TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay Review

Review of: TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay

Reviewed by: Rating:4.5On December 5, 2016Last modified:May 14, 2017


TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay Review

The TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay is a “vintage-style delay pedal with all-analog bucket-brigade circuit”. Simple enough. And it’s got the expected 3-knob control layout of classic analog delay pedal. Turns out the tones are great to boot. The Echobrain Analog Delay sports clean, low-noise operation with repeats that decay into a brighter ambience at higher Repeats levels, even extending into a great self-oscillation when you push the Repeats up to around 1 o’clock or higher. Essentially, this pedal gives you the hallmarks of a great analog delay… and for a crazy discount compared to other pedals. Seriously, $50 for a real analog delay pedal? And it actually sounds pretty good? Crazy times we’re living in.

The tone of the repeats with longer decay is somewhat unique as the lows are rolled off for a slightly dubby delay, although not quite all the way in that direction. But the sound gives way to a unique flavor that might give this pedal its own appeal for some discerning guitarists. But seriously, even if you weren’t expecting much at this price point, only the most jaded purist will disagree that this pedal offers great delay tones that are certainly worth more than this pedal’s price of admission. My only gripe is that I wish the self oscillation didn’t occur until closer towards the Repeats’ maximum setting. Still, the Echobrain Analog Delay is another highlight of the Smorgasbord of Tones series.


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