Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 Review – Best Dual Fuzz Pedal?

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On November 12, 2015
Last modified:October 21, 2016



The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 is the most straight-up rock ‘n roll fuzz pedal I’ve ever played. Don’t bother reading my review. Go buy it.

Okay, maybe you should know a little more about it first. Well, it’s 2 awesome fuzz pedals in 1. You can play through them both at the same time in parallel, and if you do, epicness ensues. Is that enough for you?

Fine, fine, I’ll do this thing right. Here goes…

The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 has a long and complicated history. None of it really matters, but here’s the short version anyway…


The Tale of the Silver Rose: A Effected Fairytale

Once upon a time… a boutique company made a pedal called the Silver Rose. Legend has it that this pedal was sort of a collaboration with Billy Corgan. (You know, the dude from The Smashing Pumpkins who’s really into fuzz pedals?) Turns out he wasn’t really feeling the original Silver Rose and didn’t want to be associated with it (or something like that). Then later that pedal company that made the Silver Rose sort of went out of business. (Wow, this story’s kind of a bummer, huh? Hang in there! The good parts are coming up!)

Then Dwarfcraft Devices, the heroes of this tale, appeared and were all like, “Hey, this company’s pedals are awesome! Let’s buy the brand, keep making them, and let rock reign supreme!” (They probably didn’t say anything like this, but you get the idea.) So they bought the brand, made the things, and then they were like, “Hey, let’s make something new and awesome, to like, revitalize the brand and stuff. Hail rock ‘n roll!” (Again, this part may have happened a little differently.) Anyway, I’m guessing they thought the Silver Rose was a cool idea and decided to make it better. So they did. And all was good.

The En…
Oh wait, I forgot something.

Dwarfcraft Devices originally branded it as the Devi Ever FX Silver Rose V2, but then they were like, “Nevermind, this pedal is a 100% original design and uses absolutely no part of the original brand’s Silver Rose pedal. Dwarfcraft, it is!” (…or something like that.) Anyway, I think that’s close enough. At least those are the most important bits.

The End. For Serious.


The Silver Rose Returns

There are a few things to be said about what the Silver Rose was and what it is now. The original idea was to combine 2 epic fuzz pedals, a “Big Muff” style fuzz and a “Super Fuzz” variation, into one beautiful behemoth of a pedal that would provide guitarists/bassists near endless means to morph and merge those sounds. It was a truly inspired undertaking. Dwarfcraft Devices didn’t have schematics for the original pedal, so they decided to revamp the whole concept. The only things carried over from the original Silver Rose are the idea and the name. The rest is pure sonic inspiration.


The left side of the Silver Rose V2, the “EC FUZZ” section, is a modified version of Dwarfcraft’s own Eau Claire Thunder, a Muff-style fuzz pedal known for its raging fuzz chaos. The EC FUZZ has familiar Volume, Tone, & Gain knobs, a Tone switch for removing the Tone knob from the circuit, and a Warp switch for kicking up the insanity.


On the right side of the pedal is the “SUPER” section which draws inspiration from the old “Super Fuzz” style pedals from decades past. Dwarfcraft had a look at some old schematic and then just ran with it, doing their own thing over here. This side gives you knobs for Volume, Bias, & Gain as well as a Mids switch for scooping the mids and increasing the bass.

Both fuzzes are routed into a master EQ section. There’s an EQ switch which activates Treble & Bass knobs, providing +/-10dB of boost or cut. A Clean knob controls dry level, letting you blend in your clean signal. You can also use the Clean Out to route your dry signal to another amp or effects chain.

Basically, what you really have here is the ultimate Dwarfcraft Devices fuzz pedal that nods to the original Silver Rose in concept, but totally reinterprets the idea. Make sense? Good. Let’s move on. Here’s a quick feature rundown.


  • Two fuzzes in one with ultimate control
  • Separate switchable active EQ provides 10dB of boost or cut
  • Clean blend knob and Clean Out for parallel processing
  • True Bypass
  • Powered by 9VDC power adapter (35mA).

Visit Dwarfcraft Devices for more info about the Silver Rose V2.

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Sound & Performance:

Where do I begin? The Silver Rose V2 is rock ‘n roll in a box. From the moment you plug it in press Engage, an aural assault of fuzz ensues. It doesn’t care if your ears bleed. It doesn’t care if that ska band rehearsing next door can’t stand the noise you’re making. It doesn’t care if you blow your freakin’ speakers (but you might, so watch those volume levels!). For some, It’s a medicine best served in small doses until you learn your tolerance. For others, the Silver Rose V2 is your new fuzz mistress. Those who can’t hang with her cat ‘o nine tails to the jewels, maybe this pedal just ain’t for you. But let’s start one thing at a time and see what this pedal is all about..

Before you just kick this thing on and blast your amp into fuzzy oblivion, roll down both Volume knobs and the Clean knob. From there, activating the pedal will save your speakers (this thing can get loud!) until you get a feel for the intricacies of dialing it in.


Dwarfcraft-Devices-Silver-Rose-V2-Best-Dual-Fuzz-Pedal-03Raising up the Volume on the Super side brings in a decidedly vintage flavor of fuzz. On the left side of the Bias spectrum the fuzz is more stable and articulate. Bringing the Bias to the right makes things more sputtery with full clockwise being great for 8-bit fuzz sounds. The key to dialing in those quirky, semi-gated sounding fuzz effects is to not completely max the Gain but push it towards the 3 o’clock area. But you can also crank it up and dial back your guitar’s volume knob for similar effect.

For more versatility the Mids switch completely inverts the frequency emphasis of the SUPER side. Suddenly, your mids are sucked out and the top and bottom seem to have greater impact. This is worth exploring throughout the range of Gain and Bias settings. Whether going for thick slabs of chordal riffage or synthy fuzz single notes, try the Mids switch in both positions to see what works for you.


Dwarfcraft-Devices-Silver-Rose-V2-Best-Dual-Fuzz-Pedal-04Once you get an awesome sound from the SUPER section, cut down its Volume and raise the Volume on the EC FUZZ side. You’re now in a whole parallel universe of fuzz freedom. The 3 knob setup should be familiar to anyone who’s ever played a “Big Muff” style pedal before. One handy feature is the Tone switch. I personally love the option of being able to remove the Tone knob entirely on a Muff-style fuzz. This gives you a full frequency wall of fuzz that just… kills! While that’s a monstrous feature to have in its own right, the Tone knob is voiced exceptionally well in that it doesn’t excessively cut your low-end when emphasizing the higher frequencies. This will entice you to just leave the Tone knob in the circuit most of the time.

The Warp switch manages to make the EC FUZZ a bit more intense without spiraling into oscillating feedback territory. You can get extreme fuzz grind while maintaining control. Even with Warp on and both Gain knobs maxed, the Silver Rose V2 is incredibly playable in its own raunchy way. Very nice.

Once you dial in a sound you like on both sides, bring up both Volume controls to make worlds collide. This is where the magic happens. Each side of the pedal is unique and awesome, but it’s all about the alchemical marriage of the Silver Rose V2’s yin and yang. While it’s fun to just randomly experiment with different sounds, you’ll start to recognize how to apply each fuzz to greater effect. For example, cut the Mids on the SUPER side and dial in the Tone of the EC FUZZ to fill in the empty space. Or combine a treble or bass heavy EC FUZZ sound with a mid-focused SUPER sound. Don’t forget about bringing in your dry signal via the Clean knob if you want a little extra clarity. Bassists might find that more useful for maintaining some low-end definition.

Dwarfcraft-Devices-Silver-Rose-V2-Best-Dual-Fuzz-Pedal-05The EQ section is particularly useful for putting the final touches on your fuzz creation/abomination. If there’s a little too much action happening on the high or low side of the spectrum, engage that EQ switch and tweak the Treble & Bass to taste. These knobs can be useful even if you’re just using one side of the pedal. Say the SUPER’s Mids switch scoop is too dramatic for you, cut on the EQ and roll down the Treble & Bass while boosting Volume for a less scooped sound. Or when using the EC FUZZ with a bright Tone setting, boost the Bass EQ for a more prominent low-end as well. Lots of potential here.

Dwarfcraft-Devices-Silver-Rose-V2-Best-Dual-Fuzz-Pedal-06The Clean Out could be useful in some situations. You could send your clean signal to yet another fuzz pedal if you’re crazy enough. Or you can process your guitar with an entirely separate signal chain altogether. This won’t be an essential feature for most users, but I’m sure some creative effect junkies out there will find some use for it. Also, it’s important to emphasize that even if you’re not using the Clean Out, the Clean knob still lets you blend your clean signal in with your fuzz.

The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 packs in a lot of awesome. The only things to nag about are the signal noise and the foot-switch being so close to the clean knob. (Top-mounted input/output jacks would have been nice, too, but might have messed with the symmetrical knob placement.) Even with the 2 Volume knobs rolled down, you’ll always hear a higher than usual level of signal noise from this pedal. The good news is that this will most likely be a non-issue in a loud band setting. When you engage the Silver Rose V2 you’ll most likely be pummeling your audience with a wall of fuzz that will drown out all background noise. I stopped noticing it after a while. Considering this pedal will probably find most use among guitarists looking for extreme distortion and fuzz sounds, the noise floor won’t matter when you’re strumming non-stop through your setlist.

But if your stage performance is as high-energy as the sounds from this pedal, you might want to apply a little restraint and carefully step on the Engage foot-switch to avoid moving the Clean knob with your foot. If you put the Silver Rose V2 in an effects switcher, this is a non-issue. For me, I’d rather see Dwarfcraft have done without the Clean knob & Clean Out and have added a 2nd foot-switch with a Gate function. (Bassists are shaking their fists as some of them will find the Clean function essential to retain definition of their low-end. My bad, y’all.) Or even with the Clean/Clean Out functions, an extra foot-switch could have been placed on the left side to accommodate a Gate function (while adding to the symmetry). But a gate may have been too difficult or costly implement. There’s already a lot going on. Fortunately, the sounds you can get from this pedal are so awesome that you’ll most likely be forgiving of those minor issues. After all, rock ‘n roll is meant to be loud and noisy, right? And if the noise bothers you that much, stick the Silver Rose V2 in a noise gate’s loop, and you’ll be fine. (It works wonders; I tried it.)

The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 is a beautiful beast of a guitar pedal and one of my new favorite fuzzes. (If it’s a little too noisy for you or you want some a little smaller and compact, check the Dwarfcraft Devices Necromancer which puts the Super side of the SRV2 in its own pedal with dedicated Mids knob.) Let’s see the final result.



The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 offers a world of fuzz shaping possibilities through combining its two classic-inspired fuzz sections. This pedal has attitude and energy to spare and will likely be a new source of inspiration to the fuzz warriors who add this weapon to their pedal arsenal. It’s not too complicated to use once you master the 2 fuzz sections, or maybe it’s submitting yourself to the Silver Rose V2 that rewards you with its fuzz domination. The bottom line is this pedal rocks hard and is super fun to play. Through all that had to happen for this pedal to arrive, the Silver Rose V2 is here, and Dwarfcraft Devices did a remarkable job at capturing all the best qualities of its various sources of inspiration. Now go buy it.

That concludes our Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2. Thanks for reading.


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  1. I absolutely adore the way you write. Back to the pedal – killer. I’ve heard this pedal in a few videos and I’m inclined to agree with your gripe about the signal noise. However, I’m looking forward to that clean out, there are so many ways I can play with that.

  2. Great Review! Seems like a really cool Fuzz.. I’ve had the EQD Hoof Reaper and Solid Gold If 6 was 9 but in the market for a fuzz that really pushes some boundaries. This thing sounds like a beast. Seems to even get some sounds similar to the TWA Great Divide!!

  3. Interesting design, great sounds, good demo! And that clean signal mixed in with the distorted signal is exactly the same concept as what I do with my own diy pedalboard switcher/mixer. The clean out is a very nice extra!

  4. Excellent review, I’ve been after a Superfuzz for a while, this could be the one (with bonus Big Muff, which is always good).

  5. Hey I have a BUNCH of fuzzes (bought the Fulltone Blue last week). This will be my next purchase. I also love Eau Claire – my seester lives there — Thanks — JB

  6. Woah–that’s basically all the fuzz tones ever. As a bassist primarily, the clean blend is a huge plus as fuzz pedals can suck out the bottom end (even with nice eq features like the Silver Rose has here). Two different circuits with two different sounds with enormous ranges of tones in each or together. Quite the pedal! Nice play, Dwarfcraft.

  7. I love fuzz pedals. This has to be one of the best ones out there. I would love to own this. Top of the line. Endless possibilities.

  8. For someone who hasn’t done too much experimenting with fuzz pedals, the one thing that’s kept me from picking one up is that, to me, anyways, a lot of fuzzes seem one-dimensional & rely on a particular amp setting to get *that* sound. The Silver Rose’s versatility seems to be the answer to my prayers! Would love to put this guy on my board next month ;)

  9. Can’t beat a bit of extreme fuzz. If you like your baby to wail, the Silver Rose V2 will make sure she screams in ecstasy

  10. This is by far one of the most inventive and versatile fuzzes I’ve ever seen the dual fuzz must get absolutely crazy and the clean blend is probably great for taming it up. Nice to see some smaller boutique companies getting some love!!

  11. Whoa, that thing is hairy!! Sure would blow my old Dunlop Fuzz Face out of the water…I’d pair this with my EHX Polychorus, some Digital Delay…..total sonic annihilation!! I feel like this could be a really versatile high gain as well, interesting concept behind it

  12. this fuzz would likely replace 2 others I currently have but never have been completely satisfied with….if I won!

  13. This looks sick! I play in a heavy rock band, so this pedal would be perfect for that. My board could use a little extra meat at the moment, and this pedal would certainly do that. Good luck to everyone who entered the contest!

  14. The two fuzzes make for great versatility for awesome rhythm and lead, so I’m in. The EQ would be nice for refining the 2 fuzz channels. The clean blend = nice full sound, plus I’m always recording and it’s nice for that.

  15. Man… I would be tempted to re-record all of the guitars on the album I’m working on, which is at the mixing stage, if I found that pedal sitting at the bus stop. Just sayin.

  16. Hello !

    Nice review and niiice pedal here, would love to try and adopt it :) Paris is never too fuzzy !

    Have a nice day !


  17. You know, you can never have too much fuzz. This sounds like an amazing pedal. Thanks again best guitar effects for your generosity with these giveaways.

  18. Wow, heavy duty! I really like how tight you can get some of the tones with this fuzz running in parallel, takes it into the realm of ripping distortion, with no flubby low end like many fuzzes. Very nice. It would be great to win this pedal, because I don’t think that I could afford it otherwise….

  19. What isn’t to like about this. If you love fuzz you have so much to tweak and you are tweaking two incredible fuzzes to begin with. Sounds like a perfect vacation!

  20. Silver Rose has been on my wishlist for a while now. I’ve been looking for a fuzz that works equally well with bass. I have a germanium tone bender clone, and a fuzz factory. They’re both good for what they’re good for. But the combo of EC fuzz and Super fuzz with a tone control stack, and being able to run either one of them separately, I mean this is just a tone machine. I’ll end up using it in recording and playing out. So… yeah…

  21. I love to use a fuzz on recordings to double some guitar parts. This thing has got all the options to make it super useful in studio!

  22. The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 is the fuzz pedal I’ve been waiting for! I’m looking forward to winning this one for sure!

  23. Very interesting combination of features in this pedal! Sounds like it could do far more than just simple fuzz, especially with a variety of sound sources! Well designed board too, which is a bonus!

  24. I’m always intrigued by pedals with a lots of knobs and switches.
    This looks like quality and quantity combined!

  25. This pedal sounds amazing, extreme versatility, and heavy enclosure for road purposes. Would suit me well on any Civil Youth Tour!

  26. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… ;-)

    Given how simple the IDEA of a fuzz pedal is, it’s amazing that there’s such a plethora of DIFFERENT pedals available, and how far they’ve taken that simple concept!

    I’m tempted to say something like, “The Silver Rose V2 is the last fuzz you’ll ever need!”, but the moment I say it, they’ll come out with something even MORE awesome!

    The Bottom Line, though? I WANT ONE!!!

  27. Much like most Dwarfcraft pedals, this thing is killer and is a gnarly monster. Two great fuzzes (Eau Claire Thunder? Hell yeah) in one. Who wouldn’t want one?

  28. The day i win one of these contests is the day i will cry as if i witnessed moses parting the ocean’s waters in twine. Give it to me yoooooo! I will play the shit out of it. Honest

  29. That is one bad a$$ pedal! I could see myself lost for hours playing with this thing and loving every minute of it. That witless definitely make a great addition to my pedal arsenal.

  30. Do not know if my first comment went though > But here is my comment ! I love fuzz pedals ! I want to try this awesome Dwarf fuzz ! Manys likes on this fuzz pedal !

  31. I always love all the control that Dwarfcraft Devices put on thier pedals. It allows me to dial to a sound I like and adjust to get exactly the tone I want. Another great pedal, Dwarfcraft!

  32. Dwarf craft makes such incredibly versatile products. I remember picking up a split overdrive/fuzz by ehx a long time ago and being impressed with the tonal quality of the effects and the range in the volt knobs. That has nothing on this pedal. This is absolutely wild. From a very standard rock/metal sound to a strange warping noise scape that can only really be provided by dwarfcraft. I’d love to hear this thing on my chain.

  33. OOOOH, I love the versatility of this pedal. With both sides, or “pedals,” you really have to be a dope not to find the fuzz you’re looking for. The bias is awesome, and, along with the EQ and blippy 8-bit tones, it really does everything I need a fuzz pedal to do.

  34. Been selling potatoes since a couple years to get my first pedal. If only this beast could be the one to be my first and redeem me from my ridiculous Amp!

    Now that you all know I am selling potatoes, there will be a giveaway of the finest potatoes hand-picked by me if I win this pedal. Recommended for quality chips and fries. Please support the cause.

    Thank you!

      • True that mate! How can one say no to this cause when nothing but a little fuzz can be “effective” in solving world hunger through these “fine” potatoes. (#FineBros…this is not related to you, so please stay out of this.)

        *Disclaimer: Any re-creation of this genius of an idea shall be considered as an intellectual property theft. All rights reserved.

  35. I like this. I would try to dial in that Gary Clark Jr sort of tone. But from the sounds of it, this is a seriously more aggressive fuzz than I normally use. Please send one to me!!!!

  36. Don’t want it! Don’t need it!

    Keep that thing away from me!

    In fact, if I win this thing, I’m sending it back!

    Just try me! …

    … If you DO decide to try me, make sure you get my address right ‘cuz I can’t send it back if I don’t actually receive it, right?

  37. Totally ready for a serious upgrade in the distortion dept. The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 looks like the one, for quality, choices in tone and looks. I am onboard with this and ready to throw my Saturator away! -pboss

  38. maybe ill do something dumb like use it after modulation.. man can we even do that?????? or is it still witchcraft in guitar land

  39. Holy crash this thing sounds good! Good tones, highly adjustable.. I WILL get one of f these one day. Thanks for the great review as always.

  40. Whoa, talk about AWESOME! I love the graphics on it, reminds me of a bandana. Sounds heavy & chunky! Excellent demo/review Gabriel.

  41. A wide range of options there. I see it gets both the Jack White fuzz tone as well as the Sabbath or stoner metal range. I dig it. Thanks for the review.

  42. Another one of these “left-of-center” companies that really challenge the big boys (and girls) not only for the value of their products but also in the forward thinking category. If you watch their videos (they ones they make, not the ones other people make) you will find goofiness and expertise in equal measure and top notch on both. Innovative, irreverant and worth your money. Another tool that will easily help you find the sound that’s uniquely you, especially the sound you didn’t necessarily think you were seeking.

  43. I’d love to use this with my NS Designs cello. Fuzz seems to be the most consistently useful distorted tone for bowed strings. I’d like to see it A/B with the ProCo Rat, which is currently my go-to.

  44. I resisted the urge to stop watching the review demo for sake of my wallet and made it to the end. I read about the Silver Rose V2 a few months ago when I was putting together my first serious pedalboard but had to make budget choices …but the versatility on this thing! fuzz/OD/dist/bit cruncher. I may trade in my bit commander to help with the cost. That mids switch is phenomenal. Especially like the tonnage around 11:30. This thing is a masterpiece.

  45. Great sounding fuzz with lots of tweakable options which is great if you play everything from Pink Floyd to Black Sabbath

  46. If I win this behemoth, I solemnly vow only to use it to create huge, rippling sheets of fuzzy carpet, covering the world like the interior of an airbrushed wizard van.

  47. This is it !!! – The FUZZ Bomb… This is exactly what i need to Win, My all original music was missing that touch,and i had been recording these types of “dual” fuzz sound by an ironic twist of fate,which now the Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 – will reign supreme in this area. Great Product, looks mean enough to “Fuzz” out the competition! good job, Dwarfcraft Devices. Great review Gabriel Tanaka.

    Have an wonderful day – i’m off to dream of this! Ohio_Drew.
    “Don’t Leave God Out Of The Equation”

  48. Killer design on such a mean pedal. I was always interest in dwarftcraft’s products. Looks amazing and sounds like a monster. Hopefully i get to throw it on my board!

  49. I would use this pedal to tone stack different gains and create super thick track! Looks like a really fun pedal. Cheers! Hope I’m the victor for the month of March. Fuzz and gain pedals are my thing! Haha.

  50. First, wasn’t thinking I was going to love this pedal, but then I heard what a huge variety of sounds is in there.. Who couldn’t find a sound they could use?? Second, finally a demo that actually does a good job of showing the capabilities of a complex pedal, instead of just stepping through a couple of favorite settings. Thanks!

  51. Seems like two fuzzes are more than one, all right, what else?
    Well, I can hear each of them is readable even in low tones and the combination allows anything I’ve ever heard and can be called fuzz. More over, many cosmic sounds – or probabyl e.t.’s message?

  52. I really like the sounds, this is a very versatile pedal! Not many pedals make me take notice, the Dwarfcraft Silver Rose V2 does. It’s not a one-trick pony, it’s more like a freaking stampeding herd!! From open headroom, with great hair but definition, to a compressed warped sounding fuzz, to bassy tones, it truly is amazing. This fuzz can handle the whole spectrum of the guitar range extremely well. I have been shopping fuzz pedals for over a year, and this is the best I have heard by a wide margin!! Nice going! This is an instant classic. It’s all usable!

  53. I’ve been listening to Paul Gilbert’s Fuzz Universe a ton lately. This pedal will really help me dial in his tone and maybe even nail some of the playing….just wish the pedal had a “talent” knob.

  54. I’ll admit it. Sometimes fuzz pedals scare me. They intimidate me. Really. This one looks really incredibly scary, but I think it would be a blast to explore my fears. Maybe even over come them. A little. Maybe.

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  56. Saw Aen’s youtube video on bass. This thing sounds pretty sick! You can dial in a ton of different sounds that I think everyone needs.

  57. Really digging the flexibility of the pedal. It’s not just a on/off fuzz pedal with little tone adjustments. I think this is perfect for tone gurus. Would love to give it a shot.

  58. I have had the pleasure of playing the first version of the Silver Rose. As with anything from Dwarfcraft, I’m sure the quality of the pedal will be MUCH higher than the previous manufacturer.

    Not only does the new Silver Rose cover a TON of different sounds, it sounds great while it’s doing it. In most fuzz pedals, you have to sacrifice versatility for sound quality, and vice versa. Not here.

    Love the Silver Rose and I hope I get to play one again soon.

  59. The pedal looks and sounds amazing. There is definitely something unique and interesting about stompboxes that have a wide range of controls. Fuzz is a sensitive subject when it comes to effects though. Few have the versatility of the Big Muff, but the ones that do that also exceptional sound quality are the ones that someone would want on their own pedalboard. This is definitely that fuzz. It would add weeks of just rolling through the controls finding loads of golden tones.

  60. I’m really suprised and impressed by the sound, it covers a really wide variety of sounds, which I love. I can totaly see myself playing on this one.

  61. This is one MONSTER of a fuzz! I can’t wait to get my hands on one and feel the sonic chaos and inspiration that shall ensue! \m/

  62. This is an awesome pedal. Great review once again. I remember when the original company was thinking about putting these out. Them vs billy was a nasty battle too. Any ways, great pedal. I love the sounds and I think the clean out could be useful for stereo delays and whatnot. Cheers

  63. Killer fuzz pedal! I really dig the controls; makes it so much more useful than a fuzz with only 2-3 knobs. I’d love to have it!

  64. I love this fuzz , the build quality of this unit is phenomenal. Always wanted to get my hands on one and pair it with a synth and looper to create crazy fuzz sounds.

  65. I’m big on my fuzz factory — with it’s tons of wrong settings — but this guy sounds really cool too… guess you can’t have too many fuzz options

  66. This pedal looks fantastic! I typically think a ZVEX Fuzz Factory has a lot of control, but this just seems like it puts it to shame. However, this pedal would potentially pose a small real estate issue for me on my board, but I would either put it in front of or in place of my Oriole Fuzz (fun, but messy with little control), but definitely after my Interstellar Overdriver Deluxe. I’d love to get this running through a delay, a reverb, and then sending that final mix to a space echo for some mad dreamy shoegaze sounds.

  67. Really love the demo video and in-depth review. I would certainly LOVE to have opportunity to put this pedal to work. You guys do great work, thank you.


  68. Get this puppy some more exposure! Looks like too much fun and sounds more face melting than an iron skillet on the surface of the sun.

  69. Love what the fine folks at Dwarfcraft did with this box. Versatile and insane, just the way it should be :-) Needs to come home and live at my house with my other fuzzy boxes.

  70. Drwarfcraft knows how to do it. I’ve been a huge fan of the EC fuzz- and Silver Rose being a combination of EC and superfuzz, goodlord thank you for this. Loved the review video, relieved to hear the different tones than just the player ‘shredding’ solos after solos.

    (Here’s to hoping that I get this beauty, hah.)

  71. Must be something in the water in Eau Claire,WI for all the COOL stuff coming out of there. This pedal looks like its right up there w/all the others. Thanks –JB

  72. Lots of options on this pedal! Great to have the ability to blend in two distinct sounds and then have EQ options on top! Very cool! I would have liked the clean knob to be included in the original signal but still very cool idea!

  73. Well it’s quite obvious what to do with that clean out……

    Send it through my great destroyer and make my neighbours properly sorry their dog spends all day yapping.

  74. Dwarfcraft certainly produces awesome pedals. Although I can’t use some of them for my own personal sound, the creativity put into these pedals keeps me interested and I continually check to see what new gear they release to see what they come up with next!

  75. wow, so good! I would love to win one simply by writing a comment on this website! Golly gosh it sounds great!

    In all seriousness, dwarf craft are owning it right now and this is no exception!

  76. If i had this one oh dear neighbors: run to the hills or fuzz on. ANALOGIC + 13 knobs NOT useless or crap. Dwarfcraft Devices being Dwarfcraft Devices. Wondering the large range of sounds.

  77. I really want one of these. I actually put down $430 (pretty much lost) on the console kickster so i could basically get this first gen of this pedal, I think the sound of this one might be better.

    this review is important!

  78. This looks genuinely good enough that I could overlook the fact that it appears to be approximately the size of the average pedalboard. The clean blend, especially, means this could be the fuzz tone in my head.

  79. ah, good ol’ Dwarfcraft, I simply love what they do and how they do it. just check out their youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/theonetrueaen and you will see why their pedals are great and fun… the guys behind dwarfcraft simply are great and fun :D sadly they don’t have their DIY kits anymore. I got a DIY Robot Devil from them and it’s the king of my pedal board!

    The silver rose LED looks super bright, no need for a lamp in the room anymore :D

  80. Christ! Like all Dwarfcraft gear that sounds so grotty! Love it! I wonder what damage could be created if I run my drum machine into it! Can’t believe your giving one away, I’d keep it for myself :’)

  81. Incredible looking pedal. TBH if I won it I’d probably just run everything through it. Synths, drums, cats. I’d play all those YouTube pedal demos through it to make them all sound like the Silver Rose. Niiiiice.

  82. My old pal Aen and crew have done it again. I am sure the build qualithy is top notch and obviously this is a Fuzz to Love!

  83. Woah. I’m sold. I’m so sold. This might be the coolest fuzz I’ve ever heard.
    Great review, rad riffs, subscribed!

  84. The build looks super clean, the knobs and enclosure are aesthetically fantastic, and it sounds fantastic. I would love to own one of these.

  85. Dwarfcraft makes some wicked devices and this one is no exception. The video review was great and informative I’m glad I got to see it. Another fine craftsmanship from Dwarfcraft!!!!

  86. Damn I would replace my broken big muff with this and then try to get the noisiest, gnarliest, droneist, feedbackiest tones possible

  87. I own have a Dwarfcraft’s Shiva as well as their SOMMS pedal, and they’re great.
    This seems to be a super versatile pedal, can’t imagine how much fun it is.

  88. I would replace my broken big muff with this and try to get the noisiest, gnarliest feedbackiest tones possible

  89. I have never watched a full review before, but couldn’t stop listening to this one!! The reviewer was in pedal-heaven and it showed! What an amazing pedal….it does it all!
    And anything that can be described as “muffy” has to be worth having!!

  90. I want to put this in the first position of a long chain of pedals with split outputs/stereo going into every amp I can get my hands on setup in surround sound fashion.

  91. As a guitarist who loves some gritty fuzz, this pedal would be great! Plus, it’s Dwarfcraft! I’d love to own them all!

  92. I’ve tried a V1 Silver Rose, and it was a BEAST! The V2 is probably even better. Great pedal from a great company!

  93. I have the Devi Ever Big Distortion Sound Machine (also designed and made by Dwarfcraft), which seems like the little stepbrother to the Silver Rose. I can’t WAIT to plug my 12 string Dean into this with my two amps running together!!!

  94. I’m a big fan of dwarfcraft devices! He’s making some of the nastiest sounding pedals right now. Glad to see the Silver rose is back and better than ever!

  95. Dwarfcraft have, for a long time now been masters of Fuzz pedals. This pure fan boy understanding of what makes a horrid and useable sound has led to some classic pedals such as the Great Destroyer and the PitchGrinder. Now with the Silver Rose v2 they have provided a fuzz pedal with an insane amount of choice involved. The ability to get sounds ranging from Electric Wizard type stoner doom through to the Smashing Pumpkins and even the much more commercial Jack White or Black Keys blues influenced dirt is like a god send.

    To put it short and sweet, this pedal looks fucking incredible.

  96. Nice!
    Sounds like a dream, no need for silver linings when you have a silver rose!
    Build quality is impressive and a thorough review thanks :)

    [Dreams and reaches upward meekly towards the pedal old gods..]

  97. I really don’t need another fuzz / distortion as i have two on my board and using an active blender/looper pedal to run things in parallel. And yet …somehow need this pedal.

    This would actually reduce the need for the blender/looper which takes up a lot of space and I can still run my hot wired v2 pedal in parallel to add a 3rd “sharper” distortion for a massive sound.

    ***IF i had to find one suggestion … I wish there was a way to use a footswtich to activate the clean out as needed.

  98. Love the Dwarfcraft stuff. I would be obeying the riff with this one!
    The amount of hand-wiring in this beast looks insane. Dedication to the craft!

  99. I tried a friends superfuzz and his big muff (well yeah, other big muffs too) and it was really great. This thing seems to be the monster i could use as a pet.

  100. Now this…..this is going on the must have-list (where it is going to compete with the woolly mammoth and the fuzz factory)

  101. I’ve been looking for the best sounding fuzz since last year. I wanted something versatile, hoping to get that QOTSA kind of sound. I hope I win this pedal!!!

  102. I’ve been looking for the best sounding fuzz since last year. I wanted something versatile, hoping to get that QOTSA kind of sound. I hope I win this pedal!!!

  103. Nice! Two more Fuzzies to add to the other three I have now! I have a slight obsession with the furry things. Sounds awesome.

  104. I freaking love the Dwarfcraft/Devi Ever stuff. I’ve been looking for a good texture fuzz and this might have to make its way onto my board. EQ on the fuzz seems useful too, I hate 2 knob fuzzes because the eq of the pedal may not complement the amp too nicely.

  105. All hail the mighty fuzz! Endless sonic possibilities – certainly a tweaked of a pedal but would be happy to make room on the board for this monster!


  106. Holy Fuzz Balls! This is the Fuzz to rule them all!

    I’d use this to terrify my gran and upset my bandmates.

    Fuzz should ride that thin line between nasty and sweet, but it’s best served up in extreme and punching proportions. The Silver Rose V2 has has all that in spades and more. The perfect sonic assult machine.

  107. Talk about a kitchen sink pedal! It’s a bit of a shame that they didn’t include a dual switch option… there’s too many settings on this giant pedal to have to settle for one sound… give me 1 for an insane lead and another for full on fuzz riffs.

  108. wow. absolutely amazing dirt pedal. it seems like this thing has everything that anyone would ever need in an overdrive, distortion, or fuzz pedal.

  109. Love the tones in the demo, the Dwarfcraft demo is fun too. Im here to mash together Boris (Eau Claire) and Electric Wizard (Super Fuzz) in to some Undead Cyclopian Space Whale of a tone. Would be a beloved addition to my board \,,/

  110. This looks really interesting, I like the idea of being able to combine two different fuzz tones in one, and I think the clean blend would be a useful feature. It’d be cool to be able to switch each fuzz separately though.

  111. Dwarfcraft continue to make some of the most interesting and original pedals in this crazy business – hats off to Aen, Louise and the rest of the gang!

  112. Talk about FUZZ!!!
    This sounds massive andnow feels like a must have on my pedalboard !
    Still can’t get over this video I’ve watched it 5 times…

  113. Truly, the super side is killing it ! There’s so much to do with all these options on it, it looks really fun to mess around with !

  114. Whoa, now THAT’s some fuzz!
    Fuzz has to be one of my favourite effects for synths and guitars, heck, even the occasional fuzzy bass!
    Great demonstration and review, I’d love to own one of these. :)

  115. Would love to have a fuzz pedal on my board—would use it for huge lead lines! Fun territory I haven’t messed with before.

  116. I also much prefer the Super Fuzz side, the tone is super aggressive, thick and heavy. Plus it can be dialed in to sound f***ing tight!
    When combined with the Big Muff to compensate for the scooped mids it’s just … WHOA!!!

    Lord, my housemates would be killing me if I had one of these things. I’m pretty sure they couldn’t appreciate the awesomeness xD

  117. I will say I recently got the EC Thunder, and it’s the coolest fuzz pedal I’ve used so far, so I’d be really curious how this one works all of that in with the Silver Rose.

  118. This pedal seems like a monster- seems incredibly versatile. My next door neighbors would kill me if I played through this everyday (but I would certainly love to).

  119. This is the best lead guitar effect I’ve ever came across.
    Gives me the sound I want to hear that keeps me in the mood. Great product, I didn’t regret purchasing. Love it here’s my rating
    Sound: *****
    Quality: *****
    Interface: ****

  120. I’m so excited that this pedal is being mad now! The possibilities of sounds are endless! A mighty fuzz pedal indeed!

  121. I’d more than likely use it as my main fuzz, using the EC most of the time for the low end, but I’d forsure use the Super for those oh so special moments. Here’s hoping!

  122. I had one of the old Silver Roses for a while and really liked it (it was my favorite fuzz to use on bass synth, sounded huge). Really interested to experiment with the updated Dwarfcraft version, especially knowing it incorporates the Eau Claire Thunder. Plus, I dig the black-on-black wallpaper pattern…

  123. Was just on the hunt for a fuzz pedal when this giveaway appeared. Crossing all my fingers and toes for this one, looks like a beast!

  124. 11/10 on the tone. 5/10 on the super-bright LED (those are so distracting!). All around usably crazy pedal, it seems.

    Seems to handle those Megaman tunes in the video demo great.

  125. I love running a big if with an octave down for a big thick crushing sound. but lately I’ve been pondering how to get more flexibility of sound out of it. I play in a band with a drummer and I make a lot of loops and and playin pedals. I need big great sounds to help fill the space up. this thing looks wild as hell and I would love to try it out.

  126. I thought I wanted one of these before I knew the Muff side was instead based on the ECT!! Damn. Fuzz addiction is dangerous…

  127. You guys are featuring some nice pedals. This one is right up there. Two fuzz styles in one with all those tone tweaks, very nice!

  128. Glad you ditched the Devi Ever name. Dwarfcraft sounds more intriguing. Looks like a great and versatile fuzz. Would enjoy playing one.

    • Dwarfcraft is actually another company. We bought the Devi Ever FX brand in 2013, and we redesigned this pedal and brought it under our lineup. We aren’t associated with DE, the person, at all at this point.

  129. Dwarfcraft/Devi sure does make a nice pedal. I’m constantly on the search for the perfect 4 dirt pedals. I love my low gain always on SolidGoldFX Beta. I have but want to upgrade a high gain metal style pedal, a bit crusher, and a fuzz.

  130. I have a Death By Audio Apocalypse. Although it sounds pleasingly disgusting it is all but unusable except on the setting that i don’t like(the first one on the multi-select knob, can’t remember what it’s called). The second you stop playing it feeds back like a menstrual banshee who’s just found out that her boyfriend has finished all the chocolate. When my guitar volume is all the way OFF the signal is still too hot. I would like to replace it with the Dwarfcraft Pedal that you have reviewed.

  131. There aren’t too many 13 minute 28 seconds pedal demos that I will watch straight through. This was one of them! It’s amazing what all this pedal will do! (And the written review was excellent also…)

  132. That’s a whole lotta permutations of fuzz I just experienced there.
    I agree with an earlier comment, MIDI capabilities would be useful here.

  133. I would love to try this out – I love the concept for this pedal and love that it has a clean blend – that way, you preserve the attack, but still have a wall of sound

  134. I’ve been looking for a good, crashing sound fuzz pedal for months and I hope to win this and rock it. Looks incredible!

  135. What an epic looking pedal! Been looking for something to replace my old big muff which will give a wider range of tones. Looks like I’ve found it..!

  136. I’ve never really owned a fuzz pedal (unless you count the Proco Rat, which I don’t) and I’d love to experiment with one. Especially one that’s considered high quality. Thanks!

  137. Looks to built like studio grade gear.Only fuzz pedal I ever owned was a big muff and this looks light years ahead of the old classic

  138. AMAZING, It looks magical and sounds incredible! FUZZ pedals are the best, I built a very simple one some time ago for summer break and I really loved what I could do with it. But this pedal is way better it has so many more features (and a very cool paint job). Overall , it looks like an excellent piece of hardware!
    I really love the reviews you guys put up, very informative…
    Thanks all the way from BANGALORE!!

  139. Holy crap – that thing is crazy! The tones coming out about the 9 minute mark were especially tasty, but you covered a HUGE range of sound in that review. I’d love to put that bad boy in my signal chain!

  140. Love the idea of the Clean knob on a fuzz: crank the fuzz, but still have enough clean signal for that oomph! I want!

  141. Fuzz me please :) / Ive tried a bunch, but this one seems like it can overcome any issue a rig or set up sends its way.

  142. I think it’s safe to say, it’s the most versatile fuzz pedal ever created. having one of these beasts on your pedalboard can be pretty inspiring.it seems like tweaking a few knobs and can get you a completely different sound!

  143. Nice alternative to the Earthquaker Hoof Reaper. 2 different fuzzes in one pedal are always useful pallette for guitar solo tones.

  144. Very misleading introduction to how the pedal came about… the story of Dwarfcraft and Devi Ever is pretty contested, and Billy Corgan was awful in his response to and dealings with Devi Ever, so to simplify it and gloss over it like that is pretty misleading.

    The pedal is pretty cool itself, but if you’re going to have that many options and only one footswitch, you’re limiting yourself. I would love to see one with a footswitch for each side, and an expression control for the dry would be a great addition too.

  145. Its crazy….but I was actually in contact with a builder recently and we were talking about a custom build which is almost exactly what this pedal seems to already cover……need it, ….need it now!

  146. Gorgeous looking pedal, but that sound!! I could see myself spending the next few years learning every Jack White riff with this pedal supplying the right fuzz for the job!

  147. Muy completo,interesante diagrama de bloques(muchas opciones) y me gustaría
    Very complete, interesting block diagram (many options) and I would

  148. I love how every Dwarfcraft pedal goes into extreme mayhem territory. If you added presets & MIDI (like Molten Voltage did with the Big Muff Pi), this sounds like it’d be the ultimate fuzz.

  149. As a young guitarist, I though fuzz pedals sounded super gross. I was always after a really crisp distorted tone with a lot of sharpness and definition. The more time goes on, the more I find a love for the fuzzier side of the distortion world, and I think this pedal just made it onto my “must have” list. Awesome review and demo!

  150. This is like the swiss army knife of fuzz. i’ve never seen a fuzz with this degree of tweak-ability. I wonder if the ‘Super” portion is a Univox Super Fuzz inspired circuit? I want to hear this in person! Nice work on the demo…enjoyed this.

  151. What a crazy one!! I’m a bass player and I’ve never seen a so versatile fuzz pedal. I’d love to test one with my Fender Jazz Bass!!