Morley Mark Tremonti Wah Review – Best Switchless Guitar Wah Pedal?

Review of: Morley Mark Tremonti Wah

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Morley-Mark-Tremonti-Wah-Review-Best-Switchless-Guitar-Wah-Pedal-03Whether or not you’re a fan of Mark Tremonti’s work with Creed or Alter Bridge, there’s one thing about Mark that all guitarists should recognize: he certainly knows a thing or two about good wah tone. When a world-class professional guitarist reaches a certain level of success, they can pretty much have their pick of the best guitar pedals and gear out there. And many great guitarists will seek out the best companies to make the perfect tools to fulfill their needs on the quest for great tone. Morley needs no introduction as they are widely regarded as one of the premier makers of some of the world’s best wah pedals. And Mark sought out their expertise to build him the ultimate wah pedal: the Morley Mark Tremonti Wah.

There are several features that make the Mark Tremonti wah stand out in a crowded market. This wah comes in Morley’s standard larger footprint which makes it a great target to hit with your foot during a high-energy set. Morley, being the undisputed leader in switchless wah design, have also included their no-compromise Electro-Optical Switchless wah technology for quick on/off usage, another big plus in high-octane performance situations. Mark also had Morley add a Boost knob which provides up to 20dB of boost, an interesting touch that allows your wah-infused leads to cut through the mix. Morley’s buffered circuitry comes in handy as Mark likes to run multiple wahs to different areas of the stage; buffered lines prevent signal loss. And the diamond plate footpad adds a cool look to the pedal while providing a functional non-slip grip. And of course the tone has been fine-tuned to Mark’s specifications.

This pedal really has a lot going for it, yet it retains a pretty simple design. Is it the best switchless guitar wah pedal out there? We’ll give you the final word in our Morley Mark Tremonti Wah review.


Electro-Optical Wah Control.

Switchless Wah On/Off.

Boost knob for up to 20dB of wah boost.

Clear-Tone Buffer Circuit.

Diamond Plate Footpad.

Hybrid traditional/modern wah tone.

Powered by 9-volt battery or 9VDC power adapter.

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Sound & Performance:

Wahs perform differently depending on where you place them in your signal chain and whether or not you’re playing through a clean or dirty amp channel. I tested the Morley Maverick under a variety of circumstances and even performed live with it for the ultimate test. I spent a lot of time with this pedal so that I could give you a pretty comprehensive review.

Starting with a clean amp sound, I used the Mark Tremonti Wah in front with the Boost rolled down. One thing that is often apparent with wah pedals is that you might appear to lose some volume once you engage the pedal. Since wahs typically accentuate only certain frequencies during the sweep, this sudden drop in certain areas of the frequency spectrum can seem like a tremendous loss in overall volume. Thanks to the Mark Tremonti Wah, that’s no longer an issue. Pushing up the Boost knob to the area between 9 o’clock and noon delivers a satisfying boost to your signal that maintains impact when the pedal is engaged.

The Mark Tremonti Wah has a smooth, rich sound that isn’t raspy or harsh at all. It’s actually a surprisingly clean wah and works beautifully with clean tones. While many guitarists may assume this is just a wah for hard rock and distorted playing, there’s much more to the Mark Tremonti Wah than meets the eye.

Morley-Mark-Tremonti-Wah-Review-Best-Switchless-Guitar-Wah-Pedal-02Of course the smoothness and clarity of the Mark Tremonti Wah is what lends it so well to high-gain playing. Once I switched over to a distorted channel, it became very apparent why such a clean wah sound is necessary. The Mark Tremonti Wah really lets the natural sound of your amp distortion and guitar come through. While a wah is typically used to color your sound with its characteristic frequency sweep, many wahs add too much of their own color to your sound. Morley seems to have found a truly excellent voicing for this wah which was apparently exactly what Mark was looking for. I’m sure that many guitarists who get the privilege of playing this wah will understand why.

The Boost function is more noticeable when playing clean as you’ll definitely hear the spike in volume as you turn the Boost knob clockwise and engage the effect. But the Boost still serves very well to push a distorted amp even harder when you’re serving up for your best wah-infused licks.

The Mark Tremonti Wah works well before and after distortion and overdrive pedals, also. It’s an exceptionally versatile wah that’s optimized for great sound and playability. I even tried it with 2 twenty-five foot cables to simulate running it across a stage. Morley’s buffered circuitry shows no loss of tone or sound quality. The switchless circuitry is also as tight and responsive as any of the best Morley wahs. This has always been one of the biggest selling points of a Morley wah, and the Mark Tremonti carries on this tradition of excellence.

Quite frankly, I expected this wah to be good considering Morley’s reputation (and wah pedals like the Morley Maverick.), but it’s really quite exceptional. If you’re a fan of Mark’s playing, you’ll definitely want to check out this pedal. And even if you’re not, you should still try this wah as it’s one of the best I’ve played. Let’s see the final result.



The Morley Mark Tremonti Wah is a beautifully voiced modern wah that sounds great with pristine clean tones and raging distortion sounds as well. Few wahs offer as much versatility, but Morley and Mark Tremonti have nailed it. Fans of Mark’s playing will already know that the man is a wah connoisseur and would only play an outstanding wah that lives up to his demanding expectations. But any guitarist looking for a top-quality, versatile switchless wah should check it out. It’s the best switchless guitar wah pedal for Mark Tremonti, and it just might be the best for you, too.

That concludes our Morley Mark Tremonti Wah review. Thanks for reading


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  1. Thomas

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    I experience a volume drop when i’m connected to the pedal and using bateries, just that, if i’m straight to the amp sounds loud, but the moment i go through the pedal i loose volume, will this continue happening if i buy a power line?

  2. Dovlex

    January 13, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    Great web site, good reviews !

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