Walrus Audio Janus Review – Most Innovative Fuzz/Tremolo Pedal?

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I’ve played a lot of great guitar pedals. And I’ve played a lot of really great fuzz and tremolo pedals. And I’ve seen and played some really interesting conceptual pedals that capture a unique vibe unlike anything else around.

And still, every now and then, a pedal comes along that completely blows my mind in every aspect of its concept, design, and overall execution. The Janus by Walrus Audio is one of those pedals.

The Janus combines a fully-featured fuzz of the highest quality and an equally great tremolo in a single enclosure. Add in dual-joystick control to manipulate 2 key parameters for each effect, and you’ve got more real-time tone-bending options than you’ll find in a fuzz or tremolo pedal anywhere else.

Fuzz and Tremolo are a bizarre pairing you would think, but they yield surprisingly interesting results once you dig in and and get acquainted with the Janus. Having an understanding of who exactly Janus is may offer further insight into what Walrus Audio had in mind when designing this pedal.

Walrus-Audio-Janus-Review-Most-Innovative-Fuzz-Tremolo-Pedal-05Janus is a Roman god often associated with transitions, beginnings and endings, and war and peace. Janus is usually depicted with two faces which look towards the future and to the past. This pedal certainly is a throw-back to such classic effects as tremolo and fuzz while bringing them into the future with ultra-modern design innovation. Notice how the faces of Janus look towards the different effects, the war-like chaos of fuzz and the peaceful and soothing tremolo. His eyes are fixated on the Level controls which are the swinging doorways to unleashing these effects. The efficient design and beautiful presentation of this pedal are a testament to a dedicated creative vision brought to life in a masterfully executed product. Walrus Audio have really raised the bar with this one. Let’s run down the features and transition to our in-depth Walrus Audio Janus review.


True Bypass Dual-Joystick Controlled Tremolo/Fuzz

Trem Level control knob adjusts the output level of the Tremolo effect.

Trem Joystick: Left to Right adjusts the depth from minimum to maximum depth, Down to Up adjusts the rate from minimum to maximum rate.

Trem On/Off True Bypass footswitch engages and disengages effect, letting signal pass unaffected when not in use.

Fuzz Level control knob adjusts the output level of the fuzz effect.

Fuzz Blend control knob adjusts the mix between clean signal and Fuzz signal, allowing for transparent, cleaner guitar tone with fuzz underneath.

Fuzz Joystick: Left to Right adjusts the amount of fuzz/gain/distortion from minimum to maximum fuzz, Down to Up adjusts the Tone of the fuzz effect from more bass to more treble.

Fuzz On/Off True Bypass footswitch engages and disengages effect, letting signal pass unaffected when not in use.

3-Way Mode Toggle-switch for selecting from 3 different arrangements of clipping diodes to create an assortment of fuzz tones.

Bass Toggle-switch boosts the low end/bass when switched to the left.

Powered by 9-Volt battery or 9VDC power adapter.

Visit Walrus Audio for more info about the Janus.

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Sound & Performance:

Just so you know, this review took me a while to write. I could barely stop playing the Janus long enough to write about it. Once you enter the realm of Janus, it can be hard to exit from whence you came.

For my review, I simply plugged in a humbucker-equipped American Strat and went into a flat, clean amp channel with the Janus standing guard, facing my guitar and amp.

I decided to approach this pedal slowly and tested out the Tremolo first. With the Level control at noon, I engaged the Trem side of Janus and gave the joystick a whirl.

The Tremolo of the Janus is smooth and musical, offering a nice gentle pulsing effect that can get pretty intense when you need it to be simply by adjusting the Trem joystick. At the lower left joystick settings the depth and rate are at their lowest for the most subtle effects. Bringing the joystick towards the center of its axis brings in a moderate tremolo sound for a bit more movement. The joysticks are stiff enough to maintain their position when set, so it’s easy to find a stationary setting you like on the fly. Pushing the joystick towards the upper right area brings in much deeper throbbing with a fast rate, great for intense pulsing effects. Taking the joystick to the right yields the deepest effect while pushing it straight up produces the fastest rate. I highly recommend using the Trem joystick in realtime, either with your hand or foot, to create some mesmerizing movement.

Walrus-Audio-Janus-Review-Most-Innovative-Fuzz-Tremolo-Pedal-03After getting a feel for the Trem side of this pedal, I switched over to the Fuzz side to experience the wrath and fury of Janus.

Even without the Tremolo functionality, the Janus is still one of the more versatile fuzz effects pedals around and packs in a lot of features for tailoring your ideal fuzz tones. The blend knob is incredibly useful for blending your dry signal into the overall sound for some extra clarity and definition. With the Fuzz joystick set anywhere around the left to center positions you can get some great overdriven fuzz sounds. You must try the Janus Fuzz in all 3 modes as they each have a voice and character of their own for a great “3-fuzz-pedals-in-1” appeal.

I’m a bit of a gain addict, so I really enjoy using the Janus with the Fuzz joystick set towards the right. From here, all 3 modes offer plenty of fuzz distortion in 3 delicious flavors. You’ve gotta try them all. Seriously, this pedal is overflowing with great fuzz tones. Pushing the joystick slightly up or down lets you set your high-gain fuzz tone just right. I personally find myself leaving the Bass switch on most of the time with the Fuzz joystick pushed upward a little bit to bring in more high-end for some great full-range fuzz sounds in all 3 modes.

At all levels of gain, the Janus Fuzz remains articulate and dynamic. Individual notes of chords can be heard clearly even at the highest gain settings. The pedal cleans up well when rolling back your volume knob, and it’s worth exploring the different mode options with various gain settings while attenuating your guitar’s volume knob to hear how expressive the Janus can be.

And of course the Janus must be experienced with both Tremolo and Fuzz engaged. This offers some truly unique sounds and performance options that you won’t find anywhere else. Both effects pair surprisingly well together and offer some very interesting modulated distortion sounds. With the Tremolo and Fuzz engaged, you can create some very dynamic textures by using the Fuzz Blend knob to mix your dry and fuzz signals, revealing both faces of Janus in a clean, yet dirty barrage of pulsating fuzz movement.

Things get really weird and wild when you try playing guitar while using your foot to control the joysticks in realtime. The Janus is truly a performance instrument in its own right and is made for the most adventurous guitarists who will appreciate all that this pedal is capable of.

Few companies are pushing the envelope as far as Walrus Audio have with the Janus. It’s a fuzz pedal like no other. It’s this kind of ingenuity, creativity, and risk-taking that sets apart the best from the rest. Much respect to Walrus Audio for releasing a pedal that’s so much fun to play and that offers a world of inspiration within. Let’s see the final result.



The Janus by Walrus Audio is one of the most ambitious fuzz/tremolo pedals ever released. It offers 2 high quality effects that are worlds apart yet may be combined to create sounds unheard of until now. It has plenty of amazing fuzz and tremolo sounds on tap that can be easily dialed in and used together or separately. And if you’re feeling bold, you can bring chaos to order via realtime dual-joystick control. While the joysticks are particularly well suited to studio use, you can still use them in realtime with a nimble foot as well. The Janus is a veritable wellspring of great tone and inspiration, and I highly recommend getting acquainted with the Janus face to face.

That concludes our Walrus Audio Janus review. Thanks for reading.


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  4. Sankho Mallik says:

    Love that this kind of looks like a game controller. Not to mention getting trem w/ fuzz w/ different pedals to work nicely can be tough, really needs a good trem pedal and this seems to have it… watching Steven Drozd mess with all the other pedals in tandem w/ the Janus was awesome… really makes me itch for this one!

  5. Awesome pedal. I wasn’t quite sure which pedals to choose from, the Janos or Decent, both are great. The music I play doesn’t require much fuzz, but this pedal is so unique and looks amazing that I got to have it.

  6. Interesting controls.

  7. JohnnyCNote says:

    I’m not sure about joysticks. They look like it would be too easy to bump them accidentally after having found the “sweet spot”…

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    Such a sick pedal! Would be amazing to add to my studio and live rig.

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    The Janus pedal looks superb! Innovative and practical and the fuzz tone oozes quality!

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    Hi! Due to my interest to post-rock I must say that this is the killer pedal I ever wanted! With god blessing walrus audio crew put the fuzz that I interested into this pedal. In my opinion double joysticks make this pedal much more useful in studio! But still I heard it only on the youtube(

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    This is so cool. Fingers crossed.

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    Very cool pedal ! It’s perfect for the stoner/doom/sludge oriented guitarists ! I thinks the joysticks are what make this pedal unique , giving more opportunities and more sensible control. I like it :-)

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  147. Tone aside, I really like the artwork on the Janus pedals. The joystick is a super cool control mechanism.

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    Every time someone says “guitar rock is played out,” a new Walrus pedal gets its wings.

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    Walrus 4 life!

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    I only have 1 concern – can the joysticks hold up with a lot of live usage. I would love to test it!

  177. I have wanted to add some fuzz to my guitar loop for a while now and adding some tremolo too would be f@#$ing awesome. The joystick controls and the amount of other controls make me sure I can dial it in for the perfect sound, no matter what style I want to play. I can’t afford one of these regularly so winning would make my year!

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  192. What a strange and unique idea. Maybe there’s another pedal that combines these two effects, but I’ve never seen it. And I absolutely love the design, the artwork, and the videogame controller-like joysticks. Super bad ass.

  193. Javi Metal says:

    Great pedal! I love the joysticks :D

  194. Raddest fuzz ever, dope tremolo, AND sweet graphics?!? Woo!

  195. This is probably the number 1 pedal I want right now. It’s so sweet and the Drozd demo was great…I want to work the joysticks! Pick me so I can lol

  196. Brice Steeb says:

    The effects of this pedal are unlike any pedal I’ve seen before. Great sound, fantastic tone, amazing control.

  197. Great shimmer.

  198. I want to try to get new sounds in my amp with this!!

  199. Vivek Nair says:

    This has to be the most creative pedal I have seen this year. The joysticks seem to offer a never ending palate of sounds – the only problem I see is remembering settings from gig to gig and accidentally moving the joysticks while playing. The tremolo itself sounds wonderful and hell given the mood I’d buy the pedal for just that alone. Great review.

  200. fun pedal !

  201. Awsome!! Great combo trem and fuzz together!

  202. Carlos M. Gómez-Escalonilla says:

    The joysticks its a great innovation.

  203. This thing is so creative and rad! Please send me one!!!

  204. Prabjit Virdee says:

    Finally a fuzz made for my feet! And trem to dial in classic vibes. Glad they made this pedal so hands on!

  205. Jose Martín says:

    I’ts perfect for me, i need a fuzz.

  206. The versatility of the Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo/Fuzz is amazing. For me as a Blues-Player the fuzz as well as the trem is an important part of my sound. Having both in one high quality pedal is very cool and usable on stage as well.
    A pedal not only for sound-hunters but also for musicians who need a very good sounding pedal that is easy to use.
    Well done! =)

  207. Want! Walrus is doing some innovative stuff!

  208. Reminds me of a cusack, pretty neat

  209. Fernando Gabriel Villabrille says:

    Definitely the joystick control for the variables of the effects is pretty interesting and you can play more with them in a easier way. I want one of those!!!

  210. Love to win this pedal and would be stoked if I won. Walrus Audio rules

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    Nice layout, joystick controls, nice sound and walrus quality… i love all about this pedal and i have a free space in my pedalboard reserved for it, that’s why i want JANUS

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    The perfect pedal.

  217. Sounds awesome. Love the artwork.

  218. Borja Hernandez says:

    Joysticks rule, this is the reason I wish I had this pedal

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    Nice Joysticks, and mythology. Suitable for godtone

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  223. Neardy in a awsome way!
    (would be great for recording)

  224. David Harllee says:

    When the guitarist for Flaming Lips says something is awesome, odds are that it is indeed awesome.

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    If Steven thinks it’s good, then I think it’s good.

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  228. Stuart Morton says:

    Foot control of parameters. Brilliant. And having one control let you find the sound you are after. Great idea. I could get lost in there for days. Please.

  229. Jaime Montes says:

    I love the sound that has. Joysticks control is very interesting. I want it!

  230. NIK IZRIN THANI says:

    Oh man this pedal sounds awesome. The lush fuzz sound and the interesting vibrato works well together. The fact that is uses a joystick makes this so much cooler!

  231. joy stick analog controls seem like a great way to get the sound thats in your head very quickly, always good to have modes on the fuzz too

  232. This pedal fuzz side with its variety and flexibility
    can give a decent fight to a big muff…
    add in a tremolo to sweeten this deal
    this pedal sounds great and I could
    spent days playing with it!

  233. Jason Asimakis says:

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    Probably one of the best pedals on the market!

    Space on my pedal board now!

  246. David Polidoro says:

    love the way the Janus sounds. and you really can’t go wrong with a dual joystick fuzz pedal with modulation. I’d love to have one of these on my board. it would definitely get a lot of usage for sure.

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    2 joysticks!!!?
    Fly it into the DEATH STAR and use the Force…
    Thats joy on a stick.

  260. Chris Mckendrick says:

    I’ve never seen anything quite like this in a pedal, I would be very excited and curious to get my hands on one!

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  262. Kevin L. Gibbs says:

    Awesome pedal effect and I could use the fuzz!!! Thanks for the opportunity! :D

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  275. Josh Richards says:

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  276. Dejan Slak says:

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  277. Cool for experimenting, but not so to use it as a fixed fuzz pedal. Anyway, what I see as the most cool feature is having the chance to melt fuzz sounds with tremolo.

  278. Gísli Gunnarsson says:

    Those joysticks are asking to be fiddled with >:D

  279. Fred Mendes says:

    Walrus Audio certainly made a masterpiece on this one, and the concept is brilliant, the double faced goddess. Sound´s so beautiful but at the same time so dirty, like some kind of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde vibe hehehe ! Never heard about Walrus Audio before now, a total wake up call for me hehe Will totally check their other works.

  280. Patrick Clark says:

    The Steven Drozd demo actually prompted me to seek out the pocket piano used in the video. It just looks like a lot of fun and could be a valuable tool in creating songs and guitar riffs.

  281. pedal looks awesome, sounds awesome, is awesome. I could do some serious damage with one of these.

  282. Adam Waters says:

    The joystick idea is pretty cool. I love how easily it can be played around with whilst playing. Although pretty irrelevant I have to comment on the artwork, so sick.

  283. Oh man! Toggle switches? What will they think of next? This is the first time I heard of Janus. Best Guitar Effects finds the best pedals. Period.

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    Have wanted this pedal since it came out, my two favorite effects that are highly controllable in one pedal. The fuzz and tremolo could easily stand on their own as great boutique pedals, but together this is a one of a kind monster. This is going to make someone extremely happy

  286. Taylor Sampson says:

    The Janus can possibly, maybe, finally be mine. So in love with this thing.

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    A very interesting combination

  297. Great sounds and the joystick just makes it stand out even more.

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  299. trem + fuzz + joysticks = fun!

  300. Peter Homoki says:


  301. My Volca Bass stares longingly that those joysticks. The Sonic Equivalent of Street Fighter, yes please.

  302. Matt Baker says:

    Hell yes, I will let you give me one of these!

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  305. That’s an oddly cool combination!

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  307. What a beast of a pedal. Love it

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  310. Dylan Thomas says:

    Amazing pedal. Would love to have this on my board. Thank you so much for having these giveaways!

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  312. amazing. I’d love to play with one of these.

  313. This one definitely takes the best design award.

  314. Oscar Cardel says:

    It’s one of the pedals I’ve always wanted to experiment with. One of these days, I hope so…

  315. eric scherer says:

    i have the walrus voyager and it is great. ive demoed this and it is on my dream list.

  316. Yair Hollander says:

    Never heard of this company so this will be a good start.

  317. Adam Jensen says:

    The joystick controls look pretty awesome and like a lot of fun to control! This would be a great pedal to play with.

  318. Had a chance to demo this once – it is ridiculous.


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  320. odieux fonzie says:

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  324. Gianluca M. says:

    Fantastic! High quality and really good tone!

  325. Will it work with my RC cars?

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    Loving the sound of this for the fuzz alone! The combination with tremolo is bizarre and inspired!

  329. The Janus has been on my gas list for my tabletop noise board. The joysticks would be perfect

  330. Hey guys!
    Amazing pedal, and equally fantastic review. Very in-depth. I’d absolutely love to win the Janus, as it’s something I’ve been considering for awhile that I’d use for shows with my band all the time. Love the sound, love the joysticks, love the artwork. Walrus is fast becoming my favorite pedal brand. Like I said earlier- this pedal would work perfectly on my board, so I’d love to win. Thanks guys!!

  331. This one sounds pretty awesome, also congrats to the big 10 winners from last month!

  332. the graphics are actually pretty sweet

  333. Incredible pedal!

  334. This pedal looks and sounds awesome. I would love to replace my current tremolo with this one. It would also go well with my Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor.

  335. Not sure if it’s something I’d ever want to buy, but I’d love to win it!

  336. Whoa! Aside from looking freakishly cool it sounds so…smooth! I really want one of these, it’s like a video game controller, ha ha!!

  337. Two of my favourite effects, with high quality sound and an awesome form factor! <3

  338. labellypoke says:

    The sonic possibilities…

  339. Mo Gottschall says:

    This pedal looks and sounds really sweet. And I need a tremolo pedal

  340. Man that is something else. Different kind of expression pedal for sure if you can control it with your foot. would love to see more pedals with that joystick affair if it can be. Nice one. thanks as always

  341. Ben Anderson says:

    I’ve been looking at this pedal for quite some time. Would be sweet to win it!

  342. Loved the video, yea I could see myself rockin’ this pedal. been looking for a fuzz that has more than just tone and volume for controls. This could be the one! Trem side has a lot to offer also, winner winner on this one!

  343. Man those guys over at Walrus audio know how to make some insane artwork. Looks stunning.
    Also: joysticks. What else could you possibly want from a pedal. I’m sold.

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  345. What?! I need this.

  346. best gamepad ever :D

  347. Knobs AND joysticks!? How do I resist?

  348. Ryan Begley says:

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  349. I’ve recently been looking a bit more at both trem and fuzz pedals. This is an interesting idea.

  350. Ryan Begley says:

    Pretty sure I could rule the world with this pedal.

  351. this pedal sounds insane, looks insane, is insane. reckon I could do some deadly things with it.

  352. Another cool pedal. I like the “in and out” chopping with the fuzz. Wish I had one :/

  353. Now, this is something new, I like it!

  354. willowhaus says:

    Joysticks, huh? That’s pretty wacky!

  355. Walrus Audio have some of the best effects on the planet and this one’s no exception! Choppy fuzz with joystick controls – what could be more cool?!

  356. give it to the god of fuzz! Me

  357. Jamae Breeze says:

    What?! Joysticks!? That might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. This pedal is really cool! I’ve been looking for an amazing fuzz pedal and I’ve found it! And it comes with an equally amazing tremolo! It doesn’t get better than that. This pedal is killer!

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    That pedal is glorious

  359. Lot’s of versatility with this pedal!

  360. The pedal seems like so much… and GREAT review! Super helpful

  361. This is possibly one of the most over the top creations I’ve come across and clearly more than just having a fuzz and trem in the chain. Lots of possibilities here, and joysticks? Great touch :)

  362. The fuzz seemed pretty awesome. I liked the joystick concept instead of two knobs.

    Is the fuzz part the same as the Jupiter Fuzz?