Eventide H9 Harmonizer Review – Best Multi-Effects Pedal?

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On November 21, 2013
Last modified:October 6, 2016



One After 909

Eventide has come a long way since pioneering pitch shifting in the 1970’s with their first Harmonizer rack units, the most famous being the H910 and H949. Their innovation continued with the release of such gems as the H3000 Harmonizer in the late 80’s which many guitarists may recognize for its appearance on Steve Vai’s Ballerina 12/24 from Passion and Warfare. Fast forward to the 21st century, and Eventide finally brought their legendary studio quality effects to the guitar playing masses with the release of the TimeFactor and ModFactor Stompbox delay and modulation guitar pedals. Then came the PitchFactor Harmonizer Stompbox which gave gigging guitarists access to classic and contemporary pitch shifting without the need to lug around thousands of dollars worth of rack gear. The Space stompbox continued with some of the finest reverb algorithms available in any format.

And thus concludes the pre-H9 era. With their entry into pedal based effects processing, Eventide went from being a renowned studio recording heavyweight to one of the world leaders in stompbox effects in only a few short years. Now they’re set to revolutionize the way the world thinks about effects all over again with the H9.

To The 9’s

The H9 has an immediate eye-catching effect with it’s sci-fi relic exterior gleaming with a glossy white glow. And like an alien artifact, it packs unimaginable power within. Compared to the Factor and Space pedals, the H9 is shockingly minimal with just 2 footswitches, one giant knob/button flanked by a few more tiny buttons, and a much smaller footprint than its predecessors.

Eventide-H9-Harmonizer-Review-Best-Multi-Effects-Pedal-Processor-05The H9 delivers 8 of the most popular algorithms from their Factor series and Space pedals, 2 from each pedal, and also comes with 2 algorithms exclusive to the H9, UltraTap and Resonator (UltraTap is pre-installed, Resonator is available upon downloading the latest version of the H9 Control app for iOS), for a total of 10 different algorithms covering the range of delay, reverb, modulation, pitch-shifting, and several unique combinations that you won’t find anywhere else.

While the incredibly wide range of sound-shaping possibilities the H9 offers is impressive, the most interesting aspect of the Eventide H9 Harmonizer is its full integration with Apple’s iOS and various touch-screen devices including the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad via the H9 Control App. This offers an unprecedented level of control over creating and organizing presets as well allowing for some interesting real-time control possibilities via touch-screen. And of course the ability to audition and download new algorithms and their accompanying preset banks through H9 Control ensures that there will be plenty of expanded playability and features for years to come.

“Stompbox Re-Thunk”

The H9 Harmonizer is one of the most ambitious undertakings in the history of guitar effects processing. Eventide have been using the tagline “Stompbox Re-thunk” in their association with the H9, and they’re certainly pushing farther into the digital frontier than any other company has before. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the H9 since its unveiling, and everyone wants to know if it lives up to its lofty expectations. One thing is for sure, if any company can execute such a product successfully, Eventide certainly has the knowhow and experience to do so. In our Eventide H9 Harmonizer review, you’ll find out if the H9 is the best multi-effects pedal/processor available. But first, let’s run down the features of the H9 before we dive in.


2 presets from TimeFactor: Tape Echo, Vintage Delay.

2 presets from ModFactor: TremoloPan, Chorus.

2 presets from PitchFactor: H910/H949, Crystals.

2 presets from Space: Shimmer, Hall.

2 presets exclusive to H9: UltraTap, Resonator.

Chromatic Tuner.

Stereo Inputs and Outputs.

Midi Input and Output.

Eventide-H9-Harmonizer-Review-Best-Multi-Effects-Pedal-Processor-04Expression Pedal/Auxiliary Switch Input.

Two foot-switches control preset changing, tap tempo, and engaging/bypassing of effects.

The H9 offers True Relay Bypass, DSP Bypass, and DSP+FX Bypass (effect trails spillover after disengaging the H9).

H9 Control, a free editor/librarian, can be downloaded to a Mac, PC, or iOS.

H9 Control App for iOS allows live editing, creating and managing presets, and changing of system settings via Bluetooth.

Additional effects/algorithms for the H9 can be auditioned and purchased from with the H9 Control App. All of Eventide’s stompbox algorithms and their associated presets are available for in-app purchase.

Visit Eventide for more info about the H9 Harmonizer.

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See the lowest price on eBay.

Sound & Performance:

The scope of what the Eventide H9 Harmonizer offers far exceeds much of what has become standard fare in the world of guitar multi-effects. While I intend to write as comprehensive of a review as I can in reasonable length, I highly advise you to read into Eventide’s other stompbox effects units including the TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, and Space pedals as the H9 is capable of producing all of the sounds from Eventide’s entire stompbox collection. In this Eventide H9 Harmonizer review, I am going to give you an account of the H9’s included algorithms and functionality and then cover the H9 Control App.

The H9 offers a total of 10 algorithms as a sort of “best of” collection to get you started (and a coupon to download 1 free algorithm of your choice!). The 10 included algorithms are by no means shorting you of functionality and give you an incredibly wide range of ultra high-quality sound-shaping power even if you were to never purchase another algorithm. Here’s my thoughts on what you get out of the box. Let’s start with what’s new as Eventide is breaking new ground with the H9 exclusive effects.

Eventide H9 Harmonizer: UltraTap & Resonator


UltraTap is a multi-tap delay algorithm that can create all kinds of rhythmic delay sounds, comb-filtering, pad-like effects, and unique reverb sounds. Upon powering up your new H9, you’ll notice that the first preset is called ULTRATAP. This preset gives you your first taste of the new original sounds the H9 is capable of. It’s definitely worth scrolling through all of the H9 factory presets for each algorithm as these give you excellent starting points for getting a feel for what each algorithm as to offer. I really enjoyed the rhythmic ambience of the UltraTap’s BATMAN and DISAPPEARING HALL presets. Also, being able to change the spacing of the taps by off-setting them and having them speed up or slow down is very interesting. The BOUNCING BALL preset provides a great example of this while capturing the sound of its namesake very well. UltraTap provides plenty of versatility for more traditional-sounding delay effects as well as otherworldly rhythmic annihilation that is unlike any other delay pedal you’ve ever heard.

Resonator uses 4 staggered resonant comb filters to create ambient, arpeggiated, or reverberant sounds. The Resonator algorithm became available with an H9 Control App update that was released just as I received the H9 for review. All that was required was a simple H9 Control App update and syncing of the H9, and voila, the new Resonator algorithm was available with plenty of accompanying presets. I find the Resonator very interesting for creating ambient soundscapes with additional harmonic coloring and movement. This is the kind of effect previously available in various forms as software plugins for producers and electronic musicians. Thanks to the H9 and the Resonator algorithm, guitarists can now produce very musical, comb-filtered, resonant sounds and etherial sound effects no other stompbox pedal can achieve.

Eventide TimeFactor: Tape Echo & Vintage Delay

Eventide-H9-Harmonizer-Review-Best-Multi-Effects-Pedal-Processor-07The Tape Echo and Vintage Delay algorithms offer 2 different variations of classic delay effects. Tape Echo gives you the warmth of tape echo complete with wow and flutter effects. I even find the Tape Echo effect useful as a vintage-flavored preamp by setting the Wet Mix to 100% with no Delay and using the Saturation and Filter controls to dial in some very warm tones. Vintage Delay offers a range of analog and lo-fi digital delay style effects with or without modulation. Try the same “preamp” trick with the Vintage Delay, only use the Bits knob to reduce the Bit Depth for some instant Bit Crushed distortion effects. Tweak the Filter to taste or assign it to an expression pedal for even more lo-fi fun. While there are plenty of traditional effects to be found in the available algorithms and presets, the H9 truly rewards those who approach it with an “outside-of-the-box” mentality. Creative musicians and sound designers will discover a veritable treasure trove possibilities within the H9.

Eventide ModFactor: TremoloPan & Chorus

Eventide-H9-Harmonizer-Review-Best-Multi-Effects-Pedal-Processor-08TremoloPan delivers plenty of tremolo and panning effects to add some subtle or choppy rhythmic pulsing to your sound. There are even secondary modulation functions to add further rhythmic variation to your tremolo sounds. The H9’s Chorus algorithm offers some of the warmest, analog-sounding digital chorus I’ve ever heard. As with Eventide’s other modulation effects, there is plenty of parameters to tweak to sculpt your perfect chorus sounds. While you can create complex chorus effects, if you want classic and simple, the Chorus algorithm covers it all.

Eventide PitchFactor Harmonizer: H910/H949 & Crystals

Eventide-H9-Harmonizer-Review-Best-Multi-Effects-Pedal-Processor-09My first impression of the H9 after having owned a PitchFactor for several years is that it accurately produces the sounds of the included Crystals and H910/H949 algorithms. It would be silly to assume that Eventide would take a step backward. The H9 perfectly produces Eventide’s previous award-winning algorithms including the H910/H949 and Crystals while forging ahead with new H9 exclusive effects. The second preset of the H9 is called Ballerina and perfectly captures the sound Steve Vai used on Ballerina 12/24 from Passion and Warfare. The H910/H949 will do chorusing, harmonized sounds, and delay effects. You can even get some massive +/- 1 octave effects.

Crystals is one of the classic Eventide Harmonizer pitch effects, and it’s presented in the H9 in all its glory. Crystals uses dual reversed pitch-shifting delay lines to create mesmerizing, shimmering ambient effects. It’s a classic sound that still offers many possibilities worth exploring.

Eventide Space: Shimmer & Hall

Eventide-H9-Harmonizer-Review-Best-Multi-Effects-Pedal-Processor-10The Shimmer algorithm is one of my favorite Eventide reverbs. It allows you to add dual pitch-shifted voices to your sound for some very ethereal reverb effects, great for ambient, experimental, and soundtrack work. The Hall algorithm covers big hall-type reverbs and can even do some slap-back and delayed reverb sounds. Eventide’s Space stompbox already had some of the best-sounding reverb algorithms available for stage and studio use. Now you have access to 2 of their standout algorithms right out of the box with the rest available to download.

Eventide-H9-Harmonizer-Review-Best-Multi-Effects-Pedal-Processor-11As always experimentation with the H9 yields very rewarding results. Start with presets you like and get tweaking to reveal what each algorithm really has to offer. The H9 is one of the few ultra high-quality digital multi-effects units that is virtually future-proof thanks to the incredibly wide range of effects on offer and plenty of potential expandability via new available algorithm downloads. The Resonator algorithm which was made available after the H9 product launch provides a glimpse of just how easy it will be for Eventide to continue releasing exciting new algorithms for download.

One of the most fantastic benefits to the download model is that you don’t have to pay for algorithms you don’t want. If you’d like a only a few of the algorithms from each of Eventide’s various stompobox units, you can easily pick and choose which ones are most relevant for your needs. This could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run if you’re the kind of player who likes to make the most out of a few standout effects that you really like. Of course for the guitarist that must have it all, there’s also the temptation to buy all of the algorithms and have every single one of Eventide’s effects available in one compact stompbox.


After our review was published, Eventide released the H9 Core. The H9 Core features the same technical specifications as the original H9 and includes one algorithm, the H910/H949. The H9 Core is a more viable solution for some guitarists on a budget, allowing you to save some money up front and pick and choose your additional algorithms as you need them. (You also still get a store coupon when you download H9 Control to get an additional algorithm of your choice.)

Even more beneficial for professional guitarists is that the H9 Core allows you to add extra H9 units to your rig and save $100 per unit while still being able to use all of the algorithms registered to your Eventide account across all of your H9 stompboxes. This is a benefit to those who want to get the most out of their collection of Eventide effects by using multiple effects as once. You can have up to 4 H9 or H9 Core units registered per Eventide account, and many pro guitar players have already been adding multiple units to their pedalboards.

H9 Control App

Eventide-H9-Harmonizer-Review-Best-Multi-Effects-Pedal-Processor-12While it is possible to access all of the H9’s features via the unit itself, the H9 shines at its best when used in tandem with the incredibly useful H9 Control App. I’ve played various digital multi-effects units and modeling software since the 90’s, and nothing has ever come close to matching the ease of use of the H9 Harmonizer paired with the H9 Control App. I tried it with an original iPad, an iPad Air, an iPhone 3GS, and an iPhone 5 with great results. If you don’t have an iOS device yet (seriously? Get with the times already!), you can still use H9 Control for Mac or PC. But I highly recommend picking up an iPad even you simply track down an old second-hand model. Only the most stubborn, un-tech-savvy, or old-school players will scoff at this setup. For the rest of you, get ready to be treated to the new standard in digital multi-effect programming and preset management.

The H9 Control App gives you full control over the H9, allowing real-time preset recall and performance tweaking. You can save presets to the iPad, save them to the H9, copy, rename, email backups, and more. I find it incredibly useful to be able to drag and drop a series of presets to a list that coincides with your live setlist. Then just sync the preset list to your H9, and you’re ready to perform. The H9 allows you to limit the range of presets to your list (it even prompts you to do so when syncing), so you can scroll through a small assortment of presets in live situations.

And of course there are possibilities for real-time control of effects parameters via touch-screen. Imagine having your guitar tech tweaking your effects for you beside the stage. How about making a custom enclosure for your iPad and passing it to the audience for real-time control via the X-Y screen? The H9 and H9 Control App make the wildest real-time sound-mangling possibilities a reality.

Eventide-H9-Harmonizer-Review-Best-Multi-Effects-Pedal-Processor-14The H9 Control App even offers exciting new possibilities of algorithm-specific interfaces. If you tap the “Note Grid” button on the Resonator interface screen, you can adjust the Notes, Rhythm, and Length on an easy-to-use custom graphic interface. Eventide seems to be testing the waters here, and it’s really exciting to imagine the possibilities on the horizon for further integration between the H9, its algorithms, and the H9 Control App. The H9 inspires so much creativity for the end-user and developers alike. It’ll be interesting to see what comes along down the pipeline. I’d recommend that dedicated H9 users voice their opinions in Eventide’s forums. You never know what wildly creative ideas may take form in future H9 exclusive algorithms and control interfaces.

And while I’m being whisked away by my imagination, I couldn’t help but speculate on possibilities after noticing a blank spot on the algorithm storefront. Imagine if Eventide were to release something like a “GainFactor” or “AmpFactor” stompbox to bring their digital expertise to stompbox distortion effects (finally!). Well, one could further speculate that Eventide could then incorporate those algorithms into the H9 as available downloads.

Aside from speculation about what may come, what’s most important is what the H9 offers right now. Truth be told, the Eventide H9 Harmonizer is simply one of the most impressive multi-effects units available. That so much processing power is available in such a small, pedalboard-friendly enclosure makes it even better. Add in the full library of available algorithms and H9 Control App iOS integration, and it takes “mind-blowing” to another level.

The Eventide H9 Harmonizer is beyond amazing in the full scope of its current capabilities and future possibilities, making it one of the best modern guitar pedals available today. Let’s see the final result.



The Eventide H9 Harmonizer is one of the most ambitious and brilliantly executed musical instruments ever released. The H9 is more than a simple effects unit and will become an invaluable creative companion for guitarists, performers, producers, DJ’s, and anyone else who makes music… period. If I were to be trapped on a desert island and could only choose one piece of audio processing gear, I would more than likely pick the H9 – just give me a WiFi connection to download more algorithms! Creative musicians from all backgrounds will find sounds covering the history of recorded music along with plenty of cutting edge algorithms to craft the sounds of the future. If you want the best multi-effects pedal/processor, it’s hard to imagine anything else being able to hold a candle to the Eventide H9 Harmonizer. Until Eventide raises the bar again, the H9 is the one to beat and a must-have.

That concludes our Eventide H9 Harmonizer review. Thanks for reading.


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  1. You want to know what my one dealbreaker with the Eventide Harmonizer is? The one thing that it isn’t is a harmonizer. I have a Vocalizer which has a harmonizer built in, and at a pinch it will work with a guitar, if I’m careful, but it would be great to have a simple stompbox with a ‘key’ knob and major/minor switch that would just slide into the midst of my pedals.

  2. Thank you for reviewing all these pedals, have actually followed the advice and was truly satisfied. I’ve always wanted an Eventide Harmonizer since Passion and warfare of Vai, but cannot afford it, wish I could win one. Thank you and keep the good work.

  3. This pedal is fascinating since I first caught a glimpse of it. Spherical sound, mountains and valleys of aural bliss. Will result in cruel fights with the alarm-clock after nights of experimenting. Delay guaranteed.

  4. Very intriguing!
    But iOS is not the biggest out there anymore. No H9 app for Android based tablets? Really?

  5. Hello,
    I am about to buy a H9.

    I search the list of effects that has the HP Harmonizer and the list of effects that has the H9 Core?

    If the H9 Core has the desired effects (delay, reverb, clear sound) the same as the H9 Harmonizer, the Core enough.

    Unable to find even in the manual the effects list.
    Can you tell me the website address including this list

    In the meantime, thanking you in advance
    A. BIEOU

  6. As unbelievably bad as I lust for this, and as cool as it seems, I am almost certain in the future it will be shunned. It is a huge leap in tech advancement, but I always try new things, and always return to single analog pedals. Maybe I’m wrong. I will definitely get one and try it.

  7. Although this sounds like a fantastic pedal, I’m having trouble understanding why the author thinks that the H9 ‘exceeds the standard fare of multi-effects pedals’, that no other multi-effects pedal holds a candle to the H9 and that it is the ‘best’ multi-effects pedal.
    The fact that you can only use one effect at a time means it isn’t really a multi-effects pedal. It’s really a single-effects pedal with multiple choices – but still only a single effect at a time. With any other multi-effects unit you can layer your effects and create chains, something the H9 cannot do.
    Great pedal – but it’s not a multi-effects pedal and definitely not the ‘best’ multi-effects pedal.

  8. Looks like an awesome pedal…BUT…. Ive had beer spilled onto my pedalboard at a couple different shows and all my single stomp pedals continued to work for the rest of the show. I did open them up and clean them afterwards but would this pedal totally crap out if a beer got spilled onto it? They are an expensive pedal and hope this was considered during the making of it…. Anyone with any storys of beer spillage on their H9? Let me know. Cheers

  9. The more I read and watch about the H9, it becomes clearer that this pedal is the beginning of a new frontier and a must have for any player interested in sound shaping whether it be someone like Fripp, Lou Reed, or Annie Clark, who is already a convert. The versatility and adaptability are stunning. A top of the line effect that each player can modify to their own taste from the ground up. Props to Eventide for cooking this up. Thank you to Best Guitar Effects for the most in-depth review of the pedal that I have seen. Great job Gabriel et al.!

  10. The ambient applications alone are “reason enough”!
    Combined with the more traditional delay applications, and size, it’s nearly too good to be true!

  11. I love the iPad integration…adds simplicity over other devices that require a pc connection (which make on the fly changes nearly impossible). The endless possibilities give musicians a great deal of creativity in one pedal instead of us needing to spend hundreds of dollars we don’t have on several pedals. Love this concept!

  12. Great Concept for Live Sound Design. In Combination with an IPad it can be the brain of a Pedalboard. Also you can use it for Production as a FX Generator with real time controllers.
    Must have!

  13. dude, all those algorithms in one box? this is an ambient players dream. something has to give before i need three pedal boards to hold all the great time-based/modulation effects out now. not to mention $.

  14. this looks like the ultimate all-in-one pedal! I would love to tweak this thing via the iOS app and get creative with it. digging the minimal look as well.

  15. These are some strange sounds! Thanks for the review man, this is the epitome of a new age pedal. Technology may ruin some aspects of life, but definitely not with new guitar gear. Would be eternally grateful to try it out!

  16. I would tweak this baby through the wee hours until it sounded like braiding strands of light in a fever dream. Or maybe just dial up something to freak out my cats.

  17. Love how it is simplistic yet highly effective! the one-knob user interface which allows easy Effect Editing and Preset Selection are classy . The 2 onboard Footswitches have great options..the Presets, Tap Tempo are absolutely amazing and the bypass with the feet would be absolutely wonderful for any live perfomer ! I would absolutely love this in my collection.

  18. Whoa, what a trip down the digital rabbit hole! If I had this, I might be able to stop taking drugs…. But seriously, I just don’t know if I have the time for a pedal like this to suck me in, I’d never get anything done.

  19. Would be amazing to use in the studio for all kinds of instruments….I could also sell off half of my onstage guitar rig and have a better back because of it.
    Would love to have the choice of the 10 presets that come with it from the off.

  20. The H9 seems amazing. I don’t know how the guys and girls at Eventide managed to put studio quality effects into such a small box.

    Plus: It’s so cool that this company also makes aeroplane communication equipment!

  21. the H9 harmonix pedal looks so great..it has great stuff as a multi effects pedal.. However, i think if it have some more control knobs on it, it would help in tuning it to that special hidden tone in the stombox. If i win this pedal, i would use it in my church to add more flesh to my guitar tone.

  22. This would be an amazing addition to my set up. The footprint alone will save time and money. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

  23. Not too keen on the iOS stuff as I have no plans to purchase any Apple stuff, but since I can use a PC it seems like it would be still be really cool!

  24. Hats off to the folks over at eventide, the technology they’re pushing just now is unbelievable, definitely one of the modern pioneers of DSP effects.

  25. I would be able to use this pedal on just about everything. One of the main features I look for in gear is it’s ability to do several things and be useful in nearly any song or situation, I believe this pedal fit that bill. I have always thought very highly of Eventide gear, since the first time I had seen one in a rack in the 80’s at Lab Sound in the Valley.

  26. Thanks for these great reviews. I almost lapse into a feverish state when I see some of the pedals reviewed here – most of which I cannot afford. The H9 has to be one of the best I’ve seen.

  27. pretty sweet! Tons of uses in my guitar rig, but I think I’d probably try it first in my violin rig… Might need two….

  28. This pedal is super innovative! It looks like it could be put to great use in the iOS setup I’ve been working on. I really hope I win!

  29. Not gonna lie, if I win this pedal, I’m probably going to lock myself in a room and drop some acid while I wrap my head around this thing.

  30. Always wanted a harmonizer but they were too big and expensive. THe Eventide H9 makes it possible to add a harmonizer and other fantastic effects to my pedalboard. Loved this pedal since I first heard it over a year ago.

  31. This is one of the best reviews I have seen on this product. I got this pedal a month ago and I am still in llove with it! sooooo awesome. to have another one or a core would be fantastic!

  32. Aloha kakou. I’ve owned all of the Eventide stomp boxes and have been looking for ways to condense the size of my current pedalboard. This unit seems to bring the best of all the units into one cool piece of gear. Look forward to trying it out soon. Mahalo Eventide.

  33. I love the stuff Eventide comes out with! From the very first time I used the harmonizer in a studio. I have always wanted to get the pedals but the cost was too high for a semi-pro like me. I have purchased other products that “come close” to the sounds I loved from the Eventide pedals but found myself still wanting. Eventually, I have come to realize that I should have just bought the Eventide. The cost of all those compromises still added up to the same or more if I just got the pedals. I got to demo the H9 and suddenly I’m back to those good old days when a piece of technology just blew me away. I’m saving up for it and hope someday soon to add it to my pedal board. Thank you Eventide.

  34. Very cool that they have released original algorithms for the H9. I have played the new UltraTap and Resonator algorithms and they are so great. I hope Eventide continues releasing new algos for the H9.

  35. In short, this is the single most revolutionary pedal I have tried and I have tried a lot.

    I prefer my time-based effects to run in the loop of my amp, so that I can run those post distortion. My regular setup for this is a mesa rectifier and a tc electronic g-major in the effects loop. This works well, as the tc unit also lets me channel switch through midi.

    I tried therefore to run the h9 in the loop of my mesa, however, this resulted in clipping. Apparently, the unit is not capable of handling line level signals out of the gate. There are however, input and output gain level controls on the h9. I have not tried to see if I can adjust those to prevent clipping but I will update here as soon as I do.

    As far as the effects go, the unit is totally amazing. I can see myself getting lost for hours on end programming and editing this thing. That might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how one values playtime vs actually productive time creating music.

    At any rate, this is probably the coolest guitar toy I have ever seen.

  36. I really want to hear new sound from eventide. They always best for new concept of sound. Eventide always bring musician into legend career. This box will Rock!

  37. Very few complaints with the pedal. I’m running a pair of them now, one in front of my amp, one in the effects loop. My wish list is probably some stacked algorithms–delay+reverb, tremolo+reverb. Id also like it if you could tap each side of H9 separately so that i could route it, via my Gigrig G2, into separate loops allowing one G2 to be both in front of the amp and in the effects loop depending on what type of algorithm your are using.

  38. I could experience the effects of H9 Eventide and other products from Eventide on a music show we organized together with the magazine “La Hoja de Arena” (magazine of infinite issues), in what was formerly the church of the convent of Santa Teresa La Antigua .

    The reverberation created by the structure itself was spectacular, it was an evening full of new auditory spectra and the real feeling that I could create atmospheres like the wind on your skin.

    I like to think that could be a signal compressor algorithm in projects that take just Eventide

  39. This pedal is unreal. It brings the string pad feel to a guitar and I feel it is a necessary requirement for any modern guitarist in a band.

    This pedal is a game changer

  40. My thoughts about the pedal:
    The H9 pedal is one of the best pedals I’ve had, the way you can manipulate each algorithm takes you to new and ever better passages, is portable and easy to use, its leds are very attractive visually.
    I would use it:
    Regularly I usually connect it in parallel with my amp Randall MTS100, so I can pass the effects 100% mixture and also hear the distortion on my guitar to 100% capacity, Black Hole, Hall, Shimmer, Tape Echo, Ultra tap, Chorus & Crystals are my favorites
    I would like to see:
    I like that there was a compression algorithm and Boost

  41. I have been reading up on this and think it is the perfect unit to add to my collection. It seems like no other harmonizer on the market today!

  42. One of the most exciting pedals released to date!!!
    The IPad control surface looks incredible, as well as
    The pedal being modestly sized!
    Would love to put it through its paces!

  43. This pedal is cramed full of all of eventide rack units channel dating back to there first one but I think the sound quality is better and is guitar friendly thanks

  44. I have been a long time eventide user. My time factor is rarely off when I play, and I love some presets on space. But the H9’s ability to manage presets and help me keep a tidier pedal board is exciting.

  45. Eventide products sound excellent and are built like tanks! This is the most innovative stomp box ever built. I could see wanting two

  46. I bought H9 a couple of month ago and it is one of the best investments that I have made into my own shone pallet!
    Absolutely amazing sounds, mind blowing vesitility, blue tooth control is a key convenience !
    There is so little that you can do with this thing!
    Check it out you won’t regret it!

  47. I’ve been a long time Eventide fan and currently own the Eventide Space. It’s a great pedal with a lot of unique capabilities, which I see this pedal has as well after watching the video. This pedal would definitely fit well with my rig, and I already know multiple ways I would use it!

  48. The holy grail? I have a Modfactor and it’s a fantastic unit which made me determined to get the rest of the factors. Now I don’t know. 4 Factor pedals isn’t practical on most boards, especially mine and due to the depth of those pedals it would most likely be overkill anyway. However 1 (or 2!) H9’s seems like the best of both worlds. Can’t wait to try it out!

  49. I have always loved Steve Vai and this would allow me to add some Vai-inspired sounds to my playing. Never realized all of the things these Eventides can do!

  50. Incredible…love all of the options, and the iOS integration is pretty rad, though considering how high tech that seems, I feel like the display could stand to get with the times :P –those old, red figure 8s used on clocks have a hard time with letters haha :)

  51. Was ready to purchase Eventide’s Space, and then… I find out about this. I’ll start saving up the extra cash for this one. This wiil be THE unit for my next record.

  52. amazing concept for a pedal – love the software integration. Now you can get all the algos you want from the factor pedals without having to take up heaps of space on the board/fork out a lot of money. Big up to eventide for this one! Can’t wait to check it out

  53. Eventide pedals are definitely the holy grail of digital fx. This pedal is one of the first pedals to be programmable using algorithms downloaded offline. I agree – if you can download a harmonizer preset, you could probably download amp modeling algorithms as well – that will be up to eventide. really exciting guitar effect for the future, i hope to get one!

  54. it’s a little overwhelming, but eventide makes great products and this would have a small footprint for throwing down in the living room instead of using my pedal board.

  55. Wow truly amazing pedal. Can’t wait to try it out. I could definitely come u p with some very trippy stuff with this.

  56. Man this is a very thorough review! I wouldn’t even know what to do with half of the sounds on this thing. But I would sure like to try it!

  57. Hey gys, getting into pedals only recently. I was going to go for th timefactor and then the other eventides but to have all in one would be even better so i dont have to get yet another pedal board.
    Is it possible to have two effects on at the same time using midi? Like slapback delay and tremolo for example?

  58. This baby is like the holy grail of modulation-reverb-delay-future mother of my children pedals!!! What can this thing not do!?!? Honestly, I was afraid of eventide effects because they seem very complicated, but your review spelled out how user friendly and tweak able the H9 is!! Man, I’m drooling.

  59. I love that this combines presets from their other pedals and then allows more tweaking through the software! I love my Hall of Fame and would love even more to add this guy to my collection.

  60. This would take a while to explore and even more time to get used to it. There are come cool things that I heard but I’m not sure about the practical application for live shows. I’m sure I would need some help in figuring it out. Studio work I’m sure it has lots of interesting possibilities. I feel like I would need a user manual for the pedal at first glance though.

  61. The effect of this pedal could provide a TON of creativity.
    At the heavy price point it’s going for, only a win could make it happen.

  62. I’ve been dying for this pedal since I found out it’s how St Vincent gets those crazy synth tones during her live shows. I’d probably wind up blowing a lot of money on all the harmonizer patches.

  63. Aah, this one goes right on the GAS list! But at $499 its going to have to wait a while unless of course I win this one ;)

  64. I would like to see an android app, of course. The algorithm I most want to see is an outdoor reverb for a gigantic sound.

  65. Seems pretty awesome. How would it compare to the “normal” eventide stompboxes? Is it the same quality in a smaller package?

  66. The H9 has so much potential it’s insane. I’d be interested to see how it stacks against the main Line 6 products, in regards to versatility and ease of use with programming.

  67. This is awesome. It’s got every great thing I want to add to my board but with such little area taken up on the board. Really want one of these now. Hope I win it.

  68. I really want one, it´ll gonna be useful to create sound textures and amazing atmospheres in the church service

  69. I like how they keep full MIDI instead of just saying “there’s an app for that.” More options for putting together a workable performance rig instead of consigning gear to bedroom-tweaked-only land. I wish more makers of supposedly professional gear would take this approach.

  70. This thing is amazing, have you seen Pete Thorns demo on it? After he demoed it he went out and bought a second one and now is running two on his board! For me this would replace my L6-M5.

  71. It’s amazing how compact yet powerful this thing is… way to go! This is the way modern multi-purpose stompboxes should be designed!

  72. I muscht own this pedal! I’ll bang on some of my favourite presets from all the ‘Tide’ range and be away with the fairies.

  73. I usually prefer fully analogical effect pedals, but this guy seems to be pretty cool. It would definitely be worth buying an iPad just to take full advantage of all features. Thanks for review, this is pretty good stuff.

  74. “…so much processing power is available in such a small, pedalboard-friendly enclosure makes it even better. Add in the full library of available algorithms and H9 Control App iOS integration, and it takes “mind-blowing” to another level.” That’s it in a nutshell! Awesome.

  75. I would love to try one of these, specifically the expression control on their already fantastic sounding effects. Dig!

  76. Seems like a deep pedal, but one that would be simple to use once you get it dialed in. With the dial. Yeah.

  77. Hey guys,
    So great to see Eventide in the pedal business finally!
    They have truly raised the bar much like they did with their studio rack effects.
    Thanks Gabriel for the chance to win this.

  78. Holy crap! This is amazing. Pedals are getting more and more out there and this tops my list. I’m loving everything it does!

  79. Yet another pedal that I’d probably never be able to justify buying but would love to own.
    This thing could probably replace a few pedals on my noise board

  80. “… so much processing power is available in such a small, pedalboard-friendly enclosure makes it even better. Add in the full library of available algorithms and H9 Control App iOS integration, and it takes “mind-blowing” to another level.” That’s about it in nutshell. Sick! Just sick.

  81. Amazing! I feel the creativity flowing through my vains by just reading this review! Seems like a fantastic pedal, can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  82. That’s ridiculous! You guys always come up with the most out there and crazy effects to review! I can see writing entire songs and beats around this thing!

  83. this is the most ridiculously tooled-up pedal in existence. despite reading the review, I can barely understand how it works. the only way to find out is to get one.

  84. Great Review! This pedal is incredibly versatile and goes way beyond what other pedals can deliver. With that being said, I would use this to create the most other-worldly original soundscapes. A pedal this diverse should inspire us to capture the ineffable and put it to music.

  85. This Pedal is so mighty i would spend a whole year just to discover its normal funtions…it´s impressive, that they got all the other Factors in one small bos, that is so interactive to control!

  86. Wow, what an amazing pedal. I could truly use this on my board. Thank you for having these giveaways, I really appreciate it!

  87. It is an awesome pedal! I have mine since 2 months. Best pedal ever! The control with the Ipad app is fabulous. So many great sounding algorithms in the same pedal!!! Quality and versatility. Really like the Leslie cab emulation.
    A second H9 would definitely find it’s use on my pedalboard…

  88. Been curious about this for a while so it’s nice to see such a detailed review. Thanks for the lengthy video too. I need to go through that again.

  89. I have some experience with Eventide pedals and I cannot tell you how much I would love to have one of these! Such sweet sounds, and that interface is amazing.

  90. Sounds like an awesome piece of kit. Glad that eventide have not rested on their laurels and keep raising the bar.

  91. I will use this in my synth/guitar home studio. I will be buying one of these regardless. I am primarily interested in the reverb algorithms, but also the diatonic shifter.

  92. I simply Can’t IMAGINE the Number of possible effects variances to this H9 Harmonizer….. Looks like there is a MAJOR Learning Curve to this pedal. I am JUST the Guy to do this as I have A LOT of spare time. Please feel free to contact me for shipping Information when I LUCKILY win this great pedal. Thanks for the Review & Opportunity to win (or Purchase) this pedal 3:-)

  93. That’s just about the prettiest rabbit hole I’ve ever seen… I could definitely get lost in this pedal for a few months. Fingers crossed!

  94. Locking this into Apple’s system and $20 in-app purchases for each effect you want to use pretty much guarantees I will never bother with this.

  95. I have to say, getting this pedal seemed like it’d be a fun toy to have in the collection. But I didn’t realize how it would change my playing. It was unbelievable. I had to rethink what was possible with it. To make a harmonizer algorithm that functioned as a key change pedal was cool. But the amazingness of the harmonizers ability to simply add power to play was incredible. The Batman Preset is one of my favorites, and my wife loves when I play something slow and melodic with it. I figured I’d have about 8-9 presets that would be my go-to list. But I found about 30 that I had to have and move through. I played until my fingers hurt, and I haven’t done that in more than a decade. It was breathtaking how much I could do. And the quality of the effects is simply unmatched.

      • I have both the regular H9 and an H9 Core and love them. I use one in the effects loop and the other in front of the amp. I got rid of half my pedalboard by using the H9’s.

        • I think eventide should produce a rackmount version of the H9, complete with aes ebu and wordclock. Essentially, an eclipse with H9 algorithms on it.


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