Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 Review – Best Dual Fuzz Pedal?


The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 is the most straight-up rock ‘n roll fuzz pedal I’ve ever played. Don’t bother reading my review. Go buy it.

Okay, maybe you should know a little more about it first. Well, it’s 2 awesome fuzz pedals in 1. You can play through them both at the same time in parallel, and if you do, epicness ensues. Is that enough for you?

Fine, fine, I’ll do this thing right. Here goes…

The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 has a long and complicated history. None of it really matters, but here’s the short version anyway…


The Tale of the Silver Rose: A Effected Fairytale

Once upon a time… a boutique company made a pedal called the Silver Rose. Legend has it that this pedal was sort of a collaboration with Billy Corgan. (You know, the dude from The Smashing Pumpkins who’s really into fuzz pedals?) Turns out he wasn’t really feeling the original Silver Rose and didn’t want to be associated with it (or something like that). Then later that pedal company that made the Silver Rose sort of went out of business. (Wow, this story’s kind of a bummer, huh? Hang in there! The good parts are coming up!)

Then Dwarfcraft Devices, the heroes of this tale, appeared and were all like, “Hey, this company’s pedals are awesome! Let’s buy the brand, keep making them, and let rock reign supreme!” (They probably didn’t say anything like this, but you get the idea.) So they bought the brand, made the things, and then they were like, “Hey, let’s make something new and awesome, to like, revitalize the brand and stuff. Hail rock ‘n roll!” (Again, this part may have happened a little differently.) Anyway, I’m guessing they thought the Silver Rose was a cool idea and decided to make it better. So they did. And all was good.

The En…
Oh wait, I forgot something.

Dwarfcraft Devices originally branded it as the Devi Ever FX Silver Rose V2, but then they were like, “Nevermind, this pedal is a 100% original design and uses absolutely no part of the original brand’s Silver Rose pedal. Dwarfcraft, it is!” (…or something like that.) Anyway, I think that’s close enough. At least those are the most important bits.

The End. For Serious.


The Silver Rose Returns

There are a few things to be said about what the Silver Rose was and what it is now. The original idea was to combine 2 epic fuzz pedals, a “Big Muff” style fuzz and a “Super Fuzz” variation, into one beautiful behemoth of a pedal that would provide guitarists/bassists near endless means to morph and merge those sounds. It was a truly inspired undertaking. Dwarfcraft Devices didn’t have schematics for the original pedal, so they decided to revamp the whole concept. The only things carried over from the original Silver Rose are the idea and the name. The rest is pure sonic inspiration.


The left side of the Silver Rose V2, the “EC FUZZ” section, is a modified version of Dwarfcraft’s own Eau Claire Thunder, a Muff-style fuzz pedal known for its raging fuzz chaos. The EC FUZZ has familiar Volume, Tone, & Gain knobs, a Tone switch for removing the Tone knob from the circuit, and a Warp switch for kicking up the insanity.


On the right side of the pedal is the “SUPER” section which draws inspiration from the old “Super Fuzz” style pedals from decades past. Dwarfcraft had a look at some old schematic and then just ran with it, doing their own thing over here. This side gives you knobs for Volume, Bias, & Gain as well as a Mids switch for scooping the mids and increasing the bass.

Both fuzzes are routed into a master EQ section. There’s an EQ switch which activates Treble & Bass knobs, providing +/-10dB of boost or cut. A Clean knob controls dry level, letting you blend in your clean signal. You can also use the Clean Out to route your dry signal to another amp or effects chain.

Basically, what you really have here is the ultimate Dwarfcraft Devices fuzz pedal that nods to the original Silver Rose in concept, but totally reinterprets the idea. Make sense? Good. Let’s move on. Here’s a quick feature rundown.


  • Two fuzzes in one with ultimate control
  • Separate switchable active EQ provides 10dB of boost or cut
  • Clean blend knob and Clean Out for parallel processing
  • True Bypass
  • Powered by 9VDC power adapter (35mA).

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Sound & Performance:

Where do I begin? The Silver Rose V2 is rock ‘n roll in a box. From the moment you plug it in press Engage, an aural assault of fuzz ensues. It doesn’t care if your ears bleed. It doesn’t care if that ska band rehearsing next door can’t stand the noise you’re making. It doesn’t care if you blow your freakin’ speakers (but you might, so watch those volume levels!). For some, It’s a medicine best served in small doses until you learn your tolerance. For others, the Silver Rose V2 is your new fuzz mistress. Those who can’t hang with her cat ‘o nine tails to the jewels, maybe this pedal just ain’t for you. But let’s start one thing at a time and see what this pedal is all about..

Before you just kick this thing on and blast your amp into fuzzy oblivion, roll down both Volume knobs and the Clean knob. From there, activating the pedal will save your speakers (this thing can get loud!) until you get a feel for the intricacies of dialing it in.


Dwarfcraft-Devices-Silver-Rose-V2-Best-Dual-Fuzz-Pedal-03Raising up the Volume on the Super side brings in a decidedly vintage flavor of fuzz. On the left side of the Bias spectrum the fuzz is more stable and articulate. Bringing the Bias to the right makes things more sputtery with full clockwise being great for 8-bit fuzz sounds. The key to dialing in those quirky, semi-gated sounding fuzz effects is to not completely max the Gain but push it towards the 3 o’clock area. But you can also crank it up and dial back your guitar’s volume knob for similar effect.

For more versatility the Mids switch completely inverts the frequency emphasis of the SUPER side. Suddenly, your mids are sucked out and the top and bottom seem to have greater impact. This is worth exploring throughout the range of Gain and Bias settings. Whether going for thick slabs of chordal riffage or synthy fuzz single notes, try the Mids switch in both positions to see what works for you.


Dwarfcraft-Devices-Silver-Rose-V2-Best-Dual-Fuzz-Pedal-04Once you get an awesome sound from the SUPER section, cut down its Volume and raise the Volume on the EC FUZZ side. You’re now in a whole parallel universe of fuzz freedom. The 3 knob setup should be familiar to anyone who’s ever played a “Big Muff” style pedal before. One handy feature is the Tone switch. I personally love the option of being able to remove the Tone knob entirely on a Muff-style fuzz. This gives you a full frequency wall of fuzz that just… kills! While that’s a monstrous feature to have in its own right, the Tone knob is voiced exceptionally well in that it doesn’t excessively cut your low-end when emphasizing the higher frequencies. This will entice you to just leave the Tone knob in the circuit most of the time.

The Warp switch manages to make the EC FUZZ a bit more intense without spiraling into oscillating feedback territory. You can get extreme fuzz grind while maintaining control. Even with Warp on and both Gain knobs maxed, the Silver Rose V2 is incredibly playable in its own raunchy way. Very nice.

Once you dial in a sound you like on both sides, bring up both Volume controls to make worlds collide. This is where the magic happens. Each side of the pedal is unique and awesome, but it’s all about the alchemical marriage of the Silver Rose V2’s yin and yang. While it’s fun to just randomly experiment with different sounds, you’ll start to recognize how to apply each fuzz to greater effect. For example, cut the Mids on the SUPER side and dial in the Tone of the EC FUZZ to fill in the empty space. Or combine a treble or bass heavy EC FUZZ sound with a mid-focused SUPER sound. Don’t forget about bringing in your dry signal via the Clean knob if you want a little extra clarity. Bassists might find that more useful for maintaining some low-end definition.

Dwarfcraft-Devices-Silver-Rose-V2-Best-Dual-Fuzz-Pedal-05The EQ section is particularly useful for putting the final touches on your fuzz creation/abomination. If there’s a little too much action happening on the high or low side of the spectrum, engage that EQ switch and tweak the Treble & Bass to taste. These knobs can be useful even if you’re just using one side of the pedal. Say the SUPER’s Mids switch scoop is too dramatic for you, cut on the EQ and roll down the Treble & Bass while boosting Volume for a less scooped sound. Or when using the EC FUZZ with a bright Tone setting, boost the Bass EQ for a more prominent low-end as well. Lots of potential here.

Dwarfcraft-Devices-Silver-Rose-V2-Best-Dual-Fuzz-Pedal-06The Clean Out could be useful in some situations. You could send your clean signal to yet another fuzz pedal if you’re crazy enough. Or you can process your guitar with an entirely separate signal chain altogether. This won’t be an essential feature for most users, but I’m sure some creative effect junkies out there will find some use for it. Also, it’s important to emphasize that even if you’re not using the Clean Out, the Clean knob still lets you blend your clean signal in with your fuzz.

The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 packs in a lot of awesome. The only things to nag about are the signal noise and the foot-switch being so close to the clean knob. (Top-mounted input/output jacks would have been nice, too, but might have messed with the symmetrical knob placement.) Even with the 2 Volume knobs rolled down, you’ll always hear a higher than usual level of signal noise from this pedal. The good news is that this will most likely be a non-issue in a loud band setting. When you engage the Silver Rose V2 you’ll most likely be pummeling your audience with a wall of fuzz that will drown out all background noise. I stopped noticing it after a while. Considering this pedal will probably find most use among guitarists looking for extreme distortion and fuzz sounds, the noise floor won’t matter when you’re strumming non-stop through your setlist.

But if your stage performance is as high-energy as the sounds from this pedal, you might want to apply a little restraint and carefully step on the Engage foot-switch to avoid moving the Clean knob with your foot. If you put the Silver Rose V2 in an effects switcher, this is a non-issue. For me, I’d rather see Dwarfcraft have done without the Clean knob & Clean Out and have added a 2nd foot-switch with a Gate function. (Bassists are shaking their fists as some of them will find the Clean function essential to retain definition of their low-end. My bad, y’all.) Or even with the Clean/Clean Out functions, an extra foot-switch could have been placed on the left side to accommodate a Gate function (while adding to the symmetry). But a gate may have been too difficult or costly implement. There’s already a lot going on. Fortunately, the sounds you can get from this pedal are so awesome that you’ll most likely be forgiving of those minor issues. After all, rock ‘n roll is meant to be loud and noisy, right? And if the noise bothers you that much, stick the Silver Rose V2 in a noise gate’s loop, and you’ll be fine. (It works wonders; I tried it.)

The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 is a beautiful beast of a guitar pedal and one of my new favorite fuzzes. (If it’s a little too noisy for you or you want some a little smaller and compact, check the Dwarfcraft Devices Necromancer which puts the Super side of the SRV2 in its own pedal with dedicated Mids knob.) Let’s see the final result.



The Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2 offers a world of fuzz shaping possibilities through combining its two classic-inspired fuzz sections. This pedal has attitude and energy to spare and will likely be a new source of inspiration to the fuzz warriors who add this weapon to their pedal arsenal. It’s not too complicated to use once you master the 2 fuzz sections, or maybe it’s submitting yourself to the Silver Rose V2 that rewards you with its fuzz domination. The bottom line is this pedal rocks hard and is super fun to play. Through all that had to happen for this pedal to arrive, the Silver Rose V2 is here, and Dwarfcraft Devices did a remarkable job at capturing all the best qualities of its various sources of inspiration. Now go buy it.

That concludes our Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose V2. Thanks for reading.


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