Electro Harmonix Soul Food Review – Best “Klon Centaur/KTR” Overdrive Pedal?

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Last modified:October 8, 2016



The Electro Harmonix Soul Food is meant to do one thing: give guitarists access to the sought after style of clean boost and overdrive tones made famous by the Klon Centaur (& KTR) overdrive guitar pedals. And it’s meant to accomplish this lofty feat while costing about as much as a console video game. Sounds like good food for the soul to me.

Mike Matthews Vs. The Hype Machine

Few pedals are as sought-after as the mythical Klon Centaur (& KTR) overdrive pedals. Yes, these legendary stompboxes do sound fantastic, but many guitarists have realized that their inflated second-hand prices are fueled by greatly exaggerated hype. Yes, their tones are great, but there is a bit more surrounding why these pedals have soared to such lofty prices on the second-hand market than simply their great sounds. Less than 10,000 Centaurs were made, and the pedal has since been discontinued. While Centaur creator, Bill Finnegan, denies having any hand in fueling the hype, he adamantly refuses to build any more Klon Centaurs, a pedal that guitarists have begged and pleaded for him to produce. Bill alludes to the hype in print on the KTR overdrive pedal itself, adding even more emphasis to the hype he denies having any hand in making. Whether it’s intentional or simply by a matter of circumstance, he keeps the supply of Klon Kool-Aid limited, has attempted to hide the magic formula (the circuit and “mythical diodes” in this case), and occasionally sells a scarce derivative of the Centaur, the KTR, at a price that’s out of reach for budget-minded guitarists. Even if supposedly unintentional, it’s a brilliant marketing strategy as Bill’s actions have, in fact, directly fueled even more demand for his nearly impossible to attain pedals, creating more hype that could arguably be of his making. But with countless “Klones” flooding the market and every knock-off pedal builder wanting a piece of the Klon pie, something no one anticipated happened. Mike Matthews of Electro Harmonix decided to lay the hammer down on the Klon hype once-and-for-all and get in on the action in a big way. And like some kind of Robin Hood, Mike Matthews’ mission was to share this great wealth of overdrive tone with guitarists far and wide for a mere pittance compared to the lofty price of a second-hand Klon Centaur. The Soul Food is a Klon Centaur style of overdrive pedal that any budget-strapped guitarist can afford.

Electro-Harmonix-Soul-Food-Review-Best-Klon-Centaur-KTR-Ovedrive-Pedal-02Let’s find out if this is the best “Klon Centaur/KTR” overdrive pedal you can buy in our Electro Harmonix Soul Food review. Here’s a spec list before we serve our first helping.


  • Transparent overdrive.
  • Boosted power rails for extended headroom and definition.
  • Super responsive.
  • Controls for Volume, Treble, & Drive.
  • Selectable true bypass or buffered bypass modes.
  • Compact, rugged design.
  • 9.6DC-200 power supply included. Also runs on 9 volt battery.

Visit Electro Harmonix for more info about the Soul Food.

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Sound & Performance:

There’s one thing that few guitarists would argue with: the Klon Centaur is an excellent overdrive pedal, indeed one of the best. The Soul Food is an original circuit design inspired by the Centaur. It aims to take your guitar into that realm of tone for a tiny fraction of the cost of a second-hand Centaur. From the moment you plug into the EHX Soul Food, you can’t help but notice that it does indeed sound very Klon-like. There’s no mistaking that it’s an overdrive in the vein of the classic Klon Centaur. While the Soul Food isn’t a one-to-one replica of the Klon Centaur, it does a commendable job of producing similar overdrive and clean boost tones yet with a flavor of its own. Mike Matthews and his engineers at Electro Harmonix have performed a heroic task in making this exceptional pedal available to guitarists with a discerning palate for Klon-style tones.

Is it unfair to compare the Soul Food and Klon Centaur because of the sheer difference in cost of these pedals? No, this comparison is essential and emphasizes how comical it is that the Klon Centaur has reached such outrageous secondhand prices. But if that didn’t happen, guitarists probably wouldn’t have access to the Soul Food today. The silly prices Klon Centaur pedals fetch is a testament to just how much value the Soul Food provides as nearly any guitarist can afford one. The Electo Harmonix Soul Food is easily on the short-list of modern effects pedals that every single guitarist should own or at least try out. It really is a great pedal that’s worth far more than it’s humble asking price. Rather than being a direct “Klone”, the Soul Food’s slight variances in sound may even sound more favorable than the Centaur to some guitarists.

When cutting the Drive on the Soul Food all the way, you’ll achieve a pretty transparent sound that’s great for using as a clean volume boost. Clean boosting is one of the most popular ways to use the Klon Centaur, and the Soul Food performs just as admirably in this area, offering sounds that some guitarists might even prefer in a double-blind test. Electro Harmonix took great care in getting a wide range of clean gain on the Drive knob’s left side of noon. You can push it up slightly around 9 o’clock or so to get just a little more punch from your guitar. While the Soul Food doesn’t add a lot of extra low-end presence (hence some after market mods offering additional low-end shaping options), the sound has a nice mid-range punch that’ll make your guitar pop a little more in a band mix while not treading too deeply in your bassist’s frequency range. And quite frankly, as I’ve said before, some guitarists might even prefer this pedal’s sounds to a Klon Centaur on the same settings or may even have a hard time hearing much difference at all. Basically, while discerning ears will notice subtle differences, they aren’t night and day.

The Soul Food has a slightly more aggressive top-end when you dime the Drive. You’ll notice a bit more sizzle that may warrant some taming with the Treble control. But when you get back to lower Drive settings, you’ll be treated to some usable boosted tones with a slight hint of added color and harmonics. As with the Klon Centaur, the Soul Food also shines in the range of Drive tones found between 9 o’clock towards a little past noon, and this can cover your moderate crunch needs with ease. Back to the higher Drive settings, you’ll even find just a little more gain than your typical “Klone” although I typically resist the urge to max it out for smoother overdrive sounds. As Klon connoisseurs will mostly agree, this style of drive is really about the cleaner, low-gain side of the overdrive spectrum.

It’s worth pointing out that this pedal plays well with just about any pickup configuration, particular on its lower gain settings. If you’re using darker humbuckers, open up the Treble control. If your single-coils are on the bright side, cut back that Treble a bit. The pedal is also articulate enough to retain note definition even when using warmer, duller-sounding pickups. It’s very easy to dial in settings with the Soul Food that just work with your guitar and amp for sounds that may even have you leaving the pedal on all the time. I especially like the added touch sensitivity offered by the clean boost settings with the Drive rolled all the way down.

The optional buffer is a huge plus. While the original Klon Centaur was buffered bypass all the way (it’s creator, Bill Finnegan, swears by it), many modern players have come to prefer using true bypass. (Sorry, true bypass is not almost always worse to many guitarists.) It’s great that the Soul Food offers options to satisfy both needs, another testament to how EHX puts the needs of their customers before their ego. You can use it to drive a strong signal to your other pedals with the buffer or have the Soul Food get completely out of your signal path with the true bypass option.

Also, while most guitarists may use a dedicated power supply for all pedals on their pedalboards, it’s nice that EHX included a power adapter with this pedal, adding yet even more value to what you get out of the box. Even if you don’t necessarily need it, you never know when an extra adapter will come in handy.

All-in-all you can’t beat the tones and value the Soul Food offers at this price. It’s seriously one of the best bargains around. Electro Harmonix have created one of the most indispensable and essential pedals to come along in a while.



The Electro Harmonix Soul Food is one of the best overdrive pedals you can buy and offers unmatched value at its unbelievably low price point. EHX could have slapped a $100+ price tag on the Soul Food, and its tones would still be a bargain. While guitarists with cash to burn may not mind shelling out a couple grand for a pedal, the Soul Food offers premium sounds for the tone savvy at a price that makes buying a Klon Centaur at current second-hand prices seem absurd. The clean boost tones of the Soul Food are exceptional, making this pedal a worthy Klon alternative despite its minuscule price-tag. Whether you want the Soul Food for its great clean boost tones, hard-rocking crunch, or everything in between, you won’t mind not sipping the Klon Kool-Aid when getting your fill of Soul Food.

That concludes our Electro Harmonix Soul Food review. Thanks for reading.


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  1. I got one and I’ve been using it as a clean boost right after a big muff. It sounds great. It adds a lot of clarity and gives the muff an extra kick especially for lead tones. Sizzling. Never played a Klon obviously so can’t compare, but I really like this pedal.

  2. I wouldn’t call this pedal ‘transparent’. It’s midrangey and sucks a lot of bass out. Sounds poor on my Princeton, but really shines through a Marshall half stack. I don’t think it sounds anything like a Klon. More like a Tubescreamer to me.

  3. James Cashin says:

    I was hesitant to buy the EHX Soul Food, but man, oh man, was I glad I did. It flippin’ makes my tele sing through my Orange Tiny Terror head and has the testicles of King Kong when I drive my Les Paul through my Vox AC30C2. Lots of room to play here, with the very response drive knob. The price is so @#$%^&* fair that, if you are into playing with and/or collecting pedals, this puppy is a must purchase. Hours of fun, for sure!

  4. i know its all about the sound and not the looks but whoever has been designing the graphics for ehx over the last few years should be sacked. all the currant pedal range look crappy and cheap.

    • I completely agree. They really f’d up the new iteration of the Polychorus. Whatever happened to the bold, simple, classic looking graphics of the old EHX? The current Polychorus looks like hell….

  5. I could never get along with mine and now it pretty much just sits there on my shelf. I think that some pedals just work better with some rigs and some don’t. I will probably try it from time to time to see if my ear has changed.

    I have had good luck with the EHX MemoryToy though. Nice warm delay for me.

  6. I just really don’t understand why people think so highly of this pedal, to my ears it sounds thin and tinny. If I want to intentionally rough up my tone, I just use my fuzz which has plenty of voicings which are much more compelling. If I need it, I’ll throw my Tim in the mix. The cost is far more, but the saying is true, you get what you pay for, and quite honestly the thinness of tone is a theme I find with EHX in many of their pedals.

  7. asarmiento says:


  8. Troy Stewart says:

    Killer sounding OD. My buddy has 1 and now I need one!

  9. Damn this sounds good!

  10. I recently bought a Grestch that I have that is just crying for this peddle.

  11. I would love to see how this sounds in my rig.

  12. addison says:

    I need to try one of these out so bad.

  13. Wow, just wow. That’s a fantastic pedal and a great demo on it. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play it

  14. Colin Baldwin says:

    Sounds like a great pedal, walks away to google local stockists.

  15. Totally interested! I’ve tried a lot of distortion pedals but never really got into them. This one, however, speaks to my dreams… Gotta know… I would get so funky on this, seems like it would work well with fingerpicking! Finally (?)

  16. great review! hope i win one.

  17. Cameron Meek says:

    Want one.

  18. Olivier says:

    Looks like it could work great for a slight Overdrive or for boosting muffs and fuzz.

    Interesting indeed, thanks for the review

  19. Tried one on the strength of this review and loved it. If I’m not lucky, I’ll be buying it anyway

  20. Great review, great pedal!
    The article captures the benefits of this little gem and reminded me, that it’s been on my wishlist for quite some time…
    Buddy of mine has it on his board just always switched on – you can’t go wrong there!

  21. Thibault Beliard says:

    Thanks for the review, i’ll really like to try one. Same to be a great “always on” pedal !

  22. Peter Grey says:

    Great review, sounds like a pedal I’m going to have to try

  23. Aaron Goeglein says:

    I love the Soul Food! My favorite OD!

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    Another great review, as all previous…
    A large pedal with sound great!!!

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    Centaur-food. Mmmm mythical.

  28. Rod Robson says:

    This is the drive tone I’ve been looking for. Clean to crazy but never muddies the inherent guitar tone. Preserves the input character as does the Big Muff Pi which is a great pedal in its own right. Here goes GAS again !!

  29. Alex Marshall says:

    Only heard great things about the Soul Food as a ‘make betterer’ pedal. Wanna try!

  30. Kitty Lang says:

    Sounds like a must try to me

  31. Mike L'Etoile says:

    What a great pedal. I have had a chance to try it and was really impressed with the range it had without any Mods. I really liked the clean boost that it gave. I would love to add this to my pedal board in the future to give it a bit more of a trial run in real life and not just in a shop. A good or even great overdrive is hard to find.

  32. I’ve watched several YouTube video reviews of the “Soul Food” pedal. I’m looking forward to jamming on my own soon.

  33. Andreas says:

    Very nice sounding pedal for the price.

  34. Want to have pedal like this one! perfect and clear sound

  35. Philippe says:

    OH! That one was already on my wish list! I prefer transparent overdrives like this one over “green” type od, and I love how EHX always comes out with affordable, quality pedals! Great review!

  36. Joe Yonkers says:

    Hope I win so I can finally taste that Klon flavor!

  37. Gabriel Freeman says:

    LOVE IT!

  38. Justin Nicholson says:

    Man I’d love to add that to my board. Always looking for better overdrives.

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    If she were a President, she’d be called Babe-raham Lincoln.

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  52. Tasty!

  53. David Polidoro says:

    this is, in my opinion, probably one of the best, and most affordable non-tube screamer low gain overdrive pedals on the market today. well done, EHX folks.

  54. Dilbo Skwisgaar says:

    Was always torn between an ibanez ts9 and the ehx soul food. I ended up going with the ts9 but this review may have changed my mind

  55. Urban Sever says:

    Great review of a great pedal. Thanks

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  57. Frogger says:


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    Thanks for the awesome review. Sounds like a great pedal for us mere mortals or the guys who don’t follow the hype wagon!

  59. Awesome review as always, I have considered adding this pedalboard my collection in the past as I’ve heard so many great things about it… This review has just confirmed it for me though… I will be getting my sticky little fingers on one, the only question is how!

  60. Andrew Lindsay says:

    I’ll take one!

  61. GuiIIem ViIade says:

    Nice pedal from EHX, but would be better with germanium diodes. Easy mod, though.

  62. Ryan Pedersen says:

    Great review and tones. Keep hearing nothing but good about this pedal, and for the price I’ll buy one on the off chance I don’t win. ;-)

  63. This pedal is awesome, I have tried it but do not own own but would like to! It definitely stands up against other overdrive pedals with three knobs such as the Ds-1 from Boss. I like the tone and the fact the distortion is top notch as you can really hear things like pinch harmonics.

  64. Brandon Marsella says:


  65. Rad!

  66. dlop2070 says:

    Perfect !!!

  67. Love the EHX Soul Food! I’m a firm believer that a pedal should be good quality for the price, and be versatile without being too complex to actually use, and this one definitely blows away the competition on both accounts.

  68. I have heard nothing but great things about this pedal. It has been on my wishlist for a while.

  69. David Fisher says:

    EHX always makes outstanding pedals. I love the smoothness of this pedal, I’d use it as a nice clean boost and you’d never even know it :)

  70. Need this pedal

  71. Malte A. says:


  72. For the price point, this pedal is unbeatable.

  73. Scott Larson says:

    Been debating over this or a Fulltone OCD? Playing a Les Paul with a modded Vox AC15C1

  74. Sounds awesome!! It would make a great addition to anyone’s board. Love the reviews, keep up the good work guys!!

  75. Emily Gibson says:

    Cool review, looks like I have a new pedal to try out on my next trip to town

  76. Eliseo G C says:

    great sounding piece of work

  77. mike andrew says:

    I would love to hear this on my board.

  78. the soul food pedal seems to break that ”so cheap,it must be rubbish” myth.Many small production pedal makers use hard to find/expensive/custom parts in their pedals,which (alongside a ‘hand made’ limited production style) leads to a high price ticket and limited availability(in store or online).The price is justified by the products quality,but the challenge of making great sounding and durable pedals without resorting to expensive vintage/’military spec’ style parts (and shipping worldwide to regular local music shops) must be immense!EHX have a great pedal at a great price and have done a great service to everyone.

  79. Alex Fair says:

    As a tone freak I understand the importance of such a great pedal! Great review I definitely will consider this pedal in the future, however if I were to win this pedal I would be so pumped, and I know my band Stumphead would be pumped to hear the pedal!

  80. The soul food is a very dynamic pedal. Big sound coming from a little box. With its classic look and super sized personality it is sure to fit well on anyone’s pedalboard.

  81. Peter Grey says:

    Judging by your review, the Soul Food must be worth a try

  82. “The Electro Harmonix Soul Food is one of the best overdrive pedals you can buy and offers unmatched value at its unbelievably low price point.”

    Very well said and I agree 100%!!

  83. i want it!!!!!!!!

  84. Great pedal!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Anthony says:

    Why wouldn’t I want this pedal??

  86. Soul Food does an xcellent job pushing a tube amp into smooth distortion. I rarely need to add much gain from the pedal once I open the volume up into a crunchy sounding amp. Its one of the nicest pedals I’ve tried in 40 yrs of playing…

  87. Nick Buckley says:

    Great review of what sounds like an amazingly versatile pedal! Clean boost seems flawless and an outstanding range of overdrive options! Looks solidly built too – nothing fancy, just good ol’ get-the-job-done-right design!

  88. Azrael Long says:

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  89. Wouldn’t mind having one of these, no doubt.

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    Living in a small island nation, I don’t get to try gear out in person, so this website is a great service to me. Was looking to get the EQ Palisades, but will save the big difference in price and get the Superego synth engine too!

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  105. Adela Cordero says:

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  108. Peter Busatto says:

    Great pedal when paired with a boost pedal.

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    I am impressed with this pedal. I love the functionality and affordability. I DEFINITELY want one!

  111. Seems like a very useable pedal!

  112. Excellent, detailed review as usual. Looks and sounds like a very flexible and useful pedal for the price, and sounds pretty awesome from the video.

  113. Melissa Siegel says:

    The clean boost sounds great on the many YouTube video about this pedal.

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    I’d love to try this one out and see what all the buzz is about – the whole idea of how a “transparent overdrive” is different from a simple clean boost escapes me.

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    This pedal seems like the perfect aid to have that extra sustain and “je ne sais quois” to guitar solos or any lead part to make your guitar shine and cut through the mix either live or in the studio

  120. Calvin Loo says:

    Wow! it really looks awesome! would really want to get my hands on one of these!

  121. Stephane says:

    Love this pedal. Sounds so good. From its lowest gain to its highest setting. The added Jhs Mod takes it over the top. Wish I had two of them…

  122. trevor owen says:

    never tried a klon. looks interesting

  123. Great sounding overdrive. I really love the lower drive sounds from about 7:00 to 1:00. I believe my P90s through this are going to scream.

  124. Quintin says:


  125. Ruddy Morales says:

    i really love the warm sound that this overdrive has, this one is definitely between my favorites. EHX have the whole range from light overdrive to full distortion in their pedals.

  126. I honestly think EHX are one of the best pedal manufacturers. the big muff, holy grail, and now this..it shows that they are one of those companies who firstly, want to stay competitive, and secondly are great pedal makers! and the pedals are real affordable too!

  127. I loved everything from the low gain boost settings to high gain almost-distortion tone. I can’t wait to get my hands on this pedal.

  128. Anthony Stephen Mendes says:

    I am already more than amazed by the work they do on their pedals like the Mini Synth, Memory Man, Ravish Sitar etc. So an overdrive pedal by EHX must be equally amazing at what it’s supposed to do. And uts quite simple as well, just some knobs and you’re in with the overdrive you need.

  129. Christopher says:

    This is by far the best bang for the buck. For an incredibly inexpensive price, this packs a whole lot of clean signal boost as well as a warm overall tone.

  130. Alejandro Rivera says:

    Best price/quality OD ever

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    Wonderful overdrive. EHX can never do wrong. High time I swapped out my DS-1 for an overdrive, and this one looks like it’s the one for me!

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    An overdrive or a distortion pedal is the next one on my pedal list to get, and this one definitely seems to be worth the money. Great review as always!

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    Great review, either the Soul Food or the J. Rockett Archer are on this year’s shopping list

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    best value for the price!
    very versatile and can make an average amp sound great!

  142. Colemankeffer says:

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  143. i just like cheesey grits and mashed potatoes and syrup and corn bread and corn and sweet iced tea so i thought if the pedal shares my food interests, it would go well on my pedal board.

  144. Nice review. Sounds real good and is a bargain for the price! Really surprised electro harmonix hasn’t put a higher price on this thing considering the price of the pog. awesome!

  145. Could really use this on my board!

  146. Thanks for the great review of this pedal. I’ve heard so much about it.

  147. Value wise… soulfood > klon

  148. Chris Faricy says:

    I remember Laughing at the “Small amount of distortion/overdrive” that the original Klon Centaur had back in the 70’s…..Regret that To This Day. I’m on a budget now But still play Actively. The Electro-Harmonix Soul Food suits my “Taste” nicely…. I’d gobble up my Soul Food When I Win :-)

  149. Always was interested in trying soul food out.

  150. Matt Baker says:

    sounds rad – and my current OD is on the fritz…

  151. Terry Alexander says:

    Nice review. I honestly never heard or played on the EHX Soul Food pedal. In the review it sounds like a nice clean boost. And pushed more has a nice crunch bite all of its own sound. I have a few EHX pedals that I would recommend. EHX line boost, Freeze, Big Muff, Metal Muff, micro QTron. And my Favorite EHX Ravish Sitar. Mike Matthews and EHX team are great. I look forward to trying the new EHX Super Pulsar & Soul Food pedals. Thanks EHX for your hard work and wonderful pedals and videos. https://youtu.be/vzAlG9E4hGU

  152. Matt Rowe says:

    Mmmmmm, lovely clean boost. Will definitely add to my wishlist, thanks for the review!

  153. Sounds disgusting. I like it.

  154. That video above on this page convinces me that I must have the pedal on my pedalboard!

    Great tone at a great price!

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  156. It’s one of the best ODs I’ve ever heard!

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  160. Sergio Arteaga says:

    Great Sound Pure Cream

  161. sebastian przybylski says:

    the absence of low end is actually quite favorable to me. i dont have any pedals beneficial to my clean sound. wasnt sure if i needed an overdrive, compressor, boost, or equalizer. this thing here sounds like it will give me what ive been wanting. been playing guitar for about 30 years but just got my first pedal (outside of a footswitch) about a year ago. i have a few fuzz pedals and the ehx freeze, so theres a lot to learn about pedals and can get confusing. where would something like an overdrive be placed as far as order? before or after fuzz? (if questions/comments are even monitored here). cheers and thanks for the gieaway

    • Matt Baker says:

      Most seem to go OD –> Distortion –> Fuzz but really it’s up to you how you stack them. If it sounds useful/good, do it.

  162. Manuel J. Gallardo Montadas says:

    pedazo de aparatos

  163. Stephen P says:

    Such a great little pedal and for so little money. I’m tempted to get one so I can open it up and mod it a bit like JHS does.

  164. Tulio Andrade says:

    Got to have it!

  165. sweet overdrive!!

  166. Carlos M. Gómez-Escalonilla says:

    A great pedal.

  167. Mike vs the Hype Machine is about right….

  168. Travis H. says:

    I want this thing. I need to color my tone.

  169. bruno Afonso says:

    ooooh i’m in need of a great creamy overdrive!!!!!!

  170. David B says:

    Definitely on my wishlist! Probably one of the best sounding boost/overdrive especially for the price! I prefer having a slightly overdriven base tone and it would do the job so well!

  171. Fernando Almela says:

    Es un pedal que estuve a punto de comprar, si no fuera por mi presupuesto. Tuve un EHX memory boy y puedo decir que confio plenamente en EHX por calidad y sonido. Además cuidan mucho la estética. Ojalá gane yo! Enorabuena por su trabajo.

  172. Alfredo Espinosa says:

    This pedal just sounds like an extension of your amp. Your amp sounds more whole than it did without the pedal.
    As far as the overdrive goes, I love the overdrive.
    It sounds like a tube, the breakup is smooth and you don’t hear that abrupt change from rich to dirty that you get with pedals like the BD-2.
    Genial pedal…

  173. Dejan Slak says:

    I can say I tried it once and I loved it…

  174. Ricardo says:

    Such great tones from this little thing

  175. Jan Čapek says:

    I’ve heard only good things about this pedal and each review further proves this is a really cool pedal… Hope you’ll review the bass version as well!

  176. Antonio J. Villanego says:

    A great review for a awsome pedal

  177. Davenhil says:

    Great and informative review. This pedal would make a nice addition to anyone’s pedalboard (hopefully mine!) Thanks!

  178. After reading this review I want to have this pedal. Great review and even better pedal.
    Good job guys!

  179. Antonio says:

    Sounds great!!!!

  180. Thanks for the awesome review! I’m definitely going to buy one of these now. Next, can you review something that is a cheaper version of a mooger fooger (any of them).

  181. Solomon Steele says:


  182. Awesome review! Love Electro Harmonix and this pedal. Great stuff all around guys!

  183. Sounds great as a light OD or a boost, nice work EHX.

  184. Victor C says:

    Very useful to have something like this around.

  185. I completely agree with your review. I think that the Klon is the new “Ram’s head Muff”, and folks are drinking the Kool-Aid. I have yet to acquire this pedal but it is the perfect rock ‘n roll dirt pedal. It has that soulful blues boogie sound up to a nice full dirt crunch. My amp loves pedals and its really going to love this one! Cheers!

  186. Brad C. says:

    I had a Soul Food for a month or so and let a friend borrow it for a gig. He gave me a sob story that he loved it, and let me have another pedal in its place that cost 3x as much, and I like it also, so everything’s great. I just haven’t gotten around to getting another Soul Food. It’s hard to think of a more useful pedal, tubescreamer maybe, but that’s it.

  187. Bob Taylor says:

    Very close to the Klon, yummy tones

  188. Joseph Earl says:

    Mike Mathews does it again!

  189. you can never have enough OD or DIST pedals, I’ve heard good stuff about the sold food.

  190. Awesome pedal in a small package!

  191. Brian D says:

    A clean boost/overdrive for a fraction of the price of the legendary Klon? Count me in!

  192. Soulfood, great tone.

  193. I’d love to try this. EHX never fail to impress

  194. Jonny Blundell says:

    I love the tone Soulfood pedal! So much versatility packed into that affordable little box! From a clean booster to a smoking overdrive and everything in between. No squeezed little tone there…beautiful and open!

  195. I dig it!

  196. I’ve been wanting to try one these out for some time now,

  197. Andrew Rochon says:

    My friend has this pedal and it’s pretty awesome =)

  198. Terry Alexander says:

    Well it’s hard to comment on a review so well done. Honestly, I have not played or even heard the EHX Soul Food in person. The demos a n d this review make it sound nice and warm. Sounds like it good be a really nice sounding boost without changing your tone. Or on the other end it sounds like it does have a nice punch sound all of its own. I would try it for sure. I think Mike Matthews is great and love his other pedals. I have line boost, Metal muff, big muff, micro tron,Freeze and, my favorite the Ravish Sitar. And if you played with these you would know the Soul Food would be just as nice. The nice people from EHX know what they are doing and what people want. And there pedals will inspire anyone to try new sounds. Example the EHX Super pulsar. I have not played yet but it makes me come up with ideas just hearing it. I would recommend any EHX and that means I would like a little Soul Food too!

  199. Great sounding pedal at a great price? Can’t beat that.

  200. Billy Kennedy says:

    man,man,mannnn whew thats a bad daddy that soul machine here all kinda of boxes been in professional bands since 1975 old rocker but i am experenced with my trade wonderful pedal warm responsive to who ever hand command the strings worth your intelligent review a worthy investment the young men,women now in this business of music best wed review sight barre none!!! great knowledge you take the lead MAN!

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    Great pedal for the price. EHX definitely delivered on this one

  202. Carlos V says:

    I love everything elctro-harmonix !

  203. Jason Andreasen says:

    I was a little hesitant about this pedal at first due to the low price. That went away quick when I heard a guy testing one out at my local music store. This pedal sounds amazing. The only reason I didn’t buy one that day was the guy testing it out bought the last one. This is definitely getting added to my pedal board.

  204. Jason Andreasen says:

    I was a little hesitant about this pedal at first due to the low price. That went away quick when I heard a guy testing one out at my local music store. This pedal sounds amazing. The only reason I didn’t buy one that day was the guy testing it out bought the last one. This is definitely getting added to my pedal board.

  205. Yes, please. More crunch.

  206. So much respect for EHX for taking on the hype and delivering a solid product that’s affordable for any guitar player. Great review!

  207. I’ve been itching to try one of these. Thanks for the review!

  208. Matthew says:

    That’s some tasty overdrive.

  209. omar rosas says:

    Its a great pedal!!!!

  210. I’m curious to A/B it with the maxon vop9 that I have, which is supposed to be inspired by the Klon Centaur

  211. A great pedal, and it gets the Klon-tone for 1/5 of the price. Got a chance to a play a friend’s Soul Food and KTR side by side. So very close, and at the price it’s a bargain. Would love to have one of my own, thanks!

  212. Michael Bryan says:

    Now that is a groovy little stompbox. Sounds like a versatile rascal for both single coils and humbuckers. Would enjoy having several hours to mess about with one of these:)

  213. Soul food is good for the soul!

  214. Soul food is good for the soul!

  215. john b. says:

    Great tones. Great value. Real nice review. Want!

  216. Paulo Renzo says:

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  217. Paulo Renzo says:

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  218. Theo Nt says:

    Soul my heart with some great tunes…

  219. Erick Humai says:

    Feed yourself with the Soul Food! It tastes like a nice Centaur meat.

  220. This is the OD pedal I want! I want good overdrive without changing the tone of my guitar and from everything I’ve read and seen in videos, this is it

  221. Wew I want this pedal..
    great pedal ,great sound ,great quality.

    hope this pedal will be my first pedal :D

  222. Francisco Prado says:

    Great pedal!!! Maybe the next on my pedalboard

  223. Wiseblood says:

    Wonder how this one stacks up to some of the other good klones out there….

  224. David Outten says:

    I agree 100% with this review. While not a complete Klone, it’s better than many of its competitors and more affordable than all of them. Love this pedal! Going to get one on my board soon I hope!

  225. i would 2 place this on my board – love me some EHX PEDALS – send here 4 alot of use

  226. Zsolt Dubravcsik says:

    I’d like to see onw on my board!!!

  227. i sure would like to place that on my board – love me some EHX PEDALS

  228. charles says:

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  229. Manuel Cordero Rodriguez says:

    Sound like a excellent option in a pedalboard. Great review

  230. Stuttsdc says:

    Had no idea. Appreciate the review and will make sure to take a second look at this pedal now.

  231. Love that he touched on the heart of what ehx was trying to do to bring good tone to the masses. It’s a great pedal. Didn’t work with my filtertron guitars as well as a BB style circuit but a solid pedal. Really low noise floor too.

  232. Awesome sound … I like very much this pedal

  233. Jamie A. Kyllo says:

    The unobtainable Centaur is a very good pedal but . . . .
    The frenzy of “I have to have this at any price because I can’t get it” is silly.
    Soul Food offers a very good sound for a sensible price.

  234. Electro Harmonix is a very good company with very good sound quality in their pedals… I strongly recommend this “Klon Centaur/KTR” Overdrive Pedal

  235. Bertram D says:

    would like to hear it coupled with a fuzz – will have to try that myself I guess…

  236. Maxwell Ziegler says:

    I’d like to take a crack at this one.

  237. Matt Myers says:

    Sounds great, like a warm compressor and overdrive together.

  238. Raymond seto says:

    This is one versatile pedal! Lots of cool tones no matter your style of music.

  239. I need to try one of these.

  240. Funky Stuff!

  241. the Castaway says:

    Cool pedal, EHX made some good value stuffs.

  242. Overall a great pedal. Can’t wait to see the giveaway results.

  243. Chris Caraway says:

    Great stuff from EHX! I’m hungry for some Soul Food

  244. Jay Lawrence says:

    Have heard good and bad about this pedal. Good for the sound, bad that it may break.

  245. Great pedal and you save big bucks…. Can’t wait to play the one that I’m going to win off you guys!

  246. Michael Perkins says:

    Love a KLON, would be great to own this one..

  247. In all the demos I’ve heard, this sounds like the best bang-for-your-buck OD pedal on the market right now. EHX has been around forever, and I love how they keep reinventing themselves with oddball experimental pedals while still making great, affordable meat-and-potatoes pedals like this.

  248. Well after reading your review I got lost down the rabbit hole of Klone discussion threadsn and I retract my previous claim that I would mod the pedal given the option. As much as I love my current GE overdrive and fuzz it sounds like the mods for the SF just don’t live up to expectations. Mods aside the concensus also seems to be this: Soul Food=great tone, regardless of proximity to a Klon.

  249. I’d love to compare this to a Klon Klone I’ll build over the summer!

  250. Awesome sounding pedal can’t wait to win it!

  251. Pedro Cunha says:

    This is a classic i need o/

  252. I tried it and found it interesting for the price. But, I preferred the RC booster and the Barbershop.

  253. Justin D says:

    Awesome review my friend! Impressive transparency in this circuit too…

  254. Joel Johnstone says:

    Nice review and great sounding pedal, if I hadn’t just purchased an OCD I think I would have got this one.

  255. Mark Walsh says:

    As someone who is fortunate enough to own an original Klon Centaur I really think EHX has nailed the tone for a fraction of the cost.

  256. vey cool

  257. Ed Ostrander says:

    This one looks fun

  258. Never had the chance to try a Centaur, obviously, but would love to see what the Soul Food can add to my quest for TONE

  259. ADHDguitarist says:

    EHX is putting out a ton of killer pedals lately. The Soul Food has been a big hit for them. They sound killer!

  260. David Krauss says:

    Sounds good!

  261. Ted Kim says:

    Beastly. Thanks for the review.

  262. D Evans says:

    Wow..! Nice playing and great demo. Soul Food has quite a bit of range and grit. OK… Iwas a bitof an Archer guy until this demo. Now I hooked on Soul Food..! Nice Job..!

    D. Evans

  263. James-Lee Brodie says:

    Had my eye on this pedal for a while now, love it’s sounds and looks sweet? What else do you need really?

  264. persist says:

    Take a number. Have a seat.

  265. Nice Review ,

    Already seen a few demo’s and have to get one.
    Perfect for blues or rock for me.

    Cheers !

  266. Giuseppe says:

    Nice one. Fine colourful drivin’ sound

  267. Ted Bingaman says:

    Looking all ways for that Holly Grail of tone for the blues.This might be the one I need to add to my board .It’s a search for just the right sound that’s in my head.

  268. Eja man. I’m hungry

  269. Another example of a good pedal that doesn’t cost a fortune. Too bad there was not more manufacturers who would jump on the “make a good pedal but charge a decent price” bandwagon. Electro-Harmonix seems to consistently build pedals that can be bought without having to break the bank.

  270. if i win i will use this soul food to feed the souls of all who listen to me play with crunchy transparenty klonny boosty goodnessssssss yay

  271. if i win i will use this soul food to feed the souls of all who listen to me play with crunchy transparenty klonny boosty goodnessssssss yay

  272. Thanks, It is a good gear!

  273. I would love to have this pedal. I’ve always liked E-H effects.

  274. Alan Grimes says:

    This is a superb overdrive with a great range of sounds and is probably the biggest bargain out there.Well built, superb tone, comes with a PSU for a price that is truly hard to believe

  275. not so sure i agree with the idea that bill finnegan is overcharging for the KTR – sure 269 is a bit high, but people often shell out in the 199-229 range for pedals. an ac tone or plexitone pro pedal by carl martin is in the same ball park. i also don’t know, but i find it difficult that this pedal is all that close from the demos i heard and usually the differences will be greater in person.

    if you want to talk about hype – blame the magazines and retailers and bloggers and demo artists who fuel the hype for any pedal including the Soul Food for their own monied interests. i just feel the soul food would be like a dunlop mini disc – disappointing. sure, if you never played a really good pedal, then you will be duped and not disapointed.

  276. Nice review!

  277. Jakub Kozieł says:


  278. I’m hungry now!

  279. Pretty good bang for your buck with this one. It’s not perfect, but for that price . . . I really, REALLY wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one.

  280. Patrick says:

    EHX killed it once again…

  281. Any chance to see a review for the bass version? That looks very interesting as well!!!!!!!!!

  282. Tristan says:

    I’d love to give one of these guys a go! Sounds ace.

  283. great pedal, I wish I had that

  284. Any chance to see a review for the bass version? That looks very interesting as well!

  285. Luis Manuel Medeiros says:

    Soul Food is food for the soul though music.

  286. i personally love this pedal. Always wanted one but never had the dough to buy it. I love the overdrive sound it gives, not too grunjy but enough to give it that great overdrive sound.

  287. i personally love this pedal. Always wanted one but never had the dough to buy it. I love the overdrive sound it gives, not too grunjy but enough to give it that great overdrive sound.

  288. Would love to try one in person! Great Klone and super cheap!!!!!!

  289. I want to know if the bass version of the soul food is good enough for guitar player.

  290. It looks like everyone’s telling the same sotry about this pedal : cheap and nice ! I’dl like one.

  291. I need to have this one. It’s food. For my soul.

  292. Would love to try one in person! Great Klone and super cheap!

  293. Trent M. says:

    EHX, always the most bang for your buck. I have played a KTR and while it does sound great I don’t think it’s worth the extra $200 and 6 month waiting list when compared to the soul food. Don’t believe the hype!

  294. Laurent de C says:

    Wahou, sounds really nice…
    Cannot wait to check it live! :-)

  295. Joel Rodriguez says:

    Can it be used for first and 2nd stage overdrive and for lead and rythym?

  296. Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger says:

    Mike Matthews and his EHX guys have done it again!

    Cloning classic effects has become a BIG part of the effects world, and the Soul Food is right in there! Do you want to pay $2,000 for an original Klon (or an Echoplex, Dallas Rangemaster, etc.) and take it to your weekend gig down at the corner bar? No? Didn’t think you would…

    I would have liked to see an A/B comparison of the Soul Food and an original Klon in the video, but the Soul Food’s versatility showed through nonetheless. It’s not necessarily an ‘in-your-face’ sound like a lot of OD pedals are, but at the same time, it can go there if you need it to. A LOT of the time, subtlety is all but ignored in ODs; not so with the Soul Food (and, of course, the original Klon)!

    All in all, I’d say that this would be a GREAT ‘desert island’ OD pedal; it goes from subtle to aggressive with no problem, and for a lot of players, I’d imagine it could be the ONLY OD pedal they’d need!

    And the PRICE can’t be beat, either! Personally, I don’t understand why so many OD pedals carry such high price tags; they’re NOT particularly complex circuits!

    Overall, anyone who’s jonesin’ for an original Klon, but doesn’t want to pay $2,000 for an original, should take a look at the Soul Food!

  297. Good review. How does it stack up before and after other pedals?

  298. Scottpatrick says:

    Nice and Gritty…. Good Stuff!

  299. Jim Lipscomb says:

    Awesome read, and this sounds great. Since one of the main points of this review is how this stacks up to over-priced pedals, Just what IS the price of this pedal? When I hear price difference thrown around so much I would like to know what price we are talking about.

  300. Smooth sound!

  301. Kun Kang Lee says:

    I want to eat soul food!!

  302. Nicholas Hansen says:

    Awesome, I’ve been looking at these for a while. Hard to find one to try where I live though.

  303. Razvan Lazea-Postelnicu says:

    Great pedal for the money.

  304. Jason Asimakis says:

    Been wanting one of these for a while, sounds great.

  305. Phil Taylor says:

    would love to play this to people foolish enough to $3000 for a pedal that does the same thing. ha!

  306. Chris Faricy says:

    I remember being quite puzzled about all of the fuss the original Klon Centaur got back in the 70’s. I’ve regretted that position for several decades. Pick me… I Repent. I Repent!

  307. EHX makes great affordable pedals. Hope i can try this one out one day!

  308. Rob Stein says:

    This thing sounds amazing. Well done EHX.

  309. Ramón Granado says:

    Me parece perfecto!!

  310. Chris Faricy says:

    I actually had a friend in the 70’s that bought one of those “new Klon Centaurs”. I recall laughing with my friends at just how little it altered the sound for an “overdrive”. We had such little knowledge of what to do with such a transparent boost overdrive. Spent the last 40 years regretting that position. Pick me please.

  311. Yup, Klons are way overhyped. I have one of the KTR’s, as well as another clone, Mythical Overdrive. Both great sounding pedals, but, again, I agree with the reviewer, the KTR’s are way overpriced. They do sound great though, and do have a unique tone, even compared to the many clones. I don’t have a soulfood, but I know lots of guitar players are using and loving ’em, and not jonesing for a Klon at all.

    Not quite the same, but the East River Drive is basically a TS808, and a lot of OD pedals are based on that circuit, and also overpriced, including the reissues out there. I won’t go into the story, as most TS fans probably know it, but there are all sorts of fancy TS-type circuits, like the Fulltone, who’s designer consulted on with EHX for the ERD, as well as many getting into the $2-300 range (including Ibanez’s clone of Fulltone’s clone of Ibanez’s pedal, lol). The ERD for just $60 bucks or so, sounds as good as any of them – although it has less volume boost then most of the others (which is probably true of the original TS808’s as well, or so I am assuming).

    I went down the OD wormhole (and the pedal wormhole in general) and after years of playing, jamming and gigging hundreds of them, I have concluded that you can do just as well with many of the inexpensive ones from a practical and “getting great tones” standpoint. Look at all the really great famous pro’s using basic boss (Steve Vai), Ibanez (the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn), and Adrienne Belew (has a real fancy get up these days, but he has used a lot of off-the-shelf gadgets, including OD’s in his time).

    You don’t need the boutique gear… but it sure is fun!

  312. Yup, Klons are way overhyped. I have one of the KTR’s, as well as another clone, Mythical Overdrive. Both great sounding pedals, but, again, I agree with the reviewer, the KTR’s are way overpriced. They do sound great though, and do have a unique tone, even compared to the many clones. I don’t have a soulfood, but I know lots of guitar players are using and loving ’em, and not jonesing for a Klon at all.

    Not quite the same, but the East River Drive is basically a TS808, and a lot of OD pedals are based on that circuit, and also overpriced, including the reissues out there. I won’t go into the story, as most TS fans probably know it, but there are all sorts of fancy TS-type circuits, like the Fulltone, who’s designer consulted on with EHX for the ERD, as well as many getting into the $2-300 range (including Ibanez’s clone of Fulltone’s clone of Ibanez’s pedal, lol). The ERD for just $60 bucks or so, sounds as good as any of them – although it has less volume boost then most of the others (which is probably true of the original TS808’s as well, or so I am assuming).

    I went down the OD wormhole (and the pedal wormhole in general) and after years of playing, jamming and gigging hundreds of them, I have concluded that you can do just as well with many of the inexpensive ones from a practical and “getting great tones” standpoint. Look at all the really great famous pro’s using basic boss (Steve Vai), Ibanez (the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn), and Adrienne Belew (has a real fancy get up these days, but he has used a lot of off-the-shelf gadgets, including OD’s in his time).

    You don’t need the boutique gear… but it sure is fun!

  313. James Knowles says:

    Very cool. EHX always makes good sounding pedals.

  314. Fantastic pedal, sounds even better with the germanium mod from Alchemy Audio. I hope I win it and get to mod it!! Thanks for writing about and giving away pedals Gabriel!

  315. Ricardo says:

    Amazing pedal ! It will be a great addition to my pedalboard !

  316. Sweet review. Loved the video.

  317. Very cool pedal, I’ve always wanted to try this one out! And great review as always. Can never have to many OD pedals in my opinion!

  318. I’ve heard great things about this pedal, and have been trying to get my friend to lend me his, but he won’t pull it off his board! I’m a bog fan of low-cost clones versus the real thing (Danelectro has a few good versions), and would much rather support EHX than buy an overpriced Klon. Would love to hear this with my Vox ac15 clone…

  319. Heard really great things about this pedal and have been dying to try it. A friend was supposed to let me borrow his, but apparently he’s been decided he likes it and doesn’t want to give it up. I’m a big fan of low-cost overdrive pedals…Danelectro does some nice versions, and I would much rather support EHX than buy a real Klon.

  320. My wife uses this on her board and it sounds great and would love to add it to my board

  321. Joseph Bugg says:

    Great pedal, especially for that price!?!?!?

  322. Joseph Bugg says:

    Great pedal, even better price!!! Crazy value for this thing. JHS Pedals has a great “Meat-&-3” mod for it:


  323. Robert Wiley says:

    Looks like I know what to buy next. Here’s to hoping I won’t have to though! As always, thanks for the review bestguitareffects.com.

  324. David Polidoro says:

    with all the countless Klon clone pedals out there, not to mention all the authentic, but insanely overpriced Klons themselves, its good to see that one of them – the EHX Soul Food – is a faithful reproduction of the circuit that the average guitarist can get his or her hands on, without spending a ridiculous amount of money. well done, EHX.

  325. Mike Carpenter says:

    I can’t afford most of the Klon clones and I love options on my board, so I really want to see if the Soul Food is a fit!

  326. Bill Ryan says:

    Excellent pedal, I would like to add one to my board.

  327. Great pedal love Electro Harmonix

  328. Josh Docksteader says:

    Chicken soup for the guitarists soul – we could write some good stories together!! (Or mediocre stories anyways…with soul!)

  329. David F. says:

    Such a sweet pedal for the money. Nice review, thanks.

  330. Mike Carpenter says:

    With so many klon clones, many fetching prices beginning to approach what the original pedals fetch on the market, it’s really nice to see one at a price point I could maybe someday afford… My philosophy is that you can’t have enough variety on your board.

  331. Amazing clean boost.

  332. Brent Johnston says:

    Very good, well written review.

  333. Ken Bost says:

    Everything I’ve heard and read says I need one!

  334. Tasty!

  335. So many Klon copies, but I have heard great things about this one!

  336. SlopeRocker says:

    Can’t wait to use this with my Bass VIs! The sound sounds do BIG!!

  337. Got Soul? Yes I do, and so does this pedal. Very cool sounds, great tone! Subtle but soulful.

  338. William says:

    Yummy soul food….

  339. Steve Adkins says:

    I want to try this pedal!

  340. Steve Adkins says:

    I want to try this pedal!

  341. Brandon schock says:

    Oooooooo soul food. Nice and smooth for my soul.

  342. Mo Gotti says:

    Mmmm… sounds delicious!

  343. Brian lena says:

    Sorry Id not is

  344. Parnell says:

    simple and affordable. nice

  345. Brian lena says:

    Is love to give that a try and stack it with my ocd or my od9. Also like to see if I could push my velvet fuzz into the good vibes with that thing

  346. Currently using a KTR, thinking of picking up one of these after hearing some comparisons. Not only does the Soul Food sound great, it’s affordable and it’s smaller than the Klon!

  347. Wei-Chen Cheng says:

    really good Klon clone.

  348. ehx soul my formula drive tone

  349. Joe thomas says:

    Good stuff

  350. Leandro Campos says:

    Great pedal! It rocks

  351. For the price it’s a pretty good overdrive. I don’t like it as well as the KTR though. And, there are dozens of stores that currently have KTRs in stock for $269. I even saw a used one on reverb.com for less than retail! Granted, that’s $200 more than the Soul Food; but, for a transparent od with that little something extra the KTR has the Soul Food beat. Having said all that I really like the Soul Food and the other new release EHX pedals I’ve tried (East River and Glove.) YMMV

  352. Roy Goodenough says:

    I want one, and probably a Meat & 3 too

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  367. Bob Schilling says:

    Every pedal Electro Harmonix makes is quality. Loving my Pitchfork. Can’t wait to try the Soul Food.

  368. Dennis High says:

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about this pedal. I’ve never played one but have seen many demos on it. Why in the world would anyone pay over a thousand bucks for a pedal when you can get one of these babies for under a hundred. Electro Harmonix makes the best pedals in the world,the only brand of pedals that are allowed on my pedalboard.

  369. Bruce Rainier says:

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  372. Bruce Rainier says:

    I have heard this pedal in a live format and I am impressed, this is the best buy out there, would love to give this a try.

  373. Bruce Rainier says:

    I have heard this pedal in a live format and I am impressed, this is the best buy out there, would love to give this a try.

  374. These sound awesome and have wanted one for awhile. Thank you for the chance at getting one!

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    Thanks, Gabriel

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