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The Effectrode PC-2A Compressor may at first seem like a humble, unassuming little pedal with its classy, understated appearance consisting of only 2 surface knobs and a few words upon a clean, light grey enclosure. But guitarists with some degree of studio experience will notice something of great significance in this tidy package with its name providing the biggest hint. The PC-2A is Effectrode’s take on an LA-2A in pedal form. If the hyphenated characters “LA-2A” mean nothing to you, please allow me to briefly explain why they should.

Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier

Effectrode-PC-2A-Compressor-Review-Best-Optical-Tube-Compression-Pedal-02There is one studio compressor often regarded above all others, yes, even above the mighty Urei 1176, as the greatest compressor/limiter of all time: the Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier. This truly iconic piece of gear has a compression/limiting style that has been applied on countless classic recordings for over 5 decades and is still going strong today in hardware and software form.

The LA-2A is at its heart an optical tube compressor, owing its mythical style of organic and musical dynamic attenuation to an electro-luminescent panel and cadmium-sulfide photo resistors. Then there’s the all-valve signal path that helped impart a certain warmth that was lost in the LA-2A’s solid state successors (LA-3A, etc., although these siblings do have noteworthy qualities in their own right). The LA-2A could be super transparent, warm and colorful, or thick and saturated. And this range of qualities could be dialed in from just 2 knobs (Gain & Peak Reduction) and a Compress/Limit switch. Essentially, this piece of rack-mount royalty combines a trifecta of diverse application possibilities, amazing sound quality, and deceptively simplistic operation to be the ultimate compressor that many producers, engineers, and musicians still regard as the pinnacle of compression.

From LA-2A To PC-2A

Effectrode-PC-2A-Compressor-Review-Best-Optical-Tube-Compression-Pedal-03Truly a labor of love, the PC-2A was the result of two years of devoted research, experimentation, and design that resulted in what is Effectrode’s best-selling pedal. Drawing upon his seemingly unparalleled expertise in combining tubes and guitar pedals, Effectrode designer, Phil Taylor, spared no attention to detail in his interpretation of the iconic compressor from which he drew inspiration.

The PC-2A isn’t trying to be a 1:1 replica of the LA-2A. What it aims to do is take the notable performance qualities of its muse and present them in a compact format for guitarists, bassists, and other musicians with a discerning taste for what Effectrode appropriately calls “audiophile pedals”.

The PC-2A retains an all-tube signal path, courtesy of a Philips N.O.S. military spec subminiature triode vacuum tube (that’s a mouthful) and a photo-optical attenuation circuit that has been carefully modified and smoothed for optimal performance with guitar. Similar Peak Reduction & Gain knobs are present as well as the Limit/Compress switch from the LA-2A. But while the LA-2A had a fixed attack and knee due to the nature of its design, the Effectrode PC-2A allows you to adjust these compression parameters via internal Attack & Knee trimpots for greater versatility. Attack & Knee are already preset from the factory for optimal use with guitar but can be adjusted for other audio sources such as a bass guitar with active pickups or an acoustic guitar with piezo pickup.

While there aren’t many candidates for best optical tube compressor or best LA-2A inspired compression pedal, our Effectrode PC-2A review is more of an exploration of this pedal on its own merits to see if it sets the standard. Here’s a feature rundown before we continue.


All Tube: 100% pure analogue vacuum tube audio path operating at amp plate voltages ensures the PC-2A compressor has huge headroom and very quiet, natural sound reproduction. Each tube is burned in for 24 hours and each PC-2A compressor pedal tested and hand assembled by the designer to make sure it is perfect.

Limit/Compress Switch: Select between two completely different compression curves. ‘Compress’ mode is a light, subtle compression that can be used to enhance tone and even out string dynamics – the tube and photo-cell yields beautifully natural and musical tone. ‘Limit’ mode is heavier for a punchier, ‘squished’ country tone.

Internal Attack and Knee controls: To allow bass players with high output/active pick-ups to adjust the compression response characteristic to tailor it to their needs. This little tube compressor performs exceptionally well with electric, active bass, 12-string and acoustic guitars – you really don’t need a separate dedicated bass compressor!

‘Proper’ side-chain: A-weighted pre-emphasis in the side-chain replicates the response of the human ear and allows for heavy compression without the excessive ‘pumping’ normally associated with compressors processing low-frequency material. Because the control side-chain circuitry is much less sensitive to low frequencies the PC-2A maintains a transparent low-end response making it an invaluable tool for taming mid-frequency transients caused by slapping or pulling strings on bass or NS stick.

Photo-optical gain control: The gain control attenuator is based on a resistive photocell which ensures the absolute minimum of distortion is introduced (much lower than V.C.A. and F.E.T. designs). Additionally, the natural decay characteristic of the photocell produces a smooth release characteristic which always sounds pleasing and natural to the ear.

Works as a tube boost pedal!: The gain is about 15dBu maximum with the ‘Peak Reduction’ knob fully anti-clockwise and the ‘Gain’ knob fully clockwise. This is enough to push a Fender ‘Tweed’ or ‘Deluxe’ amp into breakup and overdrive territory.

True Bypass Switching: With Effectrode’s unique ‘anti-pop’ or ‘thump’ footswitching circuitry utilizing sealed, gold-contact relay to eliminate the possibility of dirty contacts degrading the sound and minimal internal audio path.

Dakaware Knobs: Authentic phenolic Dakaware, Chicago 1510 knobs custom manufactured for Effectrode in the U.S.A using the original 1940s moulds.

Fitted with N.O.S Philips tube: Each PC-2A compressor is fitted with a hand-selected 6111 subminiature tube. This is one of the finest tubes ever built by any manufacturer at any time in history.

Includes 12V Wall-wart Power Supply: High quality low-noise switched mode 12VDC at 1.5A wall-wart compatible with all our pedals. Accepts 100V to 240VAC mains input and comes with different mains outlet adaptor plugs, so there is always a plug that fits the country that you are playing in.

Effectrode-PC-2A-Compressor-Review-Best-Optical-Tube-Compression-Pedal-04The PC-2A’s enclosure is a little wider than your standard Boss-sized pedal with a couple sparse knobs and a foot-switch adorning its surface. If you’re concerned with pedalboard real estate, be aware that the PC-2A also has ventilation holes punched in the sides, so you may want to give it a little extra room to either side and not let the top-mounted jacks entice you into squeezing this pedal in too tight a space. I already commented on the pedal’s general appearance in the introduction, but I do rather appreciate the minimalist appeal of the PC-2A. Effectrode must have opted to let the sound to the talking.

Effectrode-PC-2A-Compressor-Review-Best-Optical-Tube-Compression-Pedal-05When opening the pedal, you’ll that the component side of the PCB faces inward. What is visible are the 2 trimpots for Knee and Attack that’ll let you fine tune your sound if you need to. They’re clearly labeled and also have marks for “H” & “S” to indicate a hard or soft Knee and “F” & “S” for a fast or slow Attack.

The included 12VDC, 1500mA power supply emits high frequency noise when not plugged into the pedal. This disappears when you plug it in, so that shouldn’t be a concern. If you’re opting to use the PC-2A with an isolated multi-pedal power supply, the pedal’s minimum power requirement is 12 volts at 350mA. But before you plug it in and fry your pedal, know that the PC-2A’s power input is center positive, so you’ll need an adapter cable if you’re going to power it from a typical center negative PSU.

The foot-switch is indeed pop-free with a slight dip in signal volume as your wet signal fades in. This will spare your audience from loud clicks, but be sure to activate the pedal a split second sooner before you take your solo for the effect to fully kick in.

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Sound & Performance:

More than with any other compressor I’ve played, the PC-2A imparts a certain smoothness to your signal that just seems to make everything you play sound and feel a little better. While the nature of the PC-2A’s optical compression circuit plays a critical role in determining how your signal is attenuated, it’s also the pedal’s subminiature vacuum tube that adds to the overall character of the sound that comes out of this pedal. In fact, the lively qualities of the tube’s influence on your tone are so appealing that you may find yourself leaving the pedal on without any Peak Reduction just to add the tube gain stage to your signal or apply a little clean tube boost. But doing that alone would deprive you of the full joy of using this pedal.

Throughout the Peak Deduction knob’s range on the left side of noon are plenty of tone enhancing sweet spots for having the PC-2A just barely massage your signal while imparting a little of its magic on your guitar playing. The compression itself has a reasonably fast attack that doesn’t choke off your pick attack. On lower Peak Reduction settings, it’s almost hard to hear any compressing happening at all. But as you turn the knob clockwise, you’ll begin to hear greater impact on your playing dynamics and come to appreciate the way the PC-2A compresses. As the compression becomes more prominent a gentle Gain boost compensates for a reduced signal level. The PC-2A’s sound is full-range, and it retains your highs and lows. While the signal is immaculate and near-transparent, you’ll hear some pleasing yet subtle tonal characteristics and harmonic content added to your sound.

You’ll also notice how turning up the Peak Reduction knob doesn’t bring up the noise floor. That’s partly because the Peak Reduction is simply setting the compression threshold (and ratio) as opposed to raising input signal level as on an FET compressor. Then there’s the fact that the PC-2A is built completely from audiophile components optimized for purity of tone while minimizing extraneous noise. It’s very surprising and indeed praise-worthy how Effectrode have managed to keep the PC-2A so quiet. After the stellar compression and tone-enhancing qualities, the low noise level is yet another reason why the PC-2A makes a great ‘always-on’ compressor.

Higher Peak Reduction settings result in heavier compression, and with some styles of playing or high level signals you may encounter some noticeable dipping and swelling (or ‘pumping’) of your signal level. I find best results by finding those Peak Reduction levels where this occurs and simply pulling the Peak Reduction back just a little although you can play into the effect for an ethereal, “blooming” compression sound. This is also more noticeable on Limiting mode (accessed by flipping the Limit switch upward).

Modes: Compress vs Limit

Effectrode-PC-2A-Compressor-Review-Best-Optical-Tube-Compression-Pedal-06Compress mode is generally for lighter to moderate compression, although it’s still reasonably squishy at high Peak Reduction settings. But when you switch to Limit, you’ll immediately notice the difference as this mode compresses much harder. It doesn’t exactly do that ‘brick-wall’ limiting, volume ceiling type of compression, but it gives you a much harder squeeze if you need it. If you’re getting the funk out or bringing some tight country-style twang, you might want to experiment with Limit mode. For most general use you’ll probably leave the PC-2A in Compress mode.

Attack & Knee

Effectrode-PC-2A-Compressor-Review-Best-Optical-Tube-Compression-Pedal-07The PC-2A packs a couple ‘guitar-optimized’ surprises under the hood that you won’t see on the front panel of an LA-2A Limiting Amplifier. There are dedicated Attack & Release trimpots inside if you open up the backplate. They’re both already adjusted from the factory (to noon), but I couldn’t help but get in there and give ’em a tweak. I’d recommend doing this at least once when you get the pedal to really make it suit your playing style. A fast Attack setting can choke down hard on your initial pick attack, a setting bassists may find more useful. Guitarists can dial it back a little if you want your initial plucking transient to be heard clearly. Or you can dial the Attack back to a slower setting for some less prominent compression that has more of a sustaining effect on your ringing notes. The Knee determines how quickly the PC-2A achieves maximum compression when your signal crosses the threshold. I’d recommend Softer Knee settings for more subtle compression effects and Harder Knee settings for more aggressive compressing/limiting, more suitable for very percussive styles of playing. The Attack/Knee settings in the photo above are somewhere around where I typically set them. But even if you never explore these extra options, the PC-2A sounds great as it is.

There isn’t much to complain about really. I would like to have seen some sort of visual gain reduction indication. A real LA-2A style VU meter would have been neat. But instead the PC-2A encourages you to really listen to what you’re hearing to find the results you want. Of course, it’s hard to dial in a ‘bad’ sound from the 2 surface knobs if you just keep an ear on the pedal’s response, particularly the release. If the “dip-and-swell” becomes too prominent, just cut back the Peak Reduction until it smooths out. But in most cases just activating the PC-2A produces great results. Be mindful of your power supply! The power input being center positive might result in some accidental mishaps (i.e. a blown out pedal) for users not paying attention when trying to connect the PC-2A to another power supply. The pumping sounds on higher compression settings might put off some players (unless you’re into that!) although players with solid dynamic control will be able to compensate for this and or even put it to use. A compressor isn’t a substitute for lazy playing or poor technique, and a well-controlled pick hand will be rewarded with excellent results. Add to that a keen ear for the right settings, and the results are mesmerizing.

The Effectrode PC-2A is a truly professional piece of gear for those seeking audiophile quality effects. Let’s see the final result.



The Effectrode PC-2A Compressor is an inspired take on the legendary LA-2A and is destined to attain similar classic status among ‘audiophile’ compression-loving guitarists. The PC-2A can do subtle to moderate and heavier compression while always providing a gentle sweetening to your overall guitar sound. The magic in this box comes courtesy of its unique photo-optical tube design that imparts a certain warmth to your signal that you’ll only get from this pedal. It’s deceptively simple to use, but dial in the settings that most suit your playing and witness stunning results. The Effectrode PC-2A is without a doubt the best optical tube compression pedal available today.

That concludes our Effectrode PC-2A Compressor review. Thanks for reading.


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  125. great sounding pedal that has a finess that any guitarist would love to have in their arsonal of pedal I would love to win the pedal .

  126. Holy awesomeness. Thanks for all the great reviews!

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    That looks interesting.

  128. Another stellar demo. You guys are really beginning to convince me to use a compressor.

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  132. soooo good. this would fit so well in my work flow…

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    A compressor is the missing link in my signal chain right now.

  134. Brian wagner says:

    Love to try one

  135. Manuel Cordero Rodriguez says:

    It sound a very interesting pedal!!!12 VDC? I prefer 9 but with a good powertank it isn’t a problem

  136. Lee Morse says:

    It’s one classy looking pedal!

  137. Slick, simple design – does exactly what it says on the tin!! Love it!

  138. Anthony Childs says:

    It’s almost insane the level of quality and the sheer amount of pedals being issued now. It’s actually confusing. Not to mention bank account threatening.

  139. deheuvels says:

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    Sounds good and cool design

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    It is truly amazing, the quality of compressors that are available in pedal form now. I really want to play through this one!

  148. Christian Merizalde says:

    Now I need to check it out! Seems very cool.. hope it doesn’t kill tone on a semi hollow… thanks!

  149. I love the universal audio plugin of the tele. This might be just as good

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    This would be amazing in place of my MXR Dyna Comp

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    I’m real close to pulling the trigger on a used Strymon ob.1 off of eBay (if I can find one) but this review is giving me second thoughts. The PC-2A seems legit!

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    Compression is the secret weapon so subtle and effective. This one might be an always on pedal for me.

  163. A compressor is definitively what is still missing on my pedal board! Wish this one will make it ; )

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    Love a good compressor pedal! I’d love to try this on synths, as well as guitars.

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    Another amazing compressor, this site is making it extremely hard for me to decide on which one I want to add to my board.

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    I play reggae and I think this would be great for picked and muted rhythm lines as well as solos

  168. Roy Donkin says:

    compression has become a central feature of both my bass playing and acoustic guitar playing… this pedal sounds soooo cool

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  170. Chrissy says:

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  173. Serhii Kovalchuk says:

    I’d like to have one of those!

  174. Marc Brule says:

    The wonderful thing about a tube-based signal path is the added second-harmonic that is introduced as a function of tube amplification. This adds warmth and a natural feel that is sweet beyond compare! Add to that the actual compression circuit and you have the tone and response everyone seeks.

  175. luis neiva says:

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    To make my solos and tones louder

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    LA-2A for the foot! Can’t go wrong with that!

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    Need it!

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  193. Parker T says:


  194. luis pava says:

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    I’ve been holding off on compressors based on the dynamic way I play, but I love the straightforward design and transparent tone this one offers.

  196. Ryan Dowd says:

    I’ve been holding off on compressors since my playing style tends to be really dynamic, but I love the straightforward design and transparency this one offers.

  197. luis pava says:

    Great review, it really looks amazing

  198. Tim McCullough says:

    Seems like a very subtle compressor. Nice smooth sound. I like the responsiveness to picking dynamics. I’m a die hard Dyna Comp user but I could easily be talked into the PC-2A.

  199. Kyle Bryson says:

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  204. Christopher Martin says:

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  205. Mo Gottschall says:

    I wondered why a compressor with only two knobs needed to be so big, but it’s because they crammed so much magic inside. Now i don’t know how they managed it to fit all that into such a *small* box, but it really does rival the rack unit. A lot of compressors do nothing but choke the life out of a guitar, but this one sounds great!

  206. Albert Casan says:

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    Hope I win it!!

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  221. Amazing pedal with straightforward design!

  222. Tight and chimes like a bell, what’s not to love!

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  225. Trevor Owen says:


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    Love to get my hands on one :) It really seems to be the ultimate compressor for me.

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  233. Patrick McLean says:


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  238. Tymoteusz Milowanow says:

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  239. David Mednick says:

    Effectrode makes some of the best effects pedals bar none. I always wanted this compressor since I’m not happy with the one I have, even though it is a quite popular one. After I saw that David Gilmour uses the PC-2A on his effects board frequently and I tried it, I really wanted it but couldn’t afford it. (I play a lot of Gilmour and Pink Floyd). Wish I could win one ….really badly!

  240. Amazing pedal. I’m lusting… :)

  241. Olivier says:

    ohh, fancy.
    i’m sure i could get that to drop my compulator off my board!

  242. If its good enough for David Gilmour its good enough for me. Read somewhere that he has one.

  243. Nicholas Farrar says:

    I would enjoy winning this

  244. I am hoping the Effectrode PC-2A Compressor will replace what my dbx1066 did in my electric guitar Marshall TSL100 half-stack rack effects setup, since lately I am trying to stick with more of a boutique effects pedal system.

    I expect that the low noise floor and internal controls will help me develop my sound with extra nuances and harmonics that come from using a superior compressor like the Effectrode PC-2A Compressor.

    I like that it is hand wired and features a audiophile grade tube (valve).

    I’m lining up the tripod now in anticipation of it’s delivery.

  245. Mark Arnold says:

    Have the Effectrode Mercury Fuzz, such a great sound and know this is one of the best Compressor pedals.

  246. Alejandro Jara says:

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  247. Santiago says:

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  248. This compressor is incredible!! To have the beauty of an LA-2A in a pedal would be absolutely astounding. I am curious if anyone has tried utilizing it on bass…

  249. Alberto Almansa Rueda says:

    I use an Aguilar TLC on my bass and I want to know if this effect is reccomended for use only with guitar or is indifferent. I’ve heard some demos and this pedal has sweetness. The impression I have is of a great quality effect with simple commandments.

  250. Aaron Barnes says:

    I love the simplicity, we don’t need pedals to look like spaceships.

  251. rburgosnavas says:

    That looks pretty freaking rad.

  252. sounds and looks awzm, i have a p2p LA2A project in the basement waiting…. and waiting…

  253. Sick review! I just started building my pedalboard this year and don’t have a compressor yet. I’d love to use this to balance out my sound for tapping

  254. Quinn Dahl says:

    This pedal looks sick, and I would use it for a wide variety of functions with both subtle and fullbore compression

  255. David Hernandez says:

    I would love to see a similar demo of the PC-2A with a Rhodes piano.

  256. Michael Prentice says:

    I have a walrus audio deep six. I personally cannot imagine a sweeter compressor, but this does look intriguing.

  257. Jose Roa says:

    Great review! The PC-2A it’s a very nice compressor, it gives a really nice and unique sound, much better than other compressors i’ve hearded.

    I’m putting this one into my “wishlist” :)

  258. Darren King says:

    This pedal looks to have packed a lot of features into a 2 knob pedal. And that is what I like about this pedal, the simplicity of it. I would use this pedal with bass guitar, harmonica and a steel resonator guitar.

  259. zigazaga says:


  260. An in-depth and comprehensive look at one of the most professional and well respected compressor/limiter pedals on the market thus far.

    If you’re new to what a no nonsense compressor can be capable for attaining in regards to tone and transparency, or if you’re wanting a studio capable pedal on your trusty pedalboard then this is the gadget for you.

    Smaller than most of its competitors on the current pedals market, but backing a hefty punch with the unique selling point of having tone driven by military grade specificationed internal valves making sure you get the possible sound with no voltage drops that some compressor suffer from.

    If listening is more your thing, then click on the video link and let your ears do the talking, the pedal is that good! Why bother to settle for anything else?

    Well this pedal really didn’t have to stop…it just kept on going…..And so castles made of sand, slips into the sea,

    You tell’m Jimi!

  261. Carlos Alves says:

    Wishlist material I guess… but I shouldn’t be here!

    My GAS has been totally killing my bank account for months… HELP :)

  262. Evgenii Kurbatov says:

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    Great gear and review. Thanks.

  263. Evgenii Kurbatov says:

    Just found out that the principle of compression might be easy to understand. Great gear and review. Thanks.
    P.S. It’s not the type of compressor that I love but it seems like the most recommended for everyone else.

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  270. Sam talbot-williams says:

    Amazing pedal

  271. Good gosh yes

  272. I’m not that familiar with compressors, but this looks like a good one.

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    This pedal looks great and simple which is always a major plus. Id love to add it to my small arsenal of pedals!

  274. Very nice review…thanks a lot

  275. Would love to win this pedal. Seems like a great one, have heard nothing but amazing reviews. I’m 16 and in a new band, we’re only teens so we can’t afford much equipment. This would be a great asset. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  276. sweet, id love to play with it

  277. jerry D says:

    Fantastic pedal. Effectrode is rivalled by none.

  278. jerry D says:

    Fantastic pedal. Effectrode is rivalled by none.

  279. Fabio S says:

    internal trimmers are always so scary…

  280. Effectrode is one of the best. Outstanding sound quality.

  281. Al Charnley says:

    Looks like a fantastic pedal. I’d leave it on all the time!

  282. cool pedal

  283. justin david says:

    i guess I’m going for sympathy points here.
    i got laid off on my birthday.. at the beginning of april
    i had won a effectrode pc-2a on reverb for a decent price and because of my recent unemployment, i had to tell the seller that i could not afford the payment. thankfully he understood and did not leave bad review.
    i also had to sell my david gilmour tickets. it hasn’t been a good month.
    regardless, effectrode is an amazing company, i have the tube vibe and phil makes some amazing pedals.
    who ever gets this pedal will certainly be more than happy it’s on their board.

  284. Great review hope I win this giveaway!

  285. Quinn Dahl says:

    Wow, this would be great with my rig! If I got this, I would try every variation this pedal has to offer!

  286. Neville Scott says:

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  287. Tawny Close says:

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  288. Daniel Kalina says:

    A small step towards that magical Beatles sound? Yes please.

  289. Joe Cartwright says:

    I’m on the fence between this and the Cali76TX. It’d be great if you could do a comparison video!

  290. Emily Gibson says:

    Nice review, unfortunately that means another pedal to add to my watch list

  291. Avled Oliveira says:

    Wow, really impressed! could hardly believe that it is a LA-2A in a pedal! Would be a dream to have on my pedalboard, but that price on Amazon keeps it more on the dream side.

  292. Hang Tee Tan says:

    Seems like if you are not sure which type of compressor to go for, go for this. =)

  293. Dan Hodson says:

    I’d LOVE to try this thing!

  294. I have a BlackBird Preamp and I am look forward to adding one of these to the rig. If only the world would use the Phil Taylor Ethic to build everything….

  295. Dillon Derksen says:

    Makes me think of Dave Weiner’s description: “…gives your sound a nice sonic hug…” except this hug sounds even smoother than the maxon cp101.

  296. Roger Korsten says:

    Love a good clean tone and this pedal brings it to life. Also enjoyed the ability to tweek/mod it through the inside adjustments.

  297. Great review! Will definitely be seeking this pedal in the future.

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  304. Seems very well designed. Good review of what looks like a great compression pedal.

  305. Dan Healy says:

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  306. Kyle M Thunder says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for a decent compressor for a while. This looks like it might be exactly what I was after.

  307. Great pedal! I like it!

  308. Well designed with simple controls yet has a wide range of usable settings. The video demo shows its capabilities really well.

  309. Michael Woods says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome pedal

  310. I’ve been looking for a compression pedal to put on my board looks like this would be a great addition

  311. Marshall Chaney says:

    Thanks for such an in-depth review!

  312. That is some sweet compression

  313. Devin Applegate says:

    I already loved Effectrode’s Blackbird preamp and Tube Drive. The two together (coupled with a Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B.) produced any modern and vintage sound I could think of. This pedal is like icing on the cake. It would retain warmth while still cutting out any shrill top end. It’s definitely one of the best sounding pedal compressors (besides the Xotic SP and the Empress).

  314. I need this!

  315. Gregory Scott Allen says:

    I’ve been playing electric cello for about 20 years now. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about how to effect and manage tone of bowed stringed instruments on stage. As with all bowed strings, dynamics are really important but their is also such a wide dynamic range that it becomes necessary to do at least some moderate compression in order to get the best possible gain in live settings. I haven’t tried this pedal but it seems like it would be a good match for tempering of bowed strings such as cello, violin, and stand up bass.

  316. James Henry says:

    Sounds great…Best compressor I’ve heard since I started looking to make a change. Plus…it’s a sharp looking pedal!

  317. Spencer Seaton says:

    Super awesome pedal!! I just found out about Effectrode Audiophile Pedals a few weeks ago, and I have fallen in love with every single one! I really dig their Fire Bottle, Tube-Vibe, and Blackbird, but NOW I think I like this pedal even more!! I would use the PC-2A as a tone sweetener–tighten everything up without losing dynamics. I think the PC-2A would really complement my Strat and Super Reverb. Always on the search for discovering new tones, and your website’s reviews are very informative and super helpful!! Keep it up!

  318. Jochen W. Mann says:

    This is a beautiful compressor. One of the best I ever tried.

  319. Great sounding pedal, looking to find a local stockist so I can try one for myself!

  320. Manuel Cordero Rodriguez says:

    Great pedal. 12 VDC is something to think.

  321. Alessandro Balzarini says:

    Stil trying to get that Gilmour sound, and actually I have never found the right compressor for me.
    Maybe this one could be a good try!

  322. John Bleeker says:

    This thing really seems like a Gilmour in a box sound when mixed with some of the other effects he used frequently, It has a really interesting character

  323. michael hewstone says:

    The PC-2A is just what the doctor ordered – now I have to dream!

  324. “G.E.F.G” – Good Enough For Gilmour.

  325. Charly Manneken says:

    Nice pedal!! Very tight!

  326. Great pedal!!!

  327. Pavle Banovic says:

    Beautiful clean design too

  328. I play analog synths in a hip hop band called Eastern Sunz. Hoping to put my Moog through this.

  329. Ryan Shippy says:

    So tight

  330. Colin Baldwin says:

    That could be the silver bullet that cures my tone problems!

  331. Norman Strong says:

    Sounds like just what I’ve been looking for

  332. John Nickell says:

    Great pedal!!! I’m to poor to buy it , so I need to win it

  333. A Guitarist/producer friend had told me about the LA-2A a while back and i think i may have gotten a little “excited” about it back than… But reading about the PC-2A here in detail makes me dream of sounds… Been trying to get a round tight crisp sound and I cant make anything work just right so far… This might be the little devil that might be THE ingridience ive been missing.

  334. Peter Teipe says:

    This looks absolutely killer! Would LOVE to add it to a bass pedal board I’m building to use with my fender precision bass!

  335. Sounds like a winner

  336. Brendan Long says:

    This looks pedal looks like it would be perfect for both my guitar and bass chains

  337. Brendan Long says:

    I could really use a compression pedal like this one, it sounds incredibly versatile.

  338. Ben Lacey says:

    Looking forward to trying one of those!

  339. Daniel Caceres says:

    This is a great review. I don’t say it just because i’m hoping to win the giveaway, it really is a very detailed and in-depth review, written by someone who obviously enjoyed the pedal. This adds value to the review, and makes me want the pedal so badly! Thanks

  340. Dan White says:

    Sounds great on guitar. I’d love to hear it on bass and Rhodes. I wonder if it could be used on live vocals with a JHS Colour Box as preamp and EQ, into the PC-2A for compression?

    But, the positive-tip power requirements?! Seems like such a missed opportunity to make it compatible with 95% of the power supplies out there. Should be able to use a charge pump circuit internally to flip the polarity. I wonder if there’s room inside to mod it.

  341. keith mcmenamy says:

    I want !

  342. Erik Carlson says:

    I’ve been searching for the perfect compressor pedal, and this might be it…

  343. David Barton says:

    Looks fantastic!

  344. Fantastic review and clear explanation of the wonders of the LA-2A. Can’t get any better than saturated tube compression. I totally agree that a real VU meter would have been awesome.

  345. Michael Egan says:

    This thing looks sick!

  346. Jakub Kozieł says:

    Nice one!

  347. Jakub Kozieł says:

    Nice one!

  348. Alireza Heydarian says:

    Huge Sound, One Of My Friends Has It, And I I Won’t Win That From Your Website, I’ll Be Definitely Buy It.

  349. Always looking for great, high quality pedals!

  350. Supergome says:

    Been looking for a compressor…this might be the one?

  351. Great pedal for reggae!

  352. Fantastic review! I’ve played one of these myself and it really does have a superb warmth like no other compressor.

  353. Marcel Costoya says:

    if this pedal will enhance my tone with warmth and “who knows what” then I’ll take it! I’ve always wanted an effectrode pedal but for one reason or another I never had the chance. Now it seems like a golden opportunity. I MUST HAVE IT!

  354. Marcel Costoya says:

    This sounds so good that I can’t imagine myself using another compressor. I have the Whirlwind Red Box which is a very nice compressor but this PC-2A looks like the definitive compressor for me! I really want this pedal!

  355. Jeremy Gardner says:

    If I won this pedal, I’d be overjoyed! If I don’t win, I’ll torture my band with bamboo shoots under their fingernails. For my bands sake, make the right decision!! :)

  356. Gabe Tonestoy says:

    Oh man, I have always always wanted one of these Effectrode compressors. Silky magic, as shown by the excellent video demo by Best Guitar Effects. But you get what you pay for and I’ve just never been able to muster the funds. Probably the only way that this magic box will ever end up on my pedalboard is if I can win one!!!

  357. Chris GeFellers says:

    Looking for a great comp pedal to use at my church. This pedal seems perfect for what I’m in need of.

  358. Peter Grey says:

    Great review about an overlooked pedal! Effectrode make great pedals, more folk should try them when auditioning their next purchase

  359. Marcel Costoya says:

    A great review for a great pedal. Effectrode is without a doubt the last word of audiophile pedals! I’m sold, I want this compressor!

  360. Wow!!! This sounds like a winner!!! Only two knobs and one switch make it easy to use for a compressor newbie such as myself. Plus the internal trimmers give it more versatility. I could see this pedal on my board and also for my home recording projects. My old Fender Deluxe Reverb can be overdriven with the available gain or used as a solo boost. Also the NOS tube inside is quite appealing for the warmth factor and since it’s based on the legendary LA-2A makes me want it even more. It’s nice to see such attention to detail and overall quality from a pedal maker.

  361. Wow!!! This sounds like a winner!!! Only two knobs and one switch make it easy to use for a compressor newbie such as myself. Plus the internal trimmers give it more versatility. I could see this pedal on my board and also for my home recording projects. My old Fender Deluxe Reverb can be overdriven with the available gain or used as a solo boost. Also the NOS tube inside is quite appealing for the warmth factor and since it’s based on the legendary LA-2A makes me want it even more. It’s nice to see such attention to detail and overall quality from a pedal maker.

  362. Magnus Christensen says:

    Sweet pedal, indeed. Would love to try one out for myself.

  363. Nice. Effectrode for the road. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrGn_vkd5qU

  364. My favorite of all my 40 plus pedals. Just having it gives me peace of mind. I’m currently revamping my pedal board to contain both my acoustic and electric pedals, and then both share this compressor on the way out. What Phil does is unreal. Every pedal maker on earth should take a note from his detail, research, knowledge, parts and process

  365. My long search for a comp is over!

  366. Marcel Costoya says:

    This pedal is indeed a truly a labor of love! Sounds amazing and looks very classy! I need one of this on my pedal board right now!

  367. Dalton Sessoms says:

    I need a good compression pedal I would love to see what this thing can do

  368. Frankie Gibson says:

    Another great review and another pedal to try!

  369. Marcel Costoya says:

    Keeping the audiophile design philosophy of Effectrode pedals, this little gem is based on one of the best compressors ever made but stripped down to stomp box format. A high quality and very good sounding pedal indeed! A MUST HAVE!

  370. Jason Cook says:

    I have Effectrode at the top of my list for every pedal in my chain. After joining the military in September of 2001 I put all of my musical endeavors on hold. Fast forward to now and I have almost completed my perfect path. I’ve upgraded a stratocaster that I havnt even played yet because I’m waiting for it to be completed. I just added the Effectrode Tube Boost. All I need is a volume pedal and a perfect compressor. SHOW ME THE MONEY EFFECTRODE OR ILL HAVE TO BUY THIS GORGEOUS MACHINE!

  371. Conor Risi says:

    This thing is a monster, no wonder David Gilmour uses it!

  372. Effectrode pedals seem to always deliver when it comes to creating an ultimate tool for improving your tone. Their compressor PC-2A is no different. I love the fact that your can also use it as a clean boost. It’s not the most universal comp that’s for sure, but it’s the most inspiring. It won’t be leaving my board any time soon. Highly recommended.

  373. Marcel Costoya says:

    Effectrode pedals are simply the best you can buy for getting the ultimate tone! This pedals aren’t mere clones, but rather original valve-driven designs. I just can’t wait to get my hands on this compressor.!!

  374. nice.

  375. Marcel Costoya says:

    This valve-driven optical compressor pedal has always been a very solid design. “A MUSt HAVE” for enhance your guitar tones !

  376. This pedal is very sweet. I’ve wanted to get my hands on it since I demo’d it. WANT!!!!! Nice demo video guys, as usual.

  377. Cool sounding pedal.

  378. Marcel Costoya says:

    Seems like a very classy pedal! It sounds quite organic! Can’t wait to get one!

  379. Very cool! Love that tube tone.

  380. James Knowles says:

    Well hot diggity, Strymon is bringing it with this compressor. Pretty sweet.

  381. Justin W. says:

    Wow, that sounds awesome.

  382. Marcel Costoya says:

    Quality valve-driven compression pedal that could become a essential part of your tone.

  383. The Effectrode PC-2A Compressor sounds like the Gold Standard from here on out! Very impressive!

  384. I had a ross gray, i got it as part of a deal in around 1980, threw it in the closet. after 30 years, I checked it out and it blew me away. I’m not big on the squish of compression, I’m far more into the sparkle, even dynamics, and sustain, all of which happen with a good compressor. This Effectrode PC-2A has great gain, and is really low noise, much, much quieter than a ross. The demo is impressive, and shows the info I need, which is that I can get a bloom-type sustain, which is how I like to use a compressor. I’m also more likely to use a compressor always on for a single coil guitar, or sustain/bloom on for a humbucker solo setting. This compressor has the goods. I’m sold! I hope I win it, hehe, I sold the ross a while ago, and based on what I’ve heard, this is about the first compressor that I would say probably sounds better than the ross. The rest do not, definitely do not… Nice job!

  385. thanks!!

  386. Ed Oleszko says:

    Hi guys,
    Fantastic review as always.
    Most of us guitarists seem to spend our lives (and cash) searching for that magic box, the tonal enhancer that not only makes us sound like our heroes on our favourite records, but also makes us play and sound better than we really are.
    By the very nature of the effect compression has on your tone, feel and playing and the gorgeous tube warmth and harmonic richness in these Effectrode pedals coupled with its basis on such a classic piece of gear (LA2a) used in countless records, I humbly suggest that Effectrode has achieved that holy grail in the pedal world….this is it folks, the magic box!!

  387. want!

  388. Luigi di berardino says:


  389. Adam Jensen says:

    Looks very cool!

  390. Louis Kiley says:

    Yes please



  392. I think an extreme fuzz with an optional octave switch is interesting.

  393. Abby MacDonald says:

    Sounds like it’s an absolute beauty! Would love one.

  394. awesome, if you really want to give one away, i can take it upon me to recieve it

  395. Sashien Singh says:

    Awesome! Simple and versatile

  396. Nice, Everyone should use a compressor pedal

  397. Squishy.

  398. Bertram Dhellemmes says:

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  400. Sounds amazing!

  401. looks like it would be rad to use, simple but sounds great

  402. alex blair says:

    great. in the bedroom or out in the wild, the pedal will inspire!

  403. Johnny Huynh says:

    Very nice!

  404. I am looking for a good compressibg for ages already, winning this would be awesome:)!

  405. Gotta love these simple compressors that are easy to use and sound incredible!

  406. Kirk Palsma says:

    I always have mixed feelings about simplistic compressors. I sometimes worry I won’t have the control that I want. But then again, this one sounds fantastic…

  407. Jennifer says:

    so dreamy

  408. Nick Ledesma says:

    Cool sounding pedal. Would love to hook it up to a vocal recording chain and see how it stacks up. Either way, sounds great on guitar

  409. Killer compressor pedal. tone machine for sure… And actually smaller and much more pedalboard friendly than I thought it would be. My only beef would be lack of a clean blend

  410. Mike Thomson says:

    This sounds like the compressor I have been searching for!!!

  411. Effectrode are one of the best pedal manufacturers in operation today. It’s always worth checking out what they are up to.

  412. Philippe L. says:

    Very interesting pedal! And good in-depth review!

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  415. Thanks for all the really thorough reviews.

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    Dang, this thing looks sweet. I use compression on almost everything I play, considering that my band plays everything from Weezer to Five Finger Death Punch. I’d love to get my hands on this!

  419. Marcel Costoya says:

    The PC-2A really is a very nice little compressor pedal and totally unique! Can’t wait to get one!

  420. Robert H says:

    I like compression, and this is a really cool photo-optical -and- military submarine tubes? Awesome!

  421. I love la-2a style optical compression and adding a tube to a pedal always makes for a win!

  422. Derrick White says:

    A submarine guitar pedal i mean whod a thunk it. Bet it Surfaces easy yeah. Lol…

  423. Marcel Costoya says:

    Audiophile comp giveaway! Smooth, warm 1950s tube technology, not ‘like’ a studio compressor, it IS a studio compressor. I must have it!

  424. Giuseppe Galato says:

    This jewel would fit perfectly in my chain after the Fat Fuzz Factory and Hotone Tape Eko!!!

    I use to put the Fat and the Tape right on my guitar vit velcro, so I could change sound with my hand during the performance!!!

    So I just need some pedals on the ground, ’cause my feet are sad to do nothing!!!

  425. Marcel Costoya says:

    One of the best reviews I’ve read of one (if not THE best) of the best compression pedals on the market. I’m really hoping to get one of this little gems!

  426. Daniel Schreiber says:

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  427. Tyler Ott says:

    Hope to try this one out soon. I hear some guitar greats are using this pedal. Would like to compare to my Cali76

  428. nice

  429. rorytheherb says:

    i just got the awesome cali 76 compact deluxe. now i just need a pc2a so i can run them in stereo :P

  430. Here’s an all analog compressor that crushes it! It’s a tasty treat for the analog purists.

  431. I want one

  432. Marcel Costoya says:

    Photo optical tube compressor, transparent, dead silent, tube boost to push the amp into overdrive … THIS IS A MUST HAVE!

    • rorytheherb says:

      not photo-optical.
      the pc2a uses the triode I-V curve to accomplish the compression. i.e. real tube compression.

      • Marcel Costoya says:

        I meant the overall design of the pedal, not how it accomplishes the compression effect. It features a pure analog tube circuit (which I think it does what you say regarding how it accomplishes the compression effect) and a gain control, based on a resistive photocell, limiting the amount of distortion entering into the signal. Hence the full name of the pedal : Photo-Optical Tube Compressor, Model PC-2A.

  433. Dillon Thompson says:

    I love the simplicity of this pedal also the fact it’s 100% tube. It’s great that it’s true-bypass

  434. Justin TenCate says:

    Man, does this thing ever look coil. Love tonal description- smooth and dynamic

  435. Vinnie M says:

    It does sound like the best of the best. Beautiful looks as well… classy :)

    Wish I had one… someday…

  436. A guy I know just ordered one, I’m hoping for a chance try it out personally.

  437. Love the threshold variance. Nice and squashy, or subtle. Sounds very warm and natural. Dead simple operation with two knobs.

  438. Marcel Costoya says:

    Compressor pedals may not be on the top of your shopping list. However, a compressor is a powerful tool for enhancing your tones and this one seems to be the last word of compressor pedals! MUST HAVE MUST HAVE MUST HAVE MUST HAVE!

  439. I’d really like to test this pedal. I have a MXR DynaComp, and I’d like to trade it. This Effectrode PC-2A Compressor looks really awesome.

  440. Anthony Stephen Mendes says:

    Good compressor, good life.

  441. emilio alberto quel arquillos says:


  442. It’s official: Best Guitar Effects is addicted to compressors.

    So am I.

    I’d like to add this to my compressor cache and compare it to my Cali76 (again, many thanks for that !).

    Upright through the PC-2A ? Sure, Why Not ¡?¿!

    The knobs alone are too cool – from the original ’40’s molds – if not an excessive detail! Nonetheless, I’m eager to hear one of these in person.

    Merci beaucoup for yet another great compressor-giveaway contest.

    – NMA

  443. Desire John Fournier says:

    This would make for a great first compressor pedal.

  444. Brett Paschen says:

    The only compressor that I have ever owned was a Armstrong Orange Squeezer.This Effectrode sounds better than my old squeezer.I would love to win it.

  445. Marcel Costoya says:

    Audiophile comp giveaway! Smooth, warm 1950s tube technology, not ‘like’ a studio compressor, it IS a studio compressor. I must have it!

  446. I use the teletronix universal audio plugin every session. If this is anything like it, I’ll poop myself.

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  448. I would like to give this pedal a try myself

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  457. Alfonso Garcia says:

    Really good review. I missed some “funky stuff” ;)

  458. Kitty Lang says:

    Compressors are much underrated on pedalboards across the world. A decent one (like the Effectrode) can help you nail your tone

  459. Gonzalo González says:

    awesome pedal!!

  460. Marc Brule says:

    I’m impressed with the versatility! The tube makes a HUGE difference in any compression circuit. You introduce a small percentage of second order harmonics which is the warmth everyone talks about. Adds the sparkle and organic feel – hence the reason for tube amp purists.

    I’d love to get my hands on one of these!

  461. Carlos M. Gómez-Escalonilla says:

    Awesome pedal.

  462. Sounds like fun! I’d love to try it!

  463. A tube photo-optical compressor in pedal form is quite a piece of design,and I think it deserves praise just for that.

  464. Kevin Henderson says:

    Great, thanks for that! I now have another pedal I need ;)

  465. Compressors are always difficult pedals to assess until you plug in yourself, but this certainly sounds lovely from the get go. When push comes to squash… it’s on my wish list.

  466. Tony Muñon says:

    Pa mi!

  467. I’ve used so many software emulations of the LA-2A over the years, but I’ve never handled any hardware like this before!

  468. Marcel Costoya says:

    Less is more! Sometimes beauty lies in the simplicity of things and this pedal is no exception, just two knobs and there you go! Photo-Optical Tube Compressor and also works very nice as a Tube Boost pedal! Seriously, what else could you need?

  469. I always appreciate a good compressor. Here’s hoping!

  470. Giuseppe says:

    Cool pedal. Robust sound. Now I finally can stop lookin for a compressor. It is st the top.

  471. Scott M says:

    sounds like another winner from effectrode!

  472. Thank you! Very cool to see in depth reviews on top notch gear.

  473. Marcel Costoya says:

    After reading the final line “Without a doubt the best optical tube compression pedal available today!”, I must have it, no matter what! I have 2 already, The Whirlwind Red Box Compressor which is a true clone of the vintage script logo MXR Dynacomp, a really good compressor indeed. The other is the EHX Soul Preacher Compressor which is “OK”. Compressor pedals are very often misunderstood and not one of your top priorities, but a good compressor (and a good setting) can do wonders to your tone. Once again, this is A MUST HAVE!

  474. Effectrode stuff seems like it’s top notch. I’ve never used a compressor but guys like Andy Timmons and David Gilmour seem to like them so I’d love to try one.

  475. John Eichelberger IV says:

    I’d be interested to see how this would sound in modern djent. Compression get’s tricky going into prog/metal land.

  476. Wow 5 stars! ;) I’d love to hear it in person…

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    This pedal seems much more versatile than an dyna comp style compressor.


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  482. This pedal is just the thing I need to calm down my 1978 Kramer DMZ3000. The super-hot custom DiMarzios are absolute screamers, so much that I can’t hardly even play it in a small place. That knee control would let me cut out some of the initial punchiness and trimming back the peaks will help too.

  483. Mattson says:

    That sounds fantastico! I’d be happy to add some slapback to it for ya – just send her over.

  484. Victor C says:

    That is so nice! I like that company.

  485. I get the feeling that you need to play with this pedal to truly understand what compressors are for. Maybe after playing with it you can’t stop playing without it.

  486. A compressor is something still in need on my pedal board! And this one would be the best one to add :)

  487. Thibaut says:

    Give it to me!!! I’m pretty sure I could end war with this, really…

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  492. This will be my next effectrode pedal, for sure!

  493. Marcel Costoya says:

    If someone like David Gilmour has one of this (or two) then I must have one!

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    Another amazing pedal from Effectrode. Fingers crossed …

    Good luck to everyone!

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  503. omar aburabei says:

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  504. If it’s anything like an actual La2a ita going to be killer. Even if it’s not, it’s going to be a great time box.

  505. Ryan Belfield says:

    I need this compressor in my life! Looks and sounds awesome.

  506. Justin Stanislawski says:

    Effectrode makes such nice gear. The sustain on the PC-2A is fantastic.

  507. Derek Sasaki says:

    Excellent contest !

  508. The pc2a is definitely the best compressor circuit built in a small guitar/bass pedal format!

  509. Compressors are one of those effects that other people seem to be able to use really well, but I have always struggled with. I like this one has nice simple controls, sounds great in the demo. Would love to try it.

  510. There`s just one place left on my board. And this compressor could round up my favorite sounds. Board(ing) completed?

  511. William Gould says:

    Never owned a compressor before, but I am sure it would be a benefit to my tone.

  512. Jim Voos says:

    Awesome review. Something to consider

  513. Phillip says:

    Been interested in trying a compressor for a while and have heard several good ones, but this is the first one that just instantly sounded impressive regardless of the settings. Such smooth sustain, crisp attack and fat tone and all the while being absolutely clear and noise free. So needless to say, I would be overjoyed if I am lucky enough to win it.

  514. would be a great addition! Love it

  515. Joseph Bertucci says:

    Outstanding pedal! I would love to own it.

  516. Would love to add this sweet compressor to my (small) pedal board!

  517. jon flint says:

    I’m thinking this may be the compressor I’ve been looking for….

  518. I have a friend who has one of these. They are fantastic! I want to get two and run them in stereo for some FX. ;)

  519. That’s a talented little fela, there!

  520. Danis A. says:

    Would love another great compressor next to my cali76!

  521. I have a friend who owns this pedal. It is fantastic! I’d like to get two to use in stereo for some FX. :)

  522. Yonathan Randyanto says:

    Never used compressor before, I hope I can try it :)

  523. Kevin L. Gibbs says:

    This pedal is fantastic! I can’t wait to try it out!

  524. I’ve been on the lookout for a compressor that wouldn’t overly color my sound and would still allow plenty of playing dynamic. This thing sounds super musical and the tube buffer aspect gives it some versatility.

  525. I had the pleasure of trying a PC-2A a while back and even though I ended up purchasing a Crazy Tube Circuits “Bulb” compressor as I couldn’t quite afford the Effectrode at the time, I would still love to have one of these. They sounds absolutely every bit as good as the reviews claim and quite likely are the best pedal format compressor on the market.
    For what its worth: the Effectrode “Fire Bottle” is also excellent as is everything from Crazy Tube Circuits.

  526. Have been looking at compressor pedals for a while now, and having had the pleasure of recording through tube compressors (not my own unfortunately) similar to the Teletronix, the thought of having one on hand to play through all the time in a stompbox is very exciting! I love the look of the simplicity of the controls, and the simple look. It also sounds amazing! I can see why this would be worthy of 5 stars, would love to try one and perhaps buy one!

  527. LA2A based pedal. Hmm. That’s potentially pretty yummy!

  528. cool!

  529. Marcel Costoya says:

    This looks like a really good compressor. Very transparent compression with a bit of warmth thanks to the tube inside! Nothing like good quality tube driven compressor to enhance your tone!

  530. I need this to compress my guitar signal. .

  531. Love this pedal. Beautiful tones subtle but versatile.

  532. This seems like exactly what I need to smooth out the attack and release of my Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer. The EHX Black Finger was just a little noisy for my taste and I parted with it due to it’s greasy feel. I’ve owned several of Phil’s creations and loved them all! High hopes for this one!

  533. Jeremy Gardner says:

    I’ve never had a compressor pedal, but if I were to have one, I’d love to win this one! Good luck to me! LOL

  534. I’m using the Xotic XP comp at the moment, which does a fair job in a small package. But this thing will blow it away. I’m in!

  535. Been using the black finger for a while now, but a lot of noise and technical problems have made me reconsider my options. The Pc-2a looks fantastic!

  536. Nice sound sample. I wanna try it!

  537. Timothy Hui says:

    I want! My cheapo compressor is making noise and I must replace

  538. Seth Okrend says:

    I’ll take one!

  539. Yes Please !!

  540. Terry Luchterhandt says:

    Amazing, seems like a pedal I could actually work. Not like others I’ve ordered and just can’t seem to get the sweet sound.

  541. Andreas says:

    Ah, a compressor is the next thing on my pedals buying list. I guess I’ll check this one out. Good luck with the giveaway, people. ;)

  542. Fernando Almela says:

    Suena muy bien, cálido reconfortante. Nada ruidoso. Un saludo y suerte a todos!

  543. I thought I was perfectly happy with my current compressor, but now I’m not so sure….

  544. Stephen Bier says:

    This sounds pretty amazing. I like the simplicity, but yet it also seems to manage to be highly versatile.

  545. It would have been nice to have attack and knee controls on the face to make it easier to tweak, I find myself never touching internal trims because I’m usually adjusting pedals on the fly. I can’t believe they managed to fit tubes in there, sounds great.

  546. What a warm sounding compressor!

  547. This compressor sounds very organic and love how it squeezes!

  548. I really love trying out different types of compressors and this one has been on my list for quite sometimes! From the video demos by different people, this unit is the best one for my ear!

  549. Luuuv Effectrode pedals. Waiting on the new phaser and chorus…

  550. Mathieu Simard says:


  551. Steve eudy says:

    This sounds like exactly what I need to smooth out my sound! Excellent review!

  552. Bill Ryan says:

    Great review and nice pedal!

  553. So cool.

  554. This is what my pedalboard needs. I hope youll consider sending it to me :-)

  555. Max Melo says:

    Great pedal and great review dude! Whoever wins that is one lucky dude or dudette!! Rock on \m/

  556. ok, thanks!!!

  557. Great review man! I want a compressor and that might be the one if I get it!!! Whoever wins that is one lucky person

  558. effectrode is one of the best pedal companys going and this is their signature pedal

  559. Great review. Sounds like an amazing pedal.

  560. I’d use it to give me endless sustain with drive and clean to crunch!

  561. Great, thorough review!

    Effectrode makes simply the best tube pedals. I have the Tube Drive and it’s been the backbone of so many sounds in my studio for years.

  562. I love the sound you get with this pedal. What really stands out though is the simplicity. I love the two knob design. This pedal is way less intimidating than other compressors that have 4+ knobs. Effectrode really nailed it with this one, I totally get why this is a favorite.

  563. Great review.

  564. Rodger R says:

    Awesome sounding pedal! I really like the clean, elegant face and minimal control knobs yet great tone and effect. Great job again demonstrating just what this pedal can do!

  565. Mark Raetzer says:

    Hello there, I had the fortune of trying out a friends PC-2A tube compressor and I was astounded at how rich & smooth it made my strat sound through my tube amp – even though my Tone King amp already sounds great.
    This compressor is superb in many ways and really adds warm ‘silk and sparkle’ for many styles of playing, and breathes life into your tone by accentuating the over tones!
    That is what I hear through this great piece of technology. Happy pickin’!

  566. Marcel Costoya says:

    Vintage studio compressor in a box! Can’t wait to get one !

  567. Christian Merizalde says:

    Looks and sounds awesome! Now in need to play it!!!!!

  568. Javi Metal says:

    Awesome! I want it! :D

  569. dodgechargerfan says:

    That would make for a lot of tweaking….PERFECT!

  570. Gary Plaus says:

    Seems like a nice compressor stomp box. Would love to try it. I’ve just started looking for one, but haven’t bought one yet.

  571. Gary Plaus says:

    Seems like a nice compressor stomp box. Would love to try it. I’ve just started looking for one, but haven’t bought one yet.

  572. Andreas O says:

    Very nice sounding pedal with a slick look. I like it!

  573. Chris Aguilar says:

    You can tell the attention to detail by the quality of the sound produce in Effectrode pedals. Hope to win this one!

  574. This would complete my board for now quite nicely

  575. Beautifully made and designed bit of gear. Whoever receives this…enjoy!

  576. George B says:

    Very nice pedal!

  577. It must sound pretty sweet! Would love to try it out with some distorted ambient stuff ;D

  578. Damn, I want to hear this pedal in action. Great review!

  579. Nice. Subtle compression to Dyna Comp. I like it.

  580. Nice one!

  581. Daniel Yeh says:

    Optical tube, what?! It’s awesome! Would love to get this one.

  582. jose antonio castro says:

    Great pedal good luck to all

  583. Marcel Costoya says:

    Wow! It seems a very classy pedal! Nothing like a quality valve driven pedal that could become an essential part of my tone.

  584. Wish it had metering and an isert for the sidechain, but submini tubes are so cool

  585. Kevin Swartout says:

    Have the Effectrode phaser, I’m sure this would be a worthy companion!

  586. deheuvels says:


  587. Robin Aylor says:

    I really like the organic sounds. Bring it on!

  588. John Watson says:

    Could I please win one of these?
    -Jimmy Jiggawatts

  589. George Berry says:

    I need me one of these. To help with my knees. The sting of the bees. I hope I win, pls no tease.

  590. Looks like a great tool to tame the beast called sy300.

  591. Photo-optical compressor! I need some of that

  592. james B. Caines says:

    Very cool

  593. Glenn Leming says:

    Effectrode PC-2A Compressor; I could not say it any better than you did in the review: “it aims to do is take the notable performance qualities of its muse and present them in a compact format for guitarists, bassists, and other musicians with a discerning taste for what Effectrode appropriately calls “audiophile pedals”.”
    And you said it best again when you stated: “The PC-2A can do subtle to moderate and heavier compression while always providing a gentle sweetening to your overall guitar sound.” I truly with all my heart and soul agree to the max! Love it!

  594. Mattias Redbo says:

    This looks really interesting! I’ve yet to try a compressor that fits my acoustic board, I think this pedal may be the thing for me.

  595. Fred St Clair says:

    Sweet. It would look great on my board.

  596. Carlos Cervelló says:

    Amazing compresion pedal. I want it in my gear!

  597. David Alexandre Casenave says:

    Definitely one ( if not the only) of the best compressors out there! This one could be on the list of everyone!

  598. harold carl says:

    Very nice compressor.

  599. Bart Dehairs says:

    Great compressor!

  600. Andrew Meyer says:

    Sounds pretty good. Been thinking of adding a compressor to my board for a while.

  601. Steven Perry says:

    Loving the tube effects coming from this awesome company! Another pedal I can’t wait to own!

  602. Daniel Arganda says:

    Cool Studio Quality Tube Compression in a Stompbox. I’d love to win.

  603. Christian Arial says:

    Is the PC-2A quiet enough to be used in the studio in non-guitar applications? For instance, as a tracking limiter?

  604. Christopher Martin says:

    This looks like just the compressor I’ve been wanting for years.

  605. Opal Baker says:

    Rocket science is right!This could change everything we do with music.

  606. Rick Molyneux says:

    I have always wanted this comp to complete my David Gilmour focuses pedalboard.

  607. Hiram Suarez says:

    This + the Cali76 = HEAVEN!

  608. Oh… that soft knee… I might have an addiction now to compressor pedals…

  609. Robert A Herrmann says:

    Never really had much interest in compressors but this adds a nice, warm sounding tone at the lower levels. Nice.

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    I used my friend’s and I didn’t wanted to return it to him

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    Great review

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  630. Now that’s got to be the sweetest compression I’ve ever heard from a pedal.
    The ever so slight tube boost is like the icing on a finely crafted cake.
    I love it. I’ll have one of those with a slice of cake, please!

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    Really liked the detailed video and how you showed what it sounds like with some overdrive.

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    Thanks, John

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    This compressor seems to tick the boxes what you want out of an compressor:
    low-noise, easy to use. some advanced setting in the box if you need them to really tweak on the dynamics of your playing.

    Also the tubes Effectrode uses are really nice. They have that sweet high response and nice bloomy low/low mids. So using it as a colouring tool by just using it as a boost is a very possible option!

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    huge fan

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    Your reviews are always on point – I think some guys use reviews as an excuse to just show off their chops – but you always really showcase WHAT the pedal does, and HOW it does it. The text commentary really helps novice players see what is going on, instead of “get this Pedal and you’ll like [Insert famous guitarist here]”.

    BTW – the compressor sounds amazing!

  687. john j pioli says:

    I have to get one of these things, to take my music to the next level.

  688. Honestly this would be a great present for my father who is turning 70 this year. He is a guitar maniac. I already have a Boss compression sustainer that’s good for my own needs.

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  701. I’m looking into doing a guitar effects review channel on youtube, focusing on comparing pedals to clones and/or similar pedals. I was just thinking of doing a compressor shootout for my first video when I saw this giveaway–I’d love to see how this compares to the MXR Comp and a few other comps as well.

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    Roy Verges

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    An LA-2A in smaller pedal format?
    Yes Please!!!

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    The Effectrode PC-2A Compressor Haiku:
    two button compression bliss
    gift from Best Guitar Effects

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    My choice for the board! One of the best comp’s in pedalsize for guitar besides the Cali76 Compact Deluxe. Other exellent competitors are the OVNIFX Smoothie, FEA Labs “Opti-FET Compressor” and finaly the Rothwell Love Squeeze – at least from my point of view ;-)

  742. Rémi Sève says:

    The holy compressor ! The only one between the others. I already have one, and I’ll be glad of havinga second!
    I use it with my electric and acoustic guitare, but it is also great for warming sounds like snare, kick, toms.. in studio work.
    Last time, I use to master a project as a NY compressor. Really, really awesome, and so versatile…

  743. I find compressors to be weird and have never found one that actually improves the sound of my guitar.
    Please prove me wrong.

  744. John Brodeur says:


  745. Kleanthis says:

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  746. Kleanthis says:

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  753. sounds amazing….i.e. natural sounding..simple to operate..unfortunately most comp demos lack detailed demonstration of how good the device is in distorted infinite sustain situation ala Gilmour

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  760. Maurice says:

    One of my favorite comps!!!

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    I have been playing guitar for a long time without NEVER using a pedal.
    Those days I feel that I am really beeing sucked into it.
    I tried a simple delay at a friend’s house and now I want to use pedals all the time.

    This effectrode would totally help me to found a “new” sound, something new to get out of my guitar… that would be so cool !!!!

  762. This compressor sounds fantastic. This could open up a whole array of sounds on a pedalboard!

  763. This compressor sounds fantastic. This could open up a whole array of sounds on a pedalboard!

  764. Awesome pedal – as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

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    Cool sounding compressor. I have been looking for one that is versatile enough to work across various guitars and rigs. This could do the trick! Cheers!

  767. effectrode makes phenomenal pedals as while expensive each and everyone ofthem are beyond worth it. I just recently obtained a tube vibe and i’ve never actually seen a univibe be able to totally saturate like tower bridge of sighs or pull off the smooth floydian waves via breathe. while I do not have a pc2a comp (yet) and have been a cali76 guy i’ve definitely been GASing for this guy, especially for studio use… i am also excited and waiting for phil taylors effectrode version of the binson echorec. while catalinbreads is great (i bought and returned it) it is missing something i haven’t tried theboonar yet, and the echosex is pretty great just like all the other gurus stuff. it’s amazing how absolutely fantastic the pc2a sounds with two simple controls, i really hope this “audiophile” quality pedals trend continues to flourish even if i can’t afford them. haha. cheers! guys seriously go look at effectrodes line up, it’s really impressive.

  768. if it’s good enough for gilmour…

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    An amazing pedal. I love the simple design and clean aesthetics. I always enjoy warmer tones, and would love to add it to my set-up.

  773. PC-2A is a tonally transparent, ultra-quiet. It occupies some middle ground between the ultra-subtle compressors. Simple and awesome pedal.

  774. Seeing an LA-2A in a thing to stomp sounds crazy impressive. If not physically in a studio, you can see the impressions of that compressor duplicated in every digital interface one can use. From an X32 to the UA or Waves plugin families.

    I want to step on this thing. That’s crazy.

  775. Markus Laursen says:

    Looks sooo cool. i would love one!

  776. Donald Sanderson says:

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  777. Excellent review, as we have come to expect :)

  778. Nice review guys, seriously. Glad there is a site like yours, thank you.

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  780. Eric Cox says:

    WOW! Very impressive pedal! Thanks for the chance to seriously upgrade my setup!

  781. LA-2A in a stomp box? It doesn’t get better than that. No raising of the noise floor and pop free switching are essential but everyone knows that isn’t always what you get. This is a must have for any genre of guitar playing.

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    Cool pedal! Nice for clean sound. Thanks!

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  785. Nice sounding pedal and great demo. Thanks!
    This is one pedal that catapults your sound to heaven!

    Amazing what these pedals can do. Especially to your bank account.

  786. Holly Smokes this is a $700.00 dollar pedal? I would have to place it on a pedal board all by itself so my other pedals do not get temperamental and quit working out of jealousy LOL…

    Very nice sounding, I love the subtle tones very much, this is just the item I need to complete my rig. I would never power it off, just leave it tuned in on low when not in use :)

  787. Timothy Hui says:

    Sweet, got to try it out

  788. Douglas Ives says:

    Sounds amazing! Very nice demo:) wanting one of these very much. Like the variation of tones, especially with the controls inside the pedal.

  789. Jason Waks says:

    Awesome review. Thanks for the information.

  790. Cyrus C. says:

    I like how the trimpots work for the tone, that makes my tone more flexible. Its a very nice comp pedal :)

  791. Jonathan Ory says:

    you know, i’ve never had a compressor because someone told me once they sound terrible with a les paul. really time to reconsider if they knew what they were talking about.

  792. Kev Tel says:

    Great review!!! One of the most detailed I’ve read!!!
    Love to get my hands on one :) It really seems to be the ultimate compressor for me.

  793. Terry Luchterhandt says:

    Hey that’s a sweet sounding comp pedal. Nice range. I like the option of the limit switch, great tone variability. Send one my way! And to be able to adjust from within the pedal, great!

  794. Albert Chiochon says:

    sounds good, Ivbe been thinking of getting a compressor, so its nice to see some demos

  795. Malte A. says:

    nice! need one!

  796. This really is a great review (once again). In fact, this is the ONLY PC-2A review which actually methodically demonstrates the internal attack and knee trimpots. The knee trimpot is very unique to this compressor and could be so important for a subtle compression. I myself am still in the market for a premium compressor and this review is making it even harder. Whilst I personally feel that compressors are an effect that really have to be heard live to be appreciated (because of artefacts from any recording and the natural response of the ear to volume etc.), this review comes pretty close to giving us a good idea.