Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine Review – Best Guitar Organ Synth Pedal?

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On September 10, 2014
Last modified:October 7, 2016



Electro Harmonix have been absolutely dominating the market lately when it comes to polyphonic guitar synth pedals. EHX’s Superego Synth Engine, Ravish Sitar, and HOG 2 Harmonic Octave Generator have proven that quality polyphonic synth sounds can be achieved from a standard guitar signal, negating the need for one of those finicky hexaphonic pickup systems. And while it was EHX’s own POG & POG 2 pedals that seemingly launched the craze for making the guitar emulate organ-style sounds when paired with a modulation pedal, Mike Matthews and Co. have gone one better and created the Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine to achieve authentic organ tones from a single pedal. The EHX B9 may have been long overdue, but it couldn’t have come at a better time, representing the current pinnacle of Electro Harmonix’s guitar synth expertise in what is likely the best guitar organ synth pedal available. Here’s a complete rundown of the pedal’s features before we jump into our Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine review.


Dry Volume knob controls the volume of the untreated instrument level at the Organ Output jack.

Organ Volume knob controls the overall volume of the Organ preset.

Mod knob controls the speed of modulation. Modulation varies per preset and includes vibrato, tremolo, and chorus.

Click knob controls the percussive click level. For a few presets Click controls parameters unique to the preset.

Bypass foot-switch toggles the B9 between Buffered Bypass and Effect mode.

Dry Output jack outputs the signal present at the Input jack through a buffer circuit.

Organ Output jack outputs the mix set by the Dry and Organ controls.

Preset Descriptions:

1. Fat & Full – This sound adds an extra octave below and above to make your guitar sound twice as big. Fills out any band in an instant! MOD Type: Chorus.

2. Jazz – This preset has the cool, smooth jazz tone reminiscent of the late great organist Jimmy Smith. MOD Type: Chorus.

3. Gospel- This preset has the upper octave drawbars added to capture that great soulful organ tone. MOD Type: Chorus.

4. Classic Rock- This preset captures the classic rock sound of songs like Procal Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale.” Add a touch of distortion for a classic dirty organ. MOD Type: Chorus.

5. Bottom End- This preset has the lower draw bar sound. Perfect for adding bottom to your guitar or playing B3 bass sounds. With the CLICK control up you can lay down a bass line like the one on Sugarloaf’s “Green Eyed Lady.” MOD Type: Chorus.

6. Octaves- This preset uses the fundamental tone plus one octave above. This sound is great for songs like Led Zeppelin’s “Your Time is Going to Come.” MOD Type: Chorus. CLICK control adds not only key click, but higher harmonics.

7. Cathedral- Turn up the reverb and you are at the seat of a giant cathedral organ! Psychedelic rock tones easily pour out. MOD Type: Tremolo. CLICK
adjusts the tremolo depth.

8. Continental- This is the classic combo organ sound similar to classic songs “96 Tears,” “Woolly Bully” and “House of the Rising Sun.” MOD Type: Vibrato. CLICK controls vibrato depth.

9. Bell Organ- If you crossed an electric piano with an organ this is it. MOD Type: Tremolo. CLICK adjusts the amount of bell or chime added to the sound.

B9 is powered by included 9VDC power adapter (requires 100mA).

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Sound & Performance.

The B9 follows a pedigree of EHX synth guitar pedals that I’ve had in-depth experience with, putting me in a unique position for an EHX B9 review. I’ve raved about the Electro Harmonix POG 2 before, an octave pedal that utilizes DSP to synthesize its accompanying octaves, and the POG legacy has set the stage for EHX’s successive synth pedals which have impressed me with their excellent sound quality, accurate tracking, and clear note definition. Aside from sounding great, EHX’s synth pedals are also noteworthy for being somewhat forgiving of less than perfect technique, meaning they’re less likely to trigger random notes and wonky noises, something that cannot be said of guitar synth systems utilizing hexaphonic pickups. The B9 is similar in this regard, picking up notes that cross a certain volume threshold and generating its organ sounds accordingly. While it won’t mask outright sloppy technique, it doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your playing to generate great sounds. (But some changes to your playing will result in greater organ-like authenticity as I’ll point out in a moment.)

What becomes immediately apparent upon playing through the EHX B9, besides the sheer quality of its organ emulations, is how quick and responsive the tracking is. Single notes and full chords are heard immediately and ring out with clarity and definition. The B9 also tracks your vibrato and glissandos exceptionally well although this results in less authentic organ sounds, of course. I’d recommend refraining from string bends and vibrato, a challenge if these nuances are an essential part of your technique. It’s a feat worth managing as you will be rewarded with some pretty convincing organ sounds, especially if you can adopt a style of phrasing and note choice akin to a key-bound organist.

The B9 has independent volume controls for the wet and dry signals, letting you blend your guitar in the mix as well as playing with just the pure organ sound. You can also run your wet and dry signals to separate amps via the B9’s dedicated Dry and Organ outputs. This offers more flexibility for further tonal coloring of the wet and dry signals although you can still play them both through a single amp by using just the Organ output to blend both signals together.

The pedal also has a bit of dynamic range, sensing notes played at different volume levels and generating its organ sounds at a volume level corresponding to the input signal. This lets you vary your pick attack for more expressive playing when playing single notes. A lighter pick attack can also be used to avoid triggering the Click sound if desired. For chordal work, however, it can be better to play with even dynamics for smoother sustain and consistent note volume. This can often be accomplished best with a compression pedal placed in your signal chain before the B9. As with any synth pedal, the B9 should be placed first in your signal chain before any other effects with the only exception being when using a compressor before the pedal.

While the B9 doesn’t have a dedicated tone control, you will notice that your pickup selection and guitar’s tone knobs affect the tonality of the wet signal. EHX fine-tuned each emulation so that it’s easy to recall a sound quickly and achieve a quality organ sound, but it’s still worth experimenting with the sound of your guitar through pickup selection and tone controls to find the ideal organ tone. I had great results with both humbuckers and single-coil pickups. While you can color the tone of the pedal with your guitar’s tone knobs, don’t darken the tone of your guitar too much as this may result in the B9 not detecting your higher pitched notes.

The B9’s ease of use will certainly add to the appeal of the pedal with guitarists who just like to plug in and play with no complex editing menus getting in the way. Setting the volume levels of the wet and dry signals is self explanatory via the 2 dedicated knobs. The Mod and Click controls add modulation and a percussive click attack to certain organ presets, respectively.

Electro-Harmonix-B9-Organ-Machine-Best-Guitar-Organ-Synth-Pedal-03The B9 offers 9 presets that cover a lot of organ variation. The Fat & Full preset beefs up your sound with additional +1 and -1 octave tones for a massive organ sound and is one of the B9’s go-to presets that defines what this pedal is capable of. Since each note generates 3 separate tones, keeping your playing light on the polyphony keeps the frequency spectrum from getting too muddy. But this is definitely the preset to use for an organ sound that commands attention and dominates the mix when you really want to go all out. The Jazz preset offers a warmer, more mellow organ sound that blends into the mix without being overly prominent. Like the name implies it’s great for jazzy playing. Throw this preset a “B9” chord for fun and see where it takes you. Gospel adds an upper octave with an overall brighter tone to capture a church organ type of sound. Yes, it sounds as heavenly as the name implies! The B9’s Classic Rock setting will make your Deep Purple or Steppenwolf cover band complete without the need for an actual organ player. Magic Carpet Ride, anyone? Also, try it with an overdrive or dirty amp setting! The Bottom preset adds a booming low octave organ tone, great for laying down some fat bass lines. Add some Click for a more harmonic attack, and be sure to try using this preset with your dry signal for a cleaner sound with massive bottom end presence. The Octaves preset adds an octave up tone and offers more control of the higher end of your signal by using the Click knob to bring in the upper harmonics along with the percussive click sound. This preset can be tweaked to sound dark and mellow or quite bright depending on your tastes. The Cathedral preset is another standout. Use this with some heavy reverb for epic Phantom of the Opera organ sounds, great for creating a moody atmosphere or ripping some wild organ solos. The Cathedral’s tremolo can add some subtle modulation or heavily throbbing rhythm to your sound as well. The Continental preset definitely pulls off that House of the Rising Sun vibe, complete with a pulsing vibrato that can take your sound to seasick extremes. The Bell Organ preset blends an organ with an electric piano for some sounds unlike any other preset. The “bell” harmony is a major 3rd that occurs over 3 octaves above your base tone. That means if you played an open E note on your low E string the bell harmony would be equivalent to the A flat/G sharp note heard on the 16th fret on your high E string. This gives you access to high register piano-like sounds that even have a hammer-like piano click attack.

It’s refreshing how great the B9 sounds and how far guitar synthesis has come, although it’s maybe less surprising if you were already impressed with Electro Harmonix’s Ravish Sitar pedal. That last piano-like Bell Organ preset is almost a tease for possibilities that could perhaps be realized in future EHX synth pedals that emulate other instruments. I’d imagine many synth hungry guitarists who are fans of the quality sounds offered in the B9 would love to see an EHX piano/harpsichord synth pedal, violin/cello/harp “String Machine”, or after hearing the awesome tones of the Bottom preset, perhaps a lower octave pedal that emulates tones of classic bass guitars and upright bass sounds. I would also love to see a MIDI-controlled EHX synth pedal with oscillators and filters that emulates some of the classic and modern sounds heard on the past 30 years of dance/electronic music. With EHX leading the way in modern guitar synthesis with the proven technology found in their B9 Organ Machine, Ravish Sitar, HOG2 Harmonic Octave Generator, and Superego Synth Engine, I’d imagine that the continued success of these pedals will lead to even more guitar synth pedal surprises on the horizon.

While the focus of the B9 seems to be ease of use and having one quickly accessible sound from the pedal’s single foot-switch, I personally prefer the performance flexibility offered by the Ravish’s customizable presets and dedicated preset foot-switch. For some guitarists, the smaller enclosure of the B9 being set to single great organ sound will be enough for that one organ song in your live set. But for guitarists that really like to dig in and milk the most out of every pedal on their pedalboard, you might be hoping like me that the success of the B9 leads to a B9 Organ Machine Deluxe with expanded preset options and selection. Also, it’s a little surprising that EHX didn’t add in expression pedal control of the modulation to simulate the variable speed nuances of a rotating Leslie speaker cabinet, but aftermarket expression pedal mods are already available for guitarists that must have expression pedal control. You could also consider using the B9 with a dedicated rotating speaker simulator for even more authentic results. But even with all that in mind, know that the EHX B9 is still the essential pedal on the market for simulating organ sounds with a traditional guitar.

The Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine is the premier guitar organ synth pedal and yet another great guitar synthesizer pedal from EHX. Let’s see the final result.



The Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine is the best guitar organ synth pedal available and another shining example of EHX’s guitar synth wizardry. The B9 offers dead simple ease of use thanks to its 9 finely tuned presets and sounds fantastic throughout its range of sounds. There’s a preset in this pedal that’ll capture an organ tone reminiscent of the most famous organ sounds in your head, and creative guitarists will use it to create textures unheard of until now. The B9 is the new go-to pedal for recording and live use whenever quality organ sounds are called for.

That concludes our Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Machine review. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Really best polyphonic tone recognition algorithm, thanks to Electro-Harmonix. The best B9 is with MIDI integrated module, yes, it’s possible. Did you know that the Microdesignum company can even embedd the MIDI connector to control the new Bass9 from MIDI foot controller for every knob on pedal? Even C9, Mel9, Key9 and Synth9.

  2. This is probably the best pedal I’ve ever seen for guitar! I can imagine how amazing it will sound through a rotary speaker sim…

  3. this thing sounds incredible and absurdly innovative.. want want want

    could be one of those “always on” pedals just to color tone a little

  4. Wow, that pedal surprised me to the ninth degree!! I have a Pod HD, that has a
    Organ effect, that is bland and useless compared to this incredible pedal. The sounds
    That this baby makes are beautiful, and l thought it was only a one trick pony, this is another
    Home Run for Electro Harmonix!! I cannot believe how authentic this pedal sounds! I am speechless, over the wide variety of various keyboard legendary tones available with it!! I am excited about this!

  5. I’m so excited to try the Electro Harmonix B9 pedal. I have the micro pog and love it’s rich tone and its always a hit at shows. But it’s missing the tremolo features and the sustain that this pedal has to offer and i love the lush organ tones. Before finding this pedal i was looking at buying freeze pedal to achieve similar sounds that this pedal offers. This pedal will allow me to save that space on my pedal board now. Great job on making such a great pedal!

  6. Woww Wow amazing !! I did not know there was this kind of pedals and really has left me open borca ​​to know that a guitar can sound like an organ! I love strong and will cross my fingers because I think some of the more well pedal .Many thanks :)

  7. EHX is making some incredible pedals like the turnip greens, ravish sitar and this beauty. Xmas is coming and the 20% off sales begin after Thanksgiving!

  8. THIS THING IS AWESOME!~…REALLY turns your guitar into a Hammond -sounding machine!..I want one!…I gotta find a way to try one out!


  9. I love Hammond B3, Vox Continental, Fender Rhodes and other classic guitar and organ sounds, but can’t afford any of those keyboards. Would be great to have the EHX B9 to add organ flourishes to songs, especially blending dry and organ sounds.

  10. I bought a full-on EHX POG in order to simulate the sounds of an organ a few years ago. The new B9 blows that POG simulation away in spades and gives you more focused keyboard-sound options with little screw-around or set-up AND at less than half the size and 1/1000 the weight of a B3 & Leslie cabinet! This is a must for MY pedal board!

  11. This just might beat my other great organ pedal. It sounds really natural to me.
    I wonder how it will sound with electric mandolin.

  12. Oh Man oh man!!! This pedal is sick! Such a fun pedal. This review is Great!!! Thanks guys!! Now I want this pedal more than Ever!!

  13. Damn, this thing is good! Got to demo one recently and it just IS an organ. Especially when you start playing like an organ player. Back turned most people couldn’t tell the difference.

  14. Damn this would be an awesome layer to add to the cooking of an unique tone!!!!! Just imagine the possibilities! My oh my | just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye :'( Found myself dying to give this baby a try | I want you so much, my brain is going to fry | into a soundless summer night, I’ll just boil my mind dry!!! | Your steamy vapor made me think that i might, be the one who’ll use you just right!!! taaaan ….. ta tu tu ta tu ta ta tuu … .. ta tu tu ta ta ta tu tu ………. tutu ta tacutucuntacurats

  15. LOOKS like an awesome pedal! Would love love love to win this. Although I never win anything but gonna have Faith!! PICK me :-) liked you on fb digned up for newsletter. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  16. Having been a fan of the electro-harmonix range since the late seventies when I had the Phasor pedal with the color option button I knew the quality of the sounds they were going for. Watching this demo for the electro-harmonix B9 pedal I was hoping for that same quality but my expectations were blown out of the water. This is beyond simulation audiably it just nails those sounds bang on. I play in a sixties cover band covering the british invasion era and having just lost a keyboard play I have given this pedal serious thought and the stereo option tis the thing that is gonna do it. Have the guitar to the amp and the second out put to the pa I think this going to be a godsend as we can have the keyboards effect come in at various times for extra dynamics. It is definitely on my Christmas list, unless………
    c French

  17. Nice !

    Should do the trick for many a rock guitar player , or even some Metal heads.
    I imagine me throwing a nice solo with a organ octaver on the background. ^^

    I am going to try one out soon !

  18. I have it, it is AWESOME! using it instead of synthesizer keyboard on Ozzy’s “No More Tears”, my band was amazed when I showed up with it! We don’t have a keyboardist so to have that available was pretty impressive. It makes it sound completely haunting. . .

  19. been uber gasin’ for the earthquaker organizer and now this comes ahhhhhhhhhhh i love ehx pedals already and i would just die to be able to try it out with my bass,microkorg,cigar box guitar, slide, etclksdjgakl;jlfsdakjlk. argh.. TOO MUCH AWESOMEmeow

  20. I would be really interested to hear what this would sound like through a keyboard! These amazing tones shouldn’t be limited only to the guitar! Haha.

  21. I’ve never seen one of these pedal types before, but I’m so glad I’ve decided to get into pedals again. I was freaking giddy hearing some of the sound possibilities this thing can make. Can’t wait to mess with one of these!

  22. I’m really diggin all the user comments & reviews of this pedal. It reminds me of the organ settings on the POG2 pedal but a much more detailed and expansive version of that setting. It seems that might have even been the basis of the creation of this pedal, but that’s just my opinion. I love my POG2 for the organ setting and the Bass guitar setting, along with the numerous other settings but can’t wait to get the B9 pedal to enjoy all the various organ settings it has and experiment with those thru my Fender Jaguar & Fender deluxe and see how it sounds with other EHX pedals I use as well such as the Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai and the Cathedral Stereo Reverb to name just two for example. I love Electro Harmonix pedals. My love affair with them all started with the first small stone and big muff I bought 15 years ago, haha. That is all for now…

  23. I cant wait to get my hands on one of these. They make you tone sound just like a Hammond. I can not wait to cover some Brent Mydland parts of the DEAD!

  24. I just heard it last night and it is amazing!!I love the fact that you can get a ELP,Genesis & Sugarloaf vibe out of it.I would love to pair it up with a looper,and do some Doors stuff.Just to be able to play the “Charge” organ from hockey stadiums would put a smile on my face.

  25. I got my first Electro-Harmonix pedal two weeks ago— a Big Muff. Such an awesome piece that I bought a Holy Grail last week. I’m a sucker for these EHX pedals, and this looks to be another excellent box in their stellar line. I can’t wait to head to the shop to try one of these out!

  26. Great review, as always! Great video also. I cannot believe how realistic and convincing of an organ tone this gives. I can just imagine what the cathedral setting along with a cathedral reverb together would sound like. The dry vol. knob is a fantastic tool, doubling my desire for this pedal.

  27. As a guitar player I am dedicated to getting better at my craft and I’m always looking for new sounds. I don’t have time to learn a new instrument AND become proficient at it. This pedal would allow me to get that amazing Hammond sound. I couldn’t be happier.

  28. I managed to try out this pedal the other day. This is a really nice pedal and it creates a great sound. I tried it out on a bass and it does not like when you get too low with the frequencies. Then again, when I tried it with a guitar, it was absolute perfection. It would be great if there was a bass version just so those really low notes that organs are possible of doing can be done with as much justice as the rest of the range. But other than that, this pedal is definitely worth every penny you spend on it and it another great device from Electro-Harmonix.

  29. I don’t know of any other pedal that does such a great job of emulating an organ. It reminds me of when VOX developed the Wah to allow guitarists to emulate the sound of a trumpet being muted. Very innovative.

  30. no estoy metido en el mundo de los pedales, pero no me importaría empezar a probar este!!, tienen muy buen pinta….

  31. I love a good organ. Just hate people who play with theirs too much. This pedal solves organ overuse and fits in your pocket

  32. I feel an incredible pedal, with which a very good effect is achieved, and it looks to be made ​​of good materials, I’m willing to try.

    Thank you

  33. mice review. My buddy hosts a couple open mike blues jams at two clubs that are mainly blues. He uses this pedal as a tool to add organ to tunes that guests perform, where the original recordings had that organ riff that just can’t be substituted with a guitar. It’s quickly become a permanent fixture on his blues pedal board!

  34. The Electro Harmonics B9 has some great organ sounds. I think it sounds great for a pedal that emulates organ sounds. It shares some features with the Pog2 and if you own one of them it seems to be unneccesary to get the other one.

  35. Es alucinante el sonido, realmente parece un órgano, y para los que no dominamos los teclados es el efecto ideal.

  36. Dang that can thing can make some mean sounds ! I’m fantasizing how it would sing with some fuzz on it! This would be a welcome to my pedal board.

  37. Amazing pedal. Can imagine many applications in a number of line ups, but could sound particularly great in a trio where there would be space to fully utilise this beast!! A very creative addition to to any blues/jazz guitarist’s rig. :)

  38. OH MY GOD this pedal is amazing!! Would love to have one of these in my pedal arsenal, but alas I do not have the funds!! 10/10 weirdest pedal I’ve seen, love it!

  39. This is such an awesome pedal. I’ve always wanted a Hammond, but now I can get that tone while playing guitar and looking cool. ;-) It’s a win-win!

  40. I have no idea how I’d use this pedal for the type of music I play, but I’d like to give it a try, it’s got a lot of cool sounds.

  41. I’ve seen the review video and I gotta say this is one of the most impressive guitar pedals I’ve ever seen. Not to mention all the simulations of different organs it has. Simply awesome!

  42. C’mon!! This really sounds like an organ and a great one actually! Infinite possibilities with this pedal! Very nice review!

  43. I am so ready for this. The only thing holding me back from the POG was the difficulty of getting a wide array of sounds easily and without those fragile sliders. Can’t wait to have that bell organ sound combined with my ebow and a rhythmic delay.. @_______@

  44. EHX never fails to impress. I also LOVE the POG2. It’s kind of amazing when you think of their history and the fact they’re still built in Queens – cranking out innovative and useful pedals! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.

  45. Nice demo. I like how it asks a nice bottom end, not to mention the sweet organ sounds. Def get some classic rock tones here from the 70’s. Sweet pedal

  46. Would love to give this a test drive. I think though that maybe some of that sounds can be created using a superego with a pog or a whathaveyou in the loop…

  47. Every demo I have watched makes this pedal sound cooler and cooler. This may be the must have pedal of the year so far.

  48. this sounds great. I’m still hankering after a POG2 which I don’t think entirely replaces, but it;s still a cool little box.

  49. Ullallà! This is a fantastic piece of vintage rock in history.
    It is differnet! but it isi amazing. I like pretty much preset # 8.

  50. The unit seems like a great alternative to GR55 or GR20 synth solutions
    and the tracking really seems to be accurate.
    Be nice to add some keys to our all guitar band :)


  51. I listened to some videos and they made me try out the pedal in person and let me tell: this little thing is amazing!

    Of course it’s not the most classical pedal on boards but if you are part of a soul band like me this pedal is really cool to have. Even if you do other stuff it really can push your creativity in a certain direction.
    This pedal is fun & quality. Great!

  52. The sound is actually pretty dang good. Just in time for Halloween! I had my doubts about how this thing would sound. I still have my doubts about it’s practical application, but it sure does seem like a whole bunch of fun.

  53. Wow! As a keyboard player turned guitar player this leaves me drooling. Talk about the best of both worlds – this is it!

  54. I’m working with some ambient sounds, and although one can get out with some harmonizer arrangements, this can save some pedalboard real state, not to mention the 2 output posibilities. Great pedal, well played, EXH.

  55. Love this pedal! EHX consistently is pushing the limits of guitar pedals, while also making them affordable. Would love to have this in my arsenal. Could use it for some sweet Booker T jams!

  56. I was SO excited to first read about this pedal. Starting in early 2000s, I was really into Charlie Hunter’s 8 string guitar playing where he used chorus and rotary pedals to get a faux organ sound. The B9 seems to blow everything else out of the water!

  57. The videos make this sound incredible! Great synth. Perhaps an EHX version of a certain Roland pedal will be in the horizon…?

  58. pretty cool stuff – amazing what you can do with this one. I’d love to hear this before and after fuzz, reverb and delay.

  59. I have an EHX Micro Pog, which does a nice job of organ-type sounds, but this is ridiculous. So totally cool. Excellent tracking.

  60. I’ve tried it at my local shop, definitely a must have, not so much to emulate organs than to expand my guitar sounds – lined up with other effects it will be terrific!

  61. Would love one one, may not have to set up my keyboards while I gig, switching back and forth to guitar can be difficul when the stage is set up for a 3 piece group instead of 6! Not enough real estate to set up the keyboards, this could be a problem solver for sure! great sounding pedal!

  62. Been listening to some organ-centric Bernie Worrelll stuff lately and that isn’t too far off. The string bends are freaking me out a bit, though–very unsettling.

  63. The B9 is very cool, and pretty unique. Though I don’t see myself using it all the time, it could come in handy to get weird tones while recording, but the “perfect” polyphonic tracking is a massive improvement for EHX and their other pedals like the POG.

  64. This pedal sounds fantastic. I don’t even know this effect was possible with a guitar signal. I love the fact that is has chorus, reverb and tremolo.

  65. Doesn’t quite capture the feel of an organ, but it sounds a lot like an octave pedal. The tone is really cool though, it would pair really well with some of the other EHX pedals I have…

  66. Wow, this thing sounds incredible. I definitely see why it’s been flying off shelves, and it’s got my mind racing with the possibilities for this thing.

  67. Great!!! Really need this thing!!!

    When I first saw the EH video I thought this was some kind of a joke to be honest because it sounded too good to be true. Turns out IT IS TRUE!!

    My band is a three-piece with our bass player playing organ and other keys occasionally. With this pedal I could take over on some parts or having “organ” and electric piano jamming together.

    I find it really great that it doesn’t have only the rock organ thing going but also some sort of VOX Continental and some jazzy sounds too. With the garage sound organ it reminds me of the VOX Phantom shaped organ guitars from the 60s. I was even thinking of getting one of these but was afraid that it would cause a lot of trouble on stage as I know the old organs do as well AND it must be really heavy I guess. But it seems this pedal totally does the trick without breaking down on you …or breaking your back ; ) …and it seems to track really good …just like you would expect it from Electro Harmonix.

    I run my guitar into 2 amps sometimes. In that case one amp is the guitar with fuzz and the other amp does a bass emulation using the Mirco P.O.G. while our bass player hits the keys. Now I’m thinking of doing the same thing with guitar and organ …or “bass” and organ as it has a dry and normal output. Also it has a very nice octave sound that might be very useful for me as well.

    This pedal is just made for our band. It would make a great addition to my/our rig and sound. I would REALLY be eeeextremely happy to win one!! : )
    You can check out our sound here: http://www.facebook.com/wedgeband

    Cheers from Berlin Germany, Kiryk

    PS: 4:23 in the EH video: “Green Eyed Lady” by Sugarloaf. Always loved that song! …and a totally convincing sound on that one too from the B9!

  68. amazing, spectacular pedal. it has lots of incredible features, and its truly stunning how realistic it sounds. this is an insane effect to have in your arsenal if you are into guitar tones that are outside of the box. EHX has outdone themselves once again. well done.

  69. Thanks to this great product for giving us the chance to win these great pedals, you make our suera another guitar like it :)

  70. Man, this just sounds ridiculously good! Pretty spot on, vivid and versatile. Would like to mess around with this one :)

  71. After I heard that an effect pedal for guitarists that emulates the sound of a harp was deviced I thought anything else would surprise me in that way, the Electro Harmonix B9 has just done that though.

  72. Looks great. With this maybe I could play some of Steve Winwoods parts in voodoo Chile. One of the best organ songs ever

  73. This is an awesome pedal! My band mate just got one and I’ve gotten to play around with it a bit. It really sounds wonderful!

  74. Been wanting one of these since they came out. I’d live a HOG as well, tons of cool new tones could be created w these, can’t wait to get my hands on one. Great idea by EH

  75. Awesome Pedal!! I also play keyboards and have several. this pedal is a great emulation! spot on:) I would love to have it:)

  76. This pedal sounds fantastic. And I just realized that most of the new pedals I really, really want, are electro harmonix pedals. EH is just making some great stuff these days.

  77. Yet another pedal that I’d never buy but would love to own. It would be a really nicel to put in the loop of my Superego.


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