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On the quest for the perfect tone, guitarists mustn’t forget how their choice of guitar pick affects their overall sound. It’s surprising how many guitarists underestimate how important their choice of guitar pick is when crafting their tone. As the object used to pluck the strings, the guitar plectrum is one of the first factors that contributes to your overall guitar sound. While there are many different guitar picks out there made of various substances, the Surfpick is a standout from most. The Surfpick is a meticulously crafted, handmade guitar pick sculpted from lignum vitae, an incredibly dense wood that is 3 times as hard as white oak. We’re venturing from our usual reviews of only guitar pedals to find out: is the Surfpick the best wooden guitar pick out there? Keep reading our Surfpick lignum vitae wood pick review to find out.



Handmade artisan construction.

Sculpted from lignum vitae, one of the most dense woods on the planet.

Extremely durable.

Full-range tone with a warmer pick attack.

May be used with guitar, mandolin, or any other stringed instrument.

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Sound & Performance:

As guitarists go from being beginners to intermediate and advanced players, they often become more acutely aware of how their guitar pick influences their tone. This leads many guitarists to choose picks of a thicker gauge over flimsy, thin picks that have little resistance and a brittle tone. Thicker, rigid picks enable a guitarist to control their tone and volume with greater authority and dynamic expression. The Surfpick is no exception.

Upon first playing with a Surfpick, you’ll immediately notice its more organic feel compared to plastic picks. And it has a great smooth texture that binds to your fingers when playing.

When I a/b tested the Surfpick against various tortex and delrin picks, I couldn’t help but notice that with plastic picks, it feels like an artificial substance was between me and my guitar. This had never been an issue over the years, but after playing with a Surfpick it seems glaringly obvious.

I was originally worried that a wood pick could deliver too much warmth, thus darkening my tone and suppressing a bit of high end. Thanks to the ultra high density of the Surfpick, no high end character is lost from your instrument. Instead, it feels as if the Surfpick allows an even greater range of tonal character to come through. It’s very subtle, but noticeable to sensitive ears.

I also notice that the Surfpick seems to mellow out the pick attack a bit. This is a welcome difference from traditional picks as one of the most unattractive qualities of guitar picks is the initial high-end “click” that comes from plucking the strings. While the sound of your pick attack is still present with the Surfpick, it just sounds a bit less abrasive, more musical even, than typical picks of man-made substances.

The Surfpick provides very refined sound for demanding tone connoisseurs. The Surfpick is a great accessory to have in the studio or on stage for those of you who require pristine sound and flawless control of your tone. It’s also remarkably durable thanks to being made from high density lignum vitae and won’t grind away any time soon like cheap plastic picks.

Let’s see the final result.



The Surfpick lignum vitae wood picks offer a purity of tone that can’t be achieved by artificial plastic picks. It feels as if a barrier has been lifted from between you and your instrument. The Surfpick delivers a warm pick attack while letting the full tonal range of your instrument come through naturally. For the most demanding studio and stage pros, the Surfpick will be an indispensable resource in crafting your perfect tone. If you’re looking for the best wooden guitar pick, try out a Surfpick and let it reveal your guitar’s true tone. Right, now back to pedals!

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