TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus Review

Review of: TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus

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TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus Review

The TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus is a “vintage-style chorus pedal with all-analog bucket brigade circuit”. Of course TC Electronic would have a chorus pedal in the lineup. This one’s pretty good, too, especially for only $50. The Rate & Depth knobs control the speed and pitch-modulation, respectively. The Mix knob sets your wet/dry mix ratio. It sounds like it’s going from fully dry to about a 50%/50% blend. I’d like to have seen a fully wet option (with speeds as fast as the Tailspin Vibrato) for dedicated vibrato, but this is still a great cheap chorus pedal if that’s all you need. It’s worth mentioning that it’s surprisingly clean and quiet considering its analog design. While it’s not quite as tonally versatile as the TC Electronic Corona Chorus, this is still a solid entry to the Smorgasbord of Tones lineup.


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