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I must admit that when I first saw the Keeley Electronics D&M Drive, I wrote it off as just another dual overdrive pedal in a crowded market of such pedals. Even knowing that it’s a product of Robert Keeley’s renowned expertise at crafting outstanding overdrive and boost pedals and a collaborative effort with a couple guys who know thing or two about great guitar tones, I initially passed it over without giving it a second glance… that is, until nearly the end of 2017 when we were rounding up the Best Guitar Pedals of the Year, and our readers gave a massive show of hands that this was most definitely one of the year’s best pedals.

So I decided to try the D&M Drive largely on the merit of knowing that our readers are some of the most informed and knowledgeable effects aficionados around. And I’ve gotta say, you all spared us the shame and regret of possibly overlooking one of the best overall overdrive pedals to come along this year. So what’s the story here? Why is the D&M Drive such a big deal? Let’s put together a picture of the names behind this pedal; the reasons will become clear.


Drive to Perfection

Mr. Robert Keeley has had his fingers on the pulse of the boutique guitar pedal market for over 15 years. Since 2001 he and the Keeley Electronics crew have been modding and building custom pedals for guitar heroes including John Mayer, Brad Paisley, John Petrucci, and countless others. Any major style of boost, overdrive, and distortion pedal you can think of has probably been on Robert’s workbench at some point or another, and many of these classic circuits have been overhauled and refined into all-new Keeley Electronics pedals. While it could be argued that there are really only so many ways you can clip a diode and build a circuit around it, this is a pedal builder that has consistently found countless ways to squeeze every bit of sweet tone possible out of a box of wire and resistors.

Now enter Daniel Steinhardt and Mick Taylor, the two guys from whom the D&M Drive gets its namesake. Dan is the founder of The GigRig, a UK based company that specializes in building high-end effects switchers and utility products for professional musicians. Guitarists including Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, Andy Timmons, Noel Gallagher, and many other touring pros have relied on Dan’s careful attention to detail and tonal purity when crafting pedalboards that are would tour ready. Mick was previously an editor of UK’s Guitarist magazine, a gig which no doubt contributed to his own expertise when it comes to great guitar tones. Together Dan & Mick host That Pedal Show, one of the best resources for pedal related content on the Internet. If you have any doubt about the integrity of their ears for tone, head on over to their YouTube channel and peruse a few of their videos. If you love guitar effects pedals, you’ll likely be hitting the subscribe button before you leave.

So long story short – Robert Keeley, Dan, & Mick made a pedal. And it’s a good one. Here’s brief rundown of the D&M Drive’s features before we get into the nitty gritty.



  • 2 independent drive circuits – Boost & Drive
  • Boost & Drive modes may be used separately or together in either order (Boost → Drive or Drive → Boost)
  • Gain, Tone, & Level controls and bypass switches for each side
  • Order switch flips order of Boost & Driver channels
  • Top-mounted I/O and power jacks for minimizing pedalboard footprint
  • Optional TRS mode allows Boost & Drive to be routed to separate loops in an effects switcher.
  • True Bypass
  • Powered by 9VDC 55mA+ center negative power supply.

Visit Keeley Electronics for more info about the D&M Drive.



Sound & Performance:


Mick’s Boost

Let’s start from right to left. The Boost is Mick’s side of the pedal. It’s essentially a boost and low to mid gain overdrive. But it has a surprisingly wider range of use than is characteristic of your typical 3-knob overdrive. You often hear of overdrive pedals having specific sweet spots and applications that fulfill a specific purpose yet lack in overall versatility. Well, the D&M Drive’s Boost circuit is no slouch, and this side alone has plenty to write home about.

With the Boost side’s Gain knob turned all the way down, you can kick on the Boost and get a pleasing clean boost of volume. There’s plenty of volume on tap, so you can easily push an amp, another dirt pedal, or the Drive side into further overdrive. The mid-range is clear and not overly pronounced, yet it seems to have to enough subtle character to impart a little bit of pleasing extra flavor to your guitar signal. This makes the pedal surprisingly suitable to use as a tone enhancer, kind of like setting an Xotic EP Booster to unity gain for some extra tonal mojo. The Tone knob comes in handy here for attenuating your treble response to either add some extra sparkle on the top-end or warm things up by rounding off those highs, particularly useful for taming any harshness from a hotter single-coil bridge pickup.

One peculiar aspect of the Boost side is how the circuit seems to descrease in high-end response as you increase the Gain. This helps give the Boost side a warmer, more mid-focused boost when using it for typical overdrive purposes. I think most players will appreciate this subtle characteristic of the Boost circuit. The Tone knob works sufficiently enough for opening up the top-end a bit, but I second the notion of another publication’s review in wishing for some kind of Presence control. I’d be curious to hear how a Presence parameter placed before the Gain control might help keep that top-end open before it hits the dirt. But aside from that musing, it must be stated that the D&M Drive’s Boost circuit is very well developed and is likely to be the favored circuit among many discerning guitarists. As it stands, it’s easily one of my personal favorite boost/drive circuits.


Dan’s Drive

Now while Mick’s Boost side covers a few different bases, Dan’s side is primarily focused on delivered one thing: big, meaty drive tones. You could try to argue that there’s a few flavors in here, but it’s really all about big ‘ole dirt overdrive and distortion. You’ve just gotta decide how much you want.

The beauty of the Drive side is that it can provide all the dirt you need if all your your amp has is a clean channel, but if you pair it with a slightly hot and cracklin’ amp sound, you can get some beautiful drive sounds by pushing your crunch channel with this bad boy. That’s probably my favorite way to use it. Of course, if you are running into an amp with at least two channels, you can still find a middle ground setting with the Drive side that will work well with both.


Dynamic Duo

The really great thing about this pedal is that the circuits play off each other well. Just like how the two hosts of That Pedal Show bring different perspectives on gear with some overlapping tastes and an understanding of what they’re each bringing to the table, Dan & Mick have a pair of complementary circuits in the D&M Drive that offer something greater when their merits and strengths are combined.

A common setup in general and with this pedal is to run Boost before Drive. With the Boost First option you can get great results by keeping the Drive side to a more moderate setting and then slamming it a bit harder with the Boost to add some edge when ripping into a solo. Reverse the order of the circuits and a whole different set of possibilities opens up. You could just set the Boost for a lighter or moderate boost and get a really saturated lead tone when kicking on the Drive in front of it.


D&M Drive + Effects Switcher

The D&M Drive offers another very unique feature that sets it apart from other dual circuit drive pedals that came before it. Many professional guitarists have adopted pro-grade effects switchers (like the Free The Tone ARC-53M or Boss ES-8) to handle effects switching during live performances. This offers many advantages for gigging guitarists, most notably being able to control all of your pedals from a single condensed area rather than having to tap-dance all over your pedalboard. Dan came up with the clever idea of using TRS I/O jacks to allow guitarists to patch each circuit to separate Send/Return loops in their effects switcher. This lets you use both sides of the pedal from your switcher as you would from the pedal’s own foot-switches. This approach can also allow you to spread out the D&M Drive’s 2 circuits in your signal path with, say, a different favored overdrive pedal in between the D&M Drive’s Boost and Drive sections.



The Keeley Electronics D&M Drive is a top-tier dual overdrive pedal with two distinct circuits that work well together and are each capable of standing on their own. While many such “overdrive & boost” combo pedals feature solid drive circuits with a generic boost also on board, the D&M Drive boasts a roaring, hot-rodded Drive circuit and a Boost section that can cover a range of clean boosting and mid-gain overdrive sounds. Whether or not you’re a previous player of Keeley Electronics’ pedals or are familiar with That Pedal Show and its hosts, if you appreciate great overdrive tones, the D&M Drive has more than enough great tones to spare.

That concludes our Keeley Electronics D&M Drive review. Thanks for reading.


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    Love this pedal! I want something where I can boost the overdrive and know that it’ll sound great! This boost is designed for this overdrive so you get complete confidence in the tone quality. Right now I stack overdrives but it’s just not the same. I WANT THIS!!!!

  180. Ennio Milano says:

    Wow! Incredible

  181. David Rhoderick says:

    I love the idea of this pedal! I’ve had ideas to build something similar on my own but I have to say i trust Keeley to do a better job…

  182. Gerard Kalkman says:

    Would be awesome to add this on my pedalboard. Been looking for a great drive pedal a long time now and this seems to be it! Loving TPS and of course following Best Guitar Effects on Insta ;-) Hope I’m the lucky one this time :-)

  183. Richard Peloquin says:

    Thunder strucked by the sound possibilities of this wonderful piece of art.

  184. Roee Fliess says:

    I play many music styles and genres that require a versatile pedal, so the d&m seems just the thing for me. I have been following the page on Instagram for many months now and have learned alot about guitar effects from it. Would be thrilled to win the giveaway

  185. George Berry says:

    I want a mini Mick and dainty Dan at the disposal of my feet, enclosed in a box. The only way to make this pedal better is to have samples of their voices whenever you bypass either side.

  186. Andrew Bukreev says:

    I use EXH Big Muff with bass and dream about adding this stompbox to my pedalboard. Think, the sound will be colorfull

  187. Andy Newlands says:

    Love this pedal, sounds amazing and really want to try it out!

  188. Nephi Bitor says:

    Woah, this will be the new drive that I will love and will stay on my board til the rest of time

  189. Fran Canales says:

    I love this pedal, I think it’s so versatile. If the guys of that pedal show have a signature pedal, it have to be an incredible sounding machine, agree?

  190. Harrison Cole says:

    Awesome looking pedal!

  191. I’d use this pedal to submit my rockathon.

  192. Alec Nobody says:

    I’d use this drive to wipe away the tears I shed for subscribing to this list… #worthit

  193. Awesome pedal! Awesome review!!

  194. Tuval Pollack says:

    Have some schwang

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    Love the guys over at That Pedal Show and this seems like a versatile pedal. Would love to get my hands on one. Great review!

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    Grear review. Inspiring pedal!

  197. So many controls…So beautiful

  198. Bruno Salheb Moelas Ribeiro says:

    Kelley, fantastic as usual!

  199. Love the idea behind this pedal. Really would like to get my hands on one and try it out with my rig. Keeley makes great gear too.

  200. Nicholas W Merz says:

    Sounds good! I’d love to try it out (wink wink)!

  201. Awesome pedal. Keeley products are always top notch.

  202. Ibrahim Santiago says:

    I just love how it sounds and its response.
    The tone on both sides are SICK
    Really wish I can get my hands on one soon

  203. Love me some Dan and Mick “Hello” Taylor. Robert also seems like one of the most downright nicest dudes out there. Glad the pedal lives up to the people behind it.

  204. sean moore says:

    There’s a reason why Keeley is so renowned in gear circled between this and his oxblood you have some of the best pedals out there. Killer killer review. Nails it.

  205. Great pedal!

  206. Every single time I hear a demo of this pedal it sounds superb! They really got it nailed! If I got one of these I feel it would mark an end to the hunt my for my perfect drive pedal…

  207. Andrew R says:

    This pedal is a total monster, I love it. Plus, the color is super rad! Robert is a master, and this one of his masterpieces. It’s a must have for me

  208. Tony McCallie says:

    I would love to win one of these!

  209. great pedal, great review site

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  211. Sounds great. I don’t own an over drive. This one would be great to own.

  212. GAVIN WRIGHT says:

    Sounds really versatile!

  213. Poko Janssen says:

    Boy do I want one….. :)

  214. Kevin L. Gibbs says:

    HOLY COW!! So, versatile and just everything you need all rolled into 1

  215. What a cool pedal. Seems like it covers a lot of tonal possibilities!

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    This is soo cool!!!

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    What a sick dual-drive. The perfect drive solution for a compact board!

  218. Emma Wallace says:

    Now there’s a drive that could free up some space on my pedalboard

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    Keeley pedals are the best! Thanks for the in-depth review.

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  222. The perfect drive pedal! Robert keeley is a genius.

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  224. Nice tones!

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    These colors are amazing!

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    This pedal seems to cope with all my overdrive needs…

  227. Brandon J Howell says:

    Always enjoy TPS and this consistently good pedal in their shows.

    Now they just need a version with a third footswitch that thinks when someone drops a name!

  228. adam altman elefant says:

    It’s so rewarding to have a boost and overdrive in the same package. Saves room and power outlet

  229. Tamir Hativa says:

    looks and sounds amazing

    could remove a couple of boxes from my pedalboard

    great review by the way

  230. Pretty orange blossom

  231. Taylor Jacobs says:

    Keeley pumps out another beauty! Now if only I could get one…

  232. What a beauty, top mounted jacks and all!

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    Would love to get my hands on one of these! Incredible range of sounds

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  239. Sounds and looks an amazing pedal but hey… it’s a Keeley!

  240. PierPlan says:

    Love the concept ! Such a different use whether you choose one order or the other ! I wish i could I could add this one to my board.

  241. Mladen Mladenović says:

    Me and my friend play a acoustic Electric duo whenever we have free time and listen to Hendrix a lot. The pedal gives an awesome Hendrix kinda sound and is overall an awesome piece of gear. Really hope i get lucky with this giveaway.
    Cheers, Great review btw!

  242. Joseph Bertucci says:

    This would be a great addition to my non-existant pedal board!

  243. I like the boost better than the drive, but it’s a super tight pedal regardless!

  244. Trenton Adams says:

    Interesting with a pretty good spectrum of heaviness. I want!!

  245. Derek Stark says:

    I’m pretty sure a DM could remove 2, possibly 3, pedals from my board. And the TRS split opens some crazy clean / dry possibilities. Hnnng.

  246. That sounds amazing!

  247. Wow that’s rad

  248. Markus Opel says:

    Sounds like 5 Stars, Would be nice to check it out..

  249. Keeley pedals are top notch. I heard this pedal on youtube and really thought it was fantastic.

  250. Philippe Le Vourch says:

    very good sound.

  251. brian grover says:

    i’m curious if it would work well on a bass?

  252. Marco Gallerin says:

    I’d like to try these guys out!!!

  253. Andrew Yanes says:

    This is would be an awesome space saving pedal and it would help me hit the ground running as I build up a new pedal board for my sound!

  254. Very Nice!

    I need it!

  255. Nicholas Duba says:

    what a two for one! This pedal covers so much ground :)

  256. William Scott Thompson says:

    would love to take this one for a drive

  257. Lee Maxey says:

    what can I say – I want to win it! Plus I like Free Stuff!

  258. Definitely on the top of my list! Great pedal

  259. Encarna111 says:

    I love it because it is the perfect pedal to give a lot of cane to the guitar, with a perfect sound, it would be a pleasure to play with it, good luck! :)

  260. Kovács Pál says:

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  261. Beau Osland says:

    A dream pedal :)

  262. Cool pedal. Nothing groundbreaking, but mighty useful.

  263. Fantastic pedal. Got to have it!

  264. Awesome pedal by, in part, some awesome guys!

  265. Tamir Hativa says:

    Looks and sounds remarkable, wonder how it stacks up versus brothers/riverside…i think these type of dual drives are really the future

    and ofcourse – would love to try it myself :-)

  266. Stephane Lagace says:

    Great review guys!!

  267. That drive is world class, overdrive with distorted edges that is desperately aspiring to be a fuzz.

    I probably would have called it the overdrivydistortededgednearlyfuzz.

    Or distoveruzz…………

    Anyway,D&M drive is pretty good too and I need one.

    And sleep.

  268. Would love to put this pedal through its paces. I love the fact that it’s a two in one pedal, pedal board space and only taking up one loop in my switcher is a win in my book.

  269. wanna try it, gotta win it!

  270. Interesting idea!

  271. D. Michael Roberts says:

    Seems like they missed a potential marketing genius move; sampled phrases like “Cheerio”, “lovely”, or a honking horn accessed by secret dip switches or something.

  272. Serg Canales says:

    I’ll take five…

  273. Jeff Swanson says:

    Sounds like a real gem, I would love to save some space on my pedalboard with this!

  274. Nicosonic says:

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  275. two pedals in one… many options……would love to own one

  276. Robert Abernathy says:

    I’ve heard a bit of mixed reviews about this – would like to try it out myself!

  277. erik aagard says:

    Remarkable drive pedal. The sounds and options are superb.

  278. This pedal represents the best nthat overdrive has to offer. Options for days. I love TPS, trust their taste and would love to add this to my board. It is after all a Keeley!

  279. Fantastic pedal!

  280. Jonathan M says:

    Jon here, hello. I’d love to have a schwang.

  281. Rich Bencivengo says:

    anything from keeley is always top shelf!

  282. I would not mind giving this guy a shot at all.

  283. Richard Grier says:

    I hope all of my dreams come true and I win this pedal.

  284. James Reaves says:

    After watching the video on the new DM Drive Pedal I was really impressed with the warm, natural sounding Tube Tone in particular the Harmonic content. Great sounding Pedal….

  285. Nice review. Fingers crossed!

  286. Sounds great, I could happily have this on my board :-)

  287. Jeffrey Egan says:

    Love this pedal! Need it!!! Just got out of the Navy and I just wanna rock!

  288. I love that pedal show and this pedal. Keeley has been putting out some really top notch stuff lately.

  289. This is definitely on my pedal wish list. All demos I’ve seen on YouTube sound awesome! I’m getting the Keeley compressor at the end of this month, I’m really excited to finally own one of their pedals.

  290. Always loved the show. Seem like really down to earth guys.

  291. Spacesaver!

  292. Well off to the pedal show on youtube I go!

  293. I Love Keeley great pedals!

  294. This sounds great.
    I just purchased the keeley compressor after have tested about 10 different comp pedals. It is of the highest quality and surpassed my standards. I’m ready to test their products.
    I would use this drive to amplify my ambient effects
    And make the string arrangements I currently cover with my guitar sound more intense and dramatic

    Great review guys. Blessings!

  295. M. Alanis says:

    That Pedal Show rocks…and their Keeley pedal sounds awesome!

  296. Steve Comeau says:

    I love what Dan and Mick do on That Pedal Show and I think it’s so cool that Keeley honored them with this pedal.

    I’m so tempted to replace my stacked OCD and Tube Screamer with the D&M drive.

  297. Love the idea and the sound. I am sure I will but it soon, it will be an awesome addition to my Thorpy Gunshot and Fallout Cloud.

  298. Love the boost feature. I really need a keeley pedal.

  299. Marc Brule says:

    Love the tones! I would gladly swap it out with my Wampler Dual Fusion, or add it instead!

  300. Ahian Fernández says:

    I have a fine telecaster waiting for a overdrive, I’ve waiting for a cheap tube screamer but surely this pedal sounds better, I love it

  301. Paul Vainickis says:

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    Need to get me one of these stat…

  302. I am real happy with the quality & sound of my Keeley Monteray.
    There are quite a few of their pedals on my want list.
    I have seen several videos on the D&M Drive and love the amount of control over the overdrive sound and boost gain.

  303. A great variety of sounds. Dig this one!

  304. John Schmidt says:

    I want to try this pedal out! It sounds great on the demo.

  305. Dave Disley says:

    What a crackin’ little pedal. This could seriously replace the Fulltone FD2 that I currently have on my board. Thanks for the review, guys. Hopefully this will soon be in my tonal armoury.

  306. Ohh la la! Love the paint job on this! That boost/drive switch is sweet too!

  307. all the demos i saw of this pedal sounded great…
    plus this orange would sit great next to my ms-3!!

  308. D&M drive will fill the space where my JHS Angry Charlie & Ibanez TS808 used to be

  309. Jon Blackburn says:

    Wouldn’t mind taking this for a spin

  310. Bill Davis says:

    Keeley makes great pedals. Would love to have the D&M on my board.

  311. Gabriel Love says:

    This looks awesome!!! would love to try it!!!

  312. steve Archer says:

    Been a big fan of Keeley for a while now. Adding this to my favourite, always on, Super Phat Mod would be perfection. Well done on creating something that’s becoming a staple on many pedalboards already.

  313. Been tempted by this for a while, a compact solution *HONK!*

  314. Great stuff!

  315. Giuseppe Galato says:


  316. Morten Sigurd Westgaard Brua says:

    Been wanting to try this one! Sounds great!

  317. Looks like an amazing pedal. This is why I can’t just use multi-fx – the distortion will never be as good as a pedal like this…

  318. Martin Smith says:

    A KOT beater or a perfect companion for it?!

  319. Would love to have this one on my pedalboard!

  320. One of the best pedals ever. From two amazing guys …actually 3 with Keeley!!
    You can play nearly anything with this jewel. Really hope to get my hands on one of these…
    Cheers from Italy!!!

  321. Mick Dann says:

    I have a number of drive pedals (too many some would say) so it would be great to see how this one compares. The fact that its a Kelly pedal with input from Dan and Mick makes it worth investigating.

  322. Matthew Taylor says:

    Such a great team, I always love seeing them do what they love on Youtube. Would love to own this pedal!

  323. a double-drive is a good thing.
    just use one pedal and have two sounds – a boost and a drive.

    I still use a MXR doubleshot distortion, but in fact – it´s a distortion, not an overdrive….

    sound pretty good, this pedal!
    wanna get some! :-)

  324. What a monster it would be.

  325. Chris Parry says:

    I need all my dreams to come true and become a better guitar player… that’s what they said, so it must be true. How hard can it be?!!

  326. Manuel Cordero Rodriguez says:

    The Dan’s Drive is powerfull and the Mick’s Boost sound perfect. It’sgenial, two guitars in one pedal, Fender&GIbson sounds with only one pedal. Great

  327. David López says:

    I want one!

  328. This would fit perfectly on my small pedalboard!

  329. Christofer Swahn says:

    As a studio owner, boost and drive pedals are one thing you cant have too many of. Tone shapers like these goes a long way so yes please i would like to Windows this! :)

  330. you made me curious about this pedal. i would love to win it and try it out for myself!

  331. luis almendros says:

    Very good sounding pedal. Would like give it a try.

  332. That Pedal Show pedal!!

  333. Sound great.Love this guitar effect.

  334. Such a cool idea, perfect for shows where you don’t have a load of pedal space. Just grab this, a tuner, maybe a delay and I’m good to go.

  335. I’d like to try it

  336. Randal Davis says:

    would love to try this pedal with my newly modded stratocaster.
    humbuckers with splitter switches, have to add a briger/neck switch to get a Tele sound.

  337. Davide Spampinato says:

    Looks nice!

  338. It was never on my list, now it is… :) thanks for the classy review.

  339. M Davidson says:

    I have a license to drive, and would like to use it with this pedal.

  340. Wanna try this thing!!!

  341. Alexander says:

    This pedal sounds great. Very versatile drive. I would like this one :-)

  342. Tyler King says:

    Wicked nasty OD and a boost to boot? Some gnarly ingredients to generate some serious GAS. Maybe some farts too.

  343. Michael Ambrose says:

    Love Keeley’s products! Truly worth it!

  344. Oh boy! I had a chance to play through it once…. Both sides work perfectly together, just like the two chaps in the channel! Good luck everyone! fingers crossed!!

  345. Now that’s some clean dirt right there.

  346. It’s so good. Totally recommend it to everyone.

  347. Dries Franssens says:

    Sounds like a great pedal, I’d love to try it out!

  348. Joshua Metzger says:

    I really like the idea of having an overdrive and boost in one pedal . It is tough sometimes to get a boost and overdrive to sound good together so I can only assume that having both in one pedal would be like having a 2 channel amp , one channel for rhythm and the boost for leads . I own many many od and boost pedals and notice I can get a good amount of drive from an OD pedal like the Friedman OD or wampler Tumnus Deluxe , but to keep the tone in tact I would need a really really transparent boost pedal. I’m still to find a boost pedal with transparent and clean gain . Most boost I’ve ever tried add enough of there own color / saturation to where my tone becomes sterile , cold , or woofy and bass heavy . Now about OD’s , when it comes to overdrives I like to have control of my tone . There are different ways to get more highs or lows called a tone knob which either boost the highs which will even out bass heavy freq. or you can tame a shrill signal by adding more lows by just adjusting one knob ( genious! ) ok then comes essintally the amount of gain a person might need which is basically the overall sound of a pedal . Gain which is basically diode clipping is like salt , you don’t wasn’t to much and you don’t want to little , lately I realize I can get more 2nd even order harmonics using less gain which sounds better to my ears , the thing is you have to articulate your tone with your playing which takes more skill then applying a wall of white noise to hide behind , but if that’s your thing , go for it. With just these two features you can really get enough control where you wouldn’t need much anything else from an OD . I will say thIs I myself prefer a woody sound , typically the sound of my guitar and cab combined , so if done right you should be able to really hear the tone of your guitars wood and your speaker and cab wood with enough gain to push your tone forward . Thanks for anyone who took the time to read my short novel I just wrote lol

  349. Jordan Pankratz says:

    It’s Keeley so you know it’s good!

  350. marcelo barbero says:

    this would be great on my pedal board! goodluck everyone!!!

  351. Sean O’Donnell says:

    Love this pedal!

  352. I really wish my life were like this …

  353. Brett Walston says:

    This would replace the 2 drive pedals currently on my board.

  354. That pedal seems cool. I’d like to try it one day.

  355. David Outten says:

    Love that Pedal a show and love this site too. If you all say it’s good then it must be! Would die if this was on my board! Give my classic vibe tele a dirty friend

  356. Would love to add this to my board!

  357. Federico Ivan Kemp Briano says:

    Love the versatility and dinamics between the two sides, a must have for toneshaping.

  358. big fan of D&M drive

  359. Yonathan Randyanto says:

    I always think `mid` overdrive will pair well with other drive and I need to have them both in my pedalboard. With D&M, now I only need one effect pedal :)

  360. Calvin Phua says:

    Keeley forever!!

  361. john fuzek says:

    big bang for a little box…awesome stuff…

  362. Great review, seen a few reviews of this pedal but I don’t think anyone has explained the trs i/o through the effects loop better than this, even Dan and mick.

  363. CJ Johnson says:

    This pedal is genius. There are other drive pedals with a boost feature out there, like the Fulltone Fulldrive 2, but the boost doesn’t operate independent of the drive. Not only can you operate both sides of D&M Drive independently, but you can choose which is first in the signal chain!!!! Simple and so necessary. I would love to see more artist collaborations like this.

  364. Thomas Cerra says:

    I sure could use D&M pedal in my chain!

  365. WANT IT!

  366. This D&M definitely would provide tone greatness to my sound

  367. Randy W Kirkpatrick says:

    Just what the doctor ordered. Great features, versatile pedal. I would love to add this to my board.

  368. It looks so juicy! I want one.

  369. Keeley does nice work.

  370. Bruce Rainier says:

    Drive is Massive

  371. Always loved the idea of a double whammy drive/boost pedal, being able to switch the order of them is fantastic too, plus who doesn’t want a little Dan and Mick on their boards? ;)

  372. I am already a like on all the social media, and boy, oh boy would my pedalboard love to cozy up to this amazing pedal!
    Let’s make that happen! Mojo! Mojo! Abracadabra Mojo!

  373. Nice!

  374. It’s great that there are a couple of people in the pedal market that can still surprise you once in a while.

  375. If this thing is good enough for John Mayer, Brad Paisley and John Petrucci, it’s probably good enough for me! Looking forward to trying one soon!

  376. Lol @ the faces, cool pedal

  377. Keeley makes such great pedals, no surprise that this one sounds great too. Looking forward to trying one soon!

  378. Gary Plaus says:

    Nice! Gotta love Keeley!

  379. Nic Bagherpour says:

    I keep hearing great things about Keeley Electronics. This pedal looks pretty sweet!

  380. Eduardo Ferreira says:

    I wanna it!!! I am looking for a good over drive

  381. Well done (again) Keeley!

  382. Best pedal of 2017. So much flexibility.

  383. James Rymell says:

    This sounds like something very top shelf that I would love to try!

  384. Shawn Reese says:

    I have been thinking of getting a dual pedal for some time. I use separate boost and distortions now, and this has the added flexibility of signal routing, with the bonus of not adding the background noise of 2 pedals. The tones are infinitely useful from grit to crunch, live or in recording. Everything Keeley makes sounds fantastic, so I’m in!

  385. Been a fan od Mick and Dan for years and this pedal is awesome

  386. I always enjoy your reviews and this one is no different. I have used Analogmans KOT v4 pedal for years and I would like to try this one.
    I’ll wait for you to send it.

  387. I’m a huge fan of TPS, and have been curious about the D&M Drive for a while. My gain staging currently consists of a Big Muff Nano going into a Way Huge Green Rhino. The Fuzz/TS clone combo is really nice for having the individual sounds and then stacking them for a more Gilmore-ish lead sound. However, I’d love to add in a more transparent OD, and a true distortion pedal to my rig.

  388. ♠️

  389. Matt Overton says:

    enjoyed the article and enjoy that pedal show

  390. Chris Kidd says:

    Sounds interesting.

  391. jeff hinkle says:

    keeley makes grand pedals and the Pedal show guys have great ears. This review makes me long to own this pedal!

  392. Rawkin!!!

  393. Darryl Robbins says:

    I’ve followed That Pedal Show for awhile, and I can’t say anything more than I don’t just want this pedal, I LUST for this pedal!! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! THIS IS IT for me! It is THE ONE!!!

  394. Seth Okrend says:

    Spounds great!

  395. Henry Betancurt says:

    Amazing sound, love the boosted drive!!!!

  396. Keeley crushes.

  397. Lexifer says:

    Nice, two deals in one box! Sign me up. Fingers crossed for the draw! :)

  398. Great sounding pedal. Love TPS.

  399. Jordan Chulski says:

    I’d love to give this dual overdrive a try!

  400. sounds like perhaps the best dual drive since the rook royale ! would love to find out!

  401. Darren Hamilton says:

    This pedal sounds off like even harmonics I love this pedal

  402. Nic Saxton says:

    Oh man, I could do some sweet lofi sounds with this!

  403. Ben Greer says:

    Love the ability to wire it up as two separate pedals when using a switcher, would work great with my Musicomlab EFXIV!

  404. This drive has such a full tone!!

  405. Douglas R. Cobb says:

    I’d love to win this DM Drive pedal — the review is very thorough, and I definitely could use this sweet, rockin’ dual overdrive pedal! It has two distinct but complimentary sides, together spelling R-O-C-K N R-O-L-L!

  406. Jason M. Bennett says:

    An awesome combination! Dan and Mick are an awesome pair on camera and pedal!

  407. Ignacio says:

    Great drive pedal! Love TPS and Keeley!

  408. BGE always has the best giveaways. Fingers crossed I win this years standout dual dirt pedal the Keeley D&M.

  409. Mattson Coffman says:

    Keeley kills it every time!

  410. Kourosh Abbaspour says:

    looks sick brah

  411. I want this pedal!!!

  412. Part of me wants to thank you for reviewing this pedal that I’ve heard other good things about, another part of me wants to curse you for confirming all the good things I’ve heard and putting yet another toy on my “must have” list!

  413. Mike Freed says:

    This has got to be one of the best sounding, coolest looking pedals around!

  414. Jack Feerick says:

    Sounds like just what I need. I keep my pedal setup pretty simple: just chorus, delay, and wah. I usually relying on amp distortion for my dirt. But because I often use an EBow—which pushes a super-hot signal right from the pickup—I keep my amp gain pretty low and my treble rolled off. Consequently, my lead playing doesn’t always punch through when I’m *not* using the EBow. The D&M looks like a good solution for boosting and shaping my solo tone with a simple, intuitive layout. Looking forward to trying one!

  415. Rodrigo Sanchez says:

    I’m always intrigued when I’m watching that Pedal sShow and hear an awesome overdrive sound, expecting it to be the KOt or something else, but it’s the D&M! Would love to have this guy on my board for sure!

  416. John Ellis says:

    I would love to have this two faced drive!

  417. Matthew Mills says:

    It looks like I have a new drove to obsess over

  418. Such an amazing guitar pedal. I love being able to swap the order of the two effects so easily.

  419. I got the comp Pro, had a small issue, and Keeley’s customer service were beyond helpful. And on top of that, they make amazing pedals like this beast!

  420. Jeff Gottlieb says:

    Been wanting one of these since they came out!

  421. Jason Sanders says:

    I need this in my life. So much.

  422. Very Meaty! Loving the boosted drive!!

  423. john j pioli says:

    This pedal is a must for the sound I want

  424. A lot of thought went into the Keeley D&M drive. It does it all. I would love for it to do it all for me. I have a two knob Keeley comp that I love. Used to have one of his Katana clean boost mini’s. Well built & designed pedals. I’ve been wanting a dual drive pedal for quite a while.

  425. Kiran Roy says:

    Looks/sounds nice

  426. Kiran Roy says:

    Looks/sounds nice :)

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  430. Matthew Kopecky says:

    Sounds great. I’m glad you can pick the order.

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    I’m in need of a new drive pedal to replace my Big Muff Drive pedal. I really liked the sound of my last pedal but it did need more too end so I’m hoping this drive pedal will have the right sound and keep all my frequencies.

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  446. Sweet.

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    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying this amazing pedal, but from what I’ve heard and seen on the web it looks astounding and sounds terrific!! :D I would love to play with it

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    so cool!

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    Need it

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  472. I think this colaboration is great!

  473. would love to check this pedal out. keeley’s compressor is already on my board, maybe this will make it too.

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    It’s a really good effect, great sounding with a lot of dynamics, well constructed. when the pedal builder meets the pedal expert the result cannot be a good thing.

  475. I don;t know that it would make me a better guitar player, but it wold sure be fun trying. Great sound.

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    Yummy pedal, and a well-written review…nice work!

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  484. All this thing needs is a three band eq for the drive side.

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  486. That dual personality is nice!

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    Haven’t owned an overdrive before so it would be fun to win.

    It sounds great and according to them, “It will make you a better guitar player and all of your dreams will come true.”

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    Looking forward to plugging into the D&M Drive. I’ll be comparing it against Pettyjohn and Kingsley drive pedals.

  489. Teodor Nicula-Golovei says:

    I’m a regular viewer of TPS, but was a little sceptic about the DM drive precisely because of the hype around it. I can’t really know if the scepticism is righteous or not without trying it, right? That’s why I’d also love to win it! Also, great article!

  490. David Krauss says:

    I would need to experiment with the Keeley Electronics D&M Drive to determine the best way to use it because of the different configurations that are possible.

    It’s a tough job but I’m up to the task!

  491. stanton says:

    this would look great next to all of the other pedals you have forced me to buy! thanks for your hard work.

  492. Enjoy their show and the pedal sounds great.

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  494. Thomas Keidel says:

    I would use this in addition to my Carl Martin Quattro, mainly for the Boost, but also if I wanted a more searing lead sound when playing above the 12th fret.

  495. “Keeley Electronics D&M Drive” Brilliant idea! What took the industry so long to make a combo pedal like this. I currently use 2 separate pedals for these functions now on my board. Would love to do it with just this one!

  496. Dave Speakman says:


  497. I want to win this

  498. I’ve seen the guys at The Pedal Show playing this miracle box so many times and it always sounded extremely good. It would be a great piece of improvement in my board. Keep up the good work boys.

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  509. Andy Simmons says:

    Great review. I think I would love this with my Cornford Roadhouse combo for pushing the amps boost mode into full saturation, and to use the Mick boost on the pedal to slightly push the hint of break up sound I usually play through. Awesome.

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    Wow! Sounds great – love how it has a heaviness but retains its clarity.

  511. I tune in every week for MIck and Dan’s show and it’s helped me immensely with my tone.

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  525. This is the kind of pedal that can replace all the dirt needed on a pedalboard… the boost side is the real winner in my opinion!

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  528. It certainly sounds great for getting regular guitar tones. I can’t wait to see what other kinds of crazy noise I can make with it!

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  536. deheuvels says:

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  537. Kane Janowsky says:

    As I follow That Pedal Show I have seen this one get quite a bit of use, and it sounds sweeet, I own Keeleys Aurora Reverb and Compressor Plus so I know he builds quality stuff (absolutely love the Aurora great for light reverb as well as a beautiful ambient machine

  538. Tom Dembinski says:

    Love my Keeley pedals – Oxblood and an MS30 – top quality – I’m sure the D&M pedal is a rock solid piece of kit – on the short list for sure when next the board gets a refresh

  539. Tom Dembinski says:

    Love my Keeley pedals – Oxblood and an MA30 – top quality – I’m sure the D&M pedal is a rock solid piece of kit – on the short list for sure when next the board gets a refresh

  540. Thomas DiSanto says:

    That Pedal Show is a must watch for me. No matter what level your playing is at, you could learn a lot from Dan & Mick’s exploration of every question every tone chaser asks themselves while in pursuit of their ideal sound. Top that with one of the best pedals on the market….its awe inspiring. Love Keeleys pedals. Love that pedal show. This is a win win.

  541. This pedal has been on TPS a lot and actually intrigued me a lot to spend that little more cash on quality pedals. I can’t wait to have one to call my own!

  542. I’ve gone through about 7 different drive pedals in the last year and keep thinking this dual drive/boost may be the way to go.

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    It sounds great in all the demos and on their show, definitely on my list of pedals I’d love to own. I’m currently stacking rat and walrus audio voyager and mayflower as my ODs. I’m thinking I could get the same tones with just one pedal which would be great for pedal board real estate

  550. I currently own a Wampler Dual Fusion, but this is a far better fusion, IMO

  551. Would love to own one of those!

  552. Marshall Conn says:

    I’ve been using my RAT in lower settings for overdrive, and I love it, but I would love more overdrive options to open up my tone capabilities!

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    That Pedal Show is amazin! So many of my purchases were based on their reviews.

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  562. BJ Feltner says:

    Always been a fan of RK, his mods, and his pedals. If you have ever
    watched TPS, then you would know that this pedal has to be absolutely top notch.

  563. Tulio Andrade says:


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    Love That Pedal Show, but a question haunts me regarding that pedal: will I put Mick into Dan or Dan into Mick? Hmmm…

  583. That switcharoo option is awesome.

  584. Michael says:

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  585. Ricardo says:

    This looks pretty sweet. May I have it?

  586. Chris E says:

    This pedal was always intriguing to me because I have a boost and gain already but it would be awesome to just have it all in one and be able to change the stack order at will.

  587. Julian B. says:

    Very complete review! Boost + drive designs are awesome!

  588. Gimme

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    Seems like a very meaty pedal that would be a blast to play through!

  591. Callan Turner says:

    Been watching these guys since their PodCast/WebCast started. The ability to have both Boost and OverDrive in the one pedal just nmakes sense. The ability to change the order of the effect makes ‘perfect’ sense. I trust bot the That pedal Show Guys and Keeley products to get the tomb=ne perfect. So many great reviews for this pedal. You cant go wrong.

  592. Derek Sasaki says:

    I would love to win a Keeley D&M Drive ! A bitchen pedal for sure ! If I won it it would go on my pedal board immediately and used every chance I play my guitar rig ! Stoked and excited about this excellent contest/giveaway ! Keeley pedals are of high quality and craftsmanship !

  593. Blue Tarin says:

    I’ll take 1 D&m drive please !

  594. Jonathan McCOmbs says:

    Really hope I win so I can play some jazz fusion.

  595. Edward Larman says:

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    This looks like the drive and boost worthy of any guitar head!
    Especially considering the drive has a beard! Adding to my watch list!

  597. Drive to Perfection… want to have:)

  598. This looks like the swiss army knife of oberdrive/distortion/boost pedals! I would like one vert very much! ;)

  599. Cameron Weatherford says:

    Love the versatility of this drive! Dying to try one out! Would work wonderfully between by Xotic RC Booster and Klone By Tone Overdrive.

  600. Sam Moon says:

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  601. Love dual drives

  602. Nathanial Mendenhall says:

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    This would be perfect with my setup and my SG would
    probably play nicely with both drives.

  604. Seth Okrend says:

    Sounds great!

  605. D&M drive — is that something like S&M? haha, hope to try it out soon!

  606. Matt Stutts says:

    I’ve been using a Chase Bliss Audio Brothers and though this doesn’t have MIDI, I’d love to compare the two pedals.

  607. mel jones says:

    Great rating on the D&M Drive–now I’m ready to take it for a test drive.

  608. David Polidoro says:

    probably one of the most perfect low to medium gain 2-in-1 boost & overdrive pedals on the market today

  609. This seems to be the perfect pedal for my Tele :)

  610. Love how versatile this pedal is. Thanks for the great reviewS.

  611. Hans Werner says:

    I mainly use a AC/RC overdrive and I think the D&M would fit very well for my lapsteel guitars.

  612. Stefan Vos says:

    Dan and Mick are legends! This would be a welcome addition to my ‘board.

  613. Raul Märjama says:

    Sweet pedal, would fit nicely next to Keeley Caverns

  614. WILLIAM SLOAN says:

    Every video inhave seen of ithers demoing it make me want it, but currently the funds have been lacking for gear!

  615. Peter Homoki says:

    the sound is great, the colour is great too

  616. Michael says:

    looks awesome

  617. Robbie Yates says:

    I’d love to try one, but green or orange????

  618. brian phillips says:

    This is a great pedal!

  619. Michael Ernest says:

    I can always count on Keeley’s spectacular toys. I simply love both circuits.

  620. Roger Williams says:

    Robert is the Master Of Overdrives and this one is a masterpiece!!

  621. Aaron Benner says:

    Very useful review. I had not heard of your site before. Found this because Robert Keeley posted about it. I will definitely be checking out the rest of your site. Cheers.

  622. Silas Garrett says:

    I’ve heard it’s pretty great.

  623. Alex Breyer says:

    I need this! Pick me to win please.

  624. John Harzan says:

    So rad! Need one of these on the board

  625. Luis Flores says:

    Own a few Keeley pedals and this overdrive does not disappoint.

  626. SheldonE says:

    One of the best ODs ever!

  627. Brent Stewart says:

    The demos I’ve heard sound great – I’d use this at every gig!

  628. Stacking OD’s is my favorite way to discover new tones. Keeley + The Pedal Show is a combo I can get behind! Every review of this this speaks nothing but high praises. Not only that, but I am lucky enough to attend NAMM every year and every year, I stop by the Keeley booth and those dudes are nothing but the best guys ever!

  629. Awesome pedal, I’m using a Fuchs Cream ll now and I love it, Id love to win this one and have a little more tonal variation

  630. Have you guys seen the photo of Robert Keeley and Dweezil Zappa with the custom finish D&M drive?! I emailed Dweezil asking if he’d sell to me.

  631. Mo Gottschall says:

    What a sweet pedal! Keeley always kills it!

  632. Love Keeley stuff, and love That Pedal Show…
    Here’s hoping I win and this pedal comes to the UK where it belongs!

  633. Joshua Litsey says:

    Cool pedal hope it can be mine

  634. Hugo J. Reis says:

    Haven’t seen a single review of this pedal after which I’m not kicking myself for not having the money to get one. Sounds awesome and it’s super versatile, very well put together and thought out.

  635. Tyler Hale says:

    I’ve got a Route 66 that is similar, but this looks amazing. I would love to have this on my board!

  636. Jeff Axelrod says:

    Love TPS, hope I win. Curious about these dual OD/boost pedals

  637. Luke Reed says:

    Looks amazing. Hope they have it at Sam Ash so I can check it out.

  638. David Bagyo says:

    It must be dope; this pedal is a hot topic like literally everywhere. I’m yet to try one out tho.

  639. Michael Perkins says:

    This looks to be a mighty fine addition to any board, hope I get to be the lucky person to check it out. Thank You!

  640. Artem Tsoy says:

    Sounds amazing!

  641. Pascal Cloutier says:

    This seems to be the swiss army OD/BOOST pedal around! I’d like to win one! ;)

  642. Chris Faricy says:

    Tone Sculpting is what the Keeley Electronics D & M Drive is All About!
    Please PICK ME to win this Awesome Pedal.

  643. I would use it immediately, I am starting playing in pub bands again after years of solo acoustic. Seriously need a good tone, and Keeley is wonderful stuff. I cant afford it in New Zealand… please bless me with the opportunity to own this !

  644. Bonjour
    Je me la faut..
    Je n’ai pas encore de pédale Boost/Overdrive,
    Mais j’ai une KEELEY Compressor 2
    Je viens de découvrir votre site.Bravo.!!!
    Thierry Valtat

  645. Laurent de couesbouc says:

    This pedal is just blowing my mind at every demo of it…
    I need to give a try, and hear for myself! desire is strong on this one…

  646. Karlo Vlainic says:

    Great pedal!

  647. Sean Giffney says:


  648. José Contreras says:

    Great versatility!

  649. Deke Roberts says:

    You know what? I like Keeley, and I like Dan and Mick, and I really wanted to like this pedal, but it doesn’t quite make it for me. It’s a handy touch being able to decide whether you want the drive or the boost to go first,but once you’ve decided, that’s it, you’re not going to keep stooping down to switch them over, and I have several pedals that, for me, do boost and/or drive better, that I can connect together. Yeah, it’s just one more lead that can fail, a little more space on the board gone, but the bottom line is I think they individually do the job better,

    If.I were to use a twofer pedal for drive and boost I think I would take the odd step of using the Bigzed Infinity pedal, ’cause unless Zed made some changes to the design after the proof-of-concept that I bought, the supposed compressor makes a great drive, and the drive side makes a great booster. Who cares if it’s wired weird? I like what comes out the other end, and that’s what matters.

  650. Silviu Ungureanu says:

    This effect will be awesome.I beat that this efrect will increase the magic in my exercise at guitar and send me to the heaven of guitarists.Thanks for this giveaway.You are awesome.

  651. Tobbe Eek says:

    Looks versatile, I would love to try it out!

  652. Boost and drive. Perfect. Sounds amazing.

  653. Keely and Dan and Mick here, hello! This is an incredible combination with useable features.

  654. Kerrin Sharpley says:

    Is this the perfect combination of drive in one pedal? It certainly sounds great! Well done Robert Keeley!

  655. JoeWannaRoll BALDUS says:

    I Love Dan & Mick, they do the BEST F*%#ING Demo’s!!!

  656. Keeley makes such great stuff.

  657. Giuseppe says:

    Amazing device

  658. Lorenzo Paoletti says:

    I saw this one on their channel, amazing sound!

  659. Joshua George says:

    I recently found your website while searching for reverb pedals. I love the way you break down the review. l would love this pedal on my board. Keep up the good work!

  660. I still prefer “fuzzerdrive” generally, but that’s much better than I would have expected.

  661. Every pedal from Keeley should now come with a booster. Thing is freaking cool!

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  663. This would look nice next to my Hudson Broadcast ;)

  664. Dying to try This!!!

  665. David Sutherland says:

    i would love to add this to my board!

  666. Elijah Lackey says:

    This pedal is awesome. Not only is it one but 2 pedals in one made by the almighty Keeley Electronics. From trying it at Guitar Center, I know it’s a solid pedal, that sounds great. I think it would make an awesome overdrive and a great boost for me or anyone who uses it. I would make it a mainstay on my pedalboard. In my opinion the best overdrive I have heard in a long time!

  667. forget about it. this little guy has so many little features. plus, it’s dan and mick here, hello!

  668. Sebastien says:

    Great pedal Honk honk!

  669. Jeremy Bernstein says:

    Love the ability to move the boost first or second! Great sounding pedal. Another winner from Keeley!

  670. This is really driving me.