TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive Review

Review of: TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive

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TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive Review

The TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive is a “tube-like overdrive with extremely responsive and expressive feel”. This is a pedal that gets the job done while doing that job surprisingly well. The Cinders Overdrive covers a range of lighter to aggressive overdrive tones, yielding a wider range of applicability than its humble interface would suggest. Comparing the Cinders to the Grand Magus, this is the more mild pedal of the two. The differences between these two pedals accurately convey what separates an overdrive from a distortion pedal, so a beginning guitar player will get some valuable guitar lessons by comparing these two in person. The Grand Magus is primarily for grittier dirt; the Cinders can be more subtle and reach up towards the lower ranges of grit that the Grand Magus is capable of.

The Cinders boosts and distorts your guitar signal without necessarily giving the overly apparent (and over done) TS style mid-boost. The overdrive is somewhat more even although at low Drive settings there is a loss of low-end. The low Drive tones are still solid if you want to shave off some low-end and go for a brighter low-gain tone. Pushing the Drive up around noon is where the Cinders starts to come alive, and hitting your amp with the pedal at this point may be all you need to get the sound you’re looking for. Taking the Drive up towards 3 o’clock brings in a heavier saturation for adding a solid crunch sound to your repitoire of tones, or should I say, your Smorgasbord of Tones. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).


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Gabriel Tanaka


  1. Chris

    March 1, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    The volume knob acts like headroom up/down on a tube amp.

    The gain knob operates inside this “head space.”

    Turning up the volume you enter…The Great Wide Open…

    …here there be dragons…

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