Evidence Audio SIS Screw In Solderless Review – Best Pedalboard Patch Cables?

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On March 1, 2015
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We’re straying from the usual reviews of guitar pedals to bring you an in depth review of the Evidence Audio SIS “Screw-In-Solderless” patch cables. This is of vital importance to readers of Best Guitar Effects as the patch cable dilemma is one that has plagued every guitarist who’s ever used more than one pedal in series. The myriad issues we face include having cables of the proper length, the thinness/thickness of the cables and end plugs, reliability, and overall sound quality among other things. In recent years several companies have released various do-it-yourself cable options, one of the most affordable and flexible variations being easy-to-assemble “solderless” patch cables. But Evidence Audio has taken the concept to the next level.

Evidence Audio’s SIS patch cables use their acclaimed Monorail audio cable (notable for its solid copper core instead of threaded wire) and their original SIS end plugs. These plugs are unique in that they allow the cable’s copper core to be screwed directly into the plug, eliminating the need for soldering and supposedly creating a solid airtight connection for the best possible signal transfer in a solderless cable option. I expected good things, and I wouldn’t be writing this review if the product wasn’t worthy of all this typing. And since cheap knockoff versions of this product have already crept onto the market, Evidence Audio must have done something right to warrant the flattery of imitation.


Dispelling The Cable “Tone” Myth

One thing that caught my attention about Evidence Audio a few years ago was that they try to avoid hyping up the “super epic tone enhancements” that come with using their “super high-tech” cables. Do you know why? That’s because all the talk about cables that enhance tone is straight up bogus. A cable only “enhances” your tone by transferring a pure signal and having as little affect on your tone as possible. Essentially, all cables diminish your audio signal. Sure, this is more or less noticeable in some cables compared to others, but it’s a truth that many guitarists probably don’t want to hear. All Evidence Audio cables are designed with one purpose: to affect your tone as little as possible. This may seem counter intuitive to grasp at first if you’ve been suckered in by all the marketing hype spewed out by cable companies over the years. Achieving the highest cable transparency is the core philosophy that Evidence Audio is built upon and perhaps the most important deciding factor that should be considered when buying cables. Read the previous sentence again and let that sink in. Of course striking the balance between audio purity and reliability is another hallmark of Evidence Audio products.

Years ago I ended up buying a mountain of overpriced fancy cables which I still have to this day. These cables scored points for reliability and sounded pretty good to my ears, but I always knew that behind the marketing hype a better product could be found. Long before I started writing for a review site (this one) with the aim of helping guitarists find the best gear, I was in the same boat of finding products through magazines and advertising at the mercy of whichever companies had the biggest marketing budgets. Store clerks helped out, too, although I learned over the years that some retail workers’ recommendations may be influenced by profit margins, not necessarily helping consumers find the best products. My point is that sifting through all the marketing bs to find a quality product that lives up to expectations can be tough. Fortunately, I was turned on to Evidence Audio Screw-In-Solderless patch cables a couple NAMM shows ago by a fellow pedal junky, a chance encounter of two passionate guitarists that finally culminated in the review you’re reading today.

Here’s a quick rundown of features before we get to our Evidence Audio SIS Screw-In-Solderless patch cable review.


  • Monorail sound quality.
  • Convenience to build and rebuild without solder.
  • Super Compact – Fits in small spaces few other cables can travel; even inside components for internal wiring.
  • 0.155″ Outer Diameter – Backwards-compatible with many solder-less plugs IGL™ Copper conductor – Fatigue-free midrange and highs.
  • Solid Core Primary Conductor – Tight, articulate bottom with midrange clarity and speed.
  • 20 awg Conductor Size – Large enough to communicate punch and authority, small enough to avoid skin effect anomalies.
  • 98% Shield Coverage – Outstanding noise rejection.
  • Nickel-plated brass plugs.
  • Spiral Shield – Parallel conductor geometry minimizes strand interaction compared with braided shields.
  • Low Capacitance – May be used in long runs without high-frequency roll-off.

Visit Evidence Audio for more info about Monorail Cable and the SIS Screw-In-Solderless plugs.

See the lowest price on Amazon.

See the lowest price on eBay.

Sound & Performance:


There’s good enough, there’s better, and then there’s the best. Sometimes the best is plainly obvious; other times it can be quite elusive. I’ve learned that what’s most expensive isn’t always the best, yet you also typically get what you pay for. Sure, there are cheaper cables available, but Evidence Audio is a prime example of you getting exactly what you pay a little more for. They’d probably sell a lot more cables if they touted all the tone-hyping hoorah like the lesser cable makers who try so hard to sell inferior products. Instead Evidence Audio relies mainly on the reputation of their products to sell themselves. The evidence is in the result. David Gilmour knows it. Billy Corgan knows it. Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien knows it.

The SIS concept is simple enough. Evidence Audio already created the industry leading (and great sounding) Monorail patch cable, an incredibly thin audio cable with a solid copper core. The idea of screwing the copper wire directly into a threaded nickel-plated brass end plug was the stroke of genius that led to the Screw-In-Solderless cable kit. While you don’t need a soldering iron to assemble the SIS cables, some wire cutters/strippers and a little elbow grease are called for.

To start I clipped off a small piece of Monorail and proceeded to make my first cable. A wire stripper comes in handy for stripping off about a centimeter of the outer jacket. This reveals the outer copper threading. This is peeled back over the jacket. You can twist it however you see fit as long as it’s generally folded back parallel with the cable. From here you peel off the visible conductive black layer. I prefer to strip it as well, but you can peel it with your nails if you’d like. Then you strip the solid white layer down to about 2 millimeters and cut the copper core wire to about 4 millimeters. It’s that simple. After I made a couple I was confident to just visually estimate the lengths for further assembly.

When the cable is properly stripped, you stick the prepared end into one of the SIS end plugs. Gently push it all the way in. Then give it 2 half turns. You’ll feel it screw into the threads in the SIS plug. If you pull on the cable at this point you’ll notice how strong the bond is. Its’ really surprising just how precisely these plugs are engineered and how perfect and strong the connection is. Bend the cable at the plug to a right angle and put the cap on the end of the plug. You can turn it a few more times to screw the plug on while simultaneously threading the Monorail cable more tightly into the plug.

At this point it’s worth noting my only minor concern with the entire process. To screw the end caps tightly on, you’ll probably want to use gloves or something that’ll help you get a nice firm grip. Or if you’ve been doing your crossfit and have a grip of steel you may not need to. But it does usually require a bit more force to completely screw on the end caps. If you’re making several cables I’d recommend building all your cables to the step of screwing the caps half-way. Then come back after you’ve assembled all your cables to tighten them up with your gloved death grip. It’s not much of an issue as you’ll typically do this assembly process once during a pedalboard build and reuse many of the cables as-is if needed later.


The first SIS patch cable I made. It worked great as have all the rest.



Something I really like about the SIS and Monorail combination is that the cables are easy to reuse if disassembled. You can take apart a cable to use the end plugs with different lengths of cable. If you save the old Monorail pieces you can easily use them again and again while achieving the same sturdy build and tone as before. That means less cable scraps and more length options.

And tone is another talking point although there isn’t much to say really. These cables don’t intrude on your sound. You could try to get into technical details and spec comparisons with other products, but it’s a moot point. Monorail sounds excellent. The ultimate test comes when you just close your eyes and listen. That’s the only evidence you need. (Let’s see if I can sneak that pun in one more time.) The Evidence Audio SIS cable kit sounds great because it really seems to impart no sound of its own on your guitar sound.

There are a few technical matters that make the SIS/Monorail combination especially relevant. Small end plugs and thin wire make wiring up complex pedalboards more convenient. With pedal obsessed guitarists filling every possible space on their boards with ever more pedals, the Evidence Audio SIS cable kit helps you conserve space thanks to its small end plugs. Monorail cable is also exceptionally thin, allowing easy routing in the tightest of spaces.

Any guitarist who uses pedals and cares deeply about their tone has probably spent some time looking over the various cable products on the market. While I don’t intend on doing a full on patch cable shootout, it’s worth mentioning a few factors that set this product and this company apart from others while touching on my thoughts about many of the other cable products out there. One of my general concerns with some of the older reputable companies making cables is that they’ve ceased to innovate and are just rehashing the same old products. No spectrum of cool new colors is going to change the same old product designs. On the other hand you have companies who clone newer products and sell inferior versions. At least one other cable maker even falsely labeled their patch cable products as 100% “Made in USA” until the FTC came knocking. (Dig in the public domain for the facts on that one.) When I look for products to buy and when I review products, my greatest considerations are how good the product is and how the product is helping to push the market forward. I say without any reservation that as of this writing Evidence Audio is pushing the market forward in ways that are unmatched. There’s also an integrity factor that I’ve come to realize is perhaps equally if not even more important when in regards to people, their businesses, and the products they sell. Evidence Audio’s product quality and philosophy are to be admired by their peers. While no company, the people who run them, or any audio cables for that matter are perfect, Evidence Audio is the leader in their field because they strive to come ever closer to that ideal.

The final verdict is below.




I can give no better praise for the Evidence Audio SIS Screw-In-Solderless patch cables than this: these are the cables I now use for my pedals, and these will be the cables you see in our future review YouTube videos. If a better pedalboard cable solution does come along, I’d also bet that it’ll most likely bear the moniker Evidence Audio. The Monorail sound quality lives up to the hype. The SIS cables are fairly easy to assemble. They’re durable and convenient. What more evidence do you need? These are the best pedalboard patch cables you can buy today.

That concludes our Evidence Audio SIS Screw-In-Solderless patch cables review. Thanks for reading.


Want to buy Evidence Audio SIS patch cables?

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  1. I have purchased this product for a second pedalboard to test the effectiveness of solderless connections. That said I find the lack of cable technical specifications from Evidence Audio worrying and the eulogising uncritical tone of this review even more so.

  2. Very accurate and well written review of arguably the best solderless patch cables on the market today. My pedalboard has been sporting EA SIS for a couple of years now, and they’re perfect. I was easily able to assemble them, without any probs, straight from the get go. I’m constantly switching effects pedals around and changing stuff up on my pedalboard. So, having the convenience to re-size patch cable lengths to rewire my board is essential. The EA SIS cables/plugs deliver in this department. They’re also, high quality, durable and robust – I’ve never had any cables fail on me. That’s amazing, given the great amount I tour and lug my pedalboard around. I can’t praise the ES SIS cables/plugs enough. They’re truly the greatest thing since sliced bread;)

  3. I use custom made cables in my board, but I really want to upgrade my connections with some fine professional cable kit like this one!

  4. I could seriously use this Evidence audio kit to help clean up the wiring on my pedaltrain 2. Seems like their 1/4″ jacks are a small enough footprint that using the Evidence kit might allow me cram more pedals on my board – cause that’s what we all want right? MORE PEDALS!!!!!

  5. I’ve recently built a pedalboard out of two IKEA cuttingboards and some velcro. I’ve got 11 pedals, but only 5 patch cables due to the expenses of everything that evolves a pedalboard. (I am about to graduate from my last year of school this spring, so i do not yet have a job so i don’t have money to buy cables, a powerplant or better materials for a good pedalboard.)
    Would love to get my hands on a set of these, they seem to be really good! it would make my boardproject so much easier if i wouldn’t have to buy a 10 cm cable every time i want to attach another pedal for my board. Cutting cables seem so much easier than buyin’ finished ones, i want my cables in my own desired length!
    I am currently powering my pedals via a 9V cable with a 7-ended attachment on it, cheap, takes up a lot of place and just looks messy. All to match the budget, hah.
    Love these, would buy a bunch of it if i had the money!

  6. Very sweet indeed! Great work and looks amazing! This would clean up and make the whole board less cumbersome. Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone! Cheers!

  7. I have a whole slew of pedals and will be building a pedalboard for them soon. I was planning to solder a whole set of Mogami cables to suit them up. But let’s be honest – I have two kids under the age of 6 running around and could do with fewer surface burns on my hands. (and on the kids.)

    These things look amazing and I’m impressed that the sound quality doesn’t suffer with solderless construction. Great giveaway!

  8. When it comes to loopers and rooters pancakes are not a valid option, which leads us to either G&l’s or Sis

    I’ve heard more good things about sis than g&l , so, that’s my first choice.

    You can ship them now :-)

  9. I am really pretty excited about this product. I am currently in the process of designing a new pedal board and lately have been doing a lot of research regarding cables. I have also recently starting looking for a new instrument cable to replace my current one and just recently “rediscovered” Evidence Audio and was planning on using their Forte cable for my Instrument and the Lyric for my DI/Mic cables.

    When looking for a pedal board cable option I have always been very wary of the D.I.Y. Solderless species of cable. Because I have never believed the solderless connection to be solid and proper, I was planning on using the Monorail cable soldered with Nuetrik plugs for my new board. However, it honestly looks like Evidence has solved the solderless design problem and has come up with an excellent solution.

    My requirements for a board are pretty stringent. I play a custom built Irish Bouzouki. Since it is an acoustic instrument all of my components really need to be subtle, but top quality hi-fi components. Right now I only have a small portion of my “pedals”. I only have a Tuner, a clean boost and Radial J48 DI box. Right now I have the new Origin Effects Cali76-G-P on order as well as Jule Amps Monique PreAmp to replace my Radial.

    The rest of the board, as I buy components, will consist of a Sarno Music Black Box, Korg tuner, Origin Cali76-G-P, Siegmund Micro-Tube Double Drive, Strymon Flint, Strymon Deco and Two Xotic EP boosters into the Monique DI. Would love to be able to tie it all together with the Monorail SIS kit.

  10. This is rad. I’m moving away from a multi-effects processor, and I want to go back to a more analog layout. This would be a great system to use!

  11. My pedalboard looks like a right dogs dinner at the minute, this would help immensely, in fact if I don’t win, I’m straight out and buying one.

  12. I’d love to try a set. Threading directly onto a copper core seems a solid and durable way to achieve plug contact. I’m curious though. Is the solid copper flexible or stiff? And, would it snap over time? The main advantage of thin wireless is flexibility.


    On top of Patch-cable spaghetti

    All covered with Lovetone CheeseSource,

    I lost my poor Lovetone Meatball, 

    When somebody sleazed, of course.

    I’d just loaded my pedalboard,

    On to the venue’s stage-floor,

    And my poor Lovetone Meatball,

    Disappeared back out the stage door.

    The thief hid in the parking lot,

    Crouching behind a car,

    Clutching my poor Lovetone Meatball,

    He hadn’t got very far.

    I grabbed a Monorail patch cable,

    And quick as could be,

    I wrapped loops around his neck,
    Strung him up in a tree.

    He dropped some of my other pedals,

    An Empress, Diamond, DOD and a Boss,

    Not only had he my Lovetone Meatball,

    He’d also stolen the CheeseSource.

    So use Evidence Audio’s cable spaghetti,

    It’s great on your board, you’ll really be pleased,

    And it’s strong enough to hang a sleazeball,

    ‘Til he stops kicking and swings in the breeze.

    ǁ *\↗*
    ǁ ↗*
    ǁ / |
    ǁ/ |
    || |
    || ☹
    || /∇\
    || ∏
    || ⎠⎞

  14. Hm… Can’t say anything about those cables …yet. Just don’t have any. Building my second/back up board right now. Could REALLY use some good cables! …Did I mention that I can’t solder? ; )

    Cheers from Berlin, Germany, Kiryk

  15. If I wire up my board with a set of these babies, I am gonna be famous. Everything else is in place, I have a Klon, a bunch of Strymons and 5150 on the board but the wiring is holding me back, and sucking the toanz. Gotta just finish learning that C major scale to play over Stairway.

  16. It would be great to have such great cables on my pedalboard. I need some good, durable cables that don’t affect my tone :)

  17. This set is exactly what people like me who totally suck when it comes to soldering really needs. No matter how many times I have tried to use a soldering iron I usually manage to make a mess of things.

  18. I would use these on a new build. I’ve always been interested in Evidence because of Gilmour. A little embarrassing but true nonetheless.

  19. I could really use these to clean up and upgrade my board. I know it would really improve the overall tone of my pedals.

  20. I’d be interested in trying these. I’d be concerned that the connectors would loosed over time. If not then I think they’d be really great.

  21. Hey Guys I have a couple of friends that endorse your cables and they have always raved about them, and after I have heard them myself I know why, we are all guitarists and tone freaks so very discriminating when it comes to sound. I am putting a PT Pro together right now and I would put these to great use!

  22. I remember my first live gig. I was a sophomore in high school and they had talked me into playing at one of the drama club presentations. I thought I was going to be David Gilmour and blow them all away. Now all I remember is having to stand very still while playing because the cables would fritz out and send a mammoth shriek through the amp if I moved in any direction while plugged in. Thankfully all I really knew back then was horrible sounding anyway, so the shrieks from the amps were probably as good as the playing. Gabriel, you can still save my long lost adolescent rockstardom dream by hooking it up (get it?) with these pretty awesome cables.

  23. This would be a great upgrade for my board. It would improve overall tone and clean up the mess of cables I have now. The only reason that I would not get these is the price, I can’t justify that much money for cables.

  24. Buying cables is like buying underwear. You need them, but too often you by a 10 pack of cheapies instead of going for a little bit of luxury. These would be a fantastic addition to my rig. I have a few nice cables…but also a lot of cheapies! I hope I win!

  25. These have got to be better than the crappy noisy one’s I soldered 15 years ago! I could sure use an upgrade, and this concept is just awesome.

  26. Very helpful! I used to use lavas, then decided to take up soldering, and now my rig has changed. I would love to have some way to more easily switch stuff up :)

  27. I’ll make it simple. I’m building a pedal board, and I don’t have any patch cables. The board will require custom cable lengths, so I very literally need these cables.

    I’ve always thought that solid core made sense, just not in cases where the cable is flexed often, which would cause the core to most likely stress and possibly break.

  28. I need to tidy up and organize my pedalboard
    and I think those patch cables would help me out with this.
    I’m curious how they compare to standard soldered ones.

  29. PLUG & PLAY!! (Without tripping over a rats nest of cables!!). What a great solution to an age-old problem of finding the perfect length cable for your pedal set-up….an OCD guitarists dream come true!

  30. these seem like they would be sweet for a new pedalboard. I’ve heard bad things about the soderless connections but i wouldn’t mind trying it if i win these.

  31. Just being fighting with crappy low cost copies of Evidence cables for the past year, and I wish I could have red your great review first…
    I really like your “down-to-sound “approach, as it is so easy to be caught up in the hype surrounding products. I guess I really need those now in order to be done with buzz and tone-sucking in my pedalboard ( though I am aware that cables are far from bring not the only noise factor…).
    Thanks for again for your reviews, always a pleasure to discover new products in your straightforward, honest and in depth approach.

  32. These look very cool and the ease with which they are assembled is a big plus. I currently use Mogami 2319s I believe but I have been looking to see if there are better cables out there. I’m definitely giving these a try; at the very least, it will be fun just to experiment with the assembly.

  33. It’s easy to get anal about every last piece of kit when it comes to tone, however, I love the way you can make the length of each patch lead match your pedal/boards needs.

  34. Nicely detailed review for one of those oft overlooked yet vital bits of our effects chain dreams.I like the solderless concept(no pre chosen/wrong lengths to irritate,and able to re use the plugs)and from the advice given,these seem to be the best available.Making up different lengths would help with custom/one off,spur of the moment experiments in pedal order;compressed echoed fuzz flanged wah ahoy!

  35. The future of cable is here : 6 quality jack for 100 bucks and the choice of lenght.
    Planet Waves made a kit also, I bought one and it’s awesome too.
    Next time I will try this one.

  36. For the love of all that is good and holy, I need these! I’ve spent so much money finishing and fixing my board and all I need now are some quality cables to finish her off! :)

  37. Great review for a great cable kit !! I would love to have these so i can finally get a rig together that is totally tight and i dont have to worry as much about cables going bad and loosing tone through the rig ! Hoping i can find out for myself ! Also Best Guitar Effects is an awesome sight ! Going to be coming here frequently !

  38. I’ve heard nothing but good things from these Evidence Audio S.I.S cables. I just recently got a foot controller, but I didn’t get the cable yet. Turns out, my home needed a bunch of repairs done to my home, so I still can’t get the cable due to money restraints. It would be great to get that up and running.

  39. They look great, i am having a real hard time finding cables to fit my board, pancakes are to big for stereo pedals, Lavas are junk. be nice to get rid of my $5 for 6 patch cables i use now!!!

  40. These cables are amazing! If David Gilmour uses them, you know that these patch cables are the real deal! I’m building a pedalboard for my friend before she hits the road for Retrospect Rock Fest, Rocklahoma, and a US tour in May through mid June. It would really benefit her to have high end cables that reliable on the road.

  41. I’ve got a set of these that I bought through “Road Rage Pro Gear” out of Canada. Super Amazing! I’ve used just about every other set of solderless patch kits out there, from George L’s to Lava to Bullet… (etc.), and have found that the Evidence S.I.S. Cable System is by far the best of the bunch. Super easy to assemble and the tightest hold of any cable system available. Please, if you don’t win this giveaway, do yourself a favor and go buy a set of Evidence S.I.S. and give them a try. You will find yourself, like myself, replacing all the others on your pedalboard with Evidence!

  42. What a thorough review once again. I have been reading about evidence audio for a while now. They seem like a good company and this review only helps prove that this company makes great products. I have been on the fence about buying solderless kits since I’ve been wanting to make my own soldered cables. Is there a difference between soldered vs. solderless cables other than reliability? I may pick up a set, but I would need quite a large amount of cable and tips

  43. Is this the one visible in the Gigrig pedalboard building videos? They look pretty good anyway especially the plug sizes and the way of connection between the plug and the lead. It looks reliable.

  44. This is the stuff the guys from TheGigRig love so much. If it works for Guthrie and Ed O’Brein it says something!
    Great Review!

  45. If the cable sound great, if they are easy to assemble and are durable… that’s what I need for my pedalboard !
    Evidence Audio is a great company.

  46. The quality of the plugs and cable looks way more durable than other kits I’ve seen they look great
    Love to wire up my board with these

  47. Oh man, I can’t even tell you how these cables would improve my sound. I have a Pedaltrain Pro completely covered in pedals. I’ve spent the past few years, and a lot of money, perfecting my rig, swapping pedals out and changing the arrangement countless times. The only thing that I’m unhappy with is the mismatched jumble of pedal coupling cables I’ve used. Every time I’ve bought a pedal, I’ve just grabbed a cable out of a bin on the counter to go along with it, resulting in cables of every brand imaginable. Having a set of high-quality cables connecting all my pedals together would push my board from amateur to pro, and relieve a lot of stress on my poor noise gate! And, they’re solderless, so no third-degree soldering iron burns for me! I’d buy them if I could afford them, but with a tour planned for this summer with my band, money is really tight! I’d love to hit the road with these and show them off! Thanks so much!

  48. I’ve been interested in Evidence Audio for a while now. Great products, I wish they were a little cheaper for my budget but in this case I think you really do get what you pay for.

  49. I am currently building my first actual pedalboard and am right at the point of cables and wiring. I have a good bit of time and care in the project and want to use good products. Evidence audio cables look like a good solution.

  50. Years ago I had problems with my final sound equalization , later discovered queel guitar cable was to blame for everything. Never buy any more bad cables and this product looks great !!

  51. It’s good to see someone point out the fact the only way cables can color your sound is down from the original signal. The more it is like “true bypass” the more dynamics you have to work with. Great article and now I find I want these in my chain.

  52. I wish I’d have known about these before I bought the Diago solderless cables. They are easy to assemble but I’ve had problems – cable, I believe, breaking or making poor contact; plugs often are loose in pedal jacks.

  53. I’m not very good at soldering so these cables would be a welcome addition to my pedal board and also my patch bay in my home studio. I’m using a Pedaltrain 3 with 9 pedals on it and run of the mill patch cables. This sounds like a great product and I like the fact that you can reuse the cables and plugs. I feel that most players overlook patch cables when putting together a pedal board but we all know that good tone involves quality cables from your instrument to your pedal board and on to your amp.

  54. I’d use these as replacements/upgrades for the cables I’ve got. I’d also end up with 3 or 4 more than I’ve got now, which would allow/force me to purchase more pedals!

  55. I don’t have a pedalboard story but I do have a “monorail” story. Bush Gardens Williamsburg used to have a monorail train that took guests from the park on a ride through the trees to the brewery, where you got two free beers upon arrival at the brewery. They sure don’t make thrill parks like they used to!

  56. I need this for my board. I currently use EA lyric hg cables which I run to and from my board and they sound superb. However I also run around 10 pedals and worry about the tonal loss in-between. If i don’t win they are definitely on my to buy list some day. This would complete my tonal quest.

  57. these look great. small plugs is such an obvious necessity, keep everythign compact. especially if you’re like me and have a 20+ pedal nest of wires and cables to contend with.

  58. It’s pretty funny reading all these BS reviews and comments from guys trying to think of something clever in order to win a box of freaking cables. “All my gear was stolen…” “I am a session guitarist for 400 years…” “I solder my cables with gold from my tooth and this will save me time.” Give me a break. Lame. My combination of fake brutal honesty and affected skepticism will probably win them. You losers can go back to patching your Klones and toob screemers with your $2 Hosa crackle creators. Mwuahahahahaha!

  59. im SO tired of twisting my poor cables, they dont deserve that! im just thinking about their families you know? i need to go full solderless and stop the twisting

  60. Well been rebuilding for over 20 plus years of gear that was stolen from me and trying to start over again and it is not easy to do yet am trying to. And cables are the most important part of the rig and sounding good from imput to output. So I wld love to win such a high end cable package. Plus being so.rural winning wld mean even that much more. ..

  61. I’d love to be able to get rid of my collection of ill-fitting patch cables and rebuild my board with something like this. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for quite a while and if I won it would make me very happy.

  62. I am m m m sure tha z z z zt the Evidence cables will f i n a l l y alloooooow my g g g guitar a arr signal to arrrrive at t t t t my amp without the un un n pleasant distortion that chp cbles c a u s e .

  63. A patch cable that WON’T alter my sound! That’s what is needed. I can use this not just on the pedal board but for connections to my mixer (reverb units, harmonizers, etc) as well!

  64. So, I have actually been attempting to put together a real board. At the moment, using some fender patch cables, and misc. older ones I had. This just may complete me.

  65. cables,..well i recently went thru/am going thru, absolute cable hell! i bought a bunch of solderless plugs and cable, and they kept failing and faling over and over again. so i contacted the supplier and they tell me to send them back and theyll even make cables for me at any length i please. sounds like epic customer service right?! about a couple months later after multiple calls, emails i get empty promises, and then no response at all. im out the money, plugs, cable, and the cost of shipping to send it back. so i order 1 cable that as well turns into this long dragged out scenario. about a year and a a half ago i got my 1st pedal. im at 6 now. ive purchased enough product for each pedal to have a patch cable and a back up. to this day i havent been able to use all my pedals at once. i dont know what direction to head as far as cables anymore. i was looking at this kit recently. seems like a well made product. i know the cable is killer, just hope the plugs are as well! if gilmour has enough faith to use them on stage maybe my faith can be restored

  66. I’m careful about my cables as to try to avoid stepping on them, but every once in a while they start malfunctioning (I guess due to movement, even if I’m not running around they still move somewhat) so I’ve been thinking about getting some good quality solder-less cables as a way of making it easier to get them serviced, just screw the jack and you’re ready to go again! the first brand that I could remember was George L’s but these look better.. someday I will get me one of these kits.

  67. I’ve learned over the course of a forty year career, that everything I use to obtain better tone is important.
    I gradually stepped up the quality of my cables, until I read Guitar Player Mag’s review of their favorite cables. They compared a great man cables and offered their results at the end of the article. Evidence Cables were in to top ten, so I tried out the least expensive of their line. There was such an audible difference between the one I had been using, and the Evidence, that I had no choice but to switch.

    When I had a problem with a right angle connector, they sent me a better model of cable as a way of saying “sorry for the trouble.” I’ve never experienced that kind of customer service, AND I found out that you definitely get what you pay for! This second and final cable has lifted my sound to “more” of everything in the entire audio spectrum and I couldn’t be happier.

    I used to believe that the hype about more expensive cables was just that – hype. But in the case of Evidence Audio’s cables, it’s for real – and not that pricey compared to many other cables on the market.

    I’ve worked as a session guitarist for many years and wish I had taken this step when it was first available. But there’s no going back now – I found a terrific cable, coupled with the best customer service, and I’m staying with Evidence Audio Cables.

  68. I’m in 3 bands and each one has it’s own pedalboard. Sometimes a different pedal makes its way onto a board or I’ll change the configuration of pedals, add one, subtract one, etc. Inevitably I need different cable lengths. George L’s are good cables but sometimes reusing a piece of cable means I have clip the end off eventually leading to a chunk of cable so short it becomes useless. These Evidence cables sound like that problem will be totally eliminated! Plus I love tinkering with my stuff so getting in there and stripping wire and such sounds like a blast to me. Especially if the tone is there!!

  69. I use a lot of pedals and am trying to reduce noise. I’ve been told good cables are a must.Been looking into kits for a while .This kit is perfect. Great review !

  70. This cable kit is perfect for me. I have exactly 12 pedals, I always run into cable issues, and I lived the color. :-)

  71. These cables look amazing, especially since I am about to totally overhaul my pedal board. The solder less ability makes it so much easier. Have to get some wether I win them or not.

  72. I’m such a loser when it came to my pedalboard. I spent money on really nice boutique pedals and settled with Planet Waves patch cables (decent ones and I made sure they all matched because, I mean, honestly I do care) and now that I’ve finally completed my board I realize now how much tone is really in the cables. These patch cables would be a great upgrade for me and the people who I worship with. Hoping for the best!

  73. Hi guys, this is Rémi from France.
    I’d like to tell you that your website is a gold mine of information for me.

    I knew the Evidence Cable since a long time. I have already tried them on a friend’s pedalboard.I tried them with my gear, I switched with my cables, and the difference was absolutely radical. The Evidence’s Cables are pure, clear, and so musical.

    I’m building a big pedalboard with one Eventide Space, one Eventide Pitchfactor, one Strymon Mobius and one Strymon Timeline. The four are plugged into my lovely switcher/mixer Decibel Eleven Pedal Palette, that is plugged into the Serial looper of my Diezel Hagen. I control it with a MIDI Controler Diezel Columbus. A Suhr Buffer is between my amp and my guitar.
    I also use a compressor, a Effectrode PC-2A. I plug it in the Switchable Loop of the amp. Next month, I will receive a Midi Thru Box from Free The Tone, a Suhr Rufus Reloaded (one of the best fuzz I’ve ever, ever heard), and a TC Electronic Polytune 2 !
    I use a Eventide Powerfactor 2 for powering the two Eventide, the two Strymon, the Pedal Palette and the PC2-A.

    As I am sure you understood it, Solderless Cable from Evidence is the best solution for having a proper Pedalboard and a pure sound. That’s why I need such a kit cable ! I’m pretty sure I’d would be the happiest man on Earth… until I’ll find a new gear too expensive for me, off course !


  74. Greart review, very informative. You covered the concerns I have about cables.
    I particularly appreciated going over the “magic cables” claims.

  75. I love the idea that you can tailor them to length and that you can bend any way you want. I have some patch cables that are stiff as bridge cables and can’t bend at all so that my board is set up in a zig zag pattern. True story.

  76. This is the first time I’ve heard of Evidence Audio’s cables, actually. These definitely look like a great contender for my future board, though. My pedalboard has been growing lately and I’m still looking to expand. As of now, I’m planning to have 14 pedals on my board plus an expression pedal. The random assortment of patch cables that I’m using now is not going to cut it at that point so I’m definitely going to be replacing them. I like how the cable itself from Evidence doesn’t seem to be bulky and the plugs are thin enough to pack pedals tightly together on a board. Size is a great concern for me since I want to minimize any wasted space. Thanks for the review!

  77. I’m already using some these cables in my board. I’d love to win this set to completely change out to these guys and have some spares. I have a longer cable I use off the end of my board so, I can plug in a new pedal to test it’s settings before I decide whether it goes on the board and replaces something else. This makes it easier to manipulate the pedal controls while standing or sitting away from the board during the testing phase. I first got turned onto this concept of solderless plugs back in the early eighties with military surplus cables and ends. I love ’em. I ran crazy long cables and those plugs were the way to go for building/repairing cables. These SIS are the closest I’ve found to that original set of cables. They work great!

  78. This form of cabling looks great for what I am doing. Picked up an old analog effects programmer that i am going to use for loops, delays and reverbs through the amps effects loop and the dirt pedals through the front of the amp. I could use the SIS system to tighten my pedal system. Hope I win

  79. I really like the idea of a high quality, simple cable set up for a pedalboard. I have a bunch of pedals that I have yet to get on a board, and this system looks like it would be perfect for the least amount of space. Thanks.

  80. Must ………..win …………..competition !

    Some random blurb about tone and tidying up boards and stuff. Actually no, I don’t want to win this one, its just a piece of wire. Where are my dentures?

  81. Well….I’m putting together a new improved pedal board. I guess I’ll need some new and improved cabling to go with it. These will do nicely!

  82. I’ve used and like George L cables for years and I was interested in these cables from the first time that I saw them. As an electrical engineer I know the benefits of a Solid Core vs. Stranded Core and the 98% Shield Coverage.

  83. Not enough pedals–that’s me. More pedals means more patch cables needed. But wait. I don’t have any more patch cables. Okay, so that means fork out some more dollars on patch cables which means fewer dollars available for pedals. Uh oh. What to do? Hey, I know, leave a comment here and hope to win some Evidence Audio SIS Screw In Solderless patch cables. Gotta win these best cables for my best effects. Don’t hold me back, guys. Pick me–pick me to win some patch cables so I can free up $ to buy more effects.

  84. These cables are sweet!! So tired of soldering every time I need to make a new patch for a new pedal board configuration!

  85. Once I get more than a couple of pedals, it”l be a great thing to have. Meanwhile my friend is in need of chords for his patch bay so I can record. lol

  86. I have GAS. The only known cure is help with my crowded pedalboard. I usually use 9 inch long monster cables, but they are too long! Being to cut my cables to the size needed would be almost blissful! I await the plugs!

  87. Well, would be starting up collecting cheap pedals, and winning this will help for sure. Always wanted a huge pedal board, and knowing this was used by David Gilmour gives you an idea that it’s essential for everyone looking for a distinct tone, or something otherworldly.

  88. I’ve heard only but good things about these, they seem awesome, and easy to mount.
    I’m in the process of redoing my whole pedalboard, so will very likely go for these!
    Cheers for the review, and keep it up!

  89. Perfect timing for this well written review. I own a Pedal Train Pro w/ hard case and a Voodoo Labs Power Plus 2 to power it. Although I’m thinking I might add another Power Plus 2. But one thing is for sure, I’m in the market now to purchase a do it yourself pedal board patch kit. Or probably 2! Evidence Audio seems to really fit the bill. And the review was really informative filled with facts.As much reading of products and reviews I have to say I’ve never herd of Evidance Audio untill know. I think this is the company I’m gonna go with to finish off my board! Thanx BestGuitarEffects!

    • Very cool product. I’ve seen some cheesy DIY cable kits and am always skeptical. This looks like a winner though, I’m looking forward to checking it out.


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