Electro Harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost Review – Best Metal Distortion Pedal?

Review of: Electro Harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost

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This is a Muff unlike any you’ve heard before. Electro Harmonix pushed it to the extreme when creating the Metal Muff with Top Boost to deliver their most crushing distortion pedal ever. Is it the best metal distortion pedal out there? You’ll find out in our Electro Harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost review.

We’ll run down the features of this pedal and dive right into the review.


Volume control knob for setting output level.

Top Boost control knob for providing an extra “bite” by boosting a narrow band of high frequencies. When the TOP BOOST is inactive, this knob has no effect.


Treble control knob for providing up to 10db of cut and boost in the treble frequency range.

Mid control knob for providing up to 15db of cut and boost in the middle frequency range.

Bass control knob for providing up to 14db of cut and boost in the bass frequency range.

Distortion control knob for adjusting the amount of input gain.

Top Boost footswitch for engaging the TOP BOOST function.

Bypass footswitch for activating and disengaging the effect.

Powered by 9-volt battery or DC power adapter.

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Sound & Performance:

Okay, it’s time to crank this Muff and see what it’s capable of.

I plugged in my humbucker-equipped Gibson SG and dialed in a clean amp setting.

With the Distortion knob pulled all the way down, I kicked in the pedal for some hard-overdriven grit. Attenuating the Mid control with the gain all the down really lets you dial in some great classic rock tones. For a so-called “metal” distortion pedal, the Metal Muff with Top Boost surprises with great flexibility for crafting a wide range of distorted tones.

Once you push the Distortion knob up to around 9 ‘o clock, the beast is unleashed. The Metal Muff delivers a serious punch. Busting out some palm-muted riffs reveals a tight bottom-end chunk that’s perfect for your most brutal riffage.

Even at lower gain settings pinch harmonics practically fly off your fretboard. Push the Distortion up to noon and this pedal kicks it up even higher while still remaining tight and focused.

The EQ controls are masterfully tailored to give you precise control over shaping your tone. You can really tell Electro Harmonix set out to craft a truly cutting edge metal distortion pedal that serves up any metal tone you’re looking for.

The TOP BOOST function adds even more versatility. The larger enclosure (similar to the EHX POG 2, Ravish Sitar, and Deluxe Big Muff Pi pedals) accommodates an extra foot-switch for kicking in the Top Boost function. Engaging it will take your leads over the top with an absolutely searing tone that rips through the mix. Use with caution! You can can even cut the Treble down and use the unique character of the Top Boost knob to shape the high end of your rhythm sound. This pedal really impresses with the incredibly wide range of great distortion tones that are to be found within.

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, the Metal Muff isn’t really a “Muff” in the traditional sense of most guitar pedals bearing that name. As opposed to being a Big Muff Pi style fuzz/distortion, the Metal Muff is another beast altogether. But it’s nice to seeing EHX really owning the name and venturing into new distortion territory with its iconic “Muff” moniker. This is simply one helluva great distortion for those looking for something a little more extreme.

Let’s have the final result.



The Electro Harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost is a monster of a distortion pedal. This is certainly a contender for the best metal distortion pedal currently available. The Metal Muff packs an unprecedented amount of tonal versatility for crafting the perfect metal distortion tone. It’ll take you from classic rock to the most crushing metal distortion imaginable with a subtle adjustment of its easy-to-use controls. This Muff delivers maximum metal indeed.

That concludes our Electro Harmonix Metal Muff with Top Boost review. Thanks for reading.


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Gabriel Tanaka