TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger Review

Review of: TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger

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TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger Review

The TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger is a “vintage-style flanger pedal with all-analog bucket-brigade circuit”. Now I wasn’t expecting this at all. This pedal is awesome. The Thunderstorm Flanger packs in an incredibly wide range of excellent flanger sounds and is easily one of the best values in TC Electronic’s new range of affordably priced pedals.

It can be challenging for the complete beginner to understand what the knobs do unless you get tweaking and hear how the parameters impact the sound for yourself. I’d say it’s safe to start with everything at minimum, then crank the Depth. You’ll get a slow, churning flanger sound that’s already killer before even touching anything else. The Depth knob controls how wide the flanger sweep is while the Rate sets how fast it moves. The Feedback is basically a “regen” or “regeneration” control and feeds the signal back into the effect for a more intense flanging sound. The Manual knob sets the frequency focal point. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the Thunderstorm Flanger is that you can set the Depth at minimum and use the Manual & Feedback to set a static tonal filtering sound that’ll alter your guitar tone in all kinds of beautiful ways. Hell, this aspect alone makes it well worth the $50 and could be useful for all kinds of effect processing in the studio. If I had to knock it for something, I’d wish for faster Rates (while still retaining the current slow churn) so that it could completely replace a certain classic purple flanger pedal I’ve always loved. But if you like flanging at all, the Thunderstorm Flanger is certainly worth adding to your arsenal and just might find its way onto some pro guitarists’ pedalboards as well. Great work, TC Electronic. Definitely one of the best from the Smorgasbord of Tones.


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