EarthQuaker Devices Organizer Review – Best “Guitar Organ” Pedal?

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On February 10, 2014
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Guitarists figured out that you can get some really cool organ-like sounds by using octave pedals with a rotary/uni-vibe type pedal. Of course the downside is that you typically have to use 2 different guitar pedals to achieve these “Guitorgan” type sounds, consuming quite a bit of pedalboard real estate. Enter the EarthQuaker Devices Organizer, the first dedicated pedal that aims to produce these types of sounds specifically.

The Organizer is a polyphonic organ emulator that harnesses DSP processing power to create octave tones above and below your analog dry signal. A unique Choir control regenerates the wet signal for an extra -2 and +2 octave tones, bringing the total to 5 gloriously “Organized” notes. A slight warble adds a hint of Leslie-like vibrato for what may be the ultimate organ-in-a-stompbox pedal. Is it the best “guitar organ” pedal around? The answer awaits in our EarthQuaker Devices Organizer review.


Up control knob adjusts the volume level of the octave up tone.

Down control knob adjusts the volume level of the octave down tone.

Choir control knob regenerates the octave up and down tones to create an additional 2 octaves up, 2 octaves down, and a direct signal with a slight delay for a “church organ” like feel.

Direct control knob adjusts the volume of the analog dry signal.

Tone control knob controls a low pass filter for the wet signal, rolling off high-end when turned counter-clockwise.

Lag control knob adjusts delay of the wet signal. Delay increases when turned clockwise.

True bypass switching for letting signal pass unaffected when disengaged.

Powered by 9VDC power supply.

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Sound & Performance:

A pedal like the Organizer was such a good idea that I’m surprised it took someone this long to come out with something like this. Leave it to EarthQuaker Devices who relentlessly delve into realms of the bizarre to unearth such cool pedals. The Organizer may not be for everyone as it treads unconventional ground like the EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine, Bit Commander, and Arpanoid pedals. But those who appreciate the sonic flavors conjured up by the Organizer will be treated to sounds that, while not orderly, are certainly more “organized” by some twisted definition of the word.

To come to grips with the Organizer, I started with the Direct and Tone controls all the way up, and the rest of the knobs turned down. This provides a good starting point that lets your dry signal pass through at unity gain. The original signal has no loss in tone, retaining the same integrity as when the pedal is bypassed.

Bringing the Up and Down controls to around noon brings in an octave up and down to fatten up the sound and add some shimmer. The Organizer’s octaves have that slight warbling sound which has often been characteristic of digital polyphonic harmonizing pedals. Previously considered an undesired side-effect due to the limitations of polyphonic pitch shifting, the Organizer makes intended use of this warbling for sounds that do have a very organ-like vibe. Blending the Organizer’s octave up and octave down levels beneath your dry tone adds some very pleasant vibrancy to single note passages and chords. 

The Choir knob adds even more highs and lows to your “Organized” sound with an extra -2 octave and +2 octave tone. Each extra octave is only audible if you’re using the respective Up or Down octave beforehand. For example, using only the Up control to bring in an octave up tone allows the Choir knob to add an extra +2 octave tone to the sound when turned clockwise. The Choir knob adds even more sparkling highs and quaking low-end to your sound. While the Tone knob is generally best rolled all the way right for a fully open sound, you may find the need to cut it back a bit to tame some of the highs when using the Choir’s +2 octave.

The Organizer’s Lag control lets you delay the tracked signal for delay-like effects. Try using the Choir with the Up control for some crystalline delay sounds. This sounds especially interesting with higher register playing above the 12th fret. You can set the Organizer’s Lag control to produce some cool rhythmic effects or a slight slap-back delay of the wet signal.

The Organizer lets you combine the various octave levels to taste for completely unique sounds. Cutting the Direct control completely allows just the wet octaves to come through for some neat synthetic sounds. I find myself typically using the Organizer with more of the Direct signal than the octaves, blending the other levels below my dry signal to add a little bit of subtle “guitorgan” coloration. However you choose to use this unique pedal, the Organizer provides plenty of variation for creating your perfect sound.

Let’s see the final result.



The EarthQuaker Devices Organizer is one of the most practical and convenient pedals for adding some organ-like sounds to your guitar rig. It’s essentially a digital polyphonic octave generator, providing up to 5 tones including -2 octaves, -1 octave, dry signal, +1 octave, and +2 octaves. A slight warble gives the wet signal a cool organ-like digital vibrato effect for hybrid guitar/organ sounds. If you’re looking for the best “guitar organ” pedal, the Organizer should be at the top of your must-try list.

That concludes our EarthQuaker Devices Organizer review. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Would love to have one of these for PAD style swells and added texture. Earthquaker’s stuff is all good!


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