TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor Review

Review of: TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor

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TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor Review

The TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor is a “classic compressor/limiter pedal with endless sustain”. There are a lot of buzz words thrown around when talking about guitar compressor pedals, and the marketing team behind this one nailed several of them. Understanding compressor pedals can be a complicated area for the beginner guitarist to wrap their head around. Essentially, these pedals even out your playing dynamics, making the volume level of your playing more consistent. And yes, by raising the volume of notes with lower volume and increasing their volume as they ring out, you can get increased sustain by using a compressor. The downside is that the noise floor increases as well, resulting in extra noise or hiss if you overdo it.

So getting back to the Forcefield Compressor, this pedal performs surprisingly well especially considering its price point. I’d expect a 2-knob compressor for only 50 bucks, but the Forcefield gives you an Attack knob in addition to it’s Sustain & Level controls. The Sustain brings up the amount of compression. The Attack sets how fast the compression kicks in. You generally want to give your initial pick attack a little room to be heard, so try starting with Attack around noon or a bit lower and tweak from there. So after your pick attack is heard and the compression kicks in, you’ll hear an overall smoother sound and notice that notes seems to ring out longer. And as the knob implies, more “Sustain” equals more sustain. The Level knob lets you add some boost as well. While not quite something I’d put next to much higher end comps cost 3 or 4 times as much, the Forcefield Compressor is a solid first compressor or a comp for anyone on a very tight budget. Another solid pedal in the TC Electronic Smorgasbord of Tones.


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