Top 20 Best Delay Pedals of 2016


Here it is… the Best Guitar Effects 2016 update of the best delay pedals available today. In the tradition of our Fuzz Pedal, Guitar Compressor, & Guitar Synthesizer roundups, this article aims to showcase the very best delay pedals in the world today.

There are a lot of delay pedals out there for guitar players. Many of them are pretty decent. Some aren’t so great. And a few pedals are truly amazing delays that rise above the heap with the potential to take your music to the next level. These select few delay pedals are the best of the best.

The pedal market has expanded significantly over the past few years. That means more diligent research is required to find the best delay pedal(s) to suit your needs.

The goal of this article is to help you make the best decision when buying a new delay pedal. Your music will benefit from it, and you’ll be supporting great builders who make the best guitar pedals available for guitarists and effects using musicians.

Some builders have multiple delay pedals featured on this list. That’s because these companies offer more than one pedal that eclipses what the competition has to offer. Remember, it’s about showcasing the best delay pedals you can buy today.

The pedals aren’t listed in numerical order. Each pedal here has unique features that set it apart from the rest. But we’re starting the list with a couple new releases that are pushing the boundaries of innovation among delay pedals. You’ll also see a few old favorites that have proven their worth over the past few years. But in the end the best delay pedal for your needs can only be decided by you!

One last thing. While this list is a great starting point for finding the best delay pedal, please consider what your music needs most and be cautious of the excessive hype out there. There’s a lot of sponsored articles and biased content out there, but with diligence and persistence you’ll learn how to look past the clickbait to find sources for information you can trust. Good luck, and may you find the best guitar pedals to suit your needs.

Now here are the Top 20 Best Delay Pedals of 2016!


Source Audio Nemesis Delay


Builder: Source Audio, Pedal: Nemesis Delay, Type: Digital Delay (multi algorithm)

The Source Audio Nemesis Delay is a pedal I’ve been looking forward to for quite a long time (…since Winter NAMM 2015, Summer NAMM 2015, & Winter NAMM 2016). It’s a powerhouse digital delay pedal in a reasonably compact format that features 24 delay engines (12 onboard, 12 accessed via Neuro app). That’s a pretty big deal already. Then there’s Stereo I/O, Tap Tempo, Hold a.k.a “Freeze” control, and complete MIDI functionality with up to 128 presets recallable via MIDI. And that’s just scratching the surface really.

The Neuro Mobile app offers incredibly deep control and preset management along with access to the 12 additional delay engines. Any of those delay engines can be downloaded and “burned” to any slot on the rotary encoder knob. The extra delay engines are definitely worth exploring as you’ll find a dark and warbly Oil Can delay, a Complex Rhythmic delay that offers more multi-tap variations, a high-passed Dub delay, and much more.

The real genius of the Nemesis Delay is in the sheer amount power it offers from its simple-to-use surface knob layout. No menu diving needed. Couple that with world-class delay sounds, and the Nemesis Delay is a winner if flexilibility, impeccible sound quality, and ease of use are paramount to you. And should you want to explore everything this pedal has to offer, the MIDI functionality and Neuro Mobile app possibilities are a huge bonus when you want to get adventurous and want to dig deeper.

Be sure to explore the Intensity knob with each delay type as it functions differently in each mode. For example, in Analog Delay mode, the Intensity will act as a tone style control, giving you range of Dark, Warm, & Bright sounds. In the Shifter Delay the knob will select from pitch shift options including -1 Octave, +Minor 3rd, +Major 3rd, +4th, +5th, & +1 Octave. This gives you deeper control from the surface of the pedal without the need for menus.

Source Audio have been doing great things for about a decade now, but the Nemesis Delay will no doubt be the pedal that takes this ambitious builder to new levels of success. It was a long time coming, but the Nemesis Delay was well worth the wait.

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Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall

Builder: Chase Bliss Audio, Pedal: Tonal Recall, Type: Analog Delay (digitally controlled)

(UPDATE: this section edited to reflect last-minute product changes before its release.) We said after Winter NAMM 2016, “This is it. The guitar pedal the world has been waiting on for 30 years.” The Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall indeed lives up to the lofty hype everyone felt after NAMM… but it took a few twists and turns getting there.

The Tonal Recall draws upon the legacy of the iconic Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man and Boss DM-2 with its replica MN3005 bucket brigade delay chips. The Tonal Recall’s signature sound is characterized by repeats that are darker than a Deluxe Memory Man but generally brighter than a DM-2. I wouldn’t say this pedal nails the DMM sound as it is clearly darker even with the Tone knob maxed out. The repeats also dissolve into a gritty saturation, particularly noticeable with higher Regen settings in Long delay mode and when playing the guitar strings lightly. Tonal Recall offers a unique delay sound that’ll surely please anyone seeking a more “lo-fi” flavored analog delay experience. Designer, Joel Korte, had a last minute change of heart to update the pedal from its original “lo-fi” sound (heard in some published demos) to a cleaner sound more akin to what guitarists expect from a traditional analog delay. Essentially, this has taken Tonal Recall from being a cool, niche “dirty” delay to quite possibly the most versatile analog delay pedal ever made. It now encompasses a beautiful range of tones that fans of the Boss DM-2 & Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man will surely appreciate. After hearing both versions firsthand, I can’t stop saying “wow” in regard to the final, cleaner version. The Hold function can induce some that gritty saturation if you’ve still gotta have it. These changes realign Tonal Recall with initial expectations and will surely give the pedal a wider appeal.

Now combine this unique delay foundation with a modulation section that has 3 waveforms (square, sine, & triangle). Add in 6 Tap divisions. Then add options for Short delays (short enough for pseudo-Warped Vinyl style chorus!), Long delays, and a “Both” mode that uses both BBD chips to create a beautiful wash of smeared, “reverby” decay. Crank the Regen or push & hold the Tap switch for oscillating feedback, and you’ve got the new analog delay wet dream of ambient & lo-fi loving shoegazers.

The big draw of all Chase Bliss Audio pedals is their ethos of fusing all-analog effects with advanced digital control. This means dead-on tap tempo, savable & recallable presets, MIDI implementation, and more. Never before has an analog delay pedal offered MIDI control and preset selection, and that alone will be worth the price of admission for some.

And one last thing… the Ramp knob. Nearly all parameters (except Tone) can be modulated independently or simultaneously via the Ramping functionality. You’ve never heard an analog delay pedal make sounds like this. Guitarists looking for something truly unconventional and inspiring will appreciate the morphing analog delay sounds and less than pristine tonal character that you’ll only get with the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall.

Read the Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall review.

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Strymon TimeLine


Builder: Strymon, Pedal: TimeLine, Type: Digital Delay (multi algorithm)

The competition is fiercely attempting to close in on Strymon’s commanding lead in the realm of multi-algorithm digital delay pedals. One major player has even attempted to create a spec-by-spec spin-off of this pedal’s winning delay formula. But make no mistake, the Strymon TimeLine is still the boss when it comes to immaculate delays in a single self-contained pedal.

The Strymon TimeLine felt like a second coming in the world of digital delay and DSP processing. With a hulking colossus of a processor and an engineering team who knows how to make the most of it, Strymon dropped a bomb on the pedal world when they released the TimeLine. With 12 of the best delay machines the world has ever heard (and an excellent 30-second Looper) there is a breadth of delay sounds on tap that few pedals can even hope to contend with. And the TimeLine happens to be the ultimate delay pedal in terms of complete MIDI implementation, allowing you to control any parameter or function (including all Looper functions!) from any MIDI-compatible controller, pedal switcher, or sequencer/DAW such as Ableton Live. Whether you just want to drop it on your pedalboard and play or integrate it into your mad scientist MIDI guitar rig of doom, the Strymon TimeLine covers all grounds with ease and efficiency.

Read the Strymon TimeLine review.

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Eventide H9 Harmonizer


Builder: Eventide, Pedals: H9Type: Digital Delay (multi effects)

Yes, the Eventide H9 Harmonizer is much more than a delay pedal. It’s the ultimate multi-effects stompbox. But if you were to use the H9 on your pedalboard for just its delay sounds alone, it’s still an exceptional value and may replace any other delay pedal you currently use.

A standard H9 comes preloaded with the Vintage Delay and Tape Echo delays. Additional delays can be purchased from the H9 Control app. An H9 Max comes loaded will all algorithms gives you all 9 acclaimed delays from the Eventide TimeFactor… and then some. The H9 exclusive Ultratap algorithm is a one-of-a-kind multi-tap delay that’s inspiring to behold. Then there’s also the recently released SpaceTime algorithm with fuses the TimeFactor’s Vintage Delay with a huge plate reverb and some modulation for good measure to create an outstanding all-in-one algorithm that’s an excellent last effect in your signal chain.

And let’s talk about the Eventide TimeFactor. I still remember when the pedal was first announced. Yes, I joined the many guitarists whose jaws collectively hit the floor when first hearing that Eventide would be bringing their acclaimed studio effects expertise to stompbox pedals. The TimeFactor was one of their first guitar pedals and is still going strong today. The biggest draw of this pedal is its use of twin delay lines across all 9 of its cutting edge delay algorithms, allowing rhythmically complex and tonally diverse delays that no other pedal can match (except the H9, of course). Its brilliant knob layout makes dialing in syncopated twin delays a synch, too. There’s also a dedicated (and recently refined) Looper, and I personally like “hacking” the pedal for series operation by cascading one delay into the other and using it in my amp’s effects loop. But if you don’t need the looper and want the amazing algorithms of the TimeFactor plus a whole lot more, the Eventide H9 Harmonizer might be the way to go.

Read the Eventide H9 review.

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Walrus Audio Bellwether


Builder: Walrus Audio, Pedal: Bellwether, Type: Analog Delay

For a while it seemed like every pedal builder was cranking out an analog delay pedal with tap tempo. Well, the Walrus Audio Bellwether is one of the best ones that checks off on all the important features. Most importantly, it starts with great sound quality. Then it gives you 4 tap divisions. Bypass-able modulation with Rate & Depth knobs. Time, Repeats, & Level knobs are here. Then there’s the Tone knob which lets you roll off the high-end for super dark delays. There’s also a Tap In jack for a tap tempo remote and a TRS FX Loop, useful for coloring your delays with any other effect imaginable. (I like to grit up the delays by putting a boost, drive, or distortion pedal in the FX Loop.) Not to mention Walrus Audio has some of the coolest and most attractive pedal artwork in the business, so the added style will appeal to those you take pride in the choice pedals selected for their tidy pedalboards. The Bellwether is simply a rad analog delay pedal.

Read the Walrus Audio Bellwether review.

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TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay


Builder: TC Electronic, Pedal: Flashback Triple Delay, Type: Digital Delay (multi algorithm)

Okay, the TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay is truly an epic delay pedal. It basically takes the awesome delay sounds found in the Flashback X4 and Flashback Mini Delay and multiplies them by 3. Yes, you get 3 delay engines that can be used independently or simultaneously(!!!) in Serial or Parallel modes. In Serial mode you can create an absolutely mesmerizing wash of ambient echoes. In Parallel mode you can have all 3 delays occurring in their own little worlds of tandem repeats. Tap Tempo with 11 different tap subdivisions gives you unprecedented rhythmic control, so you could have that 2nd or 3rd delay hitting at just the right rhythmic moments. Very cool for unorthodox rhythmic patterns. And yes, any of the 12 onboard delays & 4 TonePrint delays can be assigned in any combination you can dream up. This pedal is an absolute beast, and nothing else like it exists on the market today. The Flashback Triple Delay is one of the most inspiring delay pedals any company has ever released. Big props to TC Electronic for creating such a unique and inspiring guitar pedal.

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Free The Tone Flight Time


Builder: Free The Tone, Pedal: Flight Time FT-1Y, Type: Digital Delay

Yes, the Free The Tone Flight Time looks like the panel in Marty McFly’s DeLorean from Back to the Future. It also recalls the iconic TC 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay rack unit. Now take the cool retro looks and merge that with some of the most pristine digital delay you’ll ever hear. Don’t want it so cold and digital? Apply some High Pass Filter for a warmer analog-like sound. Need it brighter? Cut the lows with the Low Pass Filter. Bring in some Modulation with the Rate & Depth for some subtle 2290 style movement. Tap Tempo with 10 Sub-Divisions? Check. 99 Presets? Check. Trails savable per preset? It’s here. And all this is accessed via Flight Time’s micro buttons, an interesting interface among guitar pedals in that it does way with the traditional knobs we’re all familiar with. It all adds to the charm of this distinctive stompbox.

An interesting draw is the automatic BPM Analyzer functionality. Activating it with make the pedal listen to the music via a Mic on the pedal, and it will make minor adjustments to your tempo automatically to keep your delays in sync. This is handy in a live jam when your drummer is drifting a little. Surprisingly, it works. You can also Offset the delays from the time division for a more rushed or laid-back feel. Pro guitarists will appreciate all these little things, and complete MIDI functionality will let you integrate the Flight Time into any tour-ready rig.

Read the Free The Tone Flight Time review.

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Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay


Builder: Strymon, Pedal: DIG, Type: Digital Delay (twin delay)

Simply put, the Strymon DIG is an immaculately sounding digital delay pedal. It’s one of the easiest to use and twin delay pedals out there and has plenty of options for creating complex or subtle rhythmic delays. It has 3 modes – adm, 24/96, 12 bit – that each offer a difference in character, adapting this pedal to different styles of playing. Tap tempo, expression control, and stereo outputs (and optional stereo ins via TRS cable) add extra utility. Be sure to try the secondary functions as you can further tweak the tone, change the delays from series to parallel, and even activate a ping pong delay mode when using it in stereo among a few other things. The DIG is Strymon’s magnum opus in the realm of 80’s rack delay emulation.

Read the Strymon DIG review.

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Digitech Obscura Altered Delay


Builder: Digitech, Pedal: Obscura, Type: Digital Delay (multi algorithm)

Don’t let the fact that this pedal is digital mislead you. The Digitech Obscura is all about warm ‘n gooey flavors of delay. It starts with 4 different delays: Analog, Tape, Lo-Fi, & Reverse. Then you get a dedicated knob for Level and stacked knobs for Time/Repeats & Tone/Degrade. That’s a lot of control from such a small pedal. Then there’s a Trails switch. I know, awesome, right? And it even has stereo I/O. You can also hold the foot-switch for 3 seconds to activate the Tap Tempo mode. From here you can tap in your delay time to sync to the music or tap in various times to have the pedal warp the pitch of your repeats as it ramps to the new tempo speed.

The Repeat Hold function is super fun if you’re the kind of guitarist who likes to reach down and twist knobs to make crazy sounds. You can turn the Repeats knob past 3 o’clock to grab and continuously repeat a section of your playing. Then start messing with the Time, Tone, & Degrade knobs for chaotic fun. Activate the Tap Tempo mode to make things even crazier. So much fun. Try running guitars, drums, and all kinds of instruments into here. Be sure to sample or record the output as you can create all kinds of wild rhythms and glitched out sounds.

By the way, the delay types are all awesome. Tape is a favorite and has plenty of tape-style mojo. The Degrade adds some serious wow & flutter style warble. Analog is nice and warm with the Tone knob making it even darker. The Lo-Fi delay is nice ‘n gritty. Reverse is expectedly fun to play. Lots to like here. The Digitech Obscura Altered Delay is a great return to form for the company and pushes the boundaries of what can be expected in a single stomp delay pedal.

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Ibanez Analog Delay Mini


Builder: Ibanez, Pedal: ADMINI, Type: Analog Delay

The Ibanez AD9 needs no introduction as it’s one of the classic 3-knob analog delay pedals. And just as Ibanez shrunk the venerable Tube Screamer down to become the TSMINI, the Ibanez ADMINI is a tiny format 100% analog delay pedal. All the warmth you’d expect from a quality analog delay can be found in this tiny gem. Delay Time ranges from a quick 20ms to a respectable 600ms. The Repeat knob’s range will go from a single slapback echo to full-on runaway oscillation. The oscillation starts early and manages to have plenty of usable range before it gets too out of control. It can even oscillate indefinitely and duck when you play over it while adding new textures to the layers. This pedal needs to be experienced firsthand to be appreciated fully. At the price Ibanez is giving these things away for, the Analog Delay Mini is a steal.

Read the Ibanez Analog Delay MINI review.

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Rainger FX Echo-X Digital Delay


Builder: Rainger FX, Pedal: Echo-X, Type: Digital Delay

What happens when the mad genius behind the Dr. Freakenstein fuzz pedal decides to make a delay? Apparently, you get the Rainger FX Echo-X Digital Delay. This little monster is one of the more original and adventurous interpretations of a digital delay pedal I’ve come across. The Echo-X is an ambient digital delay that smears your repeats into long cascading trails of atmospheric bliss. You can use the included Igor foot controller to modulate the Rate or Feedback or even use it in Send mode to have only certain portions of your playing feed into the delay effect. Very fun. You can also adjust the input signal going into the pedal and overall output volume in addition to the standard 3-knob delay controls of Rate, Feedback, & Level. It’s also worth noting that the Echo-X’s compact form-factor has top-mounted jacks for super convenient placement on any tightly packed pedalboard. A killer design from one of the true punk outliers in the pedal game. Rainger FX nailed it.

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Catalinbread Echorec


Builder: Catalinbread, Pedal: Echorec, Type: Digital Delay (Binson Echorec sim)

The Binson Echorec is a legendary multi-head echo machine famed for its hypnotic delay effects. The Catalinbread Echorec is a digital delay pedal inspired by those iconic sounds. The Echorec pedal gives you 12 playback head combinations for plenty of interesting multi-tap rhythmic delay patterns. The pedal also has a varying and much longer delay time (up to around 1000ms!) that really lets the rhythmic patterns stand out. Cranking the Swell knob can take the Echorec into beautiful self oscillation. The Tone will let you change the color of your repeats from dark and brooding to bright and metallic.

The verdict is out on whether or not this pedal nails the Echorec sound; opinions on the matter vary greatly. But this pedal does pack some great delay tones, and it’s certainly much smaller and more affordable than a real Binson Echorec. Not to mention the longer delay times. This pedal was a labor of love for the Portland based pedal builders who realized this vision, and it’s a modern classic to many guitarists.

Read the Catalinbread Echorec review.

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Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail


Builder: Seymour Duncan, Pedal: Vapor Trail, Type: Analog Delay

The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail completely blindsided me in the best possible way. Seymour Duncan have delved into pedals in the past, but now they’ve seriously laid it down. The Vapor Trail is an all-analog delay in a standard-sized stompbox enclosure with a few twists. The Modulation controls (Rate & Depth) are on the surface of the pedal for easy access. The Delay knob contains an LED that blinks to give you an on-stage visual of the delay time. And there’s a TRS-jack for coloring the wet signal with any pedal you want to plug into it. Most importantly, the Vapor Trail uses high-end circuitry for a cleaner delay tone than comparable pedals while dripping with analog warmth. This is the first pedal to seriously challenge the MXR Carbon Copy as the best analog delay pedal at that $150 price point. The Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail is arguably the new king of standard enclosure, single foot-switch analog delay pedals with modulation.

Read the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail review.

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Empress Effects Vintage Modified Superdelay


Builder: Empress Effects, Pedal: Vintage Modified Superdelay, Type: Digital Delay (multi algorithm)

What can I say about the Empress Effects Vintage Modified Superdelay? I love this pedal! Few pedals can do so much in such a small enclosure, and this pedal is among the premium boutique delay pedal elite. The Vintage Modified Superdelay makes some alterations to 2 of the 3 available Tape Delay modes for an even more vintage vibe than the original Superdelay. The extra grit and thicker modulation produce an even more authentic tape delay experience for those who really like it dirty. The other modes offer a wealth of pristine delays, and there’s just something about the tone of this pedal that gives it an especially unique character among the many delays I’ve played. Those who’ve played one know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, definitely try this pedal. Oh, and be sure to check out the Reverse Mode C (Octave Tap!) and try using Rhythm mode to create custom multi-tap delay patterns. Simply awesome!

Read the Empress Effects Vintage Modified Superdelay review.

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Red Panda Particle Granular Delay/Pitch Shifter


Builder: Red Panda, Pedal: Particle, Type: Digital Delay (granular delay)

The Red Panda Particle is the ultimate wildcard on our list. With so many delay pedals remaining grounded in the past, this pedal blasts forward into uncharted territory. Using granular synthesis, the Particle chops your playing into tiny samples and warps your signal, often beyond recognition, in wondrously magical ways. This pedal is for those truly adventurous guitarists who want radical new ways to manipulate their sound. The Particle packs all kinds of otherworldly, ambient delay effects, wild machine-like glitch delay sounds, a great reverse mode, and plenty of sounds that cross pitch-shifting with delay for a playground of twisted delay phantasmagoria.

Read the Red Panda Particle review.

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EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR


Builder: EarthQuaker Devices, Pedal: Disaster Transport SR, Type: Digital Delay (lo-fi)

The EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR is the ultimate lo-fi delay pedal. It features 2 separate delays that can be used in series, parallel, or series/parallel with optional modulation on Delay A and optional reverb on Delay B. These effects may be combined in countless ways to produce some of wildest lo-fi modulated delay you’ve ever heard. The Disaster Transport SR may look complex at first glance, but it’s surprisingly easy to come to grips with. You’ll discover that this pedal is an instrument unto itself and a haven of tone for those who appreciate beautiful and quirky lo-fi delay textures. Indy art-rockers and experimentalists will definitely appreciate this pedal. I could see it becoming the defining signature pedal for the guitarists it inspires and being the foundation for entire albums of sprawling guitar extravagance.

Read the EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR review.

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Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo


Builder: Strymon, Pedal: El Capistan, Type: Digital Delay (tape echo sim)

There are lots of delay pedals that try to emulate the sounds of a classic tape echo, many of which do a pretty solid job, but the Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo is without a doubt the final word in authentic sounding tape echo delay in a compact pedal. With 3 different tape machines, each with 3 different modes of operation, there’s a huge foundation available for building the ultimate tape echo sound. While the 5 surface knobs make it easy to dial in your tone, there are 5 more “hidden” knob functions (including reverb!) for 10 total adjustable parameters. And while it certainly sounds amazing, it’s the tap tempo that really pushes this pedal over the top for me. Once you’ve dialed in the ultimate tape echo sound, you’ll always be able to sync it right along to the music via tap tempo without fiddling with sliding heads or tape speed. The El Capistan is a marvel of modern technology and the ultimate tribute to the tape echo machines of old.

Read the Strymon El Capistan review.

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TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay


Builder: TC Electronic, Pedal: Flashback Mini Delay, Type: Digital Delay (multi algorithm)

I was already blown away by the delay sounds offered by the Flashback X4, but the TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay takes this awesome catalog of delay tone in the opposite direction. With a mini pedal enclosure that’ll fit on any pedalboard, the Flashback Mini is the ultimate pedal for those who want the single ultimate delay sound in a small space-saving pedal. Out of the box the pedal has a nice warm, analog-style sound with some high-end rolloff on the repeats. Want a different delay flavor? You can download custom sounds from an ever-growing library of TonePrints. Want to build your ultimate signature delay sound? Use the TonePrint Editor for PC, Mac, or iPad to create your own one-of-a-kind delay and access it anytime from tiny little box of magic. And mark my words… while this pedal was only just released a couple weeks before this writing, you’re going be seeing the Flashback Mini Delay appearing on a lot of pedalboards for years to come.

Read the TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay review.

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Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter


Builder: Ibanez, Pedal: ES2, Type: Analog Delay

I have to give a nod to the Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter, easily one of the coolest looking delays I’ve seen since the Moog MF-104M Analog Delay. The super affordable ES2 has a lot going for it besides its low price. This analog delay sports up to 1000ms of delay time, has tap tempo, modulation, and that awesome Delay Time slider that just begs to be used in real-time. Flip the Oscillation switch and you get instant runaway delays. Then go nuts with the Delay Time slider and trip out. This pedal would make a killer jam companion in the recording studio. The Echo Shifter is one idea I’d love to see Ibanez expand upon in a Made In Japan premium version with tap divisions, deeper controls, and even higher build quality for improved reliability. In the meantime the ES2 is a killer analog delay with tap tempo for guitarists on a budget, and seriously, you’ve gotta love those real wooden sides. Classy style and epic tones for the win.

Read the Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter review.

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Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro


Builder: Pigtronix, Pedal: Echolution 2 Ultra Pro, Type: Digital Delay (multi algorithm)

The Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro is quite unlike any other digital delay pedal on the market. It fuses analog and digital technology to create delay sounds that are entirely unique to this pedal. It has a wide array of features including staples like tap tempo and 5 different multi-tap divisions (including Phi, the golden ratio, which Pigtronix was first to implement in a delay pedal with the original Echolution). Any 2 tap divisions can be used at once for a total of 15 multi-tap patterns. A host of effects can be applied to your delays including filters, modulation, ducking, reverse, a halo “shimmer” effect, octave jump, freezing, and bit-crushing. You also get true stereo ins and outs and a ping pong mode as well.

The Pigtronix abbreviated slogan “F.A.T.” once stood for “Futuristic Analog Tone”. I’m glad they shifted perspective and changed the meaning to “Futuristic Audio Technology” to better encompass the inclusion of digital audio elements into their designs. The Echolution 2 Ultra Pro is a testament to the new motto and the greatness that can be achieved by integrating classic analog sounds with modern digital innovations. Get F.A.T.!

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Anything missing?

Should any other pedals be included? Did we miss your favorite delay pedal? Tell us what’s your favorite delay in the comments below!

That concludes our Top 20 Best Delay Pedals of 2016. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Tc Electronic Nova delay . Best warm pedal delay!

  2. Terry Flood says:

    Hughes and Kettner replex smokes all other tape echo simulators .pity it doesn’t have a stereo output….

  3. I want to see analogue delays with a digital display.

    • To add to that, i mean…….a simple delay without all the bells and whistles for live work. An analogue delay with a time display…all the rest is superfluous.

  4. John Nickell says:

    The Dawner Prince Boonar delay is a great take on the Binson Echorec . Love this pedal . I believe David G. Plays this very pedal currently. Not an easy pedal to find & not cheap , but worth it. Would like to try The Timeline & the Tonal Recall.

    • Luis sutil says:

      No, David Gilmour uses the original Binson Echorec, and other delays… but he doesn’t use the Catalinbread one. Also, I would like to say the Nemesis added the Echorec 1 and Echorec 2 multi head engines and they are so awesome!!! Definitely made me very happy because they keep adding engines even ones that were never advertised or they don’t even have to do it… but they keep improving the Nemesis and the Echorec engine is my favorite!

  5. Jimmy Johnson says:

    You’ve pretty much covered it, but I have a question, and y’all can save me a ton of time. I’m an acoustic player, and I’m looking for a simple delay/reverb that gives you a warm spatial intimacy for my solo acoustic gig. Versatility, of course. Tap, definitely. Warmth, natural to my acoustic, low noise…, above all. The Strymon El Cap, sounds like a sweet choice.
    Any suggestions for an old alter boy doing a solo acoustic gig?

  6. Full review of the Pigtronix Echolution 2 Ultra Pro, please !

  7. Donner Yellowfall is a great little pedal. For the money (~$40) it’s the best bang for the buck. It’s a mini-pedal too, so it fits nicely on your board.

  8. Katie Corson says:

    The Boss DD-500! It’s like the Strymon Timeline but even better and cheaper!

    • Meh,DD 500 is not better than Timeline I think you save your money and just get the DD7 it’s all you need from Boss delay pedal.

      • Luis sutil says:

        Hahahaha Never!!! The DD-500 can’t even be tweaked love it’s so annoying…. only with an expression pedal… it has some good engines… but they are boring… that’s why you don’t see that delay in many pedalboards… you see thw timeline in almost every single one, granted it’s been out for longer but even the nemesis is in more pedalboards now than the dd-500… biggest dissapointment in a delay in a long time… what makes it better than the timeline? Does jt soubd better ? No. Does the stereo profile sound better and lusher? No. In fact the dd-500 it’s not even real stereo… it’s not crap… but even the knobs feel like it… haha better than the timeline… hahaha right

  9. Matt Carlton says:

    Wampler Faux Tape Echo

  10. Wedge Antilles says:

    Although i am a proud owner of an Empress Vintage Modified Delay, İ have to admit Alexander Oblivion is also a very neat delay. It even has a murky oil can echo setting which is very rad. I’ ll check Echorec as i grew very fond of Catalinbread lately.

    Very good list btw.

  11. WomensNews says:

    It’s not just about dual delays, though; the DIG also revives the sound of early digital delays, just like other pedals strive to recreate the sound of tape or BBD analog units.

  12. Marko Valcic says:

    I really need to get more into delays, love them but they are so hard too build for a beginner and too pricey

  13. Igor Sikavica says:

    Amazing pedals, great overview!

  14. Tristan Pollack says:

    Strymon dig super cool, but too expensive; tonal recall is nice but a little so sonically bold for me dial in sounds effectively; my best bet is bellwether. Would love to see that beast in my pedal board.

  15. Excuse me if I just repeat myself……….. Excuse me if I just repeat myself……………..Excuse me if I just repeat myself……….Excuse me if I just repeat myself……….Excuse me if I just repeat myself………

  16. Can never get enough delay

  17. Kyle Black says:

    Sure would like to win. Analog delay sounds best to my ears.

  18. Neil Gal says:

    I’ve got my delay needs sorted, if I hadn’t I’d probably be wanting to try out the Tonal Recall based on your review/demo

  19. is there an echo in here?

  20. Ingrid Ruddick says:

    Great selection across all levels of complexity and prices, I especially like the Flashback

  21. Flight Time FT-1Y is in my dreams…

  22. Colin Baldwin says:

    A pretty comprehensive list you have there, it certainly would cover all of my bases

  23. So many choices….is “all of the above” an allowable answer?

  24. John Mountford says:

    The only one I’d add to your list is the Carbon Copy bright

  25. G Berry says:

    As the proud owner of the Timeline I stand by it, but this list is so good. There really are an abundance of top delays out there on the market. Cheers BGE for always narrowing down that browsing list. But seriously stop making me spend so much money guys.

  26. Mile Vrbica says:

    Sounds great!

  27. Great looking list here. I’m with EmmaW. Would love the strymon but it’s just out of reach.

  28. Eibert Draisma says:

    Thanx for this nice review.
    I like the Bellwether design.

  29. A great selection of pedals at a number of price points, I can’t wait to try out your recommendations

  30. I aspire to the Timeline but funds are limited to a Mooer. Good selection there tho! Em

  31. Carl Martin says:

    Those are all awesome pedals, I would really love to try out the Empress Super Delay.

  32. They all look so intriguing
    This is the one effect
    We don’t have a pedal for!
    Love to win!

  33. Neville Scott says:

    I would add the Carbon Copy Bright to your list, thanks

  34. Great list guys! Love your insights.

  35. Christopher Jacques says:

    It’s pretty great that as digital delays/analog emulations have improved (my primary delay is an Eventide H9–which is a far cry from my first flat digital delays) the analog delays have gotten more adventurous (like the Chase Bliss or the Seymour Duncan). I think both sides of the delay coin are pushing each other toward greatness! Awesome list, going to have to try a couple of these.

  36. Richard Cantle says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Empress Superdelay for a while now… One of these days!

  37. Tom Bailey says:

    great list of awsome pedals! wish i had me a cool delay pedal!

  38. Tom Bailey says:

    Awsome list, grat load of variety, wish i had me a sweet delay pedal!

  39. John Nickell says:

    Give me the pedal pedal pedal pedal pedal pedal right now now now now now now

  40. Noah Hackbarth says:

    Echorec is a beautiful little pedal.
    Looking forward to trying out an Obscura, Bellweather, and Tonal Recall.

    One of my favorites that I didn’t see is the Malekko 616 Dark.

  41. Lacey P says:

    Pretty good range of pedals at all price points, I can’t think of any to add

  42. You missed the most important and best vintage delay pedal ever namely TC Electronic Alter Ego X4!!!!

  43. Jacob Wagner says:

    The Timeline is my ideal pedal due to the ability to store presets and it’s amazing sounds. The Bellwether and El Cap would be a sweet pairing as well! For the cost the Ibanez is a great analog alternative with a unique look. Really any of these could find a place in my rig and I would be just as happy with any of them lol

  44. Ethan R. says:

    I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this site to get opinions from. I would probably waste a lot of money. I’m so thankful for this website.

  45. have a supapuss. dig the sound but really wish you could control feedback via exp. bellwether seems rad but yeah i think i may be buying a tonal recall (MIDI!!!) once i get to spend more time with my new H9 and the GAS returns.

  46. Bruno Afonso says:

    Ohhhh god

  47. Currently loving the crazyness that is the Obscura pedal

  48. Big Norm says:

    I love the simplicity/versatility of the Carbon Copy Bright, thought that might be on the list?

  49. i want the tonal recall!

  50. Very wide range of delays covered here, from the inexpensive to pricey

  51. Dave Ashfield says:

    Love the Flashback Triple and would probably take that over the X4 as I prefer the vintage angle

    • Yep the greatest ultra creative delay pedal out there for prestine modern delay sounds.Have it and I love it.And also I have the Alter Ego Vintage Echo X4 for vintage delay sounds.Have this two and no more I need from delay point of view ;)

  52. David Peatfield says:

    Great to add extra interest to simple melodic playing

  53. Robert Abernathy says:

    So many good delays here – I lllllllllllllove alllllll of themmmmm

  54. Daniel Jacques says:

    And with no delay the winner is…me. Oh come on I wanted to win with a delay.

  55. Jesse Emery says:

    I’ve owned a few of these and they are all deserving of their place on this list. Two I haven’t tried that I’m lusting after are the Bellwether and Tonal Recall. Chase Bliss does incredible work. I definitely need more delays.

  56. Kelly S. says:

    The variety of delay pedals available is overwhelming. I used to be one of those people who thought all you needed was one delay with presets for playing live. Now I’m hooked on stacking very differently voiced delays to get a smeared wash underneath melodies. I think I need one of each of these pedals!

  57. Clark Brown says:

    All great delays and whilst I’d love the Strymon, I’d probably only use 2% of it’s features so something like the Flashback or a Carbon Copy would suit me better

  58. Wow, I’m a pedal head and I didn’t even know half of these exist!

  59. Dariusz says:

    I like nearly all of the delays in this listing. Every one got it’s special sound. I line most The Srymon’s and the Bellwether Delays. Great creative sounds

  60. From the inventor of the digital delay stompbox, you’ve gotta love the Boss DD-500 Digital Delay

  61. Bertram D says:

    Red Panda yeah!

  62. Kitty Lang says:

    The only one I’d add to the list is the Carbon Copy Bright, I love mine

  63. Love a bit of single slapback, simple but effective

  64. Douglas Ives says:

    Love delays, especially liking the sound of analogue delays at the moment! Great reviews here, love the bellwether, sounds amazing with some great features, I especially love the loop in it. Could you do a video review of the tonal recall at some point? Too many controls on it for me I think, but I’d love to see how usable it is.

  65. Wish I could afford some of these great pedals. Love the delay on delay! Shoegaze all the way…

  66. Daan Bossink says:

    I recently bought the Strymon El Capistan and I totally love it, one of the best pedals I have on my board.

  67. Albert Chiochon says:

    I lean more towards simple so for me the seymour Duncan Vapor trails looks good and so does the TC Flashback mini ,I tend to use slight delay more them reverb
    thats for the reviews!

  68. It is impressive to me that the Timeline remains competitive as it is after several years on the market without revision (and several years with a target on it’s back). Those guys at Strymon must be pretty visionary.

  69. I bet all of these pedals are great sound-wise. Unfortunately, I’m unable to state an opinion on which one sounds the best to me (for now ;) ). But I still can say something about their looks, right? And oh boy, Bellweather looks killer!

  70. Lisa Scott says:

    I think you have most bases covered on your list, I can’t think of any I’d add

  71. Tawny Close says:

    The Carbon Copy Bright edges it for me as the best delay out there at the minute

  72. Bellwether

  73. John Seetoo says:

    Boss DM-2 Waza Craft deserves inclusion. Sounds exactly like the original (I currently own a vintage DM-3) on Std setting and Custom setting adds way more versatility.

  74. Kevin H says:

    I’d take the Flashback X4 over the single and X3 models.

  75. Nutshell says:

    Delay, my favourite effect. I’m always eager to have some more.

  76. Delay, delay, delay. Sounds like our congress in action these days. I am a total delay junky – I have the Vapor Trail (awesome), Strymon El Cap (awesome), the Disaster (Jr not Sr, but awesome), a Catlinbread, but not the Montavaillon not Echorec – dunno why that one is discontinued because it is, you guessed it, awesome, and also the MXR Carbon Copy, also awesome. Those are the ones I kept – sold some great ones, expecially a Maxon AD900 drool, but the power supply was too complicated for me. Oh, I have an H9 as well. Nevertheless, I want most of the other ones described in this article, plus a few others, including Boss and Digitech versions not mentioned here.

  77. Dreaming of the day I find myself magically coming across enough money for a Strymon or a Free the Tone.

  78. David B says:

    I totally agree, these are all pretty good ones! My favs are the Empress unit and the Walrus one but I’d mention Jhs Panther Cub or EQD Dispatch Master as well.

  79. Juno Kim says:

    Would be awesome to have any of these.

  80. Lot of exciting pedals here. I love how deep the delay game has gotten. Really great options on both the emulation and analog sides. Way Huge Supa-Puss is worth a mention, I think that one sounds great in the analog category at fairly compact footprint and decent price point.

  81. Peter Grey says:

    The Carbon Copy seems to have made its way onto so many pro boards

  82. It’s a heavy toll not having a Bellwether. If only…

  83. Alex Moran says:

    So many crazy options these days. That list is so varied and interesting. This isn’t a list you just buy one from. It’s going to take a lot of experimentation and trial. How exciting!

  84. Hang Tee Tan says:

    Really like the Strymon Timeline!

  85. Frankie Gibson says:

    The Flashback is cool, but the Flashback x4 is better

  86. Wes Sharp says:

    I really want the El Capistan!

  87. Brian D says:

    I have the MXR Carbon Copy on my board and am quite happy with it. I prefer analog delay sounds. The Bellwether would be a welcome addition to my board. I like that it has more options available.

  88. I would love to try some of these but they dont come in to the NZ shops ! I have the Echorec, its lovely. That Bellweather looks really good, please send me one to New Zealand !

  89. Joseph Earl says:

    I would really like to try the Red Panda Delay!

  90. Sunny Reum says:

    TC Electronics is impressive with their delays.

  91. Great selection, but I agree with some of the other comments that the DD-500 deserves a mention.
    Is it because it’s a Boss…?

  92. Peter Homoki says:

    I’m a real delay fan

  93. Stefan Schweigert says:

    Great reviews guys, would love to add any of these babies to my pedal chain!

  94. Ryan Stewart says:

    Saving up for that El Capistan! I know Strymon is trendy but it’s for a good reason. A lot of artists I follow use one!

    I had the pleasure of seeing Andy Othling (Lowercase Noises) play live recently and he had two of them on his board.

  95. Brandon Walker says:

    I would seriously build a board and just fill it with all of these if I had the means. Not practical? Maybe. But I like to get weird. The tonal recall and bellwether are probably the two I really want but I wouldn’t say no to any of these. Great list of maybe my favorite effect.

  96. Christian Malone says:

    Thanks for these reviews! I also love my Empress Superdelay VM!

  97. Thanks to BGE and all these great builders!

  98. Charles A says:

    I wish the Bellwether had a footswitch for the modulation. And maybe a couple of presets. That would make it the be all end all for me. But Chase Bliss, though… So maybe nevermind.

  99. jon flint says:

    Great article. Lots of good info!

  100. Michael Perkins says:

    Love me some analog

  101. El Capistan is my favorite regular delay. Plus the looper is such a great thing. For crazy stuff the most underrated pedal ever is the digitech Timebender.

  102. Paul Lacey says:

    Love the sounds I get out of my Vox Delaylab, although for stage use I could do with something a little simpler to operate

  103. Daniel West says:

    Nemesis FTW. Also really looking forward to trying out the Alexander Oblivion delay, though it’s not on this list.

  104. Cleamon Jones says:

    Keep up the great work Gabriel!

  105. The Bellwether is amazing!

  106. Victor Mejia says:

    Yep, but I think you should consider the EHX MEMORY Boy/man family, that pedals are amazing and can do things than other pedals can’t.

  107. Too many delays to squeeze in the Boss DD-500? Challenges the Timeline head on!

  108. Dominique says:

    Bellwether – ether – er…

  109. love me some delay!!!

  110. Tasty delay…ay…ay…ay

  111. Christophe says:

    Wow, i don’t lnow wich one to choose!

  112. Have tried a few of these and own the H9, TC flashback and Triple delays. The Strymon Timeline seems to have the edge. Would like to try the Free The Tone too!

  113. The Bellweather looks amazing!

  114. Yesssss! Good, goooood!

    Goodbye, money. Goodbye life. Hello 24 hour psychedelic bedroom drone jams. My dream. MY NIGHTMARE.

    Srsly though. Great work, Gabs and the team! Best pedal review site in the multiverse.

  115. Wouldn’t mind getting a new Walrus Audio Delay pedal…

  116. Dani Nieva says:

    Fantastic top of delay pedals!

  117. Rémi Sève says:

    Never play a Walrus Audio, but it’s not too late to start !

  118. Can never get enough of delay pedals

  119. Johnny Huynh says:

    Wow… so many great pedals!!!

  120. Aleksander says:

    Aw man, got the GAS now.

  121. Thomas Henderson says:

    The paintwork on the digitech delay is awesome

  122. Tom Ambrose says:

    Should I get analog, tape, digital, one of each, or all 3 in one…..

    So many great choices that I need to try now.

  123. Douglas Cobb says:

    I have tried out one other Walrus Audio product, the Daul Phaser Reverberator, and it was AMAZING, so I hope I’m selected the winner of their cool Walrus Audio Bellwether guitar pedal! It was a great review, and it looks like a fantastic pedal to own!

  124. Mike Carpenter says:

    Delay pedals always make me feel stupid. One tweak after another searching for that perfect set of repeats with just the right trail, so that by the time I’m done dialing it in, I don’t even remember what settings I liked and which sounded like my nightmares. The Ibanez Analog Delay Mini and the TC Flashback mini seem to be designed with me in mind: flexible, yet simple. The only problem with those is that sometimes, I want more from a delay pedal. That said, I would love to spend the necessary years required to see every possible set of variations and tweaks the Bellweather could provide.

  125. Chris C says:

    So many delicious looking delays!

  126. Can’t have too much delay

  127. Great…. More delay pedals I have to go out and purchase…

  128. Awesome lineup. Can you ever have too many?

  129. love it all

  130. Joel Korte at Chase Bliss is the man of the hour! He’s really doing work! I want every Chase Bliss pedal. I own the Empress VM Superdelay and it’s my favorite pedal in my chain. I also own Catalinbread pedals and just love them. I think they’re doing awesome work with their delays and reverbs. And of course, Walrus . . . the Bellweather’s tone is so sweet and organic. That’s the one I really got my eye on.

  131. The TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay is the only one close to my budget right now

  132. My pedal addiction sensors are tingling! I want the Nemesis but my wife will say “what about the ten other delay pedals you have?” I’m running out of excuses to give so that I can feed my pedal addiction, any ideas on what to tell my wife?

  133. I would love to own that Chase Bliss Tonal Recall. Incredible range of functions.

  134. Awesome line up, I love the sound quality of the Source Audio pedals can’t wait to try the nemesis!

  135. Grant Ferstat says:

    So many amazing choices in the market right now.

  136. William Gould says:

    I have had a Boss DD3 for the longest time…. but it is truly time to upgrade.

  137. Chris Robbins says:

    Great list!
    I’ve got a timeline and particle which covers a whole lot of ground. I would love to add something that’s analog too

  138. Christopher says:

    I love my Caroline Kilobyte for general ambience, but I’d love to get something with tap tempo for more rhythmic stuff. The Bellwether and Tonal Recall look amazing for analog with tap tempo and a lot of the digital multi-algorithm delays are very interesting.

  139. The Walrus Audio Bellwether is another pedal on my must have list!

  140. I love my DMM, and i have the JHS Panther Cub on my pedalboard, but I really want that Tonal Recall!!

  141. Edison Capiz says:

    I’ve only heard flashback & timeline in a live setting so far..very impressive indeed

  142. MattSDC says:

    The Timeline is still my go-to. LOVE it. But the Red Panda Particle has caught my attention lately.

  143. Stephen Prentiss says:

    I really want to try out the Timeline and the El Cap. There are so many great delay options now especially with tap tempo. I’d love to try the Bellweather too or the H9 on a day where I feel like losing my mind to options.

  144. Dominic Granno says:

    Although I would love an Eventide, I don’t use delay often enough to justify that kind of money. I’m more likely to buy the Flashback.

  145. Sean Fear says:

    I personally prefer the regular old Disaster Transport. It’s mod function ality is sick.

  146. Check that Particle !! DD-7 should be in there though !

  147. Stew Guernsey says:

    I would have included the Diamond Memory Lane Jr.

  148. I need to get me one of those Walrus Audio Bellwether delays. Looks like top quality gear!

  149. Mitchell says:

    Delay: Making guitar solos that much more impressive since always.

  150. I’d love to see the alexander oblivion on the list, and my go to delay right now is my OBNE Black Fountain.

  151. Daniel Caceres says:

    That Free The Tone Flight Time looks and sounds tasty! Would love to get to try one!

  152. I need all of these! You guys are amazing. Keep it up.

  153. Gregory Strand says:

    I’ve owned a few of these. I was unimpressed with the Triple Delay, the interface is way to limiting. My favorite delay at the moment is the Catalinbread Adineko. Looking forward to trying the Nemesis.

  154. Stephen Bier says:

    Glad to see that the el cap you sent me is still on the list :D

  155. Tyler Hale says:

    Big fan of delay effects. All the pedals looks great. Especially love the Strymon pedals and the H9 looks awesome.

  156. Nicholas Farrar says:

    I am a delay fiend, need moreeeee!

  157. Ross Slater says:

    Bellwether sounds cool!

  158. I could use this stompbox without delay.

  159. yes please! moar delay any day.

  160. Mike Harris says:

    Those Eventide H9 Harmonizers are amazing. I’d love to get my hands on one.

  161. Brian wagner says:

    Since I don’t have any my world just got bigger

  162. Cool article! I have an el Capistan, its great! :)

  163. Craig Schechter says:

    I recently picked up a new delay that I think is flying under the radar – the Tomkat Day Dreamer. It’s a combo delay and reverb, in the vein of the Dispatch Master (and the new EQD pedal whose name I can’t recall), but it’s got a secret weapon – if you hold down the bypass switch, it goes into self-oscillate mode. The delay and verb are exceptional. Very ambient sounds, but can also be used for more conventional delay and/or verb sounds (only want to use one or the other? Just turn them down). Highly recommended.

  164. Jay Kirgis says:

    Delay is probably my favorite tool for sculpting sound. Great article …..thanks

  165. Anthony Childs says:

    I was considering the Bellwether for quite awhile. Nemesis is getting one of the biggest promotional pushes I’ve seen in a long time; I have the El Capistan and I really enjoy it but there are too many other delays of note for me to have just one. Tonal Recall was going to be a lock but I balked a bit at the price even though I know how feature-rich Chase Bliss pedals are (I own a Gravitas). H9 definitely looks like an attractive possibility. Not to mention the Boonar (even though I have El Capistan). Sheesh.

  166. Tanner McMahon says:

    El cap is cool

  167. deheuvels says:

    So nice delayx… with no delay

  168. So great to see the wide variety of gamechanging delays rolling around out there. Strymon sure puts a lot into all of their pedal designs, but they aren’t the only ones making big moves in the pedal game. Case and point: Walrus Audio and the Bellwether.

  169. Brent Johnston says:

    That is a wide variety of delays, something there for almost everyone!

  170. brian morgan says:

    Can anyone really have enough delay pedals? Thank you for making me poorer.

  171. Tyler Ott says:

    The DIG and the El Capistan are sweet, just need several presets available IMO. I’m torn between the Timeline and my Eventide Timefactor. My impression is that the Timefactor is a happy medium between the dry Boss DD500 and the super-wet Strymon Timeline. It’s hard to knock the Eventide off the ‘board.

  172. my dream is to win the Eventide H9 Harmonizer

  173. Steven Razey says:

    Sooooo many options

  174. Jonathan says:

    Omg the delays. ays. ays. ays. ays. ays.

  175. Max Melo says:

    Sweet! All of these look sick! That tap tempo on the bellwether looks boss

  176. I could use something to fatten up my tone.

  177. Seth Oyer says:


    yeah, I need a new delay (please)

  178. Dan Sidoli says:

    Love me mini flashback…

  179. Matt Collins says:

    Every one of these is a work of art!

  180. Jan Čapek says:

    Some of these are fantastic, some less so, but still… thanks for this extensive article :)

  181. Gabriel W says:

    Great article. I tend to like the El Capitan, Timeline, Flashback and Vapor Trail, but I’d love to get my hands on that Bellwether in person.

  182. Christian Merizalde says:

    I have owned and tried several of the above referred, but after getting the Strymon Timeline, I just can’t imagine playing with no other delay… it’s just way too cool cool cool ool ool ool ol ol ol l l l….!

  183. Would love to win!

  184. Red panda is my favorite pedal company.ever.

  185. Austin Wilson says:

    I lead worship music – delay is key! Thanks for this article!

  186. Kirsten says:

    I have the H9 and it is so nice!

  187. Jason Andreasen says:

    I’ve been considering switching out my delay pedal for something better. The hardest part is price, being on a budget makes a lot of these out of reach. I may try the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail or Digitech Obscura. The other one I am considering is the TC Electronics Flashback, I’ve been very happy with my other TC pedals.

  188. Robert A Herrmann says:

    Been wanting the Strymon Timeline for like… ever. That Bellwether sounds cool AF, though.

  189. Ross Carter says:

    I’ve been eyeing that Bellwether for a while…

  190. Supergome says:

    I love my Flashback X4, but that Flashback Triple looks sick! The FX loop on the Walrus Bellwether is a really cool idea too.

  191. MmmMMmmm beeeellweather *gurgle*

  192. James Phegan says:

    So many delicious delays!

  193. Daniel Yeh says:

    I wanna win itttt!

  194. good group of pedals…

  195. Louis Kiley says:

    Why are delay pedals so frikken awesome. I just want them all.

  196. Ricardo Carvalho says:

    The Walrus Audio Bellwether is a monstrous delay. Awesome!!!

  197. Evgenii K says:

    Digitech Obscura Altered Delay and Disaster from EQD are my favorite!

  198. Jin Jung says:

    I want all of these awesome pedals!

  199. All great delay pedals and I wish I could have them, but the Bellwether would suffice!

  200. I also love your lists.

  201. Juan Manuel Marín Velázquez says:

    Looking forward to an analog delay, the obscura wasn’t very good sounding to my ears so… lets see the bellwheter

  202. Andrew Hensley says:

    I want it. Give me the Bellwether. do it.

  203. Jared Kaser says:


    I always appreciate how you take your time to break a pedal down into laymen terms and how it makes you feel. I am very simple when it comes to gear and reading your reviews on delay, something I haven’t messed with a lot, makes me excited and ready to experiment.

    Thanks again!

  204. Joe Cartwright says:

    What about the Endangered audio ad4096? Sounds killer and it’s nice to have the expand momentary footswitch for feedback madness.

  205. Phil Prevost says:

    I have a Flashback and love it. The tone print is an amazing feature. I borrowed my buddy’s Timeline and liked it a lot too, there’s really nothing you can’t do with it… but it’s out of my price range for now.

  206. Jennifer says:

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhh I want all of these (but mostly Tonal Recall, Particle Delay, Bellwether…). The delay pedal landscape has changed so much since I first got my Boss DD-20 in 2006… lol.

  207. I could build an entire board of just delay pedals and be happy about it.

  208. Seymore Duncan has the goods on Pickups and now that they make a few fx pedals that seem to compliment them,the Vapor Trail is the one delay that u know will be perfect and compared to the others it’s also pedal board friendly and has the quality and bypass u expected from SeymoreDuncan

  209. Sean Regan says:

    What a time to be alive. Tap tempo, tap tempo as far as the eye can see.

  210. Tom Mycock says:

    I feel like the Bellwether and I need to spend some quality alone time together. So cool.

  211. Pigtronix makes great pedals, that new Echolution is siiiiick

  212. Christopher Kemp says:

    So many delays, so little time…and money…

    Hi, I’m Christopher, and I’m a delay-o-holic…

  213. Bryce Cronkite-Ratcliff says:

    I think we’ll start seeing more of these multi-delay units like the triple delay…stacking delays nearly multiplies their utility

  214. Timothy Wojcik says:

    I have the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail and it is my absolute favorite simple analog delay. Very clean and great tone–would highly recommend for anyone looking for a basic analog delay.

    Would love to try out some of these crazier delays, though. I’d probably get lost for hours playing around with that Bellwether, Particle, or Disaster Transport.

  215. The Walrus Audio Bellwether is an awesome pedal. Definitely one to consider adding to your board. A lot of great options here.

  216. Marc Brule says:

    I have the Flashback Triple Delay. My son has the Strymon Time Line. Both great pedals. He can get sounds I can only dream about. Dealing in tape crinkle is great. I can stack delays to create soundscapes that are dreamy.

    A great addition would be the Bellwether with an OD pedal in the FX loop! Delayed grit is such a nice change from pre-delay OD.

  217. Roy Donkin says:

    these days, I don’t have a dedicated delay on my board and really need one… this article is a good place to start

  218. Robert May says:

    Strymon DIG! Cause everyone needs a little PCM42 on their pedalboard to get dubby. Also, happy to see the underrated Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail here… Great pedal!

  219. Out of production, but the Yamaha Magicstomp and UD Stomp both deserve continued respect. As great as the pedals above are, with very few exceptions their “multi-tap” modes are limited to two taps–that’s a bit deceptive to call that “multi.” The Yamahas have legit 8 tap delays and can do a ton of tricks with them, making them affordable powerhouses for the adventurous.

  220. Glad this site exists

  221. I think the DIG is one hell of an interesting pedal

  222. this is really helpful to players like me who uses only dirt and wah, thats looking to broaden our musical horizons… i personally am looking to get into the far out trippy stuff man!

  223. That Chase Bliss looks insane!

  224. Jérémie D says:

    Strymon effects seem to be so cool. That’s a shame they are so expensive…

  225. would like to try/own them all!

  226. My fav type of guitar swell, is when you stack those delays with a nice tape flavor, an analog , and a digital, for a brighter sound is incredible. The Bellwether, would sit nice because you get such nice warmth form that analog sound, and Walrus Audio, sure has made a nice DELAY! PEDAL..pedal…pedal……pedal…….. :)

  227. BIG-ASIAN says:

    great review. in the market for a digital delay

  228. Casey Mallough says:

    Is a delay pedal the same as a procrastinator effect?

  229. jacek cz. says:

    EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR.

  230. Avled Oliveira says:

    The Nemesis seems sweet! Love the Timeline.
    Could do with a Bellwether on my board ;-)

  231. Russell Tanenbaum says:

    So many great pedals!

  232. Scott Anderson says:


  233. Brent Stewart says:

    Excellent overview – there are so many great delays out there now, it is nice to have a place to start. Now I need to play them!

  234. luis neiva says:

    wow, a lot of good replacements for my old 300ms boss DM-3

  235. Zachary Dunne says:

    Never can have too many delay pedals

  236. Greg Moore says:

    Have a good delay now but would love, love, love to have a higher end delay for that Pink Floydesh delay sound!!! Yes Please!!!

  237. Jeremy Bowen says:

    I would love to have all of these, but the Bellwether really seems like it would be totally amazing in my rig.

  238. I’ve been following Walrus Audio since their inception. Have to say I’m glad they made your list as they make great products. Would love to get a hold of the Bellwether for my board.

  239. I think that the Walrus should be mine for two reasons:

    1 – ’cause, for now, I just got a Tape Eko from Hotone (that I love, so tiny that I have it sticked on my guitar with velcro along with the Fat Fuzz Factory, Mett Bellamy’s style), so I want to increase my pedal board;

    2 – ’cause “I am the Walrus” from Beatles is my favourite song

    Anyway, you guys are amazing!!!


  240. Paul Van Heuklom says:

    Loving the Nemesis … also have a Dawner Prince Boonar. Bothe great delays.

  241. I bought an el Capistan and haven’t looked back. But lots of these other pedals still intrigue me. The Walrus Bellwether and Strymon Timeline, especiallly…

  242. I’ve been eyeing the Bellwether and the Nemesis for some time, but up until recently I hadn’t heard much about the Tonal Recall. I’d be very excited to give one of those a go. I’m still rocking my Belle Epoch, and I love that thing to death.

    Here’s hoping I get to snag that gorgeous Bellwether!

  243. Another good looking review!

  244. Michael Prentice says:

    Was looking to pick up a timeline in the next couple of weeks. This article just made me rethink as there are so many unique options out there. hmm….

  245. Andrew Meyer says:

    Using a TC Transition delay right now, some of the settings are pretty cool but I really miss my old Flashback. Seemed to have a lot more usable settings for me.

  246. Kleanthis says:

    Another good one!!!

  247. Bret Alexander says:

    I want them all!!!

  248. Gianluca Magri says:

    love it it it it it it it it (delayed appreciation)

  249. Brett Paschen says:

    The Catalinbread Echorec is one of my favorite delay pedals of all time along with the Walrus Audio Bellwether .I have heard from a lot of people that the Nemesis Delay is an awesome delay.

  250. Mark Darrow says:

    Would love to put a few of these up to the test

  251. Allen Sangster says:

    Nothing better than good delay. That can be hard to find, however….

  252. Delay is pretty much the only “effect” (i.e. not gain-based like overdrive or fuzz) I use regularly. I’d love to try out all of these!

  253. Nice list…

    I’ll take one of each please! \m/

  254. Michael Tomlinson says:

    I’ve been considering a Disaster Transport for so long. And a Bellwether, for that matter.

  255. Tonal Recall is sooo HOT and will end up on my board for sure.

  256. All of them look great. It may be time to upgrade my Flashback X4. Thanks for the reviews!

  257. From the ultra featured to the super simple – nice selection!

  258. Mark Young says:

    I know nobody will agree with everything on a list like this, but at least it gave me some good recommendations to try out.

  259. John Baum says:

    Great list, thanks for the reviews.

  260. Ben Solofo says:

    Some exciting new pedals here! Might start to save for a Tonal Recall :D

  261. So many great delays available now! I love my Moog MF Delay & Catalinbread Echorec

  262. Tim McCullough says:

    The Bellwether looks like a versatile delay. Love the FX loop included so you can add in some additional coloring to the delay. Sweet!

  263. Victor Caamaño says:

    I love my TC Electronic mini. Using the tone software gives it a great number of choices.

  264. Justin Applegate says:

    I have tried out a few of these but they didn’t wow me… I would love to get my hands on the H9 , the Bellwether or the Flight time. Your reviews are awesome and I can’t wait to try them out , or fingers crossed own one. Haha. Keep the reviews coming I love reading em! SO MUCH rad stuff coming out from some talented builders!

  265. Hiram Suarez says:

    Great description, guys. Hope i win something someday.

  266. Kyle Bryson says:

    So many good delays

  267. Richard says:

    delay….delay…delay………it’s all about delay …..great pedal

  268. Ryan Dowd says:

    I’m surprised Alexander Pedals didn’t make the list with the amazing sounds from their Radical & Amnesia lines.

    Great list overall, though, and the Bellwether is a phenomenal-sounding pedal!

  269. Albert Casan says:

    The Bellwether looks so cool!!

    I want it!!

  270. Jakub Kozieł says:

    Fantastic delays!

  271. Michael Bryan says:

    The options are increasingly endless. I have been seeking a new delay to replace what’s on my board. This won’t be an easy decision. lol

  272. Christopher Martin says:

    I have the Digitech and it really is a great pedal.

  273. Ronald Grande says:

    Having not played any of these pedals – I would like to mention the Keeley ME-8. And the best natural sounding digital delay is the Keeley Mag Echo.

  274. Dying to get my hands on the Tonal Recall and Bellwether. Delay junky in the house.

  275. Paul Borovay says:

    Great list… BUT, I think you should include Alexander Pedal’s Super Radical Delay… It looks so awesome!

  276. I want that Bellweather! Nemesis looks great as well.

  277. Jon Griffth says:

    So many delay pedals, how will I ever be able to choose?

  278. So many awesome delays these days. I have the DD-500 but i’m thinking about switching to the Nemesis to use the Source audio hub with my other source audio pedals.

  279. Dying to get my hands on Tonal Recall and a Bellwether. Delay junky in the house.

  280. David McDermott says:

    Ever since I heard a friend noodling around on a vintage tape unit, I’ve been aching for an affordable way to get the same classic sound. Great article!

  281. Chris Davies says:

    I need some bellwether super dark delay

  282. You got the Flashback Triple and Mini, but not the regular or even the X4? I have discovered so many tone hacks out of my Flashback, I would think the X4 would be a much more regarded one =/

  283. Stefan Vos says:

    I see Daniel Donato rocking the Bellweather. Yes please thank you please.

  284. Rich M. says:

    Been using a trusty DD-7 for the last few years but love the look of the Bellweather, the FX Loop is really interesting

  285. James Baydarian says:

    I have 3 delays– Obscura,T-Rex & Digitech Looper/Delay — I’ll be getting 1 from the list –JB

  286. Casey Scott says:

    I have the first one on the list, the Nemesis. It’s first for a reason. I think it just blows them all away. With the Neuro app, I haven’t found one delay sound I couldn’t get from this thing.

  287. Jason Sanders says:

    Delay is one of the best things in life. I hope to own each of these at some point sooner than later.

  288. Tim Enright says:

    Pigtronix would be my pick

  289. John Mccormick says:

    I want one!

  290. Mo Gottschall says:

    “Epic” is an over-used word, but it’s actually an understatement here. These are some absolutely amazing pedals, capable of more than one guitarist could likely ever fully utilize.

  291. Mark Nason says:

    What a great time to be a guitar player! There are so many different delay options. As a delay/echo fanatic these all inspire me to try different things. It’s amazing how a pedal can push you to try new sounds and make new music.

  292. Those Chase Bliss pedals give me feelings…

  293. David Fisher says:

    I think the TC Electronic Alter Ego V2 could be on this list. It’s such an excellent delay pedal for the price. I’ve been really impressed with it so far. That said, I’ve always thought Empress made a great delay.

  294. Oh man, that Tonal Recall and that Bellweather both seem incredible.

  295. All of these pedals are amazing. Excellent list!

  296. I think this is a great year for echo pedals. I have a few now, but think the Nemesis or the DD-500 may end up in my studio. I haven’t had a chance to try the Rainger FX Echo-X, but it does look like a pedal with real originality, and I think I’ll have to get one from what I’ve seen about it.

  297. Taylor Tomita says:

    I have been looking into getting a Strymon for quite some time. Thanks for some really rad writeups of these.

  298. Tulio Andrade says:

    Great pedal.

  299. David Polidoro says:

    I’ve seen and heard many, many different delay pedals over the years, both in person, and online. there seems to be more of them than any other pedal. but in my personal opinion, the Walrus Audio Bellweather seems to be the one that can do it all. it looks like it pretty much has anything that you would ever need in a delay. this would definitely replace the Boss DD-3 that I’ve had on my pedal board for the past 25 years.

  300. Thanks for these reviews. Your site is a great resource for reasearch….

  301. Kyle Bingham says:

    All I want is that tonal recall

  302. MICHAEL SPOSATO says:

    So much originality in delay pedals today. As an beginning DIYer, some of these are very intimidating.

  303. ILIAS PANTOLEON says:

    Dudes. I just ran an echo park into an m9 into timeljne into an h9 in stereo. I felt like i was doing Galadriel’s laundry. Glorious yet marginally useless.

  304. SlopeRocker says:

    Nothing tops my vintage Boss DD-2…yet….

  305. Matthew Taylor says:

    Great list, but the Boss DD-500 should definitely be up there. Much better than most of these, and for 2/3 of the price of the Timeline, comes incredibly close to being just as good.

  306. Intimidating array of pedals in this list! Sounds like fun!

  307. Robert Furtkamp says:

    Most of these look to be currently available, not new releases for 2016.

    I’d love the Nemesis but….the phone app only with no desktop option is an absolute dealbreaker.

  308. Justin TenCate says:

    That Tonal Recall looks like it might be the most amazing thing, well, ever. What a delay!

  309. Alex Dalton says:

    Picked up a Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte a couple of months back, and I’m pretty chuffed with that! But I’ll be dammed if the Free The Tone doesn’t look cool enough to make me want to trade in.

  310. joel Wolfe says:

    I want that tonal recall!

  311. Jonathan M. says:

    What a solid list! That Bellwether looks awesome!

  312. Great list! Lots of fun options available!

  313. Dan Labrie says:

    I think you managed to get all of my favorite delay pedals in here, I have the Obscura and it’s quite a bit of fun.

  314. David Hernandez says:

    And there are only going to be more great delay pedals with the cloning of the MN3005 by Xvive.

  315. Spencer H says:

    There are so many awesome pedals on this list! I have my eye on the Strymon Timeline, although I may go with the ibanez mini delay just because the Timeline is huge and I’d probably have to build a new board just to fit it in my rig. Love the TC Electronic flashback as well; great tone!

  316. So many amazing pedals. Delay for the win!

  317. Mattson says:

    We live in amazing times

  318. mmmm the chase bliss Tonal Recall is quite tasty!

  319. Trevor Owen says:

    Brilliant!! Thanks for th reviews

  320. Nice reviews! very helpful!

  321. The eventide and chase bliss look amazing, as do the rest ~ xD

  322. Patrick McLean says:

    Where is the Boss DD-500? -It does so much!!!!

  323. john j pioli says:

    I am partial to the Eventide Harmonizer

  324. Marshall Chaney says:

    Awesome collection of delays, but the DD500 is a definitely a top contender that should have made the list.

  325. Edgar Voss says:

    I’m greedy & want to win the bellweather.

  326. Annabelle Thomas says:

    I’m personally kinda sad the Echo Dream 2 from Death By Audio didn’t end up here, it’s a fantastic gritty delay that nails those messed-up tape sounds and can even do some neat almost doubletracking style stuff. Very fun and unique, and not too expensive either!

  327. Dave Fazio says:

    The Delay is the essential ” Koo Koo Ka Choo” that every musician needs to have and play with ,,, enjoy the moments !!!

  328. Justin Stanislawski says:

    Like that Bellwether…

  329. Paul Coleman says:

    I’m currently running a Diamond Quantum Leap (which does more than just delay) and a EQD Dispatch Master which I mostly use for the reverb. I could see the Bellwether taking the place of the Quantum Leap. Such an embarrassment of riches in the pedal world these days.

  330. jacek cz. says:

    EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR

  331. Surprised the Boss DD500 didn’t make it on here – beats out the Timeline for flexibility (in my opinion).

  332. I’d love the Flight Time. I’m already using the Particle, which is a fantastic pedal – the Flight Time would complement it very well…

  333. Martin Börner says:

    The Vapor trail seems to be a sneeky champion especially since the carbon copy is so popular. Wish I could have them all and decide every day which one fits the mood^^

  334. David Mednick says:

    The Walrus Audio Bellweather is the delay I want. I had the Strymon and it was too complex and most of the others dont give you enough tweakability. The Bellweather is right in the middle, easy to use and offers enough options to get every tone I want, and the tone is superior. Wish I could win one!

  335. Tony Kim says:

    You totally missed out Dawner Prince Boonar, which is basically a 100 times better Binson Echorec clone than Catalinbread Echorec

  336. Bryar Gray says:

    No Deluxe Memory Man Tap Tempo?

  337. Great post man, really dig the uniqueness of the delay pedal options you have.

    I’ll have to give the red witch a go here soon!

    Keep up the solid writing and reviews!

  338. No WayHuge Aqua Puss? there seems to be a decidedly digital leaning to this list. Also, whats with 2 entries for TC? They are in reality pretty boring units.

  339. The Red Witch Violetta is a beautiful thing

  340. Andy Lopez says:

    I would add the MXR Carbon Copy. Yeah it doesn’t have tap tempo but this little pedal can do so much at an inexpensive price and the best part is that, this analog pedal that actually sound amazing. Something that can’t be said about a lot of cheap pedals.

  341. I use a diamond memory lane jr. and it’s fantastic. also the moog delays are loads of fun and sounds awesome, really expensive tho

  342. Jon Wymore says:

    dd20 or tc nova delay are two great bang for your buck delays with multiple options or presets.

    Carbon copy also a classic as analog. Saw they just came out with new CC bright which might be interesteing.

  343. So, I think the Ibanez ES2 echo shifter is a great option if you like analog delays is tap tempo and modulation and has more interesting functions for crazy tricks.

  344. I’m not sure when these pedals came out but the Catalinbread Belle Epoch and Strymon Deco are what I use – along with an Eventide H9 and TC Electronic Flashback X4.

  345. My favorite is kind of an oddball…
    But i personally love Fairfield Circuitry’s Meet Maude Analogue Delay. It has the beauty of any of these delay pedals, but gets experimental, unique, and modern. I encourage everyone to check out this pedal, as well as this boutique company.

  346. mininuke says:

    H&K Replex

  347. You can’t even START to believe this article without the Visual Sound Dual Tap or the MXR Carbon Copy in the list.

  348. What about the golden cello pedal?

  349. Daniel Etoroma says:

    DMM 1100ms

    • Bryar Gray says:

      I have the 550 and love it too. I have a digital delay (16 second digital delay by EHX) for longer delays/loops. Good combo.

  350. Diamond delays are absolutely amazing. I have owned a Memory Lane Jr for 3 years- often putting it against other delays & still preferring my Diamond. They are only a few on your list that compare to Diamond!

  351. I was quite surprised that the JHS Cougar wasn’t on this list. Also doesn’t seem right that nothing from Toneczar, Moog or Diamond is in the list.

    • I was quite surprised that the JHS Panther wasn’t on this list. Also doesn’t seem right that nothing from Toneczar, Moog or Diamond is in the list.

  352. JohnnyCNote says:

    I grabbed a Korg SDD-3000 as soon as I could. I have 3 of the old SDD-2000’s, one for parts and the others are used together…

  353. No TC Electronic Nova Delay? Are you kidding me…

  354. Mark Walsh says:

    I am very disappointed with my Violetta Delay, The rechargeable battery ruins it for me, if the battery is flat, you can’t just plug in and play, the pedal produces crazy sounds, you actually have to let it charge up first. You can’t let it sit on a pedal board, if the jacks are connected the pedal drains, it has a small footprint, but it still takes up a lot of space due to the placement of the input and output on top of the pedal, this IMO should have been done like a ditto looper, with Input/Output on the sides.

    If it took a 9v DC like a regular pedal it would be great, but it doesn’t, even though Red Witch say it does.

    Sounds Great, but not worth the hassle. I’m disappointed this was not picked up on the review here, as I purchased it based on this review. I feel like I have wasted €120, and now I need to find another delay.

  355. All are nice, indeed.
    Another great sounding delay is Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay. Anyone..????

  356. Caroline Kilobyte (Lo-fi) Delay definitely deserves a spot on here! \m/

  357. Joyo D-Seed…

  358. – Caroline Kilobyte Lo-Fi Delay. Great-sounding, innovative, versatile pedal.

  359. MXR Carbon Copy, best bang for buck analogue delay pedal there is.

  360. Korg SDD-3000 pedal?

  361. I just got the T-rex Replay Box, and I’m amazed!
    Great, clear delay signal that doesn’t mud up like many other analog-sounding delays may do.
    And the additional possibilities of both triplets and dotted 8’s make it incredibly versatile :)

    Check it out, it’s awesome!

  362. Tubevalvemaniac says:

    WRONG !
    When you sat Top Best delays, then it should include the best and not to start from pedals that are eventually in Top 10, but definitely not in the Top 5.
    Main criteria is SOUND and not fancy functions.
    For endless manipulation software delays are way cheaper and offer much more.
    With Strymon delays, many users became bored after a while, as sound is synthetic and artificial, even if somehow catchy in the begining. Sound quality is main criteria, do not be fooled.


    The Best First

    Some of pedal might have long lead production dates or are temporarily out of stock/production, with chance of production to be continued later. Nevertheless, they are contemporary pedals and to degree available on the market.

    EHX Deluxe Memory Man TT 1100
    Moog MF104M Superdelay
    Toneczar Echoczar
    Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2
    Pigtronix Echolution 1
    Analogman ARDX20

    Comment on Strymon pedals.

    This is company that produces fairly good pedals, but with industry’s most aggresive promotion campaigns, that includes articles and internet coverages, so be aware.

    • Your post screwed up at the first word “wrong” is a pretty snobbish thing to say. I really like this list, if you don’t, I get that. But to say it’s inherently wrong just doesn’t make sense. How is it wrong to say the writer of this list doesn’t like these pedals, you cannot objectively state what they think are the 10 best delay pedals because you aren’t them. Also , huge fan of the deluxe memory man

  363. daniel simon says:

    the catalinbread echorec is seriously awesome… surprised it’s not on this list.

  364. Steffen Russell says:

    is Aqua Puss 2013.?

  365. Akai Headrush is a cool delay/looper pedal worth a mention.

  366. Those are some awesome delay pedals. I would love to win even one of these to replace my old crusty Boss DD-3

  367. Erik Olsson says:

    I like the Strymon Timeline, but the Red panda sounds amazing as well

  368. You can never have enough delay pedals!

  369. Red Panda Particle is so versatil, I love it

  370. Red Panda Particle looks and sounds amazing!

  371. Mark Walker says:

    Very torn as to my next delay pedal. Looking for lots of flexibility since my two delays have very defined character. I think this article helped me choose the Strymon. I already have the reverb pedal, so I know they make great stuff.

  372. Kevin Slack says:

    I have the Time Factor. It’s cool, but I’m not that crazy about how the foot switches work. I may go for the Strymon Timeline.

  373. Ádám Balogh says:

    I think Strymon TimeLine the best.

  374. Mark Miller says:

    Seymour’s Vapor Trail … It’s got an organic sound and the flexibility of the effect loop insert is very useful.

  375. Jay Lawrence says:

    Pigtronix Echolution 2 ?

  376. Daniël Dudok says:

    Strymon pedals are 1 of the best pedals. This pedalbrand has a lot of good stuff like. Reverbs, delays, tremolo. El Capistan dTape Echo has a really great sound in my opinion. At one day I want to buy the strymon

  377. Jonathan Blycker says:

    I was a little surprised not to see the Line 6 DL4 on this list, but it is what it is. The only pedal on this list I have had the pleasure of trying at this point is the TC Electronics Flashback mini. It was alright. Basic, but it does what it does respectably well. I have been jonesing for the Boss DD20 after much reading. No doubt some of the upper crust pedals on the above list would be super fun to play too. Strymon sure is getting the most buzz this year, IMHO. But having not tested it yet, I can’t say.

  378. Anthony Foti says:

    I only tried 1 pedal on the list. The TC Flashback mini. I liked the easy manipulation of its basic features while playing live. I really like the Boss DD-7. Nice slap back analog delay with volume swells. The reverse feature placed at a subtle level is quite nice too.

  379. Anthony Foti says:

    I really like the Boss DD-7. Nice slap back analog delay with volume swells. The reverse feature placed at a subtle level is quite nice too.

  380. They are all wonderful. Everyone has their taste. And I’ll savor all!.

  381. Nicholas Merz says:

    I would be happy to have any of these pedals on my board to replace (or in addition to) my Flashback and my DM-2. I would think that any of the Malekko Ekko pedals would be a good addition to this list (I like the Dark version), and I was pretty impressed with the Vox DelayLab pedal, too. Or how about the re-issue Boss DM-2(W)?

  382. Alexandre Pinto says:

    I rly like the Red Panda Particle Granular Delay/Pitch Shifter, and i would love to win it ^^

  383. Jeff Kern says:

    My favorite pedal on the list has to be the Empress Effects Vintage Modified Superdelay. I have been saving up for this one!

  384. Federico Costanzi says:

    Strymon’s Timeline is the king of delays! Love all Strymon’s stuff!

  385. Adam Waters says:

    Im liking the sound of that Empress Vintage Superdelay

  386. Wampler Tape Echo – Amazing good sounding delay pedal.

  387. Dennis Guiney says:

    Looks awesome, hoping for a little luck!

  388. The Superdelay looks the dogs bollox

  389. colin baldwin says:

    Currently got the Vox DelayLab which sounds incredible but is too complex for me, but I could totally rock the Flashback X4

  390. Very helpful reviews! Thanks.

  391. Well these are all great pedals but for cost point and just plane toughness I’ll use the Boss DD-7. But that’s just me.
    A simple pedal for a simple man.

  392. My favorite up until now is the “Capistan” from Strymon. It just oozes funk!

  393. Shawn Skinner says:

    The Timeline rocks! My friend has one and it lets you do some amazing things.

  394. Kristoffer Lambek says:

    The Empress modified delay would be my pick!

  395. Does anyone ever tried the Catalinbread Montavillian ?

  396. TC Electronic is always good choice, but there is so many pedals worth to test.

  397. Just found your site and look forward to the help in expanding my sound. On the list I’d probably pick timeline, timefactor, or flashback x4.
    Off the list, what about JHS Panther or Panther Cub, TC’s nova delay, or Visual Sound Dual Tap?

  398. Does anyone here like the Digitech Timebender? Sounds like it can do some pretty cool stuff.

  399. Loving the Vapor Trail

  400. I like to use Delay in the loop as it sucks the tone less , but recently tried a few in the front weren’t so bad like empress, eventide , the price to pay for quality speaks out in that case

  401. Delays delays delays. There’s nothing like a good delay, is there? Oil can delay ftw!

  402. Austin Cooper says:

    I need that Strymon timeline!

  403. Alfred T. says:

    I just need an amazing delay pedal and it would be Strymon XD.. The sound produced by it makes me speechless… I was astounded by it countless of times!

  404. i think you have some good choices here. Strymon pedals are a “must” on any list of delay and/or reverb pedals. i have the regular Flashback from T.C. Electronics and i dig it.

  405. mustafank says:

    i’ve, recenty, heard the Timeline and – I can tell you- this pedal is mindblowing

  406. I am more interested in the pedals designed to sound like specific pieces of vintage gear like caitlinbread echorec or even a boss space echo but vapor trails looks pretty good although seems like rebranded echo puss

  407. Mhmmmm That strymon.

  408. paul gibson says:

    I’d be happy with any of the pedals but the TimeFactor and TimeLine are the big daddy’s there. Studio quality delays that you can stomp on at any time

  409. Heard lots of good stuff about the Empress, would love to try one but none of my local stores stock it

  410. Red Panda Particle has to be one of the most succulent delay pedals ever…will always have one on my board from now on.

  411. I have a Malekko Ekko Mk1 and LOVE IT! The delay is sweet and ambient, can be longer delay, buffer, great sounding flexible modulation, awesome. Being a pedal addict though, I can’t look at these super full-function type pedals (especially that Disaster Transport) without daydreaming about what sounds could be…

  412. Chris Faricy says:

    Strymon TimeLine would be my pick.

  413. New EHX B9 Organizer

  414. I recently bought a cheapo Joyo analog delay and was amazed at the sound. It pretty much surpassed most of my other expensive pedals.

  415. Timeline! Drool

  416. Adela Cordero says:

    great pedals!

  417. Mike Britson says:

    Gotta be the Strymon Timeline!

  418. from the reviews out there you cant go wrong with the Strymon TimeLine!

  419. i would love to see the red panda in action !

  420. Mario Majkic says:

    el Capistan… wow.

  421. I’m surprised the Carbon Copy is not on the list. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as most of these, but it seems to be an industry workhorse.

  422. Thomas Murawski says:

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I have found your reviews informative and helpful. All the best to you in the years ahead!

  423. I would like to watch a review of the pedal of my dreams, Hall of Fame Reverb, the perfect reverb to add depth and dimension to your guitar playing.
    get excellent color and decay controls to further taylor your reverb sound. And the Hall Of Fame reverb’s dry signal path is completely analog, so your guitar’s tone stays completely untouched. I love this pedal!!!! ;)

  424. Great pedals. All sound interesting. Especially of course the Timeline and Eventide. The Seymour Duncan Vapour Trail sounds most interesting.

    Although in my top 10 there would be:

    Malekko Ekko 616 (I love it and it’s very versatil)!

    Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man with Tap Tempo (Maybe the best on the market today IMHO).



  425. Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo is my favourite, because I love classic tape echo sound. I have one echo delay by that it’s got a extra boton to emulate the echo. It’s great.

  426. Stephen Rieck says:

    I’d kill to try the el capistan.

  427. Delay and ambiance is happening in a serious way amongst the creative peoples of the music world.
    My personal favorite is the eventide for it’s versatility, but for it’s practicality I like the flashback.
    I’m surprised TRex replaybox isn’t on this list.
    its combined footprint, and features is something that shouldn’t be missed.

  428. Welly Tjandra says:

    I would love to have all of these pedals,
    each of it has its own features that can’t beat each other, awesome!

  429. Duwane Smith says:

    The Flashback x4 is hard to beat when it comes to bang for the buck. It’s easy to use. Well rounded. Sounds great. Has tap tempo and even a few preset slots.

  430. These pedals are insane! I own a carbon copy right now, I would love to experiment with all of these!

  431. luke payne says:

    Currently I own a Flashback delay and a Way Huge Auqapuss. Both are recommended and are probably my favorite pedals on my board, but I’d love to upgrade to a Timeline. Looks to me like the Strymon is the most inspiring delay going right now.

  432. Kevin L. Gibbs says:

    MXR Carbon Copy?

  433. What happens when you play through all ten of these at once? Can’t wait to find out!

  434. I haven’t tried all of them yet so I cannot fairly choose but given the choice I would either pick the TC Flashback delay/looper or the Disaster Transport.

  435. I think I have to go with the Timeline. You couldn’t go wrong with any of these though! Has anyone heard the Mojohand Mirrorball? It was another delay I have been considering.

  436. Kyle nadeau says:

    Empress super delay and disaster transport are my two favorites that I’ve played, though the red panda particle is a monster of a pedal as well.

  437. My favorite on this list is the eventide. I can’t think of anything else I would add to the list.

  438. Bill Siepierski says:

    What a fantastic giveaway this month!

  439. no idea how anyone can choose a favourite pedal out of all these. testament to the type of effect that you can have so many doing essentially the same thing in such different ways. I could put them all to use in the one daisy chain. believe.

  440. fred steiner says:

    my favorite is the TC electronic flashback X4 delay & looper.

  441. As much as I respect the big boxes (Strymon/Eventide), but that Red Panda Particle is something special..and messed up.



  443. Love the Empress Superdelay

  444. Carl Martin says:

    My favorite pedal on the list is the TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay & Looper. Can’t think of any others that should be on the list.

  445. stuart morton says:

    I loved the TC Electronic Flasback and the Alter Ego. Great sounds tones in one pedal. Delay is essential on everyones pedal board.

  446. Andy Windibank says:

    Liked the Eventide Time-factor, but a but big for my pedal-board. Went for the MXR Carbon Copy analog delay instead, which strangely isn’t on this list!

  447. David Hanna says:

    Strymon . Strymon. Strymon. That is all. Good day.

  448. Ooooooooh the red panda!

  449. I would like to know if the alter ego is fine as the flashback.
    Cheers and all my best for the rest.

  450. How about the Catlinbread Belle Epoch?

  451. SD Vapor Trails is one of the best delay pedals I’ve ever try!

  452. Mike Freed says:

    I’d love to try them all actually!

  453. I’d love to compare any and all of these side by side. Very curious about Strymon!

  454. Jon Willoughby says:

    Loving the sound of the Strymon. Fingers crossed!

  455. Andrew Petrick says:

    The Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport SR would be the perfect delay pedal if it had tap tempo and stereo in/out it. Still, it will be hard removing it from my board as the sounds out of it are incredible.

  456. david ernst says:

    That EarthQuaker Device looks right up my alley

  457. I’m thinking that the Catalinbread Belle Epoch deserves a spot in the top ten.

  458. Peter Andreev says:

    I looooove the El Capistan…maybe I’ll win one!

  459. Craig Frank says:

    The Strymon stuff is awesome!

  460. Zsolt Dubravcsik says:

    I’d like a Violetta or an El Capistan.

  461. Jeff Kempiak says:

    IM gonna go have to try out a Flashback now….interesting review

  462. Guillaume Brioul says:

    I had or try few pedals of this top 10. I now have a catalinbread echorec I’ll put on the list. Well, it’s digital and don’t have tap tempo or knob for modulation but it sounds amazing!

  463. Alan Grimes says:

    Seriously looking for a delay pedal and struggling to choose, any suggestions accepted gratefully, I mostly play classic rock and country, bluegrass and blues.

  464. The El Capistan is a great pedal and a source of inspiration.
    I want to play with some of these pedals, or all…

  465. strymon rules, every single pedal they make is perfect!

  466. Brett Paschen says:

    The Eventide time factor is the best that I have seen.Although,I have not used a Vapor Trial.

  467. Drew Feltner says:

    No Moog MF104????

  468. Pedro Cunha says:

    Man, i want that vapor trail.

  469. Aidan Scrivens says:

    Just spent an afternoon messing around with the Alter Ego x4. Had some great sounds but might be a little more one dimensional than the flashback. I’m personally looking for a good one-stop shop delay pedal that I can put on a board I’m building that’ll be used for all types of gigs and would be interested to hear what anyone thought. I only just learned that the eventide timeline could store multiple banks of 2-delay ‘multi-delays’. I assume that means you can have loads of sets of 2 delays that you can swap between for different songs in a set, is this true? I would be really interested in hearing any opinions from people out there.

  470. Holy shit, just played the digital delay by boss so far. But these are one dream of a collection!

  471. Oli Richings says:

    I think the TimeLine and TimeFactor are the most versatile but simpler pedals like the SD Vapor Trail and the Flashback mini are great too

  472. Szabolcs Deák says:

    EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR is my dream machine !

  473. David Outten says:

    I’d pick the red particle because it is a unique pedal. And a great company. So close on all these, they are all great pedals

  474. I’m imagining just how much fun you could have with that tape echo!!! I love the “twisting-timeline” sound it makes when altering the feedback rate … ahhh, as homer simpson looking at donuts.

  475. The delay that i will never sell is a Deluxe Memory Man vintage, the 5 knob version with modulation.
    Just beautiful!
    Now i want a Echo Dream 2 !

  476. Just using my Zoom G3 for modulation and delay right now (not too shabby for the price point). I would love to get my hands on a Time Line though. Those things are pretty beast mode. My next choice would be the TC X4.

  477. Eugene Weems says:

    Thanks to ES for the heads-up on this bonanza! Yeah, I like Catalinbread too. A LOT. But I’m already looking forward to 2015’s Dr. Scientist The Sadness and David Rainger’s TARDIS. O.K. I made those up, but Strymon isn’t going to be king of the mountain forever.

  478. Elisabeth Samson says:

    Catalinbread Echorec is a beautiful effect, but this list is very strong. Strymon El Cap, EarthQuaker DTSR, and Empress Superdelay are my three favourites right now, but that changes all the time. Get it? Changes all the time? I slay me.

  479. Alessandro says:

    Strymon and eventide are the best delays. They can improve your sound adding what you need to free your creativity.

  480. The TC Electronics delays look coolest to me, and the tone should not be bad indeed..
    Never owned one, only bought the Ditto looper from them and it’s just one example of the amazing quality the guys pull out, and by the reviews it looks like the delays aren’t short of awesome either!
    Cool design too!

  481. Dimitrios says:

    I have the RED PANDA granular delay and I enjoy it’s ability to make expressive stutter sounds that I control with the volume of my picking. The pedals that interest me in this series are the one’s that besides having good sound quality (or the ability to reduce it) can fascilitate three basic musical jestures: 1) The expressive jesture, that refers to the human individual soul 2) The mathematical or rythmic jesture, that refers to the human body-I think And 3) The random jesture that refers to the cosmic spirit. All delay pedals by definition are basicly of the second jesture since they produce rythmic sounds so I am interested in pedals that can go beyond that, adding expressive capability either with the volume of picking or expression pedal capability to alter any parameters one can choose AND the ability to produce musical random delay rythms.

  482. Lots of cool stuff to look thru. Surprised the Boss Overdrive didn’t make the list. If I could only have one pedal that’s the one I would take.

  483. Would love to try the full sized flashback, I’ve got the Ditto and it’s great fun

  484. Aaron Barthuly says:

    Im a big fan of the TC pedals and the Flashback x4 is pretty great. Also digging the Boss Giga Delay as of late

  485. Seriously impressed with the Strymon TimeLine, the El Cap also sounds pretty sweet. The simplicity, size and depth of the TC Flashback is just awesome. I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to own and explore any of these, and you sir, have done an amazing job of making each one seem like the perfect companion for an eternity of ever repeating happiness

  486. David Brown says:

    I have an Alesis Quadraverb, an EH Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai, an old Ibanez AD-202 multi mode analog delay, a Digitech RP-355 multi effects pedal, and an Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro. All good delay generators and awesome together when assembled in parallel chains with other effects processing. Love the Soundsculpture Switchblade for this. Probably the most amazing switching, blending, mixing device ever conceived. Expensive but unparalleled. Even still today over 20 years later.

  487. Diego Montebro says:

    Excelent, but Line6 dl4?

  488. Man, I’d love that Red Panda in conjunction with the El Cap. What an amazing list… thanks for doing the giveaway too!

  489. Thomas Fiorilli says:

    I went to Cologne recently to get a new guitar, and tried out some pedals in the process. The one that impressed me the most was the TC Flashback Delay. Gorgeous delay and super simple loop system. Really worked beautifully with my Tele. Would sure be amazing to get one! Great list!

  490. Andrew Skelton says:

    Wonderful list! I would like to think there would be space for the Boss DD-20 on here. Sure it’s not boutique but it’s functionality, reliability and price makes it a top contender for me. So many people gravitate to this unit. Many folks who get the Strymon a timeline say they miss the old DD-20 and eventually return to it. Check out the Boss DD-20!

  491. Xavier D. says:

    Red Panda Particle is my favorite off this list , it’s quite revolutionary in terms of delay pedals!

    One pedal that would be great to see here is the “Endangered Audio Research AD4096 Delay” I had a lot if fun with that pedal when I tried it a few days ago, definitely worth checking out.

  492. Was seriously contemplating purchasing a particle. This just makes me want it more

  493. odieux fonzie says:

    never enough delay boxes ! earthquaker devices would do! i like this company.

  494. red panda particle and strymon timeline are absurdly powerful and out of this world, wish i could own them! fingers crossed

  495. Charlie Dubuc says:

    Red Panda Particle is one of the coolest pedals I’ve ever seen. This giveaway is awesome.

  496. I love the Strymon Timeline. When you run a synth through it you can create some amazing textural soundscapes. It’s so much more than a delay pedal!

  497. Atif Khan says:

    Red Panda Particle all the way!!

  498. Rich Pike says:

    There are not 1, not 2, but THREE excellent Delay pedals from Diamond Pedals that I love a lot (and use together). One is the Memory Lane 2, just recently out of production. The others, still in production, are the Memory Lane Jr. and the Quantum Leap.

  499. The red panda particle fo’ sure!

  500. Gotta respect the innovation and level of quality that the Red Panda Particle has going on. There are plenty of fantastic digital and analog sounds and features on this list, but as far as being an inspiring piece of circuitry for the ambitious musician, the Particle is just tops.

  501. I like the El Capistan first choice, Strymon TimeDelay a close 2nd! Truth is I’d be happy with any win!

  502. The red particle!!!!

  503. Just used the flashback on a pretty intense atmospheric session. Was loved by all. Lots of possibilities. That being said, the particle and the el capistan look fantastic.

  504. i’m diggin this giveaway. my fav is the disaster transport.. put that old school boss dd20 on the list

  505. Christian Summer says:

    Give me the Red Panda Particle and no one gets hurt.

  506. Ten delay’s! Lets chain ’em up series and parallel and listen to the dreamy chaos that ensues!

  507. Mike Freed says:

    I love the Flashback delay. But want to try the Vapor Trail and the Violetta….

  508. would LOVE2 have Big sky or H9 harmonizer

  509. Jose Avalos says:

    Most definitely 1. Strymon timeline 2. Empress vintage delay 3. Strymon El Caspitan 4. EHX deluxe memory man 5. TC electronic flashback (4x) 6. TC electronic flashback mini 7. Eventide time factor 8.RedWitch violetta delay 9. EHX memory toy 10. Vox double deca delay

    This what I think the list should look like :)

    My favorite would be the Strymon Timeline except my pockets delay me from getting one ;(

    Missing from this Delay list is Vox’s attempt of there garage tone delay stomp box, and I got to say they did a great job and really making it so simple to use.

    Rock On bro :)

  510. Just got the Violetta. It sounds sooo nice! Not to mention the conveniences of size and rechargeable battery. They make up for the limited features (compared to other digital delays that is. Violetta is still quite versatile). I recently played a Boss RE-20 and I think that deserves a mention here – it’s a really inspiring effect.

  511. Damian Marinaccio says:

    I never know what’s the best solution, several smaller units with a specific purpose/song in mind, or one of the bigger do it all units…

  512. Some fine delay pedals.

  513. Strymon Timeline

  514. Duc Peterman says:

    Strymon Timeline for sure. I have been a big fan of Strymon, and I had the chance to try out the Timeline, the sound is just so unique and versatile, I was so pleasantly surprise that Strymon could still create above my expectations. I just wish I could have it, but it is so expensive..

  515. Looks like a good list to me… Disaster Transport for the win!!

  516. Stephen Elvidge says:

    I originally bought a Flashback pedal as my first Delay pedal for bass and loved it.
    I wanted more options and purchased the Flashback X4. I will be giving the first flashback
    to my bass playing son next Christmas. I Love delays sooo much, I NEED MORE OPTIONS,
    like winning these delays! That would be a miracle come true, indeed.

  517. Oh, man… If I won any of these pedals, I’d lose my mind… but, UGH, that Strymon TimeLine… or the SD Vapor Trail… or the Red Witch Violetta Delay…

    UGH. I need these things. Dammit. Good luck to all of you, but nah, not really. No, good luck. Sort of. ;)

  518. Oh please pick me pick me, I’m on a ‘pedal-train’ at the moment.

  519. Dominik Šandor says:

    Disaster Transport got me immediatelly, in my opinion it’s better than strymon timeline, Earthquaker devices makes unique pedals, i would love to have one in my pedalboard :-)

  520. The timeline’s where it’s at. A complimentary list nonetheless.

  521. Great list of currently available delay pedals. As a lover of analogue delays and from what i can tell by the demo the Vapour trails clarity really is tonally something special, especially if you play through darker sounding amps. I also love the sound of the El capistan and the Disaster Transport from EarthQuacker Devices. Can never have enough delays! :)

  522. Officially entering the giveaway!! Those Strymon delays are gorgeous, either would compliment my BigSky beautifully – but I currently have the Empress VM SuperDelay and it’s an excellent pedal capable of some very unique sounds. In addition to the Strymon delays, the Red Panda Particle looks fantastic – I love untraditional approaches to delay, and this looks like the king of such. The Audible Disease Schizodelay is another cool experimental delay with a firm focus on bizarre and abrasive noise-oriented effects.

  523. don hutchko says:

    Midtown is nice

  524. Red Panda Particle!!!!! >_<

  525. awesome list! especially love the flashbackx4

  526. At first i would say Disaster Transport from EarthQuacker Devices all the way! But the Red Panda Particle Granular Delay/Pitch Shifter sure does leave a good taste in my ears as well. Might have to flip a coin on this one :P

  527. The one from Red panda and Earthquaker Devices are my personal favorite. So many crazy sounds out of them.

  528. Dustin Rhodes says:

    I’d love to have a Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay. It has the perfect delay, and does just what I need it to. Plain and simple. Great pedal!

  529. Awesome List! I just grabbed the Eventide H9 – for the best the time factor has to offer AND access to a whole lot more!

  530. Andrew Tarasoff says:

    if i had to pick my favorite it would have to be the EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Sr. it would be the delay that i believe i would have the most fun playing with and pushing to its LIMITS…

    HOWEVER, the red panda particle is a CRAZY GLITCHED OUT AND TWISTED runner up for me.

  531. All of these are pretty cool.

  532. This list Rock !!!

    I like the

    Guyatone Flip Tube Echo
    The SIB ECHO DRIVE reissue
    Toneczar Echoczar + Angelbaby

  533. I agree with four of these. The most interesting and most coveted delays to me are as follows:

    Moog MF-104MSD
    Catalinbread Echorec
    Pigtronix Echolution2
    TC Electronic Alter Ego X4
    Korg SDD-3000
    Diamond Quantum Leap
    **Strymon Timeline
    **Red Panda Particle
    **Strymon Timeline
    **Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay

  534. A decent delay is a must for any pedal board, The flashback mini, for the size and price is my recommendation.

  535. Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master is good and small <3_<3

  536. Anthony Taibi says:

    All the delay you could want want want.

  537. Anthony Taibi says:

    Man-o-man there are some real nice delay pedals on this here page page page….

  538. Soooooo much Strymon. WANT

  539. I have the Strymon Timeline for a couple of months now and still trying to learn to use it and figure how to incorporate it into my playing, but there are delay sounds in there that no other pedal captures – the swell machines/algorithms are not like any of the other delay pedals. I think the Flashback is great too and easy to use. I recently got the Alter Ego X4 (Proguitar Shop’s exclusive). It SHOULD BE on the list. I have the Eventide SPACE which has many of the settings/algorithms of the Timefactor, but it really is a Reverb pedal, so would like the Timefactor. I never tried the EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR, but every video I’ve seen of it makes me want it. Also always wanted to try a Superdelay. Both the Timefactor and/or Superdelay would help with my Pink Floyd songs.

  540. My choice would be versatile The EarthQuaker Devices Disaster SR.

  541. Strymon timeline for me!

  542. Lots of awesome gear here.. would love to try the them all :)

  543. I really love an El Capistan paired with a Big Sky.

  544. Awesome demos of some great delays!

  545. There’s some great pedals on offer here.

    I think I want… All of them!


  546. Earthquaker devices Dispatch Master is my delay of choice.

  547. My personal favourite would be the Endangered Audio Research ad4096, though it’s pretty expensive so I can’t afford it myself…

  548. Does the EH Deluxe Memory Man not count because it’s an older pedal? I have yet to play anything that has as much warmth and character. With that said, I’d love to try all of these pedals. Especially the Particle.

  549. Way Barrier says:

    Awesome list! All pedals are killer! For me though it would be the EQD Disaster Transport. I recently purchased the Arpanoid (most bizarre pedal) and their quality is above and beyond perfection. Love that company. I plan on filling every inch of my board with their pedals. So help me out! ;)

  550. Jonas Pinnau says:

    The Disaster Transport Sr is a great pedal! I just wish it had more flexibility. For its price it should be able to go 100% wet and have a dry kill switch so that you can use the modulation in real time, like many pedals in it’s price range can do… Either way it sounds amazing, and I would still recommend it.
    Great list of delays here!

  551. Anton Nota says:

    Red Panda Particle is really unique pedal!!!

  552. Very nice list. Would like to see the EQD Dispatch Master on here though. But the Disaster Sr. Works just fine :)

  553. Probably has to be the timeline. Or the timefactor. Hmmm.

  554. Great review. Line 6 DL4 may be missing from the list, but cannot argue with the quality of what has been featured here. And, hard to go pass the Strymon El Capistan… though ANY of these pedals would be welcome on my board :)

  555. Gerallt R says:

    Pretty amazing list that!

  556. Gotta love that Earthquaker Disaster Transport SR… Modulation and reverb heaven

  557. Red Panda Particle!!!!!Cause it’s like nothing else.

  558. gosh, these are all really cool.

  559. Maybe the DL4 could have been on the list. I enjoyed that pedal immensely. For now, I dig the Earthquaker Disaster Transport SR.!! I was at a music shop in Asbury Park, NJ and tried it out. WOWEE!

  560. My fave pedal of this past year is the Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter Phaser.

    Very broad spectrum of sounds. Very clean and deep without the noisy wash and hiss of some phasers.

    As a bass player using a Fender Bass VI, its been a blast digging out a variety of great sounds with Grand Orbiter.

  561. Disaster Transport SR is not just one of the best delay pedals of 2014, it is one of the best delay pedals EVER!!!!

  562. Great reveiw! The Timeline is awesome!

  563. William Riley says:

    Been eyeing that Disaster Transport. EQD is such a great company–awesome people there. Glad to see them doing so well.

  564. The el cap is the best

  565. I absolutely love my Earthquaker Devices “Dispatch Master”. Perfect voiced ambient-like sound combined with a very deep reverb. You don’t need much more für beautiful soundscapes. But you cannot have enough delay-pedals on your board, so I’d be very happy about one of these beauties.

  566. I’ve only used the Empress once, goddamn it’s lovely, just too pricey.
    Flashback is also excellent, I own the original version.
    Malekko Ekko 616 MKII should be on the list, that’s my go to Analog delay.

  567. Currently have the Flashback x4 and love it. But I’m still gas-ing for the Disaster Transport and Particle. It never ends….

  568. I played true a timeline many times…I must say it’s my total dreammachine. Sounds from pink floyd style delay’s to a simple slapback that a country player would dig…Love to make soundscape’s with this thing..Handy future is that you can store presets for your gig’s//Hope to get it one day…

    The delay I own is a Catalinbread Belle epoch, I must say this thing is totally insane. Comes real close to a real tape echo and I love the analog style feedback it can deliver. Sounds real good!!! I have recommended this pedal to a lot of guitar playing friends and they are in love with it to, so definitely a good choice if you want a close reproduction of the Famous Echoplex.

  569. Love the red panda particle & el capistan

  570. I have the flashback 4x, the tone is great. pretty hilarious that its compared to the green pedal it shall not be names, haha.

  571. Flashback x4 is such a cool pedal.

  572. I have had the timeline, the timefactor and many others. Lately I have been giging with an Analogman ARDX20. The best analog sound i have ever heard, sadly it does not do tap tempo.

  573. i want them alllllll

  574. What would the Strymon Big Sky be categorized as? Big fan of their pedals

  575. Jon Rothon says:

    I would legit use every single one of those delays (possibly all at once :D ), currently have 2 reverbs and no delay on my board haha and I have been But there is definitely room on my board for all 10 :D. Also as for stuff that should have been included.. The “Molten Voltage Modded Malekko Ekko 616”, analog delay modded for tap tempo and 4 presets + modulation controls :D

  576. love my timeline!

  577. I want em all!

  578. Well, i don’t have anything to say about this darn website! I’m trying to find a free effect pedal, but how the hell do you want someone to get one without having explanations everywhere!!?? Hmm, this website does speak the truth about the best effect pedals!! This is probably the only site in the world that let’s you have the best effect pedals for free!! I like this, i’m just a little upset, but no more!! :)

  579. Great reviews you have here! I love the TC electronics stuff and would love to get the flashback. I guess there are always more pedals out there to try, and I have been looking at getting a new delay pedal. In South Africa they are generally pretty expensive, so I would love to know what you think about a couple that sound pretty good on you tube and are a lot more affordable here than many you have reviewed and recommended. Mooer echolizer and Mooer Reecho. Also Digitech hardwire DL8?

  580. Luis Madrigal says:

    I think the Strymon pedals are both amazing. My personal taste is more vintage sounding delays, so I’d have to say the El Capistan would be my favorite.

  581. Abominable Electronic’s Unholy Grail is a sexy looking delay and one I need to check out soon.

  582. prashant says:

    i always wanted an eventide timefactor.

  583. Jakob Holsonback says:

    All of these pedals are great but I want to get the strymon timeline as it can do many things that are just rediculous. The tone is amazing on it and I have always wanted one but they have a pretty penny to them. A guitarist that I play with uses this pedal and he absolutely loves it. If I didn’t get the timeline I would want the time factor or el capistan. This is an amazing website and I am glad I found it! Thanks and good luck to all the contestants

  584. Aaron Ellis says:

    Wow I just love the look of the EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR!

  585. Markku Puronaho says:

    I have the TC Flashback X4 on my pedalboard but would be nice to try the Timeline!

  586. So nice to have a straightforward review of the latest delays… Some many good choices…. thanks and keep the great info coming!

  587. Patrick Gillam says:

    Loving the sound of the new Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain. The oil can delay seems pretty unique when compared to the rest of this list. Timeline though is the must have off this list.

  588. Christopher High says:

    This is a decent list. However, it is missing the Pigtronix Echolution2 which is amazingly versatile pedal with some unique features. One of my favorite options on it is the jump feature. The fact that you can tweak and save every preset makes it a hard to beat option for best delays out there.

  589. the Empress Effects Vintage Modified Superdelay is absolutely amazing pedal. it summons some beautiful sounds. really wish it had a stereo out, though!

  590. Lucas Bond says:

    Nova delay by TC! 9 presets and super easy to dial in any tone. From U2 to ambient swells! It’s great!

  591. Dusty (Vincent) Miller says:

    Great review lots of detailed information

  592. Rob Stein says:

    The Time Factor, for me, is the Holy Grail- pristine sound, all that flexibility, plus the easy user-friendly knobs etc. But the Strymon, with that dTape mode, as well as the Filter mode – tough choice.

  593. Juan Jose says:

    Timeline can be a pretty good delay pedal, some people say it´s the best in the market, but I have always wanted the Flashback x4. Great Pedal, great sound. Some others like the red panda are innovating. But if you ask me, I would say the TC Electronic Flashback x4, not only because its look and sound and mods but also because of the price. Man, I love the Flashback x4, and of course, I would like to have it right in my hands. TC Electronic x4 = Greatness.

  594. delays for days. They’re all great.

  595. emanuele says:

    Disaster transport, awesome!

  596. The Timeline is by far the most groundbreaking and best pedal on this list. That being said, I feel that all the pedals on this list are great, the el Capistan and both versions of the flashback by tc electronix are great pedals. The timeline still wins it for me at least though

  597. Strymon is making some seriously groundbreaking pedals… Would LOVE to get my hands on a Timeline.

  598. TimeLine is always great, although I think a combo of that and the Red Panda would be insane.

  599. I’d love to have the chance to play with one of these amazing gear *-*

  600. Alfred T. says:

    The best of all is Strymon TimeLine because it’s so simple and elegant ;)
    Miracles always happen with it…

  601. Thomas Dück says:

    Best guitar pedal giveaway ever! Winning a single one of those would be great already, but winning all ten of them at once… indescribable.

    Just imagine connecting all of those delay pedals… it’s better than time travel

  602. Alberto Boem says:

    The Red Panda is one of the reason why I’m looking for new pedals.
    I was working a lot with granular synthesis, so I would like to try something similar with my guitar… without carrying a laptop with me.

  603. Best giveaway ever with the best selection of delays.

  604. I happened to just buy the red witch violetta.. and it sounds damn good. But hey you can never have too much delay right =P

  605. Jay smith says:

    Id live to experiment with that Particle delay it sounds like it would do some things that NIN has done before like chop up a vocal track so you hear every word but just decayed over a million years or so I have done this in a recording with one line but it was tedious just deleting every .01 of the track so this would make it easier I currently have a boss digital delay dd7 not dd3 so I like the fact I can make samples and pl,ay over them it would be nice to get one of those other pedals you offer that do just that but a much better length and more layers cheers jay

  606. Tony Goff says:

    For value for money, the line 6 dl-4 is hard to beat.
    Again value analogue and digital delays of the MXR Carbon Copy and Boss’s DD-7, I think are great value.

    Would I swap all 3 for an Eventide or Strymon?………..Probably!

  607. Curious how the Alter Ego x4 would stack up…

  608. i wanna win the timeline, i need it :D, i think another great pedal is fulltone fulldrive 3

  609. The Timeline is…almost perfect…

  610. The Ibanez ES 2 has been a lot of fun. I like a variety do delays.

  611. Elijah Davenport says:

    I know it’s kind of old, but the Boss DD-20 should be in any best delay pedal list. Extremely easy to use presets live.

  612. Wonderful delay effects, but I stil love my Boss DD20!

  613. Mark Holloway says:

    Love the TC Flashback X4!

  614. The Red Panda Particle is a very interesting effect!

  615. A very clever list. Empress, TC electronics, the are all hot. Maybe not to put on this list, but for a budget alternative, Joyo DSeed, with two presets, 4 modes, tap tempo and option for external switching, is a bang for the buck. But i’ll go Empress all the way. Moogerfoger?

  616. Sebastian says:

    The Strymon el Capistan has to be one of the most unique pedals around. For a multi delay though, it’s hard to make a choice between Timeline, Timefactor, VMSD, and X4. A shootout maybe?

  617. These pedals look delaylicious! I started with the awesome Boss DD7, moved to the Flashback X4 and thought i have found perfection until i got a Strymon Timeline. Delays have never been the same ever since…

  618. They’re all good but I would love either the timeline or timefactor!

  619. Jim Mumford says:

    Maybe find some space for a Moog MF-104M? (either one)

  620. Andrew Rigsby says:

    I’ve wanted the timeline forever. Would love to see the belle epoch by catalinbread on the list too.

  621. TC Electronic Flashback X4

  622. Joaquin Goyeneche says:

    I like the TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay & Looper. It’s my delay pedal

  623. raymond seto says:

    The pedals by TC Electronics look good!

  624. Michael W Perkins says:

    I Have a JAM Pedals Delay LLAma Analog that just makes you smile when you plug it in.

  625. Carl Martin says:

    TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay & Looper is an awesome pedal and would love to own one.

  626. Heard a lot of good things about the Empress Superdelay, would love to give it an extended try.

  627. I am actually very happy with my Hardwire DL8 – very versatile gig worthy pedal but man do I want the EQD Disaster Transport Sr.. My only problem right now is the price and the foot print. I would have to lose a couple pedals to make room for it or spend even more and upgrade to a bigger pedalboard. Decisions, decisions, decisions:)

  628. Well, if I have to choose I would say that the Timeline is all you need (and could imagine) for your delay preferences. Just in the case you don’t need so much features, El Capistan is a great choice. Strymon makes huge quality effects.

    Thanks for the chance! Fingers crossed ;)

  629. Jacob Sunshine says:

    Eventide Timefactor!

  630. Matt Schmidt says:

    Although not introduced in 2014, the Diamond Memory Lane Jr is a solid delay.

  631. Sie Carroll says:

    The list is pretty much spot on, I’d add the Roland Boss Space Echo as I’ve had so much fun with it over the years, it’s so easy to dial in, also the Moog MF104….of course. Out of the list I’d have to say the El Capistan, and for just pure great sound and simplicity to dial in.

  632. With 2014 only half over it looks as if 2014 has last year already beat as far as the number of delay offerings that are using pt2399 chips that digitally try and emulate analog. Unless you are prepared to shell out for much more expensive larger digital “analog”, modelling type pedals like something from strymon or the Emperess, forget about any of the smaller footprint made sized pt2399 digital “analog”, sounding pedals. If we’re talking standard mxr sized boxes with your three standard bread and butter controls I can almost guarantee you that everyone of those pt239 chipped delays for the most part will sound exactly the same. None of those pt2399 pedals have any real character or uniqeness. There just is no soul in those pedals. Toatly life and toneless. The noisy repeats of an analog delay have never bothered me so much so to the point where I just can’t take it, and I have to switch to a digital delay.. Analog delay pedals verses digital delays in a way is like comparing a tube amp to a solid state amp.. The tube amp like an analog delay may have some slight noise but because you get soul and character in a tube amp it’s easy to put up with any amounts of possible small noise. Digital delay on the other hand like most of the mxr sized pt2399 delays have no real soul, and they are lacking any individual character. Want to test my theory, go out buy a mad professor deep blue pt2399 delay and run it side by side with one of those made in China for 40 bucks knock offs made by caline. I actually did this and there was really zero difference in sound and quality. It all comes down to the heart and soul of a delay and that’s its delay time chip. I recently was able to once again obtain, nothing special just a late 90’s Maxon ad80 analog delay that of course has the iconic out of production Panasonic MN3205 chip and that pedal with that chip despite having only 300ms max delay time hands down blows away any of the newer analog delay pedals that use those cool audio chips manufactured now by beheinger.

    If it doesn’t matter if they came out in 2014 or not? My list includes these pedals:

    Analog alien ‘s rumble seat! A 3 in one pedal that combines a 69 plexi based od a sweet 600 ms real analog delay and a verb section that’s based on spring verb from a 65 deluxe!
    jHS panther cub(cone on it has 8 BBD chips)!
    Niger footer analog delay it’s moog
    New Duncan analog delay is surprisingly good
    The red witch violletta delay despite digital it’s one of the best PT chip delays I have ever heard!
    El Capistan which sonevsaybisvtgevgreatrstbecer emulation of a real tape delay

    Surprise pick of the year. A small OEM Chinese company called XIN Sound offers their AD 99B delay pedal which is a real analog BBD pedal offering around 700ms delay time and selling for under $100 deal of the century! They sound awesome for the price and they are the same company who actually builds guts to analog man’s analog delay pedal.

  633. Flashback X4 for me, i need one for my next project :)

  634. Jim Lipscomb says:

    I have been drooling over the TC Electronic Flashback X4 since I first heard it. This list must have been fun to make!

  635. Good collection!

  636. Jan Čapek says:

    I love how there are not only huge expensive pedals but also small and affordable pedals. No snobbery in this article! Good job!
    Although, in my opinion, nthere should have been an honorary mention of the Deluxe Memory Man :)

  637. Nate Nelson says:

    No boss? Shame,may be overrated,but boss can put out some great tones. Less options when shaping the delay,though.

  638. Jacob Abbud says:

    Hope I can win the giveaway, I’m in need of a cool delay pedal.

  639. I don’t have a delay pedal currently and this particular run down of the top 10 gives me stiffy similar to that which happens when I am about to eat a righteous taco. And I am sorry, but the old Boss Digital Delay, new or old, is still a very capable and great sounding delay. <– I know, that will draw some criticism from some who despise companies like Boss. Perhaps I will be the lucky needy recipient of the delay pedal giveaway. Fingers crossed and good luck to all you other musicians out there. :)

  640. Dave Kerwood says:

    All awesome pedals, although I am surprised at two that were left off the list. The JHS Panther has some cool features, particularly the tempo sensing input jack. Also surprised that I don’t see the Carbon Copy here. All in all a great list, though. I’d be happy to have any of these.

  641. Sammy Yi says:

    The Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay is my go to pedal. I sincerely love the tone and options of this pedal. A real beaut! I think you guys need to add the Catalinbread Belle Epoch. That girl’s got tone for days!!!

  642. they are all nice

  643. Particle. Awesome pedal, that is all.

  644. Wow… lots to choose from. Always found all the knobs confusing/overwhelming. I have the TC Flashback x4 and find that having presets really helps with experimenting rather than just moving knobs around.



  646. David Polidoro says:

    here is my required pedal review for the contest:

    that one pedal is lovely.

    the end.

  647. Sam Boodt says:

    My favorite delay is probably the Lunar Echo.

  648. Jonathan Guillemette says:

    All these pedals are killer.

  649. Jeremy R. says:

    On my list of pedals that I would like to have:

    >All of them.

    Hopefully luck is on my side this time.

  650. Chris Keledjian says:

    Strymon’s Time Line is tough to beat, but I think I’d go for the less-complex Vapor Trail. In Seymour we trust.

  651. Dan Kucera says:

    Empress and Eventide…both are at the top of my list…killer delay pedals!

  652. Michael M says:

    The Red Panda Particle Delay looks awesome and can achieve so many experimental tones! This is a great list of delays, echo effects really bring out rhythmic effects that help me write ambient style electronic music. Thanks guys.

  653. would love to win one of these pedals.

  654. Strymon TimeLine

  655. El Capistan ftw

  656. The Caroline Kilobyte is killer and missing here

  657. Ryan Begley says:

    I’ve got the el capistan and love it. So versatile and musical sounding. If you didn’t know better you’d think it was analog. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  658. Frederick says:

    That Empress Super Delay is super sexy. They all are.

  659. would love to win any of these — ALL really great peds

  660. matt glenn says:

    Me likey all analog true bypass delays!

  661. Timeline appears the rolls Royce of all delays.

  662. Bertram D says:

    Red Panda Particle seems to be the right delay for me…

  663. I would love the strymon timeline as it is so versatile and almost every review has said its great!

  664. How does a flashback (toneprint) compare to the possibilities of the larger pedals? (Strymon Timeline, Empress, Eventide)? Anyone who can comment on it? :)

  665. Great listing of pedals, the site is going well – I use it as a reference point when I have an urge for something new, which is a little too often.

  666. It’s hard to say there’s on I would want more than the others but… I’ve always liked those Empress super delays. They just sound epic. Strymon an flashbacks are pretty wicked as well. Man I love delay pedals.

  667. Daniel Jackson says:

    Hoping for an El Capistan, El Capitan.

  668. Jeff Nelson says:

    I want them all! lol

  669. These are all superior pieces of gear with slightly different takes on the effect. I think the TC Alter Ego should be here as well. We really are in the golden age of stompboxes.

  670. I don’t have any of these pedals…yet! I’ve got the Line6 DL4 but would like to get either of the Strymon pedals( Timeline or El Cap) which I’ve heard amazing things about. Everyone who uses them swears by them.

  671. I like TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay most, it’s small and easy tuning, give you all you need in a delay pedal. Meanwhile, I think the Eventide H9 should also in the list, it can give you all the sound in Eventide not only the delay section.

  672. In my experience, the Flashbackx4 is definitely the most usable and vesatile pedal on the list in a live setting. Would love to get my hands on one of those Vapor Trails though.

  673. Number one for me is easily the Strymon TimeLine. Eventide’s stuff is always great it’s just a little older. As for what could be on the list, the MXR Carbon Copy is small, reasonably priced and good at what it does. Still, I’m saving up for a TimeLine.

  674. I need the El Capistan!!!

  675. Andrew Nilssen says:

    That Flashback mini is too cute. And the Timeline is pure business class.

  676. Brice Steeb says:

    I currently have been playing around with different delays. I have the MXR Carbon Copy, but absolutely have fallen in love with Strymon’s Timeline. Strymon gives any other manufacturer a run for their money when it comes to quality.

  677. I love my Strymon and TC Electronic pedals, but I agree the Carbon Copy and DL4 should be included

  678. Luke Cooper says:

    Strymon Pedals are too good!

  679. Ben Lacey says:

    The Eventide Timefactor, quite simply, it does it all

  680. Russell T says:

    Would love to play around with some of these… been using an AD9, but would love something new…

  681. Strymon’s Brigadier Delay is also a great delay, though I suppose El Capistan is a bit more versatile.

  682. Like all the pedals listed but this list is missing the Carbon Copy. Greatest delay I own. Quick to get going and easy to load up and take for great analog sounds. Otherwise I’d love all of these along side my current rig.

  683. Julian Nuss says:

    Some pretty nice pedals. Wish I’d seen this before I just bought my last delay pedal. Signed up now so I will check back before anymore purchases.

  684. Conner Johnson says:

    I haven’t played the Red Panda Particle or the Empress Vintage Modified, but I have listened to many mic’d up demonstrations. Beautiful effects as well.

  685. Conner Johnson says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Strymon. I wish I had it, but really whoever wins on here will be ecstatic

  686. brendan says:

    Im a TC fan, the x4 is pretty awesome!!

  687. What an awesome assortment of pedals!

  688. No doubt about that, the Timeline is by far the best investment in a guitar effect pedal I ever did.

  689. Went from a timeline to an El Capistan. Tweaking the sound on sound mode is beautiful! Particularly placing this pedal after a looper. Stack a few parts and then destructive warble away

  690. EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport SR is amazing, so many cool sounds!

  691. The Bobbert says:

    They’re all pretty rad pedals it just depends on what kind of money you’re looking to spend and what sound you want. I really dig my El Capistan, the looping on trails mode is fun to mess with I’ve also been able to get some really cool ambient tones that I haven’t found on other pedals.

  692. Berke Bearrick says:

    I love the timeline just as much as any guitar freak, however I use the digitech Jamman because of the cost! $$$$$$ I feel like based on all the reviews the JHS Panther should be someplace on here but then again I have never used over half of the pedals on this list! The only other pedals that have caught my eye are the EKKO 616 MKLL DARK because the first thing everyone says is how dark it sounds and I LOVE the dark earthy tone. Another is Fox Pedals wave. It is very simple analog delay that has a simple switch that can give VARY different tones. It also is the best looking analog pedal company I have seen. Beautiful graphics and very shimmery clear articulate sound when needed but easily darkened.

  693. Thanks for the great overview. I use the (Harley Benton) Joyo Digital Delay which is an incredibly affordable good and analog sounding pedal. While its a good starter pedal and impressing what it does for the price, I plan to upgrade to a more versatile pedal, like the flashback x4 or the el capistan or the timeline.

  694. I currently use the TC Nova Repeater, but both of the TC pedals on this list are killer. TC always has been quality for me.

  695. Thiago Barbosa says:

    I didn’t have a chance to try all of these. I think the flashbacks are awesome. The Strymons sound amazing too. One pedal i think is great too is the Way Huge Aqua Puss. One of the best analogs i tried.

  696. That Red Panda looks and sounds incredible. I consider myself a blues player, but with this thing on my board I’d go from being a typical pentatonic riffer, to a mad scientist.

  697. Chris Mason says:

    Love the timeline. It’s versatile. I have a timefactor right now. The types of sounds you can get out that puppy are ridiculous. Although its’s great, the sounds of the timeline are far greater. Both are high quality and really every pedal on this list is great.

    I think one of the more underrated pedals is the DD-7. It’s affordable and gets the job done if you bust your but to get what you want out of it. Love it!

  698. The flashback truly is an incredible pedal… I haven’t even looked at many of these pedals though (money…)
    I think an incredible delay (in it’s own right, not just for the price) is the Way Huge Supa Puss delay… it’s just fantastic!

  699. Background: My original digital delay was a Japanese Boss DD3, the sound was huge but not overbearing and allowed ones live solos to have a pro studio flavour. Sadly I lent this to a friend who cooked it and replaced it with a Taiwan DD3 but it just wasn’t the same? My current delay is a small Electroharmonix memory toy, it’s ok but limited setting wise and is more reverb sounding and thats how I use it again over solos. Nb: I’m not in the market for ‘tap’ , inbuilt looper, sci- fi or multi delays, having said that its good to glean some understanding of whats out there in the parallel universe of pedals.
    This 10 x pedal review has provided me with comparative road testing, hence assists me in refining my selection for a new delay pedal.
    1/ I’m really warming to the TC flashback mini. Although I don’t normally get into software tone crafting I can see the value in tweeking a pedal this way and still end up with “simplicity on the floor” and not have to fiddle with gear on the fly. I’ve just purchased TC x2 looper, again simplicity swayed my decision.
    2/ The Red Witch is slender and rates in the simplicity stakes, the recharge battery is 20yrs overdue for all pedals!
    3/ Seymour Duncan Vapour Trail. The review makes this analog baby tempting too. I like Seymours PUPs and I still have my original purchased new late 80’s Seymour Duncan 60 watt convertible amp!

    Thanks reviewers for your insightful critique,
    Regards Matt

  700. Michael says:

    I would add the Carbon Copy from MXR as a solid, affordable pedal that gives a pretty good palette of delay effects…my .02.

  701. Leo ayala says:

    Im used to multi effects pedalboards so now Im building my pedalboard but I been listening to a lot of delay pedals and the strymon delay pedals are just amazing! Would be a great fit to my pedalboard specially for my church ambient sounds which are very much needed.

  702. I still love my EH Mem Man w/Hazari, and also my (comparatively simple, but still so rad) Akai Headrush E2’s. That said I would totally LOVE any pedal on this list, esp. RED PANDA



  704. Ben Hacker says:

    I’ve got a timeline which tempts me to say that “I’m done” with delays, but there are so many tasty pedals coming out, or that have come out, that I just can’t say it. The Red Panda sounds sick, and the VM Superdelay from Empress is really neat – love pretty much anything the PGS puts their hands on. I’m saving to pick up a DMMtt but might have to divert funds for some on this list. Very well done!

  705. Dominik says:

    I’m kind a new with guitar effect never used one before, just internal amp effects from my friends Ibanez amp, and a few more. I always played acoustic guitar and didn’t need a pedal. ..But now days im really getting in to those pedals. Specially love the sound that can be produced if you use those with nice di box and record some audio samples or synths over it.. I’m definitely getting Flashback Delay from TC Electronics witch is smaller brother of X4 but not in this buyers guide :( Sound from this and like machines will be finally used in my experimental and electronic music i produce. Great page guys :)

  706. Zach Walker says:

    Absolutely can’t go past the Empress delay Vintage Modified. In my opinion it has the most interesting, unique and versatile line of sounds and I would absolutely kill for one on my board. Just keep saving!

  707. I would say that my favorite so far is the Strymon Timeline. It seems as though it is extremely versatile and can do so many different things. That being said, it seems as though the el capistan seems like a perfect compliment to the the timeline if you are trying to stack delays. You can use the tape effect with the el cap, while trying to create some ambient tones with the swell machine on the timeline. Based on the research that I’ve been doing, it seems as though you pretty much covered the main pedals that people are playing right now. I would feel so blessed to have any of them!

  708. peter grey says:

    I’ve fancied the Flashback X4 since it first came out

  709. This is a great list. One delay that I’ve gone back to several times over the years is the Danelectro Reel Echo. It’s big and takes up space, but I haven’t been able to replicate the sound.

  710. I hadn’t used delay in a long time until about a month ago. I was testing amps when another shopper asked me to play through the Empress Tape Delay for him to hear. I fell in love with that pedal…ended up buying it and an amp. I would love to try the SuperDelay… Heck, I’d love to try all 10 of these pedals.

  711. The Strymon Timeline is an instant classic. Hard to beat that delay at the moment.

  712. One of my favorite artist named Mike Love from Hawaii uses a Strymon Timeline. I’d love to try the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail, it seems pretty cool.

  713. Raphael Malfliet says:

    When i listen to the reviews of the El Capistan, I think that is an awesome Delay pedal. I have a friend who has it and can’t shut up about it. Would like to have it myself !!

    I would like bestguitareffects to make a review of the Malekko Ekko delay pedal. I heard it sounds very good !

  714. Phil T. says:

    I want the timeline.

  715. Josh Docksteader says:

    I have the El Cap. Love it. So awesome sounding. Hard to believe all the things you can do with it. I would love to try the Timeline as well as the Disaster Transport SR. Pete Thorn does an amazing video demo of this pedal. Really, really, really, really (Really?) really cool (Both of ’em)….really. The other delays I’ve been aching to try out are the Eventide, TC, and Empress Pedals. Don’t know much about the others, but now I have something to check out on YouTube!

  716. I have to admit, the X4 looks pretty unique and handy. Would love to get my hands on one of those.

  717. I have no delay pedals in my arsenal at the moment but have always dreamed of experimenting more into the dub and psychedelic realms that are accessible through the universe of delays… :)

  718. Gabe Tonestoy says:

    I sure love my Timeline, but sometimes I wish for more simplicity like the Vapor Trail. At other times, I can’t get enough of the far out tones that you can get from a more involved delay like the Particle. So I now have a delay collection which just keeps growing, ha ha. After years of GAS and going back and forth, I’ve pretty much given up on finding just one delay to keep me happy….

  719. I can’t remember if I already entered this… But either way, I’ve been looking through these pedals a lot. Red Panda is incredibly wacky. The Supermodified covers almost all the bases. EQD’s would be perfect for dub basslines. Ugh they’re all unique.

  720. Jamie Brewer says:

    The Empress looks ace, but the Timeline still grabs my eye everytime… Need one in my life!

  721. Eyvind Eidesen says:

    Hi, I just need to start with thanking you for the good work you guys are doing. You always manage to put in some pedals I’ve never seen or heard of before. But to me there is an obvious contender to this list, the JHS Panther Cub delay. It just blew me away with its incredibly spacious and physically lively echoes. This thing is alive! After trying a bunch of delays; tc’s, catalinbreads, line6, vox, etc. I found that none of them could get nice repeats after being fed through an overdrive or fuzz/distortion. The repeats always sound like just (in comparison) flat repeats with a non-satisfying synthetic feeling to the degradation. This must be because these delays mostly have been digital with “analog” voicing. The Cub was like stepping outside and having a flexible canyon at my disposal. I’m saving up! Ps. The Vapour Trail shouts out for me, I think I’ll have to give it a go!

  722. Andrew Nash says:

    Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail is king for ease of use alone

  723. Jeremy Bowen says:

    I’d have to say the Empress is my favorite, but all of these are awesome! No such thing as owning too many delays!

  724. The Empress seems like she can do everything but the Red Panda is very interesting too.
    But i think we all would be happy with one of these 10 beauties in our rigs !

  725. Parker Matthew says:

    I’ve never owned any pedals. I’m poor, but I have dreams of owning many

  726. timeline rules, but i prefer Vapor Trail)

  727. don hutchko says:

    Ds9 tried and rrue

  728. Strymon timeline great because 200 presets, midi and compact. Great customer service.

  729. Aaron Abubo says:

    Flashback x4 looks to be a great all-around delay pedal.

  730. Patrick Lacey says:

    The Timeline looks the business

  731. The strymon or the eventide. But hey any of them they sound great!

  732. Empress Effects Vintage Modified Superdelay is my favourite.

  733. Love me some flashback!

  734. Nick Hopkins says:

    With so many samey pedals in this area it always needs a bit of research…thanks for the help!!

  735. Samuel Drew-Rumoro says:

    All of the Strymon gear is fantastic, really cool stuff. It’s great to see a company put a decent amount of effort into reproducing such a fantastic tape echo like they have done with the El Cap.

    I think the Caroline Guitar Company’s Kilobyte delay does some interesting stuff too, worth a look.

  736. I can´t afford any of the listed pedals right now, so all of them seems pretty tempting to me. Anyway, I would like to own Red Witch Violetta, because it is small and handy, so it will surely fit into my pedalboard. Why is there no Moog or EHX delay? It would definitely fit into this company above :)

  737. Nice list!
    I have an El Capistan and Flashback on my main pedal board, but there’s always room for one more…

  738. Alec A. says:

    That time Factor looks yummy.

  739. William Penn says:

    The Strymon is definitely awesome. Barring Strymon money, though, the Vox Delaylab is a great second choice. It has a large set of delay types as well that you can experiment with. Also able to use an expression pedal with it and has a built in looper.

  740. Riley Thornton says:

    Go timeline. Hands down the best

  741. There is certainly some gorgeous stuff happening here – ones I’ve been looking at for a while and some new ones to me. That Empress vintage modified is looking particularly fine, as well as those Strymon delays, there’s some really good stuff coming out from them at the moment. Keeping my eyes on these for sure.

  742. kitty lang says:

    The El Capistan looks perfect for my vintage needs

  743. The Strymon TimeLine tops my “must have delays” list. It’s a powerhouse and a beauty at that!

    Other than that, the Red Panda Particle Granular Delay/Pitch Shifter is awesome simply because of the sheer magnitude of interesting sounds that can be pulled from it. This would be perfect to jimmy around with on experimental tunes.

  744. I would a simple and pretty cheap pedal: the MXR carbon copy!

  745. Vincent Reiley says:

    Strymon pedals are awesome. The flashback delay is pretty versatile. Well, they’re all pretty good.

  746. The Red Panda Particle Granular Delay/Pitch Shifter is on my want list!

  747. Matt Garner says:

    As far as value is concerned, I’m a believer in 2 proven platforms in the Boss DD20 and the TC Electronic Nova Delay. Both allow for a very in depth experience for a good value around $175. Both are easy to use and feature packed. You can do anything from simple Slapback echo to very complex double tempo patterns. Both have digital BPM readouts , programmable presets, and tap capability. Great as an accent to your sound OR as a feature of your sound.

    That being said, if you can swing for the fences, the Strymon timeline is the one you want. Incredible processing power and sound quality. Great flexibility and large bank of user presets to work with. This is truly the top of the line in both sound quality, tone shaping, and features.

  748. FokusFire says:

    I have strymon BigSky pedal and it’s amazing. Really want to spread my music area in the delay fields too. Boss DD-7 is great but it doesn’t give me so much.

  749. I haven’t had the chance to try any of these delay pedals yet. I have a carbon copy and a boss delay pedal. I love my Eventide Space pedal so I am sure the delay sounds great as well. I am really looking for a nice analog delay pedal with tap tempo. any suggestions ?

  750. Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay Stompbox is very amazing and very practical to any level of guitar player.

    I like the looper feature that can help me practice my guitar skill.

  751. Strymon pedals and just amazing! But i guess the TC electronic pedals are more usable.

  752. Love my flashback x4 but, wouldnt mind trying these others out!

  753. Federe ho says:

    For me the VMSD is the absolute best!
    The second classified would be the timeline but i love tappe echo so for my money: El CAP.
    BUT if i would have to choose BOT from the list i would go for the catalinbread echorec!

  754. hopefully I get a chance to try that red panda out

  755. The Diasaster Transport SR is probably the most unique pedal on this list. A reverb+delay that’s not really a reverb+delay, I would love one for ambient effects.

  756. Super helpful list! I’m on the market for a new analog delay and this gave me lots of new options.

  757. Great list! I would be so glad to get my hands on any one of these, but Empress’ vintage modified superdelay is my favorite by a mile. Also: thanks for all your reviews, I rarely buy a pedal without checking here first. Cheers!

  758. great pedals!

    I also love the new Ibanez ES2. It has that nice old Ibanez Delaysound and is quite versatile :)

  759. Jed Adelbert R. Lopez says:

    the BOSS isn’t the boss now in here. :D

  760. Jed Adelbert R. Lopez says:

    wanting to have a delay pedal and i guess the TC electronics flashback x4 would be great.
    and the srtymon el capistan too.

  761. Despite playing guitar for 15 years I just recently purchased my first pedal which is a tube screamer. Next up on my list is a delay pedal… 30 more years of house payments and I then might be able to get that strymon!

  762. Stephen Spieckerman says:

    This was a great and extensive list! I have to say if I were to have one it would have to be the TCE Flashback… so versatile, plus with the toneprint… Definitely on the top of my list for pedals!

  763. Zach Wood says:

    Empress is sweet! That Mini Flashback is great for the pedal board footprint though….

  764. Luke Barratt says:

    Love the mxr Carbon copy but am a big fan of the new tc electronic products. Have the mini hall of fame and would love one of the flashbacks to go with it!

  765. love tc el best sounding delays period

  766. Tech 21 Boost D.L.A. seems very nice, might be in the runner ups:)

    I love the Red Panda. Hello Eivind Aarset and Boards of Canada!

    If I don’t win, I’m gonna sell my dentures for this one. Then I’ll sell my shoes for the EH Superego.

    You’ve got a great thing going on here, keep it up guys:)

  767. Would love to win the TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay & Looper.

  768. Jakub Kozieł says:

    I have a TC Flashback and all of the presets are usable and great sounding, but the most amazing one from the list is the Strymon El Capistan, does the best job in creating ethereal ambient soundscapes. The MXR Carbon Copy is also worth attention.

  769. Robert House says:

    Really like the tc stuff. Wish everyone would quit it with the 9v. They seem expensive for the short life. Red witch lithium ion battery sounds cool.

  770. Thank you for reviews, options and sounds of Empress VM Superdelay are just amazing, cheers :)

  771. I agree with Jeremiah Lind – the missing pedal here is the Endangered Audio Research AD4096. I have it as well and it’s dark and dreamy. The expand and infinity features really make it a unique choice. I find it’s a good choice for stacking delays – keep your tap tempo delay in front — for me, the El Capistan above — and let it do any on-the-fly changes, and use a dark washy analog behind it to get a big fat wall of tone. Season with reverb to taste.

    The AD4096’s price is headed in the right direction as well. It started at $379 and has dropped to $329; still a boutique price, but getting closer to earth for those of us not driving Maseratis.

    Another great choice would be the Way Huge Supa-Puss. It’s a great-sounding analog that even has tap tempo, a rare feature for analog delays.

    The SuperDelay and TimeLine are great choices as well! Can’t ever have too many delays…one of those two may be my next addition if I can make space on the board.

  772. I think Strymons Timeline just tops the drool list for me but after using TC’s Corona Mini and HOF, I can see the benefits of Toneprint and would be looking at the Flashback Mini as a potential for MY BIRTHDAY IN AUGUST! Probably add the Catalinbread Belle Epoch to the list tbh but any of the top ten here would sit well on my board…PLEASE!

  773. Great List! I personally would add the moogerfooger mf 104 and the empress superdelay vintage modified, both amazing pedals that definitely deserve to be on the list. Thanks!

  774. These are all great pedals. I’m surprised by the omission of the Providence Chrono Delay (and not even mentioned in the comments, from what I read). It’s definitely one of my top five. Check it out.

  775. Dasyi mcrae says:

    Disaster Transport! Bring The Ruckus!

  776. I’ve always wanted to own a Strymon Timeline!!! I hope and pray it will be given to me. Thanks in advance Best Guitar Effects! :) \m/

  777. The Timeline definitely is on the top of my list, because of its versatility and tone. I have dreamed of having one for two years. Right now I’m using an EHX Memory Boy Deluxe. It’s still missing some features though

  778. Frankie Gibson says:

    The Timeline looks the business

  779. David Ernst says:

    wow TC has two on the list – thats pretty impressive



  781. El Capistan for sure.

  782. I have a Violetta delay from Red Witch, it sounds very nice, and represents great bang for buck. The lithium ion battery is a cool bonus feature too, goodbye 9v batteries !

  783. Garrett says:

    Without a doubt, Strymon Timeline!

  784. I hope I can at least one of those items. If I had to choose though, i’d pick the timeline.

  785. The Strymon El Capstan looks the business

  786. Glad to to see your site growing. Love your reviews Gabriel.

  787. Luis M Soler says:

    I recently scored a Particle and it’s pretty crazy, as expected. From the above list I’ve definitely been drooling over the Timeline. I’m a little surprised I don’t see the DL4-inspired Vox DelayLab on this list. I’ve only heard good things about it. Thanks!

  788. For function/use, I’d like to see the DL4 on here. I’ve got two that I use for looping, but they are excellent delay pedals as well – I’d have swapped it for the Flashback.

  789. Lord Protector says:

    DELAY or LOADS of DELAY…..
    that is the question !

  790. Gonzalo Gonzalez Perez says:

    My favorite delay pedal is the Flashback x4, it´s awesome… wesome …. some …. ome …. e ….

  791. I prefer the Strymon TimeLine, because I think is too much important a led indicator in a relay. But I have a CLOUDECHO Deluxe (Tape echo emulator) by Volumepedals FX

    It’s a very good tape echo delay.

  792. Frank Buffington says:

    Vapor Trail has got me goin’!! So many musical possibilities within various genres are available here. Can’t wait til it hits the street.

  793. Josh Richards says:

    There are some really fantastic pedals here but if I was going to pick just one it would be the Timeline. It has so many features; the design is brilliant. The sound quality is incredible and it has practical midi options.

  794. Alfredo Espinosa says:

    I really like the pedals TC Electronic, Flashback X4 Delay & Looper and Ditto X2 Looper…

  795. Roberto says:

    Delay pedals, sorry. That’d be the way huge aquapuss

  796. Mike Woods says:

    These are rad! Hope to score one!

  797. Roberto says:

    Favorite is the eventide timefactor. One that should be added would be the strymon flint. Such a great pedal!

  798. Merrick Ames says:

    Sorry i also forgot to add if i was going to add anything onto this list it would be the Eventide Space/Reverb/Delay pedal – im not sure if it would techinically be in this category cause it mainly is a reverb pedal but its all the same in space-ace-ace-ace-ace

  799. Merrick Ames says:

    Killer list of delays guys! Hawkwind actually wrote Silver Machine back in time to prepare us for the glory of Strymon TimeLine! Jesus, Mary and Joseph that thing is fekking amazing!

    TC Electronic dual delay is mental for LSD inspired lost in space/mind sonic warp! but for the lower echelon of wallet destruction, violetta is doing their part for the psychedelic foot soldiers!


  800. If I could only have one it would be the Eventide. What’s better than a great delay? A dual delay!

  801. Logan O. says:

    Hmm, well I was gonna suggest the Empress VM Superdelay but then I saw it was it was already on here! Ibanez’s es-2 is also a great delay as well as TC’s Nova Delay.

  802. Jason Fishburn says:

    The Moog 104M is fantastic. I use it and a timeline regularly and both are great.
    The red panda and EQD delays look very interesting!

  803. Bradley Wyant says:

    This is an exceptional list of delays! I defintely think you have to include the Boss DD-20. It’s such a warm sounding delay and I love how you can adjust you delays to BPMs. I have a flashback x4 and I love it. I love being able to save three delays and being able to use TonePrint. Such a cool inception and I can’t wait for TC electronic to get more artists using it. By me playing worship guitar for my church I know all about the Eventides and Strymons. They’re the two best delays you can get and the El Caps are amazing for slap back delays. Such a great list!

  804. Xavyn Wannamaker says:

    Would be lovely. Never enough delay

  805. Robert Brazinski says:

    My favorite is the Strymon El Capistan. The standard warm tape sounds you can get out of it are fantastic and even the crazy old tape warble sounds are useable, definitely one of the best delays out there!

  806. Chris groat says:

    Totally agree with the Strymon pedals. Best out there!! I need a timeline!

  807. Nathan Mumford says:

    So many pedals to try…so little time. I’LL MAKE TIME THOUGH!!! :)

  808. Encarna says:

    OMG !!! Good Luck :)

  809. Norman Strong says:

    I’ve heard lots of good stuff about the Flashback x4

  810. Justine says:

    Topnotch selections! The Violetta sure seems like a winner. Classy.

  811. The Red Witch Violetta Delay is a really nice pedal. I used the hell out of it until it had an unfortunate run-in with a garage fire. All the pedals are winners and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  812. Carey cutler says:

    My favorite for the money, is the TC flashback, but feel the boss dd-20 should’ve been included.

  813. The Catalinbread Echorec should definitely be on the list. Its just a fantastic clone of the original. As for the ones on the list, they are all very cool. I have the Flashback, great delay and options. Oh man, so hard to pick just one that I would want. It has to be a three way tie between one of the Strymons, the Panda or the Empress. Why do they all have to be so darn cool? :)

  814. Manos F. says:

    Well, since the eventide h9 has delay functions it would definitely be on my list, even though it surpasses by far the other pedals in capabilities it doesn’t do so in such a dramatic fashion in price,(500 $ ). Other than that, I own a standard flashback, and as a proud and satisfied owner I’m kinda bummed out that Gabriel included the mini and the x4 versions instead of the standard, why Gabriel?
    From the list I really like the timeline, it’s everything one could ask really, I like the x4 ofcourse, the superdelay is pretty interesting too, but man, the particle blew my marbles, I wasn’t familiar with it’s weirdness, now I’m a dolphin.

  815. TC electronic flashback x4 delay and looper !!! the best one by far

  816. Gaaah I’ve always wanted a timefactor! I’ve seen videos of the MF-104M on youtube and I think it should be included in this list too. Haven’t tried one myself though hahaha

  817. oh man I am totally into the weird stuff that red panda can do.

  818. Some surprises there! gotta check some of ’em out!!!

    That SD Vapor Trail sure is interesting.

  819. Piotr Wojnar says:

    even though my favourite delay has to be binson echorec, I would love to have every single one from this list :D

  820. James Voos says:

    My top delay pedal is the Moog MF-104M. It has a nice analog tone, that can be used in a variety of situations. It is a little large, but pretty flexible. My second favorite is the Styrmon timeline with it’s variety of effects and parameters. A little complex, but the time investment is worth it for such a clean delay.

  821. The Red Panda Particle Delay seems like endless fun and possibilities.
    The Mars Volta Bassist voted it pedal of the year.

  822. I am absolutely one of the most obsessed analog delay aficionados. Sadly Due to certain circumstances I am without an analog delay:(. I need to win this month’s delay pedal giveaway.


  823. Lorde lord lorde lord

  824. Matty Sins says:

    Have a TimeFactor. It’s great! Amazing control! But sometime more than you want to tweak for a quick plug and play session. But reakon the TimeLine is kind for the “Ultimate” digital delay for control vs tone. I have a original FlashBack. Really nice Plug and Play ease of use, but I would like to try the SD Vapour Trail for a quick set on the fly delay. My old EH DMM is hard to beat for tone, but its not practical for a lot of live stuff due to the vintage style input impedence (don’t have the stomach to mod it) and 550ms max delay is a bit short for me.

    The Empress VMSD and Strymon El Capistan are probably the best on the for tone, functionality and easy of use. The flexibility if the TimeLine and TimeFactor is amazing, but sometimes too much tweakabilty can be detract you from just playing and enjoy playing.

  825. Joel Chatelain says:

    I was interested to see the Empress Disaster Transport SR review, as I’ve tried the standard version out and it was pretty good. The Panda pedal also sounds pretty intriguing, I’ll have to find a shop with one to try out. The only pedal I knowof that was missed isthe Catalinbread Belle Epoch, which I would say was the best sounding small, standard price, tape-style (or just plain analog) delay around, though the El Capistan is still the best if you’re prepared to pay, and is my favorite out of all these. Great list!

  826. Sergio Arteaga says:

    I used Aqua-Puss, it´s great but I want to try Strymon Timeline

  827. Mark Walker says:

    I’ve used the Flashback, It was nice, but I like the Red Witch Titan

  828. I’m really loving the Red Witch Violetta, but I think everything on the list is absolutely superb.

  829. Enough delay to ring out until the apocalypse. great list

  830. Chad Campbell says:

    I love my Empress Super Delay (VM) Tape mode is unbelievable!

  831. I know it’s exclusive to PGS, but the TC Alter Ego x4 looks pretty rad. Surprised the Catalinbread Belle Epoch didn’t make the list.

  832. Disasters Transport is just great, I would have also loved to see the Aqua Puss on the list. I,ve tried the TC Eleectronic too and its really great, but any of these pedals would do for me, just to try for something new, and see what I can do with it.

  833. Surprised to see no Supa/Echo/Aqua Puss on the list. But two iterations of the Flashback did make it. Flashback is rad, though. TC Electronic has been headhunting for a while now, and I think they’ve been successful in coming out with superior alternatives to the pedals people have being going to just because everyone else has for the past 10 years. Plus TonePrint.

  834. That Red Witch Violetta delay looks and sounds amazing!

  835. mo gotti says:

    :drool: These are awesome. Not sure there’s anything I would add. I want a Flashback or Timeline so bad.

  836. Hmmm…gonna have to find all those pedals around my locale….

  837. What an amazing list. I would kill for the Timeline, in fact anything Strymon. I’ve been impressed with the Flashback X4 also. I have had some experience with the Line 6 DL4 and had fun, but these pedals all look to truly be the best. I am really eyeing the timeline, but it’s pricey. I have heard good things about the Violetta and I have another Redwitch pedal that I love. Anyways, great list!!

  838. Although definitely not the cheapest one, the Strymon Timeline is deceptively intuitive, and can produce almost any sound you want, make sure to check it out!

  839. Awesome delays, probably getting the flashback soon

  840. Im favoring that stomp box. Sexy black twin delay and it upgrades.

  841. I am really hoping to get my hands on that Vapor Trail soon!!

  842. Scruffie says:

    Hadn’t even seen the Seymour Duncan Delay released, will have to check up on that one.

    The new Proguitarshop/TC Electronics Delay is looking good for 2014.

  843. Filipe Silva says:

    Very instructive reviews as usual.
    Love the pristine sound of TC Electronic Flashback Delay. I think that’s the most important feature in a delay pedal, especially when you use them with acoustic/nylon guitars. Pure tone, pristine sound, amazing moments.

  844. El Capistan, Disaster Transport Sr, Superdelay….ahhhh all Stuff i´ve ever wanted!!

  845. I’ve been thinking about the TC flashback x4 since it’s being talked about as a modern updated version of the green monster. Like that it has a looper too. But something about the sound of that empress & the el capistan makes want more of that tape tape tape delay. Too many to choose! A basic a delay i’ve always liked is the Way Huge Aqua Puss, but it never had as much control over all parameters as i would have wanted.

  846. Dude, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, many, many, many, many, many, many, killer, killer, killer, de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-lays!

  847. Schembri says:

    Gimme them sweet sweet pedals.

  848. Truly epic prizes, I’d be happy with any of them.

  849. nux time core is good for the price

  850. Love the Strymon and especially love the tc Flahback x4

  851. Fave pedal is the Strymon El Capistan – just a stunning sounding pedal. So versatile and mind bendingly smooth and rich sound :) great list of pedals :)

  852. Michael says:

    I really love the strymon timeline and it would be awesome to have it. The strymon El Capistan would be awesome as well. I think the earthquake distater transport is amazing as well. I would love to have any of these pedals! That would make my whole year!

  853. I really love the El Cap. Great tape delay. But I would love to have any of these on the list

  854. Nice top 10 delay pedal summary/review! All these guitar pedals seem amazing and would love to be a proud owner of any one of them. I believe one of the guitarists in my band own the VaporTrail and your synopsis is pretty accurate! Btw it’s really generous of you guys over at ‘bestguitareffects’ for hosting these monthly giveaways; I appreciate the opportunities you give your readers! :)

  855. Jeremiah Lind says:

    Man, that Superdelay and that timeline look amazing too. The only one I would consider adding is the Endangered Audio AD4096 which i also an AWESOME delay. I have that one, but some of these seem really bad ass as well. Is there such a thing as to many delays?

  856. gregory bodish says:

    I do not have a delay pedal,would be sweet to add one to my arsenal

  857. postfuzz says:

    Wow! so very hard to choose… but the Empress Effects Vintage Modified is definitely a must have!

  858. Great list! It’d be easy to want all of these pedal, but hard to narrow down as the top one. They all do something great to stand out from the others.

  859. I am absolutely in love with my Strymon Timeline… It really does everything you want, and since its release, I have been such a fan of the MIDI, and would NEVER buy another pedal without it. The analog to digital to analog thing is magical and really a huge feat. Beyond really dynamic delay, it has a great filter element to every preset. My favorite is a super fast speed patterned delay I have which sounds more like a deep shimmery reverb; add that to my Tim and Formula 69 Fuzz, and it’s literally instant Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover type sound. I also have the Superdelay, and I love it for it’s sound, but it’s not nearly as appealing to me now, on account of no MIDI control. Getting a Disaster Area Amps DMC/DPC unit, maximizes the whole experience – there really is no competition here.

  860. I would definitely make room for a Timeline or a Timefactor on my pedalboard! Well, actually any of these!

  861. Andri Gilban Rajali says:

    I think MXR Carbon Copy, Way Huge Supa Puss, and TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 are worth delay pedals to add to the list but my favorite delay pedal from that list is Strymon Timeline due to its MIDI versatility and sound quality (sadly it’s just based on review videos that I’ve watched before,hahaha). Great review like bestguitareffect always do anyway.

  862. The El Capistan is AMAZING! I’m very much hoping to win it!! Thanks for all the hard work doing this represents. Win or no this is THE site I trust for pedal reviews! Its lead me to new and wonderous tones!


  863. Man i would love get the tc electronic flashback delay pedal

  864. jordan james says:

    I totally agree with this list

  865. Jeff Hinkle says:

    I have the red witch deluxe moon phaser and it is the most amazing sounding pedal, I would love to own one, though I have been trying to convince my girlfriend that we need the TC electronic flashback x 4 delay at our house, maybe winning one would convince her

  866. Any one would do fine
    do fine
    do fine

  867. Carlos Loor says:

    Wow, all these pedals are soooo good. I used to have a dd3 but had to sell it. It would be great to have these for my bass rig (yeah, I am a bass player).

    ME WANT!

  868. Eric Brokowski says:

    I have a Violetta, and it’s really neat. They can work as a really nice chorus pedal in a pinch. Great little pedal for the price, and I was surprised at how tiny it was when I got it.

  869. Bertram D says:

    I’ve tried some fancy delays but went back to good old MXR carbon copy… but I’m always ready to try more !

  870. I’ll take 10 strymons thank you.

  871. Victor C says:

    That is truly an awesome set of pedals. I like the old Boss DD-5, but an analog delay would surely be welcome.

  872. I hope someone else wins

  873. Paul Blart Mall Cop II!

  874. Kevin Gibbs says:

    I really hope I win one of these! Thanks for the opportunity! :D

  875. Philippe says:

    I’m curious about the Seymour Duncan, in that range of price. Didn’t heard of it before!

  876. Jordan Finger says:

    Awesome review! Definitely would have to go for one of the Strymon’s to be the best Delay Pedal (in my opinion). Epic pedals from an epic company!

  877. Really could use the El Capistan!!! ; )

    Cheers, K

  878. Amazing list of pedals! I’d love to win one.

  879. The Strymon Timeline would be my go to pedal.

  880. I would love to try any of these great pedals… ^^

  881. Morgan Peline says:

    Thanks for this great review!

  882. gimme pedals!

  883. Peter Homoki says:

    it’s a nice collecting of delay pedals, my favorite brand is TC allways
    hey Gabriel, I like your page

  884. Anton Johnsson says:

    Great reviews and tests! My all time favorite is the Electro Harmonix Memory Man tap tempo. Beautiful analog delay. This list also got some great pedals. The Timeline is awsome, so is the Flashback. Keep up the good work guys!

  885. Jason Chambers says:

    tasty tasty pedals right there.

  886. Pretty sure the only one on this list I’ve never tried is the el capistan, but I’ll have to make that happen soon! And I definitely agree with your comments on the TC Flashback X4, put the big green box to shame!

  887. Seth Okrend says:

    I’d take any of them.

  888. I’m in for the Particle!

  889. Welly Tjandra says:

    The Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay is awesome, I really wish I could win one of these cool stuffs. DD20, I guest, should be in the list too.

  890. Stephen P says:

    These are some awesome pedals. I seriously hope I win one.

  891. Lucas Walker says:

    I’m desperate to get a Strymon Timeline. They are absolutely epic, and will satisfy all my delay needs for years to come. Would love to win one guys :)

  892. SO many great selections here, though the old classic use by many is still the Carbon Copy.

  893. Man so many great delay pedals this year. It’s nearly impossible to decide which to get. I’m definitely considering parting with my Alter Ego for the Alter Ego X4 but the Vapor Trail has been on my list to buy and if I had the funds those Strymon delays are insanely cool.

    I hope the right people win this giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  894. Bill Siepierski says:

    Hook me up!

  895. David Harllee says:

    Watching/listening to a demo of the Red Panda Particle was one the first times in a while that a guitar effect had me yelling and blabbering incoherently at the screen. That thing is sick.

    And if the Strymon Timeline is as nice sounding and intuitive as its reverb counterpart, it’s probably the best bet for an all around digital delay.

  896. Kirsten says:

    I have the Flashback X4, it is a monster taking up so much space on my board. Need something good and small.

  897. TIMELINE seems to be the best delay ever!

  898. justin coleman says:

    I love the boss dd-7, its simple and hard to beat for the coin. Tc nova delay is great too, hope to wiiiiiiin, I need a new toy!

  899. Matt Schmidt says:

    Would love a delay!!

  900. I recently bought a GreenHouse Effects Retry Sky.. really cool pedal. I’m new to delays, also ordered a Flashback but haven’t gotten it yet. If I get hooked.. perhaps I should get a Strymon Timeline? :D

  901. Matteohijo says:

    Like quite a few folks on here have noted – that El Capistan sounds REALLY nice. Nicer than their TimeLine. I just didn’t hear any others come close to having the warmth and realistic replication of tone as the El. The Disaster Transport and Empress would have to be my 2nd choices – both sound very similar in tone – might have to come down to ease of use and features. The Seymour pretty much sounds like my MXR Carbon Copy – ok for the $ but when you give me the El Capistan I’ll gladly give you my Carbon Copy in return.

  902. Lee Morse says:

    Hi All,

    I’m a bit late in saying thanks for the website, some great info. I just love the Eventide stuff, they create some slick equipment.

    Others for consideration include some classics; Fulltone Tube tape, MXR Carbon Copy, and the Boss DM2.

    Keep up the good work!


  903. The best pedal of the World! Flasback x4 its incredible

  904. Great contest.

  905. Peter Andreev says:

    I would love to win the El Capistan…or the Empress Superdelay…or the TimeLine…or the Eventide TimeFactor…or all of them.

  906. Jerry Burrus says:

    Great pedals, great list. The El Capistan is my favorite. Surprised the 2 Catalinbread pedals didn’t make it, though – the Echorec and the Belle Epoch.

  907. GuitarAnthony says:

    Can I just have them all?

  908. I’d take any one of them! But man does that Red Panda Particle sound cool.

  909. Yair Hollander says:

    Would love to win one of these awesome babies. Thank you for the chance to