Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi – EHX Does It Again!

By Gabriel Tanaka


Electro Harmonix have been making history for over 44 years with their legendary Big Muff Pi. Guitarists everywhere were happy when they finally shrunk it down in size to become the Little Big Muff, a more pedalboard friendly version of the classic pedal (which is the same size as the Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker). Now they’ve done it again. The Nano Big Muff Pi delivers that classic, huge Big Muff Pi sound in the smallest enclosure yet! You know we at Best Guitar Effects are very excited about this. Now every guitarist can find room on a crowded pedalboard for some muffed out fuzz courtesy of the Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi.

Here’s the first video of the Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff Pi in action:

Here’s the official EHX press release:


For over 44 years, the Big Muff Pi has helped define the sound of rock guitar. Now EHX introduces a nano-sized version of this legendary pedal. —

EHX HQ, New York, NY, November 25, 2013 — In describing this new version of a company classic, EHX Founder and President, Mike Matthews, stated: “The new Nano Big Muff Pi works and sounds identical in every way to the NYC Big Muff Pi. We simply shrunk it without changing its rich sustain and creamy sound. Now you can have it in our time-honored standard chassis, or our new, compact nano design.”

The Nano Big Muff Pi features:

  • Big Muff legendary sustain, distortion and control set
  • Compact, rugged pedalboard friendly enclosure
  • True bypass for maximum signal integrity
  • 9-volt battery included
  • Optional 9.6DC-200 power supply

The Nano Big Muff carries a U.S List Price of $93.06 and is available now.



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