pedal!! I highly agree. I’m in love with its so natural, vintage, dirty but flexible and even modern sound. Beautiful! Hope to own one once.
    And for u guys, so many thanks for the chance to win one!

  924. Unmatched tweakability here (as with all Chase Bliss pedals)!

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  935. Matt Collins says:

    This is, hands down, one of the most original pedals produced in my lifetime. And I grew up thinking originality was a thing of the past!

  936. Matt Collins says:

    This is, hands down, one of the most original pedals produced in my lifetime. And I grew up thinking originality was a thing of the past!

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  938. Pretty insane!

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    Chorus and Vibrato are both missing from my pedalboard and this brilliant Chase Bliss Audio pedal really would be a fantastic addition to cover both bases.

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  953. I went in with mixed thoughts on this one after hearing about it on the email. I see now just how much I rely on your guys’ reviews! Thanks again, you all really are doing a great service for the musicians out there.

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    This is an amazing pedal although I’ve never played one it seems to be very dynamic and unique. It has way more options on this than the zvex instant lo-fi junkie. I would love to own this pedal!!

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  956. Im a strong supporter everything Joel does. His new design is just right and should allow the user to be more creative. Thanks

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