Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard WIDE Review – Best Guitar Pedalboard?

Review of: Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard WIDE

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The Holeyboard WIDE from Chemistry Design Werks is a pedalboard like no other. There are many options out there as far as pedalboards go, but nearly all of them feature one option for securing your pedals to the board: velcro or some similar adhesive tape. The Holeyboard pedalboards differ in that they use zip-ties to affix your pedals to the surface. That’s right, no nasty residue or unreliable velcro to come loose. The Holeyboard WIDE promises superior security in a convenient and ergonomic pedalboard shape. Could this be the best guitar pedalboard out there? Keep reading our Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard WIDE review to find out.


2-Levels for convenient placement of effects pedals.

Top Shelf can be positioned in the middle or to the left or the right.

Holds 8-12 pedals comfortably

Room for power supply and/or 6-outlet power strip under top shelf. (No power included)

Zip-ties hold pedals securely using the many available holes. Fully compatible with velcro if preferred.

6 HD Rubber Feet (screwed on) elevate board 5/8” off of ground and provide maximum stability.

3 large integrated handles.

¾” Baltic Birch 12-ply construction.

Natural and painted options available.

Optional Holeyboard Bomber Case with adjustable shoulder strap for convenient transportation to rehearsals and gigs.

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I was very excited upon discovering the Holeyboard series of pedalboards, especially the Holeyboard WIDE. Of over 20 different companies I researched on my quest to find the best pedalboards available, Chemistry Design Werks is the only one offering zip-tie attachment as the primary means for attaching pedals to the board.

Why is zip-tie attachment of pedals so significant?

There are two main reasons. The first is that you don’t have to deal with sticky velcro residue on your guitar pedals. That’s a big deal for some people. I’m one of them. But the other reason is much more important. Zip-ties offer indisputable superiority over velcro when it comes to attaching your prized effects pedals securely to your pedalboard.

Over the years I’ve built 5 pedalboards for myself of various larger sizes. My solution? Get a big piece of flat board from a hardware store, put rubber feet and metal handles on it, and drill a grid of holes across the entire surface for using with zip-ties. It boggles my mind why it took so long for a company to package this idea and sell it. Thankfully, Chris over at Chemistry Design Werks recognized a void in the market and devised a brilliantly executed product to meet the needs of many guitarists out there.

The Holeyboard WIDE pedalboard comes shipped flat. Its two separate pieces of wood are easily attached with the 2 included HoleyRisers. Just make sure you have a philips head screwdriver and some pliers or a crescent wrench handy. You’ll be ready to attach pedals in less than 10 minutes.

Once you assemble the Holeyboard WIDE, you’ll immediately notice that it has a very rugged feel. It feels like a very solid pedalboard that will stand up to years of abuse.

This pedalboard looks great, too. The surfaces are smooth and all the edges rounded off with no jagged protrusions. You can get the Holeyboard WIDE in a standard natural finish for DIY customizing or in a pre-painted finish. (Be sure to check out for the latest finish options.) The Holeyboard WIDE owes its sleek looks and fine design to its “Made in the USA” craftsmanship.


The ability to attach the second shelf to the middle, left, or right is a subtle, but vital touch. Putting the tier shelf in the middle leaves plenty of room for a full-size wah on the right and perhaps a volume pedal on the left. In one configuration, I put the shelf to the left and used a half-rack sized wireless system to extend the second row with a foot controller (pictured above).

There’s also plenty of room underneath the top board for a power supply and tucking away excess cables and power cords. You can even mount a 6 socket power strip for those extra power adaptors.

For gigging musicians, the Bomber Case is a welcome addition, offering a convenient and reliable way to transport the Holeyboard WIDE to rehearsals and gigs. I was skeptical about how well the Bomber Case would hold up, but after loading the Holeyboard WIDE with pedals and taking it to multiple practice sessions and shows, I’m sold on the overall quality of this entire pedalboard solution.

The contoured shape of the Holeyboard WIDE gives it a nice feel during use. The second level is at the perfect height and angle for allowing comfortable access to all pedals and their footswitches from a stationary position. And it sets up and packs up quickly. The Holeyboard WIDE was conceived by musicians for musicians.

Let’s have the final result.



The Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard WIDE is a true standout pedalboard in a market of imitators. If you’ve ever dealt with the horrors of having your expensive pedals come loose from a flimsy velcro pedalboard, you’ll love the unrivaled security the Holeyboard WIDE offers by using zip-ties to attach pedals. And no more mutilating your pedals with nasty velcro residue. The Holeyboard WIDE provides rugged “Made in the USA” construction, designed to ensure long-lasting performance. The curved contour design with angled top shelf ensure comfortable reach during performance. If you’re looking for the best guitar pedalboard, the Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard WIDE may be the one for you.

That concludes our Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard WIDE review. Thanks for reading.


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Gabriel Tanaka


  1. Alberto

    October 5, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    I recently purchased a WIDE Holeyboard with case and I must say I am impressed. Very solidly built and extremely functional. I love it!! Also I must mention that Christian is very helpful and offers great attention and quick responses to emails.

  2. pawn shops open on sunday in springfield mo

    August 23, 2014 at 10:44 am

    It’s great that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as from

    our dialogue made here.

  3. Kern

    January 5, 2014 at 8:31 am

    I own the HolyBoard Standard in black and I love it. I sold two other, more expensive pedal boards and kept the CDW Holeyboard. It has levels man, levels!

  4. Tom

    December 12, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    I own a Holeyboard and it is hands-down the best board that I have ever used.

    No fuss No muss no sticky velcro gunk.

    Chris nailed this!

  5. Tim Landry

    August 22, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    I have the holeyboard,,And of all the ones I’ve had over the years. It’s the best. Love it.

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