JamPlay Review 2016 – Better Than Guitar Tricks?


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Key Benefits:

Large Lesson Assortment: 2nd largest online guitar lesson site on the Internet.

Great for Beginners: A solid choice for younger players who have never played guitar before.


Expensive: Costs 33% more than Guitar Tricks, the most popular and highest rated online guitar lessons site.

Customer Service: JamPlay offers only a 7-Day moneyback guarantee while their main competitor, Guitar Tricks, stands behind their service with a 60-Day moneyback guarantee.


JamPlay Review:

It’s challenging to write about JamPlay without comparing it to Guitar Tricks because that’s the one thing everybody seems to want to know: Is JamPlay better than Guitar Tricks?

To be fair, Guitar Tricks has been around a lot longer than JamPlay, so it’s understandable that Guitar Tricks is so much more popular with more active users than JamPlay. And Guitar Tricks has had more time to create the most effective guitar teaching lessons anywhere.

But JamPlay has a lot going for it. It’s one of the most effective tools on the Internet for learning how to play guitar. JamPlay are always working hard to create new lesson videos, and they have a growing database of lessons with plenty of useful tools for the novice player and developing guitarists of all skill levels.

Although Guitar Tricks has set the bar very high with so much high quality lesson content in virtually every style of guitar playing, JamPlay offers a great alternative approach that you may benefit greatly from. JamPlay does have more teachers than Guitar Tricks, including many professional guitarists from active touring bands. Getting a fresh perspective from a different teacher is one of the best ways to improve your skills, and this is one of JamPlay’s biggest strenghs.

JamPlay has been gaining popularity though, and it’s a good choice especially if you’ve already started with Guitar Tricks and are ready for a fresh perspective. Younger kids ready to play guitar for real instead of in the video games will also enjoy JamPlay if their friends are using it, too. And while many people pick Guitar Tricks as their first choice since they offer a 14-Day Free Trial, JamPlay has few nice incentives to make signing up worthwhile.

Here are 2 JamPlay coupon codes that will help you save some money when signing up for JamPlay’s guitar lessons:

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JamPlay Coupon Code “10% Off All Guitar Products“: 33C6CE

If you want to test out JamPlay for a month, use the 25% off JamPlay coupon code. If you’re thinking about signing up for, say, a 1-year membership, use the 10% off JamPlay coupon code. It certainly beats buying a bunch of tab books.


JamPlay is one of the better choices for online guitar lessons. There’s plenty to keep you busy as you learn the basics and improve your skills. If what’s important to you is having the very best tools available anywhere for learning how to play guitar or improving your skills, JamPlay is one of the best online guitar lessons sites out there. Using one of the JamPlay coupon codes above makes the deal even sweeter. We hope our JamPlay review helps make your decision easier. We think you won’t be disappointed.

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