DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 Review – Best “Uni-Vibe” Pedal?

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On November 8, 2016
Last modified:May 13, 2017



We previously featured the original DryBell Vibe Machine V-1 and sung its praises for being arguably the best sounding compact “Uni-Vibe” style pedal available in recent years. But DryBell weren’t satisfied with how close they already were to vibe perfection, and thus, the Vibe Machine V-2 was born from DryBell’s desire to re-create the ultimate Vibe Machine.


  • Faithful “Uni-Vibe” circuit in a regular sized enclosure
  • ‘Intensity’ control
  • ‘Speed’ control
  • ‘Vibrato/Chorus’ switch
  • ‘Custom/Bright/Original’ (input buffer) switch
  • Expression pedal & Foot-switch input
  • Foot-switch accessed Tap Tempo, Cancel, & Leslie Fast/Slow modes
  • 9-16 volts DC operation (regular center negative boss style adapter only, no battery)
  • External trimmers for ‘Volume’, ‘Range’, ‘Grit’, ‘Chorus’, & ‘Symmetry’
  • True Bypass
  • Multi-Colored Status LED indicates speed & settings

Visit DryBell for more info about the Vibe Machine V-2.

See the lowest price on eBay.

Here’s Pete Thorn’s great DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 demo.

Here’s our original V-1 demo for comparison. The V-2 does all this and more.

Sound & Performance:

Vibe Machine V-1 vs V-2

As we’ve already published a long and comprehensive Vibe Machine V-1 review, you can check out that article for an in-depth perspective on the features and sounds of the original pedal. We’re going to focus primarily on the new features found in the DryBell Vibe Machine V-2.

Custom Impedance

drybell-vibe-machine-v-2-review-best-uni-vibe-pedal-02The short version of the argument about which pedal sounds better is that DryBell made no changes to the inherent sound quality of the V-2 in comparison to the V-1. However, there are a few options that expand upon the sounds of the original. The V-2’s new Custom option lets the guitarist set an input impedance that falls between the Bright & Original settings carried over from the V-1. This 3rd option lets you set an impedance level that may more closely match your preferred guitar & pickup combination. Essentially, these options decide how dark or bright the pedal sounds. The Original mode is the darkest and typically a great place to start for classic “Uni-Vibe” sounds or if you’re playing brighter pickups. The Bright setting is much brighter and more modern sounding and is may be better suited to darker humbucker pickups. The Custom setting can be voiced anywhere in between the other two voices via a small trimmer accessible on the side of the pedal. (DryBell includes a small trimmer adjustment tool to make it easy for you.) I personally prefer this setting, and ears more sensitive and experienced than mine will probably go for this option as well. You can tune the Custom setting for your “A” guitar, and maybe select the other options if they’re more closely suited to your backup guitars.

Pedal+ Input & DryBell F-1L Foot-Switch

The V-1 had an expression pedal input. That’s here on the V-2 as well, and it works with the same expression pedals (including the Mission Engineering EP-100K) and even CV control. You can adjust the taper as well as set the max sweep range. You can also custom calibrate the pedal to achieve a full sweep when using expression pedals that don’t quite access the V-2’s full sweep range. You can even access the V-2’s Cancel & Tap Tempo functions while using an expression pedal, but I find a dedicated foot-switch like the DryBell F-1L to be better suited for these functions.

Leslie Fast & Slow Ramping

The Pedal+ input jack also allows the use of an external foot-switch such as the DryBell F-1L (which matches the V-2’s paint job nicely, I must say) for several live performance options. You can use the F-1L foot-switch to trigger Leslie style fast & flow vibe speeds. You can easily set 2 different speeds and also set the ramp rate as slow as 10 seconds or instant so that the V-2 jumps between the fast and slow speeds when you tap the foot-switch.

Cancel & Tap Tempo

drybell-vibe-machine-v-2-review-best-uni-vibe-pedal-03Another option for the foot-switch is using it to “Cancel” the vibe effect while still letting your guitar signal be colored by the sound of the V-2, similar to the original “Uni-Vibe”. Use this with the Grit trimmer, Volume trimmer, and Custom, Bright, or Original settings to tweak the colored sound. The V-2 is true bypass, so your sound will be uncolored when you disengaged the pedal.

Perhaps more useful is the Cancel + Tap Tempo foot-switch mode. This condenses the full range of knob selectable Speed to the area between minimum and about 1 o’clock. If you click the F-1L while the knob is in this Speed range, it’ll activate the Cancel function. If you push the speed knob a bit higher, you can select from 3 different tap quantize settings (more multipliers available in the sub-menu) and use the foot-switch to tap in a tempo. There are markers around the Speed knob to show you where you have it set, and the LED will flash different colors as you turn the knob through the different tap settings. You could use the side of your foot to adjust the Speed knob during a live performance if you need to adjust tap settings on the fly or switch back to Cancel mode and access manual rate adjustment with the Speed knob.

Grit Trimmer

There was an Output Buffer jumper on the V-1 that allowed you to create a slightly “hotter” sound coming out of the pedal. That’s been replaced on the V-2 with a dedicated Grit side trimmer. To really hear how this trimmer affects your tone, engage the Cancel function via foot-switch and listen to the “dry” colored sound of your guitar as you play. A/B various Grit settings against your bypassed tone, and you’ll notice a bit more presence in your sound as you increase the Grit. I like to keep it around the factory setting (1 o’clock-ish) and use some overdrive or fuzz if I want to bring out a more harmonically rich sound. But it’s important to note that the Grit trimmer interacts with the Volume trimmer and which impedance setting you’re using. Try adjusting this trimmer when setting your Custom impedance to hone in on your preferred sound.

Chorus Trimmer

This parameter affects the harmonic modulation of the vibe and dials in the swirly, watery, chewy character of the effect. The V-1 didn’t have this control and was preset to around the noon position of this trimmer. The V-2 comes preset around 2-3 o’clock, so you may notice a slight variation between the two pedals at first. DryBell recommends setting the Chorus to noon for a sound that cuts through the mix in a band setting better, but if you want it to be intense with plenty of ‘throb’, leave it around the factory setting. Don’t be afraid of all the options as the default settings are all a great place to start, and I typically came back around to where DryBell had already set the trimmers.

drybell-vibe-machine-v-2-review-best-uni-vibe-pedal-04One thing I’m really happy about is that DryBell removed the internal controls and made everything available on the top or side of the pedal. Gotta love the handy little DryBell Trimmer Adjustment Tool they include as well. You probably won’t need it much after the initial setup. Frankly, most guitarists could get away with just plugging it in and finding a great sound on the surface. If you’re going to use Tap Tempo or one of the expression pedal modes, you’ll probably just want to consult the manual for those instructions. But this review doesn’t even cover everything the V-2 is capable of. There are plenty of other calibration settings available via digging into the sub-menus of this pedal. Your vibe adventure can be as simple or as deep as you want it to be. If you love vibe effects, most guitarists will agree that it probably doesn’t get any better than this.




The DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 took the world’s most versatile compact vibe and made it better thanks to the inclusion of Tap Tempo via the F-1L foot-switch and the Custom input setting for matching the V-2 to your favorite guitar. It was always commendable how DryBell managed to fit so much into the V-1, and the V-2 somehow surpasses its predecessor in usability. If you’re happy with your V-1 and don’t need tap tempo, the upgrade may not be essential. But if you love vibe sounds and have yet to try a Vibe Machine, the V-2 is a must play.

That concludes our DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 review. Thanks for reading.


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  1. i had a V1 and it didn’t come close to my Mega Vibe. it’s the same like the original memory man vs the small version. You don’t have the lush and clarity of original memory man or Mega Vibe with these small version.

  2. this sits at the top of my wishlist ahead of the Neo Ventilator II and the Digitech Freqout. I’d also want to add a pedal for controlling the speed as well. Wish I had the money to buy one when they gave a discount of $50 to celebrate their soccer teams victory.

  3. For many pedals one could state that it is a matter of taste. However, for Uni-vibes there is a more objective quality important. The chorus effect can switch too quickly or abrupt;y, not ‘even’ enough (that something else than speed, it’s a kind of ‘dip’. This pedal does that well. Which contributes to its reputation, I guess. Epic sound, I love it.

  4. Dry Bell Vibe Machine sounds like a kinky sex toy designed to get your rocks off… and from what I hear, it does just that. Haha, sign me up!

  5. Probably one of the best univibe pedals around, and definitely the most pedal board friendly! Gotta get my hands on one! Puts the other clones to shame!!

  6. Always want a vibe pedal in my board, I’ve tried other brand but it seems not work right with me…. still looking for one and I heard from internet that Drybell is an excellent one without doing the job in a big size box, really want to try!

  7. Vibe is an interesting effect I never really have used. I had a flanger way back, but sold it to buy something nicer. I imagine this works well with a good drive setting. Thanks for the post and videos.

  8. I honestly would have had no idea how much could be done with this pedal. Would love to play with it and see just how far you can get it to go. BTW I usually mark my initial setting putting a red dot on the pot and then right next to it on the case or pcb using the end of a paperclip and some red paint. Learned that trick a long time ago so I can get the original setting back.

  9. The Univibe effect is so nice to use, from ambient ‘Pink Floyd’ chords to groovy ‘Jimi Hendrix’ riffs.
    This is an awesome nice review, the Vibe Machine is surely the best Vibe pedal out there.
    How i would love to own one and touch people’s hearts with its mesmerizing sounds…

  10. Playing in a cover band this would be a great for the songs in the late 60’s through the 70’s!
    Send it my way, great sounding pedal!

  11. I’ve never used a Vibe but hey Im a pretty open minded guy and up for some new experiences. Is it appropriate to use in public or is it more for the bedroom guitarist?

  12. Looks like an awesome vibe – I’ve been doing the rounds looking for one to add to the board – DryBell seems to have nailed it

  13. I have always loved vibes. There are only a few good ones and the Drybell Vibe Machine v2 is at the top of that list because of its small footprint. This pedal has been on my list for a while, it would be great to win it! I use the vibe mostly with my fuzz pedals.

  14. I’ve never found a modulation pedal that I have been able to bond well with, unless pitch shifters are considered modulation pedals! Haha
    I’d like to try this one though!
    Looks really neat!

  15. I love the sound of a vibe behind some wet reverb when playing ambient parts, but it’s hard to find a good one that doesn’t alter the tone while adding the effect. It’s awesome to see a pedal like this come through!

  16. I think Dry Bell has perhaps totally figured out what guitarists want in a vibe pedal…..you know what it is?
    Thanks right….complete control over the tone and the intensity of the vibrato ! not to mention the small foot print compared to other vibe pedals!

    With all the features in the this small pedal and connection options for further control makes this vibe pedal the end all be all of vibe pedals.

    I think they nailed the grit function extremely well to dial in difference pickup configurations from single coil to humbucker pickups which has been more of single coil strat vibe !! lol in pun intended. This pedal needs to be on my pedalboard!!

  17. Oh the trimpot can be accessed from the outside that’s AWESOME!! I have a painful experience to set the tone and volume of my EWS Little Brute Drive V1

  18. I’ve always wanted a DRY Bell Vibe because nothing I’ve tried sounds better. period. Would be thrilled, absolutely thrilled to win. This is not just a contest I want to enter, but a pedal I want, but cannot afford to due medical issues plaguing me in recent years.

  19. Yo this seems really interesting!!! Vibes tho ? Idk, but it’s deffinitly something I would use for most of my music ideas lol
    I can see it being really inspirational. That’s the type of stuff I like tho!!!

  20. That is a fantastic sounding effect! I can hear so many uses for this sound, and obviously this pedal has a ton of variations. It’s so evocative and vibrant. Thanks for bringing this pedal to our attention. It’s now on my list!

  21. Really looking forward to play with one :D Rave reviews on internet and amazing clips on youtube, but I guess nothing compares to actually play with and hear Drybell Vibe Machine live

  22. I forget this is one of those effects I’ve secretly wanted forever – and not for its traditional use in blues etc. This is awesome!

  23. Ooh vibes, man – so cool! What Hendrix and Trower started (a few of my big favorites), and a lot of the newer blues rock players are swinging back around to!
    My pedalboard is devoid of a vibe, and for the music I want to try and master…that’s a potential for blasphemy!
    I would love to give the DryBell a spin to help me keep the Austin music scene weird AND rockin!

  24. Lately I’ve been looking for something different to put on my board and I thought what about a vibe that isnt something I don’t normally use. So I started looking for one then I got this email from bestguitareffects.com showing their review of the drybell vibe machine v2 which is ..awesome .. it’s the right size for my board and functions which can be endless experiments plus that tap tempo control is amazing. Thanks for the heads up guys. Good job

  25. It just so happens that Ghostbound is writing new material and can make use of this! Out full-length record is coming out in June, officially, and we have two as-yet unheard tracks on the bandcamp page below!

  26. Ok, I love features and hidden options. But man, removing the internal switches is the smartest move. It’s cool when you find out that there’s more in the pedal, but the excitement ends there, then you gotta do trial and error for a while. So extra credit for this amazing pedal!

  27. This is awesome ! A excellent prize ! Hope I can win ! This VIBE MACHINE pedal is very full of tone ! My friend has one and he will not let me borrow it ! Enter everyone it is worth a shot ! But great pedal to put on your pedal board or insert in your guitars amp effects loop ! Good luck !

  28. This is awesome ! A excellent prize ! Hope I can win ! This VIBE MACHINE pedal is very full of tone ! My friend has one and he will not let me borrow it ! Enter everyone it is worth a shot ! But great pedal to put on your pedal board or insert in your guitars amp effects loop !

  29. I’ve always wanted a Drybell Vibe Machine, I just love their sound and all the different setting are so convenient, you just can achieve anything you want with this awesome workhorse. It’s so awesome but there’s one slight problem, in my country they are very hard to get, and when you find one, they’re extremely expensive, so that’s sad. I really hope I win, because I’ve been GASsing for this pedal for so long. Lots of love.

  30. V2 sounds even better IMHO than V1, perfect for nailing vintage Jimi sounds as well as moving forward to new explorations. Can’t wait to have one on my board, also a great board space saver compared to other LARGE vibe pedals!

  31. V2 sounds even better IMHO than V1, perfect for nailing vintage Jimi sounds as well as moving forward to new explorations. Can’t wait to have one on my board, also a great board space saver compared to other LARGE vibe pedals!

  32. The DryBell Vibe Machine V-2 sounds amazing!I love using vibe subtly and also sometimes using it more aggressively when doing ethereal type tracks.My favorite players that use vibe are SRV,Robin Trower,David Gilmour and of course Jimi Hendrix.

  33. When it comes to pedal review before buying them, I’m always relying to the true and best source, “PETE THORN”.
    His demo of the pedal is really amazing and he did it really well. I believe this is TRULY, Best of the Best, SPECTABULOUS Vibe Machine pedal on the market.
    SALUTE to the Drybell team, Great job guys.

  34. I love the sound of this pedal. Just starting to acquire some. I play blues and a little soft rock and Americana. I only have two pedals now, but I’ve been looking for something to brighten up the sound and make it sound more scratchy and gritty. The demo sounds great.

  35. ❤❤❤ Absolute amazing sound! Really nice demo by Pete Thorn, it really seems one of the Best uni vibe pedals on the market!
    For me the vibe sound is the Hendrix sound, no doubt, and I really love Doyle Brahmall II sound too! Very Hendrix-style but in a modern way, fucking love it!

  36. I love to try pedals. This one looks like a blast to combine with a distortion one from greenchild. Cool review, I’ll look a bit more into this.

  37. I am looking for a good uni-vibe pedal for my Hendrix tone a long time, and the DryBell Vibe Machine V2 is the one which I found most tweakable and small size that fit on my pedal board! Love that!

  38. This pedal looks like the mother of all vibe pedals! So many different parameters to tailor to your specific needs, and yet so simple with only two knobs. Awesome!!

  39. While I love the classic use of a Vibe in blues and rock music, I can’t wait to add some vibe textures to my ambient setup. There are so many pedals out there but so few use a vibe.. Probably the most underrated effect still to this day, outside of the die hard fans of Hendrix and the likes.

    Also, from the demos I’ve watched (wich is a lot) the Drybell Vibe Machine V2 annihilates all the other vibes out there. Plus it looks the best to top it off.

  40. It’s quite amazing these guys have managed to squeeze a real optical vibe circuit into such a small footprint making it one of the few vibes that can fit on a pedal board no problem. Well done…

    …does it come in lime green?

  41. This pedal would absolutely complete my pedal board, and from the sounds of it, I would have a TON of options to mess with. I have tried a few vibrato pedals, but none sounded this good.

    Great reviews, I have bought several pedals due to this page and I recommend my friends coming here for the thorough reviews!

  42. This pedal would absolutely complete my pedal board, and from the sounds of it, I would have a TON of options to mess with. I have tried a few vibrato pedals, but none sounded this good.

    Great reviews, I have bought several pedals due to this page and I recommend my friends coming here for the thorough reviews!

  43. Dig that vibe. Sounds vintage all the way. Jimi Hendrix and Trey Anastasio I think are my favorite users of the uni-vibe.

  44. Great sounding compact vibe pedal. I personally like using vibrato pedals to add some depth and warble to clean sounds, like Nels Cline or Real Estate.

  45. I never thought that I would say that, but this thing is pure innovation… Huge sound.. Hendrix sound…. Crazy vibe!

    Kiss my ears and say you want me

  46. Thanks for bringing us these great reviews Trimpots accessible through the side of the pedal. Genius. I hope that idea catches on. I am on the hunt for a great Vibe. Maybe this is where the hunt ends.

  47. This seems to be a pedal I need in my life, great review only increases the desire to try this out. Here’s hoping I get lucky. Regards


  48. Man, I just keep on having Bridge of Sighs running around in my head the whole time I’m thinking about this pedal! I’d love to win one!

  49. Sounds like a really good “vibe”. It really could really add to my many pedals and sounds as if it might even kick a pedal or two off my pedal board.

  50. This pedal sounds amazing, and I love that they added more controls on the outside. It seems like s huge jump from V-1. Can’t wait to play it!

  51. Hendrix & Gilmour!
    Looking at the review, this pedal definately will bring us three steps closer to their legendary tones!
    I need one!

  52. Wow this thing sounds fantastic! It looks like it is probably the most feature-laden vibe around that I’ve seen. Would love to get my hands on one.

  53. Love it! I’ve been listening to a lot of the Youtube-reviews of the V-1 when it came out, and was so close to getting one at the time. I love the tap-switch that comes with this new one, I could definitely find a place for it on my board :)

  54. My favourite vibe player is Michael Landau. The way he uses the vibrato mode is so awesome. I need a drybell myself!

  55. Great pedal. Spot on review. Have seen this creeping up on quite a few boards now, and after hearing it, I now know why.

  56. *obligatory good vibes comment

    *id – “i’ve made a huge mistake”

    *ego – “shut up, no ragrats”

    *superego – “good vibes”

  57. I’ve always wanted a Vibe Machine. I remember hearing about the first version years ago and being very impressed by not only the demos but the quality of the design and how many options there were. Version two basically fixes any of the ‘issues’ with the original.

  58. Eric Johnsons and Erik Mongrain give off the coolest vibes with their guitars in my opinion. Erics tone and Mongrains percussive technique are unmatched. I would love to have a vibe machine to create some rockin vibes.

  59. This is the most delightful vibe pedal ever to be played. It sounds luxurious, no matter what your favourite guitar is and frolics with other pedals.

    Here’s a small poem I wrote,dedicated to Drybell’s superb pedal:
    Canto for a Uni-Vibe

    Come, Sun, sink behind the trees,
    Thy farewell in the dimming twilight,
    As thy sweetly strummed melody flees,
    What notes fade soft into the distant, dusky night.
    To hold the very shadows of this waking-sleep,
    And softly strum a pulsing melody,
    An ode for the with’ring stars to keep,
    What incantations into the vast, for thee!

    ~ 2018 J. Krampert

  60. I would like to own the one that seems to be the best uni-vibe pedal out there. It would be the icing on the cake to my pedalboard ;¬)

  61. Has anyone used this with a bass? I use a chorus when I need big lush swimmy tones, I wonder if this would cover that as well as offer some interesting alternatives

  62. I heard from YouTube comments that this is the best vibe pedal (among its size, not to compare the bigger unit like Shin-ei’s) and I want to try so bad

  63. Great sounding pedal. Not a fan of heavy vibe and often wish there was mix knobs on vibe pedals, but this one sounds pretty sweet!

  64. P.S. I use my vibe tones for recreating the psychedelic tones of the 60s and 70s From Jimi Hendrix sounds and to Pink Floyd ! And my own vibe sounds to my solid Rock sounds to Blues ! Rock-on everyone and play ! Enter the BEST GUITAR EFFECTS contest for the VIBE MACHINE PEDAL ! And rock-on you axe slingers ! ! ! Sincerely , Dere S.

  65. My favorite vibe using guitarist would have to be Jimi Hendrix ! I personally into the vibe sound because I grew up in in the late 1960s and early 1970s and I am over fifty ! Not to say that I love any kind of effect I can use in my guitar arsenal of tone ! Distortion , overdrive chorus and ect ! Whatever makes my tone the best of the best ! Back in the late 1960s Jimi Hendrix used in Woodstock the original vibe machine and boy did he make sound radical ! Stoked about this awesome BEST GUITAR EFFECTS contest ! And this effect vibe made a lot of super guitar players famous including Robin Trower ! This is my official entry into your awesome contest ! Good luck everyone ! Sincerely , Derek S.

  66. This pedal is amazing. It sounds great all by itself and it’s incredibly versatile. I can see playing some Hendrix, SRV, and even Eric Johnson inspired music if I was fortunate enough to score this! Good luck to all.

  67. I’m gonna stay at the bar & put out the VIBE!! If I ever buy a cabin in the woods , they will call me The Uni-Viber.

  68. Arguably the best “phaser” style vibe out there – especially with this footprint! Glorious tones and great feature set. It’s at the top of my “next pedal” list.

  69. The vibe machine is ar the top of my list ognon pedals to try/buy right now. It would be so great to win one :O

  70. Authentic and great Uni-Vibe sound with cool modern thinking. Especially like the variable input option, look forward to hearing the grit effect added in.

  71. The Vibe Machine is the perfect Vibe Pedal utilizing all the vintage sounds in a small box! Robin Trower utilized this sound in almost all his work! Hope to celebrate my birthday a bit late with a new pedal for my mix-up!

  72. Hendrix and Trower in the same pedal. What’s not to like? Nothing of course, that’s why almost every vibe pedal on the block makes the same claim (Building a pedal that was one but not the other, now that would a trick. A stupid one, but a trick all the same…), I’d like to say that this pedal is going to have to go some to beat the Effectrode Tube-vibe, but to be honest, after spending a small fortune on the thing, I don’t really like it, so this could be the pedal to satisfy my vibiness jones (At the moment I’m using the Marshall which actually is pretty good for the price). The trouble is, with my Effectrode experience still in my mind, I wouldn’t buy this without trying it, so I guess it may be a while, or at least a couple of guitar shows, before I get the chance.

    Looking forward to it all the same.

  73. This pedal sounds like it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, awesome sounds and nicely customizable, great stuff

  74. I love SRV, Hendrix, and Gilmour, and I’d love to achieve their tones with this amazing pedal! I’ve wanted the V-1 ever since I first saw it demoed a couple years back, and to get the chance to win the V-2 would be even better!

  75. Gilmour fan here. I mainly want to chase all PF sounds. It’s hard to find a quality vibe pedal and this one seems perfect to me!

  76. I have the V1 and I can’t imagine a better pedal…however, if its a Dry Bell, no doubt in my mind that they pulled off yet another miracle!!! Fingers crossed that I can replace my V1 with the winning V2 and switch!!!

  77. Never used tap tempo much with this sort of effect, but the external controls and custom input settings really make sense to me.

  78. Been playin a long time and have tried lotsa vibe fx pedals to get that Gilmour texture or Trower chew.
    Most left me wanting, but when hearing the vibe v2…was home free. Best sounds and feel easily obtained. Got some satisfaction at last without noise, fading settings etc…YES

  79. Played a friend’s V1 lately, and fell in love. Just, guess what I missed: Tap tempo.
    Here we go. Btw: thanks for the clarity in your descriptions. After reading your tests, it actually feels like knowing what the thing can and can not do.

  80. This is my introduction to Dry Bell. The vibe machine looks well-thought out and I look forward to integrating it into my pedal board ASAP!

  81. The Vibe Machine sounds great and doesn’t take a lot of pedal board real estate. One reason I’ve moved to smaller (less authentic sounding) vibes was due to size. This ticks both boxes. Cheers.

  82. Great sounding pedal. I’d love to play this, however my funds and many medical bills do not allow. Currently on my “wish list”.

  83. The DryBell Vibe Machine V2 Sounds like The Holy Grail of that Trower/Hendrix/SRV/Frank Marino tone. I have endlessly sought after the EXACT Nuances that the DryBell Vibe Machine V2 seems to be able to produce. I WANT THIS PEDAL!
    Apparently and Finally, my Quest may have reached a milestone with the WINNING of the DryBell VibeMachine V2. Simply Pick MY Name and I will have reached Valhalla.

  84. It’s a great effect when used subtly. Richard Thompson was the first guitarist I ever heard use vibe when playing solo acoustic, and it just thickened up his sound so nicely. And although it’s not a signature part of his sound, Bruce Cockburn’s done some great work with it—check out “Kit Carson,” from the NOTHING BUT A BURNING LIGHT record.

  85. I have always lusted after a Univibe pedal, but it never seems to be a higher priority than other things. If I could have any Univibe pedal, this Dry Bell would be the one! It sounds incredible and is so small and yet full-featured.

    But since it’s well out of my price range, I’ll have to just hope that I can win this pedal. Thanks BGE!

  86. Seems to be a great Vibe, it will be welcomed with cheering applause to my pedal board. I play Gilmour, Hendrix, and I think this one will do the job, I’m ready to give it a chance: D

  87. I used to own a univibe from another company and I haven’t had the pleasure of playing with this Drybell Vibe Machine V2, but from what I’ve read and heard this device is fantastic, simply brilliant. For people like me, who like the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, and also play guitar, this is a must have!!

  88. The DryBell Vibe Machine promise to capture all the magic and lure of the classic tones with a few extras under the hood. All in a neat little box suitable for any pedal board. The Vibe Machine V1 is definitely one of the better UniVibes I’ve played and with its smaller footprint it will be welcomed with cheering applause to my pedal board. I sold it two years ago, because I had no money, but here is a chance to have a new one in V2! :)

  89. Seems like a nice pedal, would like to try one live. Right now I’m leaning towards Keeley Monterey, still have try one live as well. My favorite vibe using artist would have to be Hendrix followed closely by Trower

  90. Seems like a nice pedal, would like to try one live. Right now I’m leaning towards Keeley Monterey, still have try one live as well. My favorite vibe using artist would have to be Hendrix followed closely by Trower

  91. This is definitely the vibe unit I’ve been looking for. For the size and the sound, and the ability to tweak the wave, it’s definitely staying on myboard.

  92. I’m enjoying the V-2. I’m hooking it up to a Disaster Area Micro.Clock to keep it in time with my other time-based effects like the Boss DD-7. Thanks.

  93. I love the univibe sound, when Steve Lacy played live her definitely had that effect going, I loved the overall wash it provided. Also a few tracks on Frank oceans blond album have that effect. It just always seems to bring out another character out of the guitar. I currently have a warped vinyl, it’s amazing, but it doesn’t quite achieve that overall wash the I really love from the vibe

  94. These tiny boxes you guys are making rock!
    Look stylish and sound great.
    Univibe sounds great for soul, blues, rock.
    Listen to how Doyle Bramhall 2 blends all styles together using one!

  95. For me Hendrix and SRV are the best vibe users so far, but i believe this effect still have a huge range of unexplored creativity

  96. Thanks for the review!
    Fantastic sounding pedal – vibe is my no.1 modulation effect and this one seems the most versatile and lively of the ones available today.

  97. I love vibrato but I’ve never owned or tried a vibe. Sounds great! And I don’t think it has to be used specifically for blues, etc.

  98. The Univibe is one of my favourite pedals of all time. The tap tempo addition makes this one really exciting though.

  99. This is a great pedal and would be a great addition to my very minimal pedal board! Thanks for the chance to win.


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