TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion Review

Review of: TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion

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TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion Review

The TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion is an “ultra-thick, high gain distortion with super tight response”. Let me just say that this was the first of the new Smorgasbord of Tones pedals I plugged in, not necessarily because I’m a gain head (which I am), but it just happened to be the pedal in the top of the pile. Yes, I was afraid it could have been a pile of rubbish I was reaching into, but this pedal shook me in way I wasn’t expecting. The Fangs Metal is one of the most heavy and brutal metal distortion pedals I’ve plugged into at any price point. At this moment my first thought was that the pedal game might be changed forever if sound quality this good could be found for such little cost. Does it even have be said that the Fangs Metal absolutely destroys a certain long-standing popular metal distortion pedal that’s become the butt of more jokes than any other so-called metal distortion pedal. What’s more terrifying is putting this pedal side-by-side with pedals costing up to 6 times more and realizing it still holds its own.

In addition to the expected Volume & Gain controls, the Fangs has Bass & Treble knobs. While there isn’t a dedicated “Mids” knob, you can boost the Bass & Treble and cut back the Volume to get a bit of a scoop. Also, the RAW/FAT/SCOOP switch gives you a surprising amount variety for adjusting the frequency spectrum of the distortion for much more versatility than I was expecting for only $50. The Scoop setting kills at those old-school Metallica and Dimebag tones, and any metalhead guitarist just starting will find some great sounds in the Fangs Metal. You can try Raw or Fat with lower Gain and reduced Bass & Treble for more classic flavored rock tones. But really, it’s all about the Scoop and the surprisingly good higher gain tones that maintain a solid low-end definition. I can only fault it for not having a noise gate, a feature that would be worth considering for a fancier version approaching the $79-$99 price point. But there’s always the TC Electronic Sentry of course. After coming back around to the Fangs Metal after trying the whole TC Electronic Smorgasbord of Tones series, I can say with confidence that it’s one of the highlights among these releases.


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